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L'Italietta ci riprova...

Switzerland, 11.04.2006 16:07

Le votazioni per il rinnovo delle due camere, Parlamento e Senato, che in sostanza portano ad un nuovo Governo, si sono svolte domenica e lunedì. Nessuna sorpresa. L'Italia, divisa e a pezzi dopo cinque anni di Impero Berlusconi, tenta di ripartire con l'ex democristiano Romano Prodi, a fatica, ma con le solite vecchie facce che lasciano grossi dubbi e poche speranze. Il risultato, che sembrava scontato prima del voto a favore della coalizione di pseudo-sinistra, è stato un doppio 50% con solo pochissime migliaia di voti in più appunto per Prodi. La destra tutta non accetta la sconfitta, parla di brogli e si arrampica sugli specchi chiedendo il ricontrollo di ogni scheda. Ridicolo secondo un'inchiesta de il Diario: in quattro regioni in bilico si è sperimentato infatti il voto elettronico gestito da Telecom, Ads e Accenture, l'indiziata numero uno per lo scandalo delle elezioni in Florida. Partner di Accenture è Gianmario Pisanu, solo per caso il figlio dell'ormai ex-ministro dell'Interno. Se il voto era stato trasformato in un referendum pro o contro Berlusconi, è di fatto fallito: il suo partito resta infatti il primo per percentuali di voti. A sinistra non si può certo cantare vittoria.

Boston Participates in a Nationwide Mobilization for Immigrant and Labor Rights

Boston, 11.04.2006 15:09

Boston--Spring 2006 will be remembered as the largest immigrant rights movement in the history of the United States. Hundreds of protests were planned nationwide on April 9 and 10, while in Boston numbers doubled since last week as ten of thousands marched from the Commons to Copley Square. [Photo by Jonathan]


Worcester, 11.04.2006 13:41

Worcester Stencils

End of beginning for No M1 Widening campaign

United Kingdom, 11.04.2006 13:40

The No M1 Widening campaign is picking up momentum as it comes to the end of its first stage.
Supporters have been lobbying the Highways Agency's tour of exhibitions promoting the proposals.

They have informed and dicussed their views with residents in the towns and villages that will be effected.
The consequences of climate change, effects on people and the planet and the link between more roads and more cars have been major topics of debate.

On April 12, the campaign will travel to Selson, where the last exhibition is being held at the Parish Hall, from 2pm to 8pm.

Reports: Kegworth: Report with bus times for Selson Report 2 | Long Eaton: Report Pics | City campaign launch

Other links:Country-wide multi-occupational bridges | Contractors bidding for expansion work | No Widening in South Yorkshire

Attacks on Black African Heritage Sites

Maritimes, 11.04.2006 13:09

Two African Nova Scotian Heritage Sites Attacked Within Past Six Weeks

RAPE OF THE ARCTIC: Why the Fossil Fuel Barons NEED Global Warming

Baltimore, 11.04.2006 13:08

As arctic ice melts, vast untapped reserves of oil, natural gas and coal are becoming easily accessible. Open water in the arctic also means cheap and easy Atlantic-Pacific transport of said oil, gas, and coal. There's billions to be made by the greedy in an ice-free arctic and an environmentally devastating "gold rush" has already begun….

Jornadas: Periferiak 06

Euskal Herria, 11.04.2006 12:10

Jardunaldiak: Periferiak 06

Euskal Herria, 11.04.2006 12:10


Colombia, 11.04.2006 11:39


A Green A Pleasant Land?

