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Fredericton Solidarity with Immigrant General Strike

Maritimes, 29.04.2006 04:10

May Day Immigrant General Strike: Solidarity Action in Fredericton

Condiciones precarias de trabajo en Gran Bs.As.

Argentina, 29.04.2006 01:09

Obrero del Plan Federal de Vivienda muere electrocutado

Día Internacional del Trabajadxr

Argentina, 28.04.2006 23:09

Actividades por el 1 de Mayo en Córdoba

Condiciones precarias de trabajo en Gran Bs.As.

Argentina, 28.04.2006 23:09

Obrero del Plan Federal de Vivienda muere electrocutado

Encuentro zapatista en la ciudad de Rosario

Argentina, 28.04.2006 23:09

1.Mai: ArbeiterInnenkampftag

Austria, 28.04.2006 22:37

Alle Jahre wieder zum 1.Mai geht der Widerstand gegen Obrigkeiten auf die Strassen. Der Kampftag steht als Symbol für Solidarisierung der ArbeiterInnen in der ganzen Welt.
In Wien wird, neben anderen Städten in Europa, versucht mit der EuroMayDay-Parade sich von traditionellen Maiaufmärschen zu unterscheiden. Thematisert wird dabei vor allem die Prekarisierung der Arbeits- und Lebensverhältnisse. Treffpunkt: 14°°Uhr Yppenplatz. []

weitere Demotermine:
Innsbruck 12°° Uhr, Rapoldipark [Aufruf] +++ Bregenz 13°°, Uhr Remisee +++ Graz 10°°, Uhr Hauptbahnhof [Aufruf] +++ Salzburg 11°°, Uhr Hauptbahnhof [Aufruf]

&quot;Quando a dor vira resistência&quot;

Brasil, 28.04.2006 22:09


&quot;Quando a dor vira resistência&quot;

Brasil, 28.04.2006 22:09


Mayday Weekend 2006

United Kingdom, 28.04.2006 20:09

This year, Mayday and the weekend before sees a number of events ranging from conferences to protest parades, with some focussing on the issues of 'precarity' and 'immaterial labour'.

In Cambridge, Friday to Sunday sees the "Immaterial Labour, Multitudes, and New Social Subjects" Conference, with a live audio-stream available at and an IRC chat room at   Saturday 29th in Cambridge also sees a Critical Mass Bike Ride and a Defend Public Services Protest.

In London on Saturday and Sunday, the Square Social Centre is the venue for a series of events, including a two-day conference Anarchism 06: 21st Century ideas and Action - which includes films, discussions and sessions on union workplace organising, autonomous workers struggles, the recent anti-CPE uprisings in France, the Broadway Market occupation in Hackney, the future of social centres, and the significance of Mayday in political struggles (see full programme).

On May 1st, there's a morning critical mass bicycle ride, meeting at 11am under Waterloo Bridge, while at 2pm the SpaceHijackers are holding a tongue-in-cheek 'Police Victory' street party outside the Bank of England. The annual Trade Union march is combined with a national march for workplace justice, and is meeting at 12 noon at Clerkenwell Green before marching to Trafalger Square for speeches.

There's also an Autonomous Mayday Parade Bloc organised for the march, which is being held in solidarity with other EuroMayDay events happening around Europe. The EuroMayDay parades of the last few years have brought together casualised workers, temps and part-time workers, migrants and the unemployed, organising together around the theme of 'precarity', insecurity and workers rights. The autonomous parade is also calling for freedom of movement across borders for everyone, and the right for people to stay and work in the country of their choosing - see London NoBorders Mayday Statement.

Mayday also marks Six years of Indymedia UK, which started by covering the london Reclaim Mayday protests of 2000.

