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Defend the Tuscon Two Saturday Night!

Portland, 23.06.2006 21:08

Daniel Strauss and Shanti Sellz, two Samaritans of the Tucson Arizona No More Deaths Coalition, were arrested by the US Border Patrol in July 2005 for trying to medically evacuate three critically ill immigrants from the 105 degree heat of the Sonoran Desert to a clinic in Tucson, after consulting a doctor about the three men's symptoms. Daniel and Shanti are being charged with felonies in federal court, and could face up to fifteen (15) years in prison. Shanti and Daniel speak 7 pm, Saturday. St. Andrew's Church, 806 NE Alberta Ave. Portland, OR

Maine Social Forum Summer Update!

Maine, 23.06.2006 20:07

As the longest day of the year passes us by we are coming closer and closer to the first ever Maine Social Forum. This historical event will be an amazing opportunity to teach, learn, and grow the movement for social change here in Maine. Through a series of events, workshops, and panels organized by folks in Maine focusing on issues that are particular to us we will ask ourselves is �another Maine is possible?!�

Somerville 5 Jury Returns Mixed Verdict

Boston, 23.06.2006 19:09

Boston--After deliberating all day, jurors found Somerville Five defendants Calvin Belfon, Jr and Isaiah Anderson 'not guilty' of all felony charges but 'guilty' of several misdemeanors. Their lawyers immediately filed appeals on their behalf. A quiet tension greeted the jurors as they filed into the courtroom at 4:15 in the afternoon. Several of the jurors smiled. But the smiles were deceptive, and soon there were tears in the eyes of friends, family members, and supporters as the indictments and verdicts were read out and repeated back one by one, according to a precise ritual ordained by the Commonwealth.

Katuah Earth First: Round River Roundevouz JULY 3-10, 2006

Miami, 23.06.2006 18:37

Katuah Earth First: Round River Roundevouz JULY 3-10, 2006


Argentina, 23.06.2006 16:09

Anti-War Activist places US Soldiers under (Citizens) Arrest in Co Clare.

Ireland, 23.06.2006 15:38

Shannon peace activist put six young US service me ...

Lt. Watada refused Iraq deployment today

Miami, 23.06.2006 15:07

Lt. Watada refused Iraq deployment today

iniciaron huelga de hambre el lunes

Argentina, 23.06.2006 07:38

Dos chilenos y un argentino presos en Barcelona

iniciaron huelga de hambre el lunes

Argentina, 23.06.2006 07:38

Dos chilenos y un argentino presos en Barcelona

Health Care for All Californians Event in Oakland

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.06.2006 06:38

On Sunday, July 16th, Karen Armstead will speak at the Humanist Hall in Oakland about SB 840, the Health Care for All Californians Act (also known as California Health Insurance Reliability Act). This bill, which is pending before the California Assembly (after passing the State Senate), would abolish for-profit private insurance in the state and create government-sponsored universal healthcare for all California residents for life. In August, SB 840 will be referred to the Appropriations Committee, where 10 more votes are needed for passage. The event will take place on Sunday, July 16th, from 1:00pm to 2:00pm, at 390 27th St., between Telegraph and Broadway, in Oakland.

'The Dark Side': Exposé or Disinformation?

DC, 23.06.2006 04:16

Washington escalates slaughter in Iraq

Portland, 23.06.2006 03:38

The killing of two American soldiers captured by insurgents at a roadblock south of Baghdad will be seized upon by Washington as justification for an intensified bloodbath against the Iraqi people.
Well before the discovery of the bodies of the young soldiers, reportedly bearing the marks of torture and mutilation, there were already mounting indications that the Bush White House and the Pentagon were implementing a shift in military tactics that spells a dramatic escalation of US violence in the occupied country.
The mass media, which has shown little inclination to highlight the daily death toll of American troops, now totaling over 2,500—much less the far greater toll of Iraqi dead, estimated in the hundreds of thousands—has exhibited keen interest in the fate of the two executed enlisted men, including gruesome details of their deaths. Their aim is to whip up an atmosphere of hatred and revenge against the Iraqi population.

