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Donald Nelson Released From Prison

Tennessee, 27.04.2006 18:10

Arrested for Protesting Against Terrorism Donald Nelson received a hero’s warm welcome at The Farm Welcome Center. A crowd of friends welcomed him home from a three month stint in jail in Memphis for protesting the terrorist training camp in Ft. Benning in Columbus, GA. A banner was unfurled, many hugs were exchanged and his lawyer, Alan Graf, brought a portable guitar amp up to the gate to play a rousing Jimi Hendrix version of the Star Spangled Banner. He looked tired and thinner, and glad to be free. When asked if he was going to climb the fence again, he said, “No! I am not going back.” But he is going to keep on working to have America do the right thing and stop training terrorists for South American dictators. “I consider closing down the SOA, [now named WHINSEC], an important goal. We must continue to let our congress people know our wishes.”


Barcelona, 27.04.2006 18:10

Tres de Gràcia: ¡caso archivado!

Absolución total para los 3 de Gràcia ::: Comunicado d'Endavant sobre los Tres de Gràcia

4 abr: Se consiguen hasta 3.000 firmas "de autoinculpaciones" + 9 abr: Más de 2.000 personas se manifiestan por las calles de la vila de Gràcia en apoyo a los tres Gràcia

+info:>>>criminalización +

New Study Reveals Oregonian Double-Standard

Portland, 27.04.2006 17:39

As the only daily newspaper in the State of Oregon with state-wide circulation and the largest newspaper in the Pacific Northwest, the Opinion Page editors of The Oregonian carry the burden of a public trust to provide a wide-open forum for debate on the pressing issues of our day. With respect to the debate on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, however, the editors of the Opinion Pages have failed to meet their obligations to the public.

This report documents the findings of a one-year study of the Opinion Pages of The Oregonian conducted by Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights and Palestine Media Watch. Specifically, this report is concerned with the content presented in The Oregonian's Editorial Section and the newspaper's selection of commentaries, cartoons, and letters to the editor dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the period beginning on June 1, 2004 and ending on May 31, 2005.

read the full report...

related: Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights | "Fuck the Corporate Media" Video

Support Jailed DC Protesters Against School of the Americas

DC, 27.04.2006 17:13

Support the Prisoners On Tuesday April 11, two DC residents and twenty seven other SOA Watch human rights advocates from around the United States reported to federal prisons to begin serving sentences of one to six months for their acts of nonviolent civil disobedience opposing the controversial U.S. Army's School of the Americas (SOA/ WHINSEC). The 29 - ranging in age from 19 to 81 - are among 37 people arrested at Fort Benning last November and later sentenced in a federal court. They joined four others already serving prison time for the same action.

Chernobyl 20th Anniversary

Madison, 27.04.2006 17:11

WORT-FM's "In Our Backyard" News reports on the 20th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident.

Violencia cotidiana

Argentina, 27.04.2006 15:09

¿Crimenes Pasionales?

&quot;Let's Impeach the President&quot; featured song on new Neil Young protest album

Miami, 27.04.2006 15:08

"Let's Impeach the President" featured song on new Neil Young protest album

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 27.04.2006 14:09

Ten things you didn't learn about nuclear power on this the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

A prisão como oportunidade de negócio

Portugal, 27.04.2006 11:40

A prisão como oportunidade de negócio

criminalització i repressio (ca)

Barcelona, 27.04.2006 10:10

Tres de Gràcia: cas arxivat!

Absolució total per als 3 de Gràcia ::: Comunicat d'Endavant sobre els Tres de Gràcia

4 abr: S´aconsegueixen fins a 3.000 signatures "d'autoinculpacions" + 9 abr: Més de 2.000 persones es manifesten pels carrers de la vila de Gràcia en suport als tres de Gràcia

+info:>>>criminalització +

criminalización y represión (es)

Barcelona, 27.04.2006 10:10

Tres de Gràcia: ¡caso archivado!