Other Mayday Events:
Manchester Mayday Weekend Events + Protests | Fri 29 Critical Mass | Sat 29 Anti-Nuclear Demo | Sun 30 Anti-Capitalist Carnival + Picnic | Mon 1 TU March
Glasgow Mayday Parade - May 1st | Merseyside: May Day March and Festival | Nottingham: Rally Sat 29th + Party 30th April | Bradford: 1in12 Club's 25th Anniversary - a week of events including Mayday March and Anarchist Football tournament in Leeds | Medway Trades Union Council Event

10 More Reasons to Boycott Harvard

Boston, 28.04.2006 20:09

#media_10269;left# Besides Harvard economist destabilization of Russia, besides Harvard investment in war, slaughterhouses, earth destruction, besides Harvard's abuse of the community and exploitation of labor, Harvard is one of the world's most barbaric animal torturers.

Biolab Protestor Arrested at BU President Robert Brown’s Inauguration Ceremony

Boston, 28.04.2006 20:09

Today, during the inaugural ceremony of Robert Brown as Boston University's 10th president, a biolab protestor was arrested after speaking up against the lab - while two other protestors were escorted off the premises. “Boston University has now resorted to arresting those who voice opinions against the biolab. What next?” said Dylan Bergman, area resident. “It’s pretty clear they’ll do whatever it takes in order to silence the issue.”

biji kurdistan

Italy, 28.04.2006 18:40

Rivolta popolare e repressione in Kurdistan

Protest to commemorate 23 workers killed in work related accidents

Ireland, 28.04.2006 17:11

A large protest took place outside the offices of ...

Estudantes não participam da posse do reitor na UFPR

Brasil, 28.04.2006 17:10


1 de mayo 06

Valencia, 28.04.2006 17:08

TENEMOS DERECHO... A TENER DERECHOS. 1º de Mayo del Precariado. MaydaySur06

COS: 1er de mayo: Basta de reformas laborales! defendamos lo que es nuestro!

Mueren dos trabajadores en El Corte Inglés de Valencia.
CNT-Barcelona: continuan las acciones de CNT-Mercadona en el 26 dia de
huelga indefinida

Video manifestacion contra la reforma laboral 1-4-06 Madrid, CNT
CCOO y UGT acuerdan la Reforma Laboral: Despidos Baratos y Precariedad

La CNT en la calle contra la Reforma Laboral

1 de abril jornada de lucha de CNT contra la Reforma Laboral

La CNT denuncia que la Guardia Civil impide informar a los trabajadores de la huelga de Mercadona
Francia: Graves pertrubaciones en el transporte en la jornada de protesta
contra el Contrato de Primera Ocupación

El Liceo Francés de Valencia en huelga contra el C.P.E.
Graves disturbios al término de una protesta estudiantil en París contra la reforma laboral.
CGT denuncia abusos policiales a un militante anarcosindicalista

EU quiere que se prohíba un acto neonazi en el cap-i-casal

1 de Mayo: Una concentración neonazi al lado de la UGT

El Gobierno autoritza un acte neonazi en València el 1 de mayo, día de los trabajadores!!!

Concierto nazi 1 de mayo Valencia

Cascadians Will Soon Hoist 'The Doug'

Portland, 28.04.2006 16:39

In the following weeks, at least 13 individuals who hail the Pacific Northwest (both "American" and "Canadian") as their home, will be hoisting a new flag that has a new message: consciousness.

Western expansion, capitalism, excessive consumption, globalization, Manifest Destiny, American Imperialism, whatever you want to call it, it has to end, or it will end on its own abruptly and harmfully. The Earth cannot handle it anymore, yet sadly, the current deliberation on the War on Terrorism, 9/11, Peak Oil, and Gas Prices is not encouraging peace, love and happiness, but is instead encouraging continual war, a blaming game where someone or something is responsible for all the world's fixable problems. As many continue down an unforgiving path, others continue building a new road.

