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Rebelión contra el rey

Argentina, 26.04.2006 09:09

Represión, huelga y crisis política en Nepal

May Day in the Bay to Be Part of May 1st General Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.04.2006 06:08

Immigrant rights and Latino organizations all over the US are calling for a general strike on May 1st. The March 25th Coalition against HR 4437 in Los Angeles has called for nationwide coordination, around the points "No Work, No School, No Sales, and No Buying," and also for rallies around symbols of economic trade. The convergences in San Francisco will be at 8:30am at Montgomery & Market and 5:00pm at the Federal Building. A protest has also been called for 4:00pm on May 1st at MacArthur BART in Oakland. There will also be marches and rallies in Santa Cruz and Watsonville, "Paro Nacional" events in Fresno and additional actions around the state will likely be announced in coming days.
Read More On Indybay's Immigrant Rights Page

Immigrants' Rights Nonviolent March and Rally

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.04.2006 05:38

The players, coaches and families of La Liga de la Comunidad (Santa Cruz Community Soccer League) encourage you to join a nonviolent march and rally for immigrant rights on Monday, May 1st, International Labor Day, at 12:00 noon. Assemble at Beach Flats Park at Raymond and Liebrant Streets in Santa Cruz. Read more

DIA SIN INMIGRANTE: No Compre! No Trabaje! No Vaya a la Escuela!
Los jugadores, entrenadores, y familias de la Liga de la Comunidad les invitan a participar en la marcha pacifica y mitlin por los derechos de los inmigrantes. El lunes primer de Mayo, A las doce del dia. Reunase en el Parque de los Beach Flats (en la playa). mas informacion

May 1st March For Human and Immigrant Rights in Watsonville
The Immigrant Rights Coalition of Watsonville will settle for nothing less than full amnesty and legalization for the millions of undocumented workers presently in the United States. March at 1:00pm and vigil at 7:00pm in the downtown plaza in Watsonville, Beach and Main Street. There will be keynote speakers, teatro and music. Read more

May 1st UCSC solidarity demonstration
Students are planning to hold a demonstration in solidarity with campus workers, the Santa Cruz community, the nation, and the working class around the globe. There will be a demonstration at the base of campus at 10:00am and a march at 12 noon. Read more

see also: For May Day and Beyond: White People Step Up for Immigrant Rights!

Day 60 UM Strike: Amb Moss &quot;Petition&quot;; Sen Edwards,Teamster Pres Speak at Rally

Miami, 26.04.2006 05:08

Day 60 UM Strike: Amb Moss "Petition"; Sen Edwards,Teamster Pres Speak at Rally

H Ράις δεν ήταν ευπρόσδεκτη

Athens, 26.04.2006 04:39

Μερικές χιλιάδες διαδηλωτών, από ολόκληρο το φάσμα της αριστεράς και του αναρχικού - αντιεξουσιαστικού χώρου κατέβηκαν στους δρόμους της Αθήνας, αντιδρώντας στην επίσκεψη της Κοντολίζα Ράις. Ήδη από την προηγούμενη μέρα τα ΜΑΤ είχαν αποκλείσει το Πάντειο, ενώ τα ξημερώματα της Τρίτης περιπολικά και ασφαλίτες είχαν γεμίσει τους δρόμους της Αθήνας.

Κι ενώ τα "υψηλά ιστάμενα" πρόσωπα έπαιζαν με τη διπλωματία και τον εντυπωσιασμό σε συναντήσεις "κορυφής", ισχυρές αστυνομικές δυνάμεις (οι ίδιοι μιλάνε για παραπάνω από 3.000 αστυνομικούς) απέκλεισαν βασικές οδικές αρτηρίες και προέβησαν σε ουσιαστική απαγόρευση διαδηλώσεων στο κέντρο της Αθήνας. Έγινε εκτεταμένη και παρατεταμένη χρήση δακρυγόνων όταν οι διαδηλωτές επιχείρησαν να διασπάσουν τα μπλόκα. Κατά τη διάρκεια των επεισοδίων, που αργότερα επεκτάθηκαν, προσήχθησαν 9 άτομα και τραυματίστηκαν τουλάχιστον δύο διαδηλωτές.

