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Mothers Day Revisited

Ireland, 13.05.2006 12:10

Mothers Day is a call for women to resist war This ...

Condoleezza Rice at Boston College? I Quit

Boston, 13.05.2006 11:09

An open letter to William P. Leahy, SJ, president of Boston College.

latin america (en)

Barcelona, 13.05.2006 09:10

Brutal Repression in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico

>>> Special Coverage Mexico IMC: Web + Radio + Atenco Video

>>> 12th May,19.30h-Talk: What's happening in Mexico? Let's break the silence!

«(...) During the early morning of last Thursday May 3rd over 3000 federal and state police forces, besieged San Salvador Atenco community, Mexico state, and they took it by assault. (...) Which was the Atenco people crime? To resist with dignity: to be against government plans of making a new airport to Mexico City on their traditional cultivation land in exchange for a ridiculous compensation; (...)» [+]

>>> To know much more: Mexico Indymedia + Chiapas Indymedia + Chiapas.Pangea + Section Latin America

Disrupting the Minuteklan

DC, 13.05.2006 06:42

A few observations from the minuteklan rally today.

Município com 50% das terras griladas, terá audiência agrária neste dia

Brasil, 13.05.2006 06:40



Colombia, 13.05.2006 06:40

Salvajina: 20 años de paciencia se agotaron

Berkeley's Shattuck Cinema Workers Go Union

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.05.2006 04:40

On Monday, May 8th, workers at Landmark Shattuck Cinemas turned in authorization cards to the National Labor Relations Board, filing a certification petition for representation with the Industrial Workers of the World. Rising tensions at the Shattuck Cinemas over the year have pushed workers to demand an end to unfair working conditions and greater accountability from management. On Friday May 12th, workers and labor activists rallied in front of the Shattuck Cinema.
Photos | Read More On Indybay's Labor and East Bay Pages

Action stepped up at Sharp Hill

United Kingdom, 13.05.2006 03:39

The campaign to save Sharphill is stepping up this weekend with live music and a fresh call for support.

A group of activists - with strong support from the community - have been camping at the site near Edwalton, Nottingham for two weeks in protest against Rushcliffe Borough Council's plan to build 1200 houses.

They have pledged to stay at least until June 15 - when the council makes its final decision - and encourage everyone to join them as and when they can.

There will be live music at the site on Saturday (May 13) night.

A central government inspector's report opposed the council's plan. Read it (Sharphill from page 14), with the council's response.

Links: Campaigners' response to planning document | Activists' statement | Announcement, directions and map | Activists in Market Square photos

celeridad de la “justicia” para encarcelar pobres

Argentina, 13.05.2006 01:39

Erna Ibañez: La justicia un poco menos injusta

Report: Tuesday Recruiting Center Vigil

Portland, 12.05.2006 22:40

14 People attended the Tuesday vigil at the Recruitment Center this week. Holding signs, and handing out flyers. As with the previous weeks, the response from people walking, biking, driving by was overwhelmingly positive.

Towards the end, some folks made a circle and read aloud the names of the U.S. soldiers killed this past week. Each person reads a name and how that soldier was killed. It goes around the circle until the names have all been read. The number of soldiers killed is more than the number of people reading names. I hope that the number of dead drops, and the number at the recruiting center increases. It is sad to see the list of names each week, and see their ages. Most so young, and all, dying in vain.

Germany: Summer of resistance reloaded?

Portland, 12.05.2006 22:39

The french protests some weeks ago inspired many here in germany. More than one year ago a "Summer of Resistance" against social cuts and cutbacks in the educational sector was called in Hamburg, which became a nationwide motto in the student protest against student fees. Now, one year later, its summer again, with temperatures over 20?C, and a new wave of protest is about to start.

Over and over there are spontaneous demonstrations, i.e. in the towns of Muenster, Marburg, Giessen, Duisburg, Frankfurt and Kiel. Occupations of university-buildings in Cologne and Bochum increased the pressure, even if the police cleared the building in Cologne after 10 days. Strong messages to the government and the university-leadership were sent, as hundreds of students stormed or disrupted sessions of the academic senat in Cologne, Bonn and Bocum. In Cologne the president of the university could only "escape" by the help of the cops who beat many students on this day.

