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migrazione ecn

Italy, 02.05.2006 21:10

Isole nella Rete cambia casa

Fábricas de celulosa

Uruguay, 02.05.2006 21:09

El abrazo de los puentes, edición 2006

primero de mayo en Tijuana

Tijuana, 02.05.2006 20:08

Primero de mayo: Un reporte de lucha en Tijuana

Bolívia nacionaliza gás e petróleo

Brasil, 02.05.2006 17:40


&quot;On the Air in the Americas&quot; on May 2

Portland, 02.05.2006 17:40

The Portland Central American Solidarity Committee (PCASC), Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN), and the Prometheus Radio Project are proud to present "On the Air in the Americas," an event that will showcase the power of grassroots radio in community organizing from Portland to Woodburn to Venezuela.

"On the Air in the Americas" will be held on Tuesday, May 2 at 7pm in Portland State University's Multicultural Center. The evening will feature reportbacks from radioheads who visited to Venezuela during the World Social Forum in January, an update from KBOO radio collectives, and a special visit by Adrian Valladares-Carranza, coordinator of PCUN's newly-licensed low-power FM station in Wodburn.

The license for KPCN-LP was obtained by PCUN last summer after years of work. The May 2 event is part of a collaborative tour between PCUN and Prometheus aimed at raising awareness about the new station, and about low power radio in general. PCUN -- Oregon's union of farm, nursery, and reforestation workers -- is one of hundreds of nonprofit organizations in the US that have been granted low power FM frequencies since the FCC reinstated this licensing category under popular pressure in 2000.

Mike Cannon – IndyMedia Radio for Central WI. May Day, 2006

Madison, 02.05.2006 17:10

Download to this week, May Day, Mike Cannon - IndyMedia Radio show.

Petitioning Our Government

DC, 02.05.2006 16:12

citizens vote to impeach George W. Bush and Richard Cheney.

Green Party Activist Howard Switzer Announces Candidacy for Governor of Tennessee

Tennessee, 02.05.2006 15:11

Howard Switzer announced his candidacy for the Governor of Tennessee this week. He was nominated as candidate for Governor at the Green Party nominating convention on March 6th and turned in his signatures on April 6th, which were recently verified by the Federal Elections Commission. Howard is not a typical candidate for Governor and prides himself on that distinction. Howard is critical of recent candidates for office who are beholden to special interests and do not represent the interest of Tennesseans. Howard supports a single-payer health insurance system for the entire state of Tennessee, similar to the program which is currently being considered in Ohio. He is concerned about the nearly half million people who have lost their health care coverage in Tennessee due to the Tenncare cuts and intends to make health care coverage for all his most important campaign priority.

Occupazione e sgombero a Thun

Switzerland, 02.05.2006 14:37

Nelle scorse settimane a Thun è stato occupato un immobile urbano [2]. L'obiettivo era di concretizzare uno spazio culturale e sociale. L'occupazione è stata sgomberata dalla polizia nelle prime ore mattutine di sabato 15 aprile 2006.

Sevilla Urgente: están cortando ahora mismo los árboles de la Plaza Nueva

estrecho / madiaq, 02.05.2006 14:08

SMS recibido: Tras cepillarse el sábado por la noche los árboles de la avenida, ahora [martes 15h] están intentando cortar los de la Plaza Nueva. Está empezando a llegar gente, pero aún no hay mucha... Llégate si puedes!

May Day in Auckland

Aotearoa, 02.05.2006 13:15

#media_6876;left# Around 200 students from high schools around Auckland gathered at Aotea Square to protests against youth rates on May 1. The march was called by Radical Youth and supported by Unite union which put on 12 buses to transport the students. There were speakers from Radical Youth, and from a number of schools, as well as Matt McCarten from Unite and Laila Harre from the NDU. They spoke about planned campaigns: McDonalds for Unite and the supermarkets for the NDU. Unite is calling for broad support in its battle against McDonalds, one of the most anti-union multinationals. [Radical Youth May Day Action] [Mayday 06! One Class! One Fight! Occupy, it’s our right!] []

Primero de Mayo

Argentina, 02.05.2006 09:39

Trabajadores en la Calle

Primero de Mayo

Argentina, 02.05.2006 09:09

Trabajadores en la Calle

More than 10,000 people rally for immigrant rights in Santa Ana

LA, 02.05.2006 07:40

More than 10,000 people rally for immigrant rights in Santa Ana

Hundreds Celebrate May Day in Olympia

Portland, 02.05.2006 07:09

Today in Olympia, WA, hundreds gathered to celebrate May Day and send a message to the government: Hands off immigrants, workers and families. The gathering started at Sylvester Park at 2:30 when a small gathering danced around a May pole. The crowd began to swell as music came on around 3:00 and continued to grow speakers began around 3:30.

