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¿Qué pasa con la Policia Municipal de Granada?

estrecho / madiaq, 11.05.2006 16:08

Tenemos un grave problema en Granada. Desde hace años viene siendo un secreto a voces, algo denunciado públicamente en numerosas ocasiones pero contra lo que no se ha encontrado forma alguna de tomar medidas efectivas: la brutalidad de la Policía Municipal de Granada.

En los dos últimos meses hemos podido conocer los detalles de dos vergonzosas actuaciones protagonizadas por agentes de la Policía Municipal, gracias a que sus victimas han querido dejar constancia de la humillación y la violencia a las que fueron sometidas. El pasado mes fue un grupo de gente que tocaba música en San Nicolás, recientemente un ciclista solitario que tubo la osadía de defender verbalmente su derecho a circular en bicicleta por una ciudad que esta siendo devastada por el tráfico motorizado con la complicidad del Ayuntamiento.

Pero ¿Cuantas personas que son victimas cotidianas de los mismos abusos no hacen público ni denuncian los atropellos por miedo a represalias o por impotencia?

meglio o peggio?

Italy, 11.05.2006 15:10

Si stava meglio quando si stava peggio

meglio o peggio?

Italy, 11.05.2006 15:10

Si stava meglio quando si stava peggio

3. Geleneksel Militurizm Festivali

Istanbul, 11.05.2006 14:40

Militurizm Festivali'ne katıl, kimsenin askeri olma!

Police Brutalize the Community and Arrest Copwatchers on Cinco de Mayo

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.05.2006 14:39

On the evening of March 5th, there was a public and peaceful Cinco de Mayo music and spoken word event held on the corner of Story and King in San Jose which was viciously attacked by riot police. Six people were beaten, arrested and had their video footage and property seized at this peaceful, legal gathering on private property.

Read more and listen to audio on Indybay's South Bay and Police Pages.

Lessons from COINTELPRO

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.05.2006 14:39

Claude Marks & Kelah Bott, in Fault Lines #16, write:
Recent crackdowns on the animal rights and environmental justice movements have left many activists feeling that their communities are under siege. From the prosecution of the SHAC 7 to the arrests of thirteen individuals for arsons committed over a ten-year span, a war is being waged against these movements by the U.S. government. While all of this may seem terrifying in its unfamiliarity to younger activists, the tactics being employed by the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force are anything but new.

Read more on Indybay's U.S., Animal Liberation and Environment Pages.

The Struggle in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.05.2006 14:39

The Zapatistas declared a red alert on May 3rd in regard to the calamitous situation in Texcoco and San Salvador Atenco, towns just outside of the Mexican capital. Just before, police had attempted to drive flower vendors in Texcoco from their market to make way for a Wal-Mart. The community resisted, over a hundred were arrested, and police used tear gas and live ammunition, killing a 14 year-old boy, Javier Cortés Santiago. A peaceful march of thousands led by Subcomandante Marcos streamed into Atenco on May 5th.

More coverage on Indybay's Americas Page.

15 de mayo

Colombia, 11.05.2006 13:09

13 maggio: noCoke a Civitavecchia

Italy, 11.05.2006 10:10

Né a Civitavecchia né altrove

К вопросу о &quot;дне Победы&quot;

Belarus, 11.05.2006 06:37

Наклейка на столбе: Организуемся!

Belarus, 11.05.2006 06:37

Halliburton Solves Global Warming

Urbana-Champaign, 11.05.2006 03:12

Halliburton representatives Fred Wolf and Northrup Goody demonstrate SurvivaBalls at Lexis-Nexis Catastrophic Loss conference. The SurvivaBall will protect managers from natural disasters using a mechanism similar to slime molds formed by amoebas.

Jornal Laboratório é censurado em Brasília

Brasil, 11.05.2006 02:09

Liberdade de Expressão

Aracruz Celulose e 30 multinacionais européias no banco dos réus em Viena

Brasil, 11.05.2006 01:09


&quot;Loose Change 2nd Edition&quot; 9-11 Miami Film Premier + Live Bands

Miami, 11.05.2006 01:07

"Loose Change 2nd Edition" 9-11 Miami Film Premier + Live Bands

Repressão e morte: EZLN declara novo alerta vermelho

Portugal, 10.05.2006 23:39

Repressão e morte: EZLN declara novo alerta vermelho

Nashville Peace Coalition Plans Protest of Laura Bush Visit

Tennessee, 10.05.2006 22:10

Code Pink and the Nashville Peace Coalition Urge Laura Bush to Honor All Mothers and Stop Killing Our Kids Nashville, TN: Members of Code Pink and the Nashville Peace Coalition have called for a protest on Thursday, May 11th on the occasion of Laura Bush addressing the student body and general community at Vanderbilt University. The protesters are encouraged to gather between 8am and 8:30am. First Lady Bush is expected to begin speaking at 9am. Protesters are planning to gather on the public sidewalk on West End Avenue at 23rd Street to call for an end to the war in Iraq.


