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¡Todos los músicos al Auditorio del Bauen!

Argentina, 17.04.2006 07:08

Ley del musico

Argentina, 17.04.2006 07:08

US Threatens Iran As Iraq War Threatens To Spread

Aotearoa, 17.04.2006 04:14

from indybay (San Francisco)     On April 11th, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that the country had succeeded for the first time in enriching uranium on a small scale. Seymour Hersh reports that the Bush administration has increased clandestine activities inside Iran and intensified planning for a possible air attack to destroy Iran's nuclear program.The Badr militia tied to Iraq's ruling SCIRI party has strong ties to Iran, and Muqtada al-Sadr has pledged the support of his militia if Iran is attacked.

Peace Movement Aotearoa | Global Peace and Justice Auckland | Peace Action Wellington

New(ish) Artspace/Infoshop! In Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.04.2006 23:08

Werkshop Museum has been open since October 2005. In January 2006 they acquired an adjacent space (the Galley) with a music room/show space and a d.i.y. art gallery to raise funds to support the project. They host a variety of regular freeskool classes and have a permanent collection of local artwork, a cache of creative materials, and an infoshop with radical literature. Read more

HR4437 Protest in Holister

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.04.2006 23:08

A crowd of Demonstrators marched through the streets of Hollister on Monday, April 11th in response to the new legislation that is being passed in the federal government. The crowd numbered 200+ people marching for a mile through town picking up momentum and people as they marched through the street to the Veterans Memorial Building in downtown Hollister. All of the speakers spoke about how they, their friends, and family members would like to be treated with dignity for the vital jobs that they do from working in the fields, working in restaurants, as well as the hospitality business. The last speaker at the protest stated that MAY 1st will be a day of action for the immigrants across the country to stay home from work and demonstrate how the United States would run without the labor of “Illegal” Immigrants. Read more

see also: Millions March on "Day Without an Immigrant" on Indybay's Immigrant Rights page

Agronegócio pulveriza cidade com agrotóxico

Brasil, 16.04.2006 22:44

Meio Ambiente

Bay Area Anti-War Protests On Tax Day

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.04.2006 22:41

Bay Area Grandmothers Against the War will protest the continuing and rising costs of the Iraq war paid for by our income taxes on Monday, April 17, at noon at the Federal Building in Oakland. At 1 pm the group will march to the Civic Center Post Office - 201 13th St. Oakland. At noon there will be a war tax day protest in San Francisco that will focus on the plight of Palestinians and at 6:30pm a "Tax Day Action & People’s Life Fund Granting Ceremony" will take place in West Oakland.
Read More On Indybay's Anti-War and East Bay Pages


Argentina, 16.04.2006 20:41

Dawn Raid let down

Scotland, 16.04.2006 17:43

Members of the Home Office Immigration Enforcement Team (dawn raid team) taking part in the dawn raid of a Sri Lankan family found them selves rather tyred and deflated after the raid yesterday.

'The Message Is Clear; Bristol Does Not Welcome Nazis.'

Bristol, 16.04.2006 17:09

Neo-Nazi Website Shut Down by Bristol Anti-Nazis summary On 19th Dec 2005 a report was posted on Bristol Indymedia concerning the rumoured founding of a Bristol chapter of N9S. Puke wrote: "N9S (November 9th Society) are a notorious Neo-Nazi organisation ... Among the vast quantity of shite that they spout is the belief that the army should be used to gather up asylum seekers and march them into the sea." On 12th April 2006, following on from this story, Skat wrote: "We saw stickers on bus stops and walls and lamposts around the M32 saying nasty stuff about asylum seekers - it makes us feel sick and sad ... stop this racist scum." Details of who the website on the stickers was registered to were also revealed, and on 14th April 2006, Digital Antifa wrote: "Following complaints to the US based hosting company, Excellence Host, the company were quick to acknowledge that the site stuffed full with race-hate and other trash breached their terms of service and so suspended the site on their servers. Anyone visiting the site seeking the BS it carried with now only find the message; 'Account for domain has been suspended.' - at least until Kevin Quinn, the site's owner find a new place to park his crap. We hope the message is clear; Bristol does not welcome Nazis."| 16/04/06: Neo-Nazi Website Shut Down by Bristol Anti-Nazis | 12/04/06: Nazi Boneheads in Bristol | 19/12/05: Nazis in Bristol? | Related Links: 11/01/06: Man quizzed over swastika posters | | Unite Against Fascism |

