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¿La CTA rompe con el gobierno?

Argentina, 20.04.2006 20:39

Jornada nacional de movilización

California Braces for Bush Visit This Weekend

LA, 20.04.2006 20:38

California Braces for Bush Visit This Weekend

AUDIO FILES: Terrorism Creep and The Green Scare

Portland, 20.04.2006 20:38

This is audio from the first of three forums being held at the First Unitarian Church, sponsored by the Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center. It is a forum on the impact of the "War on Terror" on dissent in the United States.

This first forum was organized in response to the recent indictments and arrests of individuals accused of engaging in "domestic terrorism" - specifically arson and conspiracy to commit arson.
Terrorism Creep, REAL PLAYER | Terrorism Creep, MP3 [38 min]

The second of these three forums was held at the First Unitarian Church on April 5, 2006, being a response to the current government and media "Greenscare" campaign. It featured a panel discussion about the federal government's policy of ignoring and failing to prosecute violations of federal environmental laws by corporate polluters and extractive industries, while it aggressively prosecutes politically-motivated acts of property destruction by environmentalists under the "War on Terror" moniker.

Greenscare, RealPlayer | Greenscare, MP3 [90 min]


Barcelona, 20.04.2006 20:11

Entren les màquines al Caufec, Esplugues.

Divendres(21) 18h: Concentració a la plaça de l'Ajuntament per exigir l'aturada de les màquines

Novetats de la màquina a la muntanya:

++info::>>>ecologia +


Barcelona, 20.04.2006 20:11

Entran las máquinas al Caufec, Esplugues.

Viernes(21) 18h: Concentracción en la plaza del Ayuntamiento para exigir el paro de las máquinas

Novedades de la máquina en la montaña:

++info::>>>ecologia +

comunicado del espacio promotor del MIC

Argentina, 20.04.2006 19:11

Jornada nacional de movilización de CTA


Argentina, 20.04.2006 19:11

Nuovo sgombero

Italy, 20.04.2006 18:14

Fermati e denunciati gli occupanti

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Madison Branch, Launches Campaign To Organize Downtown Workers!

Madison, 20.04.2006 18:11

On Sat. April 22nd, Earth Day, at 7:30 pm at the Center for Creative and Cultural Arts (306 W. Dayton), Madison area union activists are launching an organizing drive targeting restaurant and service workers employed on State Street and downtown Madison with the help of internationally acclaimed musicians, David Rovics and Alistair Hulett.

Сбор сведений о &quot;неблагонадежных&quot;

Belarus, 20.04.2006 17:07

Улётка на Чарнобыльскі шлях

Belarus, 20.04.2006 17:07

meeting antifà

Italy, 20.04.2006 16:09

Meeting Antifascista a L'Aquila

Meeting antifà

Italy, 20.04.2006 16:09

Meeting Antifascista a L'Aquila

Paro y Movilización Estatal en Córdoba

Argentina, 20.04.2006 15:39

Lucha Salarial

Paro y Movilización Estatal en Córdoba

Argentina, 20.04.2006 15:39

Lucha Salarial

Breaking the Mikulski Code!

Baltimore, 20.04.2006 15:10

Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-MD) voted against the Iraqi War, but she has consistently voted to fund it. She poses as a liberal, but on the Iraqi conflict, there is little or no difference between her complicity in that wrong and that of VP Dick Cheney. He was recently booed at a baseball game. When will the people of Maryland begin booing her? Another funding for the Iraqi War vote is coming up in late April. Will Mikulski again support the Bush-Cheney Gang?

Protest UVA Arrests and Demand a Living Wage Now

Richmond, 20.04.2006 15:09

Information from United Students Against Sweatshops on last night's arrests of 17 students occupying University of Virginia President John Casteen's office, and telephone numbers to call and an automated e-mail to send in solidarity.

VAPrisonJustice: The Return on VA's Investment

Richmond, 20.04.2006 15:09

Read the words of Rashid Qawi Al-Amin. He is a Muslim, an African American, an ex-soldier, and a prisoner in the state of Virginia. Al-Amin is a long-time prison justice activist and jail house lawyer. He writes us from Greenville Correction Center.

