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estrecho / madiaq, 24.04.2006 16:08


Somos l@s invisibles, precari@s y migrantes; un universo [cada vez más mayoritario] de trabajador@s atípicos; intermitentes, desocupados, subcontratados, discontinuos, a tiempo parcial, sin contrato. Producimos gran parte de la riqueza de nuestras ciudades y sin embargo sufrimos para llegar a fin de mes.

Mayday, es un evento que trata de re-inventar y darle una radicalidad nueva a la fiesta del 1º de mayo... un proceso, una red que nos permite conectar, comunicar y potenciar nuestras luchas. Una trayectoria abierta y colectiva para construir un nuevo protagonismo político del precariado europeo.

El Mayday Sur será un sello colectivo con actos, acciones y jornadas conectadas, y descentralizadas que aglutinará a diferentes grupos, redes y personas de los movimientos rebeldes del sur...


Gran MANI.FIESTA.ACCIÓN Lunes 1 de mayo / 16h./La Barqueta - SEVILLA_



>> | euromayday
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>>sonidos del precariado rebelde

Liberi tutti

Italy, 24.04.2006 15:40

Liberi tutti

Protests Say; &quot;Not First Bus, But Worst Bus&quot;

Bristol, 24.04.2006 15:38

200 People Demonstrate Against First Bus About 200 People Demonstrate Against First Bus Sofia Gradin writes: About 200 people joined in the demonstration today to tell the council to re-regulate the buses in Bristol. The main aims of the demo were to push for an improved bus service for passengers and better conditions for drivers, and demand that the buses are run by someone who is accountable to the people of Bristol rather than to greedy shareholders... Full article| More Reclaim the Buses demo pics | Wirst employees hijack reclaim the buses rally | Buses join reclaim the bus protest | |

Activists Combat Efforts to Kill Internet Freedom

United States, 24.04.2006 15:38

A 2005 Supreme Court ruling opened the door for possible future discrimination of internet content by American internet service providers. Previously, ISPs could not discriminate against creating or accessing unprofitable, unpopular, or "controversial" content, but that could soon change if the principle of network neutrality on the internet isn't maintained.

Right now, telecom-industry-backed legislation -- bearing the name "Communications Opportunity Promotion and Enhancement (COPE) Act" -- is making its way through Congress, having passed through one key committee leading to an expected vote in the U.S. House. If the COPE Act passes in its current form, that could mean that a website like Indymedia would have to pay dramatically increased "protection money" rates to maintain access to readers, or possibly be wiped from the internet altogether.

Nevertheless, activist efforts are escalating dramatically to kill the COPE Act and preserve the open access of the internet. A wide-ranging coalition entitled SaveTheInternet has launched to spread word about the COPE Act. IMCs across America have reported about the COPE Act, and future actions are in the works.

Read more: | SaveAccess | Democracy Now! coverage | Stop the COPE Act | Short film about network neutrality

25 aprile antifascista

Italy, 24.04.2006 15:10

Libertà è antifascismo

BGE 72 Percent Rate Hike Set to Stand [Updated]

Baltimore, 24.04.2006 15:09

While the 72 percent will stand, it will be phased-in with a first 19 percent hike in July 2006. That will be followed by a 25 percent hike in June 2007, and another hike in January 2008, all to equal a total 72 percent rate increase. With Maryland Governor Bob Erhlich backpeddling from his vow to call a special session, it looks unlikely a reduction will occur. For those using BGE's budget-billing method to even out monthly payments over the year, a hike already is in effect.

Where are all the Frogs?

Portland, 24.04.2006 12:39

Here in the burbs just north of Philadelphia, there used to be a lot of frogs--bull frogs, leopard frogs, spring peepers--and also toads of assorted sizes. Just down the road from me there is a small pocket park with a vernal pond/swamp in one corner. When we moved here in 1997, I walked by in early spring and it was so full of spring peepers, those little inch-long tree frogs that make a single loud peep over and over in search of a mate, that you could hardly distinguish one from the next.

A year later, I went back and just heard sporadic peeps.

In years since, there have been no sounds from that location. The peepers are gone.

can't eat money adds: It's also songbirds. This is the first truly silent spring in Astoria. Hell, there aren't even many starlings left.

