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National Day of Out(r)age Against the Telcos!

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.05.2006 07:08

A "National Day of Out(r)age Against the Telcos" will be held on Wednesday, May 24th. In SF, there will be a 12pm street theater protest outside of AT&T Park, to say that people won't play ball with telephone companies that do business with the NSA. There will also be a rally outside of AT&T headquarters, (600 Folsom St., between 2nd and 3rd St) from 4 to 6 pm. The AT&T building is where the NSA set up a secret room to collect phone calls. People are also outraged at efforts by telephone companies, or Telcos, to pass National Video Franchising legislation in Congress, which would negatively impact thousands of local cable access channels.

Read more on Indybay's Media and San Francisco News Pages

DAWN Weekly Action Group Visits Bill Frist's House: 2860 Woodland Dr.::: Video

DC, 23.05.2006 06:42

I protested George Bush at my (GW) College Graduation

DC, 23.05.2006 06:42

I protested former President Bush and his wife this past sunday at my college gradution at the George Washington University, in DC. I thought it kicked ass to do this and it is one of the most proud college memories I have to look back on. Below you will find a link to a news article about this; my assesment of it; and the last minute call to action I wrote and distrubuted to my fellow students.

Continúa el Liceo en asamblea permanente

Argentina, 23.05.2006 05:09

Padres y docentes también exigen renuncia de directivos

C de W

Colombia, 23.05.2006 04:10

Las cuentas de los especuladores

Mayday Arrest

Houston, 23.05.2006 03:09

Mayday arrestee is looking for witnesses

Raza Youth Summit

Houston, 23.05.2006 02:39

Raza Youth Empowerment Summit

Continúa el Liceo en asamblea permanente

Argentina, 23.05.2006 02:38

padres y docentes también exigen renuncia de directivos

Seminário discute transporte e possível aumento nas tarifas

Brasil, 23.05.2006 02:09



Colombia, 23.05.2006 00:39

Huelga en la Drummond

&quot;Chattanooga's Homeless Challenge,&quot; a Documentary, Premieres at Memorial Auditorium

Tennessee, 22.05.2006 20:11

"Chattanooga Homeless Challenge,” a documentary feature, premieres in the city Thursday May 25 at the Memorial Auditorium Community Theater. The documentary, filmed by Wes Rehberg and Wild Clearing Productions, includes interviews with presently and formerly homeless persons as well as care providers; scenes and descriptions of interventions offered; and descriptions of the dilemmas of homelessness.

misoginia estructural

Argentina, 22.05.2006 20:10

Atenco: La violencia de Estado contra las mujeres

Sigue la crisis

Argentina, 22.05.2006 19:39

Otra semana de lucha en las universidades

Curitiba SE-PA-RA catadores/as da coleta e gestão dos recicláveis

Brasil, 22.05.2006 19:10


The Border War Comes Home

LA, 22.05.2006 19:09

The Border War Comes Home

Voting As If It Mattered

Tennessee, 22.05.2006 18:11

Reflections (and actions) on a Day of Elections... I became a Democrat for a day and voted in the recent primary election. I'm happy to say that Amanda McClendon succeeded in her bid to become a judge, at least in part because I voted for her, although she would have won without me. Her victory was described by the Nashville City Paper as “a landslide,” a term they did not use for any other race on the ballot—but then, most races were uncontested. You can't have a landslide without an opponent.

Klamath Native Youth to Host Fish Run 5/28

Rogue Valley, 22.05.2006 16:11

May 26th,27th, & 28th, 2006
This year's run is a three day event that will end at Iron Gate Dam on the 28th
What is the salmon run relay all about?
In light of the fish kill that claimed 72,000 plus salmon along the Lower Klamath in September 2002, the tribes, several organizations and the youth of the communities in the Klamath-Trinity region are coordinating a relay run. With this event we hope to: unite the communities affected by the lack of water and fish in our rivers; raise consciousness of the impacts to our people's well-being, health, and culture with the lack of water and fish in our rivers; and bring attention to the need for better water quality in our rivers to help ensure there won't be a repeat of 2002's catastrophic fish kill