The Three Empires

New Hampshire, 20.04.2006 14:10

by Michael Ferber The left has long accused America of imperialism, of commanding an empire, like the ancient Romans or the modern British. The mainstream of American political thought denied these accusations: Yes, we had bases all around the world, but they were there to protect Germany from the USSR, or Japan from China, or the Free World generally from Communism. We wanted nothing for ourselves except "stability" around us. We were not an empire, and looked forward to the day when we could bring all our troops home.

Onderzoeksrechter weigert alle onderzoeksdaden in Bomspotting-proces

Oost-Vlaanderen, 20.04.2006 12:07

Onderzoeksrechter weigert alle onderzoeksdaden in Bomspotting-proces

Festival Copyriot - Gente sem patentes

Portugal, 20.04.2006 10:40

Festival Copyriot - Gente sem patentes

Zapatistas entregam produtos solidários a Cuba, Queretaro e Colima

Brasil, 20.04.2006 05:10


The 5th Annual May Day Labor Film Festival &quot;Reel Work&quot;

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.04.2006 05:09

The 5th annual Reel Work May Day Labor Film Festival is jam packed this year with sixteen different events starting April 20th, and ending May 1st, International Workers' Day. From its inception, Reel Work has brought together award-winning documentary film producers, workers, activists, students and the public with the goal of increasing community awareness of the central role of work in our lives, to discuss economic and global justice issues and to bring alive the history and culture of the labor movement in the US and abroad. Admission to the film showings will continue to be by voluntary donation. Read more and view the schedule

Behind BALCO: The Hidden Officer Involved Shooting

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.04.2006 05:09

If the BALCO case is strictly about drug use in sports, then why is Barry Bonds represented by Michael Rains -- a lawyer whose entire legal career has been spent protecting police from prosecution? While we're being distracted by the Bonds saga, are we missing a connection between steroids and police? Independent journalist Junya looks behind the headlines and finds a simmering scandal that may explain this mysterious conjuncture of legal phenomena. Will cops gone psychotic from steroids use become even more of a danger behind their guns and badges?

Read more on Indybay's Police Page

Youth And Power Was A Success

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.04.2006 04:09

The 6th annual Youth And Power 2006, put together by the Watsonville Brown Berets, was a great success. It attracted youth from Watsonville, San Jose, Salinas, Santa Cruz, Aptos, the Bay Area, as well as L.A. and other locations. "Brown And Black Power" was the theme of this years event. Youth were educated about issues that affect us as a community and the social justice movement as well as entertained with great performers and special guests. The vets hall was full to its capacity, it was peaceful throughout the night and seeds where planted in young minds, the future soldiers of the movement. Read more and view photos

Day 15 of UM Hunger Strike: SCLC Pres. Gives 24 Hour Ultimatum to Solve Crises or ........

Miami, 20.04.2006 03:37

Day 15 of UM Hunger Strike: SCLC Pres. Gives 24 Hour Ultimatum to Solve Crises or ........

People not mascots

Cleveland, 20.04.2006 02:37

People Not Mascots

///// 自由と生存のメーデー 06 ---プレカリアートの企みのために /////The Planning Association for Mayday for Freedom and Survival 06

Japan, 20.04.2006 02:07

[集会] 14時00分~16時30分 プレカリアートの企みのために
[デモ] 17時00分~18時30分(予定)


Immigrant Marches Rock the Country

Madison, 19.04.2006 22:09

Madison, Wisconsin might be best known for its football team and legions of Birkenstock-wearing college students.

Earth Day to May Day Calendar for 2006

Madison, 19.04.2006 22:09

Your quick and ready guide to celebrating environmental activism and working class solidarity this spring!

BREAKING NEWS: Code pink attempted to drop a banner

LA, 19.04.2006 19:40

BREAKING NEWS: Code pink attempted to drop a banner

Suicided Pro-Immigrants WalkOut Student Organizer Remembered in LA

DC, 19.04.2006 18:12

Over the weekend, more than ten thousand students and workers and their children marched thru the streets of downtown Los Angeles. They protested the death of Anthony Soltero, a 14-year old student who on March 30th committed suicide, and rallied against the anti-immigrant attacks from US politicians.

Critical Mass Bike Ride Options this year

DC, 19.04.2006 18:12

2 Critical Masses Mass for Friday’s meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Critical Mass options this year will make the ride fun for everyone.

