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Gran Rosario: Levantaron la toma de ICI

Argentina, 15.05.2006 08:40

Los trabajadores recuperan sus puestos

Levantaron la toma de ICI

Argentina, 15.05.2006 08:09

Los trabajadores recuperan sus puestos

&quot;Trade Secrets&quot; video showing at Red and Black

Portland, 15.05.2006 07:39

We will be having another Anti-Imperialist movie night and community forum on Monday the 14th at the Red and Black cafe. The movie will be "Trade Secrets" a PBS documentary on the chemical industries conspiracy to cover up poisoning of its workers, their families, and the environment. This documentary contains many captivating personal interviews with people that have been hurt by the chemical industry.

Please join us afterward in a community forum on chemicals and our health.

It will be showing at the Red and Black Caf?
2138 Se Division St. Portland Oregon 503-231-3899
@ 7pm sharp

Kontroversi RUU APP dalam Seni Mural

Jakarta, 15.05.2006 07:39

Tinjau Kembali RUU APP Semenjak beberapa hari lalu, di beberapa sudut Jakarta terlihat seni mural dan graffiti bertema kontroversi RUU APP. ...

Sewindu Tragedi Trisakti

Jakarta, 15.05.2006 06:41

DPR goblok.. DPR goblok.. bubarin aja.. menjadi yel-yel yang terus dikumandangkan sepanjang aksi mahasiswa di depan gedung Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (DPR) dalam rangka memperingati sewindu tragedi Trisakti (12 Mei 1998) yang dilakukan hari Jumat, 12 Mei 2006 kemarin. Aksi yang dilakukan oleh 2 elemen massa yang terdiri dari mahasiswa trisakti dan aliansi peduli 12 Mei 1998 itu meneriakkan kekecewaan mereka akan sistem perundang-undangan di negeri ini yang hingga kini tidak secara gamblang menguak tabir insiden penembakan mahasiswa pada tahun 1998.  ...

Code Pink Challenges White House

DC, 15.05.2006 04:11

Code Pink activists showed up on Mother’s Day to challenge the War Party. They took their case directly to the White House. In a rally that included a mini-parade, speeches, a sing along and the waving of plenty of roses, the Ladies in Pink were in great form. Cindy Sheehan said they are “making a difference.” And, Actress Susan Sarandon read an open letter to Laura Bush, in which she mocked Laura’s husband, “The Decider,” as a warmonger.

Workers Rights

Perth, 15.05.2006 04:11

Up Yours HOWARD! Student Walkout Against Workchoices.

BREAKING: Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators!

Miami, 15.05.2006 01:08

BREAKING: Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators!

Telephone Records are just the Tip of NSA's Iceberg

Miami, 15.05.2006 01:08

Telephone Records are just the Tip of NSA's Iceberg

Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job

Miami, 15.05.2006 01:08

Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job

Is this Is the Way It Ends: Attack on Iran May Be Imminent

Miami, 15.05.2006 01:08

Is this Is the Way It Ends: Attack on Iran May Be Imminent

U.N. seeks to censor war reporting; U.N. code would limit journalist reports on terrorists

Miami, 15.05.2006 00:38

U.N. seeks to censor war reporting; U.N. code would limit journalist reports on terrorists

&quot;Constitutional Insurgency&quot; ZNet | Vision &amp; Strategy

Miami, 15.05.2006 00:38

"Constitutional Insurgency" ZNet | Vision & Strategy

René Préval: Haiti May Get One Last Chance in Spite of Washington’s Best Efforts

Miami, 15.05.2006 00:38

René Préval: Haiti May Get One Last Chance in Spite of Washington’s Best Efforts

Boatyard on eviction alert

United Kingdom, 15.05.2006 00:09

Boaters occupying Castle Mill boatyard in Jericho are facing a possible eviction in the next three weeks, with a first visit from the bailiffs expected this Monday (15th May).

The yard, an indispensable facility for Oxford's narrowboat community, has been occupied since July last year to block British Waterways' attempt to sell the site on to property developers. The emphasis has been on keeping the site going as a working boatyard, and 8 boats have now been craned onto the yard for essential repairs and maintainence, something that no other yard in the area can do.

