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indymedia film festival 6-15th July

United Kingdom, 03.07.2006 20:08

Not been invited to the G8 this year?

Never mind, indymedia's hosting an eight day film festival in London venues with no obligation to buy a gallon of Coke or a bucket of popcorn.

Worcester World Cup

Worcester, 03.07.2006 18:39

Worcester World Cup Announced

9/11 Con in Los Angeles

LA, 03.07.2006 18:09

9/11 Con in Los Angeles

Independance Day, Fireworks or Revolution?

Portland, 03.07.2006 16:38

Portland Can't Wait for July 4th Action! Portland Can't Wait, a group of autonomous individuals in the Portland area, seeking unique andeffective ways of promoting change in the current state of affairs, invites you to ring in the 4th of July with some style, as we host a funeral/memorial service for the United States Constitution. We encourage all citizens to exercise their right of liberty to remember the United States Constitution and reclaim the Declaration of Independence. The program begins at 7:00pm at Peace Memorial Park (N. Interstate & N.E. Oregon St), with waterfront procession to follow. read the full article...

Announcing the Portland Troops Home Fast kickoff! Code Pink is calling for a national hunger strike against the Iraq occupation. Beginning July 4th, people will be fasting in front of the White House and at congressional offices, at recruiting stations and churches, at festivals and parades around the country. This open-ended hunger strike aims to galvanize public attention, invigorate the peace movement, build pressure on elected officials, and get our troops back home FAST! The goal is to get Congresspersons to sign onto the most forward-thinking bill to bring our troops home, which has been introduced in both the Senate and the House: Senate Congressional Resolution 93 and House Congressional Resolution 348. These bills demand no permanent bases in Iraq, no US control of the flow of Iraqi oil, and the troops out of Iraq by the end of the year.

why a hunger strike?

related links: Documents or "goddamned piece(s) of paper(s)" that all should read for Independence | July 4th...Before We Begin... | What to Black People is the 4th of July? | Cindy Sheehan to provoke the Second American Revolution July 4th, 2006-Hunger Strike

‘Can’t You Find Reverse?’ - ESB Blockade Bantry Farmers.

Ireland, 03.07.2006 15:08

‘Why boasteth thyself, O evil men … playing smart ...


Worcester, 03.07.2006 13:39

Worcester Indymedia On the Move

M.A.D. Pro-War Demonstration

Scotland, 03.07.2006 12:39

Militarism Always Delivers, the pro-war pressure group comprised of distinguished politicians and big-business leaders, joined the pro-military rally in Aberdeen on Saturday morning to welcome the Highlanders regiment back from their highly profitable war in Iraq. They marched with the parade through Union Street and made their support for the troops known during the ‘Freedom of the City’ ceremony, stopping to play ‘Risk’, the game of world domination, during the ceremony.

4F Denuncian malos tratos

Argentina, 03.07.2006 07:09

Barcelona: Los detenidos llevan 15 días de huelga de hambre

Denuncian malos tratos

Argentina, 03.07.2006 06:39

Barcelona: Los detenidos llevan 15 días de huelga de hambre

From the Newswire

Perth, 03.07.2006 05:40

Perth Indymedia - Defeats Channel Seven - Banner-drop Magic at Perth Entertainment Centre

Day 1 Liberty City Seven Trial: The government’s first witness takes the stand.

Miami, 03.07.2006 04:37

Day 1 Liberty City Seven Trial: The government’s first witness takes the stand.

A Revolution in Oaxaca

New Mexico, 03.07.2006 02:40

A Revolution in Oaxaca


Colombia, 03.07.2006 01:09


Cops Arrest Seven Peace Activists at Taste of Chicago

Chicago, 02.07.2006 23:09

Seven members of local peace projects, including Code Pink Chicago, the Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism, the Chicago Coalition Opposed to the Militarization of Youth, and the Latino counter-recruitment project CAMI – were arrested on Sunday, July 2 for handing out counter-recruitment flyers and talking to the public near a military recruiters’ booth at the Taste of Chicago.

