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Eric McDavid Extremely Sick, Denied Access to Doctors

Portland, 22.04.2006 14:39

Sheriff Lou Blanas
916.874.5332 fax

Eric Taylor McDavid (x-ref #2972521)
Sacramento County Main Jail

651 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
916.874.8984 fax

Eric McDavid, who was arrested in Auburn, CA in January as part of the government's recent Green Scare, is very ill and needs to see a doctor. He is passing out, losing weight rapidly and is unable to hold down most of what little vegan food he is given. After 98 days of pretrial incarceration, Eric is still being denied vegan meals by the jail. Now, after this protracted period of malnutrition Eric's health has taken a turn for the worse. A doctor and nutritional nurse within the jail have both suggested that Eric be given vegan protein shakes yet the jail continues to pretend that they are unable to accomodate his health and nutritional needs. Eric has not seen a doctor in over a week and his health has not improved. The cause of Eric's poor health is not known because he is not getting proper medical attention. All that we know at this time is that Eric is ill, suffering from medical neglect and needs food he can eat to help recover.

Please take the time to contact the jail and spread the word about Eric's condition. There is no excuse for this persistent medical neglect.

Call the Sacramento County Main Jail and demand immediate medical attention and vegan food for Eric Taylor McDavid (x-ref #2972521)

Indigenous People Violently Resist Seizure of Lands in Ontario

Cleveland, 22.04.2006 14:08

Indigenous People Violently Resist Seizure of Lands in Ontario

University of Miami (Florida) Campus Workers' Struggle and Hunger Strike

Cleveland, 22.04.2006 13:38

University of Miami (Florida) Workers' Organizing Struggle & Hunger Strike

25 aprile

Italy, 22.04.2006 11:39

25 Aprile 2006 giornata antifascista ai Giardini Irreali

Die &quot;Andere Kampagne&quot; der Zapatistas läuft...

Germany, 22.04.2006 11:11

Mexiko in Bewegung der Bewegungen: Die antikapitalistische Kampagne, die von der Zapatistischen Armee zur nationalen Befreiung (EZLN) Anfang 2006 begonnen wurde, wächst weiter und ist mit zunehmender Repression gegen AktivistInnen konfrontiert.
Dieses Feature ist eine Übersicht über die Berichte zur Anderen Kampagne ("La Otra Campaña").

Zezta Internazional | Enlace Zapatista | Indymedia Chiapas | Indymedia Mexico | | La Jornada | Gruppe Basta | Revista Rebeldía | Indy- Artikel | Aktuell (20.04.)

Do you find Indymedia Cambridge easy to use?

United Kingdom, 22.04.2006 11:11

We want your feedback so we can improve Indymedia Cambridge. So let us know what tasks you've had trouble with, what features you've found useful but hard to find, what parts of the site you just don't understand. In particular

  • Have you tried to publish your news?
  • Have you been successful when you tried?
  • What have you found confusing in the process?
  • Did you know clicking on the title of a feature leads you to the full feature?

Don't think you sound silly admitting you're confused - if you're confused we need to improve our site. We're very used to our site, so what's obvious to us might not be obvious to others - so tell us.

You can let us know by adding a comment to this article, or emailing us at imc-cambridge AT

Day 17 of UM Hunger Strike: Ed Asner Visits, Faculty Resolutions, Now Boston on Strike

Miami, 22.04.2006 05:37

Day 17 of UM Hunger Strike: Ed Asner Visits, Faculty Resolutions, Now Boston on Strike

Peoples' Health Dept. Symbolically Cites IMF for Metaphorical Health Code Violations

DC, 22.04.2006 05:11

Non-mass mobe drags out old A16 puppets in order to allegorically shut down IMF. IMF rent-a-pigs match street theater participants one-to-one. Visiting delegates stricken with deep-down lack of terror of no confrontational mass protest whatsoever. Special guest star Thomas Friedman plugs his current tome, "It's A Flat, Flat, Flat, Flat World". A quick and merciful 07:24, as a RealVideo stream and mpeg4. Real Player Video || Mp4 Video

Amid Mass Protests Nepal's King Allows &quot;Multiparty Democracy&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.04.2006 04:09

On April 20th and 21st, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Nepal's capital for a mass protests, despite a shoot-on-sight curfew. In a desperate attempt to save his throne, the king appeared on television promising to restore democracy and hold elections. "Opposition parties say the king's offer is 'too little, too late.'

