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Peace Protesters Picket Democrats in Vancouver, WA

Portland, 17.06.2006 17:38

The Clark County annual Democrat social and fundraiser, the Jefferson-Jackson dinner, didn't happen without a protest out front of the new Hilton in downtown Vancouver. At $50 a pop, 6 protesters stood outside as we watched people going in. What is crazy is these people say they are for peace. Really!

If they are for peace, they wouldn't be going inside. We reminded them there are many bills the 3rd Congressional representatives have not signed onto to help get our troops home now. We told them Sen. Murray and Cantwell voted with the Republicans yesterday. Our own Rep. Baird has not signed on to Bills, such as the Murtha Resolution, redeploying troops, a debate on Iraq, stopping war funding, plans for withdrawal, and no permanent bases.

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Digital Rights Management Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.06.2006 17:38

On June 10, protesters gathered on Market St. in San Francisco to protest Apple's use of Digital Rights Management, the restrictions placed by Apple on music purchased at iTunes. Photos & Video

Campsfield detainees on hunger strike

United Kingdom, 17.06.2006 17:08

Over 120 people detained at Campsfield removal centre near Oxford have gone on hunger strike in protest at their indefinite detention (without trial) and the conditions they face.

"...Most of us have been here for a long while now. There are people who have been detained for up to two years and down to three months. We are cramped in here like animals. We are treated like animals and moved around different detention centres like animals. The immigration service have taken husbands from their families and taken people who ran away from persecution in their various countries, and dumped everyone in here."
-letter from hunger strikers

The latest unrest follows the desperate actions of a Somalian man who went onto the roof and threatened to kill himself, and the takeover of Campsfield by GEO (the company formally known as Wackenhut) who are eager to cut costs at the expense of detainee and staff conditions.

"At the moment they think we will crack, but they will not break me. If they try and move me from here to another centre I am not going to go. I am going to fight them for as long as I can. If I have to commit a crime to get attention I will...I know definitely there are about 10 others who are prepared to go all the way. I have got to take this to the end, I would rather die here than get tortured to death back in my own country."
-detainee quoted in the Oxford Mail

On Thursday night a candlelit vigil by supporters encountered an enthusiastic and noisy response from detainees, and a group of inmates carried out a yard occupation until 5am Friday morning. Meanwhile GEO have been bribing detainees with vouchers to try and break the strike.

More support demos will take place soon. For further details contact: 01865 726804 or 07968 292499 (Teresa Hayter and Bob Hughes), 01865 558145 (Bill MacKeith), or 07791 744260 (Robert Robinson). Meanwhile a national day of action has been called for 22nd June.

latest update | call for vigil | original report | national day of action | Close Campsfield campaign

Sign of Peace in Lincoln City

Portland, 17.06.2006 16:38

We drove to Lincoln City yesterday to catch a breath of the ocean and on Highway 101 going South around 30th street, we saw this sign stapled to a telephone pole. I am always encouraged when I see evidence of others' working for Peace, and thought I would send the inspiration along to this list.

from the comments:Peace was once an American value. I remember it. I know it and think it still is. The warfighter today even gives lip service to it -- deep down they long for it. But they are taught to fight for peace. They are conditioned to believe that their violence will bring peace. Their commanders play on that innocent value and through distortion of logic, manage to convince many that "war is peace". But I like that simple sign. Where's my staplegun...

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LAPD Storm Largest Urban Community Garden

Portland, 17.06.2006 16:38

LAPD, six helicopters, L.A Fire Department, and 65 helmeted deputies of Sheriff's Department's Civil Management Unit crack peaceful organic heads, at dawn. LAPD armed police and others stormed an organic community garden in South Central L.A. this week, arresting 25 people including actress Daryl Hannah who had spent three straight weeks at the farm, choosing to be arrested. A lot of time for a celebrity to commit. --- 14 acre plot of land, used by 350+ neighborhood fruit and vegetable farmers for 10 years, is the U.S.'s largest urban community garden. It is a symbol of local development, nutrition, and hope for embattled South Central L.A., that keeps many kids out of gangs. A dispute over land--and a reneged purchase price deal once matched--led to dramatic standoff between neighborhood residents and truly evil real estate lobby of Los Angeles behind Mr. Ralph Horowitz.