Cleveland, 10.05.2006 21:38



Cleveland, 10.05.2006 21:38


Reinventando o primeiro de maio

Brasil, 10.05.2006 20:39


Champaign Votes Yes by 5 to 3 to Pursue a New Community TV Station

Urbana-Champaign, 10.05.2006 20:12

Champaign Council voted 5-3 in favor or supporting the pursuit of a community operated, public access Community TV Station in the next franchise agreement. That franchise process begins with Insight Communications this year and would likely run for 15-20 years. The vote was expected to fail, but over 50 supporters of public access packed council chambers and this appeared to sway the outcome. In addition, presenters from the C-U Telecommunications Commission and Public Access Study group urged council members not to vote public access down before the franchise negotiation process gets started. A majority of council members appeared to support the concept of the Community TV station, but differed over how to fund it. This report provides details of the meeting as well as transcript-like notes from public input and each councilmember's statements.

da pisa al cpt

Italy, 10.05.2006 20:11

Sei incinta? Intanto ti deporto...

da pisa al cpt

Italy, 10.05.2006 20:11

Sei incinta? Intanto ti deporto...

Local Church to Revive Mother's Day Tradition

San Diego, 10.05.2006 18:09

First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego: Mother's Day Services to Benefit Social-Change Foundation

In the U.S., Mother's Day was originally associated with the peace movement, but it was also associated with religion, sanitation and pollution issues in Appalachia, opposition to capitalism, and a wide variety of public activism by women working to promote social and economic justice.

On Mother's Day, Sunday, May 14, 2006, the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego will revive these traditions by supporting the San Diego Foundation for Change (SDFC) through "Generosity Sunday" services at 9:30 and 11:30 a.m., with the offertory collections being donated to the Foundation.

Por el libre y gratuito acceso a la cultura

Argentina, 10.05.2006 16:40

La otra Feria del Libro

A local woman fights for the right to organize (join her)

Richmond, 10.05.2006 16:09

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the management of Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg has retaliated against Debra Moore, an outspoken registered nurse and mother of four, by discharging her, making hers into a fight for free speech, the right to organize, and the dignity of workers and patients in Virginia. Advocates of free speech, women’s rights, and the right to organize are mobilizing to defend her and are calling for public support.

Activists protect Wedge-tailed Eagle breeding site

Melbourne, 10.05.2006 15:40

Tasmanian Forest Activists Arrested

Nurses call for health system based on social solidarity not private profit

Ireland, 10.05.2006 15:40

As the grim state of our health service makes the ...

criminalitzacio (ca)

Barcelona, 10.05.2006 15:09

Nou cop repressiu a Barcelona. Quatre anarquistes detinguts

Avui dimecres, 20:00h Pl de l'Angel, Jaume 1: Concentració en solidaritat amb els detinguts

4 detencions a Sants. Alerta antirepressiva + Els Massmedia i els serveis de l'estat inicien una campanya anti-anarquista + ... Sota Control... Jornades en suport als detinguts del 9 de febrer

Antonio Camacho es nega a declarar en una entrevista sobre les tortures portades a terme a l'Estat Espanyol.

Altres... 4 mesos sense justícia (operació xakal) + Terrassa: Convocatòries en solidaritat als 32 okupes del KORK + Manifestació en solidaritat amb els 32 okupes del KORK III + El judici a 46 joves revifa la crítica al paper dels Mossos

+info: >>>criminalització i repressió

criminilizacion (es)

Barcelona, 10.05.2006 15:09

Nuevo golpe represivo en Barcelona. Cuatro anarquistas detenidos

Hoy miércoles: 20:00h, Pl de l'Angel, Jaume 1: Concentración en solidaridad con los detenidos

4 detenciones en Sants. Alerta antirepresiva + Los Massmedia y los servicios del estado inician una campaña anti-anarquista + ... Bajo Control... Jornadas en apoyo a los detenidos del 9 de febrero

Antonio Camacho se niega a declarar en una entrevista sobre las torturas llevadas a cabo en el Estado Español.