Read More On Indybay's International Page

Gregg leaves budget debate to go to Iraq for photo-op

New Hampshire, 22.04.2006 01:09

Senator Judd Gregg traveled to Iraq today to have his photo taken with Iraqi dignitaries and US Marines stationed there. Gregg joined Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., and Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn. in the quick visit to Iraq. While there, they met with Patriotic Union of Kurdistan leader and President of Iraq Jalal Talabani.

Greenbriar Collective weekly film series continues

Oklahoma, 21.04.2006 22:08

announcement 8PM on Sunday, 4/23 at 727 N. Findlay (at the corner of Oliver St.) in Norman 8PM on Sunday, 4/23 at 727 N. Findlay (at the corner of Oliver St.) in Norman This Sunday's film is JESUS OF MONTREAL (a belated screening for Easter) Directed by Denys Arcand R - language, nudity, adult situations (French with English subtitles) If you're not scared off by any mention of religion, this is a pretty good and kind of radical film. I've heard that conservative Christians protested outside some theaters when it was first released. Here's an excerpt of one film review: "It is obvious from the story that [Director Denys] Arcand has little respect for the institutional church's reverence for the status quo, he is even more critical of the false gods of secularism. The film presents a caustic portrait of the emptiness of conspicuous consumption, celebrityhood, advertising, sexism, the media, and the quest for the grail of power, success, and fame." "Jesus of Montreal is an inventive, witty, and illuminating religious work of art. It is a telling critique of institutionalized Christianity and a savage assault on the hallowed idols of modern western society." You can read the complete review / synopsis at  

Film: &quot;Broken Limbs&quot;

Oklahoma, 21.04.2006 22:08

announcement The second in our Food Security series, the Emmy-nominated documentary "Broken Limbs: Apples, Agriculture and the New American Farmer" will be presented Saturday, May 13th at the Central Library, downtown Tulsa. The second in our Food Security series, the Emmy-nominated documentary "Broken Limbs: Apples, Agriculture and the New American Farmer" will be presented Saturday, May 13th at the Central Library, downtown Tulsa. Broken Limbs Saturday, May 13th at 2:00pm Aaronson Auditorium, Central Library 4th & Denver, Downtown Tulsa FREE and Open to the Public BROKEN LIMBS explores the hopeful stirrings within agriculture, and outlines ways in which any individual can play a role in saving America’s farmers. Told from a hometown perspective, the film presents the stories of farmers attempting to create this new model for agriculture and emerging, more sustainable solutions to the crises of recent years – solutions applicable not just to apples and not just to farming, but to nearly any sector of the American economy troubled by the effects of consolidation and globalization. Speaker: Jim Horne, President and CEO of the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, will share lessons learned from his long-standing involvement in developing viable sustainable agricultural systems. Jim is nationally renowned for his leadership in the Oklahoma Food Policy Council, his work with the USDA Sustainable Agriculture, Research, and Education program, and as chairman of the USDA's National Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Council. The Food Security Series will continue one Saturday each month through August with issues ranging from the impact of urban sprawl to community-based alternatives to corporate food production such as sustainable agriculture, urban permaculture, and community gardens. Come find out more about the journey your food takes before arriving on your table and the many ways to support a more secure and healthy food system. For additional information about the food security series, or this individual event: Visit or E-mail Call (918)808-7713 There is a printable schedule and flyers at Feel free to distribute widely.  

Protest state-approved murder

Houston, 21.04.2006 21:39

License to kill? St. Luke's plan to end a life under "Futile Care law"

Youth And Power Was A Success

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.04.2006 21:38

The 6th annual Youth And Power took place in Watsonville on April 17th, 2006 under the theme of "Brown And Black Power". The Watsonville Brown Berets organized the event and said it was a great success. Youth from the Central Coast, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles were educated about community issues and the social justice movement as well as entertained with great performers and special guest speakers.

Read more, view photos and videos on Santa Cruz IMC

complicidad, negocios y contaminación

Argentina, 21.04.2006 21:09

Argentina y “sus” papeleras

Kaiowá Guarani fecham estrada em protesto

Brasil, 21.04.2006 21:09


complicidad, negocios y contaminación

Argentina, 21.04.2006 20:39

Argentina y “sus” papeleras

World Bank Finances Corruption - Activists Disrupt World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz’s Press Conference

DC, 21.04.2006 20:10

World Bank Finances Corporate Corruption Activists Disrupt World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz’s Press Conference On Thursday April 20th World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz headlined an opening press conference of the Annual Spring meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund here in Washington DC. A short while into his speech two Washington DC based activists, one with the Mobilization for Global Justice and the other with a local non-profit, leapt onto their seats and unfurled a banner that read “World Bank Finances Corporate Corruption!” while chanting “corporate corruption! Who can we thank? The IMF and the World Bank!” The protestors never turned their backs on Wolfowitz while they were removed by IMF security. All the while they also continued to yell and chant. Other civil society participants began to join the chanting too. The press immediately began to follow the protestors out of the room. They snapped pictures and frantically recorded what the activists were saying.

