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Manifestaciones de repudio al terrorismo de estado y a la impunidad de los tiranos

Puerto Rico, 05.04.2006 06:11

Impunidad, no más

&quot;Robin Hood&quot; News Conference in Medford 1/31

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Dear Southern Oregon members and friends,

Please join the Oregon AFL-CIO and community allies this Tuesday, Jan. 31 in Medford to urge Congressman Greg Walden to stop taking from the poor to give to the rich! (Can you sense the Robin Hood theme?)

"Robin Hood" News Conference
Tuesday, January 31, Noon
Congressman Greg Walden's Medford office
843 East Main Street

KSKQ 1st Annual Mardi Gras Art Auction Feb 3

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

KSKQ 1st Annual Mardi Gras Art Auction Studio Open House First Friday Art Walk 5pm KSKQ Studio Open House February 3rd- Part of Ashland's First Friday Art Walk Come in costume to participate in the February First Friday Art Walk for Community Radio! Celebrate with us a First Annual KSKQ Mardi Gras Art Auction and Mascarade Parade. Record your own KSKQ Station ID, be interviewed, share programming ideas, become a member, and find out ways you can volunteer to help get KSKQ on the air!

True State of the Union

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

For all of you who disagreed with almost everything in the Bush State of the Union speech:

Come to the "True State-of-the-Union Rally" to demand change at 12:30 p.m. this Saturday, February 4th, at Veterans Memorial Park, Stewart Avenue at Highway 99 near the Medford Armory. Bring your banners and signs and tell Medford about the real state of the union.

28 non-corporate films on a large screen

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Siskiyou Environmental Film Festival 2006
Feb. 10-12th, Ashland, Full schedule here

From the Iraq war to the future of our food supply to Indeigenous activism there is a film for everyone relating to the environment and human rights across the globe. There will be local films on the Mt Ashland ski expansion and the controversy surounding the massive Biscuit logging scam.

Many guest speakers will be present including Brandon Jourdan from Deep Dish TV, Director Deborah Koons Garcia, wife of Jerry Garcia will speak after the film The Future of Food. Many other filmamkers will speak as well. There will be food, educational, tables, a kids film series, and more.

CODE PINK makes its Southern Oregon Debut!

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

"True State of the Union" Video & Audio Report
Rally report-back from Veterans Park in Medford, February 4, 2006

CODE PINK added some life to a great rally today. Here is a song from the women in pink, it is being presented as both a video Quicktime file and as an audio only Quicktime file


Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Dates: February 10th, 7:30pm; February 11th, 2:00pm and 7:30pm
Location: SOU Britt Ballroom, Southern Oregon University 1250 Siskiyou Blvd Ashland, Oregon
Admission: $10 general, $8 students and seniors
Tickets available at SOU Women's Resource Center (541) 552-6216
Doors open thirty minutes prior to performances.

State Sen. Bates calls for Bush Impeachment!

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Talent, OR 2/8/06-

At a large town hall meeting when asked about domestic spying Oregon State Senator Alan Bates stated: "I believe the President should be impeached over this" and he went on to say, "No President has unbridled power."

MAINSTREAM MEDIA BETRAYAL -- The Medford Mail Tribune, the Ashland Daily Tidings and the three local TV networks did not show up, AGAIN!

The Katrina Disaster: Relief, Rebuilding, and Resistance in New Orleans

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11


with Malik Rahim, founder of Common Ground Relief in New Orleans, Kerul Dyer, organizer with Common Ground Relief in New Orleans, and Oxygen Collective & Southern Oregon Gulf Coast Relief Network presenting slides and stories from the December, '05 trip to New Orleans.

Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) in Medford

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Michelle De Ford of Salem and Lynn Bradach of Portland also know the heartache of receiving word from the Pentagon that their sons have been killed in Iraq. But unlike many of the more than 2,200 mothers who have received that awful news, Michelle and Lynn have decided, like Cindy Sheehan, to do something about it.