Altres... 4 meses sin justícia (operación chacal) + Terrassa: Convocatorias en solidaridad con los 32 okupas del KORK III + Manifestación en solidaridad con los detenidos del KORK III + El juício a 46 jóvenes reaviva la crítica al papel de los Mossos

+info: >>>criminalitzación y represión

Videoconferência vai definir mobilização da Frente de rádio e TV digital

Brasil, 10.05.2006 15:09



Barcelona, 10.05.2006 14:09

Continuen les mobilitzacions estudiantils europees contra el tractat de Bolonya

[dimecres 10 maig] Tancada d'estudiants a la UB central ::: Bolonya: No ens l'empassem! - Actes Diagonal, Bellaterra i UPF [dij 11 maig] Concentració davant el DURSI: Aturem la pujada de les taxes universitàries! Màsters a preus públics! ::: Vaga europea d'estudiants contra el pla de Bolonya [altres] AEP-informa:: Actes previstos pels pròxims dies ::: Presentació del Sindicat d'Estudiants dels Països Catalans (SEPC) i presentació mobilitzacions bolonya

[Dij 11 maig "No al tractat de Bolonya" ] Convocatòries

notícies relacionades: [ MALLORCA] "Es lledoner" Cooperativa d'ensenyament ::: Les persones joves precàries i precaritzades demanden el vostre recolzament ::: Jornades: Max Stirner ::: Neix el Sindicat d'Estudiants dels Països Catalans (SEPC) ::: Fora empreses de la guerra de la Universitat ::: Carta del Col.lectiu d’estudiants detingudes el 17 de novembre ::: El pacte per l'educació no arriba a les llars d'infants

+info : >>>ensenyament + Plataforma Mobilitzadora en Defensa de la Universitat Pública


Barcelona, 10.05.2006 14:09

Continúan las movilizaciones estudiantiles europeas contra el tratado de Boloña

[mier 10 may] Encierro de estudiantes en la UB central ::: Boloña: ¡No nos lo tragamos! - Actos Diagonal, Bellaterra y UPF [jue 11 may] Concentración delante del DURSI: ¡Paremos la subida de las tasas universitarias! ¡Masters a precios públicos! ::: Huelga europea de estudiantes contra el plan de Boloña [otros] AEP-informa:: Actos previstos para los próximos días ::: Presentación del Sindicat d'Estudiants dels Països Catalans (SEPC) y presentación movilizaciones boloña

[Jueves 11 mayo "No al tratado de Boloña" ] Convocatorias

noticias relacionadas: [ MALLORCA] "Es lledoner" Cooperativa de enseñanza ::: Las personas jóvenes precarias y precarizadas demandan vuestro apoyo ::: Jornadas: Max Stirner ::: Nace el Sindicat d'Estudiants dels Països Catalans (SEPC) ::: Fuera empresas de la guerra de la Universidad ::: Carta del Colectivo de estudiantes detenidas el 17 de noviembre ::: El pacto por la educación no llega a las guarderías

+info : >>>educación + Plataforma Mobilitzadora en Defensa de la Universitat Pública

Headquarters Soon to Open at the Contemporary Museum

Baltimore, 10.05.2006 14:08

The Contemporary Museum in downtown Baltimore is hosting an open-house this Sunday, May 14 for its "Headquarters" project, which looks at the U.S. prison system, how it has evolved, and how it is interlinked with urban blight. Unlike traditional museum exhibits that prioritize paintings and photographs, this museum "project" features artwork, discussion, dialogue, and attempts at artistic intervention into everyday life.

consulado de mexico 12 de mayo

Tijuana, 10.05.2006 09:37


Korean Troops Occupy Village for US Military Base Expansion

United States, 10.05.2006 06:37

Daechuri, South Korea--For three days, 1,000's of protestors have clashed with police and soldiers in a resistance to a U.S. base expansion. The expansion of Camp Humphreys (K-6) is part of the United States' Global Posture Review, following the agenda of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), and implemented by the Bush Administration to consolidate its military hegemony over Northeast Asia.

The Korean Ministry of National Defense (MND) has designated the village of Daechuri and surrounding areas as a miltary protected zone in its latest attempt to seize land slated to be property of the United States military. In an attempt to control the escalating chaos that ensued when it sent troops and riot police to evict residents and activists, the MND was conducting door to door searches and arresting people on sight. Road blockades of sand bags and police buses have been placed around the village to prevent anyone from entering or exiting. At least 400 people have been injured and 524 arrested since Thursday. The three days of violence has prompted criticism of the police force's conduct during the eviction. Human rights advisors to the National Police Agency described the scene as a "blood bath", and an "embarrassing moment" for the national government.

