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Davant la visita del papa a València

Valencia, 05.07.2006 19:07

Grassy Gathering

Thunder Bay, 05.07.2006 18:07

Earth Justice Gathering at Grassy Narrows as NWO forest crisis looms

Village Gardens Celebrates Receipt of USDA Grant

Portland, 05.07.2006 17:39

Join U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer and City Commissioner Erik Sten to announce Janus Youth Programs receipt of a three-year Community Food Security Projects grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Village Gardens, a Janus Youth Program, works in partnership with neighborhood residents, public and private donors, and community businesses to reduce hunger and build economic independence by growing food on 56,000 square feet of land.

Funding from the USDA marks Village Gardens' expansion from 7,000 square feet of gardens in the St. Johns Woods public housing community to two additional sites: the Seeds of Harmony garden at New Columbia and Tamaracks, and the Food Works Farm, a youth-run entrepreneurial business on one acre of land on Sauvie Island. The ceremony will be held on Thursday, July 6th, 10AM, at the Seeds of Harmony garden site.

read the full article...

Bulldozers back at the Farm! Need witnesses!

San Diego, 05.07.2006 16:38


The bulldozers have entered the South Central Farm. Activists have jumped the fence to commit civil disobedience. One person has been arrested. The activists are asking that people go to the farm (at Alameda and 41st) to bear witness to the arrests. (posted 8:32 AM)

updates at

On Independence Day, Communities Call for Peace, Protest Hypocrisy

United States, 05.07.2006 16:37

» Los Angeles, CA: Immigrants & allies balk as Mayor Villaraigosa rides in 4th of July Parade with minutemen

» Philadelphia: Protesters support arrestee Clara Grady and call for an end to the war in Iraq

» Portland, OR: Portland Can't Wait hosts a funeral/memorial service for the US Constitution

» San Diego: JULIO 4000 campaign hangs a white flag for each of the 4,000 people who have died crossing through the borderlands since Operation Gatekeeper began in 1994

» Urbana/Champaign, IL: Contingent joins the Freedom Parade to call for Troops Home Now

» Washington, DC: Two arrested as they try to bring a message of peace to the Independence Day parade

National: Code Pink launches "Troops Home Fast" Hunger Strikes DC Report Portland Report

Related: Documents or "goddamned piece(s) of paper(s)" that all should read for Independence | July 4th...Before We Begin... | What to Black People is the 4th of July? | What to the Youth is the 4th of July? | Cindy Sheehan to provoke the Second American Revolution July 4th, 2006-Hunger Strike

CRITICAL MASS: Miami bike ride is this Saturday July 8th

Miami, 05.07.2006 16:07

CRITICAL MASS: Miami bike ride is this Saturday July 8th


LA, 05.07.2006 15:38



Colombia, 05.07.2006 14:39


Resistance! G20 meeting in Melbourne in November

Aotearoa, 05.07.2006 13:10

The 2006 G20 meeting of finance ministers, reserve bank governors and heads of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) will take place in Melbourne on November 18-19 this year. This will be the most significant gathering in Melbourne of people responsible for pushing corporate-led globalisation, neoliberalism and capitalism since the World Economic Forum in 2000. The campaign against the G20 was launched on 4th July. You can join an email list to find out about "activities, events, forums, workshops and ways of becoming involved in organising protest activities (and promoting alternatives!) in the build-up to the 2006 G20 meeting." Links: | G20 | Melbourne Indymedia

La masacre continua en Palestina

Euskal Herria, 05.07.2006 13:08

Bear Butte

Cleveland, 05.07.2006 13:07

Bear Butte, Sacred Mountain of Traditional Native People in Danger

Third Trial of PitStop Ploughshares Begins in Four Courts

Ireland, 05.07.2006 12:38

Anti-war activists on trial in the Four Courts thi ...

G8 Summit St.Petersburg, Russia ahead

United Kingdom, 05.07.2006 11:08

From July 15th to 17th the G8 will meet in Strelna, a suburb of St.Petersburg, Russia.

While the Situation for protest in Russia is very different (Interview) from the UK during the G8 in Gleneagles, the "Network against the G8" calls for protest against the summit and invites people from around the world to come to Russia.

