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Work Consulta

Worcester, 13.04.2006 02:39

WORKing for a Better Community

MayDay ! MayDay ! MayDay !

Liege, 13.04.2006 02:07

Le premier mai, i.e. MAYDAY, le jour de congé global des travailleurs rebelles depuis plus d'un siecle, nous, le réseau euromayday, organisons ensemble les Parades Mayday des temporaires, temps partiels, contractuels et autres jeunesses précaires, main dans la main avec les militants syndicaux et collectifs d'activistes sociaux dans plus de vingt villes européennes.

International Anarchist Academics and Activists Conference

LA, 13.04.2006 00:08

International Anarchist Academics and Activists Conference

Darren Thurston Support Update #8

Portland, 12.04.2006 23:38

Lots of news in this update - new charges, new address and information about Darren's whereabouts over the next few weeks. It's been a crazy time and we're still struggling to make sense of all that has happened.

MSF Film Festival

Maine, 12.04.2006 23:08

Maine Social Forum Film Festival to be held in Lewiston, ME July 27-29

Zapatista rally &amp; march Chicano Park

San Diego, 12.04.2006 21:08

Here are some pictures of the Sat. Apr 8 2006 rally and march from Chicano Park to support our Zapatista brothers and sisters and also to join together in opposition to the racist, classist, imperialist statements coming from the Congress and U.S. Senate regarding immigration.

Over 300 people gathered in Chicano Park. After several local leaders spoke about HR 4437 and other efforts to blame immigrants for this nation's economic woes, we marched through Logan Heights. Neighbors smiled and gave us their Black Power and Brown Power signs. We chanted, "La Placa, La Migra: La Misma Porqueria!" and "Zapata Vive! La Lucha Sigue!"

Border Vigilantes &quot;Torch&quot; Mexican Restaurant

San Diego, 12.04.2006 21:08

Just before midnight on Monday, racist anti-Mexican vigilantes torched Mariachi's Mexican Bar and Grill at 12868 Campo Road located about 15 miles east of downtown San Diego and about 12 miles north of the US/Mexico border. The vigilantes left vile anti-Mexican graffiti painted in red on the walls. The racist profanities left on the walls are similar to those sent by e-mail to the Mexica Movement and to La Voz de Aztlan recently.

G8 Police get it wrong .......YET AGAIN !!!!!

Scotland, 12.04.2006 20:40

Edinburgh yesterday saw the latest in a series of failed prosecutions of G8 cases when G. E. was acquitted of some of the most serious trumped-up charges so far. The antiquated law of “mobbing and rioting” was rolled out on this occasion, with the accusation that G. had been involved in police assault and incitement to riot. The charge carries with it a maximum 5-year prison sentence.

Milhões protestam contra lei anti-imigração nos EUA

Brasil, 12.04.2006 20:39


democracy breaks out in C-U

Urbana-Champaign, 12.04.2006 20:10

Democracy breaks out. Voters en masse approve referenda for fall ballot. Pro-war, pro-Bush folks show their true colors. DI story title misses the mark, story gets it right. I sent the DI this letter to the editor. You can write them, too.

United Students Against Sweatshops Protests At UC Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.04.2006 19:08

On April 11th, a crowd of 200 gathered at UCB to support a "sweat-free UC". Condeming the University's use of sweat shop labor in the production of collegiate apparel, and promoting United Students Against Sweatshops' designated supplier program, students staged a "Naked Truth" rally and sit in that resulted in 18 arrests and more verbal volley from University administration.

