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Portland, 15.06.2006 19:08

Six Nations' people and supporters have occupied their land for approximately three months to prevent its invasion.This is an interview of Thahoketoteh of the Bear Clan, Mohawk Nation of Grand River, who is a member of the Mohawk Nation News.

Thahoketoteh shares his thoughts, and reviews the history and updates of the conflict over the Canadian Government encroachment into Six Nations territory.

Last week, 100 Ontario Chiefs walked to the site of the land claim dispute and issued their own warning to Canada. Today Union of British Columbia Chiefs issued full support to Six Nations. In Manitoba, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, representing 64 First Nations, passed a resolution supporting a 24-hour railway blockade set for June 29th 2006, "to force the Canadian government to establish a reasonable time-frame for settlement of land claims." Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation will block two railway lines going into the United States. At least six other Manitoba First Nations have vowed to block railway lines at the same time.

Today, June 14, 2006, on of the most abhorrent manifestations of the exercise of power on behalf of the government has been perpetrated in Mexico. At 4:40 a.m., an act of repression against the social movement in Oaxaca began. At dawn today, state government police forces brutally and violently evacuated teachers who were occupying streets and the central square of downtown Oaxaca. We are speaking of more than fifty thousand teachers.
View Photos Here

Felix Chuma Speaks on Indigenous Culture and Economics | Honoring Our Indigenous Women Activists

people and cultures vs power and states (en)

Barcelona, 15.06.2006 19:08

We did NOT want this statute

Now that the tripartite is finished all resources avaible will be mobilized by the government to force the pass of an statute that wasn't wanted when it went out of Catalonia, and, even less after the cuts suffered in its pass through Spanish congress.
To not pass this statute means also to question the politics imposed from the top down, exclusion of great part of the people who live in Catalonia, a neo-liberalism who leaves out thousands of workers, speculation that doesn't allow us to live decently and a idea of the State that will not let us be free. In short, to not pass the statute is to open a door to another moment in which the whole Catalan society troubles got really heard.

beyond: no? abstention? "blank ballot"? spoiled? pros and cons ::: the "blank ballot" ::: abstention ::: about the spoiled ballot ::: Intersindical-SCS (inter-union-SCS) says no because the labour relations framework does not improve ::: trade unionist for the NO ::: the NO and taxation ::: high participation in Montenegro's independence referendum ::: Something goes on with la vanguardia's polls when they don't like the results?

+info : >>>cultures + campanya diguem no (say no campaign)

criminalization and repression (en)

Barcelona, 15.06.2006 19:08

rights restrictions with xenophobic connotations: don't leave them alone

june 16th, 9.30h, outside courts Gathering to support the detained in Feb 4th

4F prisoners case situation: support campaign with Rodrigo, Alex and Juan (4f) + on friday you won't be alone + 4f proceedings finished: lack of freedom until the trial + david against goliat: opinions about 2/4 face to face + mothers asking for the liberty + ciutat vella district's hearing + support signatures + signatures delivery + press conference

june 17th international mobilization for regularization, no to africa plan

+info: >>>criminalization & repression

UM striking janitors elected to form a union with SEIU by an overwhelming majority

Miami, 15.06.2006 18:37

UM striking janitors elected to form a union with SEIU by an overwhelming majority

Even More say Keep Route 4!

Rogue Valley, 15.06.2006 18:09

Forty people or so showed up to last Thursday's Rogue Valley Transit District to argue to keep Route 4, which RVTD wants to cut in order to balance a $1.2 million revenue shortfall. Salem is cutting their buses across the board, but RVTD wants to kill the 4 because of its high volume of paratransit rides.

Adolescente que iria depor contra PM é executado no Recife

Brasil, 15.06.2006 17:38


On the Death of 2500 US Troops, Flag Day Anti-War Protest

DC, 15.06.2006 17:09

Today Code Pink and others marched from the Hinckley Hilton to the White House. The starting point outside a Democratic Party event(Take Back America) effectively protested pro-war DLC dems,and the march protested a war that has killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and 2,500 US troops.