Proteste gegen EU-PräsidentInnenschaft gehen weiter

Austria, 16.04.2006 16:09

Anfang 2006 hat Österreich für ein halbes Jahr die EU-RatspräsidentInnenschaft übernommen. Über Gipfel-Treffen und Werbekampagnen wird die kapitalistische Festung EUropa inszeniert.
Anfang März fanden die ersten größeren Proteste dagegen anlässlich des Treffens der EU-KriegsministerInnen in Innsbruck statt [Berichte im Feature]. Eine Woche darauf, am 11.03.2006 beteiligten sich mehrere hundert Leute an der Demonstration gegen den Gipfel der EU-AußenministerInnen in Salzburg. Dabei wurde die Polizei mit Farbbeuteln angegeriffen und versucht die vorgegebene Demoroute zu durchbrechen. [Berichte: 1 | 2 Bilder: 1 | 2 | Bericht der Rechtshilfe]
In Wien wurde gegen die Konferenz der EU-BildungsministerInnen protestiert [mehr dazu im Feature]. Ebenfalls in Wien sammelten sich mehrere Tausend GegnerInnen der EU Konferenz zu Gentechnik am 5.4.2006 [Bericht]

Die Proteste gegen die EU-PräsidentInnenschaft gehen in Graz weiter! Dort treffen sich von 20.-22. April 2006 die MinisterInnen für Wirtschaft, Bildung und Infrastruktur zum Thema "Wettbewerb in der EU". Es wird zur Demonstration am Samstag, 22. April um 11:30 Uhr am Hauptbahnhof in Graz aufgerufen [Demo-Aufruf | Radiojingle | Aufruf zu Pink-Silver-Action | Mobilisierungsseite: MaydayGraz | Aktionsbündnis Solidarität]

An Easter Message From Father Gerard Jean-Juste

Miami, 16.04.2006 15:37

An Easter Message From Father Gerard Jean-Juste

Got Roadless? Oxygen Collective's show coming to Portland 4/18

Portland, 16.04.2006 14:09

The Final chapter of the saga of the Biscuit Burn is still unwritten. Ecologists prove logging it is unhealthy, firefighters warn it's dangerous, economists assure it's wasteful. Dozens of arrests have stymied the threat to a fraction of their promise. Still, Bush and Big Timber come back for more - this time Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas auctioned off under the guise of salvage!

The Oxygen Collective has been at the forefront of both public education and popular protest of Biscuit logging. We will be offering a free multi-media presentation reviewing the Biscuit saga up to now and highlighting how the latest logging proposals will create detrimental national precedents. This will be conveyed in a high energy show featuring music, video, speakers and slides of direct action for the biscuit. Featuring the films Keep Towing That Line, and Portland IMC's own Truth & Lies of the Biscuit Fire.

The Oxygen Collective is directly challenging the Bush Administration's rapidly advancing plans to salvage log forests in Oregon's largest unprotected roadless areas this summer. For three days in April we will be traveling via our 40-foot biodiesel bus through western Oregon for four scheduled appearances and a few unannounced surprises. Come join us (for free) on the 18th, Clinton Street Theatre, 2522 SE Clinton St @ 7:30 pm for stories, song, cinema and saucy talk! Come learn about and plug into the fight to protect roadless forests!

April 17 - Eugene, University of Oregon, 110 Willamette Hall @ 7 pm
April 18 - Portland, Clinton Street Theatre, 2522 SE Clinton St @ 7:30 pm
April 19 - Eugene, Lane Community College, Building 17, Room 307 @ 1 pm
April 21 - Medford, Medford Public Library, 413 West Main Street @ 7:30 pm

antifascism (en)

Barcelona, 16.04.2006 12:10

memory for the future:: 75 years since 2nd Republic

republic and Francoism: memory's oblivion, oblivion's memory ::: the Maquis route ::: the francoism crimes condemned for the first time ::: the Catalan republic has been proclaimed at least four times ::: the king as Franco's heir? when a picture is worth a thousand words...

