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South Central Farm Action Alert Judge releases eviction order - Sheriff has OK to Evict

LA, 24.05.2006 21:09

South Central Farm Action Alert Judge releases eviction order - Sheriff has OK to Evict

Cascadia Action Camp!

Portland, 24.05.2006 19:09

Cascadia Forest Defenders is hosting an action camp on Memorial Day
weekend, May 26th through May 29th, 2006.

Rides leave from the Eugene Grower's Market (454 Willamette) at 10 am
on Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th. There are some people
interested in getting rides from Portland, but no drivers yet.

Please write
if you can provide rides from up North...

Please bring all appropriate clothing for both warm and wet weather,
sleeping and camping gear, and anything else you feel necessary. Food
will be provided. All genders are welcome.

Protests Against The Economic Blockade Of Palestine

United Kingdom, 24.05.2006 18:09

A replica of the Israeli wall and a large banner with the words "Stop Starving Palestinians, End Israel's Occupation and Recognise Palestinian Democracy", acted as a back drop for the up to 20,000 demonstrators that gathered in London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday 20 of May.
Reports: 1 | 2 | Photos: 1 | 2 | 3

The demonstration, organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, was prompted by the Israeli government's decision to strengthen the economic blockade of the Palestinian people after the landslide victory of Hamas in the recent Palestinian elections. The Israeli and US governments, together with the EU, brand Hamas as a terrorist organisation and have therefore stopped vital aid and funding from reaching Palestine, with devastating effects on the everyday lives of Palestinian people living in the Occupied Territories.

An Emergency Vigil will also take place in Sheffield this Thursday 25th May, called by Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

For daily reports of life under Israeli occupation see the Middle East Media Centre and the Palestine Today audio reports in the IMC-UK newswires. Also check out IMC-Israel and IMC-Beirut for information about grassroots strugless and campaigns in the Middle East.

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million Voting Age Americans Support New 9/11 Investigation

Miami, 24.05.2006 15:08

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million Voting Age Americans Support New 9/11 Investigation

İstanbul üniversitesi'ne &quot;giriş sınavı&quot; sürüyor

Istanbul, 24.05.2006 14:40

İstanbul Üniversitesi'ne "giriş sınavı" sürüyor

Roma pedala 3

Italy, 24.05.2006 14:10

Critical Mass interplanetaria

Roma pedala 3

Italy, 24.05.2006 14:10

Critical Mass interplanetaria

Motion on Poster Ban passed at DCC

Ireland, 24.05.2006 14:09

Motion for Dublin City Council to allow postering ...

Rally to Say: No Use of Immigration Status to Abuse Workers

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.05.2006 13:39

Young Workers has called a rally to send a message to business owners that the community will not tolerate the use of immigration status to abuse workers. The rally will be on Wednesday May 24th at 11:30am, at Si Señor Taqueria, 53 Stevenson St. in downtown SF. Sonia Cano and Carlos Barrancos are the couple whose story Indybay covered this winter: Carlos was taken into ICE custody and sent out of state when Sonia was 9 months pregnant. Sonia filed a claim against Si Señor with the agency that enforces the minimum wage for San Francisco. Her employer, who often spoke against pregnant workers and used racial slurs, fired Sonia when she told him she was pregnant. Sonia won the minimum wage case, and this month settled a claim with Si Señor for charges of discrimination, defamation, and retaliation.

Read more | Immigrant rights | Labor and workers | SF news page

May 24th Rally and March to File Petitions About Lt. Martin Halloran

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.05.2006 13:38

Patients and supporters will rally and march on Wednesday, May 24th to file petitions against Lt. Martin Halloran of the SFPD. The intial rally will take place at 4:20pm at the Hall of "Justice" (850 Bryant St), with a protest at 5:00pm at SF City Hall. Halloran has engaged in the entrapment, intimidation, and harassment of SF medical cannabis patients and caregivers. Protesters believe Halloran's actions are in direct violation of the policy of the City and County of San Francisco. The petition demands that he be held accountable, and be taken off of the medical cannabis dispensary (MCD) detail, and that SFPD officers stop investigations, surveillance, and arrests of cannabis patients, caregivers, and MCD operators.

Read more on Indybay's Drug War and SF News Pages

PBA 5 arraignment June 7th

Portland, 24.05.2006 13:08

Just a reminder for those of you who forgot or didn't hear about this. A small group of folks working in solidarity with the Portland Anti-Imperialist were arrested after the "Rally Against the Right," an anti-PBA (Portland Business Alliance) action on the 17th of May. All five co-defendants were arrested on trumped up charges of Criminal Tresspass 2 and Disorderly Conduct, and one person is also being given an additional charge of Theft 3, which is the charge for something with a value of less than $5 or strictly sentimental value. The arraignment is on June 7th, at 1:00 pm, in Courtroom 1 in the Justice Center downtown. Anyone who is able is encouraged to show up in solidarity.