Absolución total para los 3 de Gràcia ::: Comunicado d'Endavant sobre los Tres de Gràcia

4 abr: Se consiguen hasta 3.000 firmas "de autoinculpaciones" + 9 abr: Más de 2.000 personas se manifiestan por las calles de la vila de Gràcia en apoyo a los tres Gràcia

+info:>>>criminalización +

Transcripción de la charla sobre Las Heras

Argentina, 27.04.2006 08:39

"Quisieron desgastarnos para que no nos escuchara nadie"


Colombia, 27.04.2006 08:39


mañana habrá marcha a Plaza de Mayo

Argentina, 27.04.2006 07:09

A 15 años de la muerte de Bulacio

El Estado sigue torturando y matando

Argentina, 27.04.2006 05:39

A 15 años de la muerte de Bulacio

Casa Militar bloqueia negociações e movimentos sociais continuam mobilização

Brasil, 27.04.2006 05:39


UM Court Injunction Stops Free Speech &amp; Demonstrations on University Campus

Miami, 27.04.2006 04:08

UM Court Injunction Stops Free Speech & Demonstrations on University Campus

sexta argentina

Argentina, 27.04.2006 03:39

Beaverton Wal-Mart Public Hearing &amp; Opposition Rally

Portland, 27.04.2006 03:38

The City of Beaverton public hearings on Wal-Mart will be held May 2-3, and Save Cedar Mill will host a rally outside on the first night, [Tuesday] May 2 at 6pm. This historic event includes great speakers and live music and will be held at Griffith Park (across from the Beaverton City Hall [4755 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton]). Your help is needed to show overwhelming opposition to the project! ... Because the City Council Chambers has limited capacity, Save Cedar Mill will host a rally to help show our strength and support for those testifying on the first night, May 2 at 6pm...

For more than a year, we've prepared ourselves for this moment. If you've been wondering how to participate, this is the time to jump in! A huge crowd at Griffith Park will show the City of Beaverton, in a clear and concise voice, how important this issue is to our community... It will be an event to remember--and announce to Beaverton in a loud, unambiguous voice, that we do not want a Wal-Mart in Cedar Mill, Beaverton or beyond!

6-2-06: 700-ton mushroom cloud in Nevada

Portland, 27.04.2006 03:38

Divine Strake... " is the first time in Nevada that you'll see a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas since we stopped testing nuclear weapons." --James Tegnelia, head of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency ... The Nuclear Information Project website ... documents nuclear policy and operations utilizing declassified government documents. It provides a very good overview of the technical aspects of this test and contains maps and illustrations.

Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone grandmother and Executive Director of the Western Shoshone Defense Project, "The U.S. has named this 700 ton explosive 'Divine Strake'. It's a mystery why they use 'devine.'..." According to Raymond Yowell, Chief of the Western Shoshone National Council, "We're opposed to any further military testing on Shoshone lands. This is a direct violation of the CERD finding and an affront to our religious belief - Mother Earth is sacred and should not be harmed. All people who are opposed to these actions by the U.S. should step forward and make their opposition known."

[ Read More ] [ What's the latest news on operation "Divine Strake" bomb test, scheduled June 2 in Nevada? | Weapons Test or Divine Provocation? | DIVINE STRAKE | Shundahai Network: the Divine Strake Test | April 4, 2006 joint press release of Shundahai Network and Western Shoshone Defense Project ]

Pela segunda vez, MST ocupa fazenda da Aracruz no ES

Brasil, 27.04.2006 03:09


feria de publicaciones

Argentina, 27.04.2006 02:41

Atina: Faşist saldırı

Istanbul, 27.04.2006 02:09

Atina: Panteion Üniversitesinde silahlı faşist saldırı, 3 öğrenci yaralı

L'UDEP de Liège se lance dans le mouvement des occupations d'église

Liege, 27.04.2006 02:07

Etant donné la gravité de la situation vécue par les Sans Papiers, due à la politique inhumaine, répressive et hypocrite menée par le Ministre de l'Intérieur,

situaciones cotidianas de violencia

Argentina, 27.04.2006 00:39

¿Crimenes Pasionales?


Argentina, 26.04.2006 22:39

Responsabilizan al gobernador Alperovich por brutal represión y detenciones en Tucumán

Represión y detenciones en Tucumán

Argentina, 26.04.2006 22:10

Responsabilizan al gobernador Alperovich por brutal represión y detenciones en Tucumán

Marcy Winograd Campaign Gaining Momentum, Cindy Sheehan Gives Support

LA, 26.04.2006 20:09

Marcy Winograd Campaign Gaining Momentum, Cindy Sheehan Gives Support

Rice was not welcome

Athens, 26.04.2006 18:09

Some thousants of demonstrators from the left wing and the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement demonstrated in Athens streets, as a reaction to the visit of Condoleeza Rice. Since the previous day, the riot police had blocked Pandio University, while the streets were full of police patrols and undercovered policemen since the early hours of Tuesday.