Despite boaters raising huge public support, defeating the original plan by Bellway Homes to build housing on the yard, getting the city council to pass a motion of support and pointing out British Waterways' obligation in law to provide vital services for Oxford's residential boaters, the eviction and development plans are still ploughing on with a mindless momentum of their own, probably fuelled by Oxford's high property prices.

If you would be able to help out in the event of an eviction, join the phone tree by texting your number to the site mobile (07788 915545), emailing or ringing the site office (01865 559481). Or get down to the boatyard in person!

[ latest report | Campaign Website | Other ways to help ]
[ old reports: Bellway plan defeated | Boatyard occupied ]

Photos: Kaihsu Tai

Afghans on Hunger Strike in St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Ireland, 14.05.2006 21:40

"Life in Ireland or Death?" Please Tell Us Minist ...

South Central Farm Still in Jeopardy

LA, 14.05.2006 21:09

South Central Farm Still in Jeopardy

World Can't Wait Activist Sent to Psych Ward Post Trial

Cleveland, 14.05.2006 21:08

Statement From Carol Fisher - May 14th

Parliament Sq. Protest in Peril

United Kingdom, 14.05.2006 20:40

On Monday the 8th, the state won their appeal against the decision that the repressive new SOCPA legislation could not be applied reactively to the protest which Brian Haw has been staging on Parliament Square for almost 5 years.

Since Monday there has been sporadic police activity at the site of the protest, and the police have sought to impose conditions on Brian and co-protestor Alex.

Regular updates have been posted on Indymedia UK. The timeline below is drawn from them.

Links: Short film of Monday's events | BBC Parliament Square jamcam | Video of Parliament Square Gathering on Sunday, May 14th


Grand Jury Protest and Rally in Eugene!

Portland, 14.05.2006 20:39

Next Thursday, come to Eugene and support subpoenaed activist Jeff Hogg. There will be speakers on hand to gibe an update about the current wave of subpoenas and how to protect yourself and your commuity.
Protest against grand juries and the Green Scare


Federal Grand Jury Witchhunt in Eugene
Federal Building, 7th & Pearl
May 18 @ 10 am

Defend Disability Benefits

United Kingdom, 14.05.2006 18:40

Sheffield Welfare Action Network (SWAN) is one of the lead organisations in the campaign against the proposed welfare reforms. They are organising the forthcoming People's March and Rally Against the IB cuts, a national demonstration on the 17th June being held in Sheffield. SWAN has been steadily helping build the campaign and seen opposition grow to the draconian welfare reforms as their implications become clear. There is also a benefit concert in aid of SWAN on the 20th May.

Buenos Aires: Liberaron a seis de los siete detenidos

Argentina, 14.05.2006 17:41

Liberaron a los presos de TBA-Haedo

All Newborns To Be Microchipped?

Portland, 14.05.2006 17:40

Although it seems impossible, plans are well underway to control every move and thought of the American population once the New World Order ends it period of extended violence, a stage of takeover the country is now experiencing.

Jody Paulson Radio4All RFID Commentary: You've no doubt heard of RFID tags. They are used in tracking animals and many commercial products. They basically transmit information, in many cases just a number. But, as we all know, a unique number in a database can be connected with whatever information we desire. Give me your social security number, and with the proper clearances I can find out your credit history, job history, criminal history, shopping history, medical history -- you name it.

RFID tags are currently being used in the Sutter, California school district to simplify attendance-taking, potentially reduce vandalism and "improve student safety." Right now they are being worn as badges, but there are many RFID advocates who want to implant the tags under the skin -- so they don't get lost. The school's principal hopes to add bar codes to the existing ID's so that students can use them to pay for cafeteria meals and check out library books.

Passive RFID tags don' t need a power supply: the electric current induced in the antenna by the incoming scan provides enough power for the tag to send a response. They can be read from up to 5 meters (or yards) away. Imagine what life would be like if everyone was forced, like the kids at Brittan elementary, to wear RFID tags, or worse, have them implanted under the skin? It'd sure make things easy for the guys in authority, wouldn't it? A cop zaps a guy from his car and his computer returns a prior drug conviction. There's probable cause!