The PBA, which runs the communtiy courtroom that this arraignment will be held in, has been long criticized for it's blatant stance against the poor and working class in Portland. From putting bars under bridges, supporting Portland's un-constitutional "sit-lie" ordinance, having board members from Nike and with ties to the defence contractor Raytheon, and even going so far as to support Schumacher Furs in their crusade against free speech, the Portland Business Alliance has proven itself to be an enemy of the masses here in Portland. No bars, no borders, no nations!

El Tinglao del Gran Pollo de la Alameda: Exposición y libro

estrecho / madiaq, 24.05.2006 11:08

El trabajo de documentación, análisis y valoración de las actividades de los movimientos sociales en la Alameda de los últimos diez años se presenta en una exposición en el CaS y especialmente en un libro de inmediata edición: El Gran Pollo de la Alameda. En la producción del libro han participado decenas de personas que cuentan de primera mano sus experiencias. El Gran Pollo, que se resiste a ser comido, recoge cientos de fotos, vídeos y documentos de todo tipo. El trabajo desarrollado a lo largo de más de un año, como podéis imaginar, ha sido ingente.

Durante esta semana y la próxima se desarrollan actividades participativas en el CaS, en un esfuerzo atrevido de imaginar otras formas de funcionamiento de una institución cultural. A la vez, el coletivo editorial del Pollo está vendiendo bonos para la adquisición del libro (al precio especial de 15 euros) para intentar imprimir una tirada mayor que la que editará la Delegación Participación Ciudadana del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla.

El jueves está convocado, en torno al Tinglao, una reunión de la red de barrios en lucha de sevilla para debatir estrategias pasadas y futuras de autonomía y autoorganización local, a la que aprovechamos para invitaros.

Texto de presentación del Gran Pollo
Programa de actividades del Tinglao (jpg)
Encuentro vivienda en el Tinglao (jueves 25)
Avance de la presentación en el Tinglao de Ramón Fernández Durán (1 de junio): El tsunami urbanizador

Best of Videos from the Resistance Show Coming Soon: A Call for Requests

Portland, 24.05.2006 10:39

It's spring! Time again for the annual "Best of Videos from the Resistance" show. This year it will be held at It's a Beautiful Pizza, on Monday, May 29th, at 7pm. (It's a Beautiful Pizza is located on SE Belmont st at about 33rd.)

Yes, it's time to dust off the video archives and drag out some old favorites (or maybe some new favorites that aren't even dusty yet). The video collective cordially invites you to help us decide which videos to show. We all have our favorites, what about you?

U.S. Imperialists, Hands off Latin America!

Portland, 24.05.2006 10:39

The past few years have borne witness to considerable negative attention from U.S. bourgeois politicians and mass media directed against the government of Venezuela and its President, Hugo Chavez. Since his landslide electoral victory in 1998, the U.S. government has sponsored two coup attempts and routinely funnels money to reactionary Venezuelan opposition groups that oppose the social-democratic reforms taking place under the leadership of Hugo Chavez.

Ever since the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, the U.S. ruling class has essentially laid claim to Latin America as its sphere of influence and has backed this up with invasions, naval blockades, diplomacy, economic sanctions, political pressure and more. Indeed, the years since then have borne witness to plenty of aggressive U.S. government actions aimed at putting this doctrine into practice.

Ser pobre es delito

Euskal Herria, 24.05.2006 09:40

Free The West Memphis 3

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.05.2006 06:39

This hour-long segment from The Indynewswire Show on Free Radio Santa Cruz examines the case of The West Memphis 3, who've been imprisoned almost thirteen years for a murder they did not commit. We have an interview with Anje Vela, a Bay Area WM3 organizer. Legendary alternative rocker, Jonathan Richman answers questions about his recent visit with Damien Echols and reads from Echol's book Almost Home. Plus, music from the Free The West Memphis 3 benefit compiliation... Read more

audio (mp3): WM3 interview, information and music (59:06 minutes / 27 MB)

see also: West Memphis Three Support: Write to Freedom

C y e

Colombia, 24.05.2006 03:39

Las cuentas de los especuladores

On Ashland's &quot;Undesirables&quot;

Rogue Valley, 24.05.2006 03:09

Recent downtown planning meetings have become opportunities to defame homeless people. I've been searching for "undesirables" and here is what I've found.

