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Tras la toma del Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires

Argentina, 05.04.2006 06:10

Suspenden la Asamblea que proclamaría rector de la UBA a un ex “cargo técnico” de la dictadura

Tomaron el Colegio Nacional para impedir sesión

Argentina, 05.04.2006 06:10

Funcionario de la dictadura podría ser rector de la UBA

BID: população de Belo Horizonte &quot;puxa o tapete&quot; do encontro e é brutalmente reprimida

Brasil, 05.04.2006 06:10


Twelfth 2006 March for Zapata

LA, 05.04.2006 06:09

Twelfth 2006 March for Zapata

Students March for Farmers at Cesar Chavez Walk L.A.

LA, 05.04.2006 06:09

Students March for Farmers at Cesar Chavez Walk L.A.

The National Disgrace of Katrina

Portland, 05.04.2006 06:09

It is 7 months post Katrina. Vast parts of N.O. still look like a war zone. While the U.S. spends billions destroying Iraq, our own people are still without homes, electricity, basic services. Out of the media spotlight, Katrina survivors are still struggling every day to get food, water, shelter.
Two days in New Orleans and my life is changed forever. There are no words to describe the devastation that remains seven months after Katrine.For much of the country, NOLA is old news. For people here it remains a monumental battle both against the destruction and aftermath, and also against the system that is racist, classist, corrupt and greedy

There is enormous need for volunteers.On-going home rehab will take years. At the peak of Spring Break there were 3000 people here, Today it's about 300. People Power is the greatest need, but almost every thing imaginable is needed from baby diapers to tools. Stores are boarded up and toxic so there's no running to to corner market for milk & bread.

Visit Common Ground is fantastic! Up out of the flood waters, holding the community together. Amazing! We may all need to know how to do this soon.


Immigrant rights demo in Salem

Portland, 05.04.2006 06:09

There will be a march and demonstration for immigrant rights in response to anti-immigrant legislation on which the Senate is voting this Monday, April 10th.

The rally begins at 2pm at the Oregon state capitol in Salem, and a march at 3pm.

Can anyone volunteer to drive people down from Portland for the day? National Public Radio and the media in general have argued that these demonstrations have had a huge effect on the development of this legislation. This is an historic opportunity to get involved. Please contact me if you can help organize transportation.

LA Indymedia feature: Over 500,000 Protest Anti-Immigrant Law in Downtown Los Angeles | Chicago Indymedia Feature: Si, se puede! - Chicago Witnesses Massive Protest for Immigrant Rights | "Si se puede!" - On Chicago's Streets | To Hell With the Minutemen! Full Rights for All Immigrants Now! - Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee callout | The Historic Immigration March in LA-We Didn't Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Us

Report back: Willamette Valley Indy project

Portland, 05.04.2006 06:09

This last Saturday people from the Willamette Valley and coast range met in Corvallis for the second organizing meeting. The group was enthusiastic and wants to go forward.

We decided to keep the name Willamette Valley Independent Media project. We like that the project will look closely at our eco-system, and our river as our namesake. We want to explore our connection to the earth and rebuild the commons and closer ties to each other, the earth and this beautiful place that we live in.

We are looking for a space to have a media center. Hoping to find something soon that is affordable. We are looking for equipment donations including video and audio equipment, software for editing, computers and people to skill share.

We will meet in a month and learn about how internal organization including communications can work. We will have informal meetings to talk about the project at the downtown Beanery in Corvallis every Saturday at 10:30 AM.

wing nut harasses draft counselor at Grant High

Portland, 05.04.2006 06:09

So I'm down at the Grant High School passing out draft counseling literature when a wing nut jumps out of his van and starts yelling at me. "Take off your phony military stuff" (I'm wearing an old field jacket with my unit combat patch). "They're dying over there, stop passing out this garbage." And other typical don't exercise your freedom of speech because (fill in the blank)

He then proceeds to slap my hand with the handouts, scattering them all over the street. Needless to say, my inner Buddhist was not in residence. | read more >>

Eugene youngster faces &quot;arson&quot; charge in Oklahoma

Portland, 05.04.2006 06:09

Josh's arraignment was today in Oklahoma, and per the advice of the COURT APPOINTED INTAKE OFFICER, we were under the impression that he did not have to be present. This was bullshit, and complete entrapment. They issued a warrant for Josh's arrest, and the judge said that there was no reason he should be living with his sister. He is leaving tomorrow, Wednesday, to turn himself in and go to jail. We don't know what will happen now, it is likely they will keep him in custody until his pretrial and trial, as they will assume he is a flight risk since he was not present for his arraignment. THEY ARE TAKING AWAY MY BROTHER. WE NEED HELP. WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY FOR AN ATTORNEY. ORGANIZE!!! SOLIDARITY! PLEASE HELP MY BROTHER! HE'S FUCKING 14 YEARS OLD, WE CAN'T LET HIM BE A SCAPEGOAT FOR THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