75th 2nd Republic's anniversary: memory for the future in the 75th 2nd Republic's anniversary ::: citizens for the Republic claim for the third Republic redecorating the Francoist memorial in Elche ::: the Republican flag will flutter on April 14th in several Catalan city halls ::: 20min poll: republic or monarchy? ::: the Republican challenge ::: La República newspaper born

+info: >>>antifascism + nodo50/republica


Andorra, 16.04.2006 11:38


Meeting Antifà

Italy, 16.04.2006 10:43

Meeting Antifascista a L'Aquila

Elaine Brown Speech

Pittsburgh, 16.04.2006 03:14

Elaine Brown speaks on New Age Racism

En Dakota del Sur

Argentina, 16.04.2006 01:12

La Lucha de las mujeres Indigenas Norteamericanas

Student March for Immigrant Rights Draws 1,000s

LA, 16.04.2006 01:11

Student March for Immigrant Rights Draws 1,000s

Easter AIDS Protest

Worcester, 15.04.2006 22:42

Student Global AIDS Campaign Targets Abbott Laboratories

liberaron a D´amico-Santiago del Estero

Argentina, 15.04.2006 20:41

Justicia federal, vergüenza nacional

Israeli Repression in Palestine Intensifies as the Borders are Re-drawn

United Kingdom, 15.04.2006 20:40

Since the election of the Kadima party, violence and incursions against the Palestinian population has intensified. A report prepared and published by the Palestinian National Information Centre on the Israeli violations in the period between 4 and 10 April, 2006, revealed that Israeli soldiers shelled Palestinian homes, killing 19, while 7 residents were extra-judicially assassinated.

The Israeli violations also include repeated invasions of Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, with checkpoint closures isolating the Palestinian territories from each other.

Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | audio report on extra-judicial killing | interview with Dr Ghassan Hamdan of the PMRS (audio)

Read also: article from Laila El-Haddad's blog

For continuous updates on the situation in Palestine hourly, please visit the International Middle East Media Centre website.

3 causas para el jues federal Toledo

Argentina, 15.04.2006 19:44

Sábado 15 de Abril 2006 | SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO

Οπλοφόρος Φασίστας στην Πάντειο

Athens, 15.04.2006 18:42

"Εκεί που δε φτάνει το γκλοπ του μπάτσου, φτάνει το μαχαίρι (και το όπλο) του φασίστα"

Την Πέμπτη 14 Απρίλη στις 12 περίπου η ώρα, εντοπίστηκε μέσα στο Πάντειο πανεπιστήμιο μέλος της φασιστικής οργάνωσης "χρυσή αυγή", ο οποίος, όπως αργότερα έγινε γνωστό, είναι γιος αξιωματικού στελέχους της Αστυνομίας εν αποστρατεία. Όταν φοιτητές της σχολής τον πλησίασαν εκείνος αντέδρασε βγάζοντας πιστόλι το οποίο έστρεψε εναντίον τους, όμως πριν προλάβει να το χρησιμοποιήσει αφοπλίστηκε. Αμέσως οδηγήθηκε στην Πρυτανεία όπου μετά από έρευνα που έγινε εκεί, βρέθηκε πάνω του και δεύτερο όπλο. Οι προθέσεις της πρυτανείας ήταν να παραδώσουν τον Γεράσιμο Παπαγιάννη στην αστυνομία για να ασκηθεί σε βάρος του ποινική δίωξη, αλλά αργά το απόγευμα αφέθηκε ελεύθερος.

Στήθηκε μικροφωνική πληροφόρησης έξω από Πάντειο και καλέστηκε συγκέντρωση ενάντια στις φασιστικές και παρα-κρατικές προκλήσεις.

