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UK noborder demo at harmondsworth detention center

United Kingdom, 08.04.2006 13:12

Today, around 200 people are demonstrating at the Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centers. They followed a call from London No Borders, the Campaign to Close Harmondsworth & Colnbrook "London Against Detention", and The Square Occupied Social Centre [see ncadc]. People arrived on coaches from London, Birmingham and Reading as well as two minibusses from Cardiff to make sure "that those inside will hear our voices and know that they are not alone." In Glasgow, 1000 are demonstrating in solidarity. See the timeline for up-to-the-minute reports.

Jupiler Blues : la bourse sait pourquoi

Liege, 08.04.2006 12:38

Ce vendredi 7 avril à 10h, sept militants de Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire Liège (RAP-Liège), ont mené devant le site de Inbev de Jupille (rue de Visé) une action symbolique contre la récente campagne publicitaire de la multinationale Inbev. Cette action était soutenue par le front commun syndical et les travailleurs du site de Jupille assistaient à celle-ci.

Olympia runs baby nazi's out of town!!

Portland, 08.04.2006 10:39

The call for support went out less than 48 hours before the event took place that people were going to meet in Sylvester park at 11 am to begin our counter demonstration. Many people began showing up at that time (some were late due to the time change). There was a small group of dedicated individuals combing the city on bikes/foot/car looking for the nazi's from about 11am until their first sighting at 12:25 pm. The group that was holding our position in Sylvester Park received a cellular communiqué at 12:25 informing them that there was a NSM members sighted at the Capitol Campus. At this time the bike brigade was informed and they deployed rapidly to the campus, upon arrival they noticed that indeed there were 5 NSM members (including the Seattle unit head Justin Boyer and the Northwest leader/webmaster Jim Ramm) dressed in full SS uniforms standing around confronting a small group of anti-racist activists. We started calling down to the groups at Sylvester and Heritage parks to confirm that yes they were indeed there. At about 12:35 two (or maybe three) more particularly aggressive NSM members pushed themselves through the crowd and joined their cohorts.

Ecoterrorist Headquarters Found in Denver

Portland, 08.04.2006 10:39

Beneath the cold, Orwellian façade of Newmont Mining Corporation's headquarters in downtown Denver's "cash register" building, a dauntless group of veteran anti-globalization activists held a press conference to announce the Stop Newmont Mining Coalition's plan to take to the streets on April 25, 2006 to forcefully confront greedy gold digger Newmont at its annual shareholders meeting. Issuing an open invitation to everyone in Denver and across the country to join them, the Coalition made clear its intent to effectively put an end to the ecoterrorist mining corporation's genocidal anonymity and impunity once and for all. Part of an oceanic swell of resistance from every continent where this toxic monster operates, the multicultural alliance will be joined by community members from Ghana, Peru, Indonesia, Mexico, and Western Shoshone territory, all places where Newmont's toxic dumping has destroyed the lives and livelihoods of Indigenous peoples, and all places where its destructive practices have led to forceful, unrelenting resistance.

Maria Cantwell/Joe Biden Fundraiser Protest in Vancouver WA

Portland, 08.04.2006 10:39

About 90 to 100 people gathered in front of Vancouver Hilton, where a fundraising reception was being held for Senators Maria Cantwell and Joe Biden. The demonstration, which was put on by three local grassroots organizations, was an effort to urge the Senators to support Sen. Russ Feingold's resolution to censure President Bush over illegal wiretapping of US citizens, as well as to urge them to stop the occupation of Iraq. The groups represented were Vancouver for Peace, Democracy for Vancouver, Veterans for Peace and the newly formed Code Pink Vancouver. Overall turnout and spirits were high, despite the rain. Nearly all reactions from passing motorists were positive, many honked and waved and some stopped to voice their support. Many attendees to the fundraiser had to walk through the protest lines and some engaged the vocal protesters pleasantly. Sen. Craig Pridemore made a point to walk through the entire crowd, often pausing to talk to a familiar person or listen to someone's spiel, before going into the event. One agitated fundraiser attendee angrily stalked the crowd looking for the person responsible for placing a code pink flyer (a brilliant mock receipt of the cost of the war) on his windshield. When no-one would take it from him, he attempted to hang it on the camera lens of an unwitting Columbian photographer, which didn't make him too happy.