International support is urgently needed | updates here | background: Daechuri's Struggle | History of US bases in Korea 1,000's clash in Korean resistance to U.S. base expansion | Autonomy Declared in Daechuri, South Korea | Autonomous Village Under Siege by Korean troops | updates on the siege

photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | videos here

Ato de Solidariedade aos Zapatistas em Brasília: &quot;Atenco somos todos/as!&quot;

Brasil, 10.05.2006 05:09

Solidariedade com Atenco

Tarifa de ônibus pode aumentar mais uma vez em Florianópolis

Brasil, 10.05.2006 05:09


Protest the Minute Men this Wednesday!

North Carolina, 10.05.2006 05:08

Protest the Minute Men this Wednesday!

A Mother's Day... For Peace

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.05.2006 04:10

The sons and daughters of this country, and of Iraq, are continuing to die and be maimed for life every single day - meanwhile, our nation, led by lies and manipulation, sits on the brink of a massive assault next upon the people and country of Iran.

In 1870, Julia Ward Howe called to the consciences of women across the U.S.: From the bosom of the devastated Earth, a voice goes up with our own. It says, "Disarm, Disarm! The sword of murder is not the balance of justice. In 1872, a Mother's Day for Peace was created to bring women together to work for peace and justice. Read more

This Mother's Day, CODEPINK and their peace allies will be holding a continuous 24-hour vigil outside the White House, with solidarity actions planned around the country. A local support rally will be held on Friday May 12th, from 3-5 pm, on the sidewalk in front of the Military Recruiting Center, 2121 41st Avenue, Capitola. Read more

Happy First Birthday to Free Skool Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.05.2006 03:08

Wanna come help us celebrate Free Skool Santa Cruz' one year birthday with a potluck and fundraiser this Sunday? Music, food, frolicking, and Free Skool workshops.

Come play with new and old friends. Bring food to share and stuff to play with. We can have some dis-organized frolicking and games. Learn things. Scheme about upcoming classes. Talk about one's we already took. You know, good stuff.

Read more

en la Casa Hrnos. Zaragoza

Argentina, 10.05.2006 02:09

2° Festival El Piñatazo!

actiune din compasiune - iesi in strada si imparte cu cel flamand

Romania, 10.05.2006 02:07

Un grup alternativ din Bucuresti a organizat pe 6 mai 2006 o actiune de strada asemanatoare campaniilor Food Not Bombs in care au impartit alimente si au strans donatii pentru persoanele nevoiase.

grafferii presedintelui

Romania, 10.05.2006 00:07

Miercuri 3 mai 2006. Ziua Mondiala a Libertatii Presei.
Locatie: Piata Universitatii- Arhitectura.
10.00-18.00 un grup de tineri selectati in prealabil realizeaza 'desene' pe tema "Arta urbana".

Plan de lucha de docentes universitarios

Argentina, 09.05.2006 23:39

El conflicto universitario tiende a generalizare y profundizarse

Final victory against EDO!

United Kingdom, 09.05.2006 23:09

IN WHAT has been hailed as a complete "surrender", Brighton arms firm EDO MBM has lost its lost-running legal battle with peace campaigners.

The firm's arrogant attempts to restrict protest outside their factory has ended in expensive failure. Their bid to secure a no-protest exclusion zone with an injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act has ended in unconditional failure after a year-long High Court battle.

Governo PS aumenta restrições a reformados e contribuintes

Portugal, 09.05.2006 22:40

Governo PS aumenta restrições a reformados e contribuintes

The Speakers on the RCP Tour Have a Lot to Tell the Youth

DC, 09.05.2006 22:10

Recently I had the privilege of spending a day with Joe and Clyde. We rode all over the city, chauffered by JD, a white guy from Ohio. They are all “hardcore” members of the Revolutionary Communist Party. I am not. When the rhetoric got too politically intense, we’d change the subject. That’s when things got interesting.

May 5, 2006: Ciclo de Mayo Critical Mass

DC, 09.05.2006 22:10

Ciclo de Mayo Critical Mass: The Cinco de Mayo Ciclo de Mayo Critical Mass succeeeded in having big fun but failed to attract Mexicans and other immigrants to DC's monthly Critical Mass bike ride.

Montgomery County Weighs in on “English for Speakers of Other Languages” Initiatives

DC, 09.05.2006 22:10

A group of House Republicans plan to submit an amendment this week to strike down a 1965 Voting Rights Act provision that includes bilingual ballots and translation assistance at the polls. Supporters of such initiatives say that demanding English fluency unifies the country, but some question whether the government can make those demands without creating and funding services that teach English to non-English speakers. FSRN’s Selina Musuta reports from Montgomery County, Maryland, an area that has seen a boom in immigration and along with it, a demand for adult English classes.

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