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marcha I Ues

Valparaiso, 01.05.2006 04:39

Domingo 30 Abril 2006 | En llamado de la CONFECH

Estudiantes Universitarios se movilizan


Argentina, 01.05.2006 03:09

Investigar es trabajar

1 de Maio na Vila União: mobilizar para morar!

Brasil, 01.05.2006 02:09


You are OK

Brasil, 01.05.2006 02:09


Apesar da repressão policial, protestos estudantis continuam em Salvador

Brasil, 01.05.2006 02:09


20 Jahre Tschernobyl

Germany, 30.04.2006 22:40

Am 26.4.1986 explodierte Block 4 im Atomkraftwerk Tschernobyl. Das Kühlwassersystem wurde getestet. Die Notabschaltung misslang und der Reaktor geriet außer Kontrolle. Der Unfall hatte und hat weitreichende Folgen, auch in Westeuropa. Bis heute sterben Menschen an der Katastrophe, die bereits sehr viele Todesopfer gefordert hat, vor allem auch in Weißrußland, das kein einziges Atomkraftwerk hat. | Berichte von Aktionen: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 | weiterführende Links

Symbolic May Day Rally in Miami Unites Diverse Groups for Workers Rights

Miami, 30.04.2006 22:38

Symbolic May Day Rally in Miami Unites Diverse Groups for Workers Rights

Birth Pangs of Democracy in Nepal

Portland, 30.04.2006 21:09

After the declaration of a state of emergency and imposition of royal military dictatorship in Nepal on November 26, there has been wide speculation and certain apprehension amongst the international community about the real happenings inside the country. Since a strict press censorship is imposed and the general public is subjected to one-sided royal military propaganda, the outside world is forced to buy the deliberately floated theory that the fight there is between 'democracy' and 'terrorism'. After September 11 it has been convenient for every tin-pot dictator to brand any opposition or rebellion against him as 'terrorism', and the fratricidal and regicidal Gyanendra Shah has naturally sought to cash in on that global revulsion against terrorism. However, the dialectics of universality and particularity ought to be correctly grasped and every particularity has to be properly discerned so as not to err in policy matters. It is, therefore, submitted here that the real fight currently in Nepal is not between 'democracy' and 'terrorism', but between completion of the democratic revolution and the restoration of monarchical autocracy.

Nepalese Revolution Background

Bristol Local Elections Round-Up

Bristol, 30.04.2006 21:08

Local Elections: Thursday 4th May 2006 summary With voter turnout running at historic lows for the last few general and local elections, it seems that the mainstream parties are continuing to ignore the disengagement of the population from the democratic process, and instead continue on the 'safe' path of business as usual, with nothing more serious than a previous lack of postal voting illogically presented as a major cause of this political malaise.Bristol Indymedia rounds up recent posts to our newswire as the clock ticks towards local election day. anarchist606 writes: It can be hard deciding who to vote for, so to make it easier, I've complied this helpful guide. Who or if to vote? Use this cut-out and keep guide! Local Election Guide. no2id supporter writes: It's not too late to contact your local candidates and ask them their position on the National Identity Register and ID cards. Make it clear to them that you will never vote for a supporter of compulsory registration or ID cards. ID Cards & Local Elections. apollo writes: Those of you who are wanting to vote in the forthcoming Local Elections should be tempted not to use postal voting. Sources at the Sorting Office in Filton tell of large amounts of postal votes arriving for the last General Election the day after the counting finished and results were announced. Elections.Latest Round-Up: Local Election Guide | ID Cards & Local Elections | Elections | Previous Article + Comments: Local elections 2006 | Previous Front Page + BIMC Election Guidelines: Bristol Indymedia and Local Elections |

Roadshow takes creative activism across Eastern borders

United Kingdom, 30.04.2006 20:09

The Art and Activism Caravan is a border crossing project, starting early June, travelling for 3 months from Greece via Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Hungary to the eco-activist gathering Ecotopia in Slovakia. Its aim is to support and connect youth, campaign, community and activist groups, their actions and campaigns with creative forms of activism. The participants will share skills in the field of video, creative writing, music and dance, sculpturing, street performance, drawing and painting, samba and screen printing.

Groups involved in the AA Caravan are EYFA (European Youth For Action), Candida TV (video collective, Italy), Rhythms of Resistance (samba), The Mischief Makers (creative activist collective, Nottingham), Undercurrents (UK video collective), Karahaber (video news network, Turkey), Loesje (creative writing), Rebel Clown Army and Videa (video collective, Balkans).