Berlin 9-11 Report Back

Portland, 05.04.2006 06:09

When asked if I would continue to post photo essays here on indymedia during my extended travels through Europe, I replied that I doubted that I would have anything to post. However, on my first night in Berlin (my first stop) the contrast between the way Americans and Germans look at their recent past startled me so that I knew that I had to produce this photo essay. Some readers (on sites other than indymedia) may get upset by my insistence on presenting my images in a political or historical context. However, for me, all photography that is not for personal use is about political struggle or it's about surrender. [ Read More | 911-Berlin Reportback in Full on Rivertext | Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation | 911-Investigation (Portland Indymedia) ]


Richmond, 05.04.2006 06:09

Resource Information Help for the Disadvantage, RIHD, Inc. a non profit organization will be hosting public safety awareness meeting throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. RIHD, Inc. mission is to assist, uplift and empowerer at-risk youth, inmates, ex-offenders, their families, love ones and communities in despair, with self help and rehabilitation. To increase education, awareness and decrease crime and the recidivism rate. Join Us, Help Us, as We Go About Saving Children, Families and Communities. --do a little and a little at a time eventually makes a big difference -- Barbara Cage

Rally for Immigrant Rights in Richmond

Richmond, 05.04.2006 06:09

Sunday, April 9 -- Rally for Immigrant Rights -- around 2:30 in Monroe Park. Sunday, April 9 -- Rally for Immigrant Rights -- around 2:30 in Monroe Park. This will be Richmond's answer to the very repressive bills now being considered in Congress that would make it a felony just to be in this country illegally; make it a felony to HELP someone who is in this country, including giving food and water to people dying while trying to walk across the Arizona desert; and erect a 700-mile-long fence on the Mexico-U.S. border. This rally is being initiated by the Latino community and is being promoted by the La Selecta Spanish-language radio station. Please come out if you can or pass the word around.

Faust Fest: In Memory of Jacob Faust

San Diego, 05.04.2006 06:09

On April 4, 2005 san diego actor, musician and artist Jacob Faust was murdered by san diego police officer Stephen Holliday. In November, district attorney Bonnie Dumanis gave her seal of approval to the killing by ruling the shooting justified. In March, Faust's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against san diego. And for the next week, a series of events are going to be held celebrating Jake's life and to raise funds for legal fees, culminating in a march to sdpd headquarters from the site of the murder, in front of the Golden West Hotel in the gaslamp on April 4th (meet at 4:30pm, march at 5:30pm).

For more on the April 4th event:

CLICK "READ MORE" for a List of events and FACT SHEET.

VIDEO&gt; Student Walkout at Chicano Park M28

San Diego, 05.04.2006 06:09

This video is from the walkouts on Tuesday, March 28, 2006. The walkouts were organized by students to protest the Anti-Immigrant Bill HR 4437. The video is 5 minutes long, in quicktime format and about 13.7 MB.

New Grand Jury Convened in SF

San Diego, 05.04.2006 06:09

one of three SF G8 arrestees in 2005 SF Grand Jury Targets G8 Protest & Independent Journalist - Yet another Federal Grand Jury in San Francisco targeting local activists has been convened. This time the apparent reason for the Grand Jury is to investigate the anti-G8 solidarity protest held in the Mission District of San Francisco on July 8, 2005, during which a local police officer was injured. Charges against three people in connection with the protest are pending in San Francisco Superior Court. Independent journalist and videographer Josh Wolf, a frequent poster to Indybay, has been subpoenaed to testify and to provide any notes taken and the full and unedited videotape recorded during the demonstration. The National Lawyers Guild is representing Josh Wolf and has filed a motion to quash the subpoena on several grounds including First Amendment journalistic protections and that the FBI is on an illegal "fishing expedition" aimed at aiding the separate local investigation by San Francisco police and prosecutors. On March 30th, a press conference was held on the steps of the San Francisco Federal Building before the hearing on quashing the subpoena. A written decision on the motion will be delivered at a later date. Josh Wolf urges people "to talk to your friends and neighbors about how the grand jury system (is) a vicious unconstitutional implementation of the law that is being used for political purposes."

