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Students to Protest Military Recruiters at April 11th Career Fair

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.04.2006 03:08

Santa Cruz, CA – UC Santa Cruz Students Against War (SAW) is planning a peaceful, yet significant, protest of military recruiters’ presence at an April 11th Job Fair on the UCSC campus. A march will begin the day’s actions at 9:00a.m. at the McHenry Library.

As reported in the March 15, 2006 San Francisco Chronicle, SAW presented the UCSC Administration with proposed guidelines to ensure minimal interference with the rest of the Career Fair while allowing students a safe environment for expression at the same time. These reasonable suggestions included the following: Accommodating a floor plan whereby students can protest the recruiters directly and not affect the rest of the event; Allowing media access to the event; Commitment to not collect student identification, or employ excessive police force, both of which serve to intimidate students interested in peaceful free expression.

SAW regrets that the University Administration has failed to commit to upholding its own stated policy of protecting free speech and free assembly. In doing so, the Administration has lost a real opportunity to de-escalate any potential points of conflict in the coming days. SAW has approached the administration for over a month to assure peaceful conditions for peaceful expression, free from excessive force or intimidation. But these efforts have been so far fruitless, as the Administration has adopted stalling tactics and has so far refused to seriously consider any of SAW's suggestions or supply any solutions of its own. On the contrary, there are reports that additional police from an out-of-town police department will be brought in at a great cost (rumored to be over $10,000) to the University.

On April 5, 2005, Students Against War organized over 300 students to successfully kick military recruiters out of a campus job fair. On October 18, 2005, SAW held a Queer Kiss-In that effectively prevented the military’s ability to recruit. April 11, the next visit by the military to a campus job fair, will mark more than a year since they have been able to effectively recruit at UC Santa Cruz. April 11 also marks the first campus recruitment effort since SAW was labeled a “credible threat” as part of the Pentagon spying scandal.

Media and supporters are encouraged to show up on April 11 at 9am at the McHenry Library.

See also: UCSC anti-war group SAW makes demands of administration concerning career fair

GenPower II

Worcester, 10.04.2006 02:10

Barre Residents Organize Against GenPower Construction & Demolition Incinerator

Δίκη Κώστα Αβραμίδη: Τεκμήριο ενοχής η πολιτική του δράση

Athens, 10.04.2006 00:39

Τη Δευτέρα 10 Απρίλη, δικάζεται στο Εφετείο ο Κώστας Αβραμίδης, κατηγορούμενος για συμμετοχή στη «17 Νοέμβρη». Τα μοναδικά στοιχεία με βάση τα οποία παραπέμπεται είναι τα αποτυπώματά του σε ένα βιβλίο, που βρέθηκε κατά την αντιτρομοκρατική σε ένα από τα κρησφύγετα της 17 Νοέμβρη, καθώς και διάφορα αρχεία από τον υπολογιστή του με κείμενα προκηρύξεων της 17 Νοέμβρη, που είχαν δημοσιευτεί κατά καιρούς στον Τύπο, αλλά και κείμενα σχετικά με ανοικτές δημόσιες εκδηλώσεις αλληλεγγύης προς τους εμπλεκόμενους στην υπόθεση της 17 Νοέμβρη.

Δευτέρα 10 Απρίλη:

Τοποθέτηση του Κώστα Αβραμίδη και εισηγήσεις ( 1 | 2 | 3 ) από την εκδήλωση της Συσπείρωσης Ενάντια στην Κρατική Τρομοκρατία στις 21 Μάρτη

Παλιότερο κεντρικό

NoBorders Demo at Harmondsworth Detention Centre

United Kingdom, 10.04.2006 00:09

Around 300 people from London, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Leeds, Reading and Cardiff demonstrated at the Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centres near Heathrow on 8 April, 2006, to ensure that "those inside will hear our voices and know that they are not alone." The call out for the demonstration was made by London NoBorders, the Campaign to Close Heathrow Detention Centres, London Against Detention, and The Square Occupied Social Centre in solidarity with the Noborder actions in Australia.

There was a large police presence and they prevented detainees and demonstrators from establishing a line of sight: the demo was not allowed to take place in the field where detainees could see it from their windows. Security guards also prevented detainees from accessing the centre's exercise yard and didn't even allow them to approach the windows. Some detainees were reportedly beaten up when they protested against these restrictions. In response, some 150 detainees have gone on hunger strike.