Judge Orders World-Can't-Wait Activist To Jail Psych Unit

Portland, 14.05.2006 17:40

May 9: Judge Timothy McGinty forcibly incarcerated Carol Fisher in the psych unit of the Cuyahoga County Jail in downtown Cleveland, where she now sits for an indefinite period of time.

In a hastily called hearing yesterday, Judge McGinty made a highly unusual and outrageous decision to force Carol to undergo a state psychological exam as part of her pre-sentencing investigation. From the very start of Carol's case, the judge has openly said that she must have mental problems for resisting an unlawful and brutal encounter with Cleveland Heights police. He went even further in yesterday's hearing, saying that her opposition to the Bush regime makes her "delusional." McGinty started off the hearing by making Carol stand up and had one of her attorneys read her t-shirt, which said: "Wanted for Illegally Crossing Borders: The Bush Regime

McGinty then said this was proof of her delusion! He also kept saying Carol "wants" to go to jail, and that she has a "martyr complex." When Carol tried to explain why she wouldn't take this test, the judge's only response was, "I do not negotiate with felons."

*Call Judge Timothy McGinty and express your outrage: 216-443-8758

Boycott of Horizon Organic Dairy Products

Portland, 14.05.2006 17:40

Horizon foods is owned by corporate giant Dean Foods. Horizon is now raising their dairy cows in giant organic feedlots. A nationwide boycott has begun. Here is more information.
One month ago, after a poll of our members, the Organic Consumers Association called on consumers to boycott dairy companies like Horizon and Aurora for their practice of raising "organic" cattle on intensive confinement feedlots.

Alberta Coop took Horizon products off the shelves about a year ago. A number of natural food stores and co-ops across the U.S. are also beginning to respond to concerned consumers and removing suspect dairy products from their stores. The Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the second largest co-op in the U.S., no longer carries Horizon products. In Colorado, the Boulder Co-op Market, has also discontinued stocking Horizon products. Amy Wyatt, Assistant General Manager for the Co-op, says, "Based on our concerns regarding Horizon's practices, we didn't feel that continuing to carry this company's products was consistent with our mission and values."

Dean Foods, Horizon's parent company, is also starting to come under fire for abandoning U.S. organic soybean farmers and importing cheap soybeans from China, where organic standards are dubious, and farm labor wages and conditions are abysmal. Dean Foods now controls the nation's largest organic soymilk brand, Silk, as well as the largest organic tofu brand, White Wave.

New Arson Indictment in WA Greenscare

Portland, 14.05.2006 17:40

They indicted another person on the UW arson, gave Briana Waters a
'use of a destructive device' charge [carrying a 30 year mandatory
minimum] and indicted one person and cooperating witness/informant
Kevin Tubbs for the Olympia APHIS/ADC arson.

It seems that the trend is for each individual state to indict people
for every incident that took place in their district. i.e. while
incidents outside of Oregon are named in the conspiracy part of the
Oregon case, only individual states can indict for the actual
incident. So, Oregon can name incidents like the UW arson or the Vail
arson in the Oregon conspiracy charges but only Washington State and
Colorado can actually charge the people. Thus far, we have seen the
indictment in Oregon, 4 people indicted for the Litchfield Horse
Corral incident in California, 2 people indicted for the UW incident
and 2 people indicted for the Olympia incident. Following this trend
and the use of grand juries in all of these states as well as Colorado
and Wyoming, you can assume there could be potentially more
indictments soon.

