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The Act Vice President and the Fascists

Aotearoa, 19.05.2006 08:10

Act Vice President Trevor Loudon has been challenged over his murky past on Christchurch's extreme right. Loudon was previously a member of a far right cult know as the Zaps or Zenith Applied Philosophy. A Newspaper article from 1983 suggests that Loudons cult was linked with neo-Nazi groups. Links the Act Party deputy leader denies.

solidarity and survival

Portland, 19.05.2006 06:40

I was alone, not driving the bus but just having parked my car, at 10:38 AM, on East Burnside outside the Philo House thrift shop, which opens at eleven, and I popped out to look into the window, to see if it might be worthwhile coming back later to look for used drapes for my house. Two giant corn-fed sixty-something white republicans were strolling East on the sidewalk, and they remarked rather pointedly that I was in a no-parking zone.

I should explain that there is a bumper sticker on the back of my car that says "one man, one man, no on 36," and it was cobbled together from appropriated "yes on 36" stickers by my artistic daughter, and it has been the cause of many a rage-filled comment since that smear-the-queers law was passed a year or so ago.

"Tri-Met, eh," said the man, and pulled out a cell phone and began dialing. He wanted to report employee misconduct. Now this sort of thing doesn't work at all; I have a union. So I had nothing to fear from this gesture, but I was infuriated that anyone would engage in such aggression against me just because I'm queer and working-class. So I told him and his good lady wife just what I thought of them and the horse that they had rode in on. Loudly. Angrily. Which was when the woman said something very interesting: "I have a gun."

Actions to Save Roadless Biscuit/Siskiyou

Portland, 19.05.2006 06:40

The Siskiyou National Forest, under orders from Undersecretary of Agriculture (and long-time timber industry lobbyist) Mark Rey, is preparing timber sales within the 88,000 acre North Kalmiopsis and the 105,000 acre south Kalmiopsis roadless areas.

The "Blackberry" timber sale is located in the North Fork of the Indigo Creek drainage, one of the most productive salmonid (includes salmon, steelhead and trout) bearing drainages in the entire Rogue River watershed and (perhaps the entire) Oregon coast. Only 6 other drainages in the (entire) Rogue River watershed are as (important to salmon) as the Indigo Creek drainage. Coho and Chinook salmon, listed "Threatened" under the Endangered Species Act, depend on the cold clean waters of Indigo Creek as a refuge to help them survive the warmer waters of the Illinois River.

In 2005 the Siskiyou National Forest allowed the clearcut logging (minus a few snags) of at least 500 acres in the headwaters of the 8,000 acre North Fork Indigo Creek drainage. This North Fork Indigo drainage is in the process of rejuvenating itself from the 2002 Biscuit fire and the miles of bulldozed fire lines and back burns set intentionally to fight it, not to mention the 500 acres of clearcuts committed in 2005.

The Project, May 2006

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.05.2006 05:39

The Project is a monthly radical newpaper for the UCSC campus and Santa Cruz Community. It is run in a non-hierarchical fashion mainly by UCSC students, with an emphasis in anti-capitalism and local activism aimed at democratizing the university system.

The purpose of this newspaper collective is to document and inspire strategic radical actions that are relevant to local, regional, and global socioeconomic justice. The Project Newspaper Collective believe independent media plays a crucial role in facilitating dialogue, organizing mass mobilizations, and encouraging daily acts of resistance.

In This Issue: The Naked Truth: UC Sweatshops || An Open Letter of Solidarity... || Support the Troops? Support Troop Resistance! || SAW Call to Action || Shout Out to May Day: Unidos Estamos, Nos Quedamos || HR4437 & SR2454: The Deal With the Bills || May Day- Made in America, Forgotten and Remembered || How to Keep it Up (Momentum, That is) || Disarming the War Machine || Sustainable Farming


Argentina, 19.05.2006 04:10

En Comahue también

Projeto de Lei para punir estudantes é adiado por 10 sessões na Câmara de Curitiba

Brasil, 19.05.2006 03:40


Presos/as políticos Mapuche estão em greve de fome há mais de 60 dias

Brasil, 19.05.2006 03:40


Juíz recusa pedido de liminar contra aumento das tarifas no DF

Brasil, 19.05.2006 03:40


Jeff Hogg JAILED for Resisting the Grand Jury!!

