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Otro caso impune de gatillo fácil

Argentina, 28.06.2006 03:08

3 años del Asesinato de Rodrigo Corzo

City Council Watch

Worcester, 28.06.2006 02:09

Worcester Indymedia's "City Council Watch"

Antiwar Leader Norma Becker ( - 2006) Was Chair of War Resisters League

Miami, 28.06.2006 02:07

Antiwar Leader Norma Becker ( - 2006) Was Chair of War Resisters League

fin huelga

Valparaiso, 28.06.2006 01:38

Martes 27 de Junio 2006 | Comunicado

Fin huelga de hambre de Jorge Opazo

CRITICAL MASS: Miami bike ride is less than 2 weeks away!

Miami, 28.06.2006 01:07

CRITICAL MASS: Miami bike ride is less than 2 weeks away!

Police Produce Misleading Statements on Tasers

Aotearoa, 28.06.2006 00:10

A Campaign Against The report of police statements about the proposed taser stun gun trial in September shows “a woeful mix of misleading statements and unsupported assurances.”

Activists Gear Up for Caravan to Cuba

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.06.2006 00:09

Over the weekend of June 24th and 25th, about a dozen Santa Cruz activists busied themselves at the Live Oak Grange sorting medical suppilies, soaps, books, pens, and automotive parts among other items, as part of the Pastors for Peace 2006 Cuba Friend-Shipment Caravan. This is the 17th year our fellow community members have challenged the travel ban to Cuba as well as the inhumane embargo on Cuba by our government. Volunteers did a quality inspection of donated supplies before loading them onto the dontated ambulance, Police SWAT wagon, and Peace Mobile. Other people put their handprints onto the vehicles to demonstrate peace, friendship and solidarity from across the sea. Read more and view photos

Audio: Santa Cruz Activists Gear Up for Caravan to Cuba

Video in Fresno: U.S. gov. does not want us to see reality of Cuba

G8: St. Petersburg 8-17.07.2006 + Camp 'Inski' 4-13.08.2006

Poland, 27.06.2006 23:09

Przeciwko spotkaniu mafiozów w St. Petersburg 15-17.07.2006, odbędzie się wolnościowe forum w Moskwie 8-12 lipca. Natomiast w trakcie szczytu przewidywany jest Globalny Dzień Akcji Przeciw G8. Aby przygotować się do przyszłorocznego spotkania, już w dniach 4-13 sierpnia 2006r. organizowany jest Camp 'Inski', czyli Anty-G8-Camping bezpośrednio nad Baltykiem, ,,w imię globalnych praw socjalnych i całkiem nowej całości!".

G8-2006: Wolnościowe forum w Moskwie 8-12 lipca + G8 15-17 lipca St Petersburg 2006r.: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
G8-2007: Anty-G8 Infotour, Wawa - 30.06.2006r:
G8-2007: G8 Camp 'Inski', nad Baltykiem - 4-13.08.2006r:

&quot;Boycott Israeli Goods&quot; National Day of Action

United Kingdom, 27.06.2006 23:08

As the British government continues to boycott Palestinians by refusing to recognise their democratically elected government, by joining the EU in a blockade of aid and by entertaining Israeli leader Ehud Olmert in London whilst bombs rain down on Gaza, activists around the country have answered a call from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign (BIG) to join a day of boycott action against Israeli apartheid.

During the day of action on Saturday, 24th June, pickets and demonstrations took place at stores selling Israeli products across the UK: in Liverpool, Brighton, Camden, Hackney, Islington, Southport, Cardiff, Darlington, Brixton, Oxford, Nottingham, Birmingham, Exeter, Halifax, Brent, Durham, Sheffield and Manchester. Concerned individuals took part in creative actions to persuade the public not to buy Israeli goods and demand that retailers do not stock them.

In Brighton campaigners picketed Waitrose calling on the corporation to adhere to its ethical buying policy by not buying goods from apartheid Israel. Another picket was held outside a highstreet store selling CATerpillar goods, who have a contract with the Israeli military for the supply of military bulldozers used in illegal demolitions of Palestinian homes. In the West Midlands activists drove a replica CATerpillar bulldozer through the high street as a creative way of highlighting the way in which CATerpillar fuels the occupation. Across London activist picketed supermarkets selling Israeli goods and delivered letters to store managers informing them of the boycott.