Secret Surveillance at an All-Time High

Portland, 14.05.2006 17:40

Two annual reports recently released by federal agencies show that
surveillance activity conducted by the United States government has
continued to rise dramatically since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, with
use of investigative powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act again at an all-time high.
A coalition of consumer and civil liberties groups joined EPIC in filing comments with the Federal Communications Commission that urge the agency
to adopt stronger protections for phone records. Phone records (and
other types of personal information held by businesses) are vulnerable
to "pretexting," a practice where an individual impersonates another
person, employs false pretenses, or otherwise uses trickery to obtain
information. In 2005, EPIC identified 40 websites offering to obtain
phone records through pretexting, and filed a petition with the FCC to
require stronger rules for protecting phone records
<a href=" NSA">">NSA tracing all domestic calls</a> | <a href=" Qwest">">Qwest is only U.S. company not spying</a> | <a href=" NSA" href="">ACTION">">NSA tracing all domestic calls</a> | <a href=" Qwest">">Qwest is only U.S. company not spying</a> | <a href=" ACTION">link to ALERT: Tell ATT, Verizon, Cingular, SBC NO NSA SPYING!</a>

May 30th Bail Hearing for Joyanna and Nathan!

Portland, 14.05.2006 17:40

Great news! Joy and Nathan have been granted a detention hearing,
during which a judge will decide whether or not they are to be
released on bail. The hearing is set to take place on May 30th at 1:30
P.M. We encourage anyone who is in the Eugene area to attend. Let's
pack the courtroom with supporters and let N. & J. know how many
people are caring about them.

Contact the support crew for a guide to writing character reference
letters. The lawyers have said that they can continue receiving them
up until May 23rd, after which the judge refuses to accept them. So,
if you have been putting it off for any reason, please take this
opportunity to complete them. Remember, it can't hurt for you to write
these. If your letter is not appropriate the lawyer will simply not
turn it in. It doesn't need to be perfect.
Be well.

Ward Churchill in Eugene 5/18

Portland, 14.05.2006 17:40

Does the current state of the world piss you off?

Are you tired of being pushed around by the government?

Do the recent "Green Scare" tactics targeting radical environmentalists and eco-anarchists got you ducking for cover?
Then Don't Miss:

Ward Churchill in Eugene, Oregon
7:30pm - Thursday May 18th
at the E.M.U Ballroom
(On the University of Oregon Campus)

'Not Guilty' Verdict For Bristol G8 Defendant

Bristol, 14.05.2006 16:39

Bristol 1 - 0 Babylon summary G8 Defendant writes: After nearly a year on bail the last remaining Bristol G8 defendant got a “not guilty” verdict and “admonishment” after defending them self in Stirling Sheriff court yesterday. The defendant said “it feels great to be off bail but lets not let this small victory give us any faith in the legal system, the real criminals are still at large". Whilst all the trials for the initial offences by Bristol activists at G8 have already been settled, this case was for the spurious secondary charge of “breach of bail conditions” imposed upon release from the initial offence and for a later “failure to appear in court” despite having advised the court in advance that the defendant could not attend.This was the case for two Bristol activists, who on the Friday evening after the Summit had ended, and the camp was closing down, entered the Stirling site, were searched and filmed by police but gave no names as were not a driving vehicles. Within half an hour, after collecting their belongings and vehicle, they left the site only to be stopped again. Under section 60 of the Terrorism Act the driver has to give his name, which he did and was promptly arrested for breach of bail conditions despite fulfilling the caveat of passing through to collect belongings for the puposes of moving to a home address. He was shortly followed by the navigator, now turned driver, who despite having already plead guilty and thus was not even on bail was similarly arrested for breach of bail conditions. She was released the next day, police realising their mistake. Meanwhile the first driver was kept in till Monday and now a year later in a court of law after multiple trips to Scotland Babylon have finally caved in to being wrong. Full Article| Bristol 1 - 0 Babylon | G8 Legal Support | G8 Archives: 03/11/05 "Drop the G8 charges" - Demands Defendants Solidarity group | 20/10/05: It's a Fair Cop | 28/07/05: G8 2005 issues: Two short video interviews from Bristol | Bristol G8 Protest: 06/07/05: Bristol rocked against the G8 | Bristol G8 protest Pictures | Some more Bristol anti-G8 protest pics |