Michelle and Lynn will speak at a public meeting starting at 7 p.m. Friday, February 17th, in the large meeting room at the Medford Public Library, 205 S. Central Ave., Medford.

&quot;Jambalya 2006&quot; Katrina fund-raiser

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

"Jambalaya 2006", a night of fun, will be held from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday, February 18th, at the Historic Ashland Armory, 208 Oak Street, Ashland. The event will directly benefit longtime Rogue Valley resident Leroi Dedeaux's 90 family members who remain displaced by the devestating wrath of Hurricane Katrina.

Shut-out at Walden Hearing

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11


The hearing was scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM. Arriving at 12:40 I discovered several police officers baring access to anyone beyond the front doors of city hall. The officer in charge announced that the 3rd floor hearing room was "full to capacity" and they were not letting anyone up to the 3rd floor at all. As citizens gathered to hear the news some offered to stand but was assured that there was no standing room. "My instructions are we're not letting anyone else up at this time."

Walden has history of locking out citizens

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

25.02.2006 - 13:31
Corporate Whore Greg Walden is a George W. C L O N E ; He treats citizens the very same way as shrub does which is to say if they don't agree then they will not be seen in public. And mainstream media complies with the lies.

Here is some history of how this corporate whore ignores citizens of the Rogue Valley. The same lies from the white house are bolstered by Walden who refuses to meet with citizens as he marches to a different drum. Greg Walden is bought and paid for by corporate money.

Prior Rogue IMC stories have put the spot light on this high-priced loser of the New World Order.

Local IMC volunteer surveys New Orleans

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

After seeing the O2collective presentation of the work they did in New Orleans, local IMC vounteer decided to see what he could do to help.

This year's First Amendment Forum is SLANTED

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Here is a letter to the editor which has been sent to the Ashland Daily Tidings.

If you were going to conduct a forum wouldn't you want multiple viewpoints? At question is the focus of this year's Thomas W. Pyle First Amendment Forum at Southern Oregon University on March 1. The event produced by SOU's Communications Department fails in a huge way because it only invites mainstream media, and then asks the mainstreamers to critique themselves.

The keynote "Is TV news fulfilling its promise?" will be delivered by former CNN anchor Aaron Brown and then the one-sided event follows with a panel discussion of the news directors from Medford's three network television affiliates. Their topic to discuss "TV news' promise and performance both nationally and locally" would be great if it wasn't so lop-sided. We know what the fox guarding the hen house looks like and its not very pretty.

Community Unites to Oppose Wal-Mart in Medford

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Please join us
Medford Citizens for Responsible Development
bring a friend or neighbor, and

Where we are to date: On Tuesday February 21, 2006, Medford's Site Plan and Architectural Committee approved the revised building design presented by Wal-Mart's representatives. SPAC will hold a hearing concerning TRAFFIC at 12:00 noon Friday, March 3, 2006, at Medford City Council Chambers. We are fighting for our right to testify at that meeting.

If we don't act now we will have to live with the consequences of this development. WE NEED YOUR INPUT AND SUPPORT!

&quot;Post Wildfire Logging Hinders Regeneration and Increases Fire Risk&quot;

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Medford, OR 2/24/06: First-hand hearing report - The House Subcommittee of Forests and Forest Health
The heaviest drama occurred when Cong. Baird cross-examined Grad. Student Daniel Donato. Baird bore down on Donato with the edge of an angry professor whose been insulted by a lowly student noting first that Donato and Science Magazine had refused to send documents Baird had requested. Donato responded cooly and calmly.

"Post-Wildfire Logging Hinders Regeneration and Increases Fire Risk"

** KSKQ Community Radio Benefit Concert **

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

"the musical version of Democracy Now!" ...Amy Goodman
Coming to Ashland in support of KSKQ Community Radio
KSKQ BENEFIT CONCERT: March 5, 2006- Sunday Evening

Biscuit Arrestees challenge unconst. charges

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Several forest defenders in I.V. are challenging two unconstitutional statutes tomorrow in Josephine Country. Show your support for free speach and assembly, show your support for Forest Defense, show your support for the Forest Defenders. Join us.