Press Conference Video | Report

Josh Wolf's Grand Jury Documents · FBI Info on SF G8 Grand Jury
Indybay's 2005 G8 Coverage: San Francisco 1 | 2 · US · Scotland

March 11th Really Free Market

North Carolina, 05.04.2006 06:09

March 11th Really Free Market

Update On April 6 Bush Protest in Charlotte

North Carolina, 05.04.2006 06:09

Update On April 6 Bush Protest in Charlotte

Por otro modelo de transporte público

estrecho / madiaq, 05.04.2006 06:08

Es injusto pagar dos veces por un servicio colectivo, común y público. Después de cobrarnos nuestros impuestos, los ayuntamientos nos obligan a pagar un pasaje para tomar un autobús cuando, según sus propias políticas, se trata de un servicio básico.

Liege, 05.04.2006 06:08

manifestations, occupations d'église et grèves de la faim, les sans papiers* font de plus en plus entendre leur voix.

Drie kerken bezet door mensen zonder papieren!

Oost-Vlaanderen, 05.04.2006 06:08

Drie kerken bezet door mensen zonder papieren!

Opnieuw &quot;zwarte dinsdag&quot; in Frankrijk

Oost-Vlaanderen, 05.04.2006 06:08

Opnieuw "zwarte dinsdag" in Frankrijk

solidarität mit besetzten häusern!

Austria, 05.04.2006 06:08

in den letzten wochen und monaten ist es zu zahlreichen angriffen auf autonome räume, besetzte häuser und soziale zentren gekommen. überall in europa werden häuser geräumt und leute verhaftet.
do, 6. april 2006:
demonstration no evictions, but free spaces, 15:00 schwarzenbergplatz wien
so, 15. april 2006: internationale manifestation in strasbourg - gemeinsam gegen die unterdrückung
der folgende artikel listet einige aktuelle beispiele auf...

Day 6 &amp; 7: Real Rights Tour Reaches McDonalds Global Hdq: 2006 Truth Tour a Wrap!

Miami, 05.04.2006 06:08

Day 6 & 7: Real Rights Tour Reaches McDonalds Global Hdq: 2006 Truth Tour a Wrap!

Overtown Wins Key Round in Crosswinds Fight!

Miami, 05.04.2006 06:08

Overtown Wins Key Round in Crosswinds Fight!

Mel and Floyd, March 31, 2006

Madison, 03.04.2006 17:09

The March 31, 2006 show.

Su civismo: multas, palizas, intervenciones policiales, cacheos...

Euskal Herria, 03.04.2006 16:09

Tras el incendio en el taller de Caballito

Argentina, 03.04.2006 13:40

“El Estado es cómplice de quienes explotan a la gente”


Barcelona, 03.04.2006 10:41

Sobre l´alt el foc d'ETA

Bilbo-1 d´Abril, Cobertura de la Manifestació: Konponbide garaia da - Es temps de solucions + Convocatoria

Crònica dels fets: ETA anuncia una treva que entrarà en vigor dissabte que ve + ETA reafirma en un segon comunicat que és l'hora de superar el conflicte + Comunicat de Batasuna: Ara el poble, ara la pau

Les dades reals del conflicte vasc 1968-2003. Allò que no t'expliquen els Mass Media.

Últimes notícies: La Ertzaintza deté a dues persones a les que vincula amb el tiroteig de La Herrera + Veuen l'ombra del PNB darrera de les dues detencions. + Aguilar: «No es produirà cap aproximació de presos de manera imminent»

Reaccions: Gerry Adams acull amb agrat l'alto el foc d'ETA ::: Nafarroako Iratzarri davant l'anunci d'alto el foc d'ETA ::: Andalucia Libre davant la declaració d'ETA de 'alto el foc permanent' ::: Comunicat del PCPE davant l'alto el foc d'ETA ::: Comunicats de Revolta Global y Espacio Alternativo: "Una decisió que obliga a avançar en el camí cap a la pau i el reconeixement dels drets del poble basc" ::: La Joventut Comunista davant la treva permanent d´ETA

Mitjans de comunicació: Central a Indymedia Euskal Herria d'alto el foc d'ETA ::: La desmesurada cobertura "informativa" dels mass media ::: Analisi de portades dels diaris d'avui dia 23 de Març en relació a la declaració d'Alto el foc permanent d'ETA

Incrèduls... Comunicat foro de Ermua ::: Comunicat de la AVT...