Fascistisch Antwerpen

Antwerpen, 14.05.2006 16:38

Fascistisch Antwerpen

【韓国】米軍基地拡大反対の抗議者1000名と国防省の衝突1,000's clash in Korean resistance to U.S. base expansion

Japan, 14.05.2006 15:07

Korean farmers and supporters defy brutal eviction for U.S. base expansion

May 4th, 2006 at 5:00am, the Korean Ministry of National Defense (MND) made its fourth attempt to occupy the villages of Daechuri and Doduri and crush the resistance to U.S. military base expansion. This time, they came with 12,000 riot police, 1,500 plain-clothes hired 'workers', who are notorious, right wing ex-military strike breakers, and 3,000 Korean soldiers and army engineers.


Exigen anulación de la resolución Nº 424/06

Argentina, 14.05.2006 14:40

Neuquén: estudiantes secundarios en lucha

education (en)

Barcelona, 14.05.2006 12:10

European student mobilizations against Bologna treaty continue

[wednesday 10th May] Students sit-in in UB central ::: Bologna: We don't swallow it! - Acts in Diagonal, Bellaterra and UPF [Thu 11th May] Gathering in front of DURSI: Let's stop university courses fees! Public prices to Masters! ::: European students strike against Bologna plan [other] AEP-informs:: Planned Acts for next days ::: Presentation of Sindicat d'Estudiants dels Països Catalans (SEPC) [Països Catalans Student Union] and Bologna mobilizations presentation

[Thu 11th May "No to Bologna's treaty" ] Calls

related news: [ MALLORCA] "Es lledoner" Education cooperative ::: Precarious young people ask for your support ::: Conferences: Max Stirner ::: The Catalan Countries Student Union (SEPC) born ::: War companies out of the University ::: Letter from the association of students detained on November 17th ::: The education pact doesn't arrive to nurseries

+info : >>>education + Plataforma Mobilitzadora en Defensa de la Universitat Pública

Midnight Ridazz, LAs Rolling Street Party.

LA, 14.05.2006 07:38

Midnight Ridazz, LAs Rolling Street Party.

News Press Slights Int'lly Famous Journalist/Human Rights Activist : IMC Now More Than Ever

Santa Barbara, 14.05.2006 03:08

Abraham M. Rosenthal, New York Times journalist, Wei Jin Sheng Human Rights in China, Beijing, Tianenmen Square, Auschwitz commentary,independent journalism, Santa Barbara News Press, corporate media, IMCista, Critical Theory, Geoffery Bard, rainbow warrior castigates shlocky obituary

Funcionários de circo agridem manifestantes pelos direitos dos animais.

Brasil, 13.05.2006 23:40


San Francisco Demands Community Choice for Clean Energy

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.05.2006 23:39

A clean power rally will be held on Monday, May 15th at 12:00pm outside of San Francisco City Hall. The city and county is on the verge of building the largest municipal clean energy network in the world. Every home in the city would be powered by safe, renewable energy. Greenpeace and the Community Energy Alliance will gather to show Mayor Newsom that they support clean power.

Read More On Indybay's San Francisco and Environment Pages

Oakland Protest to Celebrate Right to Not Fight Wars

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.05.2006 23:39

For over 20 years, May 15th has been celebrated as International Conscientious Objectors Day. Each year activities are focused in a country where war objectors are being harassed or persecuted. This year the international focus is on the United States' denial of the right of soldiers to object. Coordinated activities are being planned in the U.S. in New York, Washington DC, and the SF Bay Area.

Read More On Indybay's Anti-War Page

Bike to Work Day is Thursday, May 18th

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.05.2006 23:39

Over 100,000 Californians are expected to participate in Bike to Work week, which is May 15th through 19th. On Thursday, May 18th, which is Bike to Work Day (BTWD), people in some places will join together to ride to work. In cities such as San Francisco and Berkeley, local organizations will sponsor energizer stations with refreshments and other bicycle-related goodies.
Read More On Indybay's Environment Page

Subvertising Ads-hell

United Kingdom, 13.05.2006 23:10

A group of activists in Birmingham have managed to open Adshel bus shelters, where they put commercial adverts, using Allen keys, and have been using the space to advertise grassroots actions, such as the No Borders demonstration at Harmondsworth detention centre on 8 April, 2006.

