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FREE MEDIA TRAININGS at Grassroots Media Space

NYC, 25.08.2004 02:43

At the IMC... starting tomorrow ! Brought to you by Indymedia and the NYC Grassroots Media Coalition All trainings will take place at the Independent Media Center: 40 Worth St., just west of Church St. on the south side of Worth. (212) 233-2907

The Fourth World War: Interview with Rick Rowley of Big Noise Films

NYC, 25.08.2004 02:03

From the front-lines of conflicts in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, 'the North' from Seattle to Genova, and the 'War on Terror' in New York, Afghanistan, and Iraq, comes a new feature-length documentary from Big Noise Films. The product of over two years of filming on the inside of movements on five continents, "The Fourth World War" is a film that would have been unimaginable at any other moment in history. Directed by the makers of "This Is What Democracy Looks Like" and "Zapatista", produced through a global network of independent media and activist groups, it is a truly global film from our global movement. Premier NYC Screening: AUGUST 26 and 27 @ 7:30 and 9:30 AUGUST 28 and 29 @ 5:00, 7:00 and 9:00 SEPTEMBER 10 @ 7:30 and 9:30 SEPTEMBER 11 and 12 @ 5:30, 7:30 and 9:30 SEPTEMBER 13 and 14 @ 7:30 and 9:30

Pepper Spray By Q-Tip on Protesters Trial

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.08.2004 01:21

Pepper Spray By Q-Tip on Protesters Trial Approaches

Portland Police Officer Jason Sery Resigns

Portland, 25.08.2004 00:09

Portland Police Officer Jason Sery Resigns

Portland, 25.08.2004 00:09

EF! ACTION Rendezvous THIS WEEKEND Aug. 27-30

Portland, 24.08.2004 23:40

Earth First! ACTION Rendezvous Aug 27-30

Rogue Valley, 24.08.2004 23:39

Cascadia's forest defenders are converging in the Siskiyou National Forest in Southern Oregon again this weekend to launch a renewed campaign in defense of the massive Biscuit timber sale. The Biscuit timber sale has been the subject of massive public outry and protests. This weekend's Earth First! "Action Rendezvous" will take place near the endangered Indi timber sale, which was the site of a road blockade last month that was forcefully evicted by Forest Service law enforcement.

The weekend event will feature trainings and action planning - activists have been invited and encouraged to plan for a longer stay to help in defending the Biscuit! Food and camping spots will be available for all. Directions to the camp are now available (click on read more), and Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense is coordinating carpools from Portland.

Contact info: 541-482-2640 / or 503-493-7495 /

BACKGROUND: | O2 Collective | KS Wild | Siskiyou Project


Brasil, 24.08.2004 23:13

Camponeses são presos e torturados em Patrocínio - MG

RR corn driving Argentina to environmental and social disaster

Argentina, 24.08.2004 22:35

August 21, 2004
RR corn driving Argentina to environmental and social disaster

Today's courthouse picket for Central Park rally permit - another picket planned for Wed, 9 am

NYC, 24.08.2004 21:11

(from the Open Newswire): From the streets to the courtroom you could hear the voices. Chanting “Whose park? Our Park” and an interactive pointing game of “This (the picket line) is what democracy looks like, that (the courthouse) is what hypocrisy looks like,” about 100 people from various organizations gathered at the steps of the State Courthouse in New York City this morning to show their support for the permit for the Central Park rally this weekend. Many folks carried “I SAY NO to the Bush Agenda.”

Judge Silbermann stated she would have a ruling by tomorrow.

Metro Watch Weekend Recap

DC, 24.08.2004 20:46

Hear about the Stone Soul Picnic, free health screenings, local farmers markets, a forum on Sudan and a gala to prevent HIV.....