Repressione a Oaxaca contro i maestri

Italy, 15.06.2006 16:38

Messico: repressione a Oaxaca

Messico: repressione a Oaxaca

Italy, 15.06.2006 16:38

I maestri messicani della repressione

etcheco + estación provincial

Argentina, 15.06.2006 16:08

Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor

Melbourne, 15.06.2006 15:10

Cover-up claim after Radiation leak

Supreme Court Ruling Asserts Paul House' Innocence

Tennessee, 15.06.2006 15:09

No Reasonable Juror Could Convict House Viewing All Evidence Nashville: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week that the innocence claims of Paul Gregory House were strong enough to have his case remanded back to Eastern District Federal Judge Jarvis. By a 5-3 vote the court ruled that no reasonable juror viewing the record as a whole would lack reasonable doubt. "Innocence matters, that's what the U.S. Supreme Court asserted," said Randy Tatel. "The court has rejected the view that if evidence of your innocence is found after you've been convicted, you have no right to have that evidence brought to the attention of a court."

U.S. interventionism defeated at OAS General Assembly

Miami, 15.06.2006 14:37

U.S. interventionism defeated at OAS General Assembly

criminalización y represió

Barcelona, 15.06.2006 12:08

limitaciones de derechos con connotaciones xenofobas: que no estén solos

16 junio, 9.30h, frente a los Juzgados Concentración por los detenidos el 4f

Situación del caso de los presos del 4F: campaña de apoyo a Rodrigo, Álex y Juan (4f) + el viernes no estaréis solos + se cierra la instrucción del caso 4f: falta de libertad hasta el juicio + david contra goliat: opiniones enfrentadas sobre el 4f + madres pidiendo la libertad + audiencia del distrito de ciutat vella + firmas de apoyo

17 junio movilización internacional por la regularización, no al plan áfrica

+info: >>>criminalización y represión

Bristol Indymedia Summer Social

Bristol, 15.06.2006 10:38

Support the Project - Mon 19th June summary It has been an eventful year for Bristol Indymedia; from the police seizure of a server which hosted Bristol Indymedia (one year ago on 27th June), to unwanted flattery from a neo-nazi organisation which last month paid Bristol Indymedia a ‘visit’ under the mistaken belief that we shut down their website. The common mistake of this unwarranted attention is to confuse the articles posted by others to the newswire with Bristol Indymedia itself, which hosts these articles. Bristol Indymedia is, above all else, a news service, and there is in fact less direct connection between Bristol Indymedia and articles posted to the newswire, than other news services where all articles are from paid employees.Bristol Indymedia is a volunteer organisation, and articles posted to it are from those people in the community of Bristol who are free to make use of the open newswire. As we do not log IP addresses, we are not even ourselves aware of who posts to the newswire unless those posting themselves wish to make their identities known. Our next meeting is a social event and we welcome friends, supporters, colleagues and those interested in supporting Bristol Indymedia against such unwarranted attention, or in getting further involved with the Indymedia movement, to come to the next meeting for a drink and a chat. Monday 19th June 2006, 8pm at the Hillgrove pub, off Dove St, Kingsdown. Full Article| Bristol Indymedia Summer Social - Mon 19th June | Bristol Indymedia Statement on N9S's 'Visit' | Solidarity Page: IMC Bristol Server Seizure | Bristol Indymedia - Nearly As Many Hits As Evening Post - Publish Your News! |Contribute An Article

Demand Journalism at UCSC

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.06.2006 09:08

On June 7th, UC Santa Cruz students concerned about their missing journalism program asked questions of Bill Ladusaw, UCSC's Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education. Ladusaw seemed to place blame on UCSC's faculty for the loss of the journalism program, while dodging questions about the misappropriation of funds at the administrative level, including Chancellor Denice Denton's extravagant dog-run. Ladusaw encouraged students to seek support from faculty members and the academic senate for the reestablishment of the journalism program, though it was unclear why students should shift their focus off of UCSC's administration. Read more and view photos

The long lived and long acclaimed Journalism Program at UCSC was cut in 2003 by the decision of one Dean of Humanities. He did not discuss this decision with professors, other faculty, or students.

Kid Sunday #5

DC, 15.06.2006 07:09

Arizona Students Face 15 Years in Prison for Saving Lives of Undocumented Immigrants

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.06.2006 06:09

Shanti Sellz and Daniel Strauss are college students in Tucson, Arizona. They are facing up to 15 years in prison on felony charges for the volunteer work they did last summer to help undocumented immigrants in the Arizona desert. Their trial is set to begin in August. They will be in the Bay Area this weekend to build support for their defense campaign. On Saturday, June 17th, they will speak at 1pm at the Unitarian-Universalist Center, 1187 Franklin at Geary, in San Francisco.

