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M�xico, una vez m�s saltan las alarmas!!

Euskal Herria, 08.05.2006 09:39


Italy, 08.05.2006 09:09

Ancora NO TAV


Italy, 08.05.2006 08:39

Ancora no tav


Argentina, 08.05.2006 07:39

Mexico: Represión y lucha en Atenco


Argentina, 08.05.2006 05:39

Represión en Atenco, movilizaciones en todo el mundo

Michelle Bachelet y los mapuche

Argentina, 08.05.2006 05:39

La dama de hierro


Argentina, 08.05.2006 05:39

Mexico: Represión en Atenco

Report back from Protest at the Mexican Consulate

DC, 08.05.2006 05:10

In response to mass arrests in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico, protestors went to the Mexican Consulate in DC. SAN SALVADOR ATENCO, MAY 5, 2006: Around 400 arrested – of which the authorities have only recognized 109, and which include three injured — 18 people disappeared and five women raped. These new figures must be added to the hundreds of injured and one boy murdered as a result of the brutal repression against the flower vendors of Texcoco and peasant farmers of San Salvador Atenco, perpetrated by municipal, state and federal police from May 3 onward. Political prisoner Gloria Arenas Ajís relayed these numbers from her tiny cell in Santiaguito prison (where most of those arrested were taken) to be read to thousands of demonstrators marching in solidarity with the people of Atenco and Texcoco.

Human Rights Endangered: ATENCO

Santa Barbara, 08.05.2006 04:09

All eyes on Atenco as a boy dies and police officers are beaten...this situation presents a crisis which legal observers, human rights activists and humanitarian organizations must watch closely...

Over 200 Attend Anti-War Demo on Iran

San Diego, 08.05.2006 02:08

Despite only two days' notice, over 200 people attended a demonstration at the Federal Building in downtown San Diego May 6 to protest the Bush administration's plans for war against Iran. Speakers at the rally highlighted the similarities between the ways the Bush administration is pushing for an attack on Iran — including manipulating the media to create an atmosphere of fear that will lead the public to support the war — and the ways it previously pushed for the war on Iraq. There was also a lot of concern about the reports that the Bush administration plans to use so-called "tactical" nuclear weapons in any attack on Iran.

Indígenas brasileiros e ativistas bloqueiam entrada da multinacional Procter&amp;Gamble na Alemanha

Brasil, 08.05.2006 01:39


PGE Tax Refund coming to customers

Portland, 08.05.2006 01:39

PGE is refunding a portion of taxes collected but unpaid due to a lawsuit. Most of the money is going to customers between 1999 and 2005. If you are a current customer you don't need to take any action and will get a reduction on a future bill. If you are a former customer between 1999 and 2005, you must submit a claim.

A Former PGE Customer Claim Form is attached to the back of the notice being mailed out, or can be obtained by calling 888-279-4337.

A four-page notice has gone out to Multnomah County customers of Portland General Electric, saying that the class action lawsuit on their behalf has been settled. The case was regarding money PGE collected for the Multnomah County Business Income Tax ("Tax"), but "that were above what PGE or its parent company ended up owing and paying in Tax to Multnomah County." The settlement states that PGE will pay $10 million, most of the money going to those people who purchased electricity service from PGE between 1999 and 2005, and who were therefore paying the Tax on their PGE bills.

Call for Boise Residents and Supporters!

Portland, 08.05.2006 01:39

The Mississippi Loft developers, will once again be trying to pressure the Boise community into signing a letter of support for their four story condo project, which had already received a vote last December 2005 with, 14 yes's, 24 no's, and 23 abstaining.

Please come and again send them and the city the people's message: our neighborhood comes before your desire for profits. Please come and share with the community your voice, your stories, and your struggles, and take part in building a neighborhood and a community that everyone can be proud of and afford to be part of. Your voices have been clear and strong from the pulpits and pew--gentrification is destroying our community & we want it stopped. Now bring that voice & your vote on Monday night to the Albina Youth Opportunity School, on the corner of N Beech & N Mississippi at 7pm, and take part in community activism and a democratic process that people like Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Angela Davis and Martin Luther King Jr fought so hard to give us a place at the decision making table.