In Hamburg many participated in a "student block" on the mayday parade/demonstration behind the front-banner "Campus Guerilla" and showed their will for protest this year as well. A barricade-contest has been carried out and was later on tested in practical experience when the main university building was barricaded.

In Frankfurt on the main, around 4.000 students marched through the city center, blocked several streets and built smaller barricades. An invasion of the main train station was only prevented by a massive police force. On the next day (May 12th) the students marched again and tried to storm a credit institute (one that soon will give credit to students). On the same day up to 100 people occupied the party headquarters of the FDP and in the towns of Siegen and Duisburg rectorates were stormed and occupied.

Community Schools Rally

Worcester, 12.05.2006 21:10

Worcester Rising-Up to Protect Community Schools, Arts, Parent Liaisons

Framework for a police state – US government phone spying targets all Americans

Boston, 12.05.2006 21:09

The exposure in Thursday’s USA Today of a vast and secret National Security Agency data base tracking the phone calls of hundreds of millions of Americans is further evidence of the advanced preparations for the establishment of a police state in the United States. The NSA database is a blueprint for political repression and intimidation on a massive scale.

Alive In Baghdad Project: From Amman

Boston, 12.05.2006 21:09

These are excerpts from the AliveinBaghdad web site. A project initiated by a BIMC member and currently freelance reporter, Brian Conley, reporting from Amman, Jordan. During his first trip to Iraq, Brian focused on interviewing Iraqis living in and outside Baghdad. Previous to his trip to Iraq, he had been shooting video for seven years, worked internationally in Quebec City and Guatemala, contributed with Indymedia on two films about the FTAA, and worked independently with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the Miami Workers, and other organizations of Communities of Color. See for complete information on this project.

NSA Tracking Millions of US Phone Calls

San Diego, 12.05.2006 20:09

NSA, AT&T, Verizon, and BellSouth Are Spying on You It has now been revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been secretly collecting the phone records of tens of millions of Americans since September 11, 2001. The data has been provided by telecommunications giants AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth. The NSA claims the phone record data is being used in its fight against terrorism, although the millions of ordinary Americans' whose telephone behavior is being tracked are not suspected of any crime. The goal of the secret program is reported to be the creation of a "database of every call ever made" within US borders.

Read More here and on Indybay's US and Police State News Pages

Luta dos metalúrgicos em Vigo

Portugal, 12.05.2006 19:40

Luta dos metalúrgicos em Vigo

Celebrate the Real Meaning of Mother's Day

Rogue Valley, 12.05.2006 19:11

Join us in the first fundraiser for Haditha Hospital Restoration Project and reclaim the intended meaning of Julia Ward Howe's Mothers Day, a day for all mothers around the world to unite for peace and justice.

Mother's Acting Up Hosts Mother's Day Parade and Reclaims Mother's Day

Tennessee, 12.05.2006 18:10

[Nashville, TN] – Mothers Acting Up (MAU), an organization dedicated to mobilizing the gigantic political strength of mothers* to ensure the health, education and safety of every child, along with Nashville Peace & Justice Center, CodePink, Peace Roots Alliance, Wild Oats and Plum Good Food today announced that on Mother’s Day, May 14, at 12:30pm, mothers and their families will come together at Fannie Mae Dees Park (Dragon Park) to express their personal commitment and invite their communities to join them to prioritize and protect children.

Mother's Day: A Call to Peace! ...from CODE PINK women for peace

Miami, 12.05.2006 17:08

Mother's Day: A Call to Peace! ...from CODE PINK women for peace

NSA Tracking Millions of US Phone Calls with Telcos Help

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.05.2006 15:38

It has now been revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been secretly collecting the phone records of tens of millions of Americans since September 11, 2001. The data has been provided by telecommunications giants AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth. The NSA claims the phone record data is being used in its fight against terrorism, although the millions of ordinary Americans' whose telephone behavior is being tracked are not suspected of any crime. The goal of the secret program is reported to be the creation of a "database of every call ever made" within US borders.