Opinions: Comença el procés de Pau a Euskadi? ::: Entre els sentiments i el realisme ::: Carod i la treva ::: Alto-el-foc d'E.T.A: combat per l'hegemonia ideològica ::: Irlanda i l'Autodeterminació ::: Els Països Catalans i l’alto-el-foc d’ETA ::: Article de Lluis Perez sobre l'alto el foc d'ETA ::: Anotacions sobre l'alto el foc ::: Extorsion

Euskal Herria. El sumari 18/98 a la UAB i Cornellà aquest divendres + 1 d´Abril: Autobus Solidari amb el Poble Basc

+info: >>>antifeixisme + Indymedia Euskal Herria +

antifascismo [es]

Barcelona, 03.04.2006 10:41

Sobre el alto el fuego de ETA

Bilbo-1 de Abril, Cobertura de la Manifestación: Konponbide garaia da - Es tiempo de soluciones + Convocatoria

Crónica de los hechos:ETA anuncia una tregua que entrará en vigor el sábado que viene + ETA reafirma en un segundo comunicado que es la hora de superar el conflicto + Comunicado de Batasuna: Ahora el pueblo, ahora la paz

Los verdaderos datos del conflicto vasco 1968-2003. Lo que no te cuentan los Mass Media.

Últimas noticias: La Ertzaintza detiene a dos personas a las que vincula con el tiroteo de La Herrera + Ven la sombra del PNV tras las dos detenciones. + Aguilar: «No se va a producir ninguna aproximación de presos de forma inminente»

Reacciones: Gerry Adams acoge con agrado el alto el fuego de ETA ::: Nafarroako Iratzarri ante el anuncio de alto el fuego de ETA ::: Andalucia Libre ante la declaración de ETA de 'alto el fuego permanente' ::: Comunicado del PCPE ante el alto el fuego de ETA ::: Comunicados de Revolta Global y Espacio Alternativo: "Una decisión que obliga a avanzar en el camino hacia a la paz y el reconocimiento de los derechos del pueblo vasco" ::: La Joventut Comunista ante la tregua permanente de ETA

Medios de comunicación: Central en Indymedia Euskal Herria del alto el fuego de ETA ::: La desmesurada cobertura "informativa" de los mass media ::: Análisis de portadas de los diarios del día 23 de Marzo en relación a la declaración de Alto el fuego permanente de ETA

Incrédulos... Comunicado foro de Ermua ::: Comunicado de la AVT...

Opiniones: ¿Comienza el proceso de Paz en Euskadi? ::: Entre los sentimientos y el realismo ::: Carod y la tregua ::: Alto el fuego de E.T.A: combate por la hegemonía ideológica ::: Irlanda y la Autodeterminación ::: Països Catalans y el alto el fuego de ETA ::: Artículo de Lluis Pérez sobre el alto el fuego de ETA ::: Anotaciones sobre el alto el fuego ::: Extorsion

Euskal Herria. El sumario 18/98 en la UAB y Cornellà este viernes + 1 de Abril: Autobús Solidario con el Pueblo Vasco

+info: >>>antifascismo + Indymedia Euskal Herria +

Thousands Gather in Atlanta to Protest War

Tennessee, 03.04.2006 06:41

Atlanta, GA: Thousands gathered in the streets of Atlanta on Saturday, April 1st to protest the war in Iraq and to demand justice at home. According to organizers, an estimated 3,700 people participated in the Southern Regional March for Peace from the Martin Luther King Civil Rights center to Piedmont Park. The event, which was marked by colorful puppets, drumming, dancing, signs, and costumes, was held on April 1st to commemorate both the third anniversary of the war in Iraq on March 18th, and the April 4th anniversary of the assasination of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In honor of Dr. King, the march began in front of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in King's boyhood neighborhood. The march was attended predominantly by residents of Atlanta, but was also attended by peace groups from Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. The march itself was endorsed by one hundred and forty four organizations. Tennesseans from the Nashville Peace Coalition, Peace Roots Alliance and Nashville Peace and Justice Center, Tennessee Progressive Independent League, Mid South Peace and Justice Center, and Progressive Student Alliance were represented.

Buenos Aires: Tras el incendio en el taller de Caballito

Argentina, 03.04.2006 06:40

“El Estado es cómplice de quienes explotan a la gente”

Tras el incendio en el taller de Flores

Argentina, 03.04.2006 05:39

“El Estado es cómplice de quienes explotan a la gente”

PM agride e prende estudantes em São Bernardo do Campo - SP

Brasil, 03.04.2006 04:41


Eric McDavid Ends Hunger Strike

Portland, 03.04.2006 04:40

After a duration of two weeks, Eric McDavid ended his hunger strike on Friday, March 24. This decision was concurrent with the filing of a lawsuit on his behalf against the County of Sacramento and the United States Marshals Service alleging violations of his constitutional and federal statutory rights. These rights include food he can eat [ a vegan diet ] and outdoor exercise, two things he has been denied since he was first arrested. We are asking that people continue to contact the jail and the sheriff to protest Eric's mistreatment at their hands and insist that he be given vegan food. When calling, be sure to keep his x-reference number [ X-2972521 ] handy.