Tribunal catarinense mantém condenação do sargento Soares

Brasil, 19.04.2006 18:10


First-ever Boston Bus Marathon demands long overdue service

Boston, 19.04.2006 18:10

First-ever Boston Bus Marathon demands long overdue service for Roxbury, Dorchester, & Chelsea residents. Boston, MA--On April 18, less than 24 hours after the winning runners cross the finish line in the Boston Marathon, public transit riders from Roxbury, Dorchester, and Chelsea will board MBTA buses for a contest of their own – the first-ever Boston Bus Marathon.

April 19th Follow Up to Mental Health Community Dialogue

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.04.2006 17:39

The Bay Area Radical Mental Health Collective will hold an April 19th follow up to a community dialogue that was held several weeks ago. Organizers hope that participants will leave with ideas, information, and skills that they can use when someone in the community is in crisis. On following Wednesday evenings, there Free Skool Classes will continue at the Long Haul. Topics will include suicide prevention and nutrition. There will also be a Radical Mental Health Cafe Night with dinner and a movie at the Long Haul on Sunday, April 23rd at 7pm.

Read more on Indybay's Health and Housing and East Bay News Pages

Lawsuit by Hundreds of Chicago Peace Protest Arrestees Wins Class-Action Status

Chicago, 19.04.2006 17:09

On April 17, 2006, United State District Court Judge Virginia Kendall granted class certification to a lawsuit filed more than three years ago on behalf of 800 people who were falsely arrested on March 20, 2003.

The false arrests transpired in the wake of the peace protester takeover of Lake Shore Drive. Marchers attempted to return to Federal Plaza through Michigan Avenue, but over 800 demonstrators, tourists, local workers and shoppers were encircled for almost three hours by the Chicago Police without probable cause. Read more.

More information: Video: Chicago Independent Television segment about the lawsuit | National Lawyers Guild — Chicago chapter

Bush to Visit Bay Area This Weekend

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.04.2006 17:09

On Friday, April 21st, President Bush will be in San Jose. A protest will be held at 1:00pm outside of Cisco Systems. He will spend Friday night in the Napa County town of St. Helena. There are protests being planned for Friday April 21, 5-7pm, and Saturday April 22. Bush has also scheduled a stop in West Sacramento on Earth Day.

Read More On Indybay's Government and California Pages

ダメーデー2006/DaMayday 2006

Japan, 19.04.2006 17:07

ダメ人間のためのメーデー、 過労死寸前の労働者と 餓死寸前の失業者をつなぐダメーデー2006。 ダメーデー連続企画です。 今年もやります! Damayday/Dame-day. 'Dame' means 'no good' in Japanese. DaMayday is the Mayday of people who are 'dame'- the overworked and the unemployed.


Colombia, 19.04.2006 16:40

Fumigaciónes: Fracaso anunciado

Diversions Unlimited

Boston, 19.04.2006 15:39

#media_10095;left# The enforcement of our Bill of Rights and United States Constitution has become income-based. When abusive, politically-connected corporations merge, individuals are in danger of losing more freedoms, rights, and protections. Who benefits most from subsidized housing complexes? Why is enough never enough for previous and new corporate landlords at Rockland Place Apartments, located in Rockland, Massachusetts? Low-income residents received another notice for request to increase rents on April 7, 2006. If Mass Housing approves this request, low-income tenants are denied any right to dispute rent increases until 2009. While convenient for some, this approval would be another way to disrespect and disempower low-income residents. A fair and understandable request would be for 1-year at a time, from 3 to 5% for 2006.

Sikhs gather for Vaisakhi Parade

United Kingdom, 19.04.2006 13:10

The Sikh Vaisakhi Parade is essentially a harvest festival and new year rolled into one. Vaisakhi, also spelled Baisakhi, is thus one of the most important dates in the Sikh calendar. It also commemorates 1699, the year Sikhism was born as a collective faith.

In Nottingham, the parade started at the Sikh Temple in Church Road, Lenton at 12:00 on Sunday 16 April. Then walked to other temples in the city, visiting Noel Street, Gladstone Street in Forest Fields, where walkers were given refreshments. Then, onto Basford.