Chris McIntosh Still in the Hole

Portland, 23.06.2006 03:38

Chris McIntosh, currently serving 8 years for setting a fire at an empty McDonalds restaurant in Seattle has been in the hole since May 29th. On June 8th Chris was sentenced to another 45 days in the hole in addition to the 36 days he has already served. He says there is a chance he may get out early. He is in the hole for getting into a fight with a child molester. The hole is a very lonely place - an isolated cell where a prisoner is kept away from the general population. Letters are urgently needed to boost Chris' spirits. |

Mayor promotes Sizer to full Chief of Portland Police Dept

Portland, 23.06.2006 03:38

Mayor Potter calls Press conference to Present Desision to Promote from within. June 22nd, 2006 Mayor Potter of Portland, Oregon announced in Council Chambers his desision to Promte and confer title of Full "Chief of Police", upon interium Chief of Police,Rosie Sizer.

Last week , Mayor Potter announced that he might conduct a nation wide search, however as he stated today, to the press, He had confered with Council members and other High ups and this was the only clear desision to make and the Right Choice.

Chief Sizer stepped up and spoke...She told her own Quilty Profiling incident(she is establishing her humanness)(or purging sin publicly) about a Guy that she once stopped, because as she plain old outright stated, He was "Ugly", and he was near where something had happened, and she took him in and ran him and he had never never never committed any offense in his whole life ,no record,no nothing....she said she apologized to him, and he even told her, he got stopped all the time for just being UGLY !!! (Quilty while being Ugly ) Lord help us...!!!!

Comment:You know, I have a lot of conflicted feelings about this. First, I too question why Foxworth got demoted while McCollister and Sery did not. I wonder why cops who kill people get medals, while a cop who engaged in the same kind of human behavior all the rest of us engage in (come on, you know you do) gets demoted. Weird.

AFSCME 698 Thursday weekly informational pickets continue

Urbana-Champaign, 23.06.2006 03:09

AFSCME 698 held its third informational picket this afternoon. The next informational picket will be held at 11:30AM on Thursday, June 29, at the UIUC Main Library, Armory and Wright Streets in Urbana. Well over 100 participants marched in the third AFSCME 698 informational picket this afternoon. Members of American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees local 698 were joined on the picket line by members of the United Steelworkers, fellow AFSCME workers from the UIUC, and by members of the GEO, the AAP, and Jobs With Justice.

Toxic Soil Buster Day

Worcester, 23.06.2006 02:39

Toxic Soil Buster Day

USDA accepting comments on GE plum trees, the first temperate GE tree

Portland, 23.06.2006 02:08

The US Department of Agriculture is accepting public comments between
now and July 17, 2006 on a petition that would allow commercial
growing and marketing of the first genetically engineered (GE) plum
trees. If approved, this would remove all regulatory oversight of
this GE variety, a virus-resistant plum tree known as the Honey
Sweet Pox Potyvirus Resistant plum.

Support Type-writers for Tennessee Prisoners

Portland, 23.06.2006 02:08

Harold H. Thompson, an anarchist prisoner in Tennessee, USA, has requested that supporters send letters to the Tennessee Department of Corrections registering complaint with the current ban on type-writers from prisoners' authorized property list.

Without access to type-writers, Harold and others must struggle to complete work on legal cases and maintain correspondence with friends and family, among other writing tasks. Please see the letter below for more information.

Please consider sending the following form letter, or one similar to it, to the address below.

Stop the Witch Hunt Against Ward Churchill

Portland, 23.06.2006 02:08

The Standing Committee on Research Misconduct at the University of Colorado at Boulder voted 6 to 3 this week to recommend that Ethnic Studies Professor Ward Churchill be fired. In doing so it went beyond the conclusions of four out of the five members of its own investigative committee appointed to look into the charges, who called for
Churchill to be suspended for 2 to 5 years.

The university administration may now move rapidly to put the final touches on a vicious witch hunt that started over 16 months ago—aimed at driving Professor Churchill from the university, destroying
his reputation and career, and delivering a chilling message to radical and progressive faculty on college campuses across the country to "watch what you say, watch what you write." It remains for the provost and the dean of arts and sciences to send a final recommendation to Interim Chancellor DiStefano. This is the same interim chancellor that has guided the attack against Churchill
within the Boulder community from the beginning.