Portland, 19.05.2006 02:42

Today in Eugene, Jeff Hogg refused to cooperate with the
Grand Jury, was granted "immunity" and was subsequently charged with Contempt and HAS BEEN JAILED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!
We will send out specific requests for support (mailing address, call for donations, etc.) as soon as we have more details.

On a more positive note, Robert "Burke" Morris answered a few basic questions and was released from his subpoena in Denver and should be returning home to the Northwest this evening. He is expected to release a statement sometime tomorrow.

Jeff Hogg JAILED for Resisting the Grand Jury!!

Portland, 19.05.2006 01:39

Today in Eugene, Jeff Hogg refused to cooperate with the
Grand Jury, was granted "immunity" and was subsequently charged with Contempt and HAS BEEN JAILED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

Ni la lluvia detiene las ansias de justicia

santiago, 19.05.2006 00:40

Septiembre negro para animales

Protesta contra Benetton

santiago, 19.05.2006 00:40

Animalistas Funaron a La Multinacional

Protestas cibernéticas de animalistas

santiago, 19.05.2006 00:40


Semana Mundial Contra la Experimentación en Animales

santiago, 19.05.2006 00:40

Santiago se prepara para semana mundial Contra La Experimentación En Animales.

Conmemoración del fallecido Barry Horne

santiago, 19.05.2006 00:40

A 4 años de la muerte del activista por la liberación animal

Bachelet la continuación de Pinochet

santiago, 19.05.2006 00:40

Marcha Secundaria reprimida por Carabineros

Wheelock Family Attacked by Gardai Last Night

Ireland, 18.05.2006 23:41

The family of Terence Wheelock were attacked by ga ...

Salvemos nuestros pueblos, no a la destrucci�n

Alacant, 18.05.2006 23:08

[S�b 11 mar 16h en el cruce de la entrada del pueblo.] >>> Manifestaci�n en Parcent por la retirada de los PAI aprovados

El pasado mes de febrero el PP del Ayuntamiento de Parcent aprob tres PAI justo el d�a antes que entrara en vigor la nueva Llei Urban�stica Valenciana (LUV). El mismo d�a del pleno, mas de doscientas personas se concentraron delante del consistorio para mostrar el su rechazo a esta nueva acci�n de barbarie urban�stica en nuestras comarcas. El plan urban�stico aprobado supondr� la creaci�n de cerca de dos mil viviendas nuevas y una poblaci�n en Parcent multiplicada por 10, de los mil habitantes actuales a 10.000 con el nuevo plan.

Por todo eso, vecinos y vecinas de Parcent han creado el colectivo �Ve�ns de Parcent� para pedir la retirada de los PAI y poder as�, conservar su estilo de vida

Iraq, Palestina, Afganistan, Hait�, Txetxenia,.. aturem la guerra global permanent

Alacant, 18.05.2006 23:08

El cap de setmana del 18 i 19 de mar� es celebra una jornada internacional contra l'ocupaci� d'Iraq (I , II) en conmemoraci� del 3er aniversari del comen�ament de la invasi�.

A Alacant, el Moviment de Resist�ncia Global ha convocat una

Manifestaci [Diss 18 mar�, 19.00, escales del Jorge Juan]

Encara que es celebra l'aniversari de l'ocupaci� a Iraq no podem oblidar que a m�s d'aix� hi ha d'altres conflictes arreu del m�n. �s per aix� que la Manifestaci� porta com a lema 'Aturem la guerra global', en al�lusi� a altres conflictes com ara Palestina, Afganistan, Hait� o Txetxenia.