Corvallis Becomes First Oregon City to Endorse Earth Charter

Portland, 24.04.2006 12:38

On June 17, after hearing three and a half hours of public comment, the Corvallis City Council became the first in Oregon to endorse the Earth Charter. While a majority of the unusually high number of public comments supported the motion, a significant number of them (about 40%) opposed it, mainly based on accusations made by Operation Green Out of White City, Oregon.

Many of the speakers on both sides of the issue mentioned that they had not been aware of the Charter itself, much less the council's consideration of support for it, until Operation Green Out ran a full-page ad in the Corvallis Gazette-Times just a few days before the scheduled council meeting. The resulting turn-out for the meeting approached 100 citizens in the course of the evening, and one councilor characterized the ensuing exchange of statements and ideas as a fine example of democracy in action.

However, it also provided a clear example of how very small but well-funded interest groups can quickly generate controversy and opposition. While such minority perspectives and opinions should be heard and given due respect, this tactic by a small interest group threatened to undermine the work of a broader and deeper community-based, grass-roots campaign.

Canada Breaks Off Negotiations - Warrior Societies Brace for Attack

Portland, 24.04.2006 12:38

On April 18th, 2006, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council at Grand River announced that the Governments of Canada and Ontario have pulled out of talks concerning the recent land repossession at Caledonia, ON.

With talks abruptly ending in this manner, it became apparent that the Government of Canada was not interested in seeking a peaceful resolve to this issue and have elected a violent imposition of their will.

At approximately 4:30am, the Ontario Provincial Police launched a violent attack upon occupants of the repossessed Haudenosaunee territory at Caledonia. The occupants there were unarmed and peaceful. Upon learning of this violent attack, the Rotisken'rak?hte of Kahnawake mobilized to discuss security measures to prevent any further violence in Caledonia and Grand River.


related: [ CKUT: Six Nations Stands Down Ontario Police | Warrior Society Communique ]

25 aprile in Umbria

Italy, 24.04.2006 09:40

25 aprile in Umbria

3 Black Panthers

Houston, 24.04.2006 08:09

May 1st: 3 Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation

3 Black Panthers

Houston, 24.04.2006 08:09

May 1st: 3 Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation


Houston, 24.04.2006 07:38

May 1st is Mayday: General Strike for Immigrant Rights


Perth, 24.04.2006 07:10

Announcing Migrante Perth

IMF Soccer Riot - all too brief a report

DC, 24.04.2006 06:12

Police went at times from threatening to sedate to aggressive to disciplined to out-of-control. At points, hundreds of police converged. But, this is not about the police; this is about the delegates, whom we were able to disturb and in some cases disrupt in multiple ways. WSQT Audio coverage of weekend events || Very quick report from Evening World Bank demos

No aniversário de 52 anos, Mumia Abu-Jamal vira nome de rua na França

Brasil, 24.04.2006 05:09


Audiência pública em São Paulo

Brasil, 24.04.2006 05:08



Houston, 24.04.2006 03:38

National Day of Action to clean up Ecuador from contamination by Chevron Texaco

MIC y judiciales

Argentina, 24.04.2006 02:09

Una historia negada

Argentina, 24.04.2006 02:09

91 años del genocidio armenio

Protesters from Minnesota meet Hu Jinato in DC

United States, 24.04.2006 01:37

Washington DC, April 20 – Parked on F street adjacent to the Willard hotel, in the heart of the nation’s capital, was this large bus festooned with Tibetan flags, outsized “Free Tibet” stickers on all sides and an extra large colorful pictographic banner “Release the Panchen Lama” pasted on the rear, attracting all curious passer-bys. The bus had arrived early this morning from Minnesota after crossing borders across Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland, traveling more than 1,100 miles for over 22 hours.

The bold travelers seated behind those tinted glasses were here clearly with one sole mission – to stage a demonstration against the Chinese leader Hu Jintao on his first official visit to the White House as president.

Hu Jintao made much of his political reputation during his four-year tenure as China's Party Secretary of The Tibet Autonomous Region where he oversaw a brutal crackdown on the Tibetans and the imposition of martial law in 1989 to repress nonviolent demonstrations by Tibetans against China’s illegal occupation of their country.