Russian authorities have already tried to show strength against possible protests ( see police repression against gay/lesbian demo in May and repression reported by activists of Network Against G8‭.

A cycle caravan has already started from Berlin to St.Petersburg. (reports and photos) There will be a libertarian forum in Moscow 8-12 of July as a build up event for protests in St. Petersburg. Main issues of the forum will be energy issues, and G8 plans for a nuclear power renaissance.

On 14th of July there is a call for a Global Day of Action. In many cities of the world there will be protests against neo-liberal politics of the G8. There are actions announced for Washington, Manchester, Berlin, Hamburg , Manila and many other cities.

In Mali the "forum des peuples" will take place from July 15th-17th.

Environmental groups call for an action day for Radical Ecological Action Against Climate Change on July 15th.

During the days of the summit there will be a social forumin St. Petersburg and a convergence space in the Kirov stadium (with an autonomous space).

See the protest calendar for details.

More Info: Info Bulltin #2, Travel Info , Moscow Survival Guide
Links: | | |
international mailing list:

Mayor Villaraigosa Rides in 4th of July Parade with Minutemen

LA, 05.07.2006 07:38

Mayor Villaraigosa Rides in 4th of July Parade with Minutemen


Argentina, 05.07.2006 07:08

"Quiero saber dónde están los restos de mi hija"

Mel and Floyd, June 23, 2006

Madison, 05.07.2006 05:08

Cats, rats and the parasites that love them...

Midwest Renewable Energy Fair. Custer, Wis - Interviews

Madison, 05.07.2006 05:08

From the Mike Cannon Show. IndyMedia Radio for Central Wis.

Frank Jude Jr. files civil suit in police brutality case

Madison, 05.07.2006 05:08

“I am filing this claim to allow me to get back what the police officers took from my family and me,” said Jude. “No amount of money can undo what happened, but this claim is a first step in allowing me to recover from my injuries, my medical bills, my lost wages and jobs, and most importantly, my dignity.” -- Mr. Frank Jude Jr.

the compost pile, 22 june 06 -- Stop GE Trees Campaign

Madison, 05.07.2006 05:08

the compost pile is a weekly feature on In Our Backyard, which airs on WORT-FM 89.9 M-Th from 6:30-7:00p. this week: interview with Anne Peterman of Stop GE Trees about USDA deregulation of commercial GMO trees. MP3 - 2.3 MB - 00:05:30

Mel and Floyd, June 30, 2006

Madison, 05.07.2006 05:08

The June 30, 2006 show.

Portland Mercury contributing to Patriarchal bullshit (Again)

Portland, 05.07.2006 04:39

This story is specially dedicated to those of you out there who still defend the City's trashy weeklies -- "I only read the Willy Week and the Mercury"; that is, to those whose addiction to the corporate media still hasn't been broken. I'd like you to take a look at the current cover of the Portland Mercury and tell me how it's not just f'n trash. Not that anyone should expect much from a publication that stays afloat selling sex ads.

The suggestion of domination in the particular pose chosen by the Mercury is not only obvious but clearly intended. Intended not only to shock or titillate, but also to excuse. Part of the the Mercury's demographic are the City's hipsters -- those mostly white, fashionably-dressed, tiny cell-phone carryin', "liberals" you see on N. Mississippi, at Last Thursday, or in the Nite Lite Lounge -- and these kids are being told by the Mercury that Sexism Is Okay. "Hey relax everybody; We've had Third Wave Feminism. Now it's okay to use images like this because women hold power over men because they are desired by them. The stripper grips the reigns of power, not the businessman with the fistful of dollars. Don't be such a square."

The plain truth is that most men don't LIKE women ... [ Read More ]

feria y cultura alternativa

Argentina, 05.07.2006 04:15

Cuarto Aniversario de Libres Del Sur

Asesinato en Moreno

Argentina, 05.07.2006 04:15

No es sólo un Falcon verde

Mexican Election Deadlocked: Actual Count Wed

San Diego, 05.07.2006 03:38

Both of the leading candidates in Mexico’s presidential election have claimed victory. Conservative free marketer Felipe Calderon holds a narrow one-point lead according to preliminary tallies of Sunday’s vote. The actual vote count doesn’t begin until Wednesday and could drag on for days. Supporters of leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador suspect he may be a victim of fraud after some exit polls showed him winning but they are taking a wait-and-see attitude until the final results are released.