The local organisations and groups hosting the project are Medsos (Greece), Bitola Youth Forum (Macedonia), Mjaft (Albania), Plagus_M (Serbia & Montenegro), In Stage (Serbia & Montenegro), Kulturanova (Serbia & Montenegro), Tuzla Live (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Uruk (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and ZoFi and Valley of Arts (Hungary) and Ecotopia (Slovakia). For more information on the host groups click here. The artists taking part in the project come from Norway, Turkey, Italy, The Netherlands, UK, Ukraine, Germany and Armenia.

Links: AA Caravan website | Map of route | The host groups | The artists

Wikipedia on: Balkans | Greece | Macedonia | Albania | Montenegro | Serbia | Bosnia Herzegovina | Hungary | Slovakia

Local Indymedias: Athens| Belgrade | Croatia | Hungary

Art Activism Links: Design for Social Change | My Dads Strip Club | Northern Arts Tactical Offensive (NATO) | Movement of the Imagination | The Church of Stop Shopping | The YES Men | (everything for the video activist)

Background Links: ZNet Balkanwatch (Background articles on the political situation in the Balkans + lots of links) | Transitions Online (Online newsletter covering politics in the Balkans and wider region) | (Macedonian independent news agency) | Abolishing the Borders from Below (anarchist magazine focused around Eastern Europe) | Role of Women in The Balkans War (links) | (Balkans anti-war and human rights resources) | Our target is peace (The centre for peace in the Balkans)

May 1st Rally: 6:30 Murphy Park in Springdale

Arkansas, 30.04.2006 18:10

May 1- Rally for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Arkansas Coalition for a Better Future

Neil Young's &quot;Living with War&quot; Album: Hear it for free!

Miami, 30.04.2006 18:07

Neil Young's "Living with War" Album: Hear it for free!

globalization (en)

Barcelona, 30.04.2006 16:09

precariopolismayday 2006: For a life and a work without precariousness

against immigrants illegalization, against property violence, against civility by-laws, against labour reform and against repression >>> and for mutual support, solidarity, free culture, disobedience and self-management

[1stMay]17.30h, Universitat Sq. Demonstration for a different First of May: precariousness zero

1st may in detail the right to mayday demonstration recognized in spite of tripartite's opposition + The labour reform is precariousness: network against closings and precariousness ::: young space against precariousness and first of may ::: Black block 1st of may ::: CGT calls 1st may ::: 1st of may CNT ::: inter-union-CSC call to mobilization ::: COS: Union Worker Coordinator for 1st of May ::: Support to migrants in USA in 1st of may ::: Revolta global: 1st of may manifest ::: 1st of may PSAN + First of may in Prat de Llobregat + 1st of may in Berga ::: first of may in Lleida ::: 1st of may in Manresa ::: alternative 1st of may Baix LLobregat ::: alternative 1st of may in Sabadell ::: 1st of may in Tarragona ::: 1st of may in Palma + mayday sur ::: 1st may demonstration banned in Canàries because of Tourism! :::

[30thApr] Cornellà-Baix Llob.demonstration and conferences against labour reform

related news: 25th April: mayday 2006 presentation press conference ::: some critical notes about mayday ::: Action of disobedience at the Open Seat Godó 2006 ::: fools game: thinking about labour reform ::: CNT mobilized against mercadona and Cepsa in all over Spain ::: Young women earn 17% less than men and suffer more temporality ::: balance of france student movements :::

+info:: >>>globalization + >>>labour issues + euromayday 2006

Grinch Award Delivered at Benson Tower Sales Office

Portland, 30.04.2006 16:08

Saturday, April 29 - The Grinch Award was delivered today to a representative at the Benson Tower sales office. An action organized by SLAP, the Student Labor Action Project, included a rally, brief march, and the presentation of the coveted Grinch Award to the nice folks at the Benson Tower sales office!

The Grinch Award is awarded every year to someone who is determined to be the greediest around. Activists entered the sales office to present the award, but the security guard decided to call 911 (we overheard him saying "Hello? 911"). Someone decided that this was not an emergency, because the police never showed up.

contribute to this article...

related: Jobs With Justice


Japan, 30.04.2006 15:07


May Day

Cleveland, 30.04.2006 14:37

May First Is International Workers' Day

Carol Fisher Convicted

Cleveland, 30.04.2006 14:08

Carol Fisher Convicted For Resisting Arrest, No Underlying Charge

Mayday march and rally in Edinburgh

Scotland, 30.04.2006 13:39

The traditional Mayday march and rally took place this saturday in Edinburgh. Several hundred of people marched in sunshine and enjoyed the social event afterwards at the Meadows.
The event was well organised and grassroot non-party political groups were welcome, too.