While the "high personalities" played on diplomacy and impressions during "high-level" meetings, heavy police forces (more than 3.000 policemen according the authorities) blocked main streets and went on a wider prohibition of demonstrations in the very center of Athens. When the demonstrators tried to go through the blockage, tons of tear-gas was sprayed. During the clashes which spread around, 9 people were brought before the police headquarters and 2 demonstrators were injured.

Video and photos: 1 | 2

Attacks concerning Rice's visit | Announcement of the Antiauthoritarian Movement


Colombia, 26.04.2006 17:39


May Day 2006: El Gran Paro Americano

Boston, 26.04.2006 16:10

May Day will mark a historical national opportunity for immigrant and labor groups to make their voices heard while pending immigration legislation in Congress. The Great American Boycott of 2006 or a “day without immigrants” is a nationwide general strike and economic boycott to protest the anti-immigrant sentiments and actions across the country. The NOHR4437 national coalition, which has its stronguest roots in Los Angeles, California, is calling for full amnesty and dignity for the millions of undocumented workers presently in the U.S.

Halliburton Protest Moves to Oklahoma

Oklahoma, 26.04.2006 15:39

"You can run, but you can't hide, even in the heartland" Announcement Halliburton has moved it's annual shareholder's meeting from Houston to Duncan, Ok. Protests have taken place in Houston for the last three years and moving the meeting to Oklahoma is not going to change that situation. Groups from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, California and Louisiana will come together in Duncan to tell Halliburton that they can run, but they can't hide, even in the heartland. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, April 21, 2006 Contact: OK Veterans For Peace Jon Cantrell (405) 317-8826 AntiWarFair Coaltion Darla Shelden (405) 840-0244 OKLAHOMANS TO JOIN PROTEST IN DUNCAN, OK HOUSTON GLOBAL AWARENESS COLLECTIVE ANNOUNCES PLANS TO FOLLOW HALLIBURTON TO DUNCAN, OK FOR ITS MAY 17 SHAREHOLDERS’ MEETING Oklahoma City - On March 16, the Halliburton Corporation announced that its 2006 shareholders’ meeting will be held in founder, Erle P. Halliburton’s hometown of Duncan, Oklahoma. Traditionally held in Houston, Texas at the Four Seasons Hotel, Halliburton’s annual shareholders’ meeting has become a lightning rod for the local community’s outrage and protests organized by the Houston Global Awareness Collective (HGAC). Last year’s protest resulted in the arrest of eight Houstonians engaging in non-violent civil disobedience inside the hotel with eight additional arrests taking place during the rally outside the hotel. Oklahomans will be joining in on the peaceful demonstration held in Duncan at the Simmons Center along with other groups such as CorpWatch, Global Exchange, Halliburton Watch and a group from New Orleans to represent Katrina victims. For nearly three years, HGAC has organized spirited protests, educational forums and corporate counter-recruitment campaigns against Halliburton and its subsidiary, KBR. Maureen Haver, a member of the grassroots organization, explains their grievances with Halliburton, “Halliburton represents Corporate America run amok. With Halliburton you find war profiteering and crooked accounting practices in Iraq, bribe scandals in Nigeria and shameless exploitation of the Katrina tragedy. The public’s patience with scandal plagued corporations is waning and if the government officials won’t hold corporate cronies like Halliburton accountable, the people will.” Protesters plan to make their presence known in Duncan, Oklahoma on May 17, 2006 and are encouraged by the fact that Halliburton is so afraid of public scrutiny that it would relocate a major meeting to a remote small town in the middle of Oklahoma. The move certainly calls their community leadership, business acumen and investment value into question. Organizations in and around the state including Oklahoma Veterans for Peace, AntiWarFair Coalition the Peace House and Bring Them Home (Norman) have expressed a commitment to attend the event taking place in Duncan, OK on May 17, 2006. In recent days Halliburton has garnered even more negative attention with reports that their subsidiary KBR knowingly exposed U.S. soldiers to contaminated water that could have potentially led to sickness and death. “There are so many Halliburton misdeeds it is hard to keep track,” observes HGAC member Rachel Clarke-Alvarez, “but on May 17 we will be in Duncan, Oklahoma to remind Halliburton of each and every one of them.” Event Details: Who: Oklahomans, Texans, Lousianans and other globally concerned citizens What: Peaceful demonstration at Halliburton shareholders’ meeting When: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 @ 8:00 AM Where: Simmons Center - 800 Chisholm Trail Parkway , Duncan, OK 73533 ///  