Schumacher Furs demo, Thursday April 6

Portland, 08.04.2006 10:38

A half dozen of us had a demonstration this Thursday in front of Schumacher Furs. We passed out literature and held signs. Lots of passersby thanked us for being there, and a couple people said they'd come to the Saturday protests. A few angry people came up to us and expressed their support for the fur industry, saying plainly that they don't care about what happens to the animals in the fur trade. Unfortunately, one of those people referred to the Schumachers as her "friends" and seemed to be connected to a Willamette Week reporter, so we can only guess what the upcoming coverage will be like from that paper.

Heroes Hard at Work

Portland, 08.04.2006 10:38

he Portland Police are hard-working modern-day heroes that keep our cities safe from menacing thugs, like the kind that stand in doorways and use cellular phones.

Last night at approximately 10:45 pm I had the good fortune of witnessing the Portland Police violently apprehend a dangerous criminal on SW Washington.

The police were concerned that there may have been underage drinking taking place at a private party downtown. The young man who was working the door, checking IDs, was told by police that he needed to let them in. The young man said that he had specific instructions not to, and that they needed a warrant to enter the property. The man pulled out his cell phone and called someone inside to notify them that the police were demanding entrance.

This was apparently a threat to society, or at least the people in the immediate area, because the police then grabbed the man's arm, twisting it until he dropped his phone, ganged up on him and arrested him, slamming his head on the concrete in the process.

Catadores/as são reprimidos/as pela Guarda Municipal após marcha do MNCR em Aparecida de Goiânia

Brasil, 08.04.2006 07:40


Moradores/as da Casa de Estudante despejados/as!

Brasil, 08.04.2006 07:40


Pacific Lumber Accused of Toxic Cover-Up

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.04.2006 01:09

A former Pacific Lumber (PL) official has filed a wrongful-termination suit alleging he was ordered to conceal waste including asbestos and oil residue from Water Quality officials when seeking environmental permits for the company’s new $30 million sawmill. The lawsuit alleges Jimmy Dan Cook suffered "repeated verbal abuse and threats from (PL CEO Robert) Manne because of (Mr. Cook’s) resistance to follow orders he believed to be unlawful," and that a runoff-retention pond was built on the contaminated site which has "resulted in dangerously polluted water leaching and/or overflowing into the Eel River."
Read More | Indybay's North Coast And Environment Pages

Condoleeza Rice, Liverpool'da hoş karşılanmadı

Istanbul, 08.04.2006 00:09

Condoleeza Rice, Liverpool'da hoş karşılanmadı


LA, 07.04.2006 23:39


Girit: Katil polise ömür boyu hapis

Istanbul, 07.04.2006 22:39

Girit'te 22 yaşındaki Iraklis'i vurarak öldüren polise ömür boyu hapis

UM Students on Hunger Strike: Send Letter to University President

Miami, 07.04.2006 21:37

UM Students on Hunger Strike: Send Letter to University President

Bristol Indymedia and Local Elections

Bristol, 07.04.2006 20:40

Local Elections 4th May 2006 summary With the local elections due on 4th May, this is intended to help clarify the reporting position of Bristol Indymedia regarding the elections. It is the case that the IMC network has a core guideline against promoting hierarchical organisations. In Bristol we interpret this guideline loosely, and in non-election periods will accept posts from almost any hierarchical organisation, whether a trade union, ngo, or political party .... During elections we take closer heed of this guideline, and discourage the open newswire from being used to post what are, in effect, party political broadcasts from hierarchical organisations. Posts which are of this nature will either be hidden, or relegated to a comment on a pre-existing thread .... We accept articles which are of an analytical nature, and which do not appear to canvass directly for votes. We appreciate it is not always possible, or even desirable, to write a perfectly balanced article, and will take this into account when moderating in the lead up to elections.Bristol Indymedia Editorial PolicyLenin writes: The local elections in Bristol are on 4th May. What can we expect? In Southville the Greens may claim their first seat. Charlie Bolton is a good second to Labour and with many labour supporters pissed off with Blair, Bolton has his best chance in long while .... In Lockleaze the LibDems are in trouble with Respect chasing them hard. Too close to call at the moment. My guess would be that the LibDems will just hold on, simply because they're better organised and will get out their vote .... Labour look set to lose a handful of seats. Expect to see the LibDems gain Kingsweston, Whitchurch Park and Windmill Hill. Labour may even lose Hartcliffe to the Tories! Surprised - well the Tories came within 100 votes 4 years ago and this time they have a local candidate who is doing some work. Any other information on other contests gratefully received. Full Article & Comments attachments/apr2006/2006_local_election_polling_stations1_1.pdf

artivismo (es)

Barcelona, 07.04.2006 20:10

los profesionales de la cultura se licencian un nuevo espacio para la proyección de la creatividad multitudinaria!