Latest Issue of The Boise Voice Newsletter |

Anti-Immigrant Protest 2pm Sunday May 7 in Pioneer Square

Portland, 08.05.2006 00:39

Protesta e n Contra de Los Migrantes Manana!

Oregonians For Immigration Reform (OFIR) will be promoting their brand of white supremacy and demanding the criminalization of undocumented immigrants tomorrow (Sunday). OFIR is allied with the vigilante group The Minutemen.

Where: Pioneer Square
(6th Avenue, across from the old Pioneer Courthouse)
When: Sunday, May 7th at 2 pm

They also felt it necessary to remind their protesters to only bring signs "with obvious responsible messages, not anything that could be potentially construed as racist by the opposition." Now why would they have to worry about anti-immigrant protesters bringing racist signs?

We must behave peacefully so that everyone can clearly see which group possesses an ideology of hate and violence.

Police Guilds Protecting Murderers: Seattle Police Accountability

Portland, 08.05.2006 00:39

"It is important to have unions, but police unions are used to defend racism and murderous activity on the job," said Nick D...He added his own labor union would never defend him for murdering on the job. A mother, Michelle Jeffries, testified that the Seattle Police murdered her son without proper explanation, investigation, or prosecution. "They pick and choose who to prosecute for murder," she said of King County prosecutors.

Portland City Council to hear Resolution to Impeach Bush &amp; Cheney May 10

Portland, 08.05.2006 00:39

Those for impeaching President Bush and Vice President Cheney might want to attend the Portland City Council meeting next Wednesday (May 10) at 9:30 a.m. in council chambers at City Hall. That's when a Resolution to Impeach both men will be presented to city commissioners and Mayor Potter by a former Howard Dean group: Democracy for America.

They presented a similar resolution last week to Multnomah County's Commissioners—which is now pending review. At least twelve cities—including San Francisco— have passed such resolutions in the last few months. Three state legislatures—California, Vermont, and Illinois—will be voting shortly on impeachment resolutions.

U.S. Rep. David Wu is among 36 House members who, in the last few weeks, have become co-sponsors of Rep. John Conyers' bill—HR 635—which starts the impeachment process. Colleagues Earl Blumenauer, Peter DeFazio, and Darlene Hooley currently are weighing whether to become co-sponsors. Last week, the Boston Globe reported Bush has nullified at least 750 bills passed by Congress and signed by him in formal ceremonies through the little used device of secret signing statements. Rationale: He and Cheney determined they were unconstitutional.

Martial Law Declared in Korean Village

Portland, 08.05.2006 00:39

1,000's clash in resistance to U.S. base expansion. May 6th - The Korean Ministry of National Defense has declared martial law in the village of Daechuri and surrounding areas in its latest attempt to seize the land slated to be property of the United States military. In an attempt to control the escalating chaos that ensued when it sent troops and riot police to evict residents and activists, the MND is conducting door to door searches and arresting people on sight. Road blockades of sand bags and police buses have been placed around the village to prevent anyone from entering or exiting. Even the press, which had prior access, is no longer allowed to document the police activities.

At least 400 people have been injured and nearly one thousand arrested since Thursday. The three days of violence has prompted criticism of the police force's conduct during the eviction. Human rights advisors to the National Police Agency described the scene as a "blood bath", and an "embarrassing moment".

May 4th, 2006 at 5:00am, the Korean Ministry of National Defense (MND) made its fourth attempt to occupy the villages of Daechuri and Doduri and crush the resistance to U.S. military base expansion. This time, they came with 12,000 riot police, 1,500 plain-clothes hired 'workers', who are notorious, right wing ex-military strike breakers, and 3,000 Korean soldiers and army engineers.

Nuclear energy is a neverending nightmare, Chernobyl in Ukraine still killing on and on...

Portland, 08.05.2006 00:39

Cheney wants to let his Halliburton profit from more government contracts off nuclear power. Forget it! Remember the PERMANENT damage of nuclear power.