Enlla�os relacionats:

- Sobre l'assassinat de 32 nens a Iraq
- Reflexions en torn a una acci� b�lica de la resist�ncia a Iraq
- Els ocupants a Iraq implicats en atemptats indiscriminats
- Manifestaci� en solidaritat amb palestina, iraq i afganistan (Desembre 2004)
- Manifestaci� pel fi de l'ocupaci� d'Iraq i Palestina (Juny 2004)
- Convocat�ria per Palestina (Juny 2004)

El Ayuntamiento de Alicante dice no a la celebraci�n de Alacant Desperta

Alacant, 18.05.2006 23:08

La asamblea de Alacant Desperta se ha visto sorprendida ante la negativa por parte del Ayuntamiento de Alicante, de la obtenci�n de los permisos necesarios para la celebracion del festival que viene representando a la cultura de base en Alicante desde hace 2 a�os.

Los motivos alegados por parte del ayuntamiento han sido la posibilidad de que pudieran producirse "da�os en el mobiliario urbano" y en los "jardines".

La ladera del castillo de San Fernando -lugar de la realizaci�n del festival- ya ha sido v�ctima de la voraz agresi�n constructora del Ayuntamiento, cuando varios a�os antes, en v�speras de las elecciones, tal� de forma indiscriminada todos los pinos que la poblaban para dar paso a un gran lago artificial de cemento que se cay� a pedazos las semanas siguientes, por lo que no se entiende el repentino esp�ritu protector del ayuntamiento ni el car�cter vac�o de sus alegaciones.

Todo esto ocurre a pesar de que el colectivo de asociaciones que conforman el festival vienen demostrando a�o tras a�o que son mucho m�s respetuosas con el castillo que el propio ayuntamiento, ya que en todas las ediciones han realizando labores de limpieza posteriores a la celebraci�n del festival.

Fruto del aire de crispaci�n que se esta respirando estos d�as en las calles de Alicante, se ha planteado la convocatoria de una gran manifestaci�n el d�a 8 de Abril si el festival no llegara a realizarse, donde todos los colectivos est�n invitados a expresar sus opiniones sobre la actuaci�n del Ayuntamiento.

Desde la �ltima nota de prensa de Alacant Desperta, nos notifican que el Ayuntamiento, ha denegado totalmente la realizaci�n del festival en cualquier lugar de la ciudad de Alicante, prohibiendo incluso realizarlo en la playa, donde se vienen realizando tambi�n otros festivales, como el de Alicante Amanece.

En la pr�xima asamblea de Alacant Desperta convocada para el 28 de Marzo en los locales de la Meca en Sgto. Va�llo n� 28, se buscar�n entre todos soluciones al problema, entre otras opciones se baraja la posibilidad de traladar el festival a otras ciudades pr�ximas donde sus Ayuntamientos sean m�s conscientes de la importancia de la cultura en la sociedad.

Por otra parte, se ha reactivado la campa�a contra el menfotismo, para darle al Ayuntamiento una muestra m�s, de que Alicante con o sin el, despertar�.

Noticias en altra prensa:

Alacant Desperta llevar� su festival al lugar que �estime� el Ayuntamiento

El PSOE propone llevar a la playa el Alacant Desperta

L'Ajuntament d'Alacant diu no a la celebraci� de l'Alacant Desperta

Alacant, 18.05.2006 23:08

L'assemblea d'Alacant Desperta s'ha vist sorpresa davant la negativa per part de l'Ajuntament d'Alacant, de l'obtenci� dels permisos necessaris per a la celebraci� del festival que ve representant a la cultura de base a Alacant des de fa 2 anys.

Els motius al�legats per part de l'ajuntament han estat la possibilitat que pogueren produir-se "danys en el mobiliari urb" i en els "jardins"..