The actions today were part of a concerted campaign calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against apartheid Israel. Prevous actions and campaigns include:
Agrexco: Corporate Complicity in the Ethnic Cleansing of the Jordan Valley | Letting Apartheid Bloom | The Uxbridge Seven: Day One | Day Two | Seven Blockaders Acquitted
Caterpillar: Caterpillar Manchester Protest 2005 | Anniversary of Rachel Corries' Death | Caterkiller Shrewsbury Shut Down | Anti Caterpillar Motorcade | Rhythms of Resistance Anti Cat Shoes Protest | Caterpillar Trade Fair Action | Caterkiller Awarded Housewrecker of the Year | ESF Florence Action
Supermarket protests: Boycott Van | Marks and Spencers Stencilled | Repression of M&S Protesters
Academic boycott AUT Boycott | NAFTHE Boycott | CUPE Ontario | COSATU (South Africa).
Sporting boycott campaigns include Stop Arsenal supporting Israeli Apartheid | Scotland Pitch Invasions | Free Jerusalem-Stop Connex and Alstrom.

Unions and community groups show solidarity with Gillette workers

Boston, 27.06.2006 22:08

Gillette recently announced that in October it is closing part of its razorblade packaging center affecting more than a hundred jobs. The decision is the latest in a series of job cuts by Gillette's new owner, the giant multi-national conglomerate Procter & Gamble based in Cincinnati, OH.

Demonstrators Return to KFC!

Santa Barbara, 27.06.2006 22:07

On the afternoon of Friday June 23 roughly 20 demonstrators gathered outside KFC on Milpas to raise awareness about the cruel conditions that are involved in making the Colonel's secret recipe.

Photo Series From Saturday's Dublin Pride Festival

Ireland, 27.06.2006 21:08

Happy Days For All. Madame K ...

AWOL in Canada – Soldiers Speak Out.

San Diego, 27.06.2006 18:39

According to the Pentagon, nearly 6,000 U.S. soldiers are currently listed as deserters, having been AWOL for at least 30 days. It is unknown how many of these soldiers have taken refuge in Canada, but as the war continues this number is sure to increase. Indymedia contributor, FluxRostrum, has recently filmed interviews with three of these soldiers. In the videos, the soldiers tell their story uncensored and provide a view into the reality of the war not presented by corporate media.

E o controlo social chega finalmente à retrete...

Portugal, 27.06.2006 18:08

E o controlo social chega finalmente à retrete...

Bristle Collective: Bristol is NOT a part of England, It's Part of the World!

Bristol, 27.06.2006 16:08

Bristle 22 Now Out Bristle 22 Now Out The Bristle Editors write: With 'the lads on tour' at the moment in more ways than one, Bristle thought it was a good time to show that dealings with other societies don’t have to be done down the barrel of a gun, or with an inflatable bomber in your hand. The issue 22 special is all about International Solidarity, and gives space to local groups to tell you in their own words WHAT they do, and WHY they do it. Columbia Solidarity Campaign, Kiptik, Bristol Links with Nicaragua, Easton Cowgirls and Cowboys, Euskalinfo, International Prisoner Solidarity, Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Find out why these good people give precious time and effort to make a positive difference, and find out how you can make a difference too! If you like Bristle, come and get involved! We always need fresh & eager, committed long-term, volunteers for our collective. If you can write, read, edit, take photos, draw, sell, or even do DTP, we wanna hear from you. Professional experience not you may have gathered. We meet bi-weekly on Sundays at 5.30pm. Contact us at for details or check the Bristol Indymedia calendar. Full Article.| Bristle 22: Bristol is NOT a part of England! It's Part of the World | | Other Football Related Links: Lions give Coca-Cola the red card! (War on Want) | Red card to sex trade trafficking during World Cup (Amnesty) | Because they love football? Balls. |

Miami Terrorist Case: Read what the mainstream print media is saying

Miami, 27.06.2006 16:08

Miami Terrorist Case: Read what the mainstream print media is saying

Police Arrest One Demonstrator at March Against Tory Military Budget Increase

Maritimes, 27.06.2006 15:08

Halifax: Police Arrest One, Threaten Two in March Against Harper's Defence Spending Announcement

Mondiali e prostituzione

Italy, 27.06.2006 15:08

Una montatura xenofoba?

Mondiali e prostituzione

Italy, 27.06.2006 15:08

Una montatura xenofoba?

