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Indybo a nudo

Italy, 11.06.2006 00:09

Discussione aperta sul media

Bristol Celebrates National Refugee Week

Bristol, 11.06.2006 00:08

Saturday 19th - Sunday 25th June summary “Refugee Week is important because it reminds us that refugees are not just statistics to be used and abused, they are living, breathing people. I am British, I was born here and I have no intention of leaving here, so I want to create a society here where compassion is built into our culture, in this society we will be so aware of the world around us that we will not need a Refugee Week. Until then this is how we do it". Benjamin Zephaniah, Poet. There will be many events taking place in Bristol during the week, including the Celebrating Sanctuary art event running from Sat 17th - Sun 25th. Nick Thomas writes: A mix of personal experience and artistic inspiration runs through these responses to “Sanctuary”. It’s a big issue viewed through the deep, but delicate lens of the human heart. And it has attracted impressive contributors, working in a dazzling variety of forms and media. It is this eclecticism that has led us to describe it as an Art Event rather than a conventional exhibition. Full Article & Times | More Bristol Refugee Week Events(Image left: The countries of the Horn of Africa, where 15 million people are affected by the worst drought in decades, are a major source of the world's refugees.) New Drop In Centre - umbrella writes: An umbrella group - Holding Refugees and Human Rights in Mind - has set up a drop-in centre, with the help of the Unitarian Church in Brunswick Square, St Paul's. This is particularly useful for Asylum Seekers whose claims have been refused, and who have NO access to public funds, no money to live on, and no right to look for a paid job. The drop-in is open on Wednesdays, 10.00 am to 4.00, and provides tea, coffee, people to talk to, lunch (from noon till 2:00pm) ... Please let others know about this service. Full ArticleGet Involved. The next meeting of Bristol Indymedia is a social event and we welcome friends, supporters, colleagues and those interested in getting involved with the Indymedia movement to come along. Monday, 19th June 2006, 8pm at the Hillgrove pub, off Dove St, Kingdown. Also See...Contribute An Article

As the FTAA Turns

Miami, 10.06.2006 23:07

As the FTAA Turns

Tales of Iraq War webcomics (by Latuff)

Miami, 10.06.2006 23:07

Tales of Iraq War webcomics (by Latuff)

Independent Journalists Visit, Report on Iraq

San Diego, 10.06.2006 19:42

Independent journalists and filmmakers Mark Manning and Dahr Jamail spoke at the Thomas Jefferson College of Law June 2 and showed a short film, "Caught in the Crossfire," documenting the utter destruction U.S. forces in Iraq leveled against the city of Falloujah in November 2004. Jamail talked about how the U.S. military actions in Iraq have consistently violated international law and how the corporate media helped build support for the war — itself, he argued, a war crime — while Manning said the U.S. people are ultimately responsible for stopping the war in Iraq and bringing their country back to the norms of legal behavior.

Segundo dia de protestos contra aumento das tarifas é fortemente vigiadopela polícia

Brasil, 10.06.2006 19:08


WM 2006 - Die Welt zu Gast mit Sicherheit, Repression u.a.

Germany, 10.06.2006 18:39

Schon seit Monaten kündigte sich das Großereignis an. Sicherheitsvorkehrungen wurden verschärft, die Polizei griff zum Üben Demos an, usw. Den Flüchtlingen und Fußballfans aus dem Ausland wird abgeraten, in ostdeutsche Regionen (no go areas) zu reisen.
Eine Menge Aktionen werden anläßlich der Fußball-WM geplant, zum Beispiel dezentrale Aktionen gegen Sozialabbau, Feldbefreiungen, usw. Es gibt auch eine Kampagne gegen Zwangsprostitution.

kickit Berlin | 1:0 für Costa Rica | WM-Protest | Labournet | Vorrundenaus | BAFF | FussballMAISterschaft