Περίπου στις 5 ομάδα φασιστών οπλισμένοι με μαχαίρια και δακρυγόνα και σε αγαστή συνεργασία με τα ΜΑΤ επιτέθηκε εναντίον των παρευρισκομένων με αποτέλεσμα να τραυματιστούν τρεις φοιτητές από μαχαιριές.

Σύμφωνα με πολλές μαρτυρίες, το άτομο το οποίο διηύθυνε την επίθεση των ακροδεξιών με μαχαίρια αναγνωρίστηκε -μιας και ήταν ο μοναδικός που δε φορούσε κράνος- ως ο Δ. Ζαφειρόπουλος, υποψήφιος δήμαρχος Αθήνας με το συνδυασμό της «πατριωτικής συμμαχίας» στις ερχόμενες δημοτικές εκλογές.

Τι ακριβώς έγινε στο Πάντειο πέρα από την παραπληροφόρηση των ΜΜΕ

Φωτογραφίες του φασίστα και των όπλων που είχε στην κατοχή του

Μια απάντηση στις δηλώσεις του υποστράτηγου Ασημάκη Γκόλφη, της ΕΛ.ΑΣ.

Δελτίο Τύπου της Y.R.E.

Παλιότερα κεντρικά σχετικά με επιθέσεις φασιστών: 1 | 2 | 3


santiago, 15.04.2006 18:12

Pres@s Polític@s Mapuches: 33 días en huelga de hambre.

Programa de festejos abril-mayo precario en granada

estrecho / madiaq, 15.04.2006 18:08


miércoles 19 :: 19h : charla + proyección + debate en la facultad de políticas.
jueves 20 :: 19h : charla + proyección + debate en la facultad de bellas artes.
viernes 21 :: 19h : gran aparición de la VIRGEN + encuentro precario : fuente de las batallas.
martes 25 :: 12h : rueda de prensa : presentación mayday : plza del ayuntamiento.
sábado 29 :: comienza el fin de semana precario... en SEVILLA.!

lunes 01 :: MAYDAY!!! mani-fiesta-acción. Todas a sevilla!!!

Hausbesetzung in Thun

Switzerland, 15.04.2006 15:37

Von Donnerstag Abend bis Samstag Morgen wurde in Thun eine stadteigene Liegenschaft besetzt [2]. Ziel war es, den lang geforderten kulturellen und sozialen Freiraum zu verwirklichen. Die Besetzung wurden in den frühen Morgenstunden des Samstags durch die Polizei geräumt. Am Abend davor tratt ein politisches Soundsystem auf und es besuchten verschiedene Leute die Besetzung. Chronologie mit Fotostrecke

Seit nunmehr 2 Jahren setzt sich die Gruppe "Raumfänger Aktion für freies T(h)un" für ein selbstverwaltetes Jugend- und Kulturzentrum ein. Mit diversen Aktionen machte das Kollektiv auf seine Anliegen aufmerksam. Dies führte zu Verhandlungen mit der Stadt Thun, welche nach einem knappen Jahr ohne Ergebnisse abgebrochen wurden. Mehr dazu hier

:: Thuner Squat
:: Thun: Hausbesetzung
:: Hausbesetzung in Thun – BesetzerInnen geben nicht auf
:: Thun: Besetzung geräumt

[Ältere Artikel]

12. Juni 04 Raumparade in Thun | Communiqué zur Scheinhausbesetzung am 25.05.2005 in Spiez | Aktion „Forderung für mehr Freiräume“

Links: Raumfänger Thun

Arriva Palladium, finita la libertà digitale?

Switzerland, 15.04.2006 15:37

Quello di blindare i sistemi informatici e costringere gli utenti ad utilizzare solo determinati prodotti "autorizzati" e "non dannosi" è un sogno perverso che assilla i signori della guerra digitale da molto tempo. Oggi questo sogno potrebbe diventare realtà:
il suo nome è Trusted Computing [ TC - informatica fidata ].
Da subito, alla base del progetto TC (capeggiato da Microsoft e Intel) c'è il concetto di "fiducia" e quello di "sicurezza". Un sistema sotto TC, infatti, è un sistema protetto da tutto ciò che è ritenuto potenzialmente "dannoso". Unica clausola da accettare:
l'utente non può decidere di cosa fidarsi e di cosa diffidare. In fondo non ce n'è pensano loro per noi!

