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Movimento contra o aumento das tarifas volta às ruas. Novo ato deve acontecer amanhã

Brasil, 09.06.2006 03:38


Protestors delay closing of Franklin Shelter, hammer Sursum Corda eminent domain Plan

DC, 09.06.2006 03:09

Today, the battering ram seemed to be at the door for the residents both of Sursum Corda and of Franklin Shelter. What the Mayor and Council didn't expect, however,was that residents of both communities would take to the streets.

Laughing Horse Benefit Show

Portland, 08.06.2006 23:38

hey folks, laughing horse books is having a benefit this SATURDAY, JUNE 10TH to cover expenses for our MOVE TO 12 NE 10th Ave! the event takes place at the parliament, 305 SE 3rd Ave, and gets started about 7 PM.

special guest: Captured by Porches!!!!

admission is $5-10 sliding scale, with all proceeds going to the bookstore. come support a valuable community resource, and get all the rock you could possibly need in one weekend ALL AT ONCE!

that is all. continue with your daily lives, but REMEMBER.

Indigenous Women Speak! Multicultural Community Solidarity Announcements!

Portland, 08.06.2006 23:38

At all times we must speak up and support one another in our resistance to global oppression. As we tirelessly work for a better world we would like to keep our priorities in order and take time for Multicultural Community Solidarity Announcements. So please take the time to learn about the following important community events which will feature indigenous women speakers.

  • Carrie Dann - Western Shoshone Nation
  • Julie Fischel- Attorney for Western Shoshone Defense Project
  • Louise Benally- Dine' Nation, Big Mountain
  • Rosalee Little Thunder -Sicangu Lakota Nation
6/11: Portland, OR:St Andrews Church 806 N.E. Alberta 7 pm $5----

6/12: Eugene, OR:
Westmoreland CC 2065 W. 16th Wy. 7pm $5---

6/13: Ashland,OR: First Methodist Church 175 N. Main St. 7pm $5---

La Boillat resiste e rilancia!

Switzerland, 08.06.2006 22:07

Gli operai della Boillat non si arrendono e continuano caparbiamente la loro lotta per il diritto al lavoro. Dopo mesi di sciopero, minacce, licenziamenti, tentativi di delegittimazione e soprusi né il sostegno popolare né la volontà di resistenza degli operai sono venuti meno. Una petizione che chiede la presa a carico della Boillat da parte del cantone di Berna e alle autorità dei cantoni svizzeri di promuovere alle Camere Federali un'iniziativa parlamentare affinché venga introdotta la "facoltà da parte degli organi politici del paese di proteggere alcune imprese e di sottrarle alla disorganizzazione economica dovuta all'incompentenza o alla preoccupazione di lucro del loro proprietario", ha raccolto oltre 12.000 firme. (firma!)

Il 10 e 11 giugno una manifestazione nazionale (1) è convocata a Reconvillier. Tre sono gli obiettivi: creare un evento pubblico dove consegnare alle autorità bernesi le firme della petizione; organizzare un forum, che avrà luogo sabato 10 giungo alla Boillat, nel quale personalità di tutti i settori del paese abbiano l'oppurtunità di esprimersi sui temi ""La deindustrializzazione è una fatalità? Problemi regionali: quali risposte?" e una parte conviviale con festa, artisti di strada e concerti all'Uzine3 organizzati da KnockOut Festival, al quale anche i commercianti del villaggio hanno annunciato il loro sostegno.

Gli operai della Boillat vogliono una manifestazione che porti il massimo di persone possibili a Reconvillier e contano sul sostegno di tutti i settori della società civile svizzera per generare una reazione popolare all'emorragia di posti lavoro e che crei una base per una politica finalmente al servizio delle persone.

:: Cronologia della protesta
:: Immagini dallo sciopero
:: Comunicato CPE

Rebel Clown Army Occupies Recruitment Center

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.06.2006 21:38

Having been the target of numerous anti-war demonstrations, the Oakland Military Recruitment Center on Broadway at 21st Street met a different type of adversary on June 7th. The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) invaded and occupied the military recruitment center in downtown Oakland for about 45 minutes until they were forced out by city police and the center shut down for the day.