Bristol, 11.04.2006 09:38

Sustainablity Concern Over 92,500 New Homes for the Avon Area Sustainablity Concern Over 92,500 New Homes for the Avon Area "The marketing of contemporary suburbia has just become so abstract. It’s a dirty secret that none of these places are real places, they’re not real communities that have any kind of social networks or economic networks. They’re just dormitories on cul-de-sacs. So the marketing of them is strictly abstract and sentimental, really. The housing developments are always named after the things they destroy: If it’s called Quail Run, it means the quails have all been exterminated, if it’s Oak Ridge it means there’s no oaks left." (from The End of Suburbia)crash writes: It would appear that David Wilson Homes are creating another 'Oak Ridge' on the edge of Bristol, between Siston and Soundwell, 'conveniently located next to the ringroad'. A quick browse on their website gives a clue to several other ecosystems that have fallen under their axe: "Heron's Reach", "Barleyfields", "Devessey Meadows" and yes, "Oaklands". The field on the edge of Bristol which is to be their latest housing development contains neat piles of mature oak timber, carved up landscapes and a maze of fencing. An ecological crime? Well who can blame them - it's the politicians in the south west in their Regional Spatial Strategy who are sanctioning 92,500 homes to be built in the Avon area before 2026, with 30,000 of these destined for south Bristol, filling in the green spaces which are the lungs of the city. Full article| Property Takeover | Draft Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West (PDF) | True Cost Economics | Residents are Organising and Fighting Back! | Sustainable Communities Network (US) |

From the Newswire

Perth, 11.04.2006 07:40

Aboriginal Cultural Centre should be recognised

Tens of 1,000s March for Rights Throughout the LA Area

LA, 11.04.2006 07:08

Tens of 1,000s March for Rights Throughout the LA Area

Thousands March for Immigrant Rights Downtown

Portland, 11.04.2006 05:38

Today I had an interesting experiance. I had not heard of this rally in advance- I had heard about the one in Salem on Sunday, but I was unaware of the Portland event. During my free period today I walked downtown; I had to buy something for my new video editing computer. As I walked through the mall I noticed large groups of latino teens with mexican flags eating. I thought that it may have had something to do with the recent pro-immigrant rallies. I swung by Pioneer Square and saw something totally unexpected.

The reason it was unexpected is because I usually consider myself up to date with political actions around Portland. This one caught me by suprise. What I saw was a large group, maybe 500-700 of people, mainly students, with flags of all nations, signs, and white t-shirts. They were just finishing up a rally when I arrived, and forming up to march. The police were standing by, of course, maybe 7 of them, and one of them was radioing for reinforcements. The police, however, were not the focus of this rally. The people lined up and started to walk. It felt a bit akward at first, as there was only one megaphone and no chants, but soon people began some of the most spirited chants I have ever heard. The chanted without megaphone support, spontaniously, loudly, and constantly. It was something I have never seen at any other protest. These people were into it!

read the full article...

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Immigrants Rising! Pictures from the DC March

DC, 11.04.2006 04:12

Over the past couple months, grassroots initiatives against anti-immigrant legislation received a tremendous response. Tens of thousands of high school students across California walked out of school. Federal offices and freeways were taken over and shut down. Workers in Chicago, Atlanta and other cities engaged in work stoppage. Today, on April 10, 2006, massive rallies took place in at least 100 cities across the country. Early Report from HUGE Immigrant Rights Feeder March Video from Feeder March

500 Demonstrate in Rochester for Immigrant Rights

Rochester, 11.04.2006 04:09

On Monday evening, Rochester joined with over 100 cities around the United States as part of a National Day of Action for Immigrant rights. Demonstrators assembled downtown in front of the Federal Building , carrying flags and banners with messages like “Ningun ser humano es ilegal: No human being is illegal.” After gathering at the Federal building, the crowd listened to speakers and chanted slogans before marching roughly Two Miles to San Miguels Church at Clinton and Clifford.

Tennessee Immigrants Rally Across the State in National Day of Action

Tennessee, 11.04.2006 03:10

Today, throughout the state of Tennessee, from Knoxville to Memphis, thousands of immigrants and supporters joined millions across the country in a National Day of Action. Immigrant community members and their supporters participated in marches, vigils, and rallies, speaking out in support of humane, realistic, and comprehensive immigration reform. Today's events were peaceful reminders that immigrants live in Tennessee to work hard and contribute to its economic and cultural fabric, and that punitive measures proposed by some lawmakers would only increase the suffering and exploitation of our neighbors, friends, and community members.