El vessant del castell de Sant Ferran -lloc de la realitzaci� del festival- ja ha estat v�ctima de la vora� agressi� constructora de l'Ajuntament, quan diversos anys abans, en vespres de les eleccions, va talar de forma indiscriminada tots els pins que la poblaven per a donar pas a un gran llac artificial de ciment que va caure a trossos les setmanes seg�ents, pel que no s'ent�n el sobtat esperit protector de l'ajuntament ni el car�cter buit de les seves al�legacions.

Tot aix� ocorre a pesar que el col�lectiu d'associacions que conformen el festival v�nen demostrant any rere any que s�n molt m�s respectuoses amb el castell que el propi ajuntament, ja que en totes les edicions han realitzant labors de neteja posteriors a la celebraci� del festival.

Fruit de l'aire de crispaci� que s'est� respirant aquests dies en els carrers d'Alacant, s'ha plantejat la convocat�ria d'una gran manifestaci el dia 8 d'Abril si el festival no arribara a realitzar-se, on tots els col�lectius estan convidats a expressar les seues opinions sobre l'actuaci� de l'Ajuntament.

Des de l'�ltima nota de premsa d'Alacant Desperta, ens notifiquen que l'Ajuntament, ha denegat totalment la realitzaci� del festival en qualsevol lloc de la ciutat d'Alacant, prohibint fins i tot realitzar-lo en la platja, on es v�nen realitzant tamb� altres festivals, com el d'Alacant Clareja.

En la pr�xima assemblea d'Alacant Desperta convocada per al 28 de Mar� en els locals de la Meca en Sgto. Va�llo n� 28, se cercaran entre tots solucions al problema, entre altres opcions es remena la possibilitat de tralladar el festival a altres ciutats pr�ximes on els seus Ajuntaments siguen m�s conscients de la import�ncia de la cultura en la societat.

Per una altra banda, s'ha reactivat la campanya contra el menfotisme, per a donar-li a l'Ajuntament una mostra m�s, que Alacant amb o sense ell, despertar�.

Maig antimilitarista a les comarques del Sud

Alacant, 18.05.2006 23:08

Aquest mes de Maig s'organitzen a la terreta diverses activitats al voltant del antimilitarisme

D'una banda tenim La III Marxa per la Desmilitaritzaci� de la Serra d'Aitana el 21 de maig (pots llegir ac el manifest). Relacionat amb aquest tema, el grup Tortuga va socilitar una entrevista amb la Subdelegada del Govern a Alacant per dialogar sobre el present i futur de la base militar d'Aitana. Ac teniu la cr�nica de la marxa de l'any passat i ac la de 2004.

D'altra banda, aquest any es torna a proposar l'objecci� a la despesa militar com a acci� de desobedi�ncia civil a fer en la declaraci� de la renda amb el lema "No pagues la guerra amb els teus impostos".

Altres not�cies relacionades:

- Tortuga dona la benvinguda al nou portal antimilitarista INSUMISSIA
- reclama les bases: crida global antimilitarista
- La Haine entrevista al grup Tortuga
- Judici per l'Acci� Directa Noviolenta contra el monument al soldat de reempla�ament a Alacant

Activists Crash Big Pharma’s Party

DC, 18.05.2006 22:12

Short Video Clip and Commentary Attendees at the prestigious BIO-Windhover 2006 conference were stunned as activists interrupted their cocktail party on the first day of a three-day event. Billed as “the most exclusive partnering event” for senior decision-makers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, BIO-Windhover is intended to provide a space for business development executives to negotiate licensing deals. Representatives from the biggest pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson &amp; Johnson, and AstraZeneca were in attendance.

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;Out Of Iraq, Into Darfur&quot;

DC, 18.05.2006 22:12

So, who else here saw the Liberal Kool-Aid drinkers up in NYC last month toting the signs from Working Assets reading "Out of Iraq, Into Darfur"?