Event photos 1 + 2

Links: Wikipedia on Vaisakhi | BBC Sikh Vaisakhi | eBook

Lake Cowal Mine Halted

Melbourne, 19.04.2006 12:40

Lake Cowal Easter Protest Halts Mine

Comunidade Chico Mendes será despejada no final do mês

Brasil, 19.04.2006 12:10


Liege, 19.04.2006 11:37

Riots in the Solomon Islands

Aotearoa, 19.04.2006 08:10

Riots broke out in the Solomon Islands after Snyder Rini was declared prime minister. However, there are caims that votes were bought by Mr Rini's financial backers. "Not only promises but gifts of money. So how can you fight that?" said Francis Billy Hilly, a spokesperson for the opposition. It has been reported that an angry crowd threw stones at the Parliament building, resulting in tear gas being fired by the police. Cars and buildings were set alight in Honiara and several Australian and New Zealand police officers were injured. In 2003, Australian and New Zealand troops and police were sent to the Solomon Islands "to prevent the Solomons from sliding into anarchy." (Quote from NZ Army). John Pilger writes that "Australian troops were dispatched to the Solomon Islands: to "police the chaos," meaning to secure the country for Australian business. Something similar is under way in Papua New Guinea, where a regime of privatisation, deregulation and "free trade" is being directed by a team from Australia."

Perth Immigration Detention Centre Easter Vigil

Perth, 19.04.2006 08:10

Easter Vigil at Perth Immigration Detention Centre

Rob &quot;los Ricos&quot; Thaxton is Coming Home!

Portland, 19.04.2006 07:08

Rob "los Ricos" Thaxton, an anarchist activist, is about to be released after 7 years in Oregon prisons. We need to CELEBRATE his return to our community. THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION FOR ROCK SOLID SUPPORT OF ROB "los Ricos" THAXTON FOR HIS JUNE 29, 2006 RELEASE FROM PRISON. Prisoner support is not just about supporting prisoners during arrests, arraignments and sentencing. Prisoner support MUST also incorporate support for RELEASE. NOW is the time to support Rob.

Tuesday Recruiting Center Vigil - Report

Portland, 19.04.2006 07:08

16 people attended the Recruiting Center Vigil this week. It is held every Tuesday at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center at 1317 N. Broadway from 5:30 - 6:30pm. Every week, people from the Whitefeather House compile a list of the U.S. soldiers who died that week as reported by the DoD (see below). This is printed up on a flyer and handed out to people passing by. There is no way to compile a list of the Iraqi dead, and the list of names would not fit on the paper. The number of Iraqi civilians killed numbers around 250,000 now.

Armed Fascist in Panteion University - 3 Wounded

Athens, 19.04.2006 05:10

"Where a policeman’s truncheon can’t reach, a fascist’s knife (and gun) can"

On Thursday April 13th around noon a member of the fascist organization “golden dawn” was spotted inside the grounds of Panteion University suspected of attacks against the anti-authoritarian commune in the university. As it was later revealed he is the son of a high ranking police officer. When students atttempted to approach him at point blank he pulled out a gun and aimed at them but before he was able to use it he was disarmed. He was then taken to the dean where a second gun was found amongst his belongings. The dean’s intention was to hand Gerasimos Papagiannis over to the police so that he may be charged but for ideological reasons late that afternoon he was set free by the same students that disarmed him.

Outside the university a sound system was informing the passers-by of what exactly happened and an anti-fascist demo was called for 5 o’ clock that evening.

Just before 5 in the afternoon a group of fascists suddenly appeared armed with knifes, sticks and flares and in absolute co-operation with the riot police attacked those who have gathered resulting to the stubbing of 3 students.

According to many witnesses the knife attacks were led by D. Zafeiropoulos –the only one not covering his face under a helmet- the nationalist candidate to the coming mayor elections for the City of Athens with the Greek nationalist party “patriotic allegiance”.

What exactly happened in Panteion University apart from the media’s misinformation.

Photos of the fascists and the guns he was currying.

A response to the Police Major General Asimakis Golfis.

Press Release by Y.R.E.

Notice by the Panteion University Anti-Authoritarian Commune

Past Athens Indymedia main articles in relation to fascist’s attacks: 1 | 2 | 3

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