MST pressiona governo para cumprimento de acordo

Brasil, 24.05.2006 02:09


Joan Baez, Julia Butterfly &amp; John Quigley Begin Tree Sit at South Central Farm

LA, 24.05.2006 01:39

Joan Baez, Julia Butterfly & John Quigley Begin Tree Sit at South Central Farm

JFK Murder Solved - Bush Sr. Link to Kennedy Assassination

Miami, 23.05.2006 23:39

JFK Murder Solved - Bush Sr. Link to Kennedy Assassination

Os despejos anunciados

Portugal, 23.05.2006 23:09

Os despejos anunciados

C y e

Colombia, 23.05.2006 23:09

Las cuentas de los especuladores

Ricorda il 6 di novembre

Italy, 23.05.2006 22:40

Ricorda per sempre il 6 di novembre

Interview with Jim Page and Live In-Studio Performance

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.05.2006 22:39

Interview and in-studio performance on Free Radio Santa Cruz with singer, songwriter and political activist Jim Page. The rich tradition of topical song writing is alive and well. Jim Page's songs bring a phenomenal mix of humor, irony and lyrical brilliance to exposing the outrages and absurdities of our times. Read more

audio (mp3): Performace and Interview with Jim Page (61:17 minutes / 56 MB)


Athens, 23.05.2006 22:39

Άγριες συγκρούσεις στο San Salvador Atenco

Mendoza: Estudiantes detenidos

Argentina, 23.05.2006 22:10

Ante la falta de recursos el estado reprime

40 estudantes de pedagogia presas/os em protesto na frente do MEC

Brasil, 23.05.2006 22:10


Mendoza: Estudiantes detenidos

Argentina, 23.05.2006 21:41

Ante la falta de recursos el estado reprime

Circus Gatti Comes to Watsonville to Benefit the Police

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.05.2006 20:39

On May 20th and 21st, Circus Gatti brought their show to the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds for a Watsonville Police benefit. Animal rights activists were there holding signs, passing out flyers in english and spanish and speaking with circus-goers about the sad life of circus animals. Most people were very receptive to learning about the lifestyles and living conditions of circus animals. Many people said they were sorry they decided to go to the circus, they would not have gone if they had known about the animals and they would not return next year.

Read more and view photos on Santa Cruz IMC and Indybay's Animal Liberation page.

We Are All Animals; Circus Gatti Comes to Watsonville to Benefit the Police

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.05.2006 20:08

MJG Entertainment, Inc's Circus Gatti, based in Hemet, California, operates approximately 450 circuses in 150 towns each year. The performances include acrobats, jugglers, a high-wire act and captive wildlife such as horses, tigers and elephants which are trained to entertain young children and their adults. On May 20th and 21st, Circus Gatti brought their show to the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds for a Watsonville Police benefit.

Animal rights activists were at the County Fairgrounds in Watsonville holding signs, passing out flyers in english and spanish and speaking with circus-goers about the sad life of circus animals. On May 21st, activists were able to outreach to almost everyone in attendance. Most people were very receptive to learning about the lifestyles and living conditions of circus animals. Many people said they were sorry they decided to go to the circus, they would not have gone if they had known about the animals and they would not return next year. Read more and view photos

For news, upcoming events, and resources of the movement for animal rights in the Bay Area and beyond, see Indybay's Animal Liberation page.

NSA has &quot;Secret Room&quot; at SF AT&amp;T Facility

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.05.2006 19:39

An AT&T whistleblower has revealed that the National Security Agency installed “secret rooms” at AT&T facilities in various cities, including the facility on Folsom Street in San Francisco. Former AT&T technician Mark Klein is the star witness in a lawsuit against the telecommunications giant brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Statements by Klein reveal that AT&T has installed servers, routers and internet traffic-analysis software in the secret room. "I am presenting this information to facilitate the dismantling of this dangerous Orwellian project," Klein wrote in a statement.

Read More on Indybay's Police State page.

Florida &quot;Culture of Peace&quot; Statewide Convocation June 2-4

Miami, 23.05.2006 19:38

Florida "Culture of Peace" Statewide Convocation June 2-4

US troops have no protection from America’s poisonous uranium gas in Iraq

Miami, 23.05.2006 19:38

US troops have no protection from America’s poisonous uranium gas in Iraq

Victory! Neighbors Triumph Over Developers -- For Now

Portland, 23.05.2006 17:40

The Mississippi Avenue Lofts (MAL) developers have been working for months to get a new 4 story development on N Mississippi Avenue approved. After initially being denied a letter of support from the neighborhood, at the last Boise Neighborhood Association (BNA) meeting they were able to eek out a majority. On the record there were 66 votes supporting the lofts, 47 votes opposing, and 10 abstaining.