Read More on Indybay's East Bay, Anti-War, and Arts + Action News Pages

Jornadas sobre Especulación Urbanística y Luchas Vecinales

estrecho / madiaq, 08.06.2006 21:38

Días 16 y 17 de Junio
Lugar: CSO "La Casa de lxs 15 Gatxs"
Camino de Ronda 190 - Granada

Self Help Graphics

LA, 08.06.2006 20:39

Self Help Graphics Collection

FBI confidential informant also said to be provocateur

Miami, 08.06.2006 20:07

Raw Story: FBI confidential informant also said to be provocateur

antifascism (en)

Barcelona, 08.06.2006 18:10

The Maquis: women and men, resistance fighters in the woods

Amongst the facts related to the war and revolution in Spain, it exists, up to now, a forgotten and distorted phenomenon of a large extent of official historiography; maquis' history. This anti-fascist resistance movement got developed when the fascists assumed war was finished and still today many people bear it in mind. Characters as Marcel·lí Massana, Ramon Vila, guerrilla fighter and anarchist also known as the home del bosc (wood's man), Quico sabaté and Josep Lluís i Facerias, el Face, had been some of the most known characters of this so important period of Catalan antifascism history.

Different collectives from several Catalan regions, year after year, organize a tribute to the Maquis with different activities, marches, concerts... There has been 9 for the time being.

In June begins the IX March-Homage to Maquis, 2006

related info: Discovered 73 prisoner graves of francoist prison of tossal Ezkaba ::: The court halts the works in republican graves at Valencia's cemetery ::: 26.000 republican people buried in common graves in Valencia's cemetery

+info: >>>antifascism + Maquis march

property speculation and squats (en)

Barcelona, 08.06.2006 18:10

I stop it, you stop it, she stops it... We with you will stop it!

The thing is that is not true that housing price is rising due to a high demand, nor that making 30m2 flats served to freeze the current prices, neither is that mobbing is only done by foreign companies, nor it's that... Let's begin to stop also their lies, their threatens, their evictions and let's spread the right to housing exercising it and promoting a really public housing!

10th June, 18h, Sants Sq., Let's stop the lawsuit against Can Vies

They'll not stop us: 9th June, 19.30. Rai .Debate conferences: El forat de la Vergonya: Self-management vs. participation simulation ::: 10th June, Sabadell CSA Calamarsa opening ::: kan kadena eviction cancelled ::: cancelled the eviction of la Drogueria in Mataró, but the threaten continues ::: cancelled the macro-trial of KORP III eviction ::: La Krispa is 6 years old already ::: Recent opening of CSO Rabart's stage

related news there is so much empty flats that Winterthur Insurances has created one for squats... ::: International report: institutional corruption skyrocket housing prices in Spain ::: new house freed in Clot ::: feature of barcelonès nord emancipation ::: third sit-in for a decent housing ::: happy homeless people ::: The city council deletes the houses they don't want to see ::: Esplugues, botifarrada to the speculation :::"the sky is full of bricks"

More info:: speculation + >>>corruption & power + + bcnviu


Argentina, 08.06.2006 18:09

Familia y amigos piden que aparezcan testigos

Mil razones para pararlo, Mil razones para manifestarse en su contra

Euskal Herria, 08.06.2006 17:09

Carol sentenced

Cleveland, 08.06.2006 17:07

Defiant Carol Fisher, Sentenced to 2 months in Jail

Oceania: Solidarity &amp; Struggle

Aotearoa, 08.06.2006 15:41

Today Australian Socialist Youth Resistance will go out on a nationwide student strike to protest John Howard's work choices legislation. The legislation has also sparked the launch of UNITE , a new "rebel" union in Australia for young workers.

In Lyttleton the indefinite hunger strike by Ukranian fishing industry workers against substandard pay and conditions continues with support of the Maritime Union of New Zealand .

The Taurewa land occupation is still going strong beside State Highway 49, in the central north island.

On Tuesday the Victoria University Students Association rallied against increased student fees for international students.

In Auckland the Palestine Human Rights Campaign this morning picketed Israel's Director General of Foreign Affairs, Ron Prosor.

