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Milano 11 marzo: ancora in carcere 25 persone

Switzerland, 08.06.2006 14:37

A due mese dai fatti dell'11 marzo a Milano, 25 antifascist* rimangono tuttora in carcere, dopo aver visto rifiutare due istanze di scarcerazione (di cui la seconda l'11 aprile) e un riesame.
L'imputazione è di concorso in devastazione, incendio e resistenza a pubblico ufficiale sostanzialmente per tutt* gli/le arrestat*, senza tenere conto delle posizioni specifiche che invece a quanto dicono gli avvocati stanno emergendo durante gli interrogatori, né prendere in considerazione la specifica condotta dei/delle singol* arrestat*.

:: 17 giugno: corteo nazionale a Milano
:: Aggiornamenti su indymedia italia
:: Dovevadoevado

El gobierno busca mostrar fortaleza

Argentina, 28.05.2006 21:39

Aparato justicialista en Plaza de Mayo, gendarmería en Avellaneda

An Open Letter to White America

Portland, 28.05.2006 21:38

I am not an American, at least not in the commonly accepted usage of the term. I am someone for whom the presumptuous ideal of "America" equates immediately to something more akin to passive totalitarianism. For the 500 countries destroyed in the wake of the European exodus to the promised lands of the southern and northern Americas, totalitarianism under a Eurocentric government is a way of life. Our cultures and independence, despite the howls of acquiescent Natives who proudly proclaim that "We are still here," are functionally non-existent. Hooping and hollering in today's commercialised Pow-Wow circuit is not evidence of a sustainable people. Neither is a doll made up to look like a Dine' code-talker or the mega-corporation Disney's revisionist cartoon for children and adults alike, Pocahontas. . . . [ Read More | Voice of a Native Son ]

Bush Regime Dream\People's Nightmare: Government Without Limits

Arkansas, 28.05.2006 21:10

As the Bush regime's approval ratings continue to plummet in the polls, it has launched an attack on the right to a free press by threatening to prosecute reporters who report on its illegal actions. At the same time it is challenging the separation of powers doctrine by raiding Congressional offices. It is time to drive the Bush regime from power!

Actores Secundarios [Recargado]

santiago, 28.05.2006 19:11

Del Huracan a la Revolución Pinguina

Tree camp set up at Titnore!

United Kingdom, 28.05.2006 19:10

A TREE TOP protest camp in ancient Sussex woodland has been set up. Despite the earlier threat of an illegal eviction, by Sunday evening, May 28, it was still there and growing in size.

Until the Farm Is Secure

LA, 28.05.2006 19:10

Until the Farm Is Secure

SIGN ONLINE PETITION: Tell Bush and Congress- Stop the War on Iran Before it Starts

Miami, 28.05.2006 17:08

SIGN ONLINE PETITION: Tell Bush and Congress- Stop the War on Iran Before it Starts

Paro y movilización en Córdoba

Argentina, 28.05.2006 14:40


Today's Wrong Way March in Vancouver, WA

Portland, 28.05.2006 10:40

About 100 people came to the Wrong Way March and Rally today at Vancouver's Esther Short Park. Gathering under cover on the stage, we heard great speakers that warmed our hearts, even though the cold rain and breeze almost numbed ungloved fingers.

During the 2.5-hr. event, we listened to Bob Goss, Veteran for Peace, speak about the costs of war to the people, what it costs Vancouver, and how it can negatively affect, both physically and psychologically, returning veterans. Marion Ward, who went to Iran in December, spoke about not attacking that country. We heard from a representative from the Sierra Club, Chris Luna, a poet, and state Rep. Jim Moeller. Moeller sounded off on the government's wrong attack on the people.

See you at the weekly bannering, Thursdays, 4:30 at Mill Plain in front of the library. Here's to the power of people against war and violence, eavesdropping, logging our forests, wiping out choice, against a monarchy, corruption, and corporations. In peace and justice!

read the full article...
other news: Sick of sitting around waiting for the next anti-war protest?