The arrests occurred at around 2:30 PM, and came in the wake of days of harassment of peace activists by the CPD at the Taste, as well as similar kinds of harassment and several incidents of physical aggression by cops against antiwar activists at the Blues Fest in June. Full Story

Related Links: National Lawyers Guild - Chicago | NLG: Know Your Rights - For Demonstrators at Protests (PDF)

Demolições na Quinta da Vitória

Portugal, 02.07.2006 19:38

Demolições na Quinta da Vitória

Billboards of Bristol: 'Torn Down' and 'Subverted'

Bristol, 02.07.2006 19:08

summary Bristol continues to see a spate of both the 'subversion' of billboards - whereby the orginal message is altered to send out a radical new one - as well as their outright 'vandalism' in order to, apparently, remove this controversial form of advertising from our communities altogether. What are your views on these tactics and techniques? You can add to the debate by adding your comments to the various relevant articles linked to below...Tim Burton writes (in relation to 'tearing down' the billboards): Bristol residents have had enough… we are tearing down billboards! We are Bristol residents, sick of advertising hoardings making a mess of our streets, cluttering our skylines and blocking our views. Bristol residents have complained for years about these billboards, erected against our wishes but the Council won’t listen. We are taking non-violent direct action to tear down and remove unwanted billboards from our communities... As the Council continues to allow companies to erect billboards it continues to clamp down on “anti-social vandals” who spray “graffiti”. However often graffiti is the only option, the only way alienated individuals can express themselves in our society. What is commonly called “art” is in reality elitist, confined to sterile galleries which only display work from “artists” privileged enough to go through art school, only to be viewed by those who can afford it. The real vandals are the advertisers who erected these billboards without our permission, often without even planning permission. Full ArticleRecent Articles (add your comments): Anti war subvert | Subvertising on Church Road | Tearing down the billboards... | Because they love football? Balls. | Also Of Interest: New Banksy Art |Contribute An Article

Mexico's Continuing Revolution: A Dispatch

San Diego, 02.07.2006 18:38

Whether the election is stolen or not, the Mexican people and its continuing revolution will be strengthened today.

Today, Mexicans will move to the left. They have no choice. The forces of greed and privilege continue to exploit workers, destroy the rural economy (under U.S. dominated trade laws), and stands poised to hand over to foreign corporate control all of Mexico's natural resources - oil, gas, water, and, even, the land itself.

The big question for this evening, will be whether the Mexican power structure will allow democracy to work; whether they will turn over the Presidency to Andres Manuel Lopez Obredor.

Anti-immigrant minutemen Plan to March in Local 4th of July Parades

LA, 02.07.2006 17:38

Anti-immigrant minutemen Plan to March in Local 4th of July Parades

Lula anuncia padrão de Tv Digital

Brasil, 02.07.2006 16:38


Felco no Brasil

Brasil, 02.07.2006 16:08


La Otra Consulta Mexicana de Los Angeles

LA, 02.07.2006 16:08

La Otra Consulta Mexicana de Los Angeles

Rob Los Ricos Greets Supporters After Seven Years Behind Bars

Portland, 02.07.2006 14:38

On Saturday, Rob "Los Ricos" Thaxton spoke face to face with his supporters for the first time since being released from Oregon State Penitentiary on Thursday, June 29.

Rob greeted those gathered at Portland's Laughing Horse Books with individual hellos and handshakes, stating repeatedly how overwhelmed and happy he felt to be released. He spent most of the evening taking questions from supporters, who mostly wanted to hear about his day-to-day life behind bars. Rob said he spent most of his time writing letters. "It helped me remember who I was," he said. "It saved my life."

read the full article...

related: Background On Rob's Case | Rob's Last Communique from Prison | Announcement for Laughing Horse Event

Another SOCPA travesty

United Kingdom, 02.07.2006 13:08

When is a demonstration not a demonstration? That's a question that SOCPA followers have been asking for almost a year now, with ever more people coming before the judge as Serious Criminals. Since Brian Haw's protest was trashed early in the morning of 23rd May by 50 police there have been many reports of challenges to the Act's restriction on protest and its uneven enforcement by the police.

Starting with a guilty verdict for one protester there was a report on Brian's diminished display. A 'forgotten' protester in Parliament Square was removed to Colnbrook and faces deportation. There was a 'day of seriously disorganised police farce' then a violent SOCPA arrest outside Downing street followed by a successful challenge to SOCPA. Is carrying a 'Vanity Fair' article 'politically motivated' material which is likely to get you arrested? Finally, the illegal protest by the Institute of Directors and 'One SOCPA for them, another SOCPA for us'.