OUR AGENDA: LOVE, EQUALITY, PRIDE - Christopher Street West

LA, 10.06.2006 17:38

OUR AGENDA: LOVE, EQUALITY, PRIDE - Christopher Street West

Paro Nacional

santiago, 10.06.2006 16:39

Secundarios : Es sólo una tregua

Pressure on Moreland Council

Melbourne, 10.06.2006 12:39

Pressure on Moreland Council over Leisure Centre Sackings

Incêndios: começou a temporada 2006

Portugal, 10.06.2006 12:39

Incêndios: começou a temporada 2006

(en) (fr) (pl) Parada Równości 2006 - relacja - live report

Poland, 10.06.2006 11:40

przy współpracy z Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej - with help from the Anarchist Information Centre

13.05 - ludzie zbierają się pod sejmem, obecnie jest już ok. 1500 osób, ale następni ciągle dochodzą. Gromadzi się także blok anarchistyczny, w którym w tej chwili jest kilkadziesiąt osób, ale jest informacja, że zbliża się do miejsca manifestacji jeszcze grupa conajmniej ok. 150 osób.

13.05 - people are gathering under the Sejm (parliament), at the moment around 1500 people, but more and more are continuing to arrive. The anarchist blok is gathering too, with several dozen people, but there are reports that another group of about 150 anarchists are still coming.

13.05 - on se rassemble devant le Sejm (parlement), actuellement il y a 1500 personnes environ, mais d'autres continuent d'arriver. Le bloc anarchiste se rassemble aussi, avec quelques dizaines de personnes, mais d'après nos informations, un autre groupe de 150 anarchistes est en train de se joindre à la manifestation.

12.00 - mamy informację, że w miejscu planowanego rozpoczęcia Parady Równości jest bardzo dużo policji, przeszukują ludzi i są dość agresywni.

12.00 - we have reports that at the place where the Equality Parade is planning to start, there are lots of police, checking people's identities and they're rather agressive.

12.00 - selon nos informations, à l'endroit où va se commencer la Parade d'Égalité, il y a beaucoup de flics, faisant des contrôles et ils sont assez aggressifs.

Chile, Germany, Greece - Students on the barricades

Aotearoa, 10.06.2006 07:40

Students are protesting in countries all around the globe to demand free education for everyone. IMC Athens reports that 320 academic departments (75% of all departments) are occupied by students in Greece. Certain clauses in the Greek Constitution (stating, among others, that education has to be public and free for all and that no police forces are allowed to enter university grounds) have made the enforcement of a neo-liberal agenda to the country's higher education institutions particularly difficult. However, the Conservative government is now attempting to push forward crucial changes in the functioning and role of the country's Higher Education institutions. A so-called "committee of experts", appointed by the government itself, has released a list of proposed changes.

In Germany students are in the second year of fighting the introduction of fees. They are combining the fight against fees with the struggle against neo-liberal 'reforms' of the Christian-Democrat/Social-Democrat government.

Chilean students want reforms in the education system a free public transport. Over one million people participated in huge demonstrations. Protesters and riot police clashed in the streets and hundreds of students were arrested.

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;Nuclear Threat&quot;

DC, 10.06.2006 07:11

Anyone else here notice how the State and Press are shitting themselves over Iran finally managing to enrich some crummy-ass little amount of uranium, without bothering to mention Israel owning enough nukes to make a ring of craters around itself?

Guilty verdict in G8 Carnival Case

Scotland, 10.06.2006 06:41

A G8 demonstrator was found guilty of Breach of the Peace and fined £300 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on 8th June – despite numerous mistakes, contradictions and omissions in the identification evidence by the police witnesses. The demonstrator had been arrested after being penned into Canning Street for around six hours during the Carnival for Full Enjoyment.

China/Perth Indymedia

Perth, 10.06.2006 05:39

The Last Street of Old Chengdu

Is the Green Party still relevant? Are they withering?

Miami, 10.06.2006 02:37

Is the Green Party still relevant? Are they withering?

Wouldn’t it be great to hear any US President address the nation on TV with this speech?

Miami, 10.06.2006 02:37

Wouldn’t it be great to hear any US President address the nation on TV with this speech?