[07abr]avd.paral.lel, 60 Se acaba de liberar el teatre Arnau!

qué está pasando con los espacios creativos? qué esté pasando con la libertad de circulación de la cultura? las 10 cosas que has de hacer para infringir la ley de la propiedad intelectual i/o comercial ::: Reblogución, copyfight: Alguien no ha leído a Adorno ::: pirateria y racionalidad en el intercambio ::: copyleft y creative commons, qué es? ::: música copyleft: links ::: reflexiones sobre el espacio público:::què pasa con los espacios creativos en barcelona? nau21 quemada

[23-28 mayo] zaragoza,Jornadas Copyleft

+info :: >>>@rtivismo + :::

artivisme (ca)

Barcelona, 07.04.2006 19:10

els professionals de la cultura es llicencien un nou espai per la projecció de la creativitat multitudinària!

[07abr]avd.paral.lel, 60 S'acaba d'alliberar el teatre Arnau!

què està passant amb els espais creatius? què està passant amb la llibertat de circulació de la cultura? les 10 coses que has de fer per infringir la llei de propietat intel.lectual i/o comercial ::: Reblogución, copyfight: Alguien no ha leído a Adorno ::: pirateria i racionalitat en l'intercanvi ::: copyleft i creative commons, què és? ::: música copyleft: links ::: reflexions sobre l'espai públic:::què passa amb els espais creatius a barcelona? nau21 creamada

[23-28 maig] Saragossa,Jornades Copyleft

+info :: >>>@rtivisme + :::

Between 500,000 and 1 Million Protest Anti-Immigrant Law in Downtown Los Angeles; Tens of Thousands of High School Students Walk-Out All Week; Demonstrations Across the Country as Senate Decides on B

New Mexico, 07.04.2006 19:09

Demonstrations Across Country as Senate Decides on Immigration Bill

Continua o drama dos cantoneiros do Porto

Portugal, 07.04.2006 18:09

Continua o drama dos cantoneiros do Porto

Continua o drama dos cantoneiros do Porto

Portugal, 07.04.2006 18:09

Continua o drama dos cantoneiros do Porto

Reclaim the Commons Chicago Convergence: 4 Days of Events and Actions in Opposition to the Biotechnology Industry Organization

Chicago, 07.04.2006 18:09

Reclaim the Commons (RTC) is mobilizing four days of grassroots events and actions in response to the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) 2006 convention in Chicago. From April 8th to 11th, activists will converge in Chicago to highlight the threat that genetic engineering poses to the livelihood of farmers, the safety of our food supply, damage to human rights and food sovereignty, as well as offer sustainable community-based alternatives to corporate strangleholds over agriculture and medicine.

Animal rights activists, in solidarity with RTC, are organizing events and protests calling for the biotech industry to end all animal exploitation including but not limited to: vivisection, animal testing, and the creation and reproduction of cloned and transgenic animals. Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), Europe's largest contract research organization, is a particular target of AR activities during the week of events because so many of BIO's members are affiliated with the torture lab. BIO has stated that they will "highlight recent advances in animal biotechnology," in addition to holding specific workshops aimed at dealing with the threat posed to biotech by the AR movement. Activists are going to be in the streets nearly every day to denounce BIO and HLS.

RTC Workshop Schedule and Descriptions for April 9th at Acme Artworks


San Diego, 07.04.2006 16:38

Everyone drop what you're doing this Sunday Apr. 9.

March for Migrant worker rights and AMNESTY for all immigrant laborers! The mainstream press is predicting 10,000-20,000 people! Let's make it 30,000! Protest HR 4437!! It deputizes social workers, lawyers, doctors, etc. to report and deport illegal immigrants.

This Sunday, 1 p.m. 6th & Laurel on the west side of Balboa park. March to the County
Administration building at 2.

There is also an alternate march from City College to make stronger demands for amnesty (not just dignity, etc., as march organizers are saying.)

Bring your photography equipment and document the SDPD's fear of the people's power! (Supposedly La Migra won't be there - but can we ever trust La Placa?

RISE UP!! F*ck Bush's "guest worker" program!! Demand amnesty - No Less!!


Austria, 07.04.2006 15:38


Austria, 07.04.2006 12:08


Austria, 07.04.2006 12:08

:: Comunicado de HIJOS Regional La Plata ::

Argentina, 07.04.2006 07:09

Aotearoa and Australia-Support a 'Clean Start'!