Pine Gap

Perth, 26.04.2006 15:11

Alice Springs storms Pine Gap

1st Hr - Mike Cannon Show for April 24, 2006

Madison, 26.04.2006 15:10

Download for this weeks show

Recording of lecture by Mustapha Barghouthi, Palestinian MP, 4/25 at UW

Madison, 26.04.2006 15:09

"Peace and Democracy: The Reality of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict" Recorded Tuesday, April 25, 7:00 pm, at 1100 Grainger Hall, 975 University Ave. Dr Barghouthi will also be speaking tomorrow: "Democracy in Palestine: The Role of Civil Society" Wednesday, April 26, 4:00 pm, Pyle Center Vanderburg Auditorium Rm 121, 702 Langdon St.

UM Contractor UNICCO on OSHA 12 Worst Health &amp; Safety Violators List

Miami, 26.04.2006 15:08

UM Contractor UNICCO on OSHA 12 Worst Health & Safety Violators List

Imprisoned without trial in Scotland

Scotland, 26.04.2006 14:40

Scotland Against Criminalising Communities have expressed alarm at the arrest of three more men in the Stirling area on Monday under “anti-terrorism” legislation. These arrests follow the arrest of Mohammed Atif Siddique at his family’s home in Alva on 13 April. At the time of writing Mohammed has been imprisoned without charge for 12 days. If he had been suspected of serial murder, armed robbery, rape, or any other "non-terrorist" offence, police would have had to charge him within 36 hours or release him.

Hartz IV wird noch schlimmer

Germany, 26.04.2006 14:40

"SPD-Minister Müntefering will Jobverweigerer härter anpacken" schreibt die Presse (Focus vom 24.4.06). Eine Steigerungsmöglichkeit der Fiesheiten bei Hartz IV können sich Erwerbslose schon lange nicht mehr vorstellen. Nun sollen die Erwerbslosen noch weiter ausgehungert werden, damit sie ja schnell wieder für einen Billiglohn schuften gehen. Das neue Horrorszenario nennt sich SGB II - Optimierungsgesetz und sieht massive Kürzungen bei ALG II-EmpfängerInnen vor. | | Demo 3.6.2006 | Gegen Zwangsumzüge |

Requiem ao sentido de um jardim

Portugal, 26.04.2006 13:10

Requiem ao sentido de um jardim

Estudantes organizam Frente Única contra o Salvador Card e ocupam as ruas

Brasil, 26.04.2006 13:10


Гостевой доступ

Belarus, 26.04.2006 13:07

Busker Sues Seattle Market Over Free Speech

Portland, 26.04.2006 10:39

Everyone knows how absolutely dangerous it is to have a woman standing in the public square singing AT AUDIBLE LEVELS about women's rights, birth control, deadbeat dads, saving our forests, and civil rights issues. When people cannot figure out how to ban me from busking on political content, they resort to scratching around for some other way to shut me down (or shut me up, more realistically). Santa Cruz tried calling my work "obscene" which failed...

URGENT ALERT! Act Now to Save PEG Access and an Open Internet!

Portland, 26.04.2006 10:39

The future of your PEG community television stations and your access to an open internet are being decided this week in Congress!

Take action now!

This week the Commerce Committee of the Congress will mark-up and vote on the Barton/COPE Act. The COPE Act will create new rules allowing the Phone Companies to enter the business of video delivery - but the legislation changes existing rules and protections in ways that will adversely impact on community media and democratic principles.

Free Solar Clothes Dryer!

Portland, 26.04.2006 10:39

A clothes dryer is one of the largest consumers of electricity in most people's homes. When the sun is out like today, you can dry your clothes for free by hanging them.