The Citizens Band, a music group composed of IWW folk played songs celebrating free speach and labor history. People from groups including the Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition, Bread and Roses Advocacy Center, Schools For Chiapas and more spoke about their organizing. The crowd left the park and marched in the four lanes of the street to the capital building around 5:00. At the Capital a sign reading "Hands off our- Immigrants, workers, families" with hand prints from marchers on fabric attatched to the banner was hung from the capital building while people stood, chanted, and spoke on the steps.

read the full article...

more reports May Day in Madison, WI | Philly's March A Diverse One

photos: Seattle May Day Photos | Portland May Day Photos | photos of todays gathering at south park blocks | Photogs Of Portland Mayday Celebration | Photos of MayDay Marches

related articles: breaking news - May 1st 2006

May Day Reclaimed: General Strike and Massive Marches Close Downtown and Mid-Wilshire

LA, 02.05.2006 06:09

May Day Reclaimed: General Strike and Massive Marches Close Downtown and Mid-Wilshire

Rally for Immigrant Rights

Urbana-Champaign, 02.05.2006 05:11

Crowds gathered at Congressman Tim Johnson's office in Champaign to show their concern and outrage for his recent remarks and voting record on HR-4437.

The Drug of War

New Hampshire, 02.05.2006 04:11

This was written by an enlisted cavalry scout who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom II. His words define feelings of my own, as well as many other veterans and soldiers who are still serving.

UM Strike Over: Janitors Win!!!!! UNICCO and SEIU sign agreement

Miami, 02.05.2006 04:08

UM Strike Over: Janitors Win!!!!! UNICCO and SEIU sign agreement

1 Mayıs 2006

Istanbul, 02.05.2006 03:39

1 Mayıs'ta devlet provokasyonu ve polis saldırıları

Ocupação Zumbi dos Palmares comemora 1 ano

Brasil, 02.05.2006 03:39


Thousands Across Tennessee Participate in Peaceful 'Day Without an Immigrant'

Tennessee, 02.05.2006 03:09

Effort to Raise Awareness about Immigrant Contributions Begin Amidst Hateful Rhetoric On Monday, May 1st, immigrant workers from across Tennessee took part in a National Day of Action, drawing attention to the contributions all immigrants make to the Tennessee economy with their labor and purchases. Over 10,000 immigrant workers stayed home from work and avoided making unnecessary purchases. These events are not intended to punish or inconvenience businesses, nor the general public. In fact, the immigrant community sees business leaders as natural allies in this campaign to fix our nation's broken immigration system. Immigrants, both documented and undocumented, will be back to work on Tuesday, demonstrating as they do everyday their commitment to make Tennessee strong.

Portland Workers Celebrate May Day, Monday May 1st

Portland, 02.05.2006 03:08

PDX IMC Web Radio
Call-in your reports: 503 715 0994
PLDN Jail Support
Call-in arrests: 503 234 4518
Video Network
South Park Blocks (SW Park and Mill)
9:30am - Music, dance, and a play
11am - Rally & March at noon
3pm - more music & speeches
4pm - Rally
more details >>

OTHER CASCADIA ACTIONS: Olympia | Seattle | Salem | Medford | Eugene

Join the Great American Boycott of 2006 | International Workers Solidarity | Respect Workers' Rights | No Human Being is Illegal | Stop the ICE Raids

Later Events: Mayday party at IWW Hall, B2B Cafe (5:30p) | AFTER MAYDAY GO TO "FOR THOSE YET TO COME" (7p) | Mayday Movie Night at the Clown House (8p) | "On the Air in the Americas" on May 2

[ Nota de padres por faltar escuela / Parents note for student absence May 1st | Bilingual Pamphlet About Radical Context of May Day | Resources for Workers Participating in May Day Protests | Apoyo a la HUELGA de los INMIGRANTES! Strike & march on May Day! EN,ES ]

