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DEA Raids SD Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

San Diego, 07.07.2006 20:09

On Wednesday, federal agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) raided as many as 13 San Diego-area medical marijuana dispensaries and arrested at least two of the dispensary operators.

“The DEA continues to waste valuable resources on attacking medical marijuana patients,” said Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access, the leading national medical marijuana advocacy group. “The vast majority of Americans believe the sick and suffering should have legal access to marijuana if they are helped by it.”

Screening of Soma; an Anarchist Therapy

Rochester, 07.07.2006 20:07

Soma, an Anarchist Therapy: Screening and Workshop Hungerford Bldg Gallery Space Door 7, 1115 E. Main Street Wednesday, July 12 7pm-9:30pm Call 585-305-1594 for more info Soma: An Anarchist Therapy (DVD shot in Brazil subtitles in English) With difficulty walking and half-blinded from torture by the Brazilian military dictatorship, 79 year old Roberto Freire continues to develop somatherapy, completing his life's work. Incorporating the ideas of Wilhelm Reich, the politics of anarchism, and the culture of the martial art / dance capoeira angola, Soma is used by therapists organized in anarchist collectives to fight the psychological effects of authoritarianism.

Fredrick Douglas

LA, 07.07.2006 19:10

What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July?

Community Radio station set aflame in the Philippines

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.07.2006 15:09

In the latest attack over free media in the Philippines, Radyo Cagavano, a community radio station run by farmers and supported by the left-wing Bayan Muna party, was burned down and its staff member injured and robbed at gun-point. The radio station employees suspect the Philippine Army. Since Gloria Macapagal became President in Feburary 2001, 42 journalists have been murdered. AMARC, the World Association of Community Radio Stations, is organizing a campaign to demand justice for the people of Radyo Cagayano.


Italy, 07.07.2006 11:08

Distruggono la nostra terra...

CIA closing Bin Laden hunt unit like OJ ending bounty for Nichole's killer

Portland, 07.07.2006 09:39

Hey conservatives who are so stoked that Bush is "keeping us safe," looks like the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden isn't such a big deal after all. The CIA is closing down the special unit that originated in the Clinton Administration (because he was "soft on terror"), then received copious slabs of pork from Bush to make it look like bin Laden was responsible for 9-11, only to be ignored when it produced evidence that bin Laden was cornered in Tora Bora, so he could get away.

The Ancient Redwoods: Witnesses to a Fading Republic

Portland, 07.07.2006 09:39

The Ancient Redwoods are older by centuries than the American Republic itself. They are found only in the northwest coastal region of the nation. They have witnessed this country's birth struggle, its awful Civil War, its rapacious expansion westward, and now, finally, its imperial hubris and rapid decline. By the time the Bush-Cheney Gang gets done ripping the country off (aided by complicit Democrats), the Republic will be a fading memory.

"Man needs...the sense of wonder." - George Orwell

July 4 Troops Home Fast with CODEPINK

Portland, 07.07.2006 09:39

We had a good showing at Waterfront Park, Salmon Street Fountain, with about 20 supporters and 8 fasters on site, and we handed out hundreds of postcards, got lots of signatures on the voters pledge, dialogued with a lot of people, some supportive, some not so much.

So what's next? If anyone is fasting the next few days, please let us know, especially if you're doing it in public. We've suggested continuing at Waterfront Park, but if you choose a different location, let us know, we'll get some postcards to you and some support.

Saturday the location is the Hollywood Farmers Market. We have at least two fasters signed up; the market runs from 8 to 1, so we'll be there during that time, on the outer edges near the entrances. We could use a support crew and of course, more fasters.

Fouad’s Murder Remembered(?)

Portland, 07.07.2006 09:39

The memory of the torture and murder of this young man by the dark forces that we are paying to serve and to protect us is rapidly fading into the dim public consciousness. Do we really forget so quickly? Saturday will mark the tenth month since Fouad Kaady's death.

This is what the leaders of the dark force count upon, the public's short memory. John Foote, District Attorney for Clackamas County, most assuredly does not wish for his complicity in this heinous miscarriage of "justice" to be remembered when he stands for re election. His "inability" to obtain an indictment in the face of such clear and brutal acts stands as a memorial to his lack of qualification for the position of top cop.