El gobierno busca mostrar fortaleza

Argentina, 28.05.2006 05:40

Aparato justicialista en Plaza de Mayo, gendarmería en Avellaneda

Information and Background on Darfur

DC, 28.05.2006 05:11

"A call from a vast number of organizations, such as Africa Action and Genocide Intervention Network, is not for US deploy troops into Darfur, but to have the U.S. speak up and use its influence in the U.N. to get more countries to adequately fund an African Union force in Darfur. Currently the African Union is broke but it is almost universally agreed that an A.U force is the best chance at stopping the genocide. Editorial Cartoon by Flugennock: "Out Of Iraq, Into Darfur"

A song for Damu

DC, 28.05.2006 05:11

taped at the Public Celebration of Damu Smith's Life on May 20th in Washinton DC

C.O. Katherine Jashinski Sentenced for Refusal

DC, 28.05.2006 05:11

First Female Conscientious Objector Sentenced for Refusing Deployment to Afghanistan

El gobierno busca mostrar fortaleza

Argentina, 28.05.2006 05:09

Aparato justicialista en Plaza de Mayo, gendarmería en Avellaneda

Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job

Miami, 28.05.2006 02:38

Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job

Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job

Miami, 28.05.2006 02:38

Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job

&quot;Leaves (leaflets) of the White Rose.&quot; # 2

Miami, 28.05.2006 02:38

"Leaves (leaflets) of the White Rose." # 2

Asylum is not a Crime

United Kingdom, 28.05.2006 01:41

In what has become a regular, monthly event, Birmingham No Borders and the Birmingham Anti-Racist Campaign (ARC) jointly staged a demonstration on Friday, 26 May, 2006, outside the immigration reporting centre in Solihull. They were there to protest against the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers throughout the Border Regime. Although initially small in numbers, the protesters generated a lot of noise, using pots, pans and megaphones. In an attempt to stifle the protest, Sandford House's management contacted the police. The police, however, were duly satisfied that demonstrators were exercising their legal right to protest and left the protest without intervening. Many asylum seekers, who were there to 'sign on', also joined the protest.

Last month, a similar demonstration was held in solidarity with the unprecedented mass hunger strikes in detention centres across the UK. In November last year, Iraqi Kurds, in conjunction with ARC, staged a demonstration outside Sandford House to protest against the Home Office moves to deport Iraqis to their unsafe, occupied country. Next month's demo has been called on Thursday, June 29th, during Refugee Week, to coincide with the national day of action against reporting centres.

Art in the Gardens

Worcester, 28.05.2006 01:10

Art in the Worcester Community Gardens

Atenco No Se Vende!

Arizona, 28.05.2006 00:07

In Solidarity with Atenco!

In Resistance to Empire!


Houston, 27.05.2006 23:40

Enron Verdict: What does it all mean?

Fairford Ruled Out? - Diego Garcia Ruled In?