From the blogwire: Greg Palast: Stealing Mexico, Bush operatives' role in Mexican Elections

Election Cliffhanger: Collins: Mexican Election in Limbo || Giordano: A Closer Look at Mexico’s Preliminary Election Results || Palast: Stealing It in Front of Your Eyes || Siegal: PAN Won Because It Got More Votes || Mailer & Pascarella: Election Day Journal || Oaxaca: The Day After the Election Election Analysis: Mexico on Edge || The Zapatistas Risk All w/Election Day Protests || Election Analysis “From Below and to the Left” || Bush Team Helps Floridize Mexican Election||Ominous Shadow of Stolen ‘88 Elections Hangs Over Mexican Presidential Vote || Mexico’s Left Turn || Baja California Sur Leaning Toward Lopez Obrador on Eve of Mexican Election || Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador || Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona Uprising in Oaxaca: Popular Government to Be Installed July 5 || A Teacher in Every Town || Oaxaca Uprising: How Far Can It Go? || Four Weeks That Shook Oaxaca || Oaxaca Teachers Repel 3,000 Police from City Center || Indymedia Roundup The Battle of Atenco: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 For More Coverage: IMC-Chiapas || IMC-Mexico|| Radio Pacheco || Radio ke Huelga ||Narco News ||La Jornada

Donaciones y reelecciones

Argentina, 05.07.2006 03:38

Chubut: la fiesta de los miserables

Miami activist community BBQ the Patriot Act on the 4th of July

Miami, 05.07.2006 03:37

Miami activist community BBQ the Patriot Act on the 4th of July

Aftermath of Supreme Court Guantanamo Ruling may affect Bush `inherent authority' argument

Miami, 05.07.2006 03:37

Aftermath of Supreme Court Guantanamo Ruling may affect Bush `inherent authority' argument

From the Newswire

Perth, 05.07.2006 02:09

Free Palestine - Stop Israeli aggression - Perth picket of US Consulate

Asesinato en Moreno

Argentina, 05.07.2006 02:08

No es sólo un Falcon verde

Is the US Experiencing its &quot;Afghanistan&quot;?

DC, 05.07.2006 01:09

Captive in its foreign policy loss of reality, the Soviet Union was provoked to an invasion, suffered its "Vietnam," was internationally identified and charged as an aggressor, lost its respect and suffered a demoralization that led to the collapse of the Soviet Empire.


DC, 05.07.2006 01:09

Cindy Sheehan, Diane Wilson, Dick Gregory, Iraq veterans and Iraqi citizens gather in front of the White House on July 4th, their first day without food

IRAQ War Veteran, 71 Year Old Woman Arrested at July 4th Parade

DC, 05.07.2006 01:09

Two peaceful demonstrators were arrested today, July 4, at 1:30pm on Constitution Ave at 17th st, while they tried to enter the Independence Day parade with a message of peace.

No chains on Mill Road

United Kingdom, 05.07.2006 01:09

Local residents have formed a 'No Chains' campaign to save Mill Road from becoming yet another identiket street of multinational chain stores.

Mill Road is treasured for its individuality but the encroachment of multinational chain stores - Pizza Hut, Chicken Cottage and Subway- is threatening this unique neighbourhood.

In their most recent action last Friday evening, 20 residents took over Mill Road Pizza Hut on with a "No Chains" party with music, dancing, balloons and playing twister to show their refusal to give up their neighbourhood. While the employees behind the counter appeared amused by the party, the manager and police eventually shut down the fun after half an hour.

Indymedia coverage of the Pizza Hut Twister party and earlier actions: [1], [2], [3].

No Chains campaign website and flyers.

Donaciones y reelecciones

Argentina, 05.07.2006 00:09

Chubut: la fiesta de los miserables

An Alternative Refugee Week

United Kingdom, 04.07.2006 23:09

In an attempt to rejuvenate the watered-down offical Refugee Week, with the more serious issues regarding asylum and immigration often being muffled or overlooked, many grassrooots groups throughout the country organised alternative events and actions during and around the Week (19-25 June) to bring these issues to the fore.