In the Pacific, Tahiti unions today began a general strike in protest against a new law designed to modify how labour is represented. Yesterday the Union of Kanak and Expolited Workers in New Calesdonia ended a 10-day blockade of the islands main port, protesting multinational shipping corporations which will create massive job losses on the island.

In Tonga today the Public Service Association and the People’s National Committee for Political Reform will march against Tonga entering the World Trade Organisation and for constitutional democracy.

Meanwhile Unite! in New Zealand is gearing up for a battle with McDonalds and Burger King as part of the campaign and the National Distribution Union and supermarket workers are starting their campaign next week to win the same demands of fair pay, an end to youth rates and secure work.

Police Charge Christchurch Louise Nicholas Supporters

Aotearoa, 08.06.2006 15:41

Police in Christchurch have laid charges against two supporters of Louise Nicholas. Frances Martin and Daniel Rae, who both face a charge of breaching suppression orders, don't deny handing out fliers containing suppressed information but say their act was necessary after the justice system failed rape survivor Louise Nicholas.

High school students say NO! to species extinction

Aotearoa, 08.06.2006 15:41

#media_7099;left# Over 50 high school students and supporters of the Save Happy Valley Coalition marched in Christchurch today to demand protection for Powelliphanta Augustus and Happy Valley. The march was jointly organised by members of the Save Happy Valley group from local high school Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti, Youth Environment Forum members and the Save Happy Valley Coalition. The march, from the Bridge Of Rememberance to the Hack Circle, was full of energy and chanting. Upon reaching the hack circle, over 100 crosses were placed in the grass to represent the potential death of Powelliphanta Augustus and the 13 endangered species in Happy Valley at the hands of state-owned coal miner Solid Energy. Save Happy Valley!

US, Australia, New Zealand Reject Indigenous Declaration

Aotearoa, 08.06.2006 15:41

#media_7113;left# From the newswire: As the world's indigenous people get closer to achieving long overdue international recognition of their rights, some of the powers that conquered their territories in the past still say "no way". At a two-week meeting of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues being held at U.N. headquarters in New York, indigenous leaders say they want their people to exercise full sovereignty over their ancestral lands and resources. The United States, Australia and New Zealand are the only countries that remain in opposition to the proposed Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, which recognises the principle of indigenous sovereignty. PCPD's Resources on dDRIP | PMA's Resources on dDRIP | Newswire Article

Aziz Choudry:New Report on US Biotech Agenda

Aotearoa, 08.06.2006 15:41

#media_7122;left# From the Newswire: Bilateral free trade agreements are seen by the agricultural biotechnology industry as an important conduit for spreading genetically modified organisms (GMOs) around the world. US agribusiness corporations are looking into bilateral and regional trade agreements “to expand foreign understanding and acceptance of US regulations and standards, particularly with respect to agricultural biotechnology.” Aotearoa activist and researcher Aziz Choudry has released “Bilateral Free Trade and Investment Agreements and the US Corporate Biotech Agenda” while following the negotiations of bilateral free trade and investment agreements between the US and the countries in the South. This report is the first of a series of Special Release published by the People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) and the Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific (PANAP). This publication aims to provide critical analyses and raise awareness on Food Sovereignty issues.

Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific | People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty | Download Report | Newswire Article

Bureau of Worker Health Quarantine Charlotte Pike Walmart

Tennessee, 08.06.2006 15:40

On Friday, June 2 from as Wal-Mart convened its annual shareholders meeting, concerned citizens in hazmat suits, face shields and rubber gloves participated in an action to "quarantine" Wal-Mart at locations across the country. Nashville’s action took place at the Charlotte Pike Walmart where the "Bureau of Workers Health" organized by Middle TN Jobs with Justice, ACORN, and the Nashville Peace and Justice Center armed themselves with yellow caution tape, health hazard signs, and "Notices of Quarantine" outside of Nashville's Charlotte Pike Walmart in West Nashville.

Seruan Solidaritas : Gempa bumi di Jawa

Jakarta, 08.06.2006 15:38

5.000 orang lebih korban meninggal   ...