Буклет Индимедии за 7.04 оптимизированный для печати

Belarus, 11.04.2006 00:37

Up to 100,000 Attend Mass Immigration March

San Diego, 10.04.2006 23:38

San Diego's largest protest since the Viet Nam war took place Sunday, April 9, when up to 100,000 people jammed the streets to denounce the anti-immigrant bill passed by the House of Representatives and demand "dignity, respect and hope" for both documented and undocumented immigrants. The march was inspiring and festive, but the rally speeches were long on emotional tales of immigrants making good in the U.S. and short on specific demands. Some immigrant-rights activists had criticized the march organizers for not specifically calling for amnesty for the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S., and had held their own action the day before.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Video: 1

Stories: Zenger's | An LGBT Take on Immigration | Original Announcement

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Photos from Un D�a Sin Latinos - April 10 @ Madison

Madison, 10.04.2006 23:09

More photos can be found at

Day 4-6 of the UM Hunger Strike: Second Worker Collapses

Miami, 10.04.2006 23:07

Day 4-6 of the UM Hunger Strike: Second Worker Collapses

Mel and Floyd, April 7, 2006

Madison, 10.04.2006 21:09

The April 7, 2006 show.

Impact of Gentrification on DC LGBT Community

DC, 10.04.2006 20:41

The curtain has closed on a part of DC which has been a safe haven to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders for over 30 years. The historic Half and O Street area, known for its drag shows and strip clubs, as well as its sense of community, especially for gay youth, is ordered to completely vacate by Wednesday April 5, to make way for a new stadium paid for by DC tax payers. FSRN's Darby Hickey brings us the voices of people who say they are outraged at what the city has done.

DC Activists March for Worker Rights in the “Corporate Walk of Shame”

DC, 10.04.2006 20:41

Students, labor and community activists take their struggle for worker rights to the streets of downtown DC making stops at the American Bottling Association, Verizon, McDonald's, International Square and GWU.

Ward Churchill and the Movement

DC, 10.04.2006 20:41

I could write and say a lot about Ward Churchill's phenomenal talk tonight at St. Stephens Church here in DC in front of about 80 people, but I guess I lack the energy for that (at least by my standards; I guess this is still long). It was very rich and inspiring.

GW Students Rally for Freedom of Speech, Condemn Repression

DC, 10.04.2006 20:41

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) gathered around the clock on the campus of George Washington University to condemn false accusations of antisemitism and terrorism against one of their leaders. GW Hatchet Story on the Accusation

Immigration Bill Stalls in Senate

DC, 10.04.2006 20:41

At the noon hour on Thursday, 13 senatorial supporters of the Martinez-Hagel compromise legislation called the amendment "a huge breakthrough". However, the deal that would allow legislation that will transform the immigration process for undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. fell apart last night. Selina Musuta reports more from Washington, DC. [Audio version different than script]

Shell to Sea block Shell machinery at Bellanaboy

Ireland, 10.04.2006 20:40

For the second Monday in a row Shell to Se ...


LA, 10.04.2006 20:39


5,000 at St. Louis Immigrant Rights March

Saint Louis, 10.04.2006 20:39

Today, St. Louis joined the national outcry against HR4437. Demonstrators assembled downtown in Kiener Plaza earlier this evening, carrying flags and banners with messages like “Ningun ser humano es ilegal: No human being is illegal.” A wide array of speakers, including Archbishop Raymond Burke, addressed a packed arena sharing a message of determination for immigrant families.