The U.S. Military is in DU Denial

Miami, 10.06.2006 02:37

The U.S. Military is in DU Denial

Resisting the Green Scare: International and Local Events on June 10th

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2006 01:10

This weekend is an International Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare, with events in over 40 cities worldwide to show solidarity and support for those facing charges and harassment in the recent wave of repression against Eco and Animal Rights activists. This month is the sixth year that Jeff “Free” Luers has been in prison, and of the 3rd year of International Days of Solidarity with him. There will be an event in SF on Saturday, June 10th at Station 40 (3030 B 16th Street @ Mission). The event will feature bands, speakers such as Black Panther and Grand Jury Resister Richard Brown, and free vegan food. Doors will open at 1:30pm. Donations will benefit political prisoners. There will also be an event in Arcata that evening.

Read more on Indybay's Police and Prisons, Environment, and San Francisco News Pages


Argentina, 09.06.2006 21:08

Trama de solidaridades


Tijuana, 09.06.2006 21:07

Foro el viernes 9 de junio: LA REPRESIÓN DE ATENCO A TIJUANA


Colombia, 09.06.2006 20:10

Otros asesinatos confirmados por fuerzas ahora "legales"


Colombia, 09.06.2006 20:10

Otros asesinatos confirmados por fuerzas ahora "legales"

Mais de 500 manifestantes são presas/os pela polícia em Brasília

Portugal, 09.06.2006 19:43

Mais de 500 manifestantes são presas/os pela polícia em Brasília

Parada de Orgullo Gay 2006

Puerto Rico, 09.06.2006 19:12

Parada de Orgullo Gay 2006

Stop het kraakverbod

Netherlands, 09.06.2006 18:09

Op vrijdag 9 juni hebben de ministers Dekker (VROM) en Donner (Justitie) de tweede kamer een brief gestuurd, waarbij ze verklaarde kraken ten allen tijde strafbaar te willen stellen.

Rond de zomer willen ze metvoorstellen van wetswijziging komen waarbijze niet alleen het kraken strafbaar willen stellen maar ook de huurbescherming verder willen uithollen door het uitbreiden van de mogelijkheden voor tijdelijke verhuur en anti-kraak, aldus het Comitee tegen het Kraakverbod".

Kortom, er komt een voorstel waarbij de basisbehoefte aan onderdak, die ook een mensenrecht is, voor een steeds groter wordend aandeel van de bevolking flink uitgehold wordt om een handjevol speculanten en de vastgoedmaffia te beschermen.

Op woensdag 7 juni was er in Rotterdam reeds een eerste actie tegen het voorgenomen kraakverbod en op zaterdag 10 juni is er een benefiet in Amsterdam.

[Comitee tegen het Kraakverbod|Squatnet|Kraakforum|Zwartboek tijdelijke verhuur Berlageblokken|Speculatie Onderzoeks Kollectief]

Local radio DJ advocates hitting bikes with vehicles

Saint Louis, 09.06.2006 17:38

During morning rush hour 6/2, a DJ for Bernie Miklasz Show on local "sports" station, AM 1380, said the proper place for bicycles is underneath cars. This comes barely 1year after local radio DJs suspended for prompting listeners to forceably disarm cops. Unclear whether the DJ advocating violence against bicyclists could receive similar treatment. For context, 12% of all roadway injuries in Missouri are on bike.
Update: Bernie issues apology for guest, and legal threat.

43 Events to Resist the Green Scare World Wide

Boston, 09.06.2006 17:08

Boston--December 7, 2005, marked the beginning of the largest roundup of environmental and animal rights activists in U.S. history. There have now been nearly 20 arrests and many Grand Jury subpoenas. The nation-wide sweep of arrests, dubbed “Operation Backfire,” has been described by the FBI as a major hit to environmentalists and animal rights activists who engage in destruction of property as a means to defend wild lands and lives of animals. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stated in January that, “Investigating and preventing animal rights and environmental extremism is one of the FBI’s highest domestic priorities”. FRIDAY, JUNE 9th: benefit show and screening of 22/8. SUNDAY, JUNE 11th: symbolic demo at the federal building where different organizations will be speaking about the green scare.

tinta y la comuna

Argentina, 09.06.2006 16:39

Koreans storm Cargill Corp offices, US complains to S Korean embassy about &quot;loud&quot; trade protests

DC, 09.06.2006 15:12

As today's round of Korean protests against the proposed US-Korea Free Trade area began, word reached us that the US negotiating team has complained to the South Korean embassy that the protests have been "too loud!"