Anche se può sembrare uno scenario eccessivamente da 1984 [1], i computer "palladium" (ma non solo) avranno un requisito hardware [chip Fritz - dal nome del senatore statunitense] che sceglierà per noi…perché solo ciò che va bene a Fritz può girare sui nostri computer: dai software, ai file fino alle pagine web.
Tutto questo per aumentare la nostra sicurezza e per stanare i cattivissimi pirati [DRM: ita - eng], senza pensare ai numerosi problemi che un sistema del genere può provocare: dalla censura telecomandata alla condanna del software free (dovendo pagare i codici di autorizzazione nessun software “autorizzato” potrà essere free), dall’impossibilità della condivisione a quella di scegliere come utilizzare le proprie macchine oppure dove acquistare i propri prodotti (le “DVD region" non permetteranno che un CD/DVD sia eseguibile con sistemi TC fuori dalla regione d’acquisto). Non bisogna, infine, sottovalutare i vantaggi economici che le “grandi” avrebbero.

Purtroppo no, ma in rete (e non solo) l’indignazione non è poca [1 | 2 | 3 | 4] e anche la voglia di evitare questo disastro.
A settembre del 2005 è nato, infatti, no1984 per costituire un potente medium di informazione spontanea sulla silenziosa scalata del Trusted Computing, che non investirà solo gli “adepti” dell’informatica ( pensi ai telefonini).

[Risorse Anti-TC | Hardware sotto TC | Membri del progetto TC]
[altre risorse: Eletronic Frontier Foundation | complessità.it | against-TCPA | Associazione Software Libero |]

Trusted Computing in poche parole [anteprima: modem | adsl]

Springdale Says &quot;Si Se Puede&quot;

Arkansas, 15.04.2006 15:11

The traffic was thick as I drove through Springdale toward Murphy Park where a pro immigrant-rights rally was supposed to be taking place.

Mayday-actie te Brussel.

Oost-Vlaanderen, 15.04.2006 14:39

Mayday-actie te Brussel.

labour issues (en)

Barcelona, 15.04.2006 11:14

precariopolis Period of changes towards labour exclusion

The new labour reform and policies of permanent social dialogue + The big ETTs increase their amount of hiring by 7% up to september

Unions: CCOO and UGT accept to cut the dismissal cost (to 33 days per year of work) + CCOO and UGT ask for repression against immigrants + CCOO headquarters attacked

SEAT dismissals: The CGT delegates dismissed by SAS (SEAT supplier), win the trial and get re-employed + Action in Madrid in solidarity with the ones fired from SEAT + 1200 demonstrators against ERF and for the re-employ of the people dismissed from SEAT:: 1 + 2 + Photos + Mural in Gràcia

TRADE: CNT before the new department store's collective agreement
mercadona: Calendar of April mobilizations

More info: >>>Labour issues

Paul Wolfowitz’s Heart of Darkness

Baltimore, 15.04.2006 03:09

Now, War Hawks within the Bush-Cheney Gang are planning a First-Strike against Iran. It may come just before the Nov. midterm elections. The Neocon Paul Wolfowitz concocted the notion of a Pre-emptive War. His target, in 2003, was Iraq. Every time I hear Wolfowitz’s name mentioned, I curse him for all the deaths and suffering that his scheme has caused to the peoples of that unfortunate country, our brave troops and to our dwindling treasury.

ALL-OUT FOR April 15 Mass Student Action—Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!

LA, 15.04.2006 03:09

ALL-OUT FOR April 15 Mass Student Action—Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!


Rogue Valley, 15.04.2006 01:40

RUPERT MURDOCH STEP ASIDE - Coalition partners KSKQ, Rogue Independent Media Center, S.O.U. Media Collective, The Ashland Free Press, and The Committee for Democracy Now! host Independent Media Week events including a documentary film festival, presentations, an open mic event and informational tabling.