Βίντεο και φωτογραφίες: 1 | 2

Επιθέσεις για τον ερχομό της Ράις στην Αθήνα | Ανακοίνωση της Αντιεξουσιαστικής Κίνησης

&quot;May Day&quot;: a sort of a PSA

DC, 26.04.2006 04:12

A sort of a PSA -- but only sort of -- in solidarity with the immigrants' general strike on May 1. What are YOU doing on May Day? 01:00.

Zapatista! the Movie at Voz Alta, Wed, Apr 26 7pm

San Diego, 26.04.2006 04:09

From June 17-19th, Delegate Zero of the Zapatistas will be coming to Tijuana as part of La Otra Campana. People will converge on San Diego and Tijuana from all over the US for this historical opportuniy to meet the Zapatistas first hand and take part in La Otra Campana, a new campaign aimed at radically transforming politics through coordination of groups on the left organizing outside of electoral politics against capitalism. A member of the o.r.g.a.n.i.c. collective will speak about the plans for June and what you can do to help!

FILM SCREENING, Wednesday, April 26, 2006: ZAPATISTA! is an inspiring first-hand account of a struggle that will challenge the way you think about the world. Armed with sticks and words against a 'First World' military, the Zapatistas were able to hold their ground. Ignored by a mainstream press, the Zapatistas have used poems, children's stories, videos, and the internet, to permanently transform the political imagination of a nation.

The film starts at 7pm at Voz Alta on 1544 Broadway, downtown San Diego. $3-$5 donation, light refreshments. Learn more at:

Also, the Tactical Ice Cream Unit will be on hand as part of the Center for Tactical Magic's West Coast tour! The Tactical Ice Cream Unit (TICU) rolls through the city in an act of intervention that replaces cold stares with frosty treats and nourishing knowledge. Combining a number of successful activist strategies (Food-Not-Bombs, Copwatch, Indymedia, infoshops, etc) into one mega-mobile, the TICU is the Voltron-like alter-ego of the cops' mobile command center. Learn more at

Surviving Law Enforcement Encounters Interview with Katya Komisaruk

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.04.2006 02:09

Free Radio Santa Cruz interview with Katya Komisaruk, lawyer and author of Beat The Heat How to Handle Encounters with Law Enforcement. FRSC's Skidmark Bob and Katya talk about different types of law enforcement encounters, police contacts, how to assert your rights, minors' rights, infiltration of activist groups and grand juries. Read more

audio (mp3): Interview with Katya Komisaruk (42 MB)

more information: Just Cause Law Collective || FBI Witch Hunt || || Green Scare on Portland IMC and WikiPedia

'Cover Tennessee' Won't Cover Me

Tennessee, 26.04.2006 01:10

My name in Misti Whitaker and I have Lupus, a disease that tricks my immune system into thinking my cells and tissues are foreign substances to be destroyed. It’s taken a toll on my kidneys to the point that I was awaiting a kidney transplant when TennCare was taken away. I lost health insurance coverage once before (removed from my parent’ plan at age 21), but it wasn’t as scary because I wasn’t as sick. Couldn’t get coverage on my own because of my pre-existing condition. Mom has called every insurance company out there—including the one’s supplied by the State. No private insurance provider will cover me.

União de Movimentos de Moradia inicia jornada de ocupações

Brasil, 25.04.2006 23:09


May 1 &quot;A Day Without Immigrant&quot; Strike/Boycott

LA, 25.04.2006 22:09

May 1 "A Day Without Immigrant" Strike/Boycott


Uruguay, 25.04.2006 21:09

Radio Streaming

Nepal: Current News April 24

Madison, 25.04.2006 21:09

The stakes for the popular movement in Nepal are raised as leaders call for mass rallies on Tuesday and the royal ministers flee their official residences on Sunday.

Nepal King &quot;Capitulates&quot; in Face of Today's Planned Protest

Madison, 25.04.2006 21:09

The king of Nepal this last night capitulated and allowed for reinstatement of parliament in the face of what was expected to be 2 million strong protest today. The Nepali people now are holding their breaths to see if the promised political solution to the Maoist war and the long withheld constitutional assembly come about as the inevitable jockying for control of the state now begins.

20-летие Чернобыля: эксклюзивное расследование

Belarus, 25.04.2006 20:37

Rescametos la Huerta del Sur Centro!

LA, 25.04.2006 18:09

Rescametos la Huerta del Sur Centro!