More Info: April 10 Mobilization | New America Opportunity Campaign | US Indymedia

National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice

Houston, 10.04.2006 18:39

Breaking News

Update on Siler City March this Monday

North Carolina, 10.04.2006 18:38

Update on Siler City March this Monday

In the Spirit of Zapata

LA, 10.04.2006 18:09

In the Spirit of Zapata

Acampamento Terra Livre critica governo e apresenta propostas para luta indígena

Brasil, 10.04.2006 16:39


Ecuador en rebelión

Uruguay, 10.04.2006 16:39

Jornadas contra el TLC

While We're Here, We Should Dance: Schumachers Report

Portland, 10.04.2006 16:38

The usual fake flowers, plastic manikins, and fur from tortured dead animals adorned Schumacher Furs display windows this week, while outside the Shop of Death a lively celebration of life, hope, and protest against unbearable cruelty was taking place. Throughout the day, over 50 protesters chanted, passed out literature, danced to live bagpipe music, chalked lovely pictures of animals on the sidewalk, celebrated the birthday of one of the protesters, and ate vegan treats (4 dozen cupcakes, 6 dozen cookies, banana bread, and a birthday cake).

While the Schumachers did not come out for birthday cake, they sent out an apparently intoxicated, red-faced, angry woman in a shabby black fur coat (which certainly looked better on its original animal owners). Perhaps the free-flowing alcohol inside Schumacher for their visitors is not a good idea. The woman stood and flipped us off, made antagonistic remarks, and for a time made no attempt to walk down the sidewalk or leave. As the woman finally started off down the street, Linda Schumacher flew out the front door with her video camera up to her face in a seemingly desperate attempt to film a confrontation.

read the full article...related: pictures | all articles by 'little dove' | all 'Schumachers' articles

Africa Sounds and Blues Programs, on PDX IMC Web Radio

Portland, 10.04.2006 15:38

Here are links to some new radio programs I produced this week. They were each posted on the newswire, but I thought they may have gotten missed by the casual reader.

The first is "Africa Sounds". This one-hour program travels from the dance club music of the 1950s perfected by bandleader Franco to the Malian blues of Ali Farka Toure and the electrified tribal rhythms of Toureg refugees Tinariwen (pictured). Along the way, we stop on the island of Madagascar and take a side trip to the slums of Soweto.

The second is a blues program. This is a one-hour program featuring Bobby Bland, T-Bone Walker, John Lee Hooker (pictured), RL Burnside, John Mayall & Eric Clapton, Luther Allison, Greg & Duane Allman, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, the legendary Otis Rush, and the dead Eva Cassidy (RIP).

add a comment on these shows...related: pdx imc web radio (scroll all the way to the bottom to see all of Jayson's shows) | other articles by 'jayson'

&quot;Land and Liberation&quot;- Issue 1 of Flashflood is out Now

Portland, 10.04.2006 15:38

"Flashflood Magazine: Communities Against Imperialism" has put out its first issue. The purpose and ethic of this bi-monthly magazine is to give voice to struggles against imperialism and for self-determination in our communities. We'd love your help in making this project both sustainable and relevant. read a sample and contribute... April Edition: The Boise VoiceThe Boise Voice as a monthly newsletter is in its second month, after a nearly three year vacation. This month, neighbors have written about dispelling rumors and gardening with kids.

"As a nearby neighbor and a person with a passion for gardening and mentoring children I am starting a garden project at the school with any interested students," notes Martha Wright in her article Gardeing With Boise-Eliot. Laura Parisi, in her article, The Rumor Mill, addresses a few development rumors in the neighborhood.

read the full article...

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300 March for the Right to Work, Against Dawn Raids and Detentions

Scotland, 10.04.2006 14:40

Around 300 asylum seekers, refugees, sans-papiers and their supporters marched across Glasgow this afternoon calling for the Right to Work and an End to Deportations. As part of the international day of action against deportation, they went from the Home Office Reporting Centre in Ibrox to a rally in the Carnival Arts Centre in town.

&quot;blestemul aurului&quot; la rosia montana: o binecuvantare administrata gresit

Romania, 10.04.2006 14:37

Intrand pe site-urile Gabriel Resources si Rosia Montana Gold Corporation vezi beneficii peste tot, economice, de mediu, locuri de munca, investitie, bani multi, evolutia tehnologica aplicata in Romania, etc. incat te poate fura usor peisajul. Un procentaj mic din informatia existenta pe paginile web si in memoriul tehnic ( prezinta activitatile propriu-zise pe care se bazeaza aceasta investitie in care intra bani multi si ies foarte multi (nu neaparat pentru statul roman). Acest raport ‘eufemistic’ din punct de vedere al riscurilor trebuie deconspirat pentru ceea ce propune in mod real.