Зашифрованный доступ к Индимедии

Belarus, 22.05.2006 16:07

Greve na educação vai continuar em Santa Catarina

Brasil, 22.05.2006 15:09


Provoking Violence: The Minutemen Confront Migrants and Supporters in Downtown LA

LA, 22.05.2006 14:09

Provoking Violence: The Minutemen Confront Migrants and Supporters in Downtown LA

Video File: Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Imploded

Portland, 22.05.2006 10:39

The Trojan Nuclear Power Plant in Rainier, Oregon was imploded by engineers from Controlled Demolition, Inc. today. I spent Saturday night with a group of activists who spent close to 20 years working to shut down the plant until their efforts succeeded in 1993. They rented 10 or more rooms at a motel in Kalama, Washington. We rose very early to find good spots to view the event.

I will be making a short video about the weekend, hopefully to be shown at a Videos from the Resistance showing in the near future. In the meantime, here is a quick video of the implosion from my vantage point in a neighborhood on a bluff in Kelso, Washington, across the mighty Columbia River from the cooling tower.


Falling at the speed of Gravity

my viewing location was just outside of the 1/2 mile exclusionary zone. about 75 - 100 folks, most of whome were locals. some county cops, but it was all cool. there were a few black clothed, fellow portlander looking, video camera toting and film shooting activists. hope to see their video on the web soon.

It was cool and looked just like we all figured it would. We've seen it recently three times before.


Download Video | Trojan to Blow on Sunday


Oost-Vlaanderen, 22.05.2006 09:08

Nationale betoging voor Sans Papiers in Gent

Sir! No Sir! The G.I. Resistance movie opens at The Hollywood Theater

Portland, 22.05.2006 07:39

This is a must see movie. I was in the Army at the time and knew nothing about this. Its an eye opening look at how 2 soldiers who refused to participate in the Vietnam war started a movement that resulted in thousands of service men and women refusing to go to Vietnam or engage the enemy. Underground newspapers and coffeehouses sprang up all over the country at military bases. There was a munity at the Persidio after a prisoner was shot and killed. This a part of history that has been buried. Go see the movie and learn how a movement started.

pd adds: The film was sad and great. The people I saw in the audience were from the era, but this is a film that young people should watch. The Vietnam War ended because of the resistance in the army. The First World War ended because of the Russian revolution and the soldiers from there saying we aren't going to fight any more. The war on Iraq and a war on Iran can be ended by those in the army saying Sir,NO,Sir!

National Front in Downtown Portland

Portland, 22.05.2006 07:39

National Front flyers found in free newspaper dispensaries in front of Whole Foods, downtown Portland.

Always fascinating to see how these things are filtered through the white supremacist lens. Like, they're almost right on the mark - yes, someone is trying to turn this into a Third World country. But it's not the enemies of the country, nor the people of color. It's the President. Eh wot?

Anyway, I handed this flyer off to one of those Portland Clean and Safe cops. Let him know this constitutes a hate crime, so he should be on the lookout for anybody handing out these flyers and arrest them.

Report: Tuesday vigil at the Recruiting Center

Portland, 22.05.2006 07:39

14 people gathered at the recruiting center for the weekly vigil. It was sunny and hot and people held signs, chalked the sidewalk, and flyered. Each week a flyer with the names of the dead U.S. soldiers is handed out. This past week there were 31 dead. It is impossible to count the Iraqi dead.

The number of U.S. soldiers dead in Iraq is fairly well published. What is not well published is the number of Iraqi citizens killed. 150,000 is not a high estimate. Beyond the dead, there are a growing number of people suffering from Depleted Uranium poisoning. Because the U.S. refuses to study DU effects itself, and where possible blocks such efforts by others, it is hard to gauge the true scope of the war crimes being committed in Iraq.

Successful Peace Vigil in Strip Mall Territory

Portland, 22.05.2006 07:39

While the Oak Grove community itself is mostly residential and quiet, there is a lot of traffic up and down McLoughlin. There are some major intersections, one of them at Oak Grove Boulevard where the big Fred Meyer store is located. There are lots of other businesses around too. On Saturdays the McLoughlin-Oak Grove intersection is very busy with shoppers and travelers ... there's a bus stop right there too.