Many phone calls from detainees were passed on to the demonstrators via a small sound system. Former detainees also gave live testimonies of their own experiences in detention.

Read also: the Indymedia UK feature | timeline of the demo | last year's day of action.

Anne Miller in Palestine: On the Normality of Abnormality

New Hampshire, 09.04.2006 23:10

What is the occupation? Four days in, and I feel like I’m asking the question for the first time. Before I arrived here I thought that “occupation” was synonymous with overt violence and death. While these things are certainly part of an occupation, they are far from being all of it. In some ways, measuring an occupation using death and injury statistics – or even home demolitions – is misleading.

Lisboa alberga líderes de 300 maiores empresas do mundo

Portugal, 09.04.2006 23:09

Lisboa alberga líderes de 300 maiores empresas do mundo

Accessibility In Ireland In The 21st Century.

Ireland, 09.04.2006 20:10

Indymedia Contributers Share Their Experiences. In ...

Interview with Director of &quot;Independent Intervention&quot;

Portland, 09.04.2006 17:39

This is an interview I had the pleasure of conducting with Tonje Hessen Shei, Director and Producer of "Independent Intervention", a new film about independent media and corporate media.

"...since I came to this country from Norway, I've become frustrated and surprised with how journalism started to fuse a lot with PR, and journalism was really tailored for we studied the media we were always talking about the impending media crisis. In 1993 there were about 50 major media corporations, right now its like 5;

And then there was the day of the US invasion of Iraq. I was 8 months pregnant basically, running around with a camera and a huge belly and there was just so many people out there, so much going on. I started a huge library of media coverage of the buildup to the war and the justifications for the war. I was so shocked and frustrated with how they covered the war. But it was interesting, what I chose to take out to send to my editor in New York is one thing, but he hadn't gotten most of my footage before because he doesn't have cable and he was blown away. Seeing his reaction and his interpretation of the selections I sent to him was incredible part of this film and of how our relationship developed with this film, as director and editor. "

Separation - A letter to the Christian Church

Portland, 09.04.2006 17:39

Since it is a fact, that is not often acknowledged or discussed, that the wave of destruction washing over America, and from there over the rest of the planet, has as one of its root causes the activities of the American Church, it seems to me that it is long overdue that the American Church start showing some responsibility and begin doing something to make up for the damage caused by the church.

Republicans Complicit in Trillion Dollar Theft

Portland, 09.04.2006 17:39

Republicans Complicit in Trillion Dollar Theft
author: David Roknich
George W. Bush can't run for re-election, but he doesn't have to remain president to retain control of the wealth and power of the entire US government. With full complicity of every single Republican member of the US Senate, he's it taking with him. This year, congress didn't delay in getting their dirty work done in short order, because most will run for re-election, and they're counting on the fact that by November, the usual collective amnesia will set in.

Don't let them get off easy this year: if they can't be properly punished for the crimes they've committed the least you can do is vote them out of office.

Torture Victim And Others Report From Baghdad

Portland, 09.04.2006 17:39

First Person Accounts Of The Brutality In Baghdad

So many Iraqis are being killed, tortured and destroyed by the brutal, criminal war. We need to understand the suffering the people in that devastated country are enduring and we need to hear it in their own words. This account is part of a larger piece on the Mantic Eye Blog.

"The first day went by and our arms were still tied but now blood was dripping from the handcuffs. At noon, a guard came and untied a group of prisoners, and an hour later the guard returned. He opened a little window in the cell door and said: "I brought you lunch." He ordered the ones who were untied to feed the ones who were still tied up. Then he poured a small can of ful (fava beans) on the floor. One small can of fava beans. In your opinion, do you think that would be enough to feed 25 people? He poured it on the floor. The floor was disgusting because it was not tiled. It was a dirt floor. So anyway, each of us ended up getting about four beans. I discovered that this was the food they gave you every two days. Our bathroom was simply an oil can in the corner of the cell or the corner of the cell itself.