Aldini Valeriani

Italy, 09.06.2006 15:11

Il comune stoppa numerosi corsi dell'istituto

Cobertura de la marcha Campesina

Argentina, 09.06.2006 15:10

Lo que fue del paro y movilización del 29 de mayo

Argentina, 09.06.2006 15:10

¿Cómo en el 69?

En Defensa de la Tierra y el Medio Ambiente

Argentina, 09.06.2006 14:44

¡La Tierra es de quien la trabaja!

Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare begins with 43 events planned!

Portland, 09.06.2006 14:43

Cascadia Events:
Full List of Events!!

June 9th-11th, 43 cities worldwide will participate in the International Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare in order to show solidarity and support for those facing charges and harassment in what has come to be known as the Green Scare. June 11th is also marks the 6th year Jeff Free Luers has been in prison. [ read more ]

Solidarity Statement from IRSN for Weekend of Resistance

Comrades: A year ago I travelled to Oregon to speak out in support of Jeffrey "Free" Luers. At that time, I reflected on my almost quarter century as an activist with the Irish Republican Socialist Movement and drawing upon that experience spoke of the importance of recognizing that Luers was a prisoner of war, because he, like comrades of the Irish National Liberation Army I'd known, was compelled to take illegal action in order to resist a system which called forth opposition and understood only the language of force.

Since that time, a host of other environmental activists have been incarcerated. One is now dead, allegedly having committed suicide following his arrest. Lives have be disrupted, some have been ruined. We believe all of those arrested in recent months to be innocent of the actions with which they are charged. The US government would have us believe that the more than a dozen environmental activists they've now indicted are "terrorists." "Terrorist," of course, being what the US government calls anyone it seeks to crush. "Terrorists" is what they call the heroic opposition to the US and British invasion and occupation of Iraq, with the resulting destruction of that country and the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. "Terrorist" is what they call the Venezuelan government, which survived a CIA-backed coup attempt and is now using the nation's petroleum wealth to not only provide literacy programs, medical clinics, and a host of other projects aimed at improving the lives of the destitute masses of that country, but are using their wealth to assist other struggling nations in the developing world, and have even used it to supply cheap heating oil to the working poor in the north-east part of the US. "Terrorist" is what they call the children of the Palestinian intifada, who combat heavily armed soldiers and tanks with nothing more than stones, rather than be forced out of their homeland by an invasion which provided a European surrogate in the heart of the Middle East.

The environmental activists indicted, even the activists who actually carried out the actions for which these people have been charged, are not terrorists. The term is absurd when spoken from the lips of a government so despotic, so stained in innocent blood, so contemptuous of human rights and human liberty, so callous to the plight of animals, forests, the seas, the land, the skies, as the one we have at present. It is the US government and their allies in Iraq, the British government; it is the US government and their allies in Haiti, the French state, who are the terrorists in the world today.

The US government, on behalf of the capitalist class, has unleashed upon this earth an assault from which, if left unchecked, it cannot recover. Such policies must be opposed. Such policies must be opposed in whatever way is necessary to defeat them. End the "green scare" and free these activists. The comrades of the International Republican Socialist Network, here in the US and abroad, extend our solidarity to you in this struggle. Your victory, is our own!

International Weekend of Resistance Schedule of Events |

Indigenous Women Speak!

Rogue Valley, 09.06.2006 14:13

At all times we must speak up and support one another in our resistance to global oppression. As we tirelessly work for a better world we would like to keep our priorities in order and take time for Multicultural Community Solidarity Announcements. So please take the time to learn about the following important community events which will feature indigenous women speakers.