On the main day (17 June) of Celebrating Sanctuary, Birmingham's version of Refugee Week, Birmingham NoBorders distributed leaflets exposing The Angel Group, the housing providers who provide "core funding" for the event, and criticising Celebrating Sanctuary for, among other things, being "funded by such dodgy asylum profiteers." On 20th June, the Birmingham Anti-Racist Campaign (ARC) held a vigil in the grounds of St. Philip's Cathedral in Birmingham to commemorate asylum seekers who took their own lives while awaiting the Home Office's decision or incarcerated in detention centres. June 30th saw a day of NoBorders events, starting with the monthly picket of the immigration reporting centre in Solihull, followed by screenings and a Party Without Borders benefit gig in the evening.

Similarly, Leeds Noborders marked the Week by organising a series of activities, icliding a demonstion outside Waterside reporting centre, which forced the Home Office to contact asylum seekers beforehand and tell them not to report that day; an evening of film and food at the Common Place as well as leafleting hundres in Leeds city centre.

June 22th was a national day of action against reporting centres, called by Newcastle-based Tyneside Community Action for Refugees, who stageded a noise demonstration outside North Shields reporting centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. There were similar demos outside reporting centres in Leeds, London and Manchester. In London, about 20 people from Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, All-African Women's Group, the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns and others demonsrtated outside the Communications House in central London, where most people who walk past have no idea what the building is. On 1st July there was another picket at the same place organised by London No Borders. In Manchester, the North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group organised a picket of Dallas Court. They had also held a day of action, with stalls and leaflets, on Market St. in Manchester on 17 June.

On June 24th, a demostration to close down Tinsley House detention centre near Gatwick Airport, called by London Against Detention, was held as part of nation-wide action to highlight the number of deaths in detention centers. This comes at a time when over 100 people are on hungerstrike in Campsfield detention centre near Oxford, and the hungerstrike in Colnbrook detention centre, near Heathrow, is still ongoing since 8 April, 2006.

Other events included an evening to welcome refugees at the Community Base in Brighton on 19th June and a social evening of Nigerian food and music at The Basement in Manchester on the 25th, organised by Defend Eucharia and Timeyi Campaign.

Links: NoBorders UK communication channels | National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns |

Israel steps up attacks on Gaza

Aotearoa, 04.07.2006 22:39

The already dire situation in the Gaza Strip became even worse over the course of June as Israel stepped up it's attacks on the poverty stricken territory. Israel has been pounding Gaza with air and artillery strikes, and ground troops have also crossed the border.

According to the independant Palestinian Maan News Agency, 55 Palestinians were killed by the Israel army in June, with 304 injuries. On June 29, Israel also abducted 64 members of the Palestinian parliament. On the night of July 1, Israel also launched an air strike on the headquarters of the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh.

Links: Global Indymedia Feature | Indymedia Israel | Maan News | Haaretz | Commentary on Anarchia blog | Electronic Intifada | Palestine News Network

Fan the Raging Flames of Freedom

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.07.2006 22:39

On July 3rd, fiesta mysteriosa hosted Santa Cruz's 2nd Annual Old Time American Flag Burn at Seabright Beach. The celebration was a B.Y.O.F. event. Before the burning and melting of more than a dozen American flags, people gathered around the fire pit to share their personal feelings and beliefs about burning American flags. It is legal to burn American flags, however the burning of US currency is illegal. Dollar bills, powerful symbols of global capitalism, were also burned, despite the illegality of the act.

4th of JULY Parade******MIssion Accomplished*******

Urbana-Champaign, 04.07.2006 22:10

AWARE marches in the *Freedom Celebration* July 4th Parade!

Igreja Católica quer excomungar cientistas

Portugal, 04.07.2006 19:38

Igreja Católica quer excomungar cientistas

The Other Campaign

LA, 04.07.2006 18:38

Report Back from The Other Campaign

JULY 4000/JULIO 4000

San Diego, 04.07.2006 18:09

Join the JULY 4000 Committee
July 4th, 9am at 25th and Imperial Ave. in San Diego

for a symbolic display of 4,000 white flags, strung together down Imperial Avenue in remembrance of the casualties of “citizenship”

According to official estimates, more than 4,000 people have died crossing through the borderlands since Operation Gatekeeper began in 1994. Human rights advocates place the number at more than 10,000. Each year sets a new record for number of deaths.