Southern Oregon CODE PINK to Washinton DC - Local event planned

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Wed Mar 8 5:00- 6:30pm Ashland Plaza

Code PINK's International Womens' Day/Women Say No to War
Co-sponsored by Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and
Medford's Citizens for Peace and Justice

Just picture groups of women around the world rallying against the war at US embassies and other symbolic places-all on the same day! It would be hard for US leaders to ignore. It would be hard for the media to ignore. And it would fire us up as women to know that our actions were being replicated by our sisters all over the globe. So what are we waiting for? Let's make March 8, International Women's Day, a time for flexing our collective muscle as women. Let's revive the dream of the women who came before us and carved out March 8 as a day for us to be a visible, vocal and vibrant force for peace and justice!


Sunday 3/5/06 three activists from Southern Oregon left the airport in Medford en route to Washington D.C. to participate in anti-Iraq war events including activism on March 8, International Women's Day.

Mori, Linda and Jill (Linda's Mother) are the wonderful delegation of women representing us from the State of Jefferson. Find below a couple of emails, one from Linda and one from Mori, in which they say goodbye.

Play the Quicktime streaming video which is an 8 minute interview of these three. Its 13.2 MB in size and was shot one week before their trip.

please be patient with the slow video download

Biscuit Flares Up Again: Trials, an Anniversary and New Timber Sales

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Arrestees from last year's civil disobedience actions against the Biscuit logging project began their pre-trial hearings yesterday, March 7th. This occured on the one year anniversary of the day logging began within formerly protected old growth reserves in the Siskiyou National Forest. At seventy-two years old, Cave junction resident Joan Norman was the first of dozens to be arrested in what grew into a multiple month, community supported resistance campaign that gained national media attention. Joan would be going to trial today but she was killed in a car accident last July after spending 16 days in the Josephine County jail for her second Biscuit arrest. The remaining 20-some defendants are challenging the Forest Service and the legitimacy of the government's actions that allowed these unprecedented sales to move forward against massive public opposition.

Day 1 of Walking with Joan; Siskiyous Resist

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Public opposition to the Biscuit Timber Sales have circled over a year, and a commemoration of the late Joan Norman's civil disobedience and leadership is being celebrated with a three-day walk from the Green Bridge over the Illinois River to Federal agency offices in Grants Pass. Day one is over, and is recounted below, including an insightful meeting with the head Forest Ranger of this district. An invitation to join with the walkers on the second day is issued, as well as for a confrontation with the stewards of our public lands at the end of the walk.

Remembering Rachel

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Thursday, March 16 will mark the three year anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death. There will be a candlelight vigil in the Ashland Plaza at 7 pm.

Computer Recycling / Refurbishing Center

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Local IMC volunteer opens Computer Recycling / Refurbishing Center in Talent Oregon.

After witnessing the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the political shenanigans keeping the poor from their homes first hand, RogueIMC volunteer Jon Dowd, together with some additional volunteers has opened a "Free Geek" style donation - refurbishing - recycling center in the Talent Mini-Storage.

Goals include providing serviceable computers to relief organizations, schools and victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Police Back Off From New Orleans School Clean Up

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

New Orleans -- In an historic act of solidarity, around 85 students and organizers from across the country risked arrest today by entering Martin Luther King Elementary School in the devastated Lower 9th Ward. Outside the school, a crowd of around 300 gathered wearing Tyvek suits and respirators, holding hand painted signs and chanting to oncoming traffic. In an ongoing effort to rebuild New Orleans, residents of the Lower Ninth Ward requested that these supporters clean the school out.