On the third day, they prevented my brother, my cousin and me from using the bathroom at all and it was the worst day. In the morning the guard came and took us and after one hour of interrogation they began to torture us to get us to confess to the crimes of killing and bombing. We were innocent. We had not done these things. They became very vicious because we refused to confess, so they began to torture us more: the real torture..."

Full story here:

Huge Month of Anti-War Demonstrations

Portland, 09.04.2006 17:39

Not to mention the immigration bill protests, March saw massive demonstrations all over the world. Two international action days - International Woman's Day, and the Iraq War anniversary - brought
hundreds of thousands out protesting the war and the Bush Administration. The weekend of the 18th, some cities had actions both
days as the war moved into it's fourth year. San Francisco
held "8 days of anarchy" which started the 14th to mark the
repulsive occasion. London had the largest as the crowd grew to an estimated 100,000. Organizers stated that over 500 cities participated in the US.

On International Woman's Day, women held demonstrations
and vigils all over the world against the Iraq war in some cases
in bitter cold wind and rain. In DC, they marched "to the White
House to deliver the Women's Call for Peace and more than
100,000 signatures."

Military recruiting stations in Lansing, Raliegh, Lakewood, Oh, Harlem
and Northern Illinois University saw protests even though these protesters are being labeled as terrorists by the NSA and the DIA.

"Cindy sheehan (Medea Benjamin and two others were) roughed up by
police. Had permisson to deliver petition (at the United Nations), but it was withdrawn later by someone high up."

Weekend of Action/Fin de Semana de Acción

Portland, 09.04.2006 17:39

There are lots of important events and actions this weekend. Come and join with the movement for immigrant rights and Latin America solidarity.

Este fin de semana hay muchos marchas y eventos importantes. Ven y juntar con los movimientos de solidaridad latinoamericana y por los derechos inmigrantes.

Derechos Inmigrantes/Immigrant Rights: Come to the March in Salem this Sunday April 9th Aztec Dance at 2pm, March at 3 pm Where: The Capitol in Salem Carpools leave from PCASC (616 E. Burnside St.) @ 1 PM

2.- Ven a la concentraci?n en le Plaza Terry Schrunk (calle 3 con Madison) en el Centro de Portland, el LUNES 10 de ABRIL 12:00 del medio d?a. Trae r?tulos y ponte tu playera blanca para unirnos a este d?a de acci?n en Washington DC y en m?s de 50 ciudades en todo el pa?s.

Come to the demonstration at Terry Schrunk Plaza (SW 3rd & Madison) in downtown Portland this Monday April 10th at Noon. Come join us for this National Day of Action for Immigrant Rights. Bring your signs!


Unidos sin Fronteras! March for Immigrant Rights Sunday in Salem! | Immigration Rights Battle Comes to US Schools - Week of the Walkouts | ILPS Statement of Solidarity With US Immigrants and Supporters | Middle School Student/Organizer Kills Himself After Being Threatened by Vice Principal

April 11th Day of Action to Shut Down Bayview PG&amp;E Power Plant

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.04.2006 17:39

A Day of Action to Shut Down PG&E's Hunters Point Power Plant will be held on April 11th. People will gather at 12:00pm on Evans Street at Middlepoint Road. After eight years of broken promises, Bayview Hunters Point residents and community organizations will again demand that the power plant be closed, and that the neighborhood be given clean energy and restoration, rather than redevelopment and gentrification.
Read More On Indybay's Environment and San Francisco Pages

Concierto por la excarcelación de los prisioneros políticos puertorriqueños

Puerto Rico, 09.04.2006 16:41

Canto en la prisión: Un grito de libertad por nuestros presos políticos

Precarietà all'INVALSI

Italy, 09.04.2006 16:10

Se chi valuta è precario

A Vila União vai resistir

Brasil, 09.04.2006 15:09


Precarietà all'INVALSI

Italy, 09.04.2006 14:40

Se chi valuta è precario

Internationale actiedag tegen GGO's.

Oost-Vlaanderen, 09.04.2006 13:38

Internationale actiedag tegen GGO's.