Porta-voz do Batasuna condenado a 15 meses de prisão

Portugal, 30.04.2006 11:40

Porta-voz do Batasuna condenado a 15 meses de prisão


Colombia, 30.04.2006 09:39

Conversación entre Maestros: Carlos Gaviria y Abadio Green por la Paz y la Vida


Colombia, 30.04.2006 09:10


User-pays for water in Wellington

Aotearoa, 30.04.2006 07:41

The Wellington City Council (WCC) is proposing more draconian policy that is anti-people and pro-profit. Alongside a host of changes that will see businesses and rich householders pay less rates and poorer households pay more, the Council is heading towards full-fledged user-pays for residential water supply. The fixed charges for water services are set to double to $450 for the next rates year. And Mayor Kerry Prendergast is saying that every property will have a water meter so people pay for only the amount they use. This is scary.

MayDay General Strike / Walkout Action Roundup

San Diego, 30.04.2006 03:38

Tune in to radioActive sanDiego on the net or 106.9FM in San Diego for live radio coverage from 10AM to 6:30PM PST. Call in your live reports to 619-269-4693.

Download, print and distribute this pamphlet which provides a radical perspective on MayDay. It was made by several collectives and includes a blank space for local event info.

All over the US, massive actions are being planned as part of the call for a General Strike / Walkout / Boycott // No Work, No School, Buy Nothing, Sell Nothing. Take part! Help organize your community to join the General Strike and Walkout against HR4437 and for Amnesty!

Freedom of movement!
Equal rights for all people regardless of immigration status!
An end to deportations and detention centers!

Use these posters locally:

For a list of events, click here.'s wiki page has a large list of local events. Check it out.

Special Prosecutor to Seek Indictment of Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove

Miami, 30.04.2006 00:37

Special Prosecutor to Seek Indictment of Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove

Worcester's Earth Day

Worcester, 29.04.2006 23:40

Earth Day 2006 in Worcester

Primero de Mayo - May Day 2006 in Chicago

Chicago, 29.04.2006 23:09

May 1st, International Workers' Day — Dia Internacional de los Trabadores — commemorates the historic struggle of working people throughout the world, and is celebrated in every nation except the Canada and U.S. — despite the fact that the holiday began here with the fight for an eight-hour work day. That epic battle for workers' rights and dignity was in large part carried out and led by immigrant workers in Chicago. Now, 110 years later, hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers, their families, friends, neighbors and co-workers will return to the city streets on May Day to demand full justice, equality and dignity for undocumented workers threatened with criminalization and deportation by anti-immigrant legislation now being debated in the US House and Senate.

The Chicago mobilization is part of a nationally coordinated day of action: El Gran Paro Americano 2006 - Un Dia sin Immigrante … A Day without Immigrants. The call appeals for a national boycott and strike — no work, no school, no buying, no selling — on May 1. Currently more than one hundred May Day actions are scheduled in sixty cities across the U.S. In Chicago, the Movimiento 10 de Marzo (March 10th Movement), a multinational coalition of community and labor groups, will sponsor a 10:00 AM rally in Union Park, followed by a unified mass march past historic Haymarket Square to Grant Park. [ See the CIMC razor wire above for a list of specific actions, feeder marches and contingents. ]

Join Chicago Indymedia as a news contributor for Mayday!.


Italy, 29.04.2006 22:10

In piazza contro la precarietà

Welcome Austin IMC users!

United States, 29.04.2006 21:38

Austin Indymedia is temporarily down due to technical issues. The Austin feature team will be posting articles here while the site is down.