Valparaiso, 08.06.2006 15:38

Lunes 29 Mayo 2006 | Mañana Paro Nacional

Secundarios suman y siguen


Valparaiso, 08.06.2006 15:38

Martes 30 de Mayo | Universitarios y profesores se suman

Estudiantes en la Lucha

Lt. Watada Announces He Will Resist Orders To War

Miami, 08.06.2006 15:07

Lt. Watada: First soldier to resist orders to deploy to Iraq because the war is illegal

Channel X: American Idle

Urbana-Champaign, 08.06.2006 14:48

Please click the top link below if enlargement is not available.

Boycott Firehaus!

Urbana-Champaign, 08.06.2006 14:48

Boycott Firehaus! Bar/Restaurant condones harassment of anti-war customer by drunken bar patron. ...A drunken bar patron cornered me and began hurling epithets at me for wearing a tshirt in opposition to the war, following me to my table. When I reported the bar patron's conduct to the manager, I was simply told that this customer was a regular and that there was nothing the bar was willing to do. The hostile and threatening actions by the bar patron would not have been considered appropriate behavior under any other circumstance; however, I believe that because the patron was directing his epithets at me for wearing an anti-war tshirt, the manager consented and refused to remove the drunken patron from the bar.

Congolese Groups Protest Against Kagame's Visit to the White House

DC, 08.06.2006 14:48

On Wednesday morning, 31 May 2006, President George Bush would welcome Rwandan President Paul Kagame at the White House's Oval Office, for the second time, in as many years. Citing Kagame as "a terrorist" and "Africa's Hitler" several groups of Congolese would demonstrate at the Voice of America and in front of the JW Marriott in WDC.

Rumsfeld 4 had first day in court

DC, 08.06.2006 14:48

Arrested May 18th in Donald Rumsfeld's front yard, four anti-war activists had two status hearings Thursday.

A Call to Support U.S. Military Officer to Refuse Illegal Iraq War

DC, 08.06.2006 14:48

June 2, 2006: First U.S. military officer poised to publicly refuse orders in support of the illegal Iraq War requests your immediate support and assistance. "I refuse to be silent any longer. I refuse to watch families torn apart, while the President tells us to "stay the course." . . . I refuse to be party to an illegal and immoral war against people who did nothing to deserve our aggression. I wanted to be there for my fellow troops. But the best way was not to help drop artillery and cause more death and destruction. It is to help oppose this war and end it so that all soldiers can come home." - LT, US Army officer*

International Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare in Washington, D.C.

DC, 08.06.2006 14:48

Over 40 Events to Occur Worldwide! Cafe Night at the Brian Mackenzie Infoshop: Resist the Green Scare, Support Eco and Animal Rights Defendants!

Photos, Video of 666 Exorcism White House

DC, 08.06.2006 14:48

Photos of the No Armageddon for Bush Rally EXORCISM by BISHOP BARROWS at the White House on June 6, 2006, plus link to video of Exorcism.

Jueves 01 de junio 2006| Hace 3 años Asesinaron a Edi Quilca<br/>Toledo Asesino

Peru, 08.06.2006 14:47

Jueves 01 de junio 2006| Hace 3 años Asesinaron a Edi Quilca
Toledo Asesino

Air pollution in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, 08.06.2006 14:47

PA state legislature debates mercury standards

STOP the Wal-Mart Supercenter! Its NOT Over!

Rogue Valley, 08.06.2006 14:47

June 1st 2006, 7:00 pm
Medford City Council Hearing
RE: Wal-Mart Supercenter in Medford, Oregon
Location: Medford City Council Chambers, 411 W. Eighth Street

WAL-MART will add 8,755 additional vehicle trips per day...
Why Not Require a Traffic Study?

Residents tell RVTD: KEEP ROUTE 4!

Rogue Valley, 08.06.2006 14:47

Last Wednesday May 24, a group of local residents went to the Rogue Valley Transit Department Board of Directors Public Hearing to testify that even if it takes a fare increase, a large group of citizens rely on Route 4 for access to medical services, education, and the rest of the public transit system. Don't Cut Route 4!

Roadless Red Alert!

Rogue Valley, 08.06.2006 14:47

Imminent Logging Threatens Oregon's Largest Roadless Area

Breaking news: The Bush administration is planning to auction the controversial Mike's Gulch roadless logging project this Friday, June 9th. Logging could begin within days after the auction.