Represión en Cargo - Renault

Argentina, 27.06.2006 14:39

Más de 20 trabajadores detenidos por querer elegir delegados

Violenta represión en las puertas de Cargo-Renault

Argentina, 27.06.2006 14:39

Más de 20 trabajadores detenidos por querer elegir delegados

Pending Double-Execution Reveals Inherent Flaws in Tennessee's Death Penalty System

Tennessee, 27.06.2006 14:09

Tennessee to Kill Two Men in One Night Nashville: In the past forty-six years, the state of Tennessee has executed only one man. Now, in one day, it plans to execute two. Both Sedley Alley and Paul Dennis Reid are scheduled to die in the early morning of June 28th and both cases reveal critical flaws in Tennessee’s broken death penalty system. “This double execution unquestionably reveals more flaws with Tennessee’s administration of the death penalty,” said Randy Tatel, Executive Director of the Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing (TCASK). “In the Alley case, we have a 20-year old unreliable conviction where the state is so afraid of the truth that it refuses to release physical evidence for DNA testing. In the case of Paul Reid, we are preparing to execute a severely mentally ill, delusional individual. It shows, yet again, that Tennessee’s death penalty system is broken.”

The Wall Street Journal Calls Hugo Chavez A Threat to World Peace

Portland, 27.06.2006 12:39

You won't find commentary and language any more hostile to Hugo Chavez than on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal. Their June 23 piece by Mary Anastasia O'Grady in the Americas column is a clear, jaw-dropping example. It's practically blood-curdling in its vitriol which calls Hugo Chavez a threat to world peace. The sad part of it is Journal readers believe this stuff and are likely to support any US government efforts to remove the "threat."

The O'Grady article is about the elections scheduled to take place in the fall for five non-permanent UN Security Council seats to be held in 2007. One of them will be for the Latin American seat now held by Argentina. The two countries vying to fill the opening are Guatemala and Venezuela, and the other countries in the region will vote on which one will get it. You won't have to think long to guess the one the US supports - its Guatemalan ally, of course. And why not. For over 50 years its succession of military and civilian governments have all followed the dictates of their dominant northern neighbor. In so doing, they all managed to achieve one of the world's worst human rights records that hasn't abated even after the 1996 Peace Accords were signed ending a brutal 36 year conflict. Although the country today is nominally a democratic republic, it continues to abuse its people according to documented reports by Amnesty International. [ read more ]

"Americans for Chavez" launched

We would like to announce the launching of the "Americans for Chavez" project by Bolivarian Circle 'Chief Tierra Blanca' in Denver, Colorado and its website found online at:

Beyond organizing local solidarity activity - several projects are in the works presently - and coordinating with the larger progressive anti-imperialist camp (with an emphasis on anti-war and pro-Palestine activism), we have launched the "Americans for Chavez" website & online project to promote solidarity in cyber-space. For the record, we are in no way in competition with, or opposed to, the larger solidarity networks like the Cyber Circle. In fact our website includes multiple links to these networks and we strongly suggest that interested parties visit them as well. [ read more ]

URGENT! Student Loan Consolidation – Do it Now!!

Portland, 27.06.2006 10:39

Anyone holding student loans - even if you're still in school - should hurry to consolidate them NOW. Recent legislation passed by all those "family values, compassionate conservative" types in Congress (you know, the same ones who just gave themselves another pay raise, while killing a higher minimum wage) will significantly increase the interest rate on federal student loans on July 1st, 2006. The added cost to you could be significant.

If you've taken out your loans since July 1, 1998, your Stafford loans will all be at 4.7% variable interest right now. Because Congress decided to (partially) finance tax cuts for the very rich on the backs of students, children, and the poor, your student loan interest rate will increase this Saturday to 6.8% fixed. Not only is that a 44% increase in interest rate, but because it is fixed rather than variable, you will no longer benefit if interest rates drop in the future!


Portland, 27.06.2006 10:09

On June 23, 2006 the Knob Timber Sale lost on all counts in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Knob is one of three old growth timber sales making up a "mega-sale" on the undammed wild and scenic Salmon River of Siskiyou County, CA. After years in court, the Knob sale will soon be auctioned and slated for cut there after. Some of the last intact oldgrowth forest in the United States can be found in these public-land timber sales. The old growth on the banks of the Salmon River will not fall without a fight as our salmon go extint.

In 2003 activists came together to stop the cumulative effects of the Glassups, Knob, and Meteor Timber Sales. That year, forest defenders rose up in three tree-sits in the Glassups sale. Although Glassups fell, the Knob auction was held off till now, a huge victory! But the struggle continues - Forest defenders of the Salmon River are committed to fighting the Knob sale through direct action! We are a diverse and colorful group of local concerned community members as well as activists from all over the country. The movement fighting to stop harmful and un-lawful logging is a multi-limbed creature. When the "arm" of litigation tires... the now rested and muscular arm of direct action re-emerges.

