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Dems Unite and Collectively Flip Duncan Hunter the Bird

Santa Barbara, 21.05.2006 01:08

San Diego Republican Hack Told: Get Out of Dodge and Don't Show Your Militaristic, Ecologically Insensitive, Anti-Immigrant Mug 'Round Here

Silent Coup D'etat in Los Angeles - Part II

LA, 21.05.2006 00:39

Silent Coup D'etat in Los Angeles - Part II

Malik Shabazz's birthday

Cleveland, 21.05.2006 00:38

Malik Shabazz's Birthday (aka "Malcolm X")

Hope Springs . . . at the South Central Farm

LA, 21.05.2006 00:10

Hope Springs . . . at the South Central Farm

Estudantes em Niterói continuam acampados

Brasil, 20.05.2006 22:40


16 Citizens Attempt Citizens’ Arrest of Halliburton CEO at the Shareholder’s Meeting

United States, 20.05.2006 22:38

DUNCAN, OK -- On May 17th, 2006, sixteen people from all over the Heartland attempted a citizens’ arrest of David Lesar at the Halliburton Shareholders’ meeting in Duncan, Oklahoma. They were led by Hiram Myers, an attorney with a nephew deployed in Iraq who felt compelled by his conscience to prepare a legal document outlining Halliburton’s violations. Myers stated, “If we the citizens don’t hold Halliburton accountable, who will? Certainly not our government or the shareholders”.

Halliburton is currently under investigations by the Security Exchange Commission, Department of Justice and the Pentagon for bribery, fraud and overcharging no-bid military contracts. Additionally, Halliburton also has business dealings in Iran, which are contrary to the U.S. sanctions currently being imposed. It is widely believed that Halliburton moved their shareholders’ meeting to Duncan, Oklahoma from Houston, Texas because their meetings in past years have been the target of intense scrutiny, protests, and civil disobedience. Their move appears to have strengthened the resolve of corporate accountability advocates, veterans, and concerned citizens.

Audio: 1 || 2 || 3 || Photos

Coverage: Houston Global || OK-IMC || Houston IMC || Democracy Now!

see also: CorpWatch's Hurricane Halliburton (download the .pdf)

Contra el día de las Fuerzas Armadas en Sevilla.

estrecho / madiaq, 20.05.2006 22:08

Más de 3000 soldados infectarán nuestras calles con mensajes propios del militarismo, cuyo desfile de día 28 de mayo, día de las Fuerza Armadas, será presidido por los Reyes.

El Ejército español nos infectará con los siguientes agentes patógenos: obediencia ciega, xenofobia, homofobia, patriarcado, machismo, violencia, autoritarismo, sumisión... Según fuentes fidedignas del Diario ABC, la infección será más virulenta que la del año pasado en A Coruña.

Que no se oigan solamente sus voces de mando, que también se escuchen nuestras palabras de insumisión.

"La única maniobra militar honorable es la retirada".


Colombia, 20.05.2006 19:09

Eman's presentation about Iraq War on TV

Rogue Valley, 20.05.2006 17:40

Live from Baghdad

Eman's Medford Presentation of March 22, 2006 will be on access television May 24 with a repeat on May 31. Both cablecasts are at 6 p.m. and can be found on the following channels:

Jackson County - channel 31
Josephine County - channel 15
Ashland Fiber Network - channel 95

This 57 minute production gives us a first hand accounting of the Iraq war from a citizen of Baghdad. Eman has worked steadily supplying hospitals with medical supplies and helping refugee camps since the U.S. led military occupation of Iraq. She pleas that the occupation of Iraq end immediately.

Trojan Nuclear Power Plant to Blow on Sunday

Portland, 20.05.2006 15:39

This weekend, early Sunday morning, one of the creepiest little scenes on the Columbia will be shaken into the dust from whence it came.

I must confess that I will miss the weird irony of the Trojan nuclear power plant. For those who have never been there, the great, gray cooling tower looms above the wetlands just outside of tiny Rainier, Oregon. It's visible for miles from Highway 30, and from the river into which it's waste waters are no doubt still seeping. But the most bizarre spectacle it offers is close up. Because at the foot of the monstrous tower there is a bucolic little park, complete with duck ponds and picnic tables and rolling green lawns framed under drooping elm and maple and locust trees.