*NEW* pdx imc immigration page | May Day 2001-2006, as recorded at pdx indymedia

Primero de Mayo

santiago, 02.05.2006 02:40

Al Anticapitalismo se Manifiesta

Quick Review of el Gran Paro

Boston, 02.05.2006 02:09

Thousands celebrate el Gran Paro Nacional by participating in rallies and marches across Greater Boston. A day of events celebrating el Gran Paro Nacional on May Day ended in Boston with thousands of immigrants and their allies participating in rallies, marches, work stoppages, and school walkouts.

Mayday Report

Houston, 02.05.2006 00:10

Thousands Rally in Houston for Mayday

Ministério Público Discute Rumos da TV Dgital

Brasil, 02.05.2006 00:09


Greve Virtual pelo 1º de maio

Brasil, 01.05.2006 23:39


El “día sin inmigrantes”

Argentina, 01.05.2006 22:09

Nueva conciencia de la clase obrera hispana en el Imperio

una historia contra la corriente

Argentina, 01.05.2006 22:09

4 años después, nace una asamblea de vecinos en Villa 31

sciopero Telecom

Italy, 01.05.2006 20:41

E' primavera, Telecom cede i suoi rami

The Sweaty Southern Radical Queer and Trans Convergence!

Richmond, 01.05.2006 20:09

Enough of single-issue “LGBT rights,” constant focus on gay marriage and electoral politics, and corporate Pride… we can only be free as queer and trans people through a collective struggle against all systems of oppression. Come join us at a festive and fabulous gathering to network and learn about grassroots projects happening around the region, share strategies for organizing against assimilation, and to build a fierce movement of radical queers and trans people in the South!

1ro de Mayo

Tijuana, 01.05.2006 20:08

Dia sin inmigrantes


Cleveland, 01.05.2006 20:08

Cleveland IMC Radio Hour becomes Blackout NEWS!!!

Janis Karpinski

Cleveland, 01.05.2006 20:08

Janis Karpinski and James Yee to speak at Case


Argentina, 01.05.2006 19:10


MayDay Breaking News

San Diego, 01.05.2006 19:09

Please post and tell us about your day! or call in your reports and personal experiences to radioActive sanDiego, 619-269-4693. Listen online or @ 106.9FM

San Francisco - 11:42 AM PST - Protesters blocking cable car on California street.
San Diego - 11:31 AM PST - Large rally at Chicano Park wrapping up and moving on to San Ysidro rally.
San Francisco - 11:20 AM PST - Indybay is reporting that the mission district is full of marchers with white shirts and that most businesses are closed. There is a very large march starting at 3rd and market.
Tijuana - 11:18 AM PST - The Union Tribune is reporting that protesters in Tijuana are blocking traffic lanes near the border crossing.
San Ysidro/Tijuana - 10:18 AM PST - The local NBC affiliate is reporting that the border crossing is extremely slow. The McDonalds at the crossing, usually packed with people, is so empty that they are sending employees home. They also showed video of a protest taking place in Tijuana near the border crossing, with Mexican flags waving, encouraging people not to cross. It is apparently very successful as an employee of a shop near the crossing says that it's "dead".
San Francisco - 10:01 AM PST - Indybay is reporting that half of Balboa Park High School didn't show up today
Los Angeles - 8:40 AM PST - LA Indymedia is reporting that the truckers have successfully shut down 90% of Los Angeles Harbor. So far only 5 trucks have shown up.
New York - 6:43AM PST - Images of closed businesses in New York

Workers Rights

Perth, 01.05.2006 18:46

Mayday 2006 - 60th Anniversary of the Pilbara Strike

Breaking News-MAY DAY in Los Angeles

LA, 01.05.2006 16:09

Breaking News-MAY DAY in Los Angeles

Cesar Chavez High School Students Plan an Educational Walk Out for Monday May 1st Day of Actions

DC, 01.05.2006 14:13

High School students at the Cesar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy are preparing for a walk-out on Monday, May 1st in observance of the national day of immigrant action, called by local and national immigrant organizations. For Chavez students, preparation for this action includes attendance after school at two lectures where they learn about issues facing US immigrants today. The students are also learning how they can use this knowledge to empower themselves to address the immigration issues in ways favorable to themselves, their families and friends.