Despite massive public opposition, the multi-millionaire Horowitz obtained court order to pave over the community garden for an industrial warehouse, calling in police and bulldozers to clear the property of inhabitants, some chained to trees. Some so injured they were taken out on stretchers. Neighborhood farmers and residents, along with the L.A. organic community, have vowed to keep up the struggle and save the community garden.

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Standing on a Bellevue Corner Waiting for Bush to Drive By

Portland, 17.06.2006 16:38

A small high-spirited crowd gathered in Bellevue today as the rain waited until after the demonstration was over before pouring down. This was a passionately pro-peace, anti-Bush policies crowd who wanted change! After a few speeches on a wide range of issues, we marched through Bellevue and then headed to Medina where Bush was selling "photos with the Pres" to raise money for the vulnerable GOP. We sang some songs and chanted on this mile-long walk. The Bellevue police adjusted to the change in plans and stopped traffic at every intersection so no one got left behind. Since I was the slowest walker in the crowd, I appreciated it.

No one knew for sure which way Bush's motorcade would go but when we showed up on 24th street, the presence of the Seattle police and the barricades were a clue we are at the right spot. There was some friendly banter between some of people and the police. At one point, it seemed as if there were more police than demonstrators. Then the police tensed up and we knew Bush was on his way. It was a brief moment as the motorcycles and limos sped through the intersection too quickly for me to even get a decent picture.

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related: What happen Seattle???

Rental Management Services does shady business

Portland, 17.06.2006 16:38

Rental Management Services displays complete lack of care for habitable housing or human life. Our experience with RMS was not only outrageous and unbelievable, but potentially hazardous to our health. If you're in the market to rent an apartment, and the price seems right, first double-check who's managing. During the months of April and May, my girlfriend and I began renting from Rental Management Services (RMS) at 3200 SW Dolph Ct., Just Two blocks north of SW Barbur Blvd. The price was right for rent: $425 for a 750 sf 1 br, 1 ba; and only $595 for a 1100 sf 2 br, 1.5 ba. That's really hard to beat, especially for the location!

Upon planning to move in with my girlfiend and her 8-month-old daughter, we gained interest in a 2 bedroom unit that became available just down the hall from her existing 1 bedroom unit that she had currently rented for over 1 month. RMS set up an appointment to view the unit, only they had showed me a unit adjacent to the one that was available (an exact mirror oppposite), claiming that they had "forgot" the key to the actual unit and had promised the exact condition as the unit I had inspected, with the addition of "new" hardwood floors. Lession 1: ALWAYS get a tour of the ACTUAL appartment. It really sucks to be so trustworthy sometimes.....

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Commuters Call For Local Rail Investment

Bristol, 17.06.2006 16:37

Money to be spent on priority services summary Cat Hobbs writes: Commuters, backed by community groups, are calling on Bristol City Council to invest in a half hourly service on the Severn Beach line. Email your councillor if you think our local railways are a priority service that needs money! (Currently the Council spends nothing on local rail.) Find your councillor here. The Council expects to find an extra £4 million through productivity gains, and will spend this money on 'priority services' including public transport. Rail campaigners representing commuters argue that money should be invested in the local railway. '15 community organisations agree that local rail is a priority service' says Julie Boston, Secretary of Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways. 'Commuter trains are always packed on the Severn Beach line, which desperately needs a half hourly service' ... The campaigners point out that the Joint Local Transport Plan (written by the Council in conjunction with BANES, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset Council) puts forward a 'rail vision' of half hourly services from 2006. Full Article| Commuters call on Council to invest in local rail | Find Your Councillor | Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways | Recent News: Titfield Thunderbolt a thundering success! | Wake up call to government: Passengers love their line! | Lib Dem councillors cut rail subsidy | South Gloucestershire Council keep rail subsidy! | 3000 signature rail petition ignored |Contribute An Article