Faire la fête au pied des tours de Droixhe

Liege, 27.06.2006 09:07

Workers Rights

Perth, 27.06.2006 08:09

Say No to Unfair Worklaws: Take Action

Ontruimingsgolf amsterdam 27 juni

Netherlands, 27.06.2006 08:08

Vandaag staan er weer meerdere gekraakte panden op de nominatie om ontruimt te worden. Namelijk de volgende zover bekend:
Looiersgracht 82
Keizersgracht 231 a
Ceintuurbaan nr. ?
Frederik Hendrikstraat 79 hs
Van Hallstraat 110 t/m 114
's Gravelandseveer 2.

Medio Oriente: sigue el terrorismo de estado

Argentina, 27.06.2006 03:38

Israel asesina 22 palestinos en una semana y PROHIBE los trabajadores por la paz

&quot;Aspirational Rather than Operational&quot; - 7 Arrested in Miami Terror Plot

Miami, 27.06.2006 02:37

7 Arrested in Miami Terror Plot - "Aspirational Rather than Operational"

Australian Union protests

Melbourne, 26.06.2006 23:40

National Day of Protest Against WorkChoices

Major Flooding

Cleveland, 26.06.2006 22:07

Major Flooding in Greater Cleveland Area

Medical Professionals Ask OSU To Stop Its Torture

Cleveland, 26.06.2006 21:37

Medical Professionals Ask OSU To Stop Its Torture

El genocidio de El Frontón 1986-2006 : Ni olvido ni perdón

Peru, 26.06.2006 20:39

Lunes 26 junio 2006| El genocidio de El Frontón 1986-2006
Ni olvido ni perdón.

G8 2006 in St. Petersburg - Kein ruhiges Gipfeltreffen!

Switzerland, 26.06.2006 20:07

Dieses Jahr wird der G8 vom 15. bis 17. Juli in Strelna, einem Vorort von St. Petersburg, Russland stattfinden. Aufgrund der schwierigen Situation vor Ort, wird eine Verhinderung des Gipfels schwierig werden. Trotzdem und gerade deswegen ist grosser und breiter Widerstand wichtig - wenn Putin zeigen kann, dass mit ein wenig mehr Repression keine Proteste stattfinden, werden sich andere Regierungen davon sicher "inspirieren" lassen.

Trotz der schwierigen Situation vor Ort, ist in den letzten paar Monaten in Russland einiges an Widerstand gegen den G8-Gipfel und dem kapitalistischen System entstanden, Menschen haben sich organisiert und mit anderen vernetzt. Aufgrund der enormen staatlichen Repression sollte eine Anreise früh und gut geplant sein.

Es ist jedoch einiges an Widerstand und Aktionen geplant und den G8 entgegen zu treten ist auch dieses Jahr in St. Petersburg wichtig! So hat eine Velokarawane (aktuelle Reports) am 2. Juni Berlin verlassen und ist auf dem Weg nach St. Petersburg. Ab 8. Juli beginnen Aktionen und Gegengipfel, eine (unvollständige) Liste von Gegenaktionen in der Übersicht.

Links: Indymedia Russland | Indymedia Videos Russland | | Gipfelsoli | | nog8 Russland | | | Reclaim The Commons | | weitere

Glasgow Residents Network Takes To The Streets

Scotland, 26.06.2006 17:41

Glasgow residents today came together to protest agains the running down of their communities and the huge bils many are now facing as a result of Glasgow Housing Association factoring charges.

Elderly suffer under IR reform

Melbourne, 26.06.2006 14:40

Elderly to Suffer Under WorkChoices

Berlin: Demo gegen ausufernde Überwachung

Germany, 26.06.2006 14:38

Am Nachmittag des gestrigen 17. Juni demonstrierten ca. 250 Leute für "Freiheit statt Sicherheitswahn".

Whaling bribery

Melbourne, 26.06.2006 14:12

Japan Fails to Overturn Commercial Whaling Ban at IWC

AUDIO FILE: Interview With Lt. Ehren Watada

Rogue Valley, 26.06.2006 14:11

Jim Lockhart is a long time video contributor to PDX Indymedia and shares his work with Rogue IMC. Listen to this very important interview. -Wes Brain, RIMC volunteer

A 10 minute interview with Lt. Ehren Watada, U.S. army officer who has refused written orders for Iraq War deployment. This interview was conducted by Courtney Scott ( Lt. Watada was in Portland last Saturday, June 17, 2006.

Many thanks to Courtney Scott for producing this interview. This file is 10 minutes in length.