Politie valt hongerstakers aan te Delhi

Oost-Vlaanderen, 09.04.2006 13:08

Politie valt hongerstakers aan te Delhi

kontraŭfaŝismo (eo)

Barcelona, 09.04.2006 12:10

Pri la pafopaŭzo de ETA

Bilbo-1an de aprilo, raporto pri la manifestacio: Konponbide garaia da - Estas tempo de solvoj + Kunvoko

Kroniko de la okazaĵoj: ETA anoncis pafopaŭzon komencontan la venontan sabaton + ETA reasertis en dua komuniko, ke estas la tempo superi la konflikton + Komuniko de Batasuna: Nun la popolo, nun la paco.

La veraj datumoj de la eŭska konflikto 1968-2003. Jen tio, kion la amaskomunikiloj ne rakontas al vi

Lastaj novaĵoj: Otegi en la Hispana Nacia Aŭdienco (tribunalo pri escepte gravaj deliktoj), insultoj kaj pli ::: La eŭska polico arestas du homojn en rilato al la pafado de La Herrera + Oni vidas la ombron de la Nacia Eŭska Partio malantaŭ la arestoj + Aguilar (hispana ministro pri internaj aferoj): «Ne okazos alproksimigo de malliberuloj subite»

Reagoj: Gerry Adams ricevas kun ĝojo la pafopaŭzon de ETA ::: Nafarroako Iratzarri pri la anonco de la pafopaŭzo de ETA ::: Andalucía Libre (Libera Andaluzio) pri la deklaro de ETA de konstanta pafopaŭzo ::: Komuniko de PCPE pri la pafopaŭzo de ETA ::: Komunikoj de Revolta Global kaj Espai Alternatiu: "Unu decido kiu devigas antaŭeniri sur la vojo ĝis la paco kaj la rekono de la rajtoj de la eŭska popolo" ::: La komunisma junularo pri la konstanta militpaŭzo de ETA

Amaskomunikiloj: Centra kolumno en Indymedia Eŭskal Herria pri la pafopaŭzo de ETA ::: La senmezura "informa" raportado de la amaskomunikiloj ::: Analizo de ĵurnalaj ĉefpaĝoj de la 23a de marto pri la deklaro de konstanta pafopaŭzo de ETA

Nekredemuloj... Komuniko Foro de Eruma ::: Komuniko de AVT...

Opinioj: Komenciĝas la propaca procezo en Eŭskio? ::: Inter la sentoj kaj la realeco ::: Carod kaj la pafopaŭzo ::: Pafopaŭzo de ETA: batalo por la ideologia hegemonio ::: Irlando kaj la memdecido ::: La Kataluna Landaro kaj la pafopaŭzo de ETA ::: Artikolo de Lluís Pérez pri la pafopaŭzo de ETA ::: Notoj pri la pafopaŭzo ::: Prirabo

Eŭskio. La proceso 18/98 en la Aŭtonoma Barcelona Universitato kaj Cornellà vendredon la 31an + 1an de aprilo: Solidara aŭtobuŝo kun la eŭska popolo

+infoj: >>>kontraŭfaŝismo + Indymedia Euskal Herria +

milito (eo)

Barcelona, 09.04.2006 12:10

Neniu armeo defendas la pacon! Ne al la milita kongreso en Benicàssim!

3an, 4an kaj 5an de aprilo-Benicàssim: Mobilizo kontraŭ la milita kongreso!!

Enpez-imposta deklaro: Ni ne pagu la militon, obĵeto kontaŭ la militaj elspezoj 2006 + Favora verdikto de la Katalunia Kasacia Kortumo al fiska obĵetanto kontraŭ la militaj elspezoj

Aktivuloj de la kunordiga komitato Taragono Heredaĵo de la Paco "trude devigas" la mar-armeon.

Bildoj de la satelito de la ŝtata milita kaj industria centro: I - II - III - IV - V

3 jarojn post la komenco de la milito kontraŭ Irako: Kroniko kaj foto de la manifestacio de la 18a de marto en Barcelono + Kroniko de la manifestacio de Taragono + Nombro de viktimoj en la invado de Irako + Okazas la tria datreveno de la milito kontraŭ Irako + Ĉe la celpunkto de la preventa milito [angle] + La urania bombardado en Irako poluas Eŭropon [angle]