Aotearoa, 07.04.2006 06:42

On April 20, 2006, commercial cleaners from ten cities on both sides of the Tasman will launch their campaign for wage justice. The Clean Start - Fair Deal for Cleaners campaign aims to provide a voice to the low-waged largely immigrant female workforce, in cities across Australia and New Zealand, who are calling on big property owners to support decency in their workplaces. Cleaners need our Support-Attend the Aotearoa Campaign Launches on April 20 Auckland: 12 - 2pm, Methodist Mission, Queen St, Auckland Central Wellington: 12 - 2pm, Loaves and Fishes Hall, Cnr. Molesworth and Hill Street. There will be music, speakers and information about how everyone can be involved.

la medida comenzo el martes y finaliza hoy

Argentina, 07.04.2006 06:40

Acampe por el pase a planta en la Torre 1

Câmara de Graduação da UFES rejeita projeto da Comissão Pró-Cotas

Brasil, 07.04.2006 04:39


Implementação da bilhetagem eletrônica estudantil nos ônibus causa polêmica em Salvador

Brasil, 07.04.2006 04:39


&quot;A gente matou porque Paulo Feitosa mandou&quot;

Brasil, 07.04.2006 04:39


Riding to the Anti-War March, New York City, March 20, 2004

Baltimore, 07.04.2006 04:09

From beneath earth’s eastern curve, two rays— one flat pink and one a higher, wider band of yellow— cross the blue-awakening sky. They soar through the reconstituting blue as people mill outside a dusty, Baltimore meeting hall waiting for two buses to carry us all from under this cold canvas of light.

Can You Afford Your Housing? &quot;Are You Part of the Plan?&quot;

Baltimore, 07.04.2006 04:09

20 protesters descended upon the public hearing of the Baltimore City Planning Commission at Frederick Douglas High School on April 1st. The protest's concern was inadequate input into the process of the City's acceptance of a Comprehensive Master Plan for urban development.

Greenpeace menyerukan disepakatinya kerjasama Inggris-Indonesia untuk menghentikan pengrusakan Hutan

Jakarta, 07.04.2006 04:09

Di hari kedatangan bersejarah Perdana Menteri Inggris, Tony Blair, ke Indonesia, Greenpeace menyerukan kedua kepala negara Inggris dan Indonesia untuk menerapkan mekanisme yang mengikat secara hukum untuk menghentikan kerusakan yang sedang berlangsung di hutan-hutan alam terakhir Indonesia. ...

Student action at Patrick Henry High School

San Diego, 07.04.2006 02:38

Patrick Henry High School students excersized their rights by protesting HR4437. While some students left school grounds for Chicano Park, others walked to the school's "Free-Speech zone". Once again however, rights were violated as students were held up and harassed by educators, admistrators, and police.

Urgent Plea for Donations

San Diego, 07.04.2006 02:38

Do remember typewriter? Carbon copies? Your first mac or PC? What about AOL or Dial-up or how much you paid for these things?!?!

Today, technology is not only a heck of a lot faster but a HELL of a lot cheaper... And it is TIME for the San Diego Independent Media Center to advance. You may have noticed that the San Diego Indymedia site hasn't been very reliable lately... Currently, our primary server's 1996 processor runs at about 360 Megahertz, with a low-quality, faux Pentium 2 processor. It is crashing bi-weekly right now - and exhausting the few collective members who have the time to go and re-boot it. As you know our organization depends on the internet and our website for community participation and to carry out our mission. Without a new server - there ain't gonna be any San Diego Indy Media online.

Todays UM Labour Dispute Update: It's all about the voting process; Card Check or Election

Miami, 07.04.2006 00:07

Todays UM Labour Dispute Update: It's all about the voting process; Card Check or Election

Former TennCare Enrollees and Others Gather to Tell Their Stories

Tennessee, 06.04.2006 22:11

Nashville-Hundreds of former TennCare enrollees, volunteers and advocates from across the state are gathering in 14 locations to share the harm that their family has suffered because of the TennCare cuts. Tenncare disenrollees will be gathering in Athens, Bristol, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Columbia, Dickson, Greeneville, Jackson, Johnson City, Knoxville, Lenoir City, Memphis, Nashville and Oak Ridge, in the state's largest coordinated action to date. In Nashville, Tenncare disenrollees plan to gather at Legislative Plaza beginning at 6pm to share their stories.

24 Wisconsin Cities Vote to End the US Occupaton of Iraq

Madison, 06.04.2006 22:09

This should send a message of how out of sync the democrats and republicans are.