Summarizing both links below, the International Atomic Energy Agency has recently been completely discredited, even by the World Health Organization. Bizarrely, from the 1950s, the WHO is forced to have nuclear information "vetted" and coming from this NWO organization. However, even W.H.O. now balks at whitewashing IAEA's spin on Chernobyl,...[instead of accepting pro-nuclear industry corporations data from IAEA], "W.H.O. on April 20 released a document projecting a still-very-conservative 29,000 deaths....In short, the IAEA has been largely discredited... Other studies project even higher casualties. And these reports were big news across Europe--though NONE OF THIS GETS FILTERED THROUGH THE U.S. CORPORATE MEDIA, OWNED BY GENERAL ELECTIC IN SOME PARTS, WHICH MAKES NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS AS WELL AS RUNS MSNBC.

Remember Chernobyl--the world's true symbol of nuclear power: an ongoing, neverending nightmare. SEE MORE PICTURES AT LINK BELOW. updates on Yucca Mountain, etc.

11 Mayo Huelga Europea de Estudiantes contra el Plan Bolonia

estrecho / madiaq, 07.05.2006 22:07

La Educación es un derecho y debe ser un servicio público al servicio del bien común y no de los intereses privados. Las empresas no tienen nada que decir acerca de la Universidad, no son interlocutores válidos y por eso rechazamos un proceso de Convergencia Europea que desde el principio ha respondido a sus demandas y nunca a las de la comunidad universitaria.



Italy, 07.05.2006 20:39

Oggi Atenco, domani chi?


Italy, 07.05.2006 20:39

Oggi Atenco, domani chi?

Bayview/HP Residents Celebrate Victory as PG&amp;E Plant Ceases Operations

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.05.2006 18:09

The long fight by Bayview Hunters Point residents, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, and allies to close the "dirty, outdated, and unnecessary" PG&E Hunters Point power plant is over, as state and PG&E officials have confirmed that the plant has stopped generating electricity. Residents have also confirmed that the stacks that emitted unacceptable levels of pollution for decades are now quiet and are not in operation.
Read More On Indybay's Environment And SF Pages

&quot;No Bravery&quot; a short video by James Blunt

Miami, 07.05.2006 17:07

"No Bravery" a short video by James Blunt

ecosservatorio IV

Italy, 07.05.2006 16:39

Ecosservatorio parte quarta

Mountain Justice Summer 2006

Arkansas, 07.05.2006 16:12

The coal companies are still trying to rip apart the mountains of Appalachia and are blowing up highland watersheds which would produce clean drinking water for 10,000 years. We need your help to stop them!

More Work Needed 4 Workforce Housing 2 Work

Rogue Valley, 07.05.2006 16:11

Ashland is becoming "Aspen-ized" warned Housing Commissioner Alice Hardesty at Thursday night's forum on Workforce Housing. To the gathered crowd this was no surprise. It was a decade ago that teachers, firemen and police officers were being priced out of the community. Now it is hard to find city administrators willing to move here.


santiago, 07.05.2006 15:40

Cordoba: Solidaridad con lxs Presxs Mapuches en huelga de hambre

Protest Neocon Warhawk Frank Gaffney, Project For A New American Century In Charlotte

North Carolina, 07.05.2006 15:38

Protest Neocon Warhawk Frank Gaffney, Project For A New American Century In Charlotte

traslado de PPM A HOSPITAL TCO

santiago, 07.05.2006 15:10

Traslado de Presos Mapuches a Hospital de Temuco

traslado de PPM A HOSPITAL TCO

santiago, 07.05.2006 15:10

Traslado de Presos Mapuches a Hospital de Temuco

ecology (en)

Barcelona, 07.05.2006 15:10

SOS Eivissa: Feature of last anti-highway months

26th Jan. Expulsion of anti-highway in Eivissa ::: 27th Jan. EIVISSA: The highways battle intensifies - Indignation because of Guàrdia Civil's action against the anti-highways