Artikoloj: Malfermita letero de Javier Couso al la juĝistoj de la Hispana Nacia Aŭdienco (tribunalo pri escepte gravaj deliktoj) + EU kaj Barato: ĉu La novaj plej bonaj amikoj? + La militoj neniam finiĝas

+infoj :: >>>milito +


estrecho / madiaq, 09.04.2006 08:08


Gran MANI.FIESTA.ACCIÓN Lunes 1 de mayo / 16h./La Barqueta - SEVILLA_



>> | euromayday
>>indymedia estrecho
>>sonidos del precariado rebelde

From the Newswire

Perth, 09.04.2006 06:40

Feds ban wind farm - but push climate change to full power

Real Rights Tour Rousing Success

United States, 09.04.2006 06:37

Jacques-Jean M. Tiziou"Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed; you cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read; you cannot humiliate the person who has pride; and you cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore."

Cesar Chavez

One year after the historic agreement with Taco Bell, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and its allies embarked on a McDonald’s Truth Tour. The caravan bought its message of real rights for farmworkers to over 13 cities in 10 days.

In 2004 Taco Bell was the first player in the crowded field of fast food to take social responsibility for its supply chain. McDonald’s is not only balking at the demand of a fair wage, only a penny more per pound of tomatoes, but actively undermining the progress of the CIW and the agricultural industry. In response to the CIW’s request that McDonald’s come to the table with farmworkers, McDonald’s proposed that the fox guard the henhouse, otherwise known as SAFE , and ignored the core demands of the CIW.

Video, Audio and Text

videoQuien Sigue (Who’s Next) || audioRadio Free Urbana Interview

Students Turn Up Heat on McDonald’s || Brand-Busting the Golden Arches

Daily Reports

Day 1 || Day 2 || Day 3 East || Day 3 Central || || Day 3 West || Day 4 East || Day 4 Central || Day 4 West || Day 4 West PM || Day 5 East || Day 5 Central || Day 5 West || Day 6 || Day 7

Coalition of Immokalee Workers || Student/Farmworker Alliance || Alliance for Fair Food || Indymedia US Archive || Photos by JJ Tiziou

Justice for Jake

San Diego, 09.04.2006 05:39

On April 4, 2005 Jacob Faust was murdered by sdpd officer Stephen Holliday. On April 4, 2006, about 75 of his family, friends and supporters met in the rain at the Golden West Hotel, the site of the shooting, and marched to sdpd headquarters to remember Jake, express their outrage and demand justice.

Report from a Friend:
"yesterday i stood in protest in the pouring rain holding a sign that said 'SDPD officers holliday and keaton are lying'. i stood next to my friends, my comrades, in this quest to find answers, truth and some sort of justice for jacob and his family. i walked in the pouring rain with amy and lynn to the police station where we stood, half facing the street for the passersby to read what our signs said, and half facing the windows of the police station so that san diego would know that we weren't going to let them silence us."

Report from an Activist:
"The cold raindrops washed at salty tears. A mother’s wounded eyes, still swirling with shock and grief on this - the first anniversary of her son’s execution for making an illegal left turn. Friends and fellow artists held signs of protest, their anger raw; dressed in black, smooth faces twisted in anguish, quavering voices, stunted attempts at understanding the bestiality of a rogue cop."


Valparaiso, 09.04.2006 05:38

Sábado 8 de Abril 2006

Asamblea Abierta Indymedia Valparaíso

No Human Being is Illegal! Ningun Ser Humano es Ilegal!

Rochester, 09.04.2006 05:37


A coalition of religious, labor, political, and service organizations in the city of Rochester have called for a march and rally in support of Immigrant Rights, as part of a National Day of Action to be held on Monday April 10th, 20006.

The action is in response to the Sensenbrenner Bill (HR4437), which would criminalize all undocumented immigrants and their supporters. Inspired by the recent protests in major cities such as Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago, the organizers hope to galvanize members and supporters of the immigrant community in Rochester to press for equal rights for all immigrants and their supporters.

The march will begin at 4pm at the Federal Building on State Street and culminate at the hall of St. Michael’s Church on North Clinton Avenue. The event is free and open to the public. All who support immigrant rights are encouraged to attend.