Muerte en un partido de futbol en La Banda

Argentina, 06.04.2006 20:38

Difícil de manejar, fácil de matar

Moradias provisórias se rebelam em São Paulo

Brasil, 06.04.2006 20:38



Colombia, 06.04.2006 20:38


Presos políticos del “milagro chileno”

Argentina, 06.04.2006 20:09

Dos mapuche absueltos y cuatro en huelga de hambre desde hace 24 días

A Nation of Colonists ... and Race Laws: The Politics of Immigration

Portland, 06.04.2006 18:40

The original Europeans in what is now the US were not immigrants, but colonists. And the US is not a nation of immigrants - it is a white colonial settler state, like South Africa under Apartheid, the former Rhodesia, Australia and Israel.

And like those states the US has always operated on a sometimes hidden, sometimes overt system of Apartheid. Like those places, the US is a nation of colonists ­ and race laws.

It is a place where white colonists arrived, seized the land, and dispossessed, exterminated or attempted to exclude the original "non-white" peoples­ all of them.

Salem - Immigrant Rights Rally Sunday April 9th

Portland, 06.04.2006 18:40

A million mobilized in Los Angeles, 300,000 in Chicago, and thousands in Portland and dozens of cities. Now it is time to mobilize in Salem as Congress decides on a legalization program or criminalization for the 12 million undocumented immigrants.

Sunday April 9th -- March for Dignity and Justice for Immigrant Workers. PCUN and CAUSA call on the immigrant community and supporters to come to a mass mobilization for immigrant rights.

Gather at 2 pm; Rally and March at 3 pm.
Oregon State Capitol (900 Court St NE) Salem


Unidos sin Fronteras! March for Immigrant Rights Sunday in Salem! | Immigration Rights Battle Comes to US Schools - Week of the Walkouts

Repressie tegen kerkbezetters in St-Gillis.

Oost-Vlaanderen, 06.04.2006 17:08

Repressie tegen kerkbezetters in St-Gillis.

peoples and cultures vs power and states (en)

Barcelona, 06.04.2006 16:10

About ETA ceasefire

Bilbo-April 1st, Demonstration coverage: Konponbide garaia da - It's time for solutions + Call

Feature about the facts: ETA announced a truce that would come into effect next Saturday + ETA reaffirmed in a second communique that it was time to overcome the conflict + Batasuna's communique: Now people, now peace

1968-2003 Basque's conflict actual data. What mass media don't tell you.

+info: >>>cultures & people + Indymedia Euskal Herria +

Bath Prepares to Resist Iran War

Bristol, 06.04.2006 15:38

'The War on Terror' Becomes 'The Long War' 'The War on Terror' Becomes 'The Long War' (A) Sab writes: with the invasion of iran imminent, we need to start organising in order to shut down the US/UK corporate war machine. Resistance to the Iraq war was inspiring, but we learned that waving placards and asking favours of politicians does not work (although it has it's place). We are organising widespread civil disobedience in Bath on the night war breaks out. If you want to be involved text 'action' or 'disobey' to 07949611912 and you will be contacted by text on the night that war breaks out....To stop this war, we need disobedience on a mass scale to really throw a spanner in the works. See you on the Streets!! (Image: A mural on the wall of the chapel at Abu Ghraib. Psalm 60-12: "Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.") Full article| RESIST THE INVASION OF IRAN! | Gearing Up For Another War - Clamping Down On Protest | Sticking to its Guns? Bristol and the arms trade | Iran to Switch from Dollars to Euros! | |

Is Racism A Factor? Questions about Unequal treatment by the Rochester Police Department

Rochester, 06.04.2006 15:37

In addition to several other degrees and certifications --- I hold an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice/Police Science. My reason for mentioning this is to emphasize the point that I understand the fundamentals of good (as opposed to knee-jerk, wild-wild-west, reckless) police work, particularly as it relates to initial assessment of potential, dangerous situations. On the other hand, no degree is necessary in order to understand (based on scores of clear, historical evidence) that many cops, especially rookie, racist, white ones, have a tendency to demonstrate a lot more caution, respect, compassion, and constraint regarding the sanctity and sacredness of human life --- when dealing with potentially dangerous white folk ---as opposed to those of African descent. The thoughts below regarding this critical issue were inspired by two Letters to the editor (D&C, March 23, 2006).

The Threat Of Compulsory Insurance

Boston, 06.04.2006 14:09

The precedent of compelling drivers to purchase private auto insurance is bad enough, but one can opt out. One doesn't have to drive, they say. The only way to opt out of compulsory health insurance, however, would be to die.

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