Bristol, 27.05.2006 22:09

Diego Garcia - A British Base - May Still Be Used To Bomb Iran summary 'On 3rd and 4th March 2003, fourteen B52 bombers from USAF 23rd Bomb Squadron 'Barons' arrived at RAF/USAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, UK, to prepare for the aerial bombing of Iraq, which began on the 20th March 2003. On April 24th 2003, after 142 flights and 54 days, they left.' Fairford Press Releases: 04/03/03 to 07/09/03 At the time, hundreds, and then thousands of people demontrated the base. Others broke in and attempted to damage, or damaged property with the aim of preventing the illegal invasion from U.K soil. Just over 3 years later, as Iran now pulls into the line of fire, anarchist606 writes: The huge U$ airbase at Fairford, Gloucester has apparently been ruled out of the planning for an attack on Iran because of "...the UK’s opposition to military action against Tehran" – the article is not clear if this opposition is the government ... or could it be that they fear the popular protest? Certainly during the Iraq war the base (pictured below) saw massive protests and it was clear the state was getting worried! Full ArticleWhile this may be good news to many, Diego Garcia, a tiny military island (pictured above) in the middle of the Indian Ocean, may instead by used. from someone else writes: It seems the US has to have formal permission (under existing agreements under which the US operates at UK bases) from the British government to deploy from ANY UK owned base ... It would be an idea for everyone to write to MP's pointing this out and asking them to demand answers from the Blair cabal regards what permission they have or might grant the U.S with regard to D.G. Blair can't claim he isn't participating if he sanctions the use of Diego Garcia. The same could be said of Menwith Hill and Croughton who will deal with the intel and communications for any attack. Now would be a good time to start writing.... Full Comment| Fairford Ruled out of 'Operation Bomb Iran into Democracy' | 'The main plan calls for a rolling, five-day bombing campaign against 400 key targets in Iran, including 24 nuclear related sites ... and Revolutionary Guard headquarters.' US spells out plan to bomb Iran | Archives: (02/04/06) What Happened About Your House Of Lords / Fairford Case? | (24/02/06) 'Fairford 5' and 'Marchwood 14' in the High Courts... | (14/01/05) Should We Be Thinking More Strategically? | (01/07/04) The State Is Nervous - "Don't Mention Iraq" Foreign Office Spokesman Warns Court |Contribute An Article

derecho a un sistema de salud integral

Argentina, 27.05.2006 20:10

Día de Acción por la Salud de las Mujeres

derecho a un sistema de salud integral

Argentina, 27.05.2006 20:10

Día de Acción por la Salud de las Mujeres

Solidarity Statement by U.S. Prisoners

San Diego, 27.05.2006 19:39

U.S. prisoner organizations have issued a statement of solidarity with those fighting for the rights of workers in France and the U.S.

"As those struggling for freedom in the context of the anti-prison movement, we as affiliates of the Allied Resistance Network send our strongest wishes of solidarity to the re-emerging workers' and migrants' movements spreading across the globe. We fight the same fight, whether it is in the streets, our workplaces, or the prison yard.

The movements for freedom do not exist separately from each other. Here in the United States, where over 2 million of the poorest populations are locked away in cages, we know firsthand the hardships and horrors of a society based on exploitation and authoritarian power structures that give the few the control over the many.

More information:

Salas de Tortura en estaciones de trenes de TBA- Ex- Linea Sarmiento

Argentina, 27.05.2006 17:40

The Fall of the House of Bush

Miami, 27.05.2006 17:38

The Fall of the House of Bush

Surveillance on Florida Turnpike?

Miami, 27.05.2006 16:38

Surveillance on Florida Turnpike?

Iranian students protest theocracy

Miami, 27.05.2006 16:38

Iranian students protest theocracy

SHAC7 &amp; Josh Harper Benefit - Sunday, May 28th 4p-8p

Portland, 27.05.2006 15:39

June 13th is the sentencing date. 6 people and one organization, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty [SHAC], have been convicted under the Animal Enterprise Protection Act ... for running a website and speaking out against Huntingdon Life Sciences' [HLS] torture and murder of 500 animals a day.

What: Benefit for SHAC7 & defendant Josh Harper
When: Sunday, May 28th 4p-8p
Where: Clinton St. Theatre (SE 26th & Clinton)
How much? $7 & up

* Bands:
- Divining Rods: local legends
- Eclectic Bastards: North Carolina's master mix of fun and feist
- Juha: hiphop vegan anarchist, groom of god and pioneer of gothic soul
* Video: Refusing to Be Silent: An Interview with Josh Harper, SHAC7 defendant
* Speakers: on the history & status of the SHAC campaign; Matt Simpson, board member of Animal Law Review, will expand on the larger legal ramifications

--This is a landmark case. Common opinion is that it is the first of many and will be used against other organizations. Don't wait until they get around to targeting you. The SHAC7 are challenging their convictions in appeal, even as they face certain time in federal prison while doing so. Their success or failure will quite literally be yours if you're fighting on the side of life and compassion, against the powers of death and disenfranchisement.