Read More on Indybay's US and Police State News Pages

MomsRising Campaign Supports Working Mothers

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.05.2006 15:38

MoveOn is part of a new campaign called Moms Rising, which aims to collect 50,000 signatures and comments supporting mothers and American families by Mother's Day. MomsRising plans to deliver these comments to people in Congress. They want to protect mothers from discrimination in hiring, promote the work flexibility that all parents need, demand universal health care, and get a living wage for all Americans so they can support their families.

Read More On Indybay's California, Labor, and Women's News Pages

Mother's Day Card to the Governor to Demand Release of 4,500

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.05.2006 15:38

On Sunday, May 14th, No New Jails will take a huge Mother’s Day card to the Century Regional Jail in LA and ask people waiting in line to visit loved ones in the jail to sign the card. People can sign the card online if they will not be able to go to LA. The card for the governor will demand that 4,500 women be released from state prison, rather than creating new prison and jail beds. The card is in response to a bill in Sacramento that has proposed moving 4,500 women from state prison into smaller privately-run prisons, many of which will be located in Los Angeles County.

Read More On Indybay's Police State, California and Women's News Pages

Trabalhadores/as do ensino fecham rodovia em SC e continuam paralisados/as

Brasil, 12.05.2006 12:39


From the Newswire

Perth, 12.05.2006 11:09

Camp Sovereignty Desecrated!

Mexiko: Toter bei Unruhen - EZLN ruft Roten Alarm aus

Germany, 12.05.2006 10:40

Unglaubliche Szenen spielen sich dieser Tage in der mexikanischen Hauptstadt-Provinz ab. Am Morgen des 3. Mai wurde ein nicht genehmigter, aber seit langem etablierter Blumenmarkt in der Gemeinde Tecoco/Atenco von der Bundespolizei (PFP) umstellt und gewaltsam geräumt.
An diesem unverhältnismäßigem Polizeieinsatz entzündete sich der Zorn der Marktverkäufer und Dorfbewohner. Die Situation eskaliert zusehens, während in der Gemeinde viele Regierungsbüros gestürmt und besetzt wurden, kam es auf den Zufahrtsstraßen zur Gemeinde immer wieder zu zusammenstößen zwischen Aufständigen und den Regierungstruppen: brennende Autos, Barrikaden, die Situation geriet völlig außer Kontrolle. Ein 14 jähriger Junge starb bei den Auseinandersetzungen mit der Polizei.
Das alles passierte während zeitgleich die im Januar von der EZLN gestartete "Andere Kampagne", der mittlerweile mehr als 1000 soziale Netzwerke und Organisationen angehören, das Land verändern...

Am 4. Mai besetzten tausende Bundespolizisten die Stadt, 217 Menschen wurden verhaftet, 60 verschwanden - darunter auch Ausländer (Dringender Aufruf). Misshandlungen von Gefangenen, Vergewaltigungen und mindestens ein Mord sind bekannt geworden. EZLN rief den "roten Alarm" aus und schloß ihre Caracoles. Am 5.Mai machten sich 8000 Menschen - unter ihnen auch Vertreter der EZLN - auf dem Weg nach Atenco, um die Stadt wieder einzunehmen und der Regierung ein Ultimatum zu stellen. Alle Inhaftierten (darunter auch IMC-Aktivisten) befinden sich im Hungerstreik (Feature bei Indymedia Global).
Weltweit finden Solidaritätsaktionen statt - in Berlin ist am Dienstag vor der Mexikanischen Botschaft eine Kundgebung geplant.