Schumacher Furs protest report (still going strong), July 1

Portland, 07.07.2006 09:39

Nine months into our weekly protests at Schumacher Furs, and the demonstrations are still going strong, drawing at least a couple dozen protesters throughout the day. Protesters hold signs, pass out literature, talk to passersby, dance, hula hoop, and spread our message of compassion for animals to whoever has an open heart. Meanwhile the Schumachers can always been seen sullen and scowling from within the store.

According to an Oregonian article last Friday, Schumacher has been warned by their landlord that unapproved signs (i.e. those aimed at protesters) must be removed within 20 days or they face possible eviction. Schumacher currently seems to be trying to figure out how to stay within the letter of the law, as they are now hanging their "50% off during protest sale" sign from coat racks within the store, clearly visible from outside. This conflict between Schumacher and the landlord over signage and acceptable behavior seems to be a replay of what occurred months ago. But Schumacher remains as defiant and self-entitled with their landlord as they are with their industry's unethical practices towards animals, and as they are with the city (as evidenced by Schumacher's refusal of mediation, and Gregg Schumacher's quote in a recent monthly publication that Mayor Potter can "go fuck himself").

DEA Raids San Diego Medical Marijuana Dispensaries; Operators Arrested

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.07.2006 07:08

On July 6th, federal agents from the DEA raided as many as 13 medical marijuana dispensaries in the San Diego area. At least two dispensary operators were arrested. This DEA action follows raids on 13 area dispensaries, all of which were also targets of raids last December. Corporate media has reported that the District Attorney's office will be filing state charges, though the indictments are federal.

Arana Gulch to be Paved?

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.07.2006 07:08

Jeremy Underhill writes: The serene isolation and beauty of Arana Gulch is threatened by two miles of eight foot wide paved trails and a suspension bridge over Hagemann Gulch. As one of Santa Cruz's last untouched wilderness areas we need to keep it free of roads! It is a beautiful escape from our modern suburban lives and can be easily accessed by anyone. Bikes can be easily ridden through right now and bike paths if needed could be put through the already developed harbor adjacent to Arana Gulch. It does not cause any biker more than five minutes inconvienence to save this undeveloped land. Also the native endangered Tarplant is threatened by this development.

Come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 11th at 7:00pm at City Council Chambers 809 Center St. Read more

Ploughshares Trial starts

Melbourne, 07.07.2006 06:41

Brisbane Peace Activist on Trial in Ireland

Former Ugandan Parliament Member Speaks in SD

San Diego, 07.07.2006 04:17

Miria Matembe, former member of the parliament of Uganda and longtime women's rights activist there, spoke at the Mission Valley library July 2 and rankled many local activists — including Ugandan émigrés — with her insistence that the government's treatment of the Acholi people in the north is not an act of genocide but an attempt to protect them against terrorists. Matembe also described the horrible state of Uganda's rape and domestic violence laws and the issue that led her to break with her long-time ally, Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni: his insistence on amending the constitution so he could run for a third term as president.


Worcester, 07.07.2006 03:40

Library Sued to Restore Constitutional Rights of Homeless Individuals

South Central Farmers International Solidarity Days (July 7-10)

Portland, 07.07.2006 00:38

CALL TO ACTION! Save the South Central Farm & Support Small Farms Worldwide!
South Central Farm International Solidarity Days July 7-10
"You are never strong enough that you don't need help." - Cesar Chavez

Call to Action: Join the South Central Farm International Solidarity Days to defend the rights of small farmers so they may continue to live and farm with dignity while producing a healthier, safer community for all! We will be raising awareness for the small farming movement and its critical place in the green/environmental landscape with special attention paid to urban farms, family farms, global environmental justice, food security, and green development.

The Struggle Continues! Although 350 family farmers were evicted from the 14 acre South Central Farm on June 13 the movement to protect this community grows each day. We are now gearing up for a July 12 court date that will set the wheels of justice in motion and challenge the legality of the sale of the farm. We are raising global awareness for our cause - and for the cause of social justice worldwide. Join the international social network committed to justice for people and the planet.

Host a Solidarity Event in Your Community!