Black / Brown Unity Overtakes Ted Hayes' anti-MIgrant Demo in Leimert Park

LA, 24.04.2006 00:39

Black / Brown Unity Overtakes Ted Hayes' anti-MIgrant Demo in Leimert Park

repre marcha ppm

Valparaiso, 23.04.2006 23:38

Domingo 23 Abril 2006 | A más de un mes en huelga de hambre

Represión en marcha por la libertad

UVA living wage continues

Richmond, 23.04.2006 23:09

Charlottesville doesn't look like a town where 25 percent of the residents live in poverty, but that's only because the poor people's housing is cunningly hidden off the main roads, so the UVa alumni who pour in every fall for Cavalier games don't have to see it. If you shop at the upscale Barracks Road Shopping Center instead of Sam's Club, if you drive instead of taking the buses, you could live here indefinitely thinking everything is just fine, thank you, ma'am -- unaware of the desperation going on within a two-mile radius. But I know the true state of things in this lovely Blue Ridge mountain town, because I've been hanging out with the Virginia Organizing Project folks ever since I moved here in 2001 -- agitating for a living wage in the local hotels as well as the university, which is the largest local employer. Another one of my informants is a lady who works behind the deli counter at Whole Foods, and the fact that she does so tells you a lot about wages at UVa: She has another full-time job there as a housekeeper.

Mountain Justice Summer 2006 Campaign Kick-Off

Richmond, 23.04.2006 23:09

A call to act: MJS 2006 As the coal hearted mining companies continue to colonize and ravage the beautiful and sacred mountains of central and Southern Appalachia we will step up our resistance yet again and fight to save the land that is the foundation of our culture and gives us life.

&quot;Bleiberechtsregelung jetzt!&quot;

Germany, 23.04.2006 22:39

In Deutschland leben etwa 200.000 Flüchtlinge mit dem äußerst prekären Aufenthaltsstatus der "Duldung", viele von ihnen schon seit vielen Jahren. Auf der Innenministerkonferenz Anfang Mai in Garmisch wird eine Bleiberechtsregelung wieder einmal auf der Tagesordnung stehen. Flüchtlingsorganisationen mobilisieren im Vorfeld zu einem bundesweiten Aktionstag am Samstag, den 22. April.

Berichte über Demonstrationen in Herne (21.4.) | Göttingen (22.4.) | Berlin/Potsdam (22.4.) | Wiesbaden (22.4.) | Nürnberg (22.4.) - Aufrufe, Termine, Infos | | |

Entrevista a la Red del Comercio Justo

Argentina, 23.04.2006 22:39

Campaña por un Comercio Justo

Immigration Rights Rally/March in Medford

Rogue Valley, 23.04.2006 22:10

4/21/06 Alba Park, Medford, Oregon

A crowd estimated between 300 and 500 stood strong in a march & rally in downtown Medford. After the opening rally at the gazebo in Alba demonstrators proceeded down Main Street first to Vogel Park. The march moved onto Central with banners held high in the air. The procession turned at 6th Street and then again onto Riverside to 10th around the Library and then down Central again back to Vogel Park.

Accompanying chants included

"Si Se Puede" (Yes We Can)
"El Pueblo Unido, Jamas Sera Vencido" (The People United, Will Never Be Defeated)
"Hoy Marchamos, Manana Votamos" (Today We March, Tommorow We Vote)

Check out photos and short streaming Quicktime video

Entrevista a la Red del Comercio Justo

Argentina, 23.04.2006 22:10

Campaña por un Comercio Justo

Legge anti hooligan: nuovo strumento repressivo multiuso

Switzerland, 23.04.2006 21:07

Le nuove disposizioni legali contro il cosidetto 'hooliganismo', danno alle autorità una nuova potente arma. È l'ennesimo tentativo di mascherare misure repressive (facilmente applicabili alla repressione politica) con ragioni di presunta "sicurezza pubblica".