Portland Protests in Solidarity with the People of San Salvador Atenco, Mexico

Portland, 18.05.2006 19:39

Over 30 people gathered at the Mexican Consulate in Portland for an emergency action demanding the immideate release of all political prisoners from San Salvador Atenco, Mexico and for an end to the repression of Mexican social movements. On May 3rd, over 3,000 police invaded Atenco and arrested over 300 people and dissapeared dozens.There are widespread reports of detainees being raped and beat. The police attacked Atenco after a few dozen flower vendors resisted being forecefully relocated to make way for a planned Wal-Mart.

background: PCASC press release | EZLN declares red alert | Virtual sit-in | Zapatistas vs. Walmart! | Global Exchange Coverage | Atenco Prisoners launch hunger strike | Germany IMC coverage & Timeline | Mexico Indymedia coverage

Twelve Months on Matilda Social Centre Continues

United Kingdom, 18.05.2006 18:40

It is hard to believe but it is nearly twelve months since the old Yorkshire Arts Space on Matilda Street sprung into life as a convergence space for activists opposing the G8 Ministers meeting in Sheffield. Within days a makeshift kitchen had been set up, sleeping space sorted, workshop space organised and a media centre built and banners flew defiantly from the building. As the actions sprung up across the city, the Matilda street convergence centre buzzed into the nights with people painting banners, planning, sharing information and skills, checking indymedia reports and uploading stories and photos. While one eye was firmly on the exhausting days of the protest against the G8, already one eye was on what the future could hold for this building.

Matilda Social Centre

Announcing Wild Earth 2006: Forest Defense Training

Portland, 18.05.2006 18:39

Wild Earth 2006: A Radical Convergence

Eighth annual forest defence training and networking gathering, featuring non-violence training, civil disobedience strategies, legal rights, activist security, and more. This year's campout is held in conjunction with the British Columbia Environmental Network (BCEN) Spring Gathering: "Powering Up BC Environmentalism," on beautiful Newcastle Island in Nanaimo Harbour.

June 15 through 18 -- Four days and three nights camping out on a beautiful car-free island in British Columbia. Directions, registration form, and workshops are listed online at See you there! Sliding scale donation.

borderlands hacklab photos, may openHackNight

San Diego, 18.05.2006 18:09

Some photos from the open hack night in may. Presentation by radica radio about digital audio editing and Grrrl Zines A Go-Go on making zines, including a whole zine making setup. Jake of Lying Media Bastards, a show on radioActive sanDiego, dj'ed.

May 1, El dia sin migrante, San Ysidro

San Diego, 18.05.2006 18:09

Here are some more photos from the San Ysidro march and rally, which was part of the nationwide general strike/walkout/boycott on Mayday. San Ysidro was only one of the locations in San Diego where masses of people demonstrated for immigrant rights.

Protest for Atenco, Friday at noon.

San Diego, 18.05.2006 18:09


Friday, May 19th at 12 noon
In front of the Mexican Consulate, 1549 India Street in Little Italy

To demand immediate freedom for all political prisoners, and cancellation of the arrest warrants.

DICK (cheney) IN SD - May 23rd

San Diego, 18.05.2006 18:09

Cheney is coming to town to stump for Bilbray ...... I'm interested in being out there to give him a proper "greeting" ... and to make sure the voters of the 50th understand that a vote for Bilbray is a vote for more Mad Cowboy foreign policy blunders, more wiretapping, more loss of privacy rights, more corruption, more disintegration of the middle class, deficit spending, etc, etc, etc -- not to mention more big bucks for Halliburton. Any one else game???? Here's info on where and when.....