Foster Farms Demonstration at Costco in Modesto

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.06.2006 05:39

In an effort to raise the public's awareness about Foster Farms' role in the inhumane treatment of chickens, East Bay Animal Advocates (EBAA) "fostered compassion" by distributing informative literature about Foster Farms to shoppers outside of Costco Clubs in Modesto with the Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians (DAAA) Collective and Merced on Sunday, June 4.

Civil Liberties Protest

Melbourne, 15.06.2006 04:17

Civil Liberties Protest at 'Terror Hearing'

Movilizacion a tribunales en reclamo de la libertad

Argentina, 15.06.2006 04:16

Citan a Ricardo “Chacho” Berrozpe a declarar a Comodoro Py

Movilizacion a tribunales en reclamo de la libertad

Argentina, 15.06.2006 04:16

Citan a Ricardo “Chacho” Berrozpe a declarar a Comodoro Py

Movilizacion a tribunales en reclamo de libertad

Argentina, 15.06.2006 04:16

Citan a Ricardo “Chacho” Berrozpe a declarar a Comodoro Py

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 15.06.2006 04:16

A monthly column of political commentary. This month we raise the question: "What is news?"

solo Lei nell\\\'etere

Italy, 15.06.2006 00:08

nelle tue orecchie solo la voce di Maria

Los Angeles police forcibly evict and bulldoze the South Central Farm

United States, 14.06.2006 22:37

Despite widespread popular resistance, including years of struggle against the city and developers on the part of farmers, a three-week old occupation and treesit, a successful effort to raise millions of dollars in order to try to buy the land on which the farm stood - a bid which was ultimately rejected, and a day full of nonviolent civil disobedience including lockdowns and blockades, the largest urban farm in the United States was evicted on the morning of June 13th.

The farm, which had been started on property taken from developers under eminent domain laws after the 1992 popular uprising following the videotaped police beating of Rodney King, and which provided healthy food for over three hundred and fifty families as well as an ecologically sustainable model for building urban economy and community with dignity in the midst of poverty, was destroyed by bulldozers today to make way for the construction of commercial warehouses serving the (activists speculate that Wal-Mart maybe the primary intended beneficiary.)

Los Angeles Indymedia is reporting that at least 45 people have been (in many cases violently) arrested while defending the farm from re-enclosure and destruction.

South Central Farmers | Continuing coverage from Los Angeles Indymedia

SOUTH CENTRAL FARMERS EVICTION: Audio Interview with Leslie Morava | Video: South Central Farm press conference | Video: Indymedia reporter gets across police line, but denied access to farm | Photos of arrests at the farm | More photos of the protests at the farm [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] | Save the South Central Farm - Photo Essay | Commentary: Two weeks ago they came for Atenco - Now they come for the South Central Farm

First Amendment: Advisers get tips on protecting college press liberty

Miami, 14.06.2006 20:07

First Amendment: Advisers get tips on protecting college press liberty

Outraged Miami Residents Take Control of Public Space: Modify Offensive Billboard

Miami, 14.06.2006 19:38

Outraged Miami Residents Take Control of Public Space: Modify Offensive Billboard

AWOL Eugene Soldier Arrested

Portland, 14.06.2006 19:09

Eugene Army soldier Suzanne Swift, who refused a second deployment to Iraq late last year, has been arrested. Her mother, Sarah Rich, has been an outspoken war opponent. She was on KOPT radio this morning reiterating the reasons her daughter declined to return to her unit when ordered: post-traumatic stress disorder, opposition to the war, and the constant threat of sexual harassment and abuse by her superior officers.

When Sarah Rich spoke at a peace rally in Eugene in March, she had this to say (via The Register-Guard): "Politicians who want to honor the fallen need to show some leadership and bring our troops home now," she said. "We need to show that dissent is patriotic. Now is not the time for passivity. Now is the time to make some noise."

A vigil is planned for outside the Lane County Jail, where Suzanne is being held pending a possible transfer either into federal custody or back to her unit. Anyone wishing to support Suzanne and her family should hustle down to the jail and see if people are gathering. I don't know what time the vigil is set to begin. Might as well start with you.