The banks of the meandering pond are peppered with scenes from Norman Rockwell paintings. Lone fishermen sit on folding chairs, lazily dangling dubious lines into the murky and questionable water. Children reach hopeful hands full of offerings to gawking geese and the odd nutria swimming along the shore. (Is it only my imagination that the wildlife here seems afflicted with strange maladies? Maybe.) Happy little families gather around picnic baskets on checkered cloths in the strange shade of the dark, silent tower. All of that will be gone on Sunday, though the waste the plant generated will likely still remain. Perhaps for millenia.

read the full article...

related: Closing Trojan (Fall 1992 article) | PGE's Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Rip-off

Personal Vigil at the OHSU Primate Center

Portland, 20.05.2006 15:39

Inspired by Rick Bogle and his Primate Freedom Tour years ago where he kept a week-long vigil outside all of the eight National Primate Research Centers, an IDA member has started his own weekly solo demonstration outside the OHSU primate lab, and he would welcome your company!

Beginning last Sunday and extending for the next 6 weeks through Sunday June 25, Clark, an IDA volunteer, will be outside the Oregon National Primate Research Center between noon and 2 pm with his homemade sign alerting passersby about the cruel and unnecessary research that is being conducted by OHSU.

Clark will have a few extra signs available these upcoming weeks so anyone who wants to join him need only bring their positive energy. These monkeys live day in and out in stark labs, alone in tiny cages, suffering in often painful experiments, and most people don't even know these primate labs exist in their neighborhood. More than 3,500 monkeys are being held in these OHSU labs. We are very proud of Clark for taking the initiative to be their voice and encourage you to please join him for one of his Sunday vigils.

read more + find out how to get involvedAnimals Love Their Mothers Too - May 13 Schumachers Report It was a warm, sunny day as we gathered in front of Schumacher furs for our weekly protest. We held signs (some specific to Mother's Day on Sunday, such as a picture of several raccoons with the saying, "These babies miss their mother. Is she on your back?"), passed out literature, chanted, and ate vegan sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies until the close of Schumacher's business day. There were a number of new people who joined us, including a child who asked her mother if she could protest with us, and couple from Denver who had heard about our protest on Indymedia. Like a number of other activists across the country, they have their own on-going protest in their city - all across the country people are saying no to fur.

Our lively, celebratory protests continue to stand in stark contrast to the death and destruction within Schumacher. Throughout the day we danced, a bagpipe player entertained us, we performed street theater. All the activity seemed to interest dour Schumacher employee/attempted murderer Nick, who came out several times to pointedly take our pictures (as if to intimidate).


related: all schumachers reports |


Valparaiso, 20.05.2006 15:38

Viernes 19 de Mayo 2006

Se viene el 21 de Mayo

Attention Amherst/La Paz Centro Sister City: Nica Election Interference Delegation needs you!

Western Mass, 20.05.2006 15:09

Stop U.S. Intervention in Nicaragua's November Elections!

Mayo antimilitarista en las comarcas del sur

Alacant, 20.05.2006 11:08

Este mes de mayo se organizan en la comarca diversas actividades en torno al antimilitarismo.

Por una parte tenemos La III Marcha por la Desmilitarizaci�n de la Sierra de Aitana el 21 de mayo (puedes leer aqu� el manifiesto ). Relacionado con este tema, el grupo Tortuga solicit� una entrevista con la Subdelegada del Gobierno en Alicante para dialogar sobre el presente y futuro de la base militar de Aitana. Tambi�n pod�is consultar la cr�nica de la marcha del a�o pasado y la del 2004 .

Por otra parte, este a�o se vuelve a proponer la objeci�n fiscal al gasto militar como acci�n de desobediencia civil para hacer en la declaraci�n de la renta con el lema "No pagues la guerra con tus impuestos".

Otras noticias relacionadas:

- Tortuga da la bienvenida al nuevo portal antimilitarista INSUMISSIA
- Reclama las bases: Llamada global antimilitarista
- La Haine entrevista al grupo Tortuga
- Juicio por la Acci�n Directa Noviolenta contra el monumento al soldat de remplazo en Alicante


Argentina, 20.05.2006 05:39

AMMAR denunció nuevas agresiones policiales


Argentina, 20.05.2006 05:39

AMMAR denunció nuevas agresiones policiales


Argentina, 20.05.2006 04:41

AMMAR denunció nuevas agresiones policiales

Fußball-Kapitalismus (reloaded)

Germany, 20.05.2006 02:40

Ein symptomatisches Signal für die kommende Fußballweltmeisterschaft setzte das WM-Maskottchen "Goleo". Gleich um 20 Prozent oder 40 Millionen wollte der Spielwarenhersteller Nici mit dem blöden Plüschlöwen seinen Umsatz steigern. Nun musste die Unternehmensführung Konkurs anmelden. Gleichzeitig läuft gegen das Unternehmen ein Verfahren wegen Betrugs bzw. Bilanzfälschung.Die kommende Fußballweltmeisterschaft sagt uns Einiges über den aktuellen Zustand des Kapitalismus.
Es geht auch anders: Kick-it Berlin, Vorrundenaus, Antirassistische WM, Anti-WM-Blog, Alternative Kick
Aktionen: Demo in Kaiserlautern
Zur Repression: Das sog. "Sicherheitskonzept", Infos auf

the compost pile, 18 may 06 -- Pyeongtaek Farmers

Madison, 20.05.2006 00:09

the compost pile ia a weekly feature on In Our Backyard, which airs on WORT-FM 89.9 M-Th from 6:30-7:00p. this week: South Korean rice farmers struggle against a new U.S. military base. MP3 - 2.14 MB - 00:05:21