Foster Farms Threatens East Bay Animal Advocates

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.04.2006 14:09

East Bay Animal Advocates (EBAA) conducted an undercover investigation of Foster Farms' operations in the Central Valley. While Foster Farms claims that the "climate is ideal" for their chickens, EBAA found "systematic animal neglect." The results of the investigation were posted at, a website dedicated to documenting Foster Farms' treatment of its chickens. The site also covered recently striking workers who complained of unfair labor practices. Foster Farms struck back with a "cease and desist" order demanding that "EBAA immediately cancel or transfer the website to Foster Farms." EBAA refuses to back down, claiming their documentation speaks for itself. Regardless of Foster Farms’ next move, EBAA promises to continue to speak out on the "cruelty of agriculture in California.”

Read More on Indybay's Animal Liberation News Page

Minutemen going back to the Northern border; hope to find it this time

New Hampshire, 10.04.2006 13:10

A local cell of the anti-immigrant group, The Minutemen, will patrol the Canadian border near Pittsburgh, NH this weekend looking for illegal immigrants… coming into New Hampshire from Canada…

Take Back Take Back the Night

New Hampshire, 10.04.2006 13:10

It’s that time again. It’s April, and therefore Sexual Assault Awareness Month. One of the highlights of Sexual Assault Awareness Month is Take Back the Night, an annual candlelight vigil/march/speak-out hybrid where we all stand together against sexual violence. Except every year I find myself just standing. Maybe if we stand firmer this year, we’ll end sexual violence. Take Back the Night is in a week and a half, and it’s taken on a certain ritualistic quality. We do it every year, but those of us who have been through it a few times start to wonder why, as every year, nothing seems to change.

Another death in Garda custody - the parents of John Moloney demand an independent inquiry

Ireland, 10.04.2006 13:10

An interview with John and Sandra Moloney, the par ...

Oscar est libre-la combat continue

Marseille, 10.04.2006 10:38

Oscar est libre-la combat continue


Marseille, 10.04.2006 10:38

Collectif du refus contre le désengagement de l'État de la lutte contre le VIH/SIDA

Калі ласка, перакладайце на ангельску і эсперанта!

Belarus, 10.04.2006 10:37

Colnbrook Hungerstrike - Solidarity Needed

United Kingdom, 10.04.2006 09:09

The London noborder group calls for solidarity in support of the Colnbrook detainees who have gone on hungerstrike after the demo on 8 April. Here is a report about the situation in Colnbrook, a brief intro on visiting people in detention, and a summary of upcoming noborder activities in London.

April 10 Demos

LA, 10.04.2006 07:09

Multiple Demos for Monday Feed Into Downtown

Miami Joins the Nation with Sunday A9 March-Rally in Support of Immigration Legalization

Miami, 10.04.2006 04:37

Miami Joins the Nation with Sunday A9 March-Rally in Support of Immigration Legalization

No one is illegal

Aotearoa, 10.04.2006 03:10

Dawn raids by immigration officers; border guards demanding DNA and iris samples during four hour interviews; people held for four days without a warrant; applicants for refugee status facing trials based on evidence they wont be allowed to see. The government has released a discussion paper on the Immigration Act that recommends all of the above and more. It’s all about “automating” ejection for refugees and asylum seekers who may have (wrongly, it seems) perceived Aotearoa as a safe haven from injustice. It seems no one in Labour’s top ranks want a repeat of the Ahmed Zaoui fiasco, where an asylum seeker gets called a terrorist by the SIS, then as soon as he is out of jail becomes part of the Auckland furniture, turning up at the Music awards and other celebrity shindigs. And they certainly don’t want another sexually abused Sri Lankan teenager in this part of the world asking for help. Oh no, we can’t have that.

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