Hundreds Protest Bush in Charlotte

North Carolina, 09.04.2006 05:08

Hundreds Protest Bush in Charlotte

Southern Girls Convention

North Carolina, 09.04.2006 05:08

Southern Girls Convention

April 10th: National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice

United States, 09.04.2006 04:38

On April 10, 2006, immigrants and their allies from around the nation will mobilize in Washington, DC and multiple other cities to oppose the harsh and unworkable HR 4437. They will be demanding real immigration reform that is comprehensive, respects civil rights, reunites families, protects workers, and offers a path to citizenship for the current undocumented and future immigrants to the US. [from migramatters]

Crónica de un vandalismo vicioso

Puerto Rico, 09.04.2006 03:41

Crónica de un vandalismo vicioso

Magisterio puertorriqueño a negociar convenio colectivo

Puerto Rico, 09.04.2006 03:40

Magisterio seguirá en la calle por la mejor negociación

Derechos Plenos para todos los inmigrantes! - National Day of Action for Immigrant Rights.

LA, 09.04.2006 03:39

Derechos Plenos para todos los inmigrantes! - National Day of Action for Immigrant Rights.

Threatened by Principle, Student Walkout Organizer Commits Suicide

LA, 09.04.2006 02:38

Threatened by Principle, Student Walkout Organizer Commits Suicide


Houston, 09.04.2006 01:10

HIMC film series


Houston, 09.04.2006 01:10

HIMC film series

&quot;ustedes son la consecuencia de la puta dictadura&quot;

Argentina, 09.04.2006 01:09

Conflicto en la Universidad de Buenos Aires ante avanzada radical

&quot;ustedes son la consecuencia de la puta dictadura&quot;

Argentina, 09.04.2006 01:09

Conflicto en la Universidad de Buenos Aires ante avanzada radical

Incinerator Public Meeting - Public Bodies pull out!

United Kingdom, 09.04.2006 00:08

NAIL - Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill were invited to speak at a Radio Nottingham Groundswell debate, chaired by the presenter John Holmes on Tuesday 11 April. Although the Public meeting is still on, unfortunately the two public bodies, the Environment Agency and the City Council have pulled out. We feel that it is extremely sad state of affairs when in a democracy, two Public Bodies who should be answerable to the public, won't even meet them to listen to their views and concerns!

The meeting will still take place at ;

Meeting Venue;
Green's Mill Old School Hall

Next to the Windmill in Sneinton

See other article:

@rtivism (en)

Barcelona, 08.04.2006 23:09

culture professionals free a new space for multitudinous creativity projection!

[Apr 07th]avd.paral.lel, 60 Arnau Theatre has just been freed!

latest news: call to support from inside Arnau Theatre! we need you there to face police intimidation + this early morning they've illegally evicted Arnau Theatre: [Apr 8th]18h, Meeting for new proposals

what's happening with creative spaces? what's happening with culture circulation freedom? spring rumour...uncovered... ::: The 10 things you have to do to break commercial and/or copyright property law ::: Reblogución, copyfight: Some people have not read Adorno ::: piracy and rationality when exchanging ::: what is copyleft and creative commons? ::: copyleft music: links ::: reflections about public space ::: what happens with creative spaces in barcelona? nau21 have burnt

[May 23th-28th] Zaragoza, Copyleft Conferences

+info :: >>>@rtivism + :::

criminalization and repression (en)

Barcelona, 08.04.2006 22:10

Repression rises in the spring

April 8th - VILA DE GRÀCIA - 6:00 PM - PLAÇA RIUS I TAULET: Demonstration for the Tres de Gràcia (Three from Gràcia)
>> Cafeta at Sants in support to Ruben and Ignasi + >> A girl detained in the "botellón" reports sexual harassment

The love history between Tura, Valdecasas and Joan Clo$... + Tura and Clos want maximum police forcefulness, they avoid the normalization of urban violence + BARCELONA's MAYOR announces crackdown + Everyone against Clo$

= The struggle against civility by-laws continues
>>>spring rumour...

Disobedience week at Països Catalans: Photos of actions in Barcelona + Països Catalans Insubmisos' actions in Catalunya Nord + Disobedience action against CCOO & UGT + (photos) + "la Caixa" has also received...