Living Wages: Immigrants and the State's Economy

Boston, 18.05.2006 17:09

The men flock around the car with hope and apprehension: they weigh their distance, eager but cautious, drift in through the crowd of friends and contenders in hopes to find a job. This time the car deceives them, hums and rattles, but leaves with as many passengers as it arrived. With hunched shoulders setting a front against the cold that sneaks through the cracks, the men disperse and resume talking about life, about soccer, anything that will keep their minds off the accumulated stack of bills and debt. These are but a few of the undocumented immigrant workers who stand around our street corners, looking for work.

estudiantes exigen la renuncia de los directivos

Argentina, 18.05.2006 16:40

Liceo en asamblea permanente desde el martes


Miami, 18.05.2006 16:38


&quot;Leaves (leaflets) of the White Rose.&quot; # 1

Miami, 18.05.2006 16:38

"Leaves (leaflets) of the White Rose." # 1

libro PST

Argentina, 18.05.2006 16:10

The White Rose &quot;die Weibe Rose&quot; - Munich 1942 - 1943

Miami, 18.05.2006 16:08

The White Rose "die Weibe Rose" - Munich 1942 - 1943

18 de mayo

Colombia, 18.05.2006 15:40

Uribe masacra a indígenas


Boston, 18.05.2006 15:10

Wednesday May 24th—Protests planned at phone company offices in NYC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and other cities to expose efforts by the phone companies to push legislation that could end the Internet as we know it, increase the digital-divide through redlining—and destroy Public Access TV! For more information, or to organize action in your town, go to —or email

Encuentro por La Otra Campaña Zapatista en Rosario

Argentina, 18.05.2006 12:40

“Lo importante es que esta experiencia
se reproduzca en otros lados”

Marcha por la Estatización del Agua

Argentina, 18.05.2006 12:40

El agua es nuestra, la lucha continúa

From the Newswire

Perth, 18.05.2006 10:12


Racists heckle last night's Afghan solidarity vigil. Where was the Left?

Ireland, 18.05.2006 09:40

Kids standing by their schoolmates face racist abu ...

estudiantes exigen la renuncia de los directivos

Argentina, 18.05.2006 09:09

Liceo en asamblea permanente desde el martes

estudiantes exigen la renuncia de los directivos

Argentina, 18.05.2006 09:09

Liceo en asamblea permanente desde el martes

19 de mayo en Tijuana

Tijuana, 18.05.2006 08:38


The White Rose

Miami, 18.05.2006 08:08

The White Rose

Schumacher Furs protest report (Dead product, dead sales), May 6

Portland, 18.05.2006 07:39

Even the "50% off Protest Sale" signs that are now appearing in the windows each Saturday at Schumacher Furs aren't enough to bring people in to purchase their unethical merchandise. The store remained as dead as their fur, as we held a lively protest outside. We held signs, passed out literature, talked to passersby, showed a video about how animals are used in the fur trade, were entertained by bagpipe music, and ate vegan treats for the duration of the business day Saturday, while the Schumacher folks glared at us from within.

Many people thanked us for being there. We also had perhaps one of the more ridiculous confrontations this week with Schumacher supporters. A middle-aged man and woman walked by us, looking at our shoes (no doubt looking for leather), but instead of making that tired accusation, they stated that we were just as guilty of animal cruelty as those we were protesting because we were wearing cotton, and "cotton comes from sheep." We stated that cotton is grown, and that wool comes from sheep, and that we weren't wearing wool. As they walked off, they kept up the tirade about us wearing cotton and that being just as bad as fur. And we continued to say that cotton is grown and wool comes from sheep. As they walked up the 6-level spiral staircase of the parking garage, they continued to yell at us as they came around each turn. Finally we just waved at them. The one thing they actually got right is that wool is indeed cruel.

Sacred Activisim Conference: Report

Portland, 18.05.2006 07:39

Over 800 people participated in the Sacred Activisim Conference: Finding the New Political Compass in America this past weekend. It had an amazingly diverse and inspirational cast of presenters and participants. I found hope, ideas, and energy to do the work needed to bring about dramatic change and I learned that I am not alone. We are part of the New Main Stream that is joyful, loving, spiritual, politically astute and powerful. Michael Lerner stated, "It is time for all spiritual beings to come out of the closet!"

Socialism, Shell, the Sindo, Sir Tony, and Selling the Family Silver.

Ireland, 18.05.2006 05:40

People who suffer the misfortune of being regular ...

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