Yvonne Wise, who advises Common Ground as a leader in the Residents of the Lower Ninth Ward Community Council, addressed a crowded press conference before the young people entered the school. "We appreciate the students coming out and supporting our effort to open this school, we want our schools open." Frustrated by lethargic governmental agencies, Wise said that if the government can't get the schools open, residents must take things into their own hands. "If the schools aren't open, the people can't return home," says Wise.

RogueIMC meeting - members &amp; public welcome

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

This Sunday, March 19, the Rogue Independent Media Collective will meet for a general meeting.

Please join us for up to two hours of fun and discussion.

"General Meeting"
DATE: March 19, 2006 - Sunday
LOCATION: KSKQ Studio @ 258 A Street, Suite 14, Ashland
Down the alley from the Co-Op (hallway 5th door on the left - follow the signs). In back of Newandart and Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library

Want Accountability? Hill, Yes!

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Brother & Sisters, Family, Friends and Neighbors:

"Jim Hill for Governor"

This Green will be putting everything I have behind Jim Hill. I'll be changing my registration to Democrat so that I can vote for Jim Hill in the primary. I have been involved with the endorsement process with my union SEIU503 and we have spent several months on this. I am so proud that we are voting for somebody instead of the lesser of two evils. It was so much fun listening to the passion of members make this plea. It was a major union democracy step to make this decision. We are going to give this all we have and we will win for taking the high road in our efforts.

Heads up! Primary Election is May 16!

Voter Registration deadline is April 14. If you will be voting for the first time, need to update information or change your voter registration, the deadline is coming fast.

Register as Democrat in order to be able to vote for Jim Hill in the primary.

Visit from Baghdad

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Eman Ahmad Khamas---journalist/translator/activist--- will come next week to the Rogue Valley. Straight from Baghdad, Ms.Khamas plans to speak and present video documentation of the harsh realities of life of the ordinary Iraqi. Presentations will take place on March 22 at 7:00pm in Ashland at the Unitarian Fellowship, 87 4th Street; and on March 23 at 7:00pm in the Medford Public Library, 205 S. Central.

Eman Tells Medford Crowd: &quot;U.S. Out of Iraq&quot;

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Medford, OR 3/23/06--

Five Iraqi mothers have traveled across the United States this month telling their story of what is happening in Iraq. They have risked their lives doing humanitarian work in Iraq, going to Jordan to obtain U.S. visas. One of these women, Eman Ahmad Khamas, who has since the Occupation devoted her life to supplying hospitals and refugee camps, toured the Rogue Valley this week, speaking on Wednesday in Ashland and on Thursday in Medford to a full house at both venues. Eman has worked steadily supplying hospitals with medical supplies and helping refugee camps since the U.S. led military occupation of Iraq. She pleas that the occupation of Iraq end immediately.

Next Meeting: Willamette Vlly Alt. Med Center

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

The Following Has Great Support & Solidarity From Rogue IMC Volunteers!

We have not been able to attract people from Eugene and Salem for our project. The interest now lies in the Corvallis Area. So we will be calling our project the Corvallis Alternative Independent Media Project. Our next meeting is this Saturday. We hope to inspire other to have a strong passionate voice for peace, justice, and sustainabiltiy!



Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

The power and vibrancy of youth

On March 5, 2003 the huge BOOKS NOT BOMBS rally in Ashland, Oregon saw students walk out from college, high school and the middle school. This preemptive rally BEFORE THE BOMBS DROPPED ON BAGHDAD had the bright vibrant faces of youth standing up for democracy in a very important way.

Three (3) years later we need to examine current news, this repost from the Portland Independent Media Center Newswire:

"SKIPPING SCHOOL TO PROTEST" (portland indymedia repost)

Chief Bianca Ousted

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11

Ashland Police Chief Mike Bianca has resigned after rumors of his pending termination surfaced on the council email listserv.