Bulldozers Enter South Central Farm | LA Indymedia ongoing coverage |

Straßenschlachten in Oaxaca (Mexiko)

Germany, 06.07.2006 22:38

Massiver Polizeieinsatz gegen die soziale und gewerkschaftliche Bewegung in der Landeshauptstadt: Am 14. Juni gegen 4 Uhr morgens (Ortszeit) rückten mehrere Hundertschaften unterschiedlicher Polizeieinheiten unter massivem Einsatz von Tränengasgranaten, Hunden, Luftunterstützung, mit scharfer Munition bewaffnet, brutal gegen die Demonstrierenden vor, die seit dem 22. Mai das Zentrum der Hauptstadt des Bundesstaates Oaxaca besetzt halten. Dabei wurden mehrere Hundert Menschen vertrieben, die zurückgelassenen Habseligkeiten und das logistische Equipment der Protestierenden systematisch zerstört. Beteiligte berichten, dass 11 Menschen, darunter drei Kinder, bei der Polizeiaktion getötet wurden. Am Freitag demonstrierten hunderttausende ihre Solidarität.

Indymedia Mexiko | PGA | Labournet | Fotos: 1 2 | Video (12,5 mb) | Violent repression in Oaxaca | Radiobeitrag (Radio Z) | Reaktionen, Video | Mitmachen: Apell | Chronologie | Solidemo (17.06.) | Update (21.06.)

Lowlife Scum Story

Cleveland, 06.07.2006 22:37

John Forman Union Buster - posted in Cleveland's Scene Magazine

In Mexico, 2.5 Million Missing Votes Reappear: Calderón’s margin down to 0.6 percent

Miami, 06.07.2006 20:07

In Mexico, 2.5 Million Missing Votes Reappear: Calderón’s margin down to 0.6 percent

Lents International Farmers Market

Portland, 06.07.2006 19:39

Portland, OR.-July 2, 2006-The Lents community is leveraging its diversity to establish the first ever international farmers' market in Portland. Vendors will represent a variety of ethnic foods including Hmong, Hispanic, Turkish, and Mien. Besides farm fresh produce, there will be live music, an eating area to enjoy freshly prepared gyros and tamales, chef demonstrations in international cooking, and kids' activities.

Three markets will be held this summer on July 23, August 27, and September 24th next to Crossroads Plaza on SE 92nd Ave and SE Foster Rd, from 9am to 2pm. Free parking will be provided by Lents Masonic Lodge, next door to the market at 5811 SE 92nd Ave. WIC and senior coupons are very welcome. Translators will be on hand to provide interpretation to Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, and Vietnamese-speakers.

These markets are brought to you by the Lents Food Group, a volunteer-fed organization nurtured by a partnership of Zenger Farm, Healthy Eating By Design, The Oregon Food Bank, The Portland/Multnomah Food Policy Council, the Lents Neighborhood Association, and Pilgrim Lutheran Church. To get involved, contact Hilary DuBose at 919-812-6877 or e-mail her at You can learn more about upcoming planning meetings at

Army charges Lt. Watada: Contempt towards president; Faces 7 years military prison

Miami, 06.07.2006 19:37

Army charges Lt. Watada: Contempt towards president; Faces 7 years military prison

G8 a San Pietroburgo: la rivoluzione non russa

Switzerland, 06.07.2006 19:37

Il vertice del G8 si terrà a San Pietroburgo in Russia dal 14 al 17 luglio 06. Uno dei temi trattati dagli 8 leader dei paesi più industrializzati, sarà quello della questione energetica e i progetti del G8 per la rinascita dell'energia nucleare.

La "sicurezza energetica", per il G8, significa accesso garantito da parte dei paesi ricchi alle risorse naturali, e la diversificazione dello sfruttamento di risorse limitate;l'energia nucleare è per loro molto importante.

La "Rete contro il G8" si è attivata per coordinare le proteste nei giorni del vertice e il 14 e 15 luglio sono state designate come giornate di azione globale.

Si svolgerà inoltre a Mosca tra l'8 e il 12 luglio un forum libertario per offrire al movimento dell'est europeo una piattaforma sulla quale discutere i temi che verranno trattati tra il 13 e 15 luglio a San Pietroburgo dal Forum sociale Russo.