See photos | video

laboro (eo)

Barcelona, 13.05.2006 22:10

precariopolis Ŝanĝperiodo al laborekskludado

La nova laborreformo kaj la politikoj pri senĉesa socia dialogo + Dungoj far la grandaj entreprenoj por tempa dungado altiĝis je 7% ĝis septembro

Sindikatoj: CCOO kaj UGT akceptas malplikostigi maldungadon ĝis po 33 tagoj por laborita jaro + CCOO kaj UGT petas subpremon kontraŭ la enmigrintoj + La sidejo de CCOO atakita

Maldungoj ĉe SEAT: La 3 delegitoj de CGT maldungitaj far SAS (SEAT-provizanta entrepreno) venkas procese redungon + Aranĝo en Madrido solidara kun la gemaldungitoj de SEAT + 1200 manifestantoj kontraŭ la Proceduro de Posten-Reguligo kaj por la redungo de la gemaldungitojn de SEAT: 1 + 2 + Fotoj + Murpentraĵo en Gràcia

KOMERCO: CNT antaŭ la nova laborregularo por la grandaj magazenoj

Mercadona: La registaro kriminaligas la strikon en Mercadona: la ĝendarmoj malpermesas informi la laboristojn ::: Ekas la striko en Mercadona kun trideko da ĝendarmoj kaj okdeko da gelaboristoj venigitaj de aliaj lokoj ::: Amasiĝo antaŭ MERCADONA en L´Hospitalet ::: Striko de la gelaboristoj de Mercadona ::: CNT kreas la plej multnombran Sindikatan Sekcion de la Loĝistika Centro de Katalunio kaj Mercadona respondas per 4 maldungoj ::: 54 laboristoj sendas leterojn al Mercadona denuncante laboran kaj sindikatan premadon kaj avertante pri sindikata respondo ::: Gelaboristoj en la Loĝistika Centro de Katalunio de Mercadona kunvokas per CNT strikon sen difinita longo ::: Gazetara cirkulero ::: Strikalvoko ::: Gelaboristoj de Mercadona, je la unua striksemajno, kunvokas protestojn en Barcelona ::: Subpremoj kontraŭ la strikantaj gelaboristoj de Mercadona ::: Aprila agadkalendaro

Rilataj novaĵoj: Laboristoj de Torcidos S.A. maldungitaj + Laboristo de la Poŝto maldungita + Ĉu hipotekoj? + Unuaj monpunoj al prostituistinoj en Barcelono + TMB: La laborpremado ĉe TMB + Pablo Díez: La alia vizaĝo de TMB

+ infoj:Laboro

tutmondigo (eo)

Barcelona, 13.05.2006 22:10

precariopolisMajtag' 2006: Por vivoj kaj laboroj sur firma fundamento

kontraŭ la eksterleĝigo de enmigrintoj, kontraŭ la spekulado pri nemoveblaĵoj, kontraŭ la urba regularo, kontraŭ la labora reformo kaj kontraŭ la subpremo >>> kaj por la komuna interhelpo, la solidareco, la libera kulturo, la malobeado kaj la memmastrumado.

[1an de majo] 17.30a, placo Universitato Manifestacio por alia unua de majo: neniom da malfirma dungado

Detaloj de la 1a de majo Rekonita la rajto de la manifestacio de la Majtag' malgraŭ la kontraŭstaro de la tripartia registaro + La labora reformo estas malfirma dungado: reto kontraŭ la fermoj kaj la malfirmeco ::: Juna spaco kontraŭ la malfirma dungado kaj la 1a de majo ::: Nigra bloko por la 1a de majo ::: Alvokoj de CGT dum la 1a de majo ::: 1a de majo de CNT ::: La intersindikata-CSC alvokas mobilizon ::: COS: Kunordiga Labora Sindikata Komitato por la 1a de majo ::: Subteno al la enmigrintoj en Usono dum la 1a de majo ::: Tutmonda Ribelo: manifesto de la 1a de majo ::: 1a de majo PSAN + 1a de majo en El Prat de Llobregat + 1a de majo en Berga ::: 1a de majo en Lleida ::: 1a de majo en Manresa :::Alternativa 1a de majo en Baix Llobregat ::: Alternativa 1a de majo en Sabadell ::: 1a de majo en Taragono ::: 1a de majo en Palma de Mallorca + Auda Majtag' ::: Malpermesita la manifestacio de la 1a de majo en Kanariaj Insuloj pro la turismo! :::