New Caledonia: Workers vs. Globalisation - Ouvriers contre la Mondialisation

Aotearoa, 23.06.2006 01:40

“We all have the same goal and that's to fight globalisation wherever it hits us. It's only by joining our struggle together that we will stop globalisation”, wrote the spokesperson for the Union of Kanak and Exploited Workers (USTKE) Pierre Chauvat, a day before his union went to blockade the port in Nouméa, New Caledonia, where one of the largest multinational shipping corporations was planning to unload its cargo, guarded by armed forces."Nous tous avons le même but et c'est de combattre la mondialisation partout où la nous frappe. Il est seulement en joignant notre lutte que nous arrêterons la mondialisation ", avons écrit le porte-parole pour l‘Union Syndicale des Travailleurs Kanaks et des Exploités (USTKE) Pierre Chauvat, un jour avant que son union soit allée bloquer le port de Nouméa, Nouvelle-Calédonie, où une des plus grandes sociétés multinationales d'expédition projetait décharger sa cargaison, gardée par le militaire.

June 27 - Demo Against Attacks on migrant ppl

San Diego, 23.06.2006 00:08

Tuesday, June 27 2006
4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Vons Parking Lot - 92084
South Santa Fe Ave and Escondido Ave
Vista, CA 92084

The immigrant community in Vista has been struggling against repeated racist attacks by the powerful, starting with the murder of three latino men over a five day period last summer by sheriffs, the harrassment of day laborers by racist vigilantes, the recent border patrol sweeps through neighborhoods in Vista and other parts of San Diego County, and now the imminent passage of a secret, immigrant-bashing ordinance by the Vista City Council mandating registration and visible identification of employers of day laborers.

The North County Coalition for Peace, Justice and Dignity is organizing a project to document the activities of Border Patrol Agents and racist vigilantes in their communities. Join them in resisting the ordinance against day laborers by forming a human chain from the most contentious day laborer site to City Hall:


LA, 22.06.2006 23:08


LA LUCHA SIGUE! – Fight to Save South Central Farm Continues.

LA, 22.06.2006 22:38

LA LUCHA SIGUE! – Fight to Save South Central Farm Continues.

National Right to Life Hosts Nashville Convention

Tennessee, 22.06.2006 22:09

The National Right to Life Convention is being held 6/22-6/24 here in Nashville at the Sheration Music City Hotel, 777 McGavock Pike, Nashville, 37214. Bill and Joni Baird, Directors of the the Pro Choice League, Inc. have come from NY to protest daily at the entrance to the hotel grounds. They will be there beginning Thursday and continuing daily through Saturday from 11:30 to 1:30. They would welcome any of you who would like to join their daily protest/vigil. Bill has his trademark 8-foot wooden cross inscribed "Free Women from the Cross of Religious Oppression - Keep Abortion Legal". He said that one of his goals as he meets the attendees at the convention is to get them to recognize that they can reduce the number of abortions by supporting birth control.

Lt Watada refuses order, restricted to base

Portland, 22.06.2006 22:08

(June 22, 2006) - At approx 0230 hours this morning, June 22, U.S. Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada refused written orders to board a bus bound for an adjacent airstrip, and Iraq War deployment - as he has pledged to do since first speaking out against the illegal Iraq War. At this time Lt. Watada has been restricted to base, possibly confined to quarters, and has been ordered to have no contact with any non-military personnel, with the exception of his civilian lawyer. More information is coming soon. | National Day of Action June 27: Stand up with Lt. Watada | Road Trip to Ft. Lewis to Support Lt. Watada |