:: Bollettini informativi - 1°: it - en | 2°: it - en

:: Appello alla protesta

:: Informazioni e collegamenti:
Indymedia Russia | | Azione Globale dei Popoli | supporto legale | video |

Empieza el juicio

Argentina, 06.07.2006 19:11

La lucha contra el desalojo de la Asamblea de Medrano y Corrientes

Empieza el juicio

Argentina, 06.07.2006 19:11

La lucha contra el desalojo de la Asamblea de Medrano y Corrientes

İsrail bir haftada 22 Filistinliyi öldürdü

Istanbul, 06.07.2006 17:09

İsrail bir haftada 22 Filistinliyi öldürdü, uluslararası eylemcileri yasakladı

Forty U.S. Senators Urging President to Support Congressional Action to Reverse Global Warming Threat

Madison, 06.07.2006 16:08

Conceding U.S. action on global warming is long overdue, 40 U.S. senators, including Wisconsin Senators Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl, have signed a letter to President Bush urging him to ensure that pollution causing global warming will decrease within 10 years. Spearheaded by U.S. Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL), Susan Collins (R-ME), Bill Nelson (D-FL), Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) and Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), the letter is slated to be sent Thursday, which is the one-year anniversary of the "Sense of the Senate" resolution on global warming, a measure that put the majority of the Senate (54 senators) on record as recognizing the need for a mandatory cap on America's global warming pollution.

Presidential Power Constitutional Crises Looming; Architect of War on Terror Revealed

Miami, 06.07.2006 15:07

Presidential Power Constitutional Crises Looming; War on Terror Legal Eagle Revealed

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit to Force FBI to Release 9/11 Pentagon Videotapes

Miami, 06.07.2006 15:07

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit to Force FBI to Release 9/11 Pentagon Videotapes

Mexico: Mobilise the masses and call a general strike to stop the electoral fraud

Portland, 06.07.2006 14:39

Despite the fact that the majority of the exit polls gave the victory to Lopez Obrador the IFE (Federal Electoral Institute) and Fox are refusing to recognise the results of the elections and are manoeuvring by delaying their official publication, declaring that they could not define a clear outcome given the supposed narrowness of the results.
According to the website "Casa del Plan de los 3 Puntos", Harvard University gave the victory to Obrador by 7 points. A closed poll by the newspaper Milenio gave Obrador 37% and Calderon 36%.

It is important to emphasise these aspects of the election results because they reveal the strength of the class which could be counted on in a struggle against the fraud. It is also important to understand that the strength of the working class is not only numerical, but also qualitative, and this qualitative strength, which could paralyse the country, is on the side of Lopez Obrador. The power to defeat the fraud lies in the hands of Lopez Obrador and the leaders of the trade unions. We must mobilise around the struggle against the fraud, organise meetings, establish committees in defence of the elections and pressurise the leadership of the PRD and the unions to call for militant action, such as a general strike. We cannot and we must not allow Fox and the ruling class to get their way once again! No to a new 1988!

The PRI, despite supposedly questioning the electoral process, is also taking part in this game of fraud. Mobilisation against the fraud is the key, over and above the legal challenges before the Federal Electoral Tribunal.

Patrick Thompson Trial Underway

Urbana-Champaign, 06.07.2006 14:10

The Patrick Thompson trial began Wednesday morning, ironically enough the day after Independence Day. Nearly 20 people were in the courtroom to support Patrick Thompson. In a major decision, Judge Harry Clem ruled to allow the testimony of 3 men previously accused by Stacey Rahn. In the first trial, this motion had been denied by Presiding Judge Difanis. Jury selection is underway. Of a pool of 40, only one potential juror was African American.


LA, 06.07.2006 13:38


women (en)

Barcelona, 06.07.2006 11:08

feminisms and activisms: dangerous liaisons?

"...Is feminism obsolete or is it being re-invented? Today, feminist engagements and gender-sensitive approaches have proliferated across a broad spectrum of disciplines and movements. The de-territorialization and re-location of feminist practices and discourses in multiple and heterogeneous fields and contexts calls for a re-evaluation of the (visible and invisible) impact of feminism on different areas of social praxis and the possibilities for re-imagining feminist politics as an emergent moment in the dynamics of social change...."