View &quot;Future by Design&quot; Documentary Trailer

Miami, 17.06.2006 16:37

View "Future by Design" Documentary Trailer

Breaking the Silence-War, Lies &amp; Empire: John Pilger addresses Columbia University NY

Miami, 17.06.2006 16:07

Breaking the Silence-War, Lies & Empire: John Pilger addresses Columbia University NY


Colombia, 17.06.2006 15:38

¿Serán vacíos o abismos los que presenta la ley de Justicia y Paz?!

Charla sobre los Derechos Humanos en Oaxaca (México)

estrecho / madiaq, 17.06.2006 15:07

Martes, 20 de Junio de 2006

20:00 h. Por

Lic. Yesica Sánchez Maya

Presidente de la Limeddh - filial Oaxaca

- Mujeres desaparecidas (feminicidios): desatención de los autoridades por violencia de género.

- Presos Indígenas.

- El caso de San Juan Lalana.

Lugar: Casa de la Paz. C/ Aniceto Sáenz, nº1. Plaza del Pumarejo.

Organiza: Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía. Colabora: Casa de la Paz

Jornada I+D Militar. Por la Paz, No a la Investigación Militar.

estrecho / madiaq, 17.06.2006 15:07

Ética de la investigación

Campaña “Por la Paz:

¡No a la investigación militar!”

Cláusula de Buen Uso – Seguridad Humana.


Jornadas Matutinas

Facultad de Psicología. Universidad de Sevilla. Campus Ramón y Cajal. Aula nº1. Hora: 12:00 h.

# Javier Rodríguez Alcázar. Universidad de Granada. Instituto para la Paz y los Conflictos.

# Isidoro Ignacio Albarreal Núñez. Universidad de Sevilla.

# Arcadi Oliveres i Boadella. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Presidente de Justicia y Paz.

Jornada vespertina

Casa de la Paz. c/ Aniceto Sáenz, nº1. Plaza del Pumarejo. Hora: 20:00 h.

Arcadi Oliveres i Boadella. Profesor de Economía Aplicada Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Presidente Justicia y Paz.

Organiza: Universidad y compromiso Social Casa de la Paz Ecologistas en Acción

Colabora: Fundació per la Pau Extensión Universitaria. Universidad de Sevilla.

Málaga - Sábado 8 de Julio - Jornada de Acción: ¡Málaga no se vende!

estrecho / madiaq, 17.06.2006 15:07

#media_6545;right# >Contra la especulación, la precariedad y la corrupción.
>>11.30HS: Cacerolada itinerante - Visita por la ciudada precaria (traer instrumento ruidoso)
>>15HS: Comida Playera
>>18.30HS : Encuentro público / Asamblea de afectados por la especulación y la precariedad.
>>20.30HS : FIESTA - MÁLAGA NO SE VENDE (Sonidos y Proyecciones en Movimiento)

El tsunami del desarrollo especulativo azota a Málaga y su provincia, que tras años de desarrollismo salvaje y gobiernos corruptos comienza a dar señales de alarma.
Estamos aquí para decir basta, encontrarnos y luchar juntos por nuestro derecho a una vida y un entorno dignos.Sabemos que no es fácil en tiempos de individualismo y poca participación, pero lo vamos a intentar, el presente y futuro de Málaga dependen de ello.
¡¡No dejemos el futuro de Málaga en las manos de los empresarios y políticos corruptos!
>>Por la vivienda, los derechos sociales y la defensa del medio ambiente.

>>Lee más /Comenta / Difunde
>>Descarga el cartel, imprime, copia y dispara.