WPFW 89.3FM 3 days on-air forum on the CRISIS in SUDAN

DC, 24.08.2004 20:46

WPFW 89.3FM radio at a 3 days on-air forum on The CRISIS in SUDAN 10am-12:30pm Monday Aug 23-Wednesday August 25th, 2004 listen and call on air 202-588-0893


belgrade, 24.08.2004 20:37

Festival piva u Beogradu


belgrade, 24.08.2004 20:17

Festival piva u Beogradu


Minneapolis/St. Paul, 24.08.2004 19:27

Visit WWW.RECALLRANDY.ORG RECALLRANDY, concerned citizens from the City of St. Paul believes that Kelly has abused his non-partisan position as Mayor of St. Paul to endorse George W. Bush--an administration, the group contends, whose policies have been detrimental to the City of St. Paul.

Marriage: Protect or Control

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.08.2004 18:45

Does Marriage Protect or Control?

DNC2RNC Arrival March Call to Action

NYC, 24.08.2004 18:26

Join the DNC2RNC march as they arrive in Manhattan on August 26th.

Military Families Speak Out

San Diego, 24.08.2004 18:23

Sunday, August 22 saw many activist events. The Military Families Speak Out rally at Chicano Park brought out a range of activists and speakers

Audio Interview


Uruguay, 24.08.2004 17:50

Contra el olvido y la impunidad


Uruguay, 24.08.2004 15:43

Contra el olvido y la impunidad

Bush greeted in St Paul by protesters

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 24.08.2004 13:52

Several hundred persons protested Bush’s campaign stop in St Paul (August 19, 2004).

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX): &quot;We have far more to fear from an unaccountable government at home than from any foreign terrorist&quot;

Portland, 24.08.2004 13:36

Send-Off Demo &amp; Party for RNC Buses

Madison, 24.08.2004 12:57

Madison-area peace and labor groups will lead a demonstration and send-off party on Saturday, August 28, for Wisconsin citizens heading to New York City to join weekend anti-war and social justice events preceding the Republican National Convention. The Madison send-off event is scheduled for Saturday, August 28 from 1-2pm at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Library Mall, at Lake and State Streets. All who support peace and justice are encouraged to attend this event with signs and banners. Buses to NYC will leave from the UW Memorial Union at 2pm.

Congelamento: Boys e Precaridade

Portugal, 24.08.2004 11:35

Congelamento: Boys e Precaridade

Congelamento: Boys e Precaridade

Portugal, 24.08.2004 11:35

Congelamento: Boys e Precaridade

Free Radio Santa Cruz Benefit Film Screening on Aug 31

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.08.2004 07:09

Free Radio Santa Cruz is Making Waves. On August 31, 7pm, at the RCNV there will be a benefit for Free Radio Santa Cruz. "Making Waves" is a new documentary by Michael Lahey about UNLICENSED MICROradio stations in Arizona and Michigan. Making Waves reveals the pirates' personal and political passions that compel them to defy the FCC. As they confront the difficulties and risks of running an unlicensed station and take their fight for free speech into the open, the film invites the viewer to ask, 'If the public took back the airwaves, what would they sound like?' Shorts of Free Radio Santa Cruz in the local news will also be shown. Audio PSA: Download the mp3 [ Making Waves I Free Radio Santa Cruz I ]

Pepper Spray By Q-Tip on Protesters Trial

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.08.2004 07:00

Pepper Spray By Q-Tip on Protesters Trial Approaches

Pepper Spray By Q-Tip on Protesters Trial

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.08.2004 06:49

Pepper Spray By Q-Tip on Protesters Trial Approaches

NAACP Rally for Restoration of Voter Rights of the Disenfranchised - Nashville August 28th

Tennessee, 24.08.2004 04:43

On Saturday August 28th, hundreds of Nashvillians, including dozens of disfranchised Americans, will gather at the Nashville Branch of the NAACP. There will be team of civil rights attorneys ready to sit with every disfranchised person (person who has served time in the criminal justice system and no longer has the right to vote) and process the paperwork to make sure they have their rights restored. If you have been through the criminal justice system or know someone who has, bring them and let’s bring justice to those who have served their time.