Read More On Indybay's Globalization, Education, and East Bay Pages

Bristol Zoo Protest

Bristol, 12.04.2006 17:38

15 Year-old Helps Launch Campaign with the Western Animal Rights Network 15 Year-old Helps Launch Campaign with the Western Animal Rights Network Bristol Animal Rights Coaltion writes: A campaign has been launched to oppose Bristol Zoo's plans for expansion in their creation of a 'wildlife park' near Cribs Causeway, as well as to raise awareness thatanimals are not ours to use for entertainment. 15 year-old Lloyd Graham from South Gloucestershire, has helped launch the campaign with the Western Animal Rights Network. Lloyd, having already started his own animal rights group - SGAR (South Gloucestershire Animal Rights), is working with activists in Bristol to stop the new attraction from being built. Lloyd says, "Animals are not ours for entertainment in any way. The park portrays itself as an 'eco-zoo' as a centre for endangered species and for the education of the public, but it is little more than a tourist attraction holding animals captive for our entertainment. Zoos, such as Bristol zoo, put the 'con' in conservation. If the planned £50 million for the new park was spent on real conservation efforts around the world, sustainable change could be achieved...". Lloyd and the group will be holding a demonstration at Bristol Zoo on Monday 17th April, as part of National Zoo Awareness Day, with other actions taking place across the UK, please attend! Full Article.| Bristol Zoo protest | | SGAR website | Captive Aninmals Protection Society |

Buenos Aires: Policía amenaza con reprimir en el subte

Argentina, 12.04.2006 17:09

Una huelga demasiado vigilada

Buenos Aires: Policía amenaza con reprimir en el subte

Argentina, 12.04.2006 17:09

Una huelga demasiado vigilada

Refugees At Hostel In Kinsale Protest

Ireland, 12.04.2006 15:40

An Eye-Witness Account Of Demo And What Led To It. ...

Soccer - Cultural Exchange

Worcester, 12.04.2006 15:10

Cultural Exchange Through Soccer Still Growing

UVA Living Wage Sit-in Under Way

Richmond, 12.04.2006 15:09

members of the Living Wage Campaign at the University of Virginia will have begun a sit-in in Madison Hall, where University President John T. Casteen III's office is located. Those students plan to sit in until the University accepts its moral responsibility and commits to paying a real living wage. President Casteen has the authority to ensure that all University employees, direct and contracted, are paid a living wage.

Students Kick Military Recruiters off UC Santa Cruz

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.04.2006 13:39

On April 11th, 2006, in spite of the pouring rain and administrative attempts to stifle students’ free speech, Students Against War (SAW) organized over 150 students to march from the center of campus to the job fair, where they nonviolently prevented access to military recruiters through sit-ins and other measures. After about an hour and a half of negotiations and students’ refusal to back down, military recruiters left the job fair.

Read more on Santa Cruz IMC and Indybay's Anti-War Page

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 12.04.2006 13:10

precariopolis Periodo de cambio hacia la exclusión laboral

La nueva Reforma Laboral y las políticas de diálogo social permanente + Las grandes ETT's incrementaron su volumen de contratación en un 7% hasta septiembre

Sindicatos: CCOO y UGT aceptan abaratar el despido (a 33 días por año) + CCOO y UGT piden represión contra los inmigrantes + Atacan la sede de CCOO

Despidos SEAT: Los 3 delegados de la CGT despedidos por SAS (proveedora de SEAT), ganan el juicio y consiguen la readmisión + Acto de solidaridad con l@s despedid@s de Seat en Madrid + 1200 manifestantes contra la ERO y por la readmisión de las/los despedidas/dos de SEAT: 1 + 2 + Fotos + Mural en Gràcia

COMERCIO: CNT ante el nuevo convenio de Grandes Almacenes
mercadona: Calendario de movilizaciones para el mes de abril

Mes info:Laboral

Incendio a Sant'Anastasia

Italy, 12.04.2006 13:10

Incendiato lo S.p.a Vesuvio Zona Rossa

Incendio a Sant\\\'Anastasia

Italy, 12.04.2006 13:10

Incendiato lo S.p.a Vesuvio Zona Rossa

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 12.04.2006 12:09

precariopolis Període de canvi cap a l'exclusió laboral

La nova Reforma Laboral i les polítiques de diàleg social permanent + Les grans ETT's incrementaren el seu volum de contractació un 7% fins el setembre

Sindicats: CCOO i UGT accepten abaratar l'acomiadament(a 33 diess por any) + CCOO i UGT demanen repressió contra els immigrants + Ataquen la seu de CCOO

Acomiadaments SEAT: Els 3 delegats de la CGT acomiadats per SAS (proveïdora de SEAT), guanyen el judici aconsegueixen la readmisió + Acte de solidaritat amb l@s acomiadats de Seat a Madrid + 1200 manifestants contra l'ERO i per la readmissió dels/les acomiadats/des de SEAT: 1 + 2 + Fotos + Mural a Gràcia