[July 8th & 9th] Barcelona: International Conferences on feminisms and activisms

more about the conferences...contents and programme + femactart: artistic and audio-visual space in the conferences

+info :: >>>women + femact

EP de Leiria: a precaridade das saídas precárias

Portugal, 06.07.2006 10:38

EP de Leiria: a precaridade das saídas precárias

Watsonville Community Garden Established in Solidarity with South Central Farm

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.07.2006 08:09

Teachers and students are starting a community garden on an unused parcel of land on the otherwise barren Radcliff Elementary School campus in downtown Watsonville, CA. Beds have been dug, and the garden is almost ready to be planted, once a sufficient amount of resources have been gathered. While school administrators have been consulted about the garden, it has yet to receive any official financial assistance.

Organizers who have been following the recent tragic eviction of the South Central Farm in Los Angeles see the establishment of this new garden as a continuation of a common effort towards community self-reliance and getting back in touch with the land beneath our feet. In light of this weekend's call for action in solidarity with the South Central Farmers facing eviction (July 7-10), Teachers For Class War! are requesting donations of tools, soil, seeds, and other supplies to assist in the creation of a valuable community resource. There may also be a work-party organized on Monday, July 12th. Read the list of needed supplies

BLACKFIRE, Fri 8PM da Blackdoor, North Park

San Diego, 06.07.2006 07:39

BLACKFIRE, with Dias Tristes

"BLACKFIRE's style comprises traditional Native American, Punk-Rock and 'Alter-Native' with strong sociopolitical messages about government oppression, relocation of indigenous people, ecocide, genocide, domestic violence and human rights."

"i think we need to recognize that all our struggles are connected, whether they be sexism, heterosexism, destruction of the earth, exploitation of indigenous people and their land to the war- invasion in Iraq, all of these things are connected. There are some roots in a belief system and the value of "success" and the value is not in life but in money. All of these corporations, free trade agreements, all of these things are fueled by globalization that is connected to the colonization of our people. It's the same thing, the same force, the same form that we've been fighting for over 500 years on this continent, and it's on a larger scale now. It's something that is connected to all these struggles that we really need to recognize and build the bridges and build the solidarity. And solidarity means action." [durango indymedia, from interview with clayton dewey]

Friday, July 7th doors open at 8pm

da Blackdoor
3925 Ohio St. North Park, SD
[off University 1 blk E of 30th]

$8 at the door
proceeds benefit local organizations fighting the minutemen and supporting migrant families currently under attack

...also playing Saturday night at the MultiKulti in TJ...

colectivo la cantora responsabiliza a solá

Argentina, 06.07.2006 06:38

Hostigan a Sampietro, rehen del Servicio Penitenciario

colectivo la cantora responsabiliza a solá

Argentina, 06.07.2006 05:39

Hostigan a Sampietro, rehen del Servicio Penitenciario

colectivo la cantora responsabiliza a solá

Argentina, 06.07.2006 05:08

Hostigan a Sampietro, rehen del Servicio Penitenciario

feria y cultura alternativa en Avellaneda

Argentina, 06.07.2006 04:40

Cuarto Aniversario de Libres Del Sur

BULLDOZER RETURNS TO FARM, Direct Action Disables Bulldozer

LA, 06.07.2006 04:39

BULLDOZER RETURNS TO FARM, Direct Action Disables Bulldozer

Consecuencias en la salud

Argentina, 06.07.2006 03:08

Muertes por PCB, un drama con el que muchos conviven a diario en la Argentina

Bulldozers Enter South Central Farm

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.07.2006 01:39

Bulldozers entered the South Central Farm in Los Angeles early on July 5th to tear out plants-- in spite of the fact that the farmers and community have a scheduled July 12th court date to fight the legality of the sale of the land. As of 1pm on Wednesday, several protesters had been extracted from inside the farm, where they had been using their bodies to stop the bulldozers. Hired security guards inside the farm have been working with police to keep farmers and their supporters out of the farm. There have been multiple arrests, including at least one minor from the community who was reportedly violently thrown onto the concrete before being aprehended. July 7th through 10th will be South Central Farm International Solidarity Days.

mujeres (es)

Barcelona, 06.07.2006 01:08

feminismos y activismos: amistades peligrosas?

"...El feminismo está obsoleto o está siendo reinventado? Hoy, los compromisos feministas y los enfoques sensibles al género han proliferado en un amplio espectro de disciplinas y movimientos. La desterritorialización y relocalización de las prácticas y discursos feministas en contextos múltiples y heterogéneos pide una reevaluación del impacto (visible e invisible) del feminismo en diferentes áreas de la praxis social y de las posibilidades para reimaginar la política feminista como un movimiento emergente en las dinámicas del cambio social...."