So on May 20, about 20 people showed up for a peace vigil sponsored by the Clackamas County Democratic Party, House District 40. Signs were brought out, also one participant brought an armload of beautiful yellow roses from her garden. We demonstrated for about one hour, from 12 noon to 1 pm. It was a spirited and high-energy event, and attracted a lot of attention.

Real Estate Boom May Throw 240 Homeless Onto the Street

DC, 22.05.2006 07:11

The District of Columbia is actively talking about closing the Franklin School Shelter, where 240 homeless men live. The shelter building has been sold to a developer who plans to turn it into a boutique hotel or condominium units. The building is a handsome building, located at K and 13th Sts., NW, in a desirable area, and the District is in the midst of a real estate bonanza. There is no place in the city where these 240 people can go at this time, except the streets. We had hoped that the City and developer would wait until alternative spaces are renovated or located, but we found out this week that is not likely to happen.

Hands of Venezuela and Cuba - Pictures of Malcolm X Park Rally

DC, 22.05.2006 07:11

Todays rally and march on Washington was organized by a broad group of national and local organizations and individuals. The marchers demanded an end to the U.S. government’s campaign of lies, threats, and sanctions against Venezuela and Cuba.

Sigue la crisis

Argentina, 22.05.2006 06:39

Otra semana de lucha en las Universidades

21 mayo 06

Valparaiso, 22.05.2006 04:38

Domingo 21 Mayo 2006 | En cuenta presidencial

21 de Mayo bajo fuerte represión

L.A. Demo/Counterdemo vs Hayes: Update

Santa Barbara, 22.05.2006 02:08

Updated Report! 5-21-06 6:50 PM! LA Demonstration on Sunday May

Logging to Resume in Freshwater Creek, Elk River

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.05.2006 01:39

Following a nearly year-long reprieve in the Freshwater Creek and Elk River areas of Humboldt County, Maxxam/Pacific Lumber will soon resume logging operations in the two fragile areas just east of Eureka. Logging stopped when Maxxam/PL stalled the process for creating special waste discharge permits which would address the high levels of mud deposited in these watercourses from logging.

READ MORE on Indybay’s North Coast and Environment pages.


santiago, 22.05.2006 01:10

Otra Ciudad Sitiada Policialmente

Battlecry: Why the Christian Far-Right is Still Wrong

New Mexico, 22.05.2006 01:09

Battlecry: Why the Christian Far-Right is Still Wrong

Go Home!: Supporting Venezuela and Cuba

New Mexico, 22.05.2006 01:09

Go Home!: Supporting Venezuela and Cuba

Hunger strike by Afghan asylum seekers ends after tense week in St Patricks Cathedral

Ireland, 21.05.2006 22:40

A summary of the week. ...

BREAKING NEWS: Immigrants rights supporters countering anti-immigrant rally

LA, 21.05.2006 20:39

BREAKING NEWS: Immigrants rights supporters countering anti-immigrant rally

México el 3 y 4 de Mayo de 2006

Argentina, 21.05.2006 19:39

Testimonios de mujeres violadas y torturadas en Atenco

Ataque del Gobierno a la Juventud que Lucha

Puerto Rico, 21.05.2006 19:11

Ataque del Gobierno a la Juventud que Lucha

Arranca La Nueva Escuela en Manuel A. Pérez

Puerto Rico, 21.05.2006 19:11

Arranca La Nueva Escuela en Manuel A. Pérez

marcha del agua

Argentina, 21.05.2006 19:09

marcha por la estatizacion

Altenburg: Auftakt zum braunen Musiksommer

Germany, 21.05.2006 18:40

Es wird wieder Sommer, kleine Kinder springen auf Hüpfburgen, Jung und Alt amüsieren sich bei Bratwurst und Bier, 13-jährige Poplolitas mit Adolf-Hitler-Smileys auf der Brust stehen neben Rechtsrockbands und Naziliedermachern auf der Bühne. In den Pausen werden rassistische und faschistische Reden geschwungen und das Fußvolk informiert sich am Tresen und an unzähligen Infoständen. Braune Volksfeste erfreuen sich seit Jahren zunehmender Beliebtheit. Hier vernetzen sich Nazis verschiedenster Couleur und knüpfen Kontakte, lose Sympathisanten werden fester in die Szene integriert. Viele dieser Nazifeste finden seit einigen Jahren in Thüringen statt, doch wird das Konzept zunehmend auch in andere Bundesländer exportiert. Den Auftakt zum braunen Musiksommer bildet der 5. "Thüringentag der nationalen Jugend" am 20. Mai in Altenburg. Weitere Veranstaltungen dieser Art folgen in Jena, Cham (?), Gera und mit dem "Pressefest der Deutschen Stimme".