The Doug Flag is not like any other flag. It is about a connection and a willingness to fight in the name of the land even against all odds. It is democracy and ending oligarchy. It is the end of aristocracy and believing that all men and women are created equal. It is about taking your time, enjoying nature and drinking good beer. It is about white men finally listening to the indigenous populations. It is about communicating with people you wouldn't usually communicate with. The Doug Flag is Cascadia and now it is time to hoist one of your own.

read the full article...

other recent cascadia stories: Where is the Anarchist Postal Service? Cascadia needs a Bioregional Communication Network (4.28.06) | Cascadia GovSim (4.28.06) | Rise Up Cascadia! (4.27.06) | totem poles as memes of social change (4.21.06) | Cascadia similarities fading? (4.05.06) | Cascadian Independence and the Greens? a discussion for Cascadians. (2.12.06) | Cascadia For the Rest of Us (1.31.06) | Memetic Cascadia (1.21.06)

Immaterial Labour

United Kingdom, 28.04.2006 16:09

Ed Emery of the Universitas adversitatis has organized the "Immaterial Labour, Multitudes, and New Social Subjects: Class Composition in Cognitive Capitalism" Conference in Cambridge this weekend (August 28-30th). This conference will be feature a large international gathering of radicals and militants, with a focus on autonomous inquiry in the digital era and a keynote open to the public by Antonio Negri, co-author of Empire.

This diverse revolutionary current believes that the era of the "material labour" of the factory has been superseded by the "immaterial labour" that includes unpaid family work, "service with a smile" and the production of affects, and symbolic-linguistic production such as computer programming and entertainment. There is also an increased focus on the cybernetic communications of both capital, and as opposed to vanguard parties, the natural antagonism of labour to capitalism and their ability to subvert their own machinery - including the Internet (see texts related to the themes of our conference).

Antonio Negri will give his keynote in French on the evening of the 28th on the topic of "J.M. Keynes, Guaranteed Minimum Income and the Recent Events in France," an analysis of the recent revolt in France against the neoliberal CPE.

To make this conference as widely available, there will be live audio-stream available on and an IRC chat room at This room will allow people, regardless of their location in space, to discuss the speakers and ask questions. A full archive will also be made.

Activists combat efforts to kill Internet freedom

Richmond, 28.04.2006 16:08

A 2005 Supreme Court ruling opened the door for possible future discrimination of internet content by American internet service providers. Previously, ISPs could not discriminate against creating or accessing unprofitable, unpopular, or "controversial" content, but that could soon change if the principle of network neutrality on the internet isn't maintained.

How to Improvise Your Own Indie Store and Beat Back the Chains (a book review)

Richmond, 28.04.2006 16:08

There’s this book you want to buy. You could order it online from Amazon, but wouldn’t it be nice to browse a little and maybe buy a cup of coffee too? So you head to the nearest bookstore, Borders (or is it Barnes and Noble in your neighborhood?). Check the bargain table. Nothing interesting, but the glossy photos are pretty. Well, here’s an interesting novel. Fifteen dollars for a paperback! Forget it. Now for the book you’ve been coveting: not in stock. You hunt down a harried-looking clerk who tells you it will ship in seven days, just follow her and she’ll order it online. And are you interested in Super-Sizing your order for an extra fifteen dollars? If you join Hooked on Books you will save 10% on every third title for a year.

Maine Video Activists Network on DTV!

Maine, 28.04.2006 16:08

This article explains how you can watch and share video content over the internet and subscribe the to the Maine Video Activists Network for free!

Global Labor Leaders Ask UM President Donna Shalala to Intervene in Strike

Miami, 28.04.2006 16:07

Global Labor Leaders Ask UM President Donna Shalala to Intervene in Strike

1 Maig 06

Valencia, 28.04.2006 16:07

Tenim dret... A tindre drets". 1º de Maig del Precariat. MaydaySur06

L'errada que va ser privatitzar SEAT


Moren dos treballadors al Corte Inglés de València.