Updates im Artikel

Indymedia Mexiko | Indymedia Chiapas | Indymedia Yucatan | MDM Blog | Zapateando Blog | Vientos Info | Narconews | Gruppe Basta |

Mothers on the march for Peace

Melbourne, 12.05.2006 09:39

Reclaiming the Origins of Mothers' Day

&quot;Comiendo también se lucha&quot;. Jornadas (de reflexión) sobre consumo crítico y agroecología. Cooperativa Agrícola Hortigas

estrecho / madiaq, 12.05.2006 09:08

La Cooperativa Agrícola Hortigas organiza estas jornadas con la idea, sobre
todo, de introducir el consumo crítico como forma de acción y
cuestionamiento del sistema capitalista. A menudo desde los movimientos
sociales que trabajamos en ámbitos como el ecologismo, antidesarrollismo,
género, contra la precariedad, contra la especulación… descuidamos el hecho
de que lo que consumimos influye en las realidades que pretendemos cambiar:
el consumo es una forma importante de acción política diaria.

Queremos también que sirva de punto de encuentro entre los diferentes
colectivos y personas sensibilizadas y tal vez empezar a trabajar de manera
conjunta en estos temas transversales.

En estos dos días se pretende dar una visión sobre el estado actual del
modelo de producción, distribución y consumo de alimentos así como
reflexionar, proponer y construir alternativas sustentables que sean justas
para todas.

En definitiva, creemos en la agroecología como una herramienta de lucha. Por
que sólo luchando se consiguen los sueños.

Gran Rosario: Tras el fracaso de las negociaciones

Argentina, 12.05.2006 07:39

Trabajadores tomaron la planta de ICI porque “esta situación ya no da para más”

Pawai Tolak Pornografi dan RUU APP

Jakarta, 12.05.2006 07:38

Jaringan Perjuangan Nasionalis Penolakan terhadap rencana DPR yang rencananya akan memaksakan mengesahkan Rancangan Undang-Undang Anti Pornoaksi dan Pornografi (RUU APP) pada bulan Juni 2006 nanti semakin meluas. Banyak pihak menilai bahwa negara seharusnya mengatur penyebaran pornografi, bukan mengatur persoalan moral dan etika masyarakat Indonesia. Dengan pengaturan negara pada moralitas dan etika masyarakat, negara dianggap secara langsung memasung kebebasan berekspresi dan secara tidak langsung mengacam prinsip pluralisme yang terkandung dalam Bhineka Tunggal Ika. ...

Trabajadores tomaron la planta de ICI

Argentina, 12.05.2006 07:09

“Esta situación ya no da para más”


San Diego, 12.05.2006 07:08


5.30 PM

SAN DIEGO: Consulado de Mexico en San Diego


The Mexican State brutally represses the townspeople of San Salvador Atenco at a time when the Other Campaign realizes national and international mobilizations demanding freedom of those imprisoned, the physical presentation of those disappeared and the withdrawal of police forces from Atenco.
El Estado Mexicano reprime brutalmente a los pobladores de San Salvador Atenco al tiempo que La Otra Campaña realiza movilzaciones nacionales e internacionales por la Libertad de los presos, la presentación de los desaparecidos y el retiro de la fuerza pública en Atenco.

More information at and,, and

Weapons conference arrests disgraceful and unlawful

Aotearoa, 12.05.2006 01:10

#media_6959;left# Peace activists achieved a great victory in Wellington District Court today as the last remaining charge of those against the 20 people arrested at last year’s protest against the weapons conference at Te Papa was dismissed.

The charge of trespass against Peace Action member Nick Henry was dismissed following an application by police to offer no evidence.

Halliburton On The Run - Teach In / Press Event

Oklahoma, 12.05.2006 01:08

Discussion about Halliburton's annual shareholder's meeting Teach In / Press event Halliburton On The Run! Teach In / Press event WED, MAY 17TH, 2006 5:30pm-7:00pm Mayflower Congregational Church 3901 NW 63rd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) Event to discuss action taken at the HALLIBURTON ANNUAL SHAREHOLDERS MEETING IN DUNCAN, OK ON WEDNEDAY, MAY 17TH, 2006. CONTACT: Darla Shelden 405/840-244 or Nathaniel Batchelder 405/524-5577