Ashland Downtown Planning

Rogue Valley, 21.04.2006 19:43

On April 25th and 26th George Crandall, FAIA and Don Arambula, ASLA, principals of the nationally-known urban consulting firm, Crandall Arambula, will be in town for briefings with stakeholders and a general public meeting. The consultants were chosen by the City Council to produce a scope of work that clearly identified thesequence of steps involved to produce a new Downtown Master Plan.

Obra de Márcia X. é retirada de exposição no Rio de Janeiro; artistas protestam

Brasil, 21.04.2006 17:40


Kaiowá Guarani fecham estrada em protesto

Brasil, 21.04.2006 17:40


Coordenador do MST em Pernambuco é baleado por policiais

Brasil, 21.04.2006 17:40


April 23rd Immigrant Rights Protest in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.04.2006 17:38

Sunday, April 23rd will be a day of action in solidarity with immigrants and against the anti-immigrant bills in Congress. People will gather for a 12:00pm rally in Dolores Park, and then march to the San Francisco Federal Building at 2:00pm.

Mexico's First &quot;World Action Day Against GMOs&quot; National Food Fair;

Portland, 21.04.2006 16:39

April 8, 2006: Held in conjunction with the First World Action Day Against GMOs being celebrated in 40 countries, the food fair offered a sampling of mostly organic and traditional agricultural alternatives for producers and consumers at different locations around the country. The anti-GMO celebration covered markets in the cities of Mexico, Guadalajara, Texcoco, Tlaxcala, Puebla, Oaxaca, Uruapan, and Xalapa. --- The sponsoring environmental organizations ***revealed an activist label for growers and distributors to use***, so consumer activism can be faciliated, which tells shoppers that their products are free of GMOs. That private initiative was taken in response to the pro-corporate Mexican government's failure to require popularly wanted labels identifying raw materials and commodities with genetically modified content. --- If indeed the fare featured was free of Frankenfoods, it also went one step better. Most of the provender for sale was organically grown, in other words free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and antibiotics that upset your stomach, as well as the balance of nature. What's more, the organizers boasted, the diversity of vegetation promoted by non-GMO planting contrasts positively with the mono-cropping engendered by transgenics. The advantages are greater biodiversity and natural resistance to disaster. --- One of the promoters' objectives was to boost income for families in poor rural communities who practice agriculture based on traditional knowledge. --- Mexico is the world's largest organic coffee grower and other organic items are fruit, nuts, chocolate, amaranth, sesame seeds, vegetables, blue corn, and vanilla. 85% historically for the export market...domestic shoppers though are getting savvy. The fair strengthened Mexican made items for a local consumption market.

Class Action for Chicago Anti-war lawsuit

Portland, 21.04.2006 16:39

After more than 10,000 anti-war protestors marched on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago on March 20, 2003, police detained and arrested hundreds of demonstrators and bystanders. A lawsuit brought on behalf of over 800 people who were unlawfully held that night has recently been granted class action status.

The lawsuit resulting from the mass detentions and arrests at the anti-war protest in Chicago on March 20, 2003 has recently been granted class status by Judge Virginia Kendall. The significance of this ruling is that a single lawsuit will proceed on behalf of everyone who was detained or arrested that evening on Chicago Avenue, between Michigan Avenue and Mies Van Der Rohe Way. Judge Kendall's decision supports the plaintiffs' assessment that the class includes over 800 people and can be divided into three sub-classes. The three sub-classes include those who were detained on the street for 1 ? to 3 hours, those who were taken into custody and released without charges, and those who were taken into custody and subsequently charged.

An official notice will be sent out to as many class members as possible in the near future. The National Lawyers Guild attorneys working on the case are attempting to compile a comprehensive list of the names and contact information of all people who fit into these three sub-classes. Any class member who previously contacted us, but has since changed their contact information, should provide us with their updated information. Also, it is not too late for people who were detained or arrested that night to contact the legal team, if they have not previously done so.