[8 i 9 jul]Barcelona: Jornadas internacionales de feminismos y activismos

más sobre las jornadas...contenidos y programa + femactart: espacio artístico y audiovisual de las jornadas

+info :: >>>mujeres + femact

dones (ca)

Barcelona, 06.07.2006 01:08

feminismes i activismes: amistats perilloses?

"...El feminisme està obsolet o està sent reinventat? Avui, els compromisos feministes i els enfocaments sensibles al gènere han proliferat en un ampli espectre de disciplines i moviments. La desterritorialització i la relocalització dels discursos i les pràctiques feministes en camps i contextos múltiples i heterogenis demana una reavaluació de l’impacte (visible o invisible) del feminisme en diferents àrees de la praxis social i de les possibilitats per reimaginar la política feminista com un moviment emergent en les dinàmiques del canvi social i viceversa..."

[8 i 9 jul]Barcelona: Jornades internacionals de feminismes i activismes

més sobre les jornades...continguts i programa + femactart: espai artístic i audiovisual de les jornades

+info :: >>>dones + femact

July 29th: Native American Housing Fair

Portland, 06.07.2006 00:38

Portland's first ever Housing Fair specifically for Native Americans is just a few weeks away:
WHAT: Native American Housing to Homeownership Fair
WHEN: Saturday, July 29th, 10am-3pm
WHERE: PCC SE Center, 2305 SE 82nd Ave, Mount Tabor Hall, Portland OR

The fair is offered in response to community need and as part of NAYA Family Center's goal of increasing economic and housing stability in the American Indian/Alaska Native Community. The fair will provide a wide range of resources for the whole community: from renters to potential home owners. In comparison to populations of similar size, only 17% of Portland's 38,000 American Indians and Alaska Natives own their home (Northwest Area Foundation).

Participants will meet housing resource professionals, lenders and may be eligible to enter to win $1,500 in down payment assistance. Classes, homebuyer assistance information, and housing resources for renters with home ownership goals will be offered. Features include Native American dance performances, a guest drum, food, a Kids' Corner, and raffle prizes.

Day 1 Troops Home Fast: Cindy Sheehan in DC - Starving for Attention

Miami, 05.07.2006 23:37

Day 1 Troops Home Fast: Cindy Sheehan in DC - Starving for Attention

transformadores electricos y sus contaminantes

Argentina, 05.07.2006 23:09

Muertes por PCB, un drama con el que muchos conviven a diario

Vrijdag 7 juli Damslapen tegen kraakverbod

Netherlands, 05.07.2006 21:08

Naar aanleiding van het aangekondigde kraakverbod komt, na de spandoeken die aan meer dan 150 gelegaliseerde panden waaronder de Melkweg, Paradiso en Tivoli werden opgehangen, een tweede landelijke actie om te protesteren tegen dit voornemen van Donner en Dekker.

Dat kraken nog steeds een motor is voor maatschappelijke vernieuwing en creativiteit wil men tijdens het protest in beeld brengen. Daarom gaat men op 7 juli om 21.00u terug naar de wortels van de sociale bewegingen waaruit kraken is voortgekomen, op "de" symbolische plek waar het allemaal begon: de Amsterdamse Dam [posters], waar een zee aan slaapzakken, tentjes en kartonnen dozen zal verschijnen.

Info in English

[damslapers website|feature kraakverbod]

Day 2 Liberty City 7 Pre-Trial: Bond Denied - Strong Case of Conspiracy + Flight Risk

Miami, 05.07.2006 20:37

Day 2 Liberty City 7 Pre-Trial: Bond Denied - Strong Case of Conspiracy + Flight Risk

Problemas técnicos en IMC-Valencia

Valencia, 05.07.2006 19:07

Durante el mes de mayo hemos tenido problemas con el servidor donde está alojada la web de imc-Valencia que nos hacia practicamente imposible colgar editoriales y dificultando a las usuarias la publicación de noticias en la columna derecha.

Creemos haber resuelto los problemas y esperamos que volváis a utilizar la web. Si encontráis algún problema publicando, por favor enviadnos un mensaje a:

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