The Lynching of Derrick Foxworth

Portland, 15.04.2006 01:09

I do not know whether Derrick Foxworth committed the offenses of which he has recently been accused. That's the point. None of us knows. There has been no investigation, no finding of fact. Why, then, is Mr. Foxworth being publically (if symbolically) flogged? Could it be that the city can't handle the thought of an uppity black man having a sexual relationship with a white woman?

Make no mistake, if Foxworth really did abuse his position and sexually harass a subordinate, then he should be fired. No question, that sort of behavior is not to be tolerated. But there is something very disturbing to me about the city's response to these allegations. As I said, there has been no investigation yet, so none of us knows what actually happened. True, the corporate press is full of salacious details regarding personal emails between Mr. Foxworth and his accuser. Indeed, to anyone who has read the emails (or only a bit of them, as I did), it's fairly clear that there was a sexual relationship of some kind between accused and accuser. What is not at all clear is the nature of that relationship. I have seen no evidence, up to this point, that the relationship was anything other than consensual. (Of course, that does not mean that Ms. Oswaldt is lying, or that Mr. Foxworth is necessarily innocent. Again, there has been no investigation, so it would be premature to assume either guilt or innocence.)

read the full article...

related: all articles by CatWoman

No Human Being is Illegal, April 14th Report

Portland, 15.04.2006 01:08

Today over 1000 young people from throughout the Portland Metro area gathered in the South Park Blocks to say "No Human Being is Illegal." I arrived at the rally organized by PCASC just a few minutes before the noon start time. There was a light rain and it appeared they were attempting to put up a tent for the sound equipment and doing a sound check. There were more than 300 people gathered when I showed up, with people pouring in from all around.

I walked around the gathering place for awhile taking pictures and taking in a scene that was unfamiliar to me: people excited about street protest. One speaker spoke to the crowd "we are not criminals, we are not illegals. this struggle is not just for latinos, it is for everbody." There were many chants and screams, roars from the demonstrators when the speakers finished sentences, it was inspiring. By 12:30, I would estimate that there were around 600 people listening to the speakers, the speaker around then, a young woman said "This is about Human Rights. This is a youth movement happening across the country, this is the civil rights movement of OUR generation," and many people cheered for that statement.

read the full article + see pictures...

related: Brief Report Back From Today's Immigrant Rights March | Student Walk Out and March for Immigrant Rights Today | | April 9th and 10th Days of Action | US IMC Migrant Rights Page | iMigrate

ABD: Göçmen hakları eylemleri

Istanbul, 15.04.2006 00:40

Göçmen hakları eylemleri tüm ABD'de hız kazanıyor

Chicago’s Day Labor Tour of Shame Confronts Paper Source on Labor Injustices

Chicago, 15.04.2006 00:08

“Quiet, quiet!” exclaimed a smiling Ari Glazer, one organizer from the San Lucas Workers Center, as I and about 40 others, composed of day laborers, children, clergy, and community organizers, were spirited from a school bus and directed into a designer paper store called Paper Source surprising employees, management, and customers in order to draw attention to their abusive and illegal labor practices.

Three Paper Source workers were fired for speaking out against labor injustices inflicted upon them by management.

Paper Source contracts with Ron’s Staffing in order to operate the warehouses where the materials for their over 20 stores are created and packaged. Ron’s, owned by Ron Michelon, (312-654-0181) has a notorious history of abusing day laborers. According to the Illinois Department of Labor, the agency has violated Illinois labor laws over 6,000 times—accruing fines of over $100,000.

The San Lucas Workers Center was demanding that the fired workers be rehired, that Paper Source cease its business relationship with Ron’s Staffing immediately and that Paper Source change their temporary worker contracting to a code of conduct-compliant day labor agency as it said it would some time last fall.