More from Newswire Article

High Court has Ruled: Bush is a War Criminal

Portland, 02.07.2006 10:40

The whole top administration, from Commander in Chief George W. Bush on down, is guilty of war crimes. The punishment for committing war crimes ranges from a lengthy jail sentence to, in the event the crimes in question caused the death of any prisoners being held, to death. And there have been many deaths among those who have been held and tortured on orders of the administration--most recently the three suicides at Guantanamo, which included on man who had only three days earlier been targeted for release (but who never learned this because government's secrecy and tight security prevented his attorneys at the Center for Constitutional Rights from getting the news to him).


related: Illegal: US Supreme Court's ruling of Torture Bay

HOPE Health Care initiative and my petitioning experience

Portland, 02.07.2006 10:40

The HOPE initiative is a proposed Amendment to the Oregon Constitution that would make access to health care a basic right. It gives the legislature until the year 2009 to adopt a plan that would ensure all Oregonians had access to health care...

I was out less than an hour and collected 12 signatures from my neighbors. I got to meet some cool folks who recently moved in and talked to a few neighbors about starting a tool sharing group. The response was extremely positive and I plan to at least 38 more by Monday. That would be 50 signatures to help the cause.

AUDIO FILE: Rally Supporting Lt. Ehren Watada

Portland, 02.07.2006 10:40

From Viet Nam veterans to elders, all speak from their heart about the senselessness and tragedy of this war. One woman has a son now stationed in Iraq; another young man says that Watada is standing up for the Constitution in his refusal to report to fight an illegal war; an elderly woman speaks of the Trials at Nuremberg, which ruled that "following orders" does not excuse one from the guilt of his actions; another women questions why a person can't agree with a policy at first, but then change their minds later when they are in possession of the facts.

Tongan activist rams gate of King's Auckland Residency

Aotearoa, 02.07.2006 10:11

Early yesterday morning prominent Tongan democracy activist Alani Fisher Taione drove his car into the front gate of the Tongan King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV's Auckland residency and then set it on fire.

Do you need help with your nicotine addiction?

Portland, 02.07.2006 09:40

I used to run a company that taught 1000's of Portlanders to stop smoking using a combination of powerful techniques based on rational emotive therapy and cognitive restructuring. I myself used this program 15 years ago to deal with my own 20-year addiction to nicotine. The program used to be offered through every major medical center here in Portland and was known by the names BreatheFree and/or ASPIRE.

Unfortunately we closed in 1998 when the government allowed the pharmaceutical companies to sell nicotine patches and gum as a treatment for nicotine addiction. This makes about as much sense as treating heroin addiction with heroin gum or patches.

NW Heat Wave: Heat Survival Tips

Portland, 02.07.2006 09:40

Every year people die from heat. Summer heat can be a killer if you do not understand the ways of the sun. There are things you should know about heat and health. For instance, waiting until you are thirsty is not a way to gauge dehydration. Waiting until your skin is pink is not a way to gauge whether you are getting sunburned. It is considerably hotter (up to 30 degrees hotter) at ground level, than if you are sitting up a foot off the ground... [ read more ]

NW Heat Wave: Sunburn Remedies

As a fair-skinned, red-headed kid growing up in Los Angeles and Baja, sunburn was a regular part of my childhood. Chemical sprays were not effective and mainstream America was ignorant of aloe's properties. Once back in L.A., after a week in San Felipe, I had bright red burning skin and a sun blister on my eye which made it hard to close. A family friend suggested I smear pickle juice on my skin and hold a pickle on the blister. Desperate, I did it. Immediately, my skin stopped stinging and the blister went down. I stank but I was no longer hurting. [ read more ]

Portland Mercury contributing to Patriarchal bullshit (Again)

Portland, 02.07.2006 09:40

The cover is marking the 4th of July (Strike One against the paper for celebrating imperial jingoism) and features a young man and a young woman in RedWhite&Blue swimming suits posed so that it looks like the man is -- to use street parlance -- about to mount her doggie-style. (Please read that entire last clause in 'scare quotes'.) This is Strike Two, of course.

I've got nothing against any particular sexual position that is enjoyed between consenting adults. Hell, I enjoy as many as I can. However, the graphical representation of such in our society has an undeniably deleterious effect on women. AND men, actually, as Patriarchy makes life miserable for everyone, but the near constant degradation of women in the media, on the street, through laws, and in schools and at jobs -- not a complete list -- is a syndrome that demands attention of its own.

Emergency Protest Against Assault On Palestinians

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.07.2006 07:08

On Monday July 3rd there will be an emergency protest in San Francisco against the U.S.-Israeli assault on Palestinians. The protest will be at 4:30 PM in front of the Israeli Consulate at 456 Montgomery St.