[30an de aprilo] Cornellà-Baix Llobregat Manifestacio kaj labortagoj kontraŭ la labora reformo

rilataj novaĵoj: 25an de aprilo: Gazetara konferenco por la prezento de Majtag' 2006 ::: Kritikaj notoj pri la Majtag' ::: Malobea agado en Open Seat Godó 2006 ::: Ludo por stultuloj: pri problemoj de la labor-reformo ::: La sindikato CNT mobilizas sin kontraŭ Mercadona kaj Cepsa en la hispana ŝtato ::: La junaj virinoj enspezas 17% malpli ol la viroj kaj travivas pli da portempaj laboroj ::: Bilanco de la studenta movado en Francio :::

+infoj:: >>>tutmondigo + >>>laboro + euromayday 2006

Spring Break in NOLA - SOU Student Journal

Rogue Valley, 13.05.2006 21:11

Students from Southern Oregon University and Rogue Valley community members went to New Orleans during spring break with a big dose of solidarity. Sunny Lindley was one of them. She shares her journal with us.--rogueimcvolunteer

"My last day at St. Mary's I overheard some folks who had attended the church service that day talking about the most recent body that was found, a five year-old girl. She had her backpack on, fully packed for an overnight stay. She was found several miles from her own neighborhood, seven months after the levees failed and washed her away."--sunnylindley

Click On Any Photo To Make Bigger

Back to Back Cafe Closing Party

Portland, 13.05.2006 19:39

The Back to Back Cafe's last day of operation at their current location of 614 E. Burnside will be May 14th, marking the end of four years of caffeinating the resistance. To celebrate this sad, yet momentous occasion we will be holding an all day music extravaganza, featuring The Marsupials, Guau Guau, The Advisory, Alan Singley, Please Step Out of the Vehicle and Drunken Boat. Music starts at 5 pm and goes till the cops show up.

The Back to Back Cafe is a worker owned and operated coffee shop, serving shade-grown, organic, fair trade coffee as well as a variety of yummy vegetarian food. We promote an alternate way to run a business, focusing on supporting social & economic justice and
sustainable practices and dismantling hierarchical systems. The cafe has also served as a much needed all ages venue, as a meeting space for many groups and as a classroom for free ESL classes. We pride ourselves on being a resource to our community and more than
just another coffee shop. Our space is shared with the Portland branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and the offices of the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, as a result of which we've formed many enriching & rewarding relationships across
class and cultural lines.

We hope to re-open in NE Portland by late summer and continue to serve the people from our new home. Please join us for a celebration of our life so far and everything to come in the future.


Valparaiso, 13.05.2006 19:38

Viernes 12 de Mayol 2006 | Demandas internas y Solidaridad con PPM

Universidad de Valparaíso en la calle

All This For Selling Flowers ...

United Kingdom, 13.05.2006 18:40

On Friday 12th May, several activists and human rights campaigners, as well as people from different groups including London's Zapatista Action Project (z.a.p.), Bristol Solidarity group Kiptik and the Comite Cerezo support group in the U.K, staged a peaceful occupation and noise demonstration in and outside the Mexican Embassy in London [Photos and Report]. Four people locked on in front of the Embassy, effectively closing it down for business for most of the day. Meanwhile a Samba band was playing whilst other activists held banners referring to the events that have been taking place in San Salvador de Atenco, northern Mexico [Press Release]. Another protest outside the Mexican embassy had already taken place on Wednesday 10th [Pics and Report]. The Electronic Disturbance Theater and the Borderlands Hacklab also called for a virtual strike against the Mexican Government on May 5th.