Mel and Floyd, May 19, 2006

Madison, 20.05.2006 00:09

Running naked down State St. with Mr. Smartypants...


Arizona, 20.05.2006 00:07

Join the Spring Black Mesa Caravan 5/27 – 6/5

Alternativas para a segurança pública

Brasil, 19.05.2006 23:40



Athens, 19.05.2006 23:39

Κλιμακώνονται οι Καταλήψεις στις Σχολές

An interview with Bob McCloskey, Peace Activist &amp; Candidate for Congress

LA, 19.05.2006 23:09

An interview with Bob McCloskey, Peace Activist & Candidate for Congress

Pledge Drive

Houston, 19.05.2006 22:39

Houston Indymedia Radio enters pledge drive

LA Pagan Pride Day 2004 ~ Awaken The Spirit Within ~

LA, 19.05.2006 22:09

LA Pagan Pride Day 2004 ~ Awaken The Spirit Within ~

Rebellion of the Spirit against Disorder

LA, 19.05.2006 21:39

Rebellion of the Spirit against Disorder

Opinion Article: Judaism And Zionism Are Not The Same Thing

LA, 19.05.2006 21:09

Opinion Article: Judaism And Zionism Are Not The Same Thing

Malvín Norte

Uruguay, 19.05.2006 21:08

Nuevamente: abuso y represión

Sampietro: se conocerá hoy la sentencia

Argentina, 19.05.2006 20:39

“Si lo dice el Servicio Penitenciario, estoy orgulloso de ser de alta peligrosidad”


Argentina, 19.05.2006 20:39

Condenaron a 4 años y medio a militante de La Cantora


Argentina, 19.05.2006 20:39

Condenaron a 4 años y medio a militante de La Cantora

Heir of ousted King of Iran plans to overthrow Mullah's Regime

Miami, 19.05.2006 19:37

Heir of ousted King of Iran plans to overthrow Mullah's Regime

Four activists arrested at Rumsfeld's home

DC, 19.05.2006 19:11

Ocupação Zumbi dos Palmares ameaçada de despejo

Brasil, 19.05.2006 18:40


Outraged Community Residents Sue to Stop BU's Fedrally Funded Bio-Lab

Boston, 19.05.2006 18:09

Law Suit Alleges Violations of the National Environmental Policy Act This is a summary of the law suit filed on May 18th by community activists in the Southend and Roxbury who want to stop BU's proposed Bio-Saftey Level 4 lab from being built.

Standard-Thomson workers stand up to concessions to win better contract

Boston, 19.05.2006 17:09

Workers at Standard Thomson in Waltham, Massachusetts united in their union (IUE-CWA Local 274) to fight the company's concessionary demands and preserve the good jobs our communities need.

Rove indictment watch update

Miami, 19.05.2006 17:08

Rove indictment watch update

From Hobbes To Your Cell: Hail the Surveillance State

Miami, 19.05.2006 16:38

From Hobbes To Your Cell: Hail the Surveillance State

Sheehan Labels Bush’s White House: “A Crime Scene!”

Baltimore, 19.05.2006 16:09

On May 18, 2006, activists attempted to deliver a “Don't Attack Iran” Petition, which was signed by over 43,000 individuals, to a White House official. The bureaucrat refused to accept it, despite the fact that the Right to Petition the government for a redress of grievances is a right older than the Constitution and a cornerstone of the First Amendment. A defiant Cindy Sheehan then labeled George W. Bush’s White House: “A Crime Scene!”