History will not be kind when it judges the 4th of July 2006. Our children’s children will one day have the clarity to peel back the star-spangled veneer of patriotic allegiance, revealing the hypocrisy of “freedom and justice for all.” Exposed will be the cold and vicious crimes against humanity done in the name of flags.

Celebrating the 4th with a Declaration of Peace

Philadelphia, 04.07.2006 16:39

Major Taylor

Worcester, 04.07.2006 15:40

Major Taylor Recognition Moving Forward

�Acanpada en Ondarroa bajo un cielo amarillo!

Euskal Herria, 04.07.2006 14:08

The Wheelock Family move out of Summerhill after continuing Garda intimidation

Ireland, 04.07.2006 12:38

Wheelocks move house The wheelock family move hous ...

A Complex Tragedy: Denice Denton and UC Santa Cruz

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.07.2006 10:09

Josh Sonnenfeld writes: As I read through the articles, stories and remembrances of former UC Santa Cruz Chancellor Denice D. Denton, I feel like I'm meeting her for the first time. I'm meeting the role model and mentor of women in science and engineering. I'm meeting the first openly queer woman to lead a major research university. I'm meeting the person who publicly challenged Harvard's sexist President. I'm meeting the woman I, and most in the Santa Cruz community, never got the chance to know.

イラクの状況を変えるためにー皆様へお願い/Petition Against Iraq War

Japan, 04.07.2006 03:07

Received from the Iraq Hope network, with photos and additional material from Robert Fisk, ZNET and other sources.



◆ 送られた署名はバグダッドのアメリカ大使館・在日アメリカ大使館を経由してブッシュ大統領へ届ける予定です。
◆ イラクに再び平和が訪れるように、皆様、どうぞご署名くださいますようお願いいたします。

Please join the Iraq Hope Network in signing a petition calling for an immediate end to the suffering of people in Iraq that is resulting from the violent and illegal tactics presently being employed by the U.S. military. The petition will be delivered to President George W. Bush, with a copy to the U.S. Embassies in Tokyo and Baghdad.

私は、イラクのバグダッドで路 上生活をする子どもたちのサポートをしてきた日本の人道支援者で、高遠菜穂子といいます。私のことは、ファルージャ(バグ ダッド西方60キロ)で拘束された最初の女性として覚えておられる方もいるかもしれません。今からここに記すイラクで起きている恐ろしい事態に耳を傾けて いただき、この緊急嘆願書に署名をしていただければ幸いです。
  拘束事件後、日本に帰った私は、イラクの友人たちと協力して、米軍の爆撃により破壊されたファルージャの学校の再建に取り組み始めました。 このプロ ジェクトは「破壊よりも再建を」という信念の元に作られ、空爆による被害者が米軍への報復のために武器を持たないようにしようという目的があります。 続きを読 む

ブッシュ大統領への申し入れ書 署名サイト(English) 署名サイト(日本語解説) 資料  ・ラマディレポート 

* Log in (petition site)

* Additional information:
    First-hand reports from Iraqis in the city of Ramadi   

* Link:
   The Monitoring Net of Human Rights in Iraq (MHRI)

Memphis Protests Bush at Graceland

Tennessee, 04.07.2006 01:08

It was 92 degrees outside, very hot in Memphis on Friday morning. I arrived at 9AM to protest Bush's Memphis visit, he was bringing the Prime Minister of Japan to see Graceland, his favorite singers' home (Elvis). About 100 other protesters also lined Elvis Presley Blvd. I dressed as Lady Liberty, with topical Japan protest signs. Japan left Iraq U.S. Leave Now! Jacob Flowers had a permit to be on the sidewalk in front of Graceland, but the Secret Service refused to honor the permit and we were not allowed on the sidewalk, but hidden behind 4 city buses and one fire truck where we would never see the pResident.

UNITY Protest at Scottish Parliament

Scotland, 03.07.2006 22:39

Asylum seekers from Glasgow called for the right to work and an end to detentions outside the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 29th June.

Caravan To Cuba

Cleveland, 03.07.2006 22:37

Caravan To Cuba on its Way

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