[ Read More | Bake Vegan Treats to Benefit Josh Harper! (SHAC 7 Defendent) | "Refusing To Be Silent" Video Online | | | | | Other articles on PDX IMC ]

Stop the Office of Surface Mining from Gutting Tennessee's Rules

Tennessee, 27.05.2006 15:10

Public Attendance is Encouraged at Office of Surface Mining Knoxville Hearings June 1st The Office of Surface Mining (OSM) is revising the regulations for Tennessee. According to Knoxville OSM officials, Tennessee OSM had little to do with the new regulations, which were created by Washington OSM and thus may be part of a wider Bush Administration agenda. The OSM will host a public hearing at the Knoxville Holiday Inn Select on June 1st at 7pm. The public is strongly encouraged to attend.

(Glasgow): The Cycle Circus Has Come to Town

Scotland, 27.05.2006 12:40

Tonight's Critical Mass was the biggest seen in Glasgow yet. Here's some quick &amp; dirty photos.

Violência contra mulheres e repressão policial

Portugal, 27.05.2006 10:40

Violência contra mulheres e repressão policial

2do encuentro de comparsas de candombe

Argentina, 27.05.2006 10:40

Tolosa vivió un 25 a puro ritmo

Organizó HIJOS y Calloni disertó

Argentina, 27.05.2006 10:09

Se presentó el video "El Dictador"

SOUTH CENTRAL FARM: Sheriffs expected to attempt evictions tomorrow at daybreak

LA, 27.05.2006 06:40

SOUTH CENTRAL FARM: Sheriffs expected to attempt evictions tomorrow at daybreak

Puente Pueyrredón: 3 años y 11 meses de Impunidad

Argentina, 27.05.2006 03:40

Ahora y siempre

Steal This Festival Counter-Military Recruitment Benefit Saturday 5/27

Portland, 27.05.2006 00:09

On May 27, 2006, there will be a festival at the Loveland International (320 SE 2nd Ave), from 2pm - 10pm. The proceeds will benefit Recruiter Watch PDX, a group that monitors and opposes U.S. military recruitment practices in Portland schools, and Portland Area Rethinking Schools, a local teachers' group.

Community Comes out for Storybook Parade

Portland, 27.05.2006 00:09

The Boise-Eliot school held a Storybook Parade today. The entire student body dressed as their favorite story book characters. The parade was really great, I shot some pictures that didnt come out great because of the rain. I wasnt able to identify many of the storybook characters (its been awhile since i read them). I did see Harry Potter though!

The kids were excited and there was a good number of people that came out along Mississippi to watch them. I am happy that this community can host things like this in the neighborhood, it really makes this a great place to live.

read the full article + see more pictures...Humboldt Neighborhood Association UpdateSince we currently don't have a newsletter I wanted to get the following information out to you. Please forward to any other Humboldt resident you may know that is interested in finding out what is happening in the neighborhood. The Humboldt Neighborhood Association is actively recruiting for new board members. To be appointed as a board members you must have attended at least two board meetings, be a resident or own a business in Humboldt. We are also seeking a new letter editor. Our budget is $800 a year for a quarter newsletter.

The 14th Annual Good in the Neighborhood Multicultural Music and Food Festival is scheduled for June 24th and 25th, 2006, 12noon at King School Park located at 4815 NE 7th Avenue, adjacent to King Elementary School. The Festival attracts over 7,000 people during the two days of fun, music, food and festivities. The Annual Community Parade is scheduled for Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 11am and will begin at Emanuel Hospital parking lot. On Thursday, June 22nd we will once again host a spectacular evening to kick-off the 2-day Festival featuring dinner with the jazz sensations Ben Fowler Quintet and dancing with the R&B group, Moments Notice. The Kick-off Party is FREE and will be held in the McMenamins Kennedy School Gym at 5736 NE 33rd Avenue from 5:30pm to 10pm.

read the full article + find out how to get involved...
other neighborhood news: Victory! Neighbors Triumph Over Developers -- For Now | neighborhood news topic page |