Fra le regole previste vi è il divieto per i "presunti violenti" di entrare in un determinato perimetro o di viaggiare. Diventa possibile porre in detenzione preventiva per un massimo di 24 ore persone che si sospetta possano copiere atti violenti. Sarà introdotta la possibilità di confiscare ogni tipo di materiale che rischierebbe di incitare alla violenza (definizione molto ampia nella quale potrebbero rientrare anche le fanzine), e sarà creata una speciale banca dati sui tifosi a rischio contenenti video, fotografie e dati personali. La nuova legge non colpirà i teppisti, ma soprattutto chi è attivo allo stadio nel cercare di creare aggregazione e socialità (l'accensione di una torcia costituirà di per se un reato). Viene a cadere la presunzione di innocenza e le misura potranno colpire giovani sin dai 12 anni.

Una serie di disposizioni quindi che spalancano le porte a decisioni arbitrarie, che produrranno azioni repressive ed, inevitabilmente, reazioni violente.

Contro la nuova legge è stato lanciato un referendum [info - firme de]

Info: Strategia militare per i tifosi | La destra negli stadi | biometria negli stadi | videosorveglianza | Onyx e schedature | Progetto Ultrà: repressione

1 de mayo en SD / May 1st in SD

San Diego, 23.04.2006 19:09

MAY 1 - Rally & Evening vigil
Sponsored by the San Diego Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

ALSO: Action at border earlier in the day -

Manifestación Madres Contra la Guerra y Pablo Paredes

Puerto Rico, 23.04.2006 17:10

Manifestación Madres Contra la Guerra y Pablo Paredes

Mohawk nation braces for WAR!

DC, 23.04.2006 16:11

The Mohawk Nation is once again under attack in the land white men call "Canada." Check out this story from Radio Indymedia: 3,000 plus troops are occupying Mohawk land, and people are expecting imminent attack aimed at seizing more tribal land in a "reposession" of Native land by whites- RED ALERT! Listen | Six Nations Stands Down Ontario Police

O Pogrom de 1506

Portugal, 23.04.2006 15:09

O Pogrom de 1506


Melbourne, 23.04.2006 14:10

Seditious Intent: Short Film Collection

What is the Truth? Ed Horgan Calls a Spade a Spade

Ireland, 23.04.2006 12:40

"It is also wrong for Honor Mahony to state in the ...

4gg a Bergamo

Italy, 23.04.2006 09:39

Iniziative antifa a Bergamo

New Riotfolk Albums Available at

Portland, 23.04.2006 08:39

Riotfolk is a mutual-aid collective of musicians making music to provoke, teach, heal and inspire. is a torrent site dedicated to making independent videos and music from around the world available for free download.

Here is some more information about the collective: riotfolk "about us".

Kinderen vrij

Antwerpen, 23.04.2006 08:08

Kinderen gevangen, nooit!

A22 March for Equal Treatment of Haitians: Grant Temporary Protective Status for Haitians!

Miami, 23.04.2006 05:07

A22 March for Equal Treatment of Haitians: Grant Temporary Protective Status for Haitians!