CNT-Barcelona: continuen les accions de CNT-Mercadona en el 26 dia devaga indefinida

Video manifestació contra la reforma laboral 1-4-06 Madrid, CNT

CCOO y UGT acuerden una Reforma Laboral: Acomiadaments barats i precaritat

La CNT en el carrer contra la Reforma Laboral

1 d'abril jornada de lluita de CNT contra la Reforma Laboral

La CNT denúncia que la Guardia Civil impedeix informar els treballadorsa la vaga de Mercadona

[França Greus pertorbacions en el transport en la jornada de protestacontra el Contracte de Primera Ocupació]

El Liceo Francés de València en vaga contra el C.P.E.

Greus disturbis al finalitzar una protesta d'estudiants en Paris contra la reforma laboral.

CGT denúncia abusos policials a un militant anarcosindicalista


EU vol que es prohibisca un acte neonazi al cap-i-casal

1 de Maig: Una concentració neonazi al costat de la d'UGT

El Govern autoritza un acte neonazi a València l'u de maig, dia dels treballadors!!!

Concert nazi 1 de maig a València

Belfast anti-war group exposes the bloody truth of Thales Air Defence war profits

Ireland, 28.04.2006 10:40

This morning, Thursday 27 April peace activists fr ...

MAY DAY!!! Hari Buruh akan tiba!!!

Jakarta, 28.04.2006 08:38

kaum buruh, kaum miskin kota, semua rakyat tertindas bersatu!!! May Day (Hari Buruh) hampir tiba, 1 mei nanti seluruh rakyat tertindas dan kaum pekerja diseluruh dunia akan bersatu merayakan kemerdekaan mereka, merayakan eksistensi dari perjuangan mereka, merayakan bahwa mereka adalah bagian dari dunia sehingga juga mampu menggoyangkan dunia, dan memperjuangkan agar kaum tertindas tidak lagi tertindas dan dapat hidup berdampingan satu dengan yang lain dalam kesetaraan dan dalam asas kemanusiaan. ...

From the Newswire

Perth, 28.04.2006 08:10


Pobres &amp; Nojentas: nova revista em Florianópolis

Brasil, 28.04.2006 08:09


other issues (en)

Barcelona, 28.04.2006 07:10

[29th April]: Disobedience to civility by-laws' Day:

>>> Programme: [All day in Rambla del Raval]: Disobedience to civility by-laws' Day

[11h at Rda Sant Pau, 43]: Footing against mobbing

:: Free book: "El cielo está enladrillado. Entre el mobbing y la violencia inmobiliaria y urbanística" (the sky is full of bricks. Between mobbing and urban & property violence)

>>> +info: Criminalization & Repression ::: Speculation & squats

House Committee Approves Bill to Create Corporate Net

San Diego, 28.04.2006 07:09

Infoshop News reports that a house committee approved a bill today which threatens to turn the internet to an even more corporate dominated space. Also, on the blogwire, jake at Lying Media Bastards points out that a new Senate bill proposes to ban mp3 streaming, effectively eliminating small web broadcasters like radioActive sanDiego. A 2005 Supreme Court ruling opened the door for possible future discrimination of internet content by American internet service providers. Previously, ISPs could not discriminate against creating or accessing unprofitable, unpopular, or "controversial" content, but that could soon change if the principle of network neutrality on the internet isn't maintained.

Right now, telecom-industry-backed legislation -- bearing the name "Communications Opportunity Promotion and Enhancement (COPE) Act" -- is making its way through Congress, having passed through one key committee leading to an expected vote in the U.S. House. If the COPE Act passes in its current form, that could mean that a website like Indymedia would have to pay dramatically increased "protection money" rates to maintain access to readers, or possibly be wiped from the internet altogether.

Nevertheless, activist efforts are escalating dramatically to kill the COPE Act and preserve the open access of the internet. A wide-ranging coalition entitled SaveTheInternet has launched to spread word about the COPE Act. IMCs across America have reported about the COPE Act, and future actions are in the works.

Read more: | SaveAccess | Democracy Now! coverage | Stop the COPE Act | Short film about network neutrality


Uruguay, 28.04.2006 06:39

Tus restos acusan...

criminalization and repression (en)

Barcelona, 28.04.2006 06:10

Tres de Gràcia: case filed!