10.06.06 Jena: Operation Voelkerball

Germany, 21.05.2006 18:40

Bereits zum zweiten Mal planen Rechtsextreme aus den Reihen der NPD und der "Freien Kameradschaften" am 10. Juni 2006 ein europaweites Neonazispektakel in Jena. Mit dem so genannten "Fest der Völker" wird erneut versucht, den Schulterschluss neofaschistischer und neonazistischer Parteien und Organisationen in Europa nach innen zu festigen und nach außen zu präsentieren. Wie schon im Vorjahr sollen Redner aus diesem Spektrum sowie mehrere Bands auftreten, die zum großen Teil den militanten Neonazi-Netzwerken "Blood and Honour" und "Hammerskins" angehören.

Mehr: Altenburg: Auftakt zum braunen Musiksommer | Weitere Artikel zum Thema

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 21.05.2006 18:10

Mercadona: llarga i digna vaga, aquí i ara.

Dissabte 20/5 :: Jornada estatal de lluita contra Mercadona

Ja són més de dos mesos els que duen en vaga indefinida els treballadors del centre logístic de Mercadona a Sant Sadurní [45 dies, 50 dies]. Amenaces de mort, acomiadaments, esquirols duts d'altres centres i assejament a una plantilla en la qual pràcticament el 100% dels treballadors són immigrants contractats per l'empresa en els seus països d'origen. Aquesta pràctica està estesa a altres empreses com Inditex i el Corte Inglés.
No és suficient la pressió per part de l'empresa, que el Govern col·labora amb ella prohibint totes les manifestacions que els obrers havien convocat per a tot el mes de maig.
A banda de les manifestacions, concentracions [1 + 2] i el boicot contra l'empresa, la fiscalia està estudiant la possible conducta delictiva de Mercadona. La data per a aquest judici està fixada per al proper 22 de maig.
La solidaritat també s'ha manifestat mitjançant sabotatges.

Més info: Mercacoso + CNT-Barcelona + Secció laboral

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 21.05.2006 18:10

Mercadona: Huelga larga y digna, aquí y ahora.

Sábado 20/5 :: Jornada estatal de lucha contra Mercadona

Ya llevan más de dos meses en huelga indefinida lxs trabajadorxs del centro logístico de Mercadona en Sant Sadurní [45 días, 50 días]. Amenazas de muerte, despidos, esquirols traídos de otros centros y acoso a una plantilla en la que prácticamente el 100% de lxs trabajadorxs son inmigrantes contratados por la empresa en sus países de origen. Esta práctica está extendida a otras empresas como Inditex y el Corte Inglés.
No es suficiente la presión por parte de la empresa, que el Gobierno colabora con ella prohibiendo todas las manifestaciones que los obreros habían convocado para todo el mes de mayo.
A parte de las manifestaciones, concentraciones [1 + 2] y el boicot contra la empresa, la fiscalia está estudiando la posible conducta delictiva de Mercadona. La fecha para este juicio está fijada para el próximo 22 de mayo.
La solidaridad también se ha manifestado mediante sabotajes.

Más info: Mercacoso + CNT-Barcelona + Sección laboral

Bristol Indymedia Statement on N9S's 'Visit'