II Caravana Europea por la Libertad de Movimiento - 23-25 Junio - Barcelona

estrecho / madiaq, 17.06.2006 15:07

#media_6540;right#La caravana se plantea como un paso más en la construcción y refuerzo del espacio europeo por la libertad de movimiento y cierre de los centros de internamiento. Es una parada más de un itinerario que pasó por Ceuta el pasado noviembre y que tiene por objetivo la denuncia de las políticas europeas sobremigración, de la traducción de éstas en el aumento paulatino de los dispositivos de control - y de la expulsión de la comunidad migrante- desde elinterior de las ciudades.
Queremos que, del 23 al 25 de Junio, Barcelona sea atarvesada por todas para señalizar las fronteras interiores, hacer asambleas conjuntas de precari-s, migrantes y autóctonos. Queremos también conovocar una manifestación europea con tres reivindicaciones principales: Regularización sin condiciones de todos lo migrantes que se encuentran ya en Europa, libertad de movimiento y cierre de los centros de internamiento y fin de la externalización del régimen de fronteras.

>Convocatoria y programa de la Caravana
>Web de la Caravana

>20-25 Junio (Bcn): FADAIAT /Enjambre en las Fronteras

>Invisibles Nunca Más: Manifiesto por los derechos de lostrabajadores inmigrantes en España (Firma y Difunde)

World Naked Bike Ride

United Kingdom, 17.06.2006 07:10

On 10th June, people in over 50 cities around the world took part in naked bike rides as a protest against oil dependency and car culture. Between 600 and 1000 cyclists, along with a few rollerskaters, rollerbladers and others took part in the London event. Full report | pictures.

Antiterror raid in Forrest gate - demonstration

United Kingdom, 17.06.2006 07:10

A crowd of several hundred demonstrators, mainly Muslim, gathered outside New Scotland Yard on Sunday afternoon, 11 June, 2006 to voice their disquiet at the June 2 raid in Forest Gate.

The police raid in Forest Gate on June 2nd involving some 250 officers was one of the largest single raids in Britain. Two houses were targeted based on intelligence that they were the location for a chemical bomb factory run by two brothers, Mohammed Abdul Kahar and Abdul Koyair.

The raid was brutal and Koyair was shot in the shoulder in circumstances that remain a mystery.

The two brothers were released without charge late on Friday June 9.

A demonstration has been called for 17th of June.


Valparaiso, 17.06.2006 05:07

Viernes 16 Mayo 2006 | Declaración Pública

Estudiante en Huelga de Hambre

Aracruz desmata área de Mata Atlântica em restituição no ES

Brasil, 17.06.2006 03:38


South Central Farm Solidarity Actions

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.06.2006 01:38

At 8:30am Friday morning, demonstrators staged a blockade at a central Santa Cruz intersection (at Laurel St. & Mission St/Hwy 1) as a gesture of solidarity with the hundreds of families who lost their land in Tuesday's forced eviction of the South Central Farm in Los Angeles. Holding signs both large and small, the 30 or so demonstrators blocked traffic at the intersection with A-frames, a stray sofa, and at least four dumpsters rolled in from nearby businesses. Flyers explaining the legacy of the Farm were distributed to the delayed drivers with responses ranging from enthusiastic interest to violent threats. No one was injured, nor were any citations or arrests made during the action.

In the days since the eviction, there have been expressions of support for the farmers of South Central throughout Santa Cruz. People have spoken about the eviction at concerts and informal gatherings, and an interview with activists who were present during the eviction has been in continuous rotation on Free Radio Santa Cruz. Even the marquee at the Food Bin health food store on the corner reads "SOLIDARITY SO. CENTRAL FARM." Read more and view photos

At about the same time that the blockade began, a 20+ foot banner was unfurled over a Hwy 1 overpass reading "REMEMBER SOUTH CENTRAL FARM--FUCK RALPH HOROWITZ--FUCK LAPD--SOUTHCENTRALFARMERS.COM."