Total acquittal to the 3 de Gràcia (the 3 from Gracia) ::: Endavant's Communique about Tres de Gràcia

4 Apr: Up to 3000 "self-accusation" signatures obtained + Apr 9: Over 2000 people demonstrate in Gràcia's streets to support the tres de Gràcia

+info:>>>criminalization +


Uruguay, 28.04.2006 06:08

Adiós puerto Moon ¿hola deuda?


Uruguay, 28.04.2006 06:08

Jornadas contra el TLC


Valparaiso, 28.04.2006 06:08

Asamblea Abierta Indymedia Valparaíso

SHAC 7 Benefit Show for Josh Harper FRIDAY

Portland, 28.04.2006 05:38

All proceeds go to Josh Harper who is one of the SHAC 7 defendents and is from the Portland/Seattle area. Josh really needs this money to pay for his lawyer. He could spend years in jail for exercising his 1st ammendment rights in trying to shut down (HLS) Huntingdon Life Sciences, an animal testing lab that tests cosmetics, pesticides, household cleaners etc on animals. HLS kills 500 animals every day including dogs, cats, primates, mice, rats, birds etc.

  • 7pm
  • 4805 N ALBINA
  • 6 Bands!

Stand up for Josh!!! Stand up for Free Speech!!! | |

Antwerps Asiel

Antwerpen, 28.04.2006 05:08

Antwerps Asiel

RADIO STREAMING - Retransmision de Radio Bemba 90.7

Uruguay, 28.04.2006 04:40

Actividad por la memoria y dignidad de los pueblos.

Western Mass Indymedia Skills Workshop to be held in Northampton

Western Mass, 28.04.2006 02:09

On Saturday, May 6, at 2:00 to 3:30pm the Western Mass. Indymedia Center will be holding a media skills workshop at the Media Education Foundation, 60 Masonic Street, Northampton, Massachusetts.


Colombia, 28.04.2006 02:09

Asesinada hermana del expresidente Gaviria

Convocatoria unitaria en el cordón industrial

Argentina, 28.04.2006 00:39

Gran Rosario: Primero de Mayo frente a ICI

Convocatoria unitaria en el cordón industrial

Argentina, 28.04.2006 00:39

Gran Rosario: Primero de Mayo frente a ICI

Chew On This DVDS (Reasons to Go Veg)

Portland, 27.04.2006 22:39

I have many, many, many Chew On This DVDS, along with the High Fives and Stage Dives DVD for teenagers. If any activists feel like they'd like to have some to pass out or leave around in public places, just say so and I"ll bring them to the next fur protest.

just saw Sophie Scholl film

Portland, 27.04.2006 22:39

it was so good. i think anyone who may have to face the insanity of the current regime should have this film in their experience.
This film follows closly the last days of anti-nazi activist Sophie Scholl from her distributing of antiwar pamphlets at her school to her arrest, interrigation, trial, and death sentince. The film was closely based on interview and trail transcripts and it is amazing to hear the words of this woman who spoke truth to power in the epitome of bad settings- the center of Nazi Germany during the war.

She was so brillient and what she said hit me really hard. i think about my friends who are doing actions in Palestine, or who were beaten in Genoa, or imprisoned in Miami, or shot at in New Orleans, and this story somehow makes me feel strong. or maybe a better way of putting it is that i am reminded that strengh comes from something deeper: awareness of the world larger then these political situations. i would highly recommend seeing this film. it will only be playing in portland for a few days. Call to action

Portland, 27.04.2006 22:39

volunteers with hearts intact welcome! Looking back at my past 3 seasons working for the Buffalo Field Campaign, I realized how much those who advocate for the wild resort to learning the language of the bureaucrats and the economists to save what they love. If the forest is to be left uncut or the river left undammed, the alternative must save money or have some sort of benefit for humans. Then, and only then, do the trees remain standing and the salmon swim upstream to spawn.