Images and support act to the action against Mossos at the Saló de l'Ensenyament + Communique of AE and CEPC in the wake of the facts

+info: >>>criminalization & repression

Foro respresion Multikulti

Tijuana, 08.04.2006 22:08

Foro contra la represión en Multikulti

Olga vazquez

Argentina, 08.04.2006 19:09

BBC Protested Over Iraq War Coverage

Bristol, 08.04.2006 18:08

Almost 100 Assemble at BBC, on Whiteladies Road Almost 100 Assemble at BBC, on Whiteladies Road media madness writes: On Tuesday 4th April, almost 100 people turned up at the BBC, on Whiteladies Rd, to protest the failure of the BBC to cover the 18th March National Demonstration. The local BBC bosses looked rather embarrassed. Considering the short notice call of the event, and that it was held during the working day, this was a very good turn out, and clear evidence that anti-war sentiment is still very strong, and simmering with discontent. Despite the mainstream media being as free of evidence that there is an anti-war movement in this country as the alice in wonderland war free zone of Eastenders, alternative media outlets such as this, and the willingness of people to continue taking to the streets, continues to prove otherwise. Full article.While on the subject of media, Editor 21 writes: Yer ever-cuddly but barbed Bristle mag is back with a very mature issue 21, hot on the heels of the outstanding success of its book 'Political street expressions in Bristol & the south west – a photo archive 1998-2005' this issue, we interview funny-man Rob Newman, and Dick Lucas from the Subhumans; mouth off about critical mass & pool closures; ponder the dangers of debt, and life after Greenleaf books; get the inside gen on a variety of cultural events; go back 700 years to revisit some earlier rebellions in the west; remember a day of buying nothing; encourage discussion and activist reality; plus the usual campaigns news, reviews…and of course there’s yer usual hilarious selection of Bristle typos, layout cock-ups & editorial mishaps. That’s Bristle for yer – no big business backers to please here me dears! Full article.| BBC embarrassed at failure to report the News! | Disappearing Antiwar Protests ( | IRAQ ANNIVERSARY - BBC WHITEWASH The Magical Transformation of theSupreme War Crime into a "Miscalculation" | Bristle goes ballistic about the nuclear option | | Bristol's Media Landscape |

Red Ride. Bicycle Ride For Hurricane Relief.

Rogue Valley, 08.04.2006 15:13

Traditional Prayer Stick carried by bicycle from Southern Oregon to Louisiana.

Prayers offered to Louisianas hurricane and socio-economic impacted Biloxi-Chitimach Confederation of Muskogee tribes, and the Point-au-Chien Indian tribe.

Patota toma por la fuerza local del Frente Popular Dario Santillán

Argentina, 08.04.2006 14:40

Reintegração da ocupação Prestes Maia adiada - e sem prazo!

Brasil, 08.04.2006 14:09


Nuova Scatolanera

Switzerland, 08.04.2006 14:07

Il PRSN riparte dalla nuova pagina di SCATOLANERA, un esperimento radiofonico che si prefigge di valorizzare e collegare multiformi esperienze antiautoritarie e audioribelli all'interno del movimento. Per condividere saperi senza fondare poteri, si è autorganizzata orizzontalmente ed è aperta alla partecipazione di ogni individualità emittente.
Dal nuovo sito è possibile scaricare liberamente tutto il materiale prodotto dalle trasmissioni e c'è la possibilità di registrarsi. L'utente registrato potrà aggiungere delle news, fare dei commenti e verrà avvisato per email quando sarà disponibile una nuova trasmissione da scaricare.

PRSN è una radio che ascolta: fatti sentire!
PRSN è una radio che sente: fatti ascoltare!

:: Variabile Fahrenheit Spazio di cultura antagonista e di musica a tema.
:: Sbokkate radioattive
Dalle bambine, ragazze e donne che dicono anarchicamente quello che sanno e pensano!
:: Callequerock
La musica delle strade dell'america latina di oggi.
:: Conferenze e dibattiti
Conferenze, presentazioni, discussioni e dibattiti.
:: Report
Mediattivist* sguinzagliati in giro per il mondo riportano quello che sentono. Manifestazioni, coortei, scioperi e picchetti.

Indigenous Camp eviction looms

Melbourne, 08.04.2006 13:14

Indigenous Camp eviction looms

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