For more information, please visit or

Common Ground Collective co-founder Scott Crow Under Investigation by FBI

Portland, 21.04.2006 16:39

Common Ground Collective co-founder Scott Crow has recently come under investigation by the FBI as well as the ATF. At around 8:00 am on Wednesday, April 5th, two FBI agents, one of whom identified himself as Evan Ray, came knocking on his door in Austin, TX, asking many questions including whether Scott was stockpiling firearms. Robert King Wilkerson, former political prisoner, Black Panther and member of the Angola 3 ( who is a guest at Scott's house, answered the door and informed the two agents that Scott was out of town and refused to answer any of the agent's questions.

Over the years Scott has been a dedicated activist for social justice, being involved with a number of local and national groups and campaigns around issues of political prisoners, racism, prisons, and the environment. Recently he has received national attention for work he did co-founding the human rights organization Common Ground Collective in New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina.

The FBI's harassment of those working for change in our world is meant to intimidate and isolate. It is important that we step up and stand in solidarity with our friends and comrades when the state singles them out for harassment. It is also important that we remain uncooperative with all law enforcement investigations of our political activities.

Rally and Education Day to Demand CORI Reform

Boston, 21.04.2006 16:09

Organizations, groups and citizens from across Massachusetts gathered on the Boston Commons Thursday April 20th to demand CORI reform.

28-го апреля Критическая Масса

Belarus, 21.04.2006 15:37


DC, 21.04.2006 15:11

The jury in Rennie's case has finally returned a verdict-NOT GUILTY!

1,187 Undocumented Workers Detained, 275 Deported

San Diego, 21.04.2006 15:09

In what is being called the largest-ever raid on undocumented workers, 1,187 people were taken from their workplaces and arrested on April 20th by the Department of Homeland Security and local police. While the story is still unfolding, it appears that 275 workers have already been deported to Mexico, while the rest are being processed. The raids occurred in 26 states, including California, where workers in both Riverside and Fresno were rounded up. All the workers are said to be employed by IFCO Systems North America - an international corporation that builds wood pallets for shipping. 7 company managers are also facing immigration-related charges.

Syndicated story:
This story was originally published at Indybay

В Москве опять убит активист

Belarus, 21.04.2006 14:07

ecology (en)

Barcelona, 21.04.2006 13:10

The machines enter Caufec, Esplugues.

Friday (21st) 18h: Gathering on town hall's square to demand the stopping of the machines

Latest news of the machine in the mountain:

++info::>>>ecology +

Ed Horgan Tells European Parliament Committe That Ireland Is A &quot;Rogue Neutral State&quot;

Ireland, 21.04.2006 13:10

Makes submission to The European Parliament, Tempo ...

1,187 Undocumented Workers Detained, 275 Deported

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.04.2006 13:08

In what is being called the largest-ever raid on undocumented workers, 1,187 people were taken from their workplaces and arrested on April 20th by the Department of Homeland Security and local police. While the story is still unfolding, it appears that 275 workers have been deported to Mexico. The raids occurred in 26 states, including California, where workers in both Riverside and Fresno were rounded up. All the workers are said to be employed by IFCO Systems North America - an international corporation that builds shipping pallets.

Read more on Indybay's Immigrant Rights and US Pages

Call Centre Blues

Bristol, 21.04.2006 08:38

Press 1 For Revolt, Press 2 for a Strike: Calling all Call Centre Kiddies!!! Press 1 For Revolt, Press 2 for a Strike: Calling all Call Centre Kiddies!!! The Anarchist Prince of the Plantronics writes: No one likes us we dont care. Its time for call centre workers to get their dignity back. Do you work in a call centre in Bristol? Inbound, outbound – you can do it all in your sleep (and sometimes do)? Know every trick in the book, can hit the KPI's standing on your head?...Shit from the customers, who treat you like a subhuman, and speak to you as if you were the company you work for. Did you make the mistake you get the shit for? Nope. Is it your fault they didn’t read the terms and conditions? No sir, it aint. Are you the reason that Mr. Angry is angry? If he talks like that to everyone, then its more likely the fact he knows deep down that his wife is cheating on him and his kids hate his guts. Despite all this, you’re the person who has to sit there and take the "Two Minute Hate" without even being able to defend yourself...Shit from the team leaders, who come across all pally, until they notice your black trousers are really jeans and then its into the office for the "If I could let it slide I would but I cant" speech....Shit from the '80's reject' managers who swan around in too-tight trousers or horror make up, treating the place like their personal kingdom. Stats are up? You get a thank you and then the targets are increased, they get a 10% bonus and their gormless face in the corporate magazine....Shit from the company, who bring in the misleading packaging that they know will cause a shed load of complaints that YOU will have to deal with....Shit from the employment agencys who pile lies onto lies and expect you to cheer when they offer you the same call centre job you worked at last year, but for 20p less an hour. Who make you sit 10 different tests, nod encouragingly as you list your qualifications, gaze admiringly at your interview suit, then offer you inbound at Client Logic for £4.10 an hour? No paid lunch, 1 day holiday a year if you agree to never go sick, no choice of the hours you work, no chance of going permanent because they’ve stitched you up on the contract. Full article| Calling all Call Centre Kiddies!!! | Call centres, Britain’s 21st century high tech’ sweat shops ( | More Workers News: Defend Our Public Services Demo 29th April |