Last week, residents of Atenco, a municipality near Mexico City, suffered massive police brutality and repression, after local organisations helped 60 flower vendors of the Texcoco local market to resist a blockade by state police that prevented them from setting up their stands. People from Atenco quickly responded by obstructing the highway that borders their town and leads to Texcoco market. The events that followed speak of unprecedented levels of police brutality. More than 3000 armed police forces stormed the town beating everyone in their path [Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | Videos: 1 | 2] and arrested more than 200 people after a house to house search around the town. One 14 year old boy was killed as a result of police violence on the first day, and many were severely injured. Since then there have been reports that a total of up to 300 people have been arrested (of which the authorities have only recognised 109), 18 people have been disappeared, 5 women have been raped whilst in custody, and 5 foreigners have been deported.

Reports from IMC-UK newswire by: Global Exchange | The Other Campaign Montreal | Irene of Mexico City | Erika Del Carmen Fuchs from Mexico DF | Kasa de Kultura para Tod@s.
Follow the unfolding events from: Narconews Bulletin | IMC-Chiapas | IMC-Mexico | IMC-UK Zapatista Page
Radio webstream with daily reports (Sp): Ke-Huelga Radio Zapote

Giertych? Nigdy w życiu!

Poland, 13.05.2006 16:41

Demonstracja antygiertychowska organizowana przez Inicjatywę Uczniowską i środowiska wolnościowe rozpoczęła się w Warszawie o 14.00 na Placu Zamkowym. Na miejscu stawiło się około 300 osób – gimnazjalistów, licealistów i członków m. in. Federacji Anarchistycznej, Czerwonego Kolektywu-Lewicowej Alternatywy, Młodych Socjalistów, Racji, Zielonych 2004 oraz Pracowniczej Demokracji tradycyjnie i ekspansywnie eksponującej tabliczki ze swoim logo.

Translated Letter from President of Iran to Dubya

Portland, 13.05.2006 14:39

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Mr. George Bush, For sometime now I have been thinking, how one can justify the undeniable contradictions that exist in the international arena. Many questions remain unanswered. Can one be a follower of Jesus Christ, the great Messenger of God (PBUH), Feel obliged to respect human rights, Present liberalism as a civilization model, Announce one's opposition to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and WMDs, Make "War on Terror" his slogan, And finally, Work towards the establishment of a "unified international community" a community which Christ and the virtuous of the Earth will one day govern, But at the same time, Have countries attacked.

On the pretext of the existence of WMDs, this great tragedy came to engulf both the peoples of the occupied and the occupying country. Later it was revealed that no WMDs existed to begin with. Of course Saddam was a murderous dictator. But the war was not waged to topple him..He was toppled along the way towards another goal; nevertheless the people of the region are happy about it. I point out that throughout the many years of the imposed war on Iran Saddam was supported by the West.

The lives, reputations and possessions of people destroyed and on the slight chance of the presence of a few criminals in a village, city, or convoy for example, the entire village, city or convoy set ablaze.Or because of the possibility of the existence of WMDs in one country, it is occupied, around one hundred thousand people killed, its water sources, agriculture and industry destroyed, close to 180,000 foreign troops put on the ground, sanctity of private homes of citizens broken, and the country pushed back perhaps fifty years.

Mr. President, You might know that I am a teacher. My students ask me how can these actions be reconciled with the values outlined at the beginning of this letter and duty to the tradition of Jesus Christ (PBUH), the Messenger of peace and forgiveness? There are prisoners in Guantanamo Bay that have not been tried, have no legal representation, their families cannot see them and are obviously kept in a strange land outside their own country. There is no international monitoring of their conditions and fate. No one knows whether they are prisoners, POWs, accused or criminals. European investigators have confirmed the existence of secret prisons in Europe too. Young people, university students, and ordinary people have many questions about the phenomenon of Israel.

Okupaci�n de un local en el Casco Viejo de Bilbao

Euskal Herria, 13.05.2006 12:11

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