Their design was also approved by the Bureau of Development Services (BDS). Being in a Conservation District they were required to meet the guidelines for new developments. A diligent neighbor appealed the BDS decision forcing a hearing before the Historical Landmarks Commission which took place today, May 22.

The hearing began with the BDS representative, Justin Fallon Dollard giving an overview of the project and what specifically was up for review. He consistently used the word "we" when referring to the project. I assume this is because he worked with the developers to find ways to get around community guidelines. And I mean get around them, not necessarily address them. One example of "getting around them" is his suggestion (and ultimately an addition to the MAL) of scoring the hanging concrete walls on the north and south. He suggested this to satisy "blending in" to the neighborhood. During the deliberation of the Commission, one of the volunteers scoffed at that addition as a poor attempt to "blend in." Blending in, and what that means, seemed to be a large part of why these developers went home with frowns on their faces.

read the full article...


Italy, 23.05.2006 16:40

Ricorda per sempre il 6 di novembre

&quot;Immaculate Rebellion&quot; screening at Laughing Horse Books Tues. 7 p.m.

Portland, 23.05.2006 16:39

Presentation and screening of "Immaculate Rebellion," which chronicles the mass reoccupation of an evicted protest camp against a high-speed train project in the Italian Alps on December 8 of last year. Paul Roland, former Portland activist, will present and discuss the popular uprising against the "TAV" project, at the new Laughing Horse location, 12 NE 10th, off Burnside.

"Immaculate Rebellion" follows the march of over 50,000 people who, just two days after the violent eviction of the barricaded vigil site, bypassed hundreds of riot police at an intersection then descended down small mountain roads and trails to liberate the area occupied for a proposed tunnel construction site, tearing down a perimeter fence and forcing a small police detachment to retreat. This was the most dramatic moment in an escalating series of protests, strikes, blockades and other forms of popular struggle in the Susa Valley of northwest Italy at the end of 2005, after 15 years of grassroots movement-building against the proposed TAV high-speed train line from Turin to Lyon, France. The project is part of a massive new infrastructure which is devastating the Italian countryside and mountain areas all around Italy, while the existing rail network used by most people is underfunded and disintegrating. It's what in the U.S. would be called a "porkbarrel" project, to line corporate and politicians' pockets while not serving the people's real transportation needs. Come learn more about what's going on with Italian struggles and politics and get some inspiration from this remarkable, almost "miraculous," event.

Safe Homes Honors

Worcester, 23.05.2006 16:11

Safe Homes Honors Advocates

Dossiê denuncia Violação dos Direitos Humanos no Centro de São Paulo

Brasil, 23.05.2006 16:10

Fórum Centro Vivo

Bush stomps on Fourth Amendment: Professor Tribe weighs in on NSA wiretapping

Miami, 23.05.2006 15:37

Bush stomps on Fourth Amendment: Professor Tribe weighs in on NSA wiretapping

Bouffier'scher Polizei-Kleinkrieg in Gießen

Germany, 23.05.2006 14:40

Vom 14.-18. Mai 2006 spitzte sich im Gießener Raum eine Auseinandersetzung um die aktuelle Sicherheitspolitik der hessischen Landesregierung und der CDU-geführten (inzwischen von Grünen mitregierten!) Heimatstadt des Innenministers Volker Bouffier auf absurde und teilweise dramatische Art zu. Nach der nächtlichen Festnahme im Rambostyle gab es ED-Behandlungen, eine Hausdurchsuchung ohne Durchsuchungsbefehl und 5 Tage Knast für einen Aktivisten. Versuchte gefährliche Körperverletzung, gefährlicher Eingriff in den Straßenverkehr, Rechtsbeugung, Freiheitsberaubung, falsche Beschuldigungen und üble Nachrede wären die Straftaten der Staatsbüttel, die allerdings angesichts dessen, dass die Justiz selbst zu den Tätern gehört, nie verfolgt werden dürften. Lügen und Gewalt kommen hinzu. Hinter allem: Der hessische Innenminister Bouffier.Berichte: Anschläge auf Bouffiers Kanzlei, Haft-Ladung für Aktivisten, Polizei-Ausraster am 14. Mai, Aktionen und Auswertung, Eingangsseite zu den Vorgängen


Argentina, 23.05.2006 14:40

Members of BC Community Hang Protest Banner During Rice Address

Boston, 23.05.2006 14:10

Three people hung a banner reading "BC Honors Lies & Torture" during the Boston College commencement address by Condoleezza Rice. During this morning’s Boston College commencement address by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who received an honorary degree, three people unfurled a banner reading, “BC Honors Lies & Torture.” The banner was visible for five minutes next to a Puerto Rican flag held by a different group. Campus police removed the flag and escorted the three out of the stadium.