Barcelona, 29.04.2006 21:09

precariopolismayday 2006: Per unes vides i unes feines sense precarietat

contra la il.legalització d'immigrants, contra la violència immobiliària, contra l'ordenança cívica, contra la reforma laboral i contra la repressió >>> i pel suport mutu, la solidaritat, la cultura lliure, la desobediència i l'autogestió

[1Mai]17.30h, pça Universitat Manifestació per un altre primer de maig: precarietat zero

1er de maig al detall reconegut el dret a la manifestació mayday tot i l'oposició del tripartit + La reforma laboral és precarietat: xarxa contra els tancaments i la precarietat ::: espai jove contra la precarietat i 1er de maig ::: bloc negre 1er de maig ::: convocatòries CGT 1 maig ::: 1er de maig CNT ::: La intersindical-CSC crida a la mobilització ::: COS: Coordinadora obrera sindical pel 1er de maig ::: Recolzament als Immigrants a EEUU per l'1 de maig ::: Revolta global: manifest 1er de maig ::: 1er de maig PSAN + Primer de maig al Prat de Llobregat + 1er de maig a Berga ::: primer de maig a Lleida ::: 1er de maig a Manresa ::: 1er de maig alternatiu Baix LLobregat ::: 1er de maig alternatiu a Sabadell ::: 1er de maig a Tarragona ::: 1er de maig a Palma + mayday sur ::: prohibida la manifestació 1maig a Canàries pel Turisme! :::

[30abr] Cornellà-Baix Llob.manifestació i jornades contra la reforma laboral

notícies relacionades: 25 abril:roda de premsa presentació mayday 2006 ::: uns apunts crítics sobre el mayday ::: Acció de desobediència a l'Open Seat Godó 2006 ::: joc de tontos: a voltes amb la reforma laboral ::: La CNT es mobilitza contra mercadona i Cepsa a tot l'Estat Espanyol ::: Les dones joves cobren un 17% menys que els homes i pateixen més temporalitat ::: balanç moviment d'estudiants a frança :::

+info:: >>>globalització + >>>laboral + euromayday 2006

globalización (es)

Barcelona, 29.04.2006 21:09

precariopolismayday 2006: Por unas vidas y unos trabajos sin precariedad

contra la ilegalización de inmigrantes, contra la violencia inmobiliaria, contra la ordenanza cívica, contra la reforma laboral y contra la represión >>> y por el apoyo mútuo, la solidaridad, la cultura libre, la desobediencia y la autogestión

[1May]17.30h, pza Universitat Manifestación por otro primero de mayo: precariedad cero

1º de mayo en detalle Reconocido el derecho a la manifestación mayday a pesar de la oposición del tripartito + La reforma laboral es precariedad: red contra los cierres y la precariedad ::: espacio joven contra la precariedad y 1º de mayo ::: bloque negro 1º de mayo ::: convocatorias CGT 1 mayo ::: 1º de mayo CNT ::: La intersindical-CSC llama a la movilización ::: COS: Coordinadora obrera sindical por el 1º de mayo ::: Apoyo a los inmigrante en EEUU por el 1 de mayo ::: Revolta global: manifiesto 1º de mayo ::: 1º de mayo PSAN + 1º de mayo en Berga ::: 1º de mayo en Manresa ::: 1º de mayo alternativo Baix LLobregat ::: 1º de mayo alternativo en Sabadell ::: 1º de mayo en Tarragona ::: 1º de mayo en Palma ::: mayday sur ::: ¡prohibida la manifestación 1 mayo en Canarias por el Turismo! :::

noticias relacionadas: 25 abril:rueda de prensa presentación mayday 2006 ::: unos apuntes críticos sobre el mayday ::: Acción de desobediencia en el Open Seat Godó 2006 ::: juego de tontos: a vueltas con la reforma laboral ::: La CNT se moviliza contra mercadona y Cepsa en todo el Estado Español ::: Las mujeres jóvenes cobran un 17% menos que los hombres y sufren más temporalidad ::: balance movimiento de estudiantes en francia :::

+info:: >>>globalización + euromayday 2006

Media Access Rip-off Vote May 4th

Baltimore, 29.04.2006 20:10

The US House of Representatives votes on the corporate media's "COPE Act" Thursday May 4th. It will shift Internet and Cable media access power to the corporations, weakening our voices in the future.

Trabalhadores/as em educação páram em Santa Catarina

Brasil, 29.04.2006 19:40


1° maggio 2006: Precari Esistenziali, inspiramo e cospiriamo

Switzerland, 29.04.2006 19:38

La precarietà tocca sempre di più tutti gli ambiti della nostra vita. Non è più solo il lavoro ad essere precario ma ogni aspetto dell'esistenza. È quindi il precariato esistenziale il tema che il Coordinamento Precari Esistenziali ha deciso di portare in piazza lunedì primo maggio nella streetparade organizzata a Lugano (flyer).