Anti-Nazi Rally in Sacramento This Saturday

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.04.2006 07:38

The National Socialist Movement (a nazi white supremacist group) plans on holding an anti-immigration rally on the west steps of the state capitol in Sacramento on Saturday, April 22nd at 2:00pm.

Anti-racists from all over Northern California plan to converge upon the nazi rally and stop them from spreading their message. Protesters will meet at the cactus garden at the capitol near 15th and N streets at 1:30pm. Read more

Bush Cedes White House Sidewalk to Chinese Government

DC, 21.04.2006 07:11

In honor of the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao, the Bush Administration has allowed the Chinese government to ban free speech from the sidewalk most used by demonstrators in front of the White House.

Nuovo sgombero

Italy, 21.04.2006 07:10

Fermati e denunciati gli occupanti

WAJE Hands Over 6,000 Petition Signatures

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.04.2006 07:08

Interview with Nora Hochman and Victor Medina from the Working Alliance for a Just Economy (WAJE) as the group turned over thousands of signatures at City Hall to be verified in the ballot initiative process. If enough signatures qualify, the minimum wage hike will go before the voters in November.

Entrevista con Nora Hochman y Victor Medina de la Alianza Trabajando por una Economia Justa (WAJE, por las siglas en ingles). El grupo llevo miles de firmas en la Municipalidad para que las puedan verificar en el proceso de votación. Si tengan bastante, la aumentación del salario minimo será en frente del público en Noviembre.

Audio (mp3): Interview with Nora Hochman and Victor Medina

NEW: Flash Animation about the School of the Americas

Miami, 21.04.2006 07:07

NEW: Flash Animation about the School of the Americas

marcha PP mapuches

Valparaiso, 21.04.2006 05:39

Jueves 20 Abril 2006 | A más de un mes en huelga de hambre

Marcha por la Libertad de los Presos Políticos Mapuches

MPL-DF cobra aprovação da liminar contra aumento das tarifas

Brasil, 21.04.2006 04:43



Colombia, 21.04.2006 03:43

Uribe: el Judas de Suramérica

Six Nations Under Attack!

Maritimes, 21.04.2006 01:43

Six Nations Blockage in Caledonia, Ont Under Attack! Urgent Solidarity Needed

Dia do Índio: Dia de um Brasil Diferente!

Brasil, 21.04.2006 00:10


Video Batalla Chile

Argentina, 20.04.2006 22:40

Transgender guerrilla performers crash Venus Envy

Saint Louis, 20.04.2006 21:38

A guerrilla performance troupe descended upon Venus Envy in the St. Louis Center on 4-15-2006 to highlight the event organizers' lack of a fair transgender policy. The performers staged a tongue-in-cheek freak/fashion show, complete with barker wearing top-hat and tails, highlighting the gender ambiguity of each “freak.”

¿La CTA rompe con el gobierno?

Argentina, 20.04.2006 21:09

Jornada nacional de movilización


Colombia, 20.04.2006 21:09

OIT se pronuncia sobre pueblos del Jiguamiandó y Curvaradó

Operation: Over Occupies BU President Robert Brown's Office

Boston, 20.04.2006 21:09

Boston, MA--This morning seven individuals began an occupation of Boston University President Robert Brown’s office in protest of the proposed BioSafety Level 4 (BSL4) Laboratory. At approximately 9:20am, seven protestors entered Brown’s office, informed the staff that a nonviolent occupation was occurring and asked them to leave. After Brown and the staff refused to leave, the protesters linked arms in Brown’s office and started the occupation.

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