Colombia, 23.05.2006 13:09

¡En Huelga!

Por una Justicia Social y Medioambiental. Concentración, 28 de Mayo. 12:00 h. Jardines del Parlamento de Andalucía.

estrecho / madiaq, 23.05.2006 13:08

Personas, asociaciones, ecologistas, colectivos sociales y distintas plataformas ciudadanas de distintas sensibilidades y de distintos lugares de Andalucía y Extremadura han decidido crear un frente común ante la gestión de la Política Ambiental y Social que viene administrando en los últimos tiempos.

Los ciudadanos y ciudadanas estamos cansados de no ser escuchados ante las distintas administraciones desde municipales, provinciales, autonómicas y estatales, así como tampoco tenidos en cuenta por los distintos gobernantes, del signo y tendencia que sea, cegados por la realización de "empresas", que no contemplan ni los más mínimos requisitos Ambientales ni Sociales, y estamos cansados por algunos de todos estos motivos que se relacionan:

Aksi Pawai Bhinneka Tunggal Ika: Ribuan masyarakat menolak RUU Pornografi

Jakarta, 23.05.2006 10:39

Karnaval Budaya menolak RUU APP Karnaval Budaya Menolak Rancangan Undang-Undang Pornografi (RUU Anti Pornografi dan Pornoaksi/RUU-APP) dengan tema “Pawai Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” berlangsung hari ini (Sabtu, 22/4). Sejak pagi hari ribuan orang dari berbagai elemen masyarakat – aktivis perempuan, seniman, artis, masyarakat adat, budayawan, rohaniwan, mahasiswa, komunitas waria, komunitas muslim perjuangan, dll – berdatangan menuju titik berkumpul di Monumen Nasional (Monas). Aksi ini dikoordinir oleh Aliansi Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. ...

Free Books on the Internet!

Portland, 23.05.2006 08:39

"The Great American Jobs Scam" by Greg LeRoy and "Conservative Nanny State" by Dean Baker are available as free e-books. These books could bring economic literacy and break the onesided corporate discourse that ignores infrastructure investment, inequality and distribution.
These two life-giving books are available at and

If we refuse systemic/structural analysis, we can fall to scapegoating, blaming the weak, immigrants, disabled and the unemployed. Problems are often personalized. The terrorist, child molestor and speculator become the focus, the path of least resistance (cf. Robert Kurz on Migrants are routinely represented as threats, not enrichment in individual, intellectual and institutional racism (cf. Christoph Butterwegge, "Migration and the Mass Media").

URGENT: Six Nations 'All hell and shit has broken loose'

Portland, 23.05.2006 08:39

Day 83 of the land reclamation. In a gesture of goodwill, Six Nations people took down the barricade on Argyle Street in front of the Caledonia at 6:00 am this morning. Yesterday the Caledonians blocked the road for 6 buses of supporters from Toronto.

They also blocked ambulances from going to the hospital. One man died alone because they did not let his family go to his bedside. A car with a reporter and some women from Six nations paper was surrounded by Caledonian men and women. They smashed the windows.

Peace Memorial Park in full bloom

Portland, 23.05.2006 08:39

About 60 volunteers came together this Saturday to plant over 3,000 flowers at the Peace Memorial Park. The petunias and marigolds were donated by a local nursery and after about 7 hours it was done.

The 75-foot peace symbol is made of turf, the "negative space" of the peace symbol is filled in with colorful flowers, and a peace pole will be placed at the top of the circle.

Groundbreaking for the Peace Memorial was on April 23. Volunteers finished preparing the ground and put in the sod forming the peace symbol on April 29. Flowers were put in the ground on May 20, and dedication is to take place in a ceremony on Memorial Day, May 29.

Drug War Roadshow Comes to the Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.05.2006 07:08

The Drug War Roadshow will present a show in Oakland on Tuesday, May 23rd. The performance will begin at 7:00pm at the First Congregational Church of Oakland, 2501 Harrison Street (near 19th Street Oakland BART). There will also be a show in San Francisco on Wednesday, May 24th, at 6:30pm at the Women's Building, 3543 18th Street, #8.The show examines the human impact of the War on Drugs in Colombia, South America and in the United States, using skits, puppets and humor with digital images that examine the human impacts of US Drug Policy abroad.

Read more on Indybay's Drug War News Page

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