sciopero Telecom

Italy, 01.05.2006 13:40

E' primavera, Telecom cede i suoi rami

MAY DAY 2006

Arizona, 01.05.2006 13:38

International Day Without Immigrants

MAY DAY 2006

Arizona, 01.05.2006 13:38

International Day Without Immigrants

May Day in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, 01.05.2006 12:39

May Day in Melbourne

Local Portland Neighborhood Site Issues Endorsements

Portland, 01.05.2006 10:09 announced their endorsements of candidates in 4 key local Portland area races today. Portland City Council Candidates Erik Sten and Amanda Fritz recieved endorsements along with Multnomah County Commissioner candidates Lew Frederick and Ted Wheeler. [ read more ]

Voter-Owned Elections - You are invited to a house party to defend Voter-Owned Elections. Learn about Portland's groundbreaking public financing system for candidate campaigns. Support will level the local political playing field, diversify the candidate pool, remove undue influence of big-money contributors and make City Hall accountable to YOU, not special interests. When & Where: Friday, May 5th, 7pm. 4345 SE 47th Ave, Portland. [ read more ]

Multnomah County Sheriff Election - 2 Candidates to Consider - Ballots will be arriving soon and I'm sure people are interested in voting out the current corrupt sheriff of Multnomah County so here are 2 candidates to read up on. One is a write-in, and the other will be on the ballot and both have some interesting things to say so check their statements in their own words. [ read more ]

Rich CorporateSon, Inc. for Oregon Governor - As a result of corporate media consolidation, a multibillion dollar a year lobbying industry, and increasingly unregulated campaign finance laws, our government is now run largely by special interests. This is not enough. For the sake of efficiency, we have come together to cut out the middleman, incorporate, and take direct control of the government. Join our historic campaign as the first corporation to run for Governor of Oregon. With your help, we will create an empire of, by, and for the shareholders. [ read more ]

Write In Keating NOW - At a Sierra Club forum four years ago, Joe Keating posed a question of what the new governor would do to reign in the State Board of Forestry, which was then, as now, under the exclusive control of timber profiteers, with virtually no consideration given to the continuing devastation of our natural environment or to modern sustainable forestry theory. Mr. Hill's response was poor; Ms. Stein's was somewhat evasive. But it was Mr. Kulongoski who provided the truly memorable response. He claimed he could do nothing as Governor, since it is the legislature that sets the qualifications for the Board. Do Nothing. This could be Mr. Kulongoski's leadership motto. [ read more ]

Want to make a difference? - We are 80% of the way to getting two crucial campaign finance reform measures on Oregon's November ballot. Your help now can make it happen! Now is the time to join over 300 other volunteers who are getting signatures for the Oregon Campaign Finance Reform Initiatives: Petition 8 and Petition 37. [ read more ]

Stephen Colbert Shreds Bush and Media at the White House Correspondent's dinner

Portland, 01.05.2006 08:38

And as excited as I am to be here with the president, I am appalled to be surrounded by the liberal media that is destroying America, with the exception of fox news.

Fox News gives you sides of every story, the president's side and the vice president's side.

But the rest of you, what are you thinking, reporting on N.S.A. Wiretapping or secret prisons in Eastern Europe? Those things are secret for a very important reason, they're super depressing.

And if that's your goal, well, misery accomplished. Over the last five years you people were so good over tax cuts, W.M.D. Intelligence, the affect of global warming. We Americans didn't want to know, and you had the courtesy not to try to find out. Those were good times, as far as we knew.

May Day in Carrboro

North Carolina, 01.05.2006 06:40

May Day in Carrboro

【URGENT】 あこぎで好きほうだいの暴政をはねかえし、 3名の仲間を取り戻そう!支援・カンパをAccuse the malicious arrest for 3 in May day demo.We seek the immediate release!

Japan, 01.05.2006 06:38


mas repre ppm

Valparaiso, 01.05.2006 05:09

Domingo 30 Abril 2006 | 48 días en huelga de hambre

Marcha por los presos políticos mapuches brutalmente reprimida

marcha 1 de mayo

Tijuana, 01.05.2006 05:08

Marcha el 1 de mayo con la Otra Tijuana

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