Hundreds march to counter Enough is Enough rally

Aotearoa, 24.08.2004 04:26

In Wellington on Monday over a thousand people turned out to oppose the Destiny Church Enough is Enough rally and to show their support for the Civil Union bill. The Civil Union bill will provide legal status and protection to de-facto and same-sex relationships.

The counter march included participation by civil rights campaigners, heterosexuals, Pride Alliance, high school students and some Christian groups. [ Reports: 1 | 2 Images 1 | 2 | 3 ] Protestors carried rainbow flags, balloons, and signs reading "Hate is not a family value" and "brians not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy".

As well as opposing civil unions, Destiny NZ is also campaigning for the criminalisation of homosexuality, prostitution and abortion. Several thousand people took part in the Enough is Enough march, which was also supported by the white supremacist National Front (the self professed "leading organisation in New Zealand concerned with the preservation and advancement of the unique New Zealand European culture"). Other anti-civil union bill protestors called homosexuality an "abomination", "They have no right. But it will be on their heads when Christ returns."

Meanwhile over the weekend a Hamilton rally in support of civil unions attracted around 50 people. Speakers and placards asked people to "respect committment, not gender" but there was no sign of any opponents of the bill. The rally was rounded off with two same-sex couples cutting into mock wedding cakes which was then shared by the crowd.

Read more: Against Conservative Fundamentalism response to Destiny Church march | Call to Ovens - Pie Brian Tamaki!


Brasil, 24.08.2004 02:49

Onde está o melhor programa de Aids do mundo?

&quot;Print Bloc&quot; Floods NYC with Special RNC Publications

NYC, 24.08.2004 02:30

As the RNC approaches, New York City activists continue to pour out printed materials for mass distribution across the city. The Media Jump Start collective has just produced 50,000 copies of I Am New York City”, a 16-page color paper that features interviews with radical, grassroots community organizers from across the city. Meanwhile The Indypendent continues to distribute 200,000 copies of its most recent RNC special issue. A new RNC special issue will be out on Friday. Also, El Independiente, NYC indymedia's Spanish-langauge paper, just published its August issue. To help with distribution, call 212-684-8112 or email You can now pick up bundles of the Indy at a number of activist spaces in the city.

A Conversation with Jeffrey Ian Ross

Baltimore, 24.08.2004 02:17

Local criminologist and author Jeffrey Ian Ross discusses the "convict criminology" movement and answers our questions about who commits crime and why, and what would it really take to reform the prison system.


Uruguay, 24.08.2004 02:14

Una radio comunitaria en la Universidad

Who Funds Democrats? Well, Halliburton for Starters: &amp; Empty Democratic Slander Campaign Against Nader Hits Wisconsin

Madison, 24.08.2004 01:03

Bill Linville is the Wisconsin Field Coordinator for Nader/Camejo 2004 and a member of the International Socialist Organization in Madison, Wisconsin. He can be reached at As the field coordinator of the Nader/Camejo campaign in Wisconsin, my inbox has seen e-mails from excited volunteers, people wanting to sign a petition, desperate pleas telling me that [Nader/Camejo] campaign volunteers in Wisconsin represent the "left arm of the Bush campaign" and stubborn [false] claims that Republicans are collecting signatures for Nader in Wisconsin, despite what I, the state coordinator of the campaign had to say in response. It's not hard to see why these claims persist....

Arbitrator rules UMass-Amherst international student 'fee' discriminatory

Boston, 23.08.2004 23:47

In a historic and possibly precedent-setting decision rendered August 15 an arbitrator ruled that the University of Massachusetts at Amherst must cease and desist charging international graduate student employees an international student ‘fee’ and that all students who paid the ‘fee’ shall be refunded. This victory is a result of a seven-month campaign led by the Graduate Employee Organization. GEO filed its grievance with the administration Dec. 29, 2003 claiming the ‘fee’ was a violation of the union’s non-discrimination contract clause which bars discrimination based on national origin or citizenship among other protected statuses. The aritrator affirmed GEO’s charge stating discrimination was inherent in the way the administration levied the ‘fee’ because it was only mandatory upon international students.