Don't Mention The War

Bristol, 19.05.2006 14:39

The Folly of Empire - then and now anarchist606 writes: The Bliar regime has tried to dampen worries after the shooting down of the British chopper and subsequent riots in Basra.. but its all going pear shaped to say the least... There is a memorial to British soldiers killed in Iraq. One of the dead is a south west lad; 2nd Lieutenant Henry Parkyns Bridge Baines. About a month after he was killed the British Army issued a 'Proclamation' part of which read, "our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators..." This was an illusion ... Just in case you were wondering, these events did not take place in 2004, 5 or 6. This was 1917 and by 1920 Iraqi resistance to the occupation had forced the British out.We don't mention that war much these days. It is an uncomfortable reminder of the folly of empire. But it seems that much of the media and our political leaders also does not want to mention the current war much. It is an uncomfortable reminder of the folly of empire ... The Bliar regime has tried to dampen worries after the shooting down of the British chopper and subsequent riots in Basra, "British officials played down suggestions that the clashes indicated any significant escalation of the security situation in Basra.." Well that's not what others are saying. "One person is being assassinated in Basra every hour as order in Iraq's second city disintegrates, according to an Iraqi Defence Ministry official." says ... Where are the British army in all this? Possibility in their barracks considering the folly of empire. Full Article| Don't Mention The War | Related Events and Articles: | Fairford Ruled out of 'Operation Bomb Iran into Democracy' | Trident Ploughshares Open Devonport 2006 Camp | Bristol STW Benefit Gig - Advance Notice : Help Needed! | Banksy 'vandalising' charity shop oil paintings | BIMC Reminder: | July's Indymedia Film Night: Your Ideas? |

Bristol No2ID Says Renew for Freedom

Bristol, 19.05.2006 14:39

"Renew for Freedom" from Big Brother mass-surveillance "Renew for Freedom" from Big Brother mass-surveillance Dave Gould writes: Those righteous dudes at No2ID have organised the "Renew for Freedom" campaign so that the free people of Britain can avoid the Government's insane plan to create a dossier of personal information on every citizen to be available for any future government who wants to persecute them. If you renew this month, you can: Avoid being forced to attend an interview, Avoid being fingerprinted like a criminal, Avoid giving up your national insurance & driving license numbers to prevent your tax/income/benefits status and international/car journeys (courtesy of ANPR) being connected to the ID Big Brother database and save £42+ over the Govt announced passport/ID price of £93....Bristol No2ID are organising FreedomAid, an eclectic music gig to help spread the word to Bristolians. FreedomAid is featuring: Paul Bradley from The Organelles, The Grumpy Man DJs, Mephisto's Island and Chris Beckett. Saturday May 27th, The White Bear, top of St Michael's Hill, £3. Full article| "Renew for Freedom" from Big Brother mass-surveillance | | |

The Project, May 2006

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.05.2006 13:09

The Project is a monthly radical newpaper for the UCSC campus and Santa Cruz Community. It is run in a non-hierarchical fashion mainly by UCSC students, with an emphasis in anti-capitalism and local activism aimed at democratizing the university system. The purpose of this newspaper collective is to document and inspire strategic radical actions that are relevant to local, regional, and global socioeconomic justice.

Read The Project, May 2006 on Santa Cruz IMC and Indybay's Independent Media Page

&quot;Not Enough Space&quot; in San Francisco from May 19th to June 16th

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.05.2006 13:09

"Not Enough Space" is a traveling art exhibition commemorating 25 years of political imprisonment of Puerto Rican Political Prisoners Carlos Alberto Torres and Oscar López Rivera. The Opening Reception for the show will be held on Friday, May 19th from 6pm to 10pm at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts Gallery in SF. The event will include special guest José E. López, Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center (Chicago), who is also the brother of Oscar López Rivera. The John Santos Quintet will also perform. The exhibit will be in San Francisco until June 16th. A Closing Cultural Event will take place on Sunday, June 11th from 4pm-8pm.

Read more on Indybay's Arts and Action, Police and Prisons, and San Francisco News Pages

Hip Hop, Books, and Beer to Benefit Kate Sharpley Library

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.05.2006 13:09

The 2nd Annual Bay Area Anarchist Music Festival will take place on Friday, May 19th at the Edinburgh Castle (950 Geary St. at Larkin) in San Francisco, from 10pm onward. The event will be a benefit for the Kate Sharpley Library (KSL). Performers will include Emcee Lynx, Drowning Dog & Malatesta, and Nate Mezmer. Barry Pateman from the KSL will speak.

Read more on Indybay's Arts and Action, San Francisco, and Global Justice and Anti-Capitalism News Pages

Boicotta CocaCola

Italy, 19.05.2006 11:09

Striscioni di protesta contro CocaCola

Rosario: A pesar de las amenazas ministeriales

Argentina, 19.05.2006 09:40

Marcharon docentes por titularización y aumento

Rosario: A pesar de las amenazas ministeriales

Argentina, 19.05.2006 09:40

Marcharon docentes por titularización y aumento

A Roma per Aldro

Italy, 19.05.2006 09:10

Fiaccolata a Roma

Amenazas ministeriales no detuvieron la medida

Argentina, 19.05.2006 09:10

Marcharon docentes por titularización y aumento

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