- Il SISA boicotta il primo maggio ufficiale
- Precariato a Lugano: i call center nostrani

:: Altri appuntamenti:
In Ticino: Tavola rotonda - primoMaggio sindacale - Arbedo - Rovio
In Svizzera: Basilea - Berna - San Gallo - Solothurn - Thun - Wintherthur - Lucerna - Zurigo
In Europa:

:: Gli anni scorsi: 2005 - 2004 - 2003

Petition to Governments

DC, 29.04.2006 19:11

Mr Prime Minister, the Chiefs of the Security Services of Israel - Let Mordechai Vanunu leave, to live wherever he chooses. He would like to have a family of his own and to exist as a free man, without Big Brother dominating his existence. Let Mordechai Vanunu go free.

Paul Rusesabagina Speaks on the Genocides in Rwanda and Darfur

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.04.2006 19:09

Paul Rusesabagina, general manager of the Hotel des Mille Collines during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, spoke in San Francisco on Friday, April 21, 2006. He helped shelter over 1,200 people from slaughter. Almost a million others were killed in about 100 days. His heroic and resourceful actions inspired the 2004 film "Hotel Rwanda." Audio, Photos, and Report

Read More On Indybay's International and SF Pages

Mel and Floyd, April 28th 2006

Madison, 29.04.2006 18:09

WORT offices overflowing with bales of switchgrass on this week's Mel and Floyd...

Anti-Torture Demonstration at Harvard Marks Abu Ghraib Scandal

Boston, 29.04.2006 17:09

Demonstrators hold symbolic protest on the two year anniversary Iraq prisoner abuse. Students, faculty, and members of the Harvard community joined a silent demonstration Friday calling for accountability on the two-year anniversary of the release of the Abu Ghraib prison photos.

Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job

Miami, 29.04.2006 17:08

Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job

Indymedia Changelog

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Cyclists Arrested During Cricical Mass

Portland, 29.04.2006 15:39

At least four bicyclists were arrested Friday during Critical Mass. Reports about the cause of the arrests were varried. Inital interviews suggest that they were due to a minor traffic violation.

Two bicyclists allegidly were involved in a moving violation at the corner of Stark and SW Broadway. According to Officer Christen, two bikers turned South on to Broadway Ave. from Stark St. without performing a complete stop. They were told to pull over (although some might say yelled at).

Reports at this point are very mixed. According to Christen the two bikers who allegidly ran the light and two other bikers in the area were being arrested for resisting arrest or interfearing with the officers. Most bikers who were on the scene agreeded that, "This shit is fucked."

read the full article...

related: Cops Suck! | Rose City Critical Mass | pdx imc bikes and transportation page

PSP responde a tentativa de ocupação da Avenida de Ceuta

Portugal, 29.04.2006 12:39

PSP responde a tentativa de ocupação da Avenida de Ceuta

Primo maggio in Toscana

Italy, 29.04.2006 10:40

Manifestazioni per il 1° Maggio in Toscana


Italy, 29.04.2006 10:10

Mayday: Il Primo Maggio dei Precari d'Europa in Rivolta


Italy, 29.04.2006 10:10

Mayday: Il Primo Maggio dei Precari d'Europa in Rivolta


Italy, 29.04.2006 10:10

Mayday: Il Primo Maggio dei Precari d'Europa in Rivolta


Italy, 29.04.2006 09:40

Contro la precarietà del lavoro e della vita: May Day!


Argentina, 29.04.2006 08:40

Sin justicia para el crimen hídrico


Argentina, 29.04.2006 08:09

Sin justicia para el crimen hídrico

1st May - International Workers Day

Aotearoa, 29.04.2006 06:46

International Workers Day (1st May) will be celebrated all over the world this Monday. Wellington anarchists are organising a really really free market in Newtown. The market will be held on the corner of Riddiford and Constable Streets in Newtown from 3:30-6:30pm (in the case of wet weather the market will be held in the Newtown Community Centre on the corner of Colombo and Rintoul Streets). The Wildcat Anarchist Collective are organising a social from 6.30pm onwards at the 128 Abel Smith st. community house. A Mayday celebration will take place at the Arc Cafe in Dunedin (organised by the Autonomous Workers Union). There will be forums and music all afternoon. Radical Youth is organising a demonstration against youth rates in Auckland at 4pm starting at Aotea Square. They will march down Queen St to meet up with the union organised May Day demo at 5pm.

banner transmisión especial

Argentina, 29.04.2006 05:39

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