North Dakota: Clowns (One from St. Louis) Sabotage Nuclear Warhead

Saint Louis, 22.06.2006 20:37

In a direct act of protest against nuclear weapons on the morning of 20 June, Carl Kabat, a Roman Catholic Priest from St. Louis, and Gregory Boertje-Obed and Michael Walli, two Veterans, went to a Minuteman III silo in North Dakota and sabotaged the silo with hammers. They also put paint and their own blood on the missile lid. More Info: Jonah House | MP3 Interview with Kabat (soon)

continúa la lucha por la democratización

Argentina, 22.06.2006 17:09

Se tomó otra facultad en Universidad de Comahue

From the Newswire

Perth, 22.06.2006 16:40

VIGIL: Perth Immigration Detention Centre

UM Strike Results: Janitors vote for union, Students facing rigged system are penalized

Miami, 22.06.2006 16:37

UM Strike Results: Janitors vote for union, Students facing rigged system are penalized

How the United States Continues to Manipulate Nicaragua's Economic and Polical Future

Miami, 22.06.2006 16:37

How the United States Continues to Manipulate Nicaragua's Economic and Polical Future

Juiz suspende reintegração de posse da Escola Milton Santos

Brasil, 22.06.2006 16:08


Violência contra a greve de servidores/as em Maringá

Brasil, 22.06.2006 16:08


occupata Alcova

Italy, 22.06.2006 16:08

Rioccupata l'Alcova

immigration (en)

Barcelona, 22.06.2006 15:08

Neither inner nor outer borders

"...But the border is not only in Ceuta. The border is no longer a geographic place, a line to separate one country from another. Or rather: it's no longer just a geographical place, but a control device that determines who have rights and who does not, by which price and in which moment..."

For the right to stay, for the internment centers closing, for the regularization without condition of all migrants in europe:

[Jun 24th] Universitat Sq., 18h. Demonstration: Enough repression to immigration

[Jun 20th-24th]Fadaiat: For the freedom of movement//Freedom of knowledge

[Jun 23th-25th] Barcelona, 2nd European caravan for the freedom of movement

related news: Danger of expulsion to young schoolboys of french "without documents" families ::: For the immigrants right to vote ::: Melilla:SOS Racisme reports the "connivance" between Spain and Morocco in the repression to immigrants ::: Unió d'Argentins de Catalunya's Communique ::: occupation and hunger strike in Dublin's Cathedral [reports in english from ireland imc: 1 + 2]

+info:: >>>immigration + estrecho/madiaq imc + fadaiat + caravan

Together Against War- Rally &amp; March., Sept 24th @ noon in Confed. Park

Ottawa, 22.06.2006 11:42

September 24, 2005 - 12 noon - Confederation Park
Join the International Day of Protest against the War in Iraq

inmigración (es)

Barcelona, 22.06.2006 09:09

Ni fronteras interiores, ni fronteras exteriores

"...Pero la frontera no está sólo en Ceuta. La frontera ya no es un lugar geográfico, una línea que separa un pais de otro. Mejor dicho: ya no es sólo un límite geográfico, sino un dispositivo de control que determina quién tiene derechos y quién no, a qué precio y en qué momento..."

Por el derecho de permanencia, por el cierre de los centros de internamiento, por la regularización sin condiciones de todos los y las personas emigrantes de europa:

[24jun]Pza. Universitat, 18h. Manifestación: Basta de represión a la inmigración

[20-24jun]Fadaiat: Por la libertad de movimiento//libertad de conocimiento

[23-25jun] Barcelona, programa de la II Caravana Europea por la libertad de movimiento

noticias relacionadas: Peligro de expulsión masiva para jóvenes de familias "sin papeles" escolarizados en Francia ::: Por el derecho a voto de las persones inmigradas ::: Melilla:SOS Racismo denuncia la "connivencia" entre España y Marruecos en la represión de los inmigrantes ::: Comunicado de la Unió d'Argentins de Catalunya ::: ocupación y huelga de hambre en la Catedral de Dublín

+info:: >>>inmigración + imc-estrecho + fadaiat +caravana

A Page of History: Are the Powers that be taking a page of Aztec history?

New Mexico, 22.06.2006 08:39

A Page of History: Are the Powers that be taking a page out of Aztec history?

Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Crops in Santa Cruz County

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.06.2006 06:09

George Cadman, host of "Peace Talks" on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 fm, interviews Arty Mangan from the Santa Cruz County Genetic Engineering Subcommittee about the recent unanimous vote of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors to accept the Subcommittee recommendation of a Precautionary Moratorium on the planting and production of GE crops in Santa Cruz County (.pdf). Read more

audio (mp3): Interview with Arty Mangan

Franklin Shelter Residents march against turning shelter to Hotel

DC, 22.06.2006 05:09

Franklin Shelter provides housing for 275 residents. Since they are not "surplus people," Franklin Shelter cannot be surplus property. At 9AM on June 20, Franklin shelter residents marched against the Mayor's plan to replace them with hotel guests.

AWOL in Canada – Soldiers Speak Out.

LA, 22.06.2006 05:08

AWOL in Canada – Soldiers Speak Out.

WMD Found in North Dakota

Cleveland, 22.06.2006 05:07

WMD Found in North Dakota: Disarmament Begins

Anarchist Elected City Commissioner in FL

San Diego, 22.06.2006 04:16

Cara Jennings, an anarchist, has just been elected to the City Commission in Lake Worth, Florida.

Here's a link to the story:

Jennings was greatly outspent by big developers and sugar interests. Turns out people in Lake Worth don't like big developers and sugar interests.

A cuatro años de la masacre de Avellaneda

Argentina, 22.06.2006 03:38

Jornada cultural por Darío y Maxi

Eviction Resistance at The Square

United Kingdom, 22.06.2006 01:08

The Square occupied social centre, based at 21 Russell Square, will face eviction on Friday, June 23rd. A call out has been made to resist the eviction and to hold a Festival of Resistance, involving autonomous groups, social centres activists, live bands, DJ’s and participants from The Square.

The Square opened its doors on February 4th, 2006, with the aim of developing the potential of an autonomous space, encouraging a connection with its locality (mainly students and lecturers), as well as being a visible part of the movement developing alternatives to capitalism and supporting local and global struggles.

Over the past 5 months of occupation, The Square has hosted several key events and initiatives and has tried to move beyond existing just as an activist infrastructure to become a political entity. This has been done by initiating and supporting such political actions as the Stop the War march, the NoBorders demo on April 8th, and the Mayday Autonomous Bloc as part of the Euro May Day parades. The Square is also home to the No Borders detainee support office.

The Square are calling for solidarity and for people to assemble outside 21-22 Russell Square at 9am (or earlier) on Friday, 23rd June, to help resist the eviction.


Argentina, 21.06.2006 22:38

Amenazas a corresponsal de Indymedia Córdoba


Argentina, 21.06.2006 22:38

Amenazas a corresponsal de Indymedia Córdoba

Katalanisches Referendum mit Missachtung gestraft

Germany, 21.06.2006 22:38

Die Katalanen haben sich zwar am Sonntag für mehr Eigenständigkeit der Region von Spanien ausgesprochen, aber wegen der Kritik an dem Text das Referendum meist ignoriert. Nicht einmal die 50prozent Hürde wurde genommen. Nur 49,4 Prozent der mehr als 5 Millionen Wahlberechtigten nahm an der Abstimmung teil. Das waren fast 11 Prozent weniger als 1979, obwohl sie damals sogar an einem Wochentag durchgeführt wurde.

Boise Neighborhood Loses Playground to Development

Portland, 21.06.2006 19:10

The landscape is preparing to change again on North Mississippi Avenue. The Kurisu Family International, who own the Mississippi Rising Ballroom at Mississippi and Shaver are planning something big. But we arent going to talk too much about something big right now, we are going to talk about something relatively small.

NAYA, The Native American Youth Association, leased the main office in the Mississippi Rising Building for as long as I've lived here and longer. But the other week, they moved out. I have been told that they moved out due to the changing demographics of the area and them not being a welcomed addition by the new neighborhood dwellers. In the lot to the north of the Ballroom, NAYA had purchased and insured a small playground for neighborhood kids which had alot of use. This morning, when I came downstairs, it was in the process of being taken apart.

read the full article + see more pictures...

immigració (ca)

Barcelona, 21.06.2006 19:09

short caravana

ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Miami School Board Over Cuban Children’s Book Censorship

Miami, 21.06.2006 18:07

ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Miami School Board Over Cuban Children’s Book Censorship

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