Likewise, when people who fight for the buffalos' inherent right to migrate towards greener grass try to convince politicians and lobby groups, they are forced to communicate with facts and statistics, bar graphs and spreadsheets. They are forced to play the game. There are many reasons why the buffalo pose an almost non-existent threat to cattle in the areas west of the park border and why they should have access to land that elk and deer graze. So, right now, I will not continue to play their game of numbers. Right now, I will bare my heart.

The buffalo that wander out of Yellowstone National Park deserve access to whatever lands they choose. Yes, deserve. They are sentient beings, having thoughts and feelings and dreams, having a language and friends and a community. They were born with the same rights to freedom and life that we were. The buffalo mothers and their new born calves are entitled to rest and love, without being chased by wannabe cowboys trying to protect cattle that aren't even there.

Revolutionaries Squat at Paseo

Oklahoma, 27.04.2006 22:39

Ishgish Habitat, The Bison Band, and The Woodchuck Chop retake the streets of Paseo after 35 years News Jim Hummingbird, Jason Black, Ishgish, Gwagwagwe, Charles Sanders, Justin Sherer, Eddy Evans and Gallery Director Gary Bessinger are joining the battle to bring progressive art and culture back to the Paseo. Starting in May you can find the woodchuck chop ( at it's new home in the paseo art district located at 30th and dewey in OKC. The woodchuck is a collaboration of six artists from rural oklahoma. The Paseo District was known in the '60s as the heart of the alternative scene, many a socialist and anarchist paper were published and read on the streets surrounding the area. Over the last couple decades it has slowly turned into "high art", yet were going to change all that. We have been remodeling an old garage, and we've decked it out in rustic style with an alamo facade. We will be selling our wood, rock and iron carvings to support the collective's basic living needs plus a little extra to feed fellow revlutionaries that may drop by. Ishgish and Gwagwagwe from Ishgish Habitat will be taking orders for herbs, veggies, and our specialty lavander wands and fresh bundles. Jim Hummingbird will be showing his chainsaw art. Charles Sander will be bringing his MIN/ORG art (fossils and burl art). We all sell products on the Oklahoma Food Coop (, because local and organic is the answer for us. Before joining the collective Gwagwagwe traveled with the Bison Band, a group of artist/squatters from seattle. You can find his writings through any search engine. come and join us in celebration of the return to Paseo. Let the streets burn with the fire of truth, and may that truth set you free. Gwa  

Crisis Fiscal en Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 27.04.2006 21:41

Crisis Fiscal en Puerto Rico

Как отметить первомай? Начни сопротивление! (листовка А4)

Belarus, 27.04.2006 21:38

Dr. Vandana Shiva Speaks at UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.04.2006 20:39

On April 24th, Dr. Vandana Shiva, a physicist, ecologist, activist, editor, and author, spoke at UC Santa Cruz. Vandana was born in Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal State, which was formerly a part of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. She participated in the Chipko movement during the 1970s. The movement, whose main participants were women, adopted the tactic of hugging trees to prevent their felling. Read more

Vandana Shiva spoke at UCSC as part of The Education for Sustainable Living Program's Spring 2006 Lecture series.

audio (mp3): Vandana Shiva at UCSC (time: 1:05:24)

Un mes y medio en huelga de hambre

Argentina, 27.04.2006 20:09

Estado chileno en la mira por presos políticos mapuche

Листовки к 1 мая

Belarus, 27.04.2006 20:07


Barcelona, 27.04.2006 19:10

[29 Abril]: Jornada de desobediencia a la ordenanza cívica:

>>> Programa: [Todo el día en la Rbla Raval]: Jornada de desobediencia a la ordenanza cívica

[11h en Rda Sant Pau, 43]: Footing contra el mobbing

:: Libro gratuito: "El cel està enrajolat. Entre el mobbing i la violència immobiliaria i urbanística"

>>> +info: Criminalización y Represión ::: Especulación y Okupación

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