For RealPlayer Stream:

For MP3

Clarksville Community Comes Together in Memory of Civil Rights Activist

Tennessee, 26.06.2006 13:09

The Hispanic Organization for Progress and Education (HOPE), and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), along with the Clarksville Korean American Association have joined the Clarksville Montgomery County Community in support of slain civil rights activist, Juan Vasquez, Sr., and his son, Thomas Vasquez. Juan was the founder of H.O.P.E. and served as the Hispanic liaison for the Clarksville NAACP. Mr. Vasquez was an advocate for education for our Hispanic youth. He organized a protest march in support of our schools that helped convince County Commissioners to give more funding toward the school systems budget. Juan also was a driving force and advocate for the newly established Hispanic Cultural Center on the campus of Austin Peay State University. As vice chair for the Clarksville Human Relations Commission, Juan planned to introduce state legislation in support of rights and equality for all Hispanics regardless of legal status.

Movimento pelos Direitos dos Imigrantes nasce e cresce nas ruas do Porto

Portugal, 26.06.2006 11:08

Movimento pelos Direitos dos Imigrantes nasce e cresce nas ruas do Porto

Indymedia a besoin de vous!

Switzerland, 26.06.2006 10:07

Depuis plusieurs mois la page romande de Indymedia Suisse a des problèmes d'adminstration. Les features ne sont plus mis à jour ou sont des traductions de La modération de la page français, pendant ces mois, est fait par les autres collectives editorielles.

Beaucoup des appels aux admins de ont été envoyés des collectives et dans plusieurs periodes, malheuresement sans réponse.

Evidemment cette situation ne peut pas continuer. On demande à qui visite et poste sur, et il y en a beaucoup du monde ici, à DEVENIR ADMIN.

Indymedia Suisse devienne toujours plus grande, les pages sont toujours plus visités, on peut facilement le voir dés le nombre des posts, et la Romandie doit continuer à avoir sa propre page indymedia!

Ecrivez à ou dans le IRC channel #switzerland, pour prendre contact. Le lieu de discussion et la liste imc-suisse-romande s'inscrivez vous la et commencez la discussion!

Dont hate the media, be the media

Prometheus Radio Project Calls for Quick Action on Senate Bill 2866

United States, 26.06.2006 07:37

Prometheus Radio Project is calling for supporters of independent community-based media to take quick action on Senate Bill 2686, a big telecommunications bill that covers everything from who controls your local cable company to how fast and open your access to the internet is. Some of the bill, the proposed Communications, Consumer's Choice, and Broadband Deployment Act of 2006, is problematic, but some of the amendments are positive - including one introduced by Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona that would expand low power FM (LPFM) radio -- one hundred watt community radio stations used by churches, schools, and community groups around the United States. The bill could be voted on next week.

For more information and to get your Senator's phone number, visit: or

Read the amendment

Neuer Torpedo auf baskischen Friedensprozess

Germany, 26.06.2006 06:38

Die baskische Untergrundorganisation ETA hat in einem Schreiben an die spanische Bevölkerung gestern (heute) erklärt, die dauernde Repression sei mit einem Friedensprozess unvereinbar. Am Dienstag wurden im spanischen und französischen Baskenland erneut 12 Personen verhaftet. Die sollen einem Netzwerk der ETA angehören, über das die bewaffnete Organisation angeblich die "Revolutionssteuer" eintreibe. Das ganze beruht auf Ermittlungen, die auf 1998 zurückgehen. Dass jetzt zugeschlagen wurde, hängt mit der Ankündigung über Verhandlungen zusammen und sollen den Friedensprozess torpedieren.

Mehr: Übersicht Baskenlandartikel | PSOE will Batasuna-Inhaftierungen verhindern (01.06.) | Baskischer Friedensprozess spaltet Spanien (07.06.)

Survey of residents losing homes to gentrification

Portland, 26.06.2006 05:39

Two concerned Portlanders took some time today to interview residents affected by the planned demolition of the Rosefriend Apartment building next to the Park Blocks downtown, to find out their thoughts on the impending loss of their homes and the destruction of this historic Portland building.

What’s Next for the Palestinians - Starvation?

DC, 26.06.2006 05:09

Since 01/06, when the Palestinians elected a Hamas-dominated government, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have accelerated their brutal treatment. After Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert, appeared before the lapdog U.S. Congress on May 31, 2006, the IOF also slaughtered 32 Palestinians, including 10 children. On 06/23/06, Tim Rothermel and Laila El-Haddad, at a Capitol Hill forum, warned that the Palestinians may, eventually, face starvation, too.

Kid Sunday #6

DC, 26.06.2006 05:09

Kid Sunday on the metro

Medical Professionals Ask OSU

Cleveland, 26.06.2006 05:07

Medical Professionals Ask OSU To Stop Its Torture

Peter Mackay on Candid Camera: Indymedia Direct Action

Maritimes, 26.06.2006 04:18

New Video: Peter Mackay pursued throughout halls, streets of Halifax

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