Hanging clothes is good for the planet, good for your wallet and has spiritual benefits as well. I started hang drying my clothes about 15 years ago and love the simple pleasure of this task. It's really amazing how fast they will dry in warm weather like we currently have. In the late fall and early spring, I time my laundry days with the sun. As the weather improves, almost every day is excellent for hang drying and clothes will typcially be dry in about 4-8 hours.

Schumacher Furs Protest Report (Earth Day), April 22

Portland, 26.04.2006 10:39

About 40 people joined us at Schumacher Furs throughout Saturday to protest the fur industry's cruel treatment of animals. We chanted enthusiastically, leafleted, did street theater, made chalk drawings of animals on the sidewalk, and ate vegan food (bagels and toppings, brownies, blueberry muffins, and doughnuts donated to us by Voodoo doughnuts).

It was a good-natured protest, and many passers-by thanked us for our presence and stopped to watch our video of how animals are used for the fur industry. And, despite the invitation by certain AM radio hosts for masses of their listeners to come down and give us a hard time or to counter-protest, that really hasn't come to pass, as people who like fur coats seem to be as apathetic about supporting Schumacher in their unethical business as they are about animal cruelty. However, one man in an old red Corvette convertible pulled up to us and stopped. He started berating us for protesting, while his little white terrier with blue ribbons on her head watched curiously from her fluffy cream-colored dog car seat. The man told us how much he loved fur. One of us pointed out that in China his little dog could legally be beaten to death and made into fur (and then sold in the international fur trade). The man then yelled out a string of obscenities as he peeled out, literally leaving a cloud of smoke. As he sped off, the little dog jumped up in apparent fright, her eyes wide.

Amanda Fritz LIVE on Got Soul Radio Wed. April 26 3pm

Portland, 26.04.2006 10:39

From Amanda's campaign website: "For 20 years, I've been an activist and an advocate, making a difference in neighborhoods, schools, parks, and holding development accountable to the Portland way. My experience is in Portland from the citizens' perspective - an 'outsider' helping others get what they need from government - and I'm proud of my record of getting results."

Tune in to listen to Amanda tackling the tough issues facing our community and telling us a bit about herself and why she's running for office. Could she become the beacon of hope to benefit our bustling boroughs? Find out next time on Got Soul Radio? April 26, 2006!

Participate in the discussion by e-mail, phone, or AOL IM at 3pm Pacific

Packer's Field MayDay Mobilisation

Bristol, 26.04.2006 09:38

Time for traditional Bristolian MayDay Revolt: This year it's the Packers Field Funday Time for traditional Bristolian MayDay Revolt: This year it's the Packers Field Funday Packers Field writes: Monday May 1st, May Day. Once again Packer’s Field will be in the caring hands of the local community, reverberating to the sound of games, music, dancing and laughter. Following the success of the two previous fun days, Packers Field will again play host to a dazzling array of sights, sounds and activity. There will be 7-a-side football for the friendly-yet-competitive, softball for the ‘swingers’ amongst you, music for dancing, food for eating, and information on the campaign to digest at your leisure. There will also be an exclusive maypole dance by Bristol’s premier can-can troupe, and activities for children to divert their eyes to! “We want more!”, I hear you cry. More?!?! What if we throw some local art and some martial arts into the equation? I thought as much, and there may yet be more...The Packers Field campaign continues to go from strength to strength, and May Day is a chance to remember why we are fighting to keep it free and open to the community. This is our vision of a safe, green, fun environment- not fences, concrete and hire charges. Please come along, show your support for the campaign, and have a cracking good afternoon into the bargain. All are welcome. Full article | Packers Field- Important public meeting on Tuesday 14th March | May Day flyer | Packers Field - A SPECIAL REPORT (from The Bristolian issue 100) | | Mayday from the Archives: Critical Mass Bristol Mayday (2002) | MAYDAY "LIBERATION"/ OCCUPATION OF LABOUR PARTY OFFICES (2003) | Cowboys in Library Rooftop Rodeo! (2003) | Urban75's MayDay Archive |

Indymedia Córdoba Talleres de Comunicación 2006

Argentina, 26.04.2006 09:09

¡Y se va la segunda!

Convocatoria unitaria en el cordón industrial

Argentina, 26.04.2006 09:09

Primero de Mayo frente a ICI

Rebelión contra el Rey

Argentina, 26.04.2006 09:09

Represión, huelga y crisis política en Nepal

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