Meksika: Devlet Terörü

Istanbul, 17.06.2006 01:10

Meksika’da baskı dalgası devam ediyor. Dün Atenco, bugün Oaxaca

Nazi Boneheads in Southeast Portland

Portland, 17.06.2006 00:38

The U.S. Bombs, Straitjacket show erupted into bedlam when approximately twenty neo- nazi "skins" came into Sabala's last night. While they were initially confronted by staff, they were allowed to stay until seemingly out of nowhere violence between other showgoers and themselves broke out in a bloody mess. While no names were taken an onlooker described one of the offenders as recently being released from prison, no details as to the reliability of that though.

After tailing out of Sabala's in a wake of blood and broken glass, the fight continued across the street where one of the nazi's was beaten pretty badly and kicked in the face repeatedly before retreating with the bullk of his buddies into a large black SUV of unknown make/model.

Weekend of Resistance Skills Workshops

Portland, 16.06.2006 23:39

Anti-Imperialists, Students for Unity and friends are proud to present two days of workshops, discussion, brainstorming, and more. On June 24th and 25th, from 11 am to 6pm, we will be at PSU Smith Center, Rooms 204 and 209 and the adjoining area, to support one another and teach one another skills for our common struggles for justice and community power.

Scheduled workshops include:

Street tactics, screen printing and stenciling, uncovering buried history, confronting heterosexism, understanding and confronting racism, action planning, how to organize against corporations, guerilla media, organizing your workplace, and MUCH MORE! A schedule of workshops and events, as well as information on the planned saturday evening benefit event will be coming soon.


Colombia, 16.06.2006 23:38


Colombia, 16.06.2006 23:38


Texas Democratic State Convention

Houston, 16.06.2006 20:38

Houston delegates protest at the Democratic State Convention

Portland Protest for Immigrant Rghts Sat. 6/17 @ 9:00 AM!

Portland, 16.06.2006 17:38

Saturday, June 17th 9:00 AM - Outside the Rose Garden Arena

While Congress debates the fate of millions of families in the USA, PSU has invited Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio to be the keynote speaker for this years graduating class. Peter DeFazio voted in support of the anti-immigrant HR 4437 which threatens millions of families and adds fuel to the increasingly reactionary debate on immigration.

Together, as students and as members of the greater-Portland community, we will demand that Immigrant Rights will be respected. We will continue the struggle for immigrant rights while celebrating the accomplishments of ALL PSU graduates.

Come, Join the immigrant rights movement and demand that Peter DeFazio

  • End the raids
  • Respect all workers rights
  • Promote a clear path to legalization for ALL immigrants
  • End the militarization of the boarder
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of ALL PSU graduates, regardless of the immigration status of their families.
For More information contact the Student Immigrant Solidarity Coalition:

atenco update

New Mexico, 16.06.2006 16:39


Killing season in the Philippines

Portland, 16.06.2006 16:39

The escalating repression taking place now in the Philippines is no coincidence. Twenty years since the end of the dictatorship and three "people's power" uprisings later, Philippine society is hugely polarized. If the recent killing spree signifies anything, it's that the growing coercion and the abandonment of democratic rights portend the fraying of the post-1986 political order, when the dictator Marcos was unceremoniously thrown from power and democracy restored. What will replace those democratic hopes, more than at any time in recent years, is a point of bitter political contention.

Over the past two months, at least 18 activists have been murdered by unidentified assailants in various areas of the country - an average of two killings per week. They are the latest victims in a creeping and escalating killing spree of left-leaning political activists in the Philippines. At no other time in the KPD's nearly 10-year history have so many of their members been assassinated.

The KPD is just one of many left-leaning groups now under shadowy assault.

Working Conditions for women getting worse

Melbourne, 16.06.2006 16:09

IR Laws an Attack on Women Workers

[Grèce] Après la France, un mouvement étudiant déterminé face à un gouvernement répressif

Liege, 16.06.2006 15:37

Cooperativa Horizonte: construye y destruye viviendas.