Bristol, 21.05.2006 17:39

We will carry on as normal. We will carry on as normal. Once more Bristol Indymedia, the medium, is being blamed for the content of the message. Indymedia is responsible for hosting the discussions and posts which resulted in others complaining to the server which previously hosted N9S. Allegedly, Kevin Quinn (see image, right), the leader of the far right N9S nazi party spent Monday 15th May trying to find members of Bristol Indymedia to, "...thank the people from Indimedia for closing my website down...I will most definitely be coming again.." It is a common misconception that Indymedia writes the stories posted onto its newswire. Indymedia is an open newswire which anyone can post news onto and individual members of the collective also occasionally do so. Indymedia is not responsible for shutting down the N9S website. However given the nature of Quinn's 'politics' this 'visit' appears to be a thinly veiled attempt to intimidate a news site that carried stories he did not like. Bristol Indymedia will not stop providing space for people in the South West to have their say. We will be meeting as normal, indeed our next meeting is a social event and we welcome friends, supporters, colleagues and those interested in getting involved with the Indymedia movement to come to the next meeting - Monday, 19th June 2006 8pm at the Hillgrove pub. Full article| Statement from Bristol Indymedia on N9S Related Articles: | Are 'N9S' the convicted 'Racial Volunteer Force' (RVF)? Certainly looks like it.... | Who should run the buses in bristol | National Front Stickers Spotted | Neo Nazi's Stalk Bristol Indymedia Collective | Neo-Nazis in Kingsdown | Neo-Nazi Website Shut Down by Bristol Anti-Nazis |

Declarada área de interesse social no &quot;Sítio Evaristo&quot;

Brasil, 21.05.2006 17:09


Climate and War : Bristol Indymedia Round Up

Bristol, 21.05.2006 12:08

summary From time to time Bristol Indymedia rounds up articles posted to the newswire. Two recurrent newswire themes are war and climate change. Some articles suggest a connection? Or are they just running paralell in the same destructive direction? The July 15 International Day Of Direct Action against climate change and the G8 makes a connection between climate change and energy policies.anarchist606 writes: It was pointed out to me that while the media might not look that hard at what is happening at Iraq, they looked even less at the recent revelation that 182,000,000 Africans are going to die due to global warming. This is more than any act of terror that I can conceive and should be front page news everywhere. But it's not. This should shame us all in the West. Full Article ........ Meanwhile that leaked Pentagon report from 2004 keeps resurfacing, which predicts that, "major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a 'Siberian' climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world." Which tallies with the fascinating post to the newswire showing possible flood levels in the Bristol area and Somerset plains if sea levels rise by as much as 6m. ....... Stevo wrote: Residents of the Somerset plains had better hope that any rise in sea levels stay under 6m, because that is the point at which places like Clevedon, WSM and Burnham on Sea go a funny shade of blue. Full Article ....... But will this result in a Britain a possible 3C warmer? as pointed to in a recent front page, or will the icy melt water from the north push the gulf stream south (pictured above) and plunge Britain into a Siberian freeze?Also of Local Interest: BWRP is a non-profit community organisation. Bristol Wood Recycling Project is searching for a new Site Manager | From The Archives: (01/09/05) Southwest joins new coalition to combat climate change | (30/08/05) punter wrote: With even the BBC accepting the reality of the energy crisis. It's clear need to prepare for a much more simple and low energy lifestyle after the peak in global oil supply in 2-25 years. Preparing for a post-capitalist Bristol? | (20/04/04) exprESSO crew wrote: Esso helped buy Bush into power with big donations. Bush then abandoned actions to reduce climate change, and dragged us into another oil war. ESSO SHUT DOWN |

Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês impedido de se juntar a 4 zonas livres de OGM

Portugal, 21.05.2006 11:39

Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês impedido de se juntar a 4 zonas livres de OGM

KDD_P2P &gt;Kedada person to person

estrecho / madiaq, 21.05.2006 09:08

En el contexto actual donde el mal, personificado en la SGAE, criminaliza formas nuevas de compartir conocimiento, donde las leyes que aprueba el gobierno van claramente en contra de la libertad de conocimiento y contenidos… un grupo de extraños individuos a mitad de paso entre activistas sociales y techis… prentede reunir al mayor número de personas con la sana y única intención de compartir >> compartir es bueno

Desde el hacklab de Sevilla, Hackarena, hacemos un llamamiento a todas las personas/cyborgs/blogers/techs con ganas de compartir un buen rato y una experiencia pionera en Sevilla.

La cita, el viernes 2 de Junio en la plaza que está junto al Corte Inglés, en la Plaza de la Concordia (entre el Duque y la Gavidia), a partir de las 20:30.

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