U.S.-supplied F-16 fighter-bombers have destroyed the main power station in Gaza and destroyed bridges on the only major roads linking the northern and southern sections of the region. Round-the-clock Israeli artillery shelling is taking place. Most of the people of Gaza are now without water and electricit. Israel has also arrested a third of the members of the Palestinian Authority governing body.

distintas organizaciones reclaman el cierre

Argentina, 02.07.2006 05:09

Piquete al CEAMSE

bukidnon killing fields

QC, 02.07.2006 04:39

PHILIPPINES: Local governor belies PDSP claims of communist atrocities in Bukidnon

all-out war

QC, 02.07.2006 04:39

Bishop Says Arroyo's All-out War Promotes Death

Rep. John Murtha's speech at the Town Hall Meeting on Iraq

Miami, 02.07.2006 04:15

Rep. John Murtha's speech at the Town Hall Meeting on Iraq

The Declaration of Peace: Take Action to End the US War in Iraq!

Miami, 02.07.2006 04:15

The Declaration of Peace: Take Action to End the US War in Iraq!

TroopsHomeFast in front of the White House July 4th

Miami, 02.07.2006 02:37

TroopsHomeFast in front of the White House July 4th

San Diego Critical Mass - June Interviews

San Diego, 02.07.2006 00:38

The last friday of every month, cyclists from over 400 cities worldwide participate in Critical Mass, a group bicycle ride. To many riders, Critical Mass is a leaderless celebration of cycling and other responsible forms of transportation. To others, it is a way to reclaim the streets for social interaction and fun, rather than being locked away and isolated in cars. To still others, Critical Mass is a way to feel safe as a cyclist on the streets by riding together in a group. And for some, Critical Mass is a protest against the car culture that is polluting the air, causing global warming and consuming natural resources that formed over millions of years in little more than a century.

The past few months of San Diego Critical Mass have seen disagreements about its goals and how to interact with drivers and pedestrians. As with almost any endeavor in our macho, competitive culture, only the loudest, most privileged voices tend to be heard. In an attempt to provide an outlet for a broader spectrum of opinion, I talked to 13 riders prior to June Critical Mass.

Adolfo Cárdenas, organización mapuche Meli Wixan Mapu

Argentina, 02.07.2006 00:38

“Sin movilización ninguna iniciativa por la libertad de los presos tendrá éxito”

juicio etcheco

Argentina, 01.07.2006 23:08

Adolfo Cárdenas, Organización Meli Wixan Mapu

Argentina, 01.07.2006 22:08

“Sin movilización ninguna iniciativa por la
libertad de los presos tendrá éxito”

Situación actual de Romina Tejerina

Argentina, 01.07.2006 22:08

Los caminos de Romina

Santa Extends Debate Invitation To Tulsa Police Chief Dave Been

Oklahoma, 01.07.2006 22:07

Santa Vs. The Chief: A Debate on Bicycling in Tulsa Traffic Santa Vs. The Chief: A Debate on Bicycling in Tulsa Traffic Santa Vs. The Chief: A Debate on Bicycling in Tulsa Traffic As the result of a order by the Tulsa Police Department Santa Task Force to exit Highway 169 in Tulsa on 9 June, Santa extends a debate invitation to the Tulsa Police Chief Dave Been on the last Friday of July, 28th. The evening will begin approximately 1915 with a weenie roast for the Chief and his security detail on the front yard of Independent Candidate for Tulsa Mayor 2010, Paul Tay. E-mail for directions. Courtesy admission for Tulsa residents only. Motor vehicle parking available only at Whiteside Park, Highland Park, Patrick Henry Elementary, or Reasor's at 41st and Yale. At promptly 2015, Santa vs. The Chief: The Debate on Bicycling will begin with a moderator asking questions submitted by the public during the weenie roast. If the Chief is no-show, a stand-in actor will perform on his behalf. At 2045 or dusk, CineGrafique, , will screen Still We Ride, . Viewers must bring a small personal FM radio to receive audio on Pimp Radio FM 107.3.  