Argentina, 16.06.2006 13:39

Resistencia al desalojo

Aberdeen Activists Protest Airport Expansion

Scotland, 16.06.2006 12:38

Climate Justice activists from Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change staged a loud and highly visible protest in Aberdeen City Centre on Saturday June 10th to raise awareness about the ill effects that the proposed expansion of Aberdeen Airport will bring.

Against eXpansion in Easleigh

United Kingdom, 16.06.2006 12:09

As part of the June 10th European Day of Action against airport expansions a group of concerned residents and local campaigners staged a demonstration at Eastleigh Airport (Southampton). The call out for protests is an attempt to raise issues such as night flights and loss of runway alternation which could increase flight numbers and the resulting impacts such as noise blighting local communities and increased carbon emissions/climate change at a time when aviation is already the fastest growing emitter of carbon dioxide despite the need to reduce emissions to tackle climate change. Demonstrations and rallies were also held in eight other countries, voicing similar concern about airport expansion across Europe.

Matilda's New Beginning

United Kingdom, 16.06.2006 09:09

On 14th June 2006, one year on from the G8 protests that were based in the Matilda Convergence Centre, Yorkshire Forward, the owners of 111 Matilda Street tried to evict the Matilda Social Centre on health and safety grounds but this was resisted and the building was squatted.

The events of the day mark a change in the nature of Matilda — it is now a proper squat. The Matilda Collective decided that events that have already been arranged to taken place in the space should go ahead, the first one being the animal rights benefit on Saturday 17th June. The events of the day were reported on BBC Radio Sheffield.

oltraggio alla bandiera

Italy, 16.06.2006 09:09

L'odore del sangue

Green Party stokes Graffiti hysteria and calls for repressive measures

Ireland, 16.06.2006 09:09

Justice Minister McDowell: “It seems to be spreadi ...

Council Accused of Breaking Promise

Bristol, 16.06.2006 08:38

Under the Hammer: Bristol North Pool Bristol North Bath's Under the Hammer Elinor Milne writes: Members of the Resource Pool discovered yesterday that the council has broken its promise not to sell the building until August to give the group time to formulate a business plan. They have been marketing it widely to the commercial sector and the final dealine for proposals for its use is June 23rd. We are writing a proposal to submit by this date, but we also need to protest the fact that the council has chosen to sell the building straight away without even making this known to the group...PLEASE HELP US DO THIS BY CONTACTING YOUR COUNCILLORS!!! Full article | URGENT call for help from the Bristol North Pool campaign! | Past Pool News: Urgent update - Bristol north pool occupation | Calendar: Protest About Bristol North Pool | Bristol North Pool is occupied and reopened as a community space!!! | Pool Closure Campaigner to Stand in Local Elections |

Campaign Encourages People to Send a Work Glove for Immigration Reform

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.06.2006 05:39

As the government and the American public debate what should be done to fix the US immigration system, anti-immigrant forces are mailing bricks (to "help" build a wall along the border) to members of Congress. These bricks are symbols of division, isolation, and an enforcement-only approach to immigration reform. Advocates plan to counter the anti-immigrant bricks with a symbol of the positive contributions that immigrants make to the U.S. -- work gloves. Immigrant rights supporters are being encouraged to send a work glove to the Washington, DC offices of their local Senators and Representatives.

June 21st Hearing at SF Board of Supervisors Land Use Commitee

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.06.2006 05:08

SF Supervisor Chris Daly has introduced a resolution before the Supervisors' Land Use Committee to ask the UA Plumbers Local 38 Pension Trust Fund, which owns the Civic Center Hotel, to promptly proceed with a seismic retrofit. The building does not have the City-mandated seismic retrofit for Unreinforced Masonry Buildings. The Land Use Committee will be meeting in San Francisco City Hall on Wednesday, June 21st at 1:00pm. Tenants and their supporters will explain why low-income housing is important to the City and while these units should not be lost.