Macho Men and State Capitalism - Is Another World Possible?

Arkansas, 25.04.2006 17:11

* Latin America is boiling with revolutionary potential these days that could redefine economics, politics and social relations. But sometimes things aren't always as they seem. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is widely seen to be at the center of Latin America's transformation by building a regional trade bloc through the creation of ALBA and Venezuela's membership in Mercosur to oppose U.S. dominance and its constant push for free trade agreements with Latin American governments.

Blocking &quot;Atlantica&quot;

Maritimes, 25.04.2006 15:39

Conference About "Atlantica," a Proposed Free Trade Zone, Set to Take Place in Saint John in June

Community Forum

Thunder Bay, 25.04.2006 15:37

"FINDING A PLACE" A Community Forum on Income and Housing Security

Protesta de trabajadores del Hospital Francés

Argentina, 25.04.2006 14:09

Net Neutrality Death or Life of Internet Decided in US Congress NOW, contact info!

Portland, 25.04.2006 13:09

Decisions being made now will shape the future of the Internet for a generation. Before long, all media -- TV, phone and the Web -- will come to your home via the same broadband connection. The dispute over net neutrality is about who'll control access to new and emerging technologies.

On the Internet, consumers are in ultimate control -- deciding between content, applications and services available anywhere, no matter who owns the network. There's no middleman. But without net neutrality, the Internet will look more like cable TV. Network owners will decide which channels, content and applications are available;... [or denied.]


Schumacher pics 4/22/06

Portland, 25.04.2006 13:09

Pics from yesterday. Thank goodness for sun and warmth.

see more >>

¡Apoyo a la HUELGA de los INMIGRANTES! Strike &amp; march on May Day!

Portland, 25.04.2006 13:09

Millions of immigrants are taking to the streets in protest against the vicious legislation Congress has been rigging up against them. There are bills that would turn 10-12 million people in this country into felons overnight, bills that would lock millions of people into second class status for 12-13 years before they could get citizenship, bills for a "guest worker" program to super-exploit the 1.5 million Mexican, Caribbean and other workers in agriculture, bills that would subject immigrants to a police-state regime, and much more. Besides these bills, this great eruption of protest is also connected with the underlying anger that has for years been building against the racial discrimination and oppression that non-white immigrants are subjected to.

Driving the reactionary Congressional crusade is the fact that the capitalists want immigrant labor without rights so that they can more profitably exploit it. Laws that keep millions of immigrant workers living in fear of deportation if they strike or otherwise stand up for their rights serves this purpose, as do "guest worker" laws that deny these workers the same rights as other workers. In this way the profits of the capitalists are maximized while the living and working conditions of the working class as a whole are driven downward.

Portland May Day Location Set

Portland, 25.04.2006 13:09

The location has been confirmed--South Park Blocks at PSU (SW Park and SW Mill).

And just to be clear, everyone is working together on this. The local Immigrant Rights Coalition (including PCUN) has joined forces wih the May Day Coalition to organize a Portland May Day event. There will be events in several cities in Oregon, and in cities across the country. There is a call for an immigrant general strike--hopefully there will be large crowds in Portland, Salem, and everywhere! [ read more ]

PLDN: Jail Support number for May Day 503-234-4518

The PLDN is working with the May Day Coalition to organize jail support for May 1st. We are working with the National Lawyers Guild and Lewis and Clark legal observers, to try and provide the best legal backup possible for this event.

To do a good job we need everyone to have the heads up and to be paying attention. Carry the jail support number and call us if you see anything happening, or even if you think something is about to happen. If something does happen, write down names and contact numbers for other people who saw it, take notes and look around for folks who may have video. Then call and give us the info. Even the smallest details can be helpful. [ read more ]

related: [ MAY DAY EVENT | RADICAL LABOR FAIR THIS THURSDAY! | Story on Portland May Day from JwJ Website | MAY DAY- ALL DOWN TO SALEM! ]

portland indymedia may day coverage

1. Mai - internationaler Kampftag der ArbeiterInnenbewegung

Switzerland, 25.04.2006 12:07


:: Internationaler Tag der Arbeit
:: ArbeiterInnen Kämpfe heute - Internationale Solidarität
:: Überlegungen für einen revolutionären 1. Mai in Zürich
:: Faschoaufmärsche verhindern vs. Sozialabbau bekämpfen?
:: Feature im letzten Jahr