COMERÇ: CNT davant el nou conveni de Grans Magatzems
mercadona: Calendari de movilitzacions pel mes d'abril

EEUU y Francia

Argentina, 12.04.2006 12:09

Derrick Jensen Speaking in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.04.2006 12:08

Derrick Jensen spoke at the Vet's Hall in downtown Santa Cruz on March 29th, 2006, as a benefit for the legal fees of EcoPrisoners arrested in the recent 'Green Scare'. Jensen emphasizes the hate, dishonesty, and destructiveness in contemporary industrialized culture. He argues that this culture will soon collapse because of the damage being done to the planet.

Jensen proposes that a different way of life is possible, and it can be seen in many past societies including many Native American cultures. This different way of life is characterized by honesty, appreciation of beauty, and connection with the natural world. Politically Jensen's work is in favor of a revolution in values, the self, and society. His ideas are often in line with eco-anarchism, anarcho-primitivism and neo-Tribalism. Read more

Audio (mp3): Part 1 and Part 2

From Iraqi War Zone to Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.04.2006 11:38

Iraqi Bloggers Faiza Al Araji and her son, Raed Jarrar, spoke in Santa Cruz on April 7th, 2006, about their experiences in Iraq.

A Family in Baghdad is written by Faiza and her three sons. The blog is written as a family’s diary, though most of the posts are from Faiza. Faiza is a strong, independent woman, and writes about the continuing war in Iraq and her daily life, such as moving from one residence to another, or what it’s like when a bomb explodes near where you are buying vegetables.

Raed in the Middle brings together news reports from diverse sources and adds his own commentary to what is occurring in the Middle East. Knowledgeable, informative, and opinionated, Raed’s blog offers a critical look at Iraq’s state of affairs. Read more and visit the blogs

Audio: Faiza Al Araji and Raed Jarrar at the Louden Nelson Center || Interview with Faiza Al Araji and son Raed Jarrar

EEUU y Francia

Argentina, 12.04.2006 11:09

Chirac propone subvencionar a la patronal

Argentina, 12.04.2006 10:39

Francia: movilización popular obliga a retirar el CPE

Turkse totaalweigeraar weer vrij

Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.04.2006 10:37

Turkse totaalweigeraar weer vrij

The NHS in Crisis

United Kingdom, 12.04.2006 09:39

Crisis can be an overused word, but in the case of the NHS it’s difficult to get across the scale of the problem without using it. Three quarters of the NHS trusts in the UK are reporting that financial deficits are forcing them to make some form of cut backs this financial year.

But, hold on. The government says it’s putting more money into the NHS than ever before. For once the government is telling the truth - they are spending far more on the NHS than ever, but the cuts are still taking place... how on earth can they both be true?

The answer is simple, it's not a question of how much money, but where it goes. Private companies have become more deeply entrenched in the health service than ever before, on a level that would have been unimaginable even under the Tories.

United Students Against SweatshopsTake Over Chancelor's Office at UC Riverside

LA, 12.04.2006 09:38

United Students Against Sweatshops Take Over Chancelor's Office at UC Riverside

sanspapiers in kerk

Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.04.2006 09:37

sans-papiers krijgen onderdak in gentse kerk

millones marcharon por sus derechos

Argentina, 12.04.2006 08:09

Ciudad por ciudad, migrantes sacuden a Estados Unidos

Vigil at the Recruiting Center: Tuesday Report

Portland, 12.04.2006 07:08

I went to the Recruiting Center Vigil tonight. There were over a dozen people there from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. It happens every Tuesday at the Armed Forces Recruitment Center at 1317 NE Broadway in Portland. Most of the people held signs, while a couple people handed out info to passersby. The response from people on the street and from those in cars was overwhelmingly positive. Dozens of drivers honked their support. To them I say thank you. I also say, please come out and join this effort.