With time closing in activist still planning to converge on RNC

Chicago, 23.08.2004 22:16

#media_11761;left# With less than a week left before massive protest against the RNC in New York City, Chicago activist are preparing for a creative and non-violent denouncing of the Bush administration's policies and actions. In a week-long series of events, some planned and many not, activists demand that those responsible for the mistakes and lies of the last three years be held accountable. On Sunday, August 29, United for Peace and Justice will be sponsoring the center-piece rally against some of the great minds that brought the world the war on civil rights, the war without end, and the war against everybody. Despite the intimidation by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, people are still organizing travel, housing and logistics for people to get to NYC. Protest organizers are still in the process of fighting the city for the permits to gather in Central Park instead of the West Side Highway march offered as the only option by police.

Chicago to New york bus space is still available for those still unsure about going. More information on housing, ride shares and logistics can be found at the RNC Not Welcome website.

Activists are asked to come prepared for unpredictable weather and spontaneous events. The National Lawyers Guild and New York ACLU intend to monitor police activities against protesters. There are also resources for safety in mass actions. The People's Guide to the RNC offers a guide to public bathrooms, WIFI networks and points of interest for people's down time.

Local Chicago activist intend to send a message of resistance and hope through a diversity of tactics and those unable to make it to NYC are invited to attend the solidarity rally on Sunday, August 29 at 2 PM at Federal Plaza. Those remaining here will also be awaiting news about events in NYC that won't be aired on the mainstream press. New York Indymedia will be keeping the most up-to-date records of events on the ground. Chicago-based activist are being recruited to report back on the actions and impressions they experience.


Uruguay, 23.08.2004 20:49


A Second Report from Stonewalk from NH resident, Andrea LeBlanc

New Hampshire, 23.08.2004 17:54

A second report from Andrea LeBlanc of Lee, NH, who lost her husband in the September 11th attacks on her experiences with the September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows STONEWALK. ----------------------------------------

SF Home Demo's Against Huntingdon Customer Employees

Portland, 23.08.2004 17:44


Uruguay, 23.08.2004 17:41

Autonomía y cogobierno para toda la enseñanza pública

Breaking News: International Answer Central Park Lawsuit Denied

NYC, 23.08.2004 16:24

WNYC has just reported that a federal judge has decided not to force the city to allow protests by International ANSWER and National Council of Arab Americans (NCA) the on the Great Lawn in Central Park. However, judge says that the city and ANSWER can still come to an agreement on another place in the park to protest, and that ANSWER and the city “did not work hard enough” to reach an agreement.

The ANSWER lawsuit if not directly related to the other lawsuit filed by UFP&J, which will be heard tomorrow. It is uncertain as to whether the Judge’s ruling in today’s case will have any impact on the UFPJ lawsuit.

Also of note, Leslie Cagan of UFP&J was quoted in USA Toda saying “"We're not going to have a rally if we don't have a permit for Central Park."


Uruguay, 23.08.2004 15:49

Radio FEUU para toda la galaxia...

Is Portland Racist?

Portland, 23.08.2004 14:46


Uruguay, 23.08.2004 13:47

Una red solidaria por la vida

Vote No On Constitutional Amendment 36

Portland, 23.08.2004 13:34

Anti-Nader Site Ironically Proves Nader On Ballot HELPS Kerry in OR!

Portland, 23.08.2004 13:12

4 Documentaries in 7 days

Portland, 23.08.2004 12:49


belgrade, 23.08.2004 12:41


Activists Subpoenaed to Seattle Grand Jury

Portland, 23.08.2004 11:08

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