Sammlung von Kundgebungen am 1.Mai 06 in der Schweiz

Basel: Revolutionärer Block
Besammlung 9.30 Uhr - Messeplatz

Bern: Demonstration
Besammlung 9.30 Uhr - Ecke Kreuz -und Gerechtigkeitsgasse
(Höhe Rathaus)

Lugano: Streetparade
Besammlung 13:30 Uhr - Piazza Riforma

St. Gallen: Strassenfest
Ab 10.00 Uhr - Marktgasse (Essen, Musik, etc)

Solothurn: Demonstration
Besammlung 15.00 Uhr beim Gewerbeschulhaus
(Ecke Hauptbahnhofstrasse, Kreuzackerquai, Kreuzackerbrücke)

Thun: Libertärer Block
Besammlung 14.30 Uhr - Grabengut

Winterthur: Demonstration [Aufrufe: libertärer Block | revolutionärer Block]
Besammlung 10.00 Uhr - Neumarkt

Zürich: Revolutionärer Block
Besammlung 9.30 Uhr - Mühlesteg/Fussgängerbrücke, Central

Übersicht der Gewerkschaftsdemonstrationen

Hands Off Our Hospitals

Scotland, 25.04.2006 11:40

The Lanarkshire Health United protest was the second protest of the day which aimed to highlight the scale of public anger over NHS Lanarkshire’s plans to close either Hairmyers or Monklands A&amp;E units, with Monklands being the “Clear preferred option”. A public consultation on the proposal to close one of Lanarkshire’s Accidents &amp; Emergencies Units- which began in late January and is expected to end on the 28th April; cited that problems with lack of consultants and the need to bring working hours into line with European legislation are among the reasons given for the need to reduce the number of A&amp;E’s in Lanarkshire.


estrecho / madiaq, 25.04.2006 10:08

La Virgen de la precariedad ha obrado su último milagro en Granada durante la madrugada del 24 al 25 de abril. Cerca de cuarenta calles han amanecido con sus denominaciones habituales transformadas en consignas muy parecidas a las que se escucharán este primero de mayo en Sevilla. Algunos ejemplos son los siguientes: Carril del transporte gratuito, Esquina tod@s somos putas, Calle del dinero gratis, Paseo de la Libertad de movimiento, Plaza abajo el trabajo. Mediante este milagro, Nuestra Señora de la Precariedad convoca a toda la ciudadanía al Mayday sur 2006, que por segundo año consecutivo concentrará en Sevilla a miles de personas durante un largo fin de semana.


Argentina, 25.04.2006 09:39

Comunidad Cayún en Chubut

From the Newswire

Perth, 25.04.2006 07:40

Chernobyl Day Action: Wed 26 April

Aksi Pawai Bhinneka Tunggal Ika: Ribuan masyarakat menolak RUU Pornografi

Jakarta, 25.04.2006 07:38

Karnaval Budaya menolak RUU APP Karnaval Budaya Menolak Rancangan Undang-Undang Pornografi (RUU Anti Pornografi dan Pornoaksi/RUU-APP) dengan tema “Pawai Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” berlangsung hari ini (Sabtu, 22/4). Sejak pagi hari ribuan orang dari berbagai elemen masyarakat – aktivis perempuan, seniman, artis, masyarakat adat, budayawan, rohaniwan, mahasiswa, komunitas waria, komunitas muslim perjuangan, dll – berdatangan menuju titik berkumpul di Monumen Nasional (Monas). Aksi ini dikoordinir oleh Aliansi Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. ...

Tuesday: Panel Discussion &quot;Why is it Time to Change Our Drug Laws?&quot;

Urbana-Champaign, 25.04.2006 06:41

The Channing-Murray April Social Justice Forum will be a Panel Discussion entitled "Why is it Time to Change Our Drug Laws? How UIUC and C-U Drug Policies Affect ALL of Us." Tuesday, April 25, 7:00 p.m. at the Channing-Murray Foundation, 1209 W. Oregon, Urbana It is free and open to the public