On April 12th, more than one potential customer was turned away after seeing the store filled with media and angry day laborers chanting slogans such as “Clean it up or shut it down!” and “Fire Ron’s!” Store managers stated that the owners of Paper Source, Sue Lindstrom (312-775-6915) and Jim York (312-775-6908), could not be reached by phone.

It remains to be seen if Paper Source will do its part to end the slave-like conditions that it so uncaringly entered into with Ron’s. One thing is for sure: these workers are fired up and ready to win. Read the full article here.

Video: Working For Justice: Challenging the Abuses of Chicago's Day Labor Industry
Photos: 1 | 2 | 3

organizer to be executed

Houston, 15.04.2006 00:08

Organizer on Death Row to be Executed

market trading rights. Act now!

Ireland, 14.04.2006 23:09

Use it or Lose it” clause in Casual Trading A ...

LAPD Internal Affairs Launches Investigation into Zine‘s Visit to Farm

LA, 14.04.2006 23:09

LAPD Internal Affairs Launches Investigation into Zine‘s Visit to Farm


Cleveland, 14.04.2006 23:07

Immigrant Rights Actions: April 10th - Second Wave

Tennessee's Second Class Citizens

Tennessee, 14.04.2006 22:14

Suppose you were about to be hired by a corporation and in the corporate charter there was a clause that said only Christians and Muslims could hold management positions? Do you feel that is fair? Is it legal? This policy exists in Tennessee state government today. In fact, it’s in the constitution!

Tchernobyl: 20 ans... Et maintenant?

Liege, 14.04.2006 20:07

Le 26 avril 1986, un des réacteurs de la centrale nucléaire de Tchernobyl (Ukraine) explosait et libérait un nuage radioactif qui allait se déplacer sur plusieurs milliers de kilomètres (photos du site: 1 et 2). Directement après, les conséquences de cette explosion vont devenir l'enjeu d'une bataille des chiffres, certains rapports allant jusqu'à soutenir qu'on ne peut observer de différences entre les régions contaminées et celles qui ne l'ont pas été. Encore maintenant, les estimations peuvent varier de 200 morts directs à plus de 500.000 indirects, selon que l'on soit du côté de certaines institutions (Agence Internationale sur l'Energie Atomique, ONU,...) ou des ONG (Greenpeace, Union Tchernobyl,...).

Students on day 3 of sit-in for living wage

DC, 14.04.2006 19:12

Students at the University of Virginia are sitting in Madison Hall, where President Casteen's office is located. They entered the building early Wednesday morning and as of Friday morning are still inside. But now they're hungry. They're running out of food and the administration is preventing any deliveries of food. But this isn't about the students inside; they are sitting in because hundreds of UVa workers, overwhelmingly women and people of color, are currently being paid poverty wages. Video

Ecuador en rebelión

Uruguay, 14.04.2006 19:10

Jornadas contra el TLC

Support the Student Walk Out and March for Immigrant Rights on Friday

Portland, 14.04.2006 16:39

I think it's time for white allies to step up! Come support the Latino-led movement for immigrant rights.

Friday is the next major action in what has become the most dynamic movement at play in the US today. Students will be walking out of school, then meeting up in the South Park blocks (SW Salmon btw. 8th and 9th) for a rally and march. This will be at least the fifth major immigrant rights action in Oregon since the beginning of March, and so far, the white liberal/left/progressive/radical community has been mostly absent. There has been some support from the labor movement, but that's about it. Let's turn that around.

If you can't make it tomorrow, plan now for May 1st, when there will be a major mobilization in support of the call for a general strike.

[People are meeting up at Noon, marching at 1pm]

Prevent a New War of Aggression: Sign Petition Opposing Attack on Iran

Miami, 14.04.2006 16:38

Prevent a New War of Aggression: Sign Petition Opposing Attack on Iran

RR Teachers Have Tentative Contract Agreement

Rogue Valley, 14.04.2006 16:11

Thursday, April 13, late morning update-


Day 9 UM Hunger Strike: Congressmen asking UM Pres to recognize union with card check

Miami, 14.04.2006 16:08

Day 9 UM Hunger Strike: Congressmen asking UM Pres to recognize union with card check

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