Fear For My Daughter by Sara Rich


Tijuana, 14.06.2006 18:38



Perth, 14.06.2006 18:10

Cover-up claim after Lucas Heights leak

88 años de la reforma universitaria

Argentina, 14.06.2006 16:08

Por una nueva reforma universitaria.

Medea Benjamin in Portland Friday June 16

Portland, 14.06.2006 15:09

Friday, June 16
7:00pm - 9:00pm
St. Francis of Assisi Church,
330 SE Morrison St.As a fundraiser for The Portland Alliance and for Code Pink Portland, The founder of Global Exchange and co-founder of Code Pink will speak about her most recent efforts to stop the war in Iraq and bring the troops home, about the work that needs to be done to transition from our war economy to an economy that promotes peace, and she will read from her most recent book, Stop the Next War Now! Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism.

For more information see or 503-239-4991.

Protest Bush Friday in Seattle!

Portland, 14.06.2006 15:09

  • Friday June 16th
  • 9am
  • Downtown Bellevue Park
  • Bellevue, Washington

resident Bush will be in Medina Friday morning June 16, at 10:45 AM, 2006 for a GOP money fund-raiser at a private mansion. Please help protest this president and his failed leadership. (Illegal WAR, illegal imprisonment, domestic spying, white house leaks, media manipulation, congressional manipulation; and many other abuses of executive power and the constitution.)

Help stop the "Bush corporate-war-money-machine"; There are protests being planned in Medina and Bellevue Washington (10201 NE 4th St next to Bellevue Square), Friday morning, June 16th, at 9:00am. Speakers at 9:30 am, march at 10:00am. The protest organizational meeting is Thursday at the University Library at (5009 Roosevelt Way N.E.), in the University District at 6:30 pm. Open to public (seats 100)

RMIT in the spotlight

Melbourne, 14.06.2006 12:40

Withhunt in academia: The dismissal of Robert Austin from RMIT

La pillola di Roma

Italy, 14.06.2006 11:38

Pillola del giorno dopo? Prendo un treno e vado in Francia

17. Juni: Demonstration am Flüchtlingstag

Switzerland, 14.06.2006 11:37

Am diesjährigem Flüchtlingstag, am Samstag den 17. Juni 06, findet in Bern eine gesamtschweizerische MigrantInnendemonstration statt. Dazu ruft ein breites Bündnis aus MigrantInnen Gruppierungen, Gewerkschaften, Parteien und revolutionären Organisationen auf.

"Greifen wir die Verhältnisse an, die die einen arm und die anderen reich machen, die die einen zur Flucht zwingen und den anderen die Mittel für eine unmenschliche Asylpolitik zur Hand geben. Kämpfen wir zusammen mit den MigrantInnen für eine Veränderung der Verhältnisse!" steht im Aufruf zu einem antikapitalistischen Block. Der Block will auch die mögliche Abschiebung von Erdogan E. thematisieren dessen Auslieferung die Türkei von der Schweiz verlangt.

Die sechs Chiapas-Soligruppen der Schweiz werden zusammen mit Lateinamerika-Gruppen auch an der Demo teilnehmen und zu den Ereignissen in Mexiko berichten.

:: 17. Juni 2006, 14 Uhr, Waisenhausplatz Bern :: Anreise ::

solo Lei nell'etere

Italy, 14.06.2006 10:08

nelle tue orecchie solo la voce di Maria


San Diego, 14.06.2006 09:09

5:20 a.m. The sherrifs (sqaudron of helicopters and squad cars) are at the farm. The eviction process is starting now. Farmers are calling all activists to converge to the farm for a massive protest (Alameda & 41st Street). The eviction might take up to 3 to 4 hours or longer.

Eviction of South Central Farmers and Supporters. Darryl Hannah and John Quigley still inside the property, other peaceful protestors conducting nonviolent civil disobedience.

The South Central Farm is under siege. If you live in LA or anywhere near there please make your way to the farm to keep the protesters and farmers safe.

The immediate area around the Farm has been blocked off by the authorities limiting access to the site. Spontaneous rallies of support have sprouted on these perimeters with crowds increasing in size as the morning passes. Protesters still inside the Farm are being physically removed and arrested.

The easiest access is to come from the South side of the farm coming north on Alameda or to head east towards the Farm on 41st or any other streets that run east/west bound.

Once again, this is the Red Alert! The Sheriffs have begun and are carrying out the eviction! Mobilize as many people as you come to continue to protest this oppressive action

Arrests have already been made. It is still unconfirmed but there are also reports that a protester was carried out on a stretcher.