Yolo County DA Jeff Reisig Seeks Death Penalty in Halloween Homicide case

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.06.2006 04:39

After a five-month trial and nearly four weeks of deliberations, a Yolo County jury recently convicted three suspected Woodland gang members of first-degree murder in the Halloween, 2002 shooting deaths of two men. Defendants Ernesto Duran Arellano, 34, Oscar Hurtado Cervantes, 32, and James Joseph Olague, 29, were convicted of first-degree murder in the killings of Woodland residents Eric Eugene Folsom, 17, and Robert Michael Stepper, 20.

Arellano and Cervantes both face the death penalty and an all-white jury. District Attorney Jeff Reisig, who is the District Attorney for Yolo County, based his recent re-election campaign in large part on his success in prosecuting this case. The penalty phase in this case will last until roughly mid-July. Family and supporters try to convince the jury that Arellano and Cervantes are valuable to society and should not be sentenced to death. Anti-death penalty organizers are calling for people to gather at the Yolo County Courthouse every Monday at 5pm, until a decision is made. Read more about this case

Summer of resistance reloaded

Germany, 16.06.2006 03:08

Der "Summer of Resistance reloaded! gegen Bildungs- und Sozialabbau" geht in die nächste Phase! (im Artikel sind die alten Updates bis 31.5. verlinkt)

Vorläufiger Höhepunkt: bundesweiter dezentraler Aktionstag am 31.05.: Marburg besetzt erneut Autobahn (mehr) | Bonner Rektorat besetzt | Senatssitzung Wuppertal verhindert | Berlin besetzt Hamburger Vertretung (mehr) | Siegen verschönert | Senatssitzung in Bonn verhindert - anschließend Demo in die Innnenstadt | Hamburg blockiert Hauptbahnhof (2, 3) während die Studis in Gewahrsam sitzen kommt es zu Hausdurchsuchungen| Gießen lahmgelegt | Jena

Bonner Senatssitzung erneut gesprengt (mehr) | Freie Uni Bochum macht Theater | Darmstädter Abgeordnete überzeugt | Essener Senat gesprengt (Fotos) | Sternmarsch und wilde Demo in Kassel (Bericht über Polizeigewalt auf der Demo) | Kölner Video Rektoratsbesetzung | Hamburg: WM-Tor verschönert | Nachtbesuche der Polizei in Gießen | Kritischer Stadtrundgang Jena | Münster kapert NRW.Bank Schiff

Indyprint Summer of Resistance reloaded #1 (4-Seitig) | Alternative Indyprint zum Thema (6-Seitig) | Indyprint #2 | Freiburger Besetzt Zeitung

Nordstreik | Übergebühr | Radiocat | Protestkomitee | Gegen den Trend | Protest Kassel | Bildung am Abgrund

The Insatiable Beast: Nothing New

New Mexico, 16.06.2006 00:38

The Insatiable Beast: Nothing New

2500th U.S. Soldier Dies In Iraq

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.06.2006 00:38

The death toll for American soldiers in Iraq now stands at 2500. Vigils are planned in Santa Cruz, Sacramento and other cities in California. The number of Iraqis who have died as a result of the US occupation is unknown but a study done over a year and a half ago by the British medical journal The Lancet estimated the number of civilian casualties at 100,000.

South Central Farm Crisis in Los Angeles

LA, 16.06.2006 00:38

South Central Farm Crisis in Los Angeles

Concert sauvage devant les Baumettes

Marseille, 15.06.2006 23:38

Concert sauvage devant les Baumettes

Ashland Neighbors

Worcester, 15.06.2006 21:39

Ashland St. Neighbors and Residents Say, "No More Slumlords!"

programa de radio

Argentina, 15.06.2006 19:39

Sigue el mundial

Argentina, 15.06.2006 19:39

Sonó el pito, movieron la pelota…se armó el debate

Sigue el mundial

Argentina, 15.06.2006 19:39

Sonó el pito, movieron la pelota…se armó el debate

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