The Gran Boicott is on, and the troqueros are in

LA, 25.04.2006 06:39

The Gran Boicott is on, and the troqueros are in

comunicado de prensa

Argentina, 25.04.2006 05:39


comunicado de prensa

Argentina, 25.04.2006 05:39

La Plata: Se tomó el Rectorado

New Zealand Workers prepare for a Showdown with Nats

Aotearoa, 25.04.2006 04:11

The Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU) which represents 50,000 workers in 10 industries has announced its intention to hold a mass stopwork meeting and then march on Parliament on July 20 – 90 days from today. [Press Release] The protest action has been planned to scare Wayne Mapp, the National Party industrial relations spokesperson, into scrapping the Employment Relations (Probationary Employment) Amendment Bill, which would allow employers to sack new workers within ninety days of starting a new job. “It will affect everybody – from a 16-year-old starting his or her first job, to the 45-year-old with a mortgage and family to support. They could be sacked without even being given a reason, and won’t be able to do a thing about it” said Andrew Little from the EPMU. It is particularly ironic that the EPMU have decided to give Mapp ninety days notice of nation wide stoppages as the same length of time will be given to new workers until they hae job security. Links: CTU | Rank and File blog | Labourstart

Filistin: Duvara karşı şiddetsiz eylemler

Istanbul, 25.04.2006 03:09

İşgal altındaki Filistin'de duvara karşı şiddetsiz eylemler

Resumo do V Congresso Ibero-Americano de Educação Ambiental

Brasil, 25.04.2006 03:09


Casa do Estudante itinerante

Brasil, 25.04.2006 03:09



Santa Barbara, 25.04.2006 03:08

Thursday, April 20 2006 Santa Barbara The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) approved today by a 12-0-1 vote (Solvang abstained) an ambitious expenditure plan to extend for 30 years the current Measure D sales tax for transportation purposes set to expire in 2010. Agreement on this plan represents a historic moment for SBCAG, capping a contentious and divisive process that pitted road maintenance against transit needs; South Coast against North County; local control versus regional projects; and freeway widening against commuter rail. When the dust settled, the Board emerged unified and most of the attending public erupted in cheers.

&quot;Avrupa Alternatif Direnişi&quot;

Istanbul, 25.04.2006 02:40

Baskılara karşı "Avrupa Alternatif Direnişi"

Earth Day Rally At Dickson Landfill

Tennessee, 25.04.2006 01:10

The Tennessee Coalition for Environmental Justice held a rally on Earth Day, April 22, at 9 a.m., with members of the group and concerned Dickson citizens to call for clean up of the landfill. "People are breathing off-gassing chemicals and particles of pollution including the landfill leakage," said landfill neighbor and Dickson citizen Mary Wright. "We stand here today, on Earth Day, to fight of the health of all Dickson's residents," she continued. Participants at the rally held signs to protest the landfill's negative effects on the community. TCEJ released a letter to the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, James Fyke, and Dickson County Mayor, Linda Frazier, calling for public hearings on contamination, consideration of alternative remedies, and prosecution of environmental crimes.

What Is The Sindo and The Rest of O'Reilly's Empire Doing?

Ireland, 25.04.2006 00:09

Like any other open publishing site Indymedia attr ...

Movimentos sociais ocupam a Conder em Salvador

Brasil, 25.04.2006 00:09


indymedia toscana

Italy, 24.04.2006 22:40

Partecipa a Indymedia Toscana

1916 - Connolly, blood sacrifice and defeating British imperialism

Ireland, 24.04.2006 21:09

For the actual 90th anniversary The Easter rising ...

State Hired Goons and The Grumpy Authoritarian Ego-Trippers

Ireland, 24.04.2006 18:11

The reactionaries are in possession of force, in n ...

Burbank: Standoff in the Street

LA, 24.04.2006 17:40

Burbank: Standoff in the Street

Liberi tutti

Italy, 24.04.2006 16:40

Liberi tutti

Mel and Floyd, April 21, 2006

Madison, 24.04.2006 16:09

The April 21, 2006 show.

Rejoinder to CNN's Coverage of Yesterday's Protest in Kathmandu

Madison, 24.04.2006 16:09

IndyMedia's on-site reporter provides a rejoinder to CNN Anchor Tony Harris's and reporter Jitendra Bindra's coverage of yesterday's protest in Kathmandu in Saturday's Morning News. [Originally drafted as a letter which due to its length was not accepted by CNN's website.]

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