Councilor Hartzell on police issues

Rogue Valley, 05.04.2006 06:11


In this note, I present my experiences, thoughts, and frustrations around the current situation in the Police Department. I acknowledge that there are many different perspectives on these issues; that is the nature of our human reality. Mine is not the "right" story because there is no "right" story.

Local Green for Peace Senator

Tennessee, 05.04.2006 06:11

Chris Lugo, well known local journalist, activist and landscaper, has decided to run for the U.S. Senate challenging the corporate party candidates despite not having the kind of money and organization it normallytakes to win such a race. Facing such difficult odds one might wonder why bother? But Chris said he decided to run as the result of a conversation he had with the leading Democrat Candidate, Harold Ford. Chris had asked what Ford would do about the Iraq war if elected and he said he would send 500,000 troops over there to win the war. This offended Chris's moral sensibilities a great deal and seeing no Peace candidate in the race he felt the peace movement deserved a candidate to represent that viewpoint. This way those who might not vote out of disgust with the corporate candidates can register at least their protest. Chris has a website at with an extensive platform that goes well beyond concerns for the War in Iraq. But, Chris has often shown us how the war economy affects peoples lives in many ways not always so apparent from the kind of journalism dished out by the mainstream. Well versed on the issues important to so many Chris will make good campaign speeches in any case.

Bellevue Residents Speak Out Against Proposed Landfill

Tennessee, 05.04.2006 06:11

Bellevue Stands Up and Roars The majority of the two hundred and fifty people attending an "informational meeting" about a proposed landfill in Bellevue were strongly opposed to the project. As a result, it probably won't happen. The auditorium at Bellevue Middle School hosted an overflow crowd last Thursday at the gathering, called and chaired by Rep. Gary Moore. Attendees, many bearing “NO DUMP” placards handed out by dump opponents outside the hall, first listened to (and heckled) a well-crafted power point presentation by the dump's proponents folowed by a simple rebuttal from Dorrie Bolze of the Harpeth River Watershed Association: it's illegal for the simple reason that it's potentially dangerous, so don't do it. There's no way to clean up a polluted water table. The crowd largely shared her sentiment, and echoed it in one way or another throughout the evening.

From the Newswire

Perth, 05.04.2006 06:11

Scott Parkin court challenge begins

From the Newswire

Perth, 05.04.2006 06:11

Why Let Facts Get in the Way? A Letter from Swan Valley Nyungah Community

Human Rights

Manila, 05.04.2006 06:11

Punks Held Offline Sit-in at Commission on Human Rights

LA: Göçmen karşıtı yasayı protesto

Istanbul, 05.04.2006 06:11

Los Angeles: 500.000 ila 1 milyon kişi göçmen karşıtı yasayı protesto etti

April 10th

Houston, 05.04.2006 06:11

April 10th: National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice


Houston, 05.04.2006 06:11

Homage to Tom DeLay

ken c goes to jail

Houston, 05.04.2006 06:11

Houstonian sentenced for opposing School of Assasins

culberson town hall meetings

Houston, 05.04.2006 06:11

John Culberson to Hold Town Hall Meetings re: War on Immigration

3 νεκροί από πυρκαγιά στον Κορυδαλλό

Athens, 05.04.2006 06:11

Λίγο μετά τα μεσάνυχτα της προηγούμενης Πέμπτης 30 Μαρτίου στις φυλακές του Κορυδαλλού 3 άνθρωποι κάηκαν ζωντανοί, ενώ ένας τέταρτος χαροπαλεύει.

Οι κρατούμενοι αντέδρασαν, προχώρησαν σε αποχή από το συσσίτιο, και αρνήθηκαν, αρχικά, να μπουν στις πτέρυγες και στα κελιά όπου "φιλοξενούνται" παραμένοντας στο προαύλιο, μέχρι να ικανοποιηθούν τα αιτήματά τους, τα οποία σχετίζονται με τις άθλιες συνθήκες κράτησης που ευθύνονται για την πυρκαγιά αλλά και όλες τις δυσλειτουργίες του σωφρονιστικού συστήματος.