Argentina, 12.05.2006 00:39

Cartelera de Actividades

Yes We Can: Solidarity Emerges at INS Protest

Portland, 11.05.2006 23:39

Several dozen people gathered near the end of yesterday's workday at the front steps of the INS building. The diverse group included students and workers, parents and children, Christians and Socialists, Spanish and English speakers, recent immigrants and lifelong US citizens. They shared a single agenda: to send a message of opposition to the recent wave of raids and deportation of immigrant workers.
[READ MORE || Archive of local immigrants rights coverage || Archive of national immigrants rights coverage

[Listen to streaming audio Coverage || Download MP3]

Portland Establishes Task Force on Peak Oil

Portland, 11.05.2006 23:38

The threat of a peak in global oil supplies has received official attention from the City of Portland. A resolution to create a task force to investigate implications of peak oil was passed by City Council on Wednesday May 10 largely in response to activism from Portland Peak Oil, a local grassroots group. "This task force will focus on preparing Portland for a local response to impending global oil shortages," said Stephen Johnson, a volunteer with Portland Peak Oil.
"Portlanders' support for this resolution is reflected in the tremendous growth of Portland Peak Oil over the past year," says Emily Pollard, an organizer with the group. "We look forward to assisting the work of the task force and continuing to promote projects to educate the community."
> Portland Peak Oil

32 años del asesinato de Carlos Mugica

Argentina, 11.05.2006 20:09

Villa 31: 32 años después la lucha continúa

Forderung der Gefangenen für bessere Haftbedingungen

Switzerland, 11.05.2006 20:07

Die Gefangenen im Knast in Pöschwies fordern mit einer Petition die Verbesserung ihrer Haftbedingungen. Der Entwurf dieser Petition entstand aus einem vor allem in den letzten Jahren zunehmend angestiegenen allgemeinen Unbehagen der Insassen. Die allgemeinen Verhärtungs- und Verwahrungsorgie in der Asylpolitik, der Justiz und im immer vollständiger psychologisierten Strafvollzug lassen zunehmend keine Perspektiven mehr für ein zukünftiges Leben in Freiheit offen. In diesem Zusammenhang läuft dieses Unbehagen die grosse Gefahr, immer mehr die Züge blanker Verzweiflung anzunehmen.
Am 1. Mai in Zürich wurde dazu ein Flugblatt mit weiteren Informationen verteilt.
Eine ähnliche Petition hatten auch die Gefangenen von Champ-Dollon (GE) im März eingereicht - am 30. April u. 1. Mai kam es hier zu einer offenen Knastrevolte.

verschiedene texte gegen gefängnisse und/oder deren industrie:

:: against prisons :. ein text [in englisch] von Catherine Baker anlässlich des abolitionismus-kongresses von 1985 in Amsterdam, welcher grundsätzlich die funktion von gefängnissen/anstalten und des gesetzes/bestrafens kritisiert.
:: mehr englische texte zu diesem thema
:: l'envolée - eine zeitung aus frankreich, die von menschen im knast sowie ausserhalb des knastes gemacht wird
:: Der industrielle Gefängniskomplex von angela davis, eine Karte dazu
:: zur privatisierung der knäste in deutschland
:: texte zur knastindustrie vom anti-repressions-bündnis berlin: knast-industrie / teil 2 / teil 3
:: John Zerzans Vorwort zu "Achtung Banditen!"
:: «illegale Homepage» über Regensdorf-Knast

Local Church to Revive Mother's Day Tradition

San Diego, 11.05.2006 19:39

First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego: Mother's Day Services to Benefit Social-Change Foundation

In the U.S., Mother's Day was originally associated with the peace movement, but it was also associated with religion, sanitation and pollution issues in Appalachia, opposition to capitalism, and a wide variety of public activism by women working to promote social and economic justice.

On Mother's Day, Sunday, May 14, 2006, the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego will revive these traditions by supporting the San Diego Foundation for Change (SDFC) through "Generosity Sunday" services at 9:30 and 11:30 a.m., with the offertory collections being donated to the Foundation.