Some people at the vigil are talking about starting up another day. If more people show up, it can become a third and a fourth. I know there are enough people in Portland opposed to the war who can come out. Let's all make this happen! There were 10,000 at the anti-war march. If just 10% of those people would come out once a month that would be 30 people every day at the recruiting center! This is a solid next step after having a large march!

read the full article...

related: 1/24/06 Report | 1/15/06 Report | 8/18/05 Report | all articles by 'PDX Dragon'

37 pessoas são indiciadas pelo ato na Aracruz Celulose

Brasil, 12.04.2006 05:39


Sem Terra desocupam fazenda em Paranapoema

Brasil, 12.04.2006 05:39


Arquitetos se recusam a debater com moradores; pressão agora é por audiência pública

Brasil, 12.04.2006 05:39


Carta Aberta de antropólogos sobre situação no Mato Grosso do Sul

Brasil, 12.04.2006 05:39


Movimentos populares denunciam perseguições políticas em Santa Catarina

Brasil, 12.04.2006 05:39


BLM Proposes Clearcuts in South Umpqua Watershed

Portland, 12.04.2006 05:38

The Roseburg Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing to clearcut 585 acres of mature and old growth forests, leaving as few as 6 trees per acre, in the South Myrtle Creek watershed, between Roseburg and Canyonville. The BLM is asking you for your opinion on what alternatives they should include in their environmental analysis. The BLM is required to consider alternatives to their proposed action. If enough people write to the BLM and ask them to consider another alternative, they must do it. We want the BLM to consider an alternative that thins instead of a "regeneration harvest" (a clearcut with 6 trees per acre left).

There are at least 8 pairs of northern spotted owls that use these forests for foraging. Logging will occur so close to some owl nests that the BLM thinks there could be an "incidental take" of 5 pairs of owls. "Incidental take" means these owls might die, not because they will be directly killed, but they because their grocery store, food source on 585 acres, will be eliminated.

read more + find out what you can do...

Day 7 of the UM Hunger Strike: How much longer can it go on?

Miami, 12.04.2006 05:37

Day 7 of the UM Hunger Strike: How much longer can it go on?

UM Students to Announce All-Out Hunger Strike at Campus Rally on April 12th

Miami, 12.04.2006 04:38

UM Students to Announce All-Out Hunger Strike at Campus Rally on April 12th

Vigilia por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes

Puerto Rico, 12.04.2006 02:10

Vigilia por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes

Laughing Horse Book Collective Closing its Doors

Portland, 12.04.2006 01:38

The Laughing Horse Book Collective founded in 1985 on NW 23rd Ave in 1985 : since 1993 at its present location at 37th and Division has lost it's lease and must move in 30 days. The collective calls upon the community for support. The Building in which the bookstore is currently located has been remodeling. The new ownwer want the bookstore out to remodel the space. After the remodel they want to charge "market rates" which would increase the rent 100%.

The need for Laughing Horse has never been greater according to Tim Calvert one of the founding members of Laughing Horse Books. The reality is we are at extreme risk of going out of business unless the community comes forward with help in the form of an affordable location. Please call Laughing Horse Bookstore with any information or leads on potential move options.


Lxs trabajadorxs resisten en Jazztel

Argentina, 11.04.2006 23:39

Inside the world of Dissident Republicanism

Ireland, 11.04.2006 23:10

As we approach the 90th anniversary of the Easter ...


Colombia, 11.04.2006 23:09

Ciudad por ciudad, migrantes sacuden a Estados Unidos

Miles de jovenes camino al Topagune

Euskal Herria, 11.04.2006 18:40

Nieuwe krachttoer van de Belgische politie

Oost-Vlaanderen, 11.04.2006 18:38

Nieuwe krachttoer van de Belgische politie

immigrant rights

Houston, 11.04.2006 17:10

10,000+ March in Houston for Immigrant Rights

Manitowoc paper edits AP article to hide immigrant rally crowd size

Madison, 11.04.2006 17:09

The Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter has published a carefully altered Associated Press article on its website with the headline and lead sentence citing mere "hundreds" of people as having rallied for immigrant rights in Madison on April 10.

However, the original AP article numbers the crowd as "thousands" and includes this sentence, excised by the Manitowoc paper: "Police estimated the crowd at around 10,000."

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