18th Feb: 20.000 people take the streets against the highway

20th Feb. Opponents force diggers back away ::: 21st Feb. EIVISSA:: diggers enter can malalt ::: 08th Mar. The police arrests three demonstrators against highways in Eivissa ::: 9th Mar. No to Eivissa destruction!! Demo in BCN ::: 21st Mar.: Baton charges again in Eivissa // A general strike day is being prepared ::: 26th Mar. Eivissa's highway opponents celebrate their first victory ::: 27th Mar. Eivissa: Damage, Repression and Resistance ::: 2nd Apr. [Mallorca] No to Divided-Highway, neither in Eivissa nor anywhere else. Photos ::: 3th Apr. A citizen revolution against the bad govern in Eivissa! ::: 7th Apr. A multimillionaire new PSOE's minister ::: 26th Apr. New mobilization against highways in Eivissa ::: 27th Apr. eIVISSA in STRIKE from 12 to 15h ::: 3th May. Ca na Palleva, in Eivissa, demolished! and they go on...


IMC Centre At Athens ESF 06: &quot;'Problems?' He asks, 'We Found Chaos!&quot;

Ireland, 07.05.2006 15:10

The Techies do rule the world!! Behind the scenes ...


Portugal, 07.05.2006 14:09


Divine Strake Test

Utah, 07.05.2006 14:07

Divine Strake - Preparation for Nuclear War?


santiago, 07.05.2006 08:09

Jornada de protesta en Macúl por los presos Mapuche


santiago, 07.05.2006 07:39

Organizaciones mapuche ocuparon el Museo de Bellas Artes


santiago, 07.05.2006 07:39

Reprimen brutalmente multitudinaria marcha por libertad de Presos Políticos Mapuche


santiago, 07.05.2006 07:39

Organizaciones mapuche ocuparon el Museo de Bellas Artes


santiago, 07.05.2006 07:10

Entrega de Carta para la Presidenta de Chile en Embajada de Chile en Bélgica


santiago, 07.05.2006 07:10



santiago, 07.05.2006 07:10


We need your SOU vote

Rogue Valley, 07.05.2006 05:10

If you use the rogue imc

and you go to SOU

vote for us


santiago, 07.05.2006 05:09

Miting Mapuche en Santiago

Libertad a l@s Pres@s Polític@s Mapuche AHORA!!

santiago, 07.05.2006 05:09

Libertad a l@s Pres@s Polític@s Mapuche AHORA!!


santiago, 07.05.2006 04:41

miting por la libertad de los presos politicos mapuches en arica

Military Free Zone Declared by Protesters at Air &amp; Sea Show in Ft. Lauderdale

Miami, 07.05.2006 03:37

Military Free Zone Declared by Protesters at Air & Sea Show in Ft. Lauderdale

volante atenco

Tijuana, 07.05.2006 01:38

Pueblo de México, esas que escuchaste son las mentiras de Televisa, TV Azteca, y todos los demás medios de (des)información, te pedimos que ahora conozcas la voz del pueblo de Atenco:

Marcy Wingrad Delivers Arrest Warrant to Sec of State, McPherson

LA, 07.05.2006 01:08

Marcy Wingrad Delivers Arrest Warrant to Sec of State, McPherson

Duck shooting protest today in Auckland

Aotearoa, 06.05.2006 23:40

At 5:45AM this morning Auckland Animal Action staged a successful protest against duck shooting at a popular south Auckland hunting site. Before dawn, while the skies were still pitch black, we made plenty of noise using a megaphone, car horns, air horns and whistles in the hopes of scaring off any birds in the area. As the skies lightened we stopped our noise-making so as not to flush any birds into the sky and make them an easy target for the hunters lying in wait. We then peacefully protested along the the roadside in clear view of the wetland area holding large banners bearing anti-hunting messages.

Report: Tuesday Vigil At The Recruiting Center

Portland, 06.05.2006 23:39

I went to the recruiting center for the Tuesday vigil. I was surprised at the number of people waving and honking. Not just the number but the level of interest and energy expressed was decidedly higher than the previous weeks I went.

Maybe it is because it is spring, or maybe it is because of the talk of impending war with Iran, or maybe it is the growing awareness that things are going terribly wrong here in this country and people are slowly realizing that it isn't gonna fix itself. Sooner or later people are going to get aroused and finally angry about the lies this government is telling all so it can make a few people even richer at the expense and lives of many others.

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