Medford City Services &amp; Taxes, A Public Forum

Rogue Valley, 09.06.2006 14:13

Monday, June 12, 2006, from 6 PM until 8 PM
Medford City Council Chambers, 411 West 8th Street
Broadcast live on RVTV Cable Channel 30

Have you wondered about the City of Medford budget?
Have you ever wanted to know where the money comes from and how it is spent?

Here is your chance to find answers...and even to comment!!!

Court Allows Activists to Protest Six Flags Marine World

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.06.2006 14:12

On Saturday, May 23, In Defense of Animals (IDA) and Citizens for Cruelty-Free Entertainment protested in front of the ticketbooths at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo after winning a Federal Court ruling that stopped Six Flags from banning protestors on Six Flags' grounds. The protesters educated the public about Marine World's history of premature animal deaths, including the inherent cruelty of using animals at the amusement park, and urged Six Flags to stop exhibiting animals and focus solely on rides and other forms of entertainment.

Read More on Indybay's Animal Liberation News Page

On &quot;Illegal&quot; Immigration

Baltimore, 09.06.2006 14:09

After first destroying all economic frontiers between nations, capitalism now resurects old cultural frontiers and religious and racial divides in order better to control working people everywhere. And so our world seems to be retrogressing to pre-Cold War national chauvinisms, pre-World War II racism, and pre-Enlightenment religious persecution. What is a progressive Labor response to these challenges of globalization?

Indypendent Reader, Summer 2006

Baltimore, 09.06.2006 14:09

Indypendent Reader, Summer 2006 Baltimore Indymedia's and campbaltimore artist collective's collaboration, the "Indypendent Reader" is now available online. The first "Indypendent," printed on May 5th, focuses on urban planning in Baltimore, and includes contributions by John Duda, Marisela Gomez, David Harvey, R.B. Jones, and Glenn Ross. CONTENTS: * Gentrification Equals Racism to Me. By R.B. Jones * The Creation of the Ghetto: An Interview with Glenn Ross * Looking at Baltimore's Surveillance Cameras. By John Duda * Housing Policy and Segregation in Baltimore. By Chris Gladora * Looking at Community Power. By Howard Ehrlich * Who's Driving Urban Redevelopment in Baltimore: Network Diagram * Baltimore: A Conversation between David Harvey and Marisela Gomez * Current and Future Challenges for SMEAC. By Marisela Gomez * The ABCs of Urban Revitalization—by Scott Berzofsky See the Indypendent Reader

Citizen Schools

Worcester, 09.06.2006 13:42

The Fight for Citizen Schools

6/21: 100万人のキャンドルナイト/1,000,000 people's CandleNight

Japan, 09.06.2006 13:07

Turn off the lights, Take it slow. でんきを消して、スローな夜を〜

Aldini Valeriani

Italy, 09.06.2006 10:40

Il comune stoppa numerosi corsi dell'istituto

Se para el mundo... empieza el mundial.

Argentina, 09.06.2006 09:10

Todos atrás de la pelota

Se para el mundo... empieza el mundial.

Argentina, 09.06.2006 09:10

Todos atrás de la pelota

Tampilan baru situs indymedia jakarta

Jakarta, 09.06.2006 09:08

New look...New Spirit... Dari berbagai pembicaraan yang sering diperbincangkan dalam setiap pertemuan kolektif Indymedia jakarta tentang perlunya merubah tampilan situs resmi IMC Jakarta, akhirnya pada hari senin, 5 Juni 2006, atas inisiatif sendiri kolektif teknikal indymedia jakarta memulai sebuah proyek pemugaran kembali tampilan situs indymedia jakarta. ...

The Return of the Free Press

Scotland, 09.06.2006 08:40

INC - Indymedia's new newspaper is OUT NOW! Get your copy hot off the press.

Пресс-конференция 6 июня, посвящённая докладу &quot;Гринпис&quot; по последствиям Чернобыльской катастрофы

Belarus, 09.06.2006 07:37

Eco Defence

Perth, 09.06.2006 06:41

Patrick Moore: Eco traitor

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