Afghanistan in Turmoil: 330+ Killed in One Week

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.05.2006 00:08

As many as 350 people have been killed this past week in Afghanistan in an explosion of violence, the most severe since the US invasion in October 2001. On Monday, U.S. A-10 fighter jets and Apache helicopter gunships bombed homes in the village of Azizi, west of Kandahar. The air strikes killed about 100 people including as many as 30 civilians. More than 3,000 civilians have fled their homes in southern Afghanistan over US assaults and Taliban attacks. Fighting has greatly increased in southern Afghanistan as the Taliban have moved out of the mountains and seized large areas of the region.
Read More On Indybay's Afghanistan Page

Prefeito engana estudantes e volta atrás na suspensão do Salvador Card

Brasil, 26.05.2006 23:39


IMC Talks to the Candidates: Janet Wolf

Santa Barbara, 26.05.2006 23:08

At Saturday's Democratic Service Organization picnic, Santa Barbara Indymedia schmoozed the candidates, who generously took questions at an informal event where there were no other press. This, the first in a series, brings you the essential points of talk with Lois Capps, Das Williams, Pedro Nava, Marti Blum and some guy who was running for 3rd District Supervisor who kept telling me to refer to his website as his answer to questions. I forgot his name, but I will refer to his website…:)

Worcester Stands for Education

Worcester, 26.05.2006 22:40

Local Organization "Worcester Stands for Education" Forms to Restore Education Funding

BUKO 29 in Berlin re:control

Germany, 26.05.2006 22:39

Vom 25.-28. Mai 2006 findet in der TU Berlin der Bundeskongress Internationalismus zum 29. Mal statt. Die Bundeskoordination Internationalismus (BUKO), früher Bundeskongress entwicklungspolitischer Aktionsgruppen, hat sich in den letzten Jahren zu einem Forum einer unabhängigen, globalisierungskritischen und internationalistischen Linken entwickelt. Der diesjährige Kongress hat den Titel re: control und sucht nach Antworten auf herrschende Kontrolltechniken, -politiken und -strategien. Wie sieht emanzipativer Widerstand gegen Kontrolle aus, was bedeutet es, sich Kontrolle über das Leben wieder anzueignen?

Den Fragestellungen rund um das Thema Kontrolle widmet sich der Kongress in vier inhaltlichen Foren: Migration/Kolonialismus, Stadt/Sicherheit, Energie und G8.

BUKO | Kongress | Programm | iz3w Heft zum BUKO 29

Reflecting on not going to work on May Day

Richmond, 26.05.2006 22:09

It was a general strike that immigrant workers and allies staged yesterday in order to remind the USA of the central role their labor plays in daily life here.

Week-long clinic defense in the deep South this summer!

Richmond, 26.05.2006 22:09

Operation Save America (formerly Operation Rescue) has put out a call for a week-long siege on the last abortion-providing clinic in Jackson, Mississippi from July 15-22, 2006. Their message is being spread far and wide and we are planning a massive clinic defense demonstration to keep the clinic open.

Anarchist Gathering in Charlottesville. June 3.

Richmond, 26.05.2006 22:09

*Better than Television in **Charlottesville** to Host Anarchist Gathering* Saturday, June 3rd 11 a.m. - 9 p.m., Charlottesville, Virginia Better than Television (located at 112 E. Main Street, beneath the Jefferson Theatre on the downtown mall) will host a collection of workshops, films and music celebrating and exploring ideas of equality, environmental protection and civil liberty.

FROM NORTH AMERICA TO PALESTINE- Tear Down the Walls “Memorial Weekend Action”

Miami, 26.05.2006 21:38

FROM NORTH AMERICA TO PALESTINE- Tear Down the Walls “Memorial Weekend Action”

Welcome to South Florida: Food Not Bombs &quot;Ft. Lauderdale Feedings&quot;

Miami, 26.05.2006 21:38

Welcome to South Florida: Food Not Bombs "Ft. Lauderdale Feedings"

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