Bulldozer positioned nearby have began breaking through the fences.

Once again, please converge to the Farm.
41st Street and Long Beach Ave. Los Angeles, CA


関西QueerFilmFestival 前売券の発売開始!

Japan, 14.06.2006 09:07

来る7月21-25日、今年も大阪梅田のあのHEP HALLにて堂々開催!!! 今年も引き続き、性とそれに関わる暮らしや生き方をテーマにした作品を集めた、Queer映画三昧な5日間、14プログラム!!今年は関西独自のセレクションをメインに、「東京国際レズビアン&ゲイ映画祭」の作品を交えた豪華ラインナップでお届けいたします♪

Bagdad en llamas

Euskal Herria, 14.06.2006 08:08

URGENTE: Desalojan a campesinos de South Central Farm en Los Ángeles

Tijuana, 14.06.2006 04:16

URGENTE: Desalojan a campesinos de South Central Farm en Los Ángeles

León Chávez Teixeiro en Concierto en Tijuana este fin de semana

Tijuana, 14.06.2006 04:16

León Chávez Teixeiro en Concierto en Tijuana este fin de semana

A Shameful Day for the City of Los Angeles

LA, 14.06.2006 03:38

A Shameful Day for the City of Los Angeles

criminalització i repressió (ca)

Barcelona, 14.06.2006 01:08

limitacions de drets amb connotacions xenòfobes: que no estiguin sols

16 juny, 9.30h, davant Jutjats Concentració pels detinguts del 4f

Situació del cas dels presos del 4F: campanya de recolzament per Rodrigo, Alex i Juan (4f) + el divendres no estareu sols + es tenca la instrucció del cas 4f: manca de llibertat fins el judici + david contra goliat: opinions enfrontades sobre el 4f + mares demanant la llibertat + audiència del districte de ciutat vella + signatures de suport

17 juny mobilització internacional per la regularització, no al pla àfrica

+info: >>>criminalització i repressió

Tell Gov. Lynch to make the state govt. sweatshop free

New Hampshire, 14.06.2006 00:09

Please take just a few minutes to take very quick actions to help build the momentum for an intiative that could change the garment industry forever, holding corporations accountable for how they treat their workers. Call or write to urge NH Gov. Lynch to join Maine Gov. Baldacci's Coalition for Sweatfree Procurement and Workers' Rights.

New Hampshire Flooding, Post Your Pictures and Stories

New Hampshire, 14.06.2006 00:09

It's the wettest May on record, and much of the state is still under flood watches and warnings. State health officials have warned people that flood water is toxic, and what is worse, Union Leader delivery has been delayed in some areas.

FEMA has begun preliminary damage assessment according to statements released by local and federal officials.

People have been evacuated in cities and towns all over the state, and some, as in Somersworth, are being warned to boil their drinking water. In Nashua, the Merrimack overflowed and hit a condo complex. Derry has declared a state of emergency.

The city of Portsmouth attempts to censor The Portsmouth Halloween Parade

New Hampshire, 14.06.2006 00:09

From a founding member of "The Portsmouth Halloween Parade." I think it’s absurd, this attempt to have the Halloween parade be anything other that what already is. The overwhelming response to the ridiculous notion to "tone down" the Halloween Parade and make it a generic tasteless piece of crap event has proven once again that Portsmouth is made up of citizens that will not tolerate any infringements on their right to free speech and expression. This is a good and simple example that our civil liberties are more likely to be eroded under city ordinances than state or federal laws.

National Lawyers Guild Condemns Operation Backfire

DC, 13.06.2006 22:09

The National Lawyer's Guild has issued a press release making official their condemnation of the Green Scare. A hotline has been established to support activists targeted by the FBI and other government agencies.

Virginia Infoshop Needs Support!

DC, 13.06.2006 22:09

Better Than Television, Charlottesville's infoshop, radical library, community space, café and free store, has lost its space. Better Than Television's current space is located on Charlottesville's pedestrian-oriented Downtown Mall within easy access of residential areas by foot, bicycle and bus. The accessibility of this space for youth and people without automobiles has been a particularly important aspect of the organization's success. Better Than Television's situation is particularly dire because of skyrocketing local real estate prices and the short time period the collective has been given to find a new space.

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