Η διοίκηση απαντά με μαζικές μεταγωγές (69) στις αντιδράσεις των κρατουμένων, ενώ οι κινητοποιήσεις συνεχίζονται σύμφωνα με ενημέρωση που έστειλε από τις φυλακές ο πολιτικός κρατούμενος Γιώργος Καλαϊτζίδης. Η Δ' πτέρυγα παρέμεινε κλειδωμένη μέχρι τη Δευτέρα, όπου τελικά ξεκλειδώθηκε το απόγευμα.

Τρίτη 4 Απρίλη: Πορεία Αναρχικών στις Φυλακές Κορυδαλλού

Σάββατο 1 Απρίλη: Σαν απάντηση για τον θάνατο των 3 φυλακισμένων, σημειώθηκαν επιθέσεις σε τράπεζες και επεισόδεια στην ΑΣΟΕΕ. Συνελήφθει μια 18χρονη, η οποία προφυλακίστηκε με βαριές κατηγορίες.

repressió i criminalització (ca)

Barcelona, 05.04.2006 06:11

La primavera la repressió altera

>>> Està cremant Can Ricart!
>>>Assemblea "Salvem Can Ricart" 04 abril d'ençà les 19,30h C/pallars, 277 (Can Felipa) + Fotos de Nau21 Cremada (Can Font)

8 D'ABRIL - VILA DE GRÀCIA - 18 HORES - PLAÇA RIUS I TAULET: Manifestació pels Tres de Gràcia
>> Cafeta a Sants de recolzament al Ruben i l'Ignasi + >> Assetjament sexual a una detinguda pel "botellón"

La història d'amor entre Tura Valdecasas i Joan Clo$... + Tura i Clos volen la màxima contundència policial, diuen...per evitar que es normalitzi la violència urbana + l'ALCALDE de BARCELONA anuncia ma dura + Tot*s contra Clo$

= Continua la lluita contra l'ordenança del civisme

Imatges de l'acció contra els Mossos al Saló de l'Ensenyament i actes de suport + Comunicat d'AE i CEPC arran dels fets

+info: >>>criminalització i repressió

represión y criminalización (es)

Barcelona, 05.04.2006 06:11

La primavera la repressión altera

>>> Fuego en Can Ricart!
>>>Asamblea "Salvem Can Ricart" 04 abril a partir de las 19,30h C/pallars, 277 (Can Felipa) + Fotos de Nau21 quemada (Can Font)

8 DE ABRIL - VILA DE GRÀCIA - 18 HORAS - PLAZA RIUS I TAULET: Manifestación por los Tres de Gràcia
>> Cafeta en Sants en apoyo a Ruben e Ignasi + >> Acoso sexual a una detenida por el "botellón"

La historia de amor entre Tura Valdecasas i Joan Clo$... + Tura y Clos quieren la máxima contundencia policial para evitar que se normalice la violencia urbana + aLCALDE de BARCELONA anuncia mano dura + Tod@s contra Clo$

= Continúa la lucha contra la ordenanza del civismo

Imágenes de la acción contra los Mossos en el Salón de la Enseñanza y actos de apoyo + Comunicado de AE y CEPC ente los hechos

+info: >>>criminalización y repressión

&quot;Basta!&quot; Teens Prepare For Loss Of Hall

Ireland, 05.04.2006 06:11

The kids are doing it for themselves Wicklow based ...

Árvores transgénicas: indústria do eucalipto faz pressão

Portugal, 05.04.2006 06:10

Árvores transgénicas: indústria do eucalipto faz pressão

Se va suez

Argentina, 05.04.2006 06:10

Martes 4 de abril de 2006 /Un triunfo de la lucha popular


Funcionario de la dictadura podría ser el nuevo rector

Argentina, 05.04.2006 06:10

UBA: por toma estudiantil suspenden elección de Alterini

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