The Mike's Gulch timber sale would saw into the largest roadless forest in Oregon: the 105,000-acre South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area. In addition to harming the South Kalmiopsis, Mike's Gulch would set a dangerous national precedent by logging roadless forests for the first time since the 2001 Roadless Rule was approved.

Crisis in Care: The Failure of the Market Economy

Tennessee, 08.06.2006 14:47

The market economy has proven itself to be an absolute and utter failure. Those who insist that the “market” is the best way to run a country seem to be missing one of the basic feelings that human hearts have: care. Care means “to look after or to provide for” but in a market economy “care” gets in the way of profits and thus care has to be eliminated for the market to “work.” The American healthcare system is the prime example of this but it is true for every industry the market economists and Wall Street financiers touch.

Iranian Crisis Requires Diplomacy, Not Force

Tennessee, 08.06.2006 14:47

No one can deny that there is an international crisis brewing over Iran's nuclear capability. The crisis, however, is one which requires diplomacy and international cooperation, and not, as the Bush administration and the Republican Party seem to be threatening, the use of unilateral force. The international landscape has changed dramatically since September 11th of 2001. At that time, the United States had the empathy and compassion of the world. People around the world grieved with us as they saw our own innocent civilians die in the face of tragedy and unspeakable acts of aggression.

Conscientious Non-voting 2006: Liberation from Within

Tennessee, 08.06.2006 14:47

In 2004, I did something that I had not done since I turned 18 years old; I didn’t vote. At the time, I gave my act a name, conscientious non-voting. Since then, I have studied a lot of pacifist writings and have tried to eliminate acts of aggression in my own behavior whenever practical. I view conscientious non-voting as one step among many I have taken in an attempt towards reducing aggression in my life (although I must confess I am no where near where I’d like to be). In 2004, I said voting for a person to serve in government (which by its very nature is forceful) is an act of aggression. I still believe that. Certainly it is not aggressive as pointing a gun at another human being, but it is an aggressive action nonetheless.

Glasgow Asylum Seeker Protest Report and Photos

Scotland, 08.06.2006 14:47

Over 100 asylum seekers and their supporters gathered in the city centre of Glasgow to demand the right to work and an immediate end to dawn raids. Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and Unity called for the protest in Glasgow for Saturday 27 May, which followed a several-hundred strong march of asylum-seekers and supporters through the streets of Glasgow earlier on in the spring, and an end to all forms of criminalisation were clearly and visibly articulated.

Saving Iceland

Scotland, 08.06.2006 14:47

Iceland is Western Europe’s last surviving intact wilderness. Covered in mountains, lagoons, glaciers, ice caves, lava fields, hot rivers and live volcanoes - it is one of the rarest and unusual landscapes you’ll ever experience. You can feel the rage of fire echoing throughout the island. It is the world’s youngest large land mass, which means that it is very geologically active.

Controversial &quot;Terror Expert&quot; at Edinburgh Media Confrence

Scotland, 08.06.2006 14:47

Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC) has expressed shock that Professor Paul Wilkinson of St Andrews University, a propagandist for the counter-terrorism industry, used the International Press Institute Conference in Edinburgh this week to promote the tired and racist ideology of a "clash of civilisations".

Peace Picnic

Scotland, 08.06.2006 14:47

North Ayrshire's biggest employer has a large police presence....

Workers Rights

Perth, 08.06.2006 14:46

Up Yours HOWARD - Student Walkout Against Workchoices

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.06.2006 14:46

Indonesian government: beat and torture families of West Papua refugees

Climate Change Action

Perth, 08.06.2006 14:46



Manila, 08.06.2006 14:46

Two of Sagada11 Now Freed!

Por Todo Chile

santiago, 08.06.2006 14:46

Secundarios se Movilizan Por una Educación Publica y de Calidad

Por Todo Chile

santiago, 08.06.2006 14:46

Secundarios se Movilizan Por una Educación Publica y de Calidad

Bachelet la continuación de Pinochet

santiago, 08.06.2006 14:46

Marcha Secundaria reprimida por Carabineros

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