santiago, 23.04.2006 04:40

Nuevo Intento de Ocupación de Terrenos en Peñalolen

Denial of Service Attacks on LA IMC

LA, 22.04.2006 22:09

Denial of Service Attacks on LA IMC

Mountain Justice Summer 2006

North Carolina, 22.04.2006 22:09

Mountain Justice Summer 2006

sgombero ex-emerson

Italy, 22.04.2006 20:10

Questo modello di città non lo vogliamo e non possiamo permettercelo

Proteste gegen EU-Wettbewerbsgipfel in Graz

Austria, 22.04.2006 20:08

Von 20.-22. April 2006 wurden in Graz die Proteste gegen die EU-RatspräsidentInnenschaft Österreichs fortgesetzt.
Schon am Donnerstag Abend (20.04.2006) begannen in Graz erste Aktionen gegen den Gipfel der EU-WirtschaftsminsterInnen zum "Thema Wettberwerb in der EU". Dabei entwickelte sich aus der "Party gegen Kapitalismus und Wettbewerb" im Stadtpark eine Spotandemo in Richtung Cocktailempfang der MinisterInnen [Bericht].
Am Freitag trafen sich ab 16.00 Uhr AktivistInnen am Hauptplatz unter dem Motto "Autonomes Treiben gegen Kapitalismus und Wettbewerb" zu Aktionen, Straßentheater, Infostand, Musik und VoKü [Bericht | Audio]. Mit dem Hinweis "Achtung EU-Sperrzone" blockierte abends eine Gruppe von AktivistInnen Straßen in der Innenstadt.
Am Samstag sammelten sich gegen 11:30 Uhr ca. 550 DemonstrantInnen zur Auftaktkundgebung am Hauptbahnhof. Der darauf folgende Demozug ging lautstark durch die Stadt. Nach der Auflösung am Hauptplatz sammelten sich nochmal ca. 200 DemonstrantInnen zu einer spontanen Nachdemo Richtung Kongresszentrum und zu den Hotels, in denen sich MinisterInnen befanden. Trotz mehrmaliger Versuche der Polizei die Spontandemo aufzuhalten gelang ihnen dies nicht. Ohne Festnahmen endete die gelungene Aktion im Stadtdpark [Bericht].

Day 18: UM Hunger Strike Ends; Solidarity fast begun by Union, Students, Others

Miami, 22.04.2006 17:07

Day 18: UM Hunger Strike Ends; Solidarity fast begun by Union, Students, Others

Una autoritaria costumbre del poder

Argentina, 22.04.2006 15:09

Nueva amenaza a un periodista

Una autoritaria costumbre del poder

Argentina, 22.04.2006 14:39

Nueva amenaza a un periodista

Earth Day Message from Tre

Portland, 22.04.2006 14:39

Hello to all you beautiful people. On this day of honouring our earth
mother, I ask you to look at your birth. Upon emerging from our mother's womb, we are given a birth mother and a birth father. At the same time we are also given our earth mother and spirit father. Through all the generations of dispute, battlefields, bloodshed and persecution in the name of organized religion, one thing remains irrefutable: we only have one earth mother! We all share her. She is mother to us all.

This is earth day. Everyday is earth day. She is here everyday. She doesn't go away. She gives us all we need continously and unconditionally. Planets are hard to come by. We can't just hop to another one after we've desecrated this one. Even if we could do so, that's no reason to ravage our only home. She deserves our love, honour and respect. We have a responsibility to care for her in a thoughtful, conscious way, the way we care for our birth mother.

I recently completed a 24 day hunger strike marking 2 years of incarceration. It was very intense and the most difficult fast I have ever undergone, even though it was not the longest. I am presently still going through a phase of healing, cleansing and detoxifying. In the absence of food through the course of the last moon cycle, it's become abundantly clear to me that there are two things we all can do to heal and honour our earth mother, ourselves, and every living thing. These two things are extremely simple, tangible and within everyone's ability, yet have profoundly beneficial global effects.

Together we have the power to visualize, take action and manifest a healthy, peaceful world for you, for me, and for every living thing.
Blessed earth day to you, today and everyday.

Earth Day message from Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan

Portland, 22.04.2006 14:39

Traditionally Earth Day has been an occassion to celebrate the earth as well as an opportunity to envision a more sustainable and harmonious relationship between human societies and the planet we inhabit. Unfortunately, this year has witnessed a wave of repression people have dubbed the "green scare", meant to undermine and disrupt environmentally conscious movments in the United
States. To many, it seems to be a sad and scary time to care about the Earth, as well as being a sad and scary time to voice opposition to the human rights violations carried out against humans in the name of the perpetual "war on terror" or the occupation of Iraq.

That said, this Earth Day should not be a time for fear or inaction. This Earth Day, do something to celebrate the Earth but also consider doing something for an activist named Daniel McGowan. Daniel is New York City's local target of this state madness known as the Green Scare. After ten years as a loved and dedicated environmental and social justice activist, Daniel has been falsely accused of multiple counts of arson, property destruction, and conspiracy. If convicted, he would face a minimum of life in prison and a maximum of life plus three-hundred and thirty-five years. As you can imagine, the legal bills are tremendous and are more than Daniel's family and friends can comfortably or indefinitely manage.

This Earth Day, please consider making a donation to Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan. And do something that Daniel won't be able to do: spend some time outdoors in the spring air.

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