Oil Free Congress Event

Oklahoma, 01.07.2006 22:07

Big Oil Money Must Get Out of Government announcement 63rd & N. Western 28 Jun 05:30 PM We'll be handing out leaflets to motorists as they fill up, telling them about the millions of dollars oil companies have poured into Congress and the need for an "oil free congress. Also holding signs for passing traffic. We have now obtained a permit! This location is ideal since it's across from Chesapeake too! MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION MEDIA ADVISORY FOR: CONTACT: Darla Shelden WEDNESDAY, June 28, 2006 405/840-0244 or 405/623-0882c *** Press Event Wed., June 28, 5:30 PM***At Oklahoma City Gas Station, Local Residents To Expose Republican Congress as “Caught Red Handed” Taking Big Oil Money, Doing Big Oil’s Bidding As Gas Prices Rise, National Day of Action Will Call For Clean Energy Policy & Change In Congress In 250 Locations, Voters Will Call on Congress to Stop Taking Campaign Money From Big Oil [Oklahoma City, OK] – On Wednesday, June 28, residents of Oklahoma City will hold a Rally For An Oil-Free Congress at a local gas station, where they will expose Republicans in Congress as “caught red-handed” accepting campaign contributions from Big Oil companies and then doing their bidding. This is part of a National Day of Action that will feature events in over 250 locations around the country. As families across the country prepare to travel for July 4, rising gas prices are a big concern. Big Oil companies have spent millions in campaign contributions to get Republicans to hand over billions in taxpayer subsidies. Republicans have consistently rejected Democratic attempts to move toward energy independence and a national clean energy policy – instead voting to keep America dependent on oil and subsidize Big Oil at a time of record profits. “Gas prices are soaring out of control, and that affects my family’s budget in a big way,” said [LOCAL RESIDENT]. “One big reason we haven’t moved toward energy independence is that Republicans in Congress are in the pockets of Big Oil – taking millions in campaign contributions, then giving billions in favors. It’s time for change in Congress.” Since 1990, Big Oil has given more than $190 million to members of Congress – 75% of which ($142,635,314) has gone to Republicans. Republicans have then consistently done the bidding of Big Oil, rejecting Democratic proposals for clean energy. Caught Red-Handed “Rally for an Oil-Free Congress” Details: Who: MoveOn members in Oklahoma City Where: Diamond Shamrock, Corner of 63rd and N. Western When: Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 5:30 PM What: Local residents demand Republicans stop taking campaign contributions from Big Oil companies & that Congress moves toward clean energy Available for phone interview: Nita Chaudhary, National Political Action spokesperson. Contact Trevor Fitzgibbon, 202.246.5303 Excellent visuals. Residents at local gas stations with signs and flyers, talking with fellow residents about Republican Big Oil campaign contributions and corrupt Big Oil agenda. ////  

Liberty City Seven: Say What You Want, But Watch What You Say

Miami, 01.07.2006 20:37

Liberty City Seven: Say What You Want, But Watch What You Say

Last Rights Parade and Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.07.2006 19:39

Last Rights Parade and Protest

Wednesday, July 5th
Police Station Courtyard

Wear black. Bring signs.

Bring an instrument, drum,
or resonant piece of refuse.

Press Conference at 2:00pm
O n July 5th, the new SCPD policy on police spying goes into effect. Under the new rules, even if you are engaged in constitutionally protected first amendment activities, Santa Cruz police will still be able to videotape you inside or outside of your home, audio record you, listen to your phone calls, look at the mail you are receiving, read your email, make notes about your organization, tail you, monitor your website, subscribe to your email lists, and examine your membership lists.

The city has fallen down on its promise to pass a policy providing protections for our first amendment rights. They resisted. They were dragged kicking and screaming to the issue. They stonewalled. They sidelined the ACLU. They lied. Then they told us they'd done their job and that everything was okay.

Working within the system is not working.

Nothing less than our First Amendment rights to free expression and right to privacy are at risk here. We will never accept police spying on our political and community groups and activities. Read more

see also: Reportback of Santa Cruz Police Spying Policy Process || Text of Police Spying Law (pdf) || Spying Scandal Speak Out || June 27th Letter by Mark Schlosberg of the Northern California ACLU to City Manager Dick Wilson and the City Council (pdf)

previous coverage of Santa Cruz police spying: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


Italy, 01.07.2006 19:08

Le sinistre manovre dei governanti abruzzesi


Italy, 01.07.2006 17:38

Le sinistre manovre dei governanti abruzzesi

The Pursuit of Happiness, IAlternative Indypendence Day Events

LA, 01.07.2006 16:38

The Pursuit of Happiness, Alternative Indypendence Day Events

Fast and Vigil Against the Death Penalty

DC, 01.07.2006 16:09

he 13th annual fast and vigil against the death penalty -- Starvin' for Justice -- began yesterday, the anniversary of the 1972 Furman v. Georgia decision in which the U.S. Supreme Court found the death penalty to be applied in an arbitrary and capricious manner. It will run through the end of the day on Sunday, the anniversary of the July 2, 1976 Gregg v. Georgia decision allowing the death penalty to resume.

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