Portland Indymedia GreenScare Page

US media reacts to French protests with hatred and fear

Portland, 03.04.2006 04:40

The US media, not known for following the internal political developments of other countries too closely unless it has a direct impact upon the US, has provided an inordinate amount of ill-tempered commentary on the wave of protests and strikes in France against the introduction of a law that enables employers to fire young workers without cause.

The reaction of the media has been universally hostile, varying from denunciations by the right-wing press of "mob rule" to the more low-key perplexity expressed by the liberal media, which suggests that French are suffering from some type of collective dementia because they believe they have the right to such things as job security.

World Socialist Website

Eco-Prisoner Darren Thurston in lockdown...letters needed!

Portland, 03.04.2006 04:40

On Friday, Darren Thurston, who is being held at the Multnomah County Inverness Jail in Portland was put into "lockdown" which essentially means he is locked into a small room by himself where the lights are on 24 hrs a day and he is not allowed visitors. We don't know the details of what happened yet but Darren has already mentioned not hearing from the West Coast community (particularly Portland)so please stop everything, pick up a pen and write the guy a letter.

Darren has been held since December on charges of having a false green card (he is Canadian)and while most of the other "Green Scare" activists have been released it is not expected Darren will be free before the trial in October.

Portland Indymedia GreenScare Page | Darren Thurston Support Page

Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation

Portland, 03.04.2006 03:39

Billionaire philanthropist Jimmy Walter and WTC survivor William Rodriguez this week embarked on a groundbreaking trip to Caracas Venezuela in which they met with with the President of the Assembly and will soon meet with Venezuelan President himself Hugo Chavez in anticipation of an official Venezuelan government investigation into 9/11.

Rodriguez was the last survivor pulled from the rubble of the north tower of the WTC, and was responsible for all stairwells within the tower. Rodriguez represented family members of 9/11 victims and testified to the 9/11 Commission that bombs were in the north tower but his statements were completely omitted from the official record.

La coca no es mágica: es alimento y medicina

Peru, 03.04.2006 01:10

Domingo 02 Abril 2006| HOJITA DE COCA
La coca no es mágica: es alimento y medicina.

Wage war on poverty, not immigrants

LA, 03.04.2006 01:09

Wage war on poverty, not immigrants

Want to See Maine Become a Toxic Dumping Ground?

Maine, 03.04.2006 01:08

Costa Mesa demonstration attracts 1,500 people defending immigrant rights

LA, 02.04.2006 23:39

Costa Mesa demonstration attracts 1,500 people defending immigrant rights

La hoja de coca no es droga

Peru, 02.04.2006 22:40

Recuperemos nuestra alimentacion andina
La hoja de coca, alimento y medicina

La coca no es droga

Peru, 02.04.2006 22:40

Recuperando nuestra alimentación andina
La hoja de coca: alimento y medicina

Critical Mass

Pittsburgh, 02.04.2006 22:40

Irate police officer interrupts Critical Mass

Law Lords Rule Against The 'Fairford Five'

Bristol, 02.04.2006 15:38

summary Margaret Jones writes: People have been asking me what happened with the appeal of the ‘Fairford Five’ and the Greenpeace activists in the House of Lords. Others will know by now that the law lords unanimously ruled against us. Aggression, they said - the crime of attacking another nation - is a crime in international law, but cannot be said to be part of British domestic law. Therefore it is impossible for a British court to hear any argument that the war on Iraq was illegal. Therefore no British judge or jury can consider, as a matter of law, whether the war was illegal or not. Therefore the argument that defendants sincerely believed the war was illegal cannot be used as a defence argument against charges of criminal damage, etc. If this sounds like Alice in Wonderland to you, it probably is. But splendid protection for Tony Blair and co. Full Article| 'FAIRFORD 5' and 'MARCHWOOD 14' in the High Courts. Latest Updates From The Law Lords Hearing. | Previous Bristol Indymedia Front Page | House Of Lords To Hear Key Test Case From Iraq War | | Shock and Awe: DU Particles over Bristol (and rest of UK!) |


Italy, 02.04.2006 13:10

Prossimamente i "computer inaffidabili"

Protest Bush In Charlotte April 6

North Carolina, 02.04.2006 09:38

Protest Bush In Charlotte April 6

¡Sí, Se Puede!

Oklahoma, 02.04.2006 06:39

10,000 protest for the rights and dignity of immigrants at OK state capitol report

Paro Nacional Agrario

Peru, 02.04.2006 06:10

29 y 30 de marzo: Paro Nacional Agrario

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