Just War - Howard Zinn and Gino Strada Symposium

LA, 11.05.2006 18:39

Just War - Howard Zinn and Gino Strada Symposium

sgombero casa dei diritti negati

Italy, 11.05.2006 18:10

Sgombero della Casa dei Diritti Negati

sgombero casa dei diritti negati

Italy, 11.05.2006 18:10

Sgombero della Casa dei Diritti Negati

Ativistas protestam contra vivissecção em Goiás

Brasil, 11.05.2006 17:40



Colombia, 11.05.2006 17:40

La Corte Constitucional falla a favor de la despenalización del aborto!


Colombia, 11.05.2006 17:40

La Corte Constitucional falla a favor de la despenalización del aborto!

Bush gets support of a Pedophile in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, 11.05.2006 17:39

(but not from much anybody else) commentary EDITOR'S NOTE: I have made a correction on the headline but otherwise have left the text of this op-ed feature as written by the author. The lone Bush supporter at Oklahoma State University's commencement last Saturday has been discovered as a multiple offence felon for pedophilia and giving minors drugs. George W. Bush gave the commencement address, which was protested by 1,000 concerned citizens critizing the state of the nation. It was his first and probably last visit to the state as president. This is damn near hilarious to me, but also very sad for the Bush crowd--79% of Oklahoma voted for Shrub in 2004, but the only person willing to support him at his first visit to the State is a horrible 'man.' Here is everything I have pulled together, summary of information and links to the Department of Corrections site (with mug shots), the Oklahoma sex offender data base, a short choppy video of the guy in action, and photos of his arrest. I have contacted the Sherrif's department, Stillwater Police, and OSU police--no one will claim the two officers. I don't know--maybe they are secret service. Procuring A Child For A Lewd Or Indecent Act 12/11/2000 3Y Probation 12/11/2000 12/10/2005 Procuring A Child For A Lewd Or Indecent Act 12/11/2000 2Y Incarceration "03/15/2001-10/07/2001 Unlawful Distribution Of Controlled Drug To Minor 01/19/2001 5Y Incarceration 03/15/2001-01/18/2003 Unlawful Distribution Of Controlled Drug To Minor 01/19/2001 5Y Incarceration 03/15/2001-01/18/2003 Unlawful Distribution Of Controlled Drug To Minor 01/19/2001 5Y Incarceration 03/15/2001-01/18/2003 Procure Minor For Prostitution/Other Lew 2.7 Y SUSPENDED 04/01/2003 12/10/2005" Timothy Wayne Middleton has been jail all but a few months since April, 2001. He served less than two years in prison after being given 19.7 years. less than 3 months after he was released, he was caught again for Procure Minor For Prostitution, or various other lewd acts. This was his 3rd time same charge, which puts him 3 for 3 with Unlawful Distribution of Controlled Drug to Minor. He was incarcerated from April 1st, 2003, and was released December 10th, 2005. As of today, he has only been out of prison for 4 months and 31 days. He was angry and hostile, he had an encounter with the police in what appeared to be an arrest like manner, no one yet is telling the truth about what happened. I feel obligated to bring this information to light to see what will happen. Is it appropriate that the media that gave a felon public speech, should broadcast a formal apology and explination. I ask this not because he is a Bush supporter and we disagree with his politics, although some of us do. It is obvious that this man, if you could call him that, has given up any idea of social responsibility. Although he has the right to protest, he does not deserve the even half the credibility as the Americans on the other side of the street. I also hope that, realizing a mistake, OKC Fox News 25 would also allow for more voices to be heard from the protesters legally displaying their concerns for the state of their country. Attendence at the commencement was also 20,000 people, much less than the expected 40,000. Thanks for the support.

Huracan Pinguino

santiago, 11.05.2006 17:10

Protesta Nacional de Secundarios.

2° Festival El Piñatazo!

Argentina, 11.05.2006 17:10

13 maggio: noCoke a Civitavecchia

Italy, 11.05.2006 16:40

Né a Civitavecchia né altrove

Anti WAR

Perth, 11.05.2006 16:11

CODEPINK >> Mothers Day Peace Picnic: Disarm, Disarm!

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