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Los trabajadores intentaron ingresar a la fábrica

Argentina, 12.07.2006 01:08

Represión y paro general en Mar del Plata

guerra (ca)

Barcelona, 11.07.2006 21:08

Palestina: Fins quan...?

Fins quan continuarà l'estat d'israel castigant la població civil innocent?: Els ulls a Gaza ::: Sobrevivint a la Franja ::: La problemàtica dels segrestos impunes de ciutadans palestins ::: El martiri de Gaza ::: El Primer Ministre d'Israel demana que es torturi a més d'un milió de persones ::: notícies des de Gaza ::: Fins quan ::: Israel i les seves pràctiques habituals ::: Crims de guerra, ofensiva contra la pau ::: una vida, quantes morts?

Concentració Unitària per Palestina: Madrid 12 juliol a les 19:30

Un sileci repugnant ::: Àgata a la pluja ::: Demanem bloqueig i sancions a Israel ::: Comunicat sobre Palestina del PCPE ::: Comunicat de la Red Solidaria contra la Ocupación de Palestina ::: Jornades de difusió i sensibilització. ::: Crims contra la humanitat (Israel). Ens mobilitzem?

notícies relacionades: Colonies sionistes al sud d'Hebron s'apoderen de més terres palestines ::: Campanya Popular Palestina contra el Mur del Apartheid ::: Augmenta la repressió contra la Inspecció Ciutadana a la base de l'OTAN ::: Convocatòria mundial a accions no violentes de resistència civil per posar fi a l'ocupació militar de l'Iraq ::: Primer esborrany de convocatòria per a una contracimera enfront de la reunió de l'OTAN a Sevilla, Febrer de 2007.

+info: >>> guerra + Aturem el mur

guerra (es)

Barcelona, 11.07.2006 21:08

Palestina: ¿Hasta cuándo...?

Hasta cuándo continuará el estado de israel castigando la población civil inocente?: Los ojos en Gaza ::: Sobreviviendo en la Franja (Gaza) ::: La problemática de los secuestros impunes de ciudadanos palestinos ::: El martirio de Gaza ::: El Primer Ministro de Israel pide que se torture a más de un millón de personas ::: Notícias desde Gaza ::: Hasta cuándo! ::: Israel y sus prácticas habituales ::: Crímenes de guerra, ofensiva contra la paz ::: Una vida ¿cuántas muertes?

Un silecio repugnante ::: Àgata a la lluvia ::: Pedimos bloqueo y sanciones a Israel ::: Comunicado sobre Palestina del PCPE ::: Comunicado de la Red Solidaria contra la Ocupación de Palestina ::: Jornadas de difusión y sensibilización. ::: Crímenes contra la humanidad (Israel). Nos mobilizamos?

Concentración Unitaria por Palestina: Madrid 12 julio a las 19:30

notícias relacionadas: Colonias sionistas al sur de Hebron se apoderan de más tierras palestinas ::: Campaña Popular Palestina contra el Muro del Apartheid ::: Aumenta la represión contra la Inspección Ciudadana a la base de la OTAN ::: Convocatoria mundial a acciones no violentas de resistencia civil para poner fin a la ocupación militar de Iraq ::: Primer borrador de convocatoria para una contracumbre frente a la reunión de la OTAN en Sevilla, Febrero del 2007.

+info: >>> guerra + Paremos el muro

Earth First! Blockades Coal Plant in Virginia

Portland, 11.07.2006 19:40

July 10, 2006, Carbo, Virginia - Early this morning, activists with Earth First! and Rising Tide North America set up a non-violent blockade of American Electric Power's (AEP) nearly 50 year old Clinch River coal fired electric facility. Emitting millions of pounds of pollutants yearly, the Clinch River coal plant threatens the health and lives of thousands of downwind residents and the surrounding environment. Burning coal is not only a primary factor behind global climate change, but also drives the expansion of large scale strip mining. Large scale surface mining destroys forests, streams and communities as it alters the Appalachian landscape forever.

Over 50 activists arrived at AEP's Clinch River plant at 9:00 this morning. An Earth First!er attached a rope to the bridge and stretched it across the road while another suspended himself below the bridge over the Clinch River. One activist locked himself to the axle of the coal truck. Earth First! and Rising Tide demand the following:

read the full article...

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Photos Of Gay Pride

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

The Radical Faeries, an international group that promotes distinct LGBT expression, culture and radical politics, marched from Tompkins Square to Stonewall last night. The crowd of roughtly 80 faeries sported their best glam and drag. The march is an annual tradition to kick off Pride weekend and commemorate the Stonewall Rebellion ||LGBTQ: On the Streets, In the Schools, Outside the System ||Trans March Goes On, Despite NY’s Refusal To Give A Permit || Images from the '06 Dyke March ||Images from the Trans Day of Action ||The Crusade and the Closet||

Antiwar leader Norma Becker dies

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

Norma Becker, teacher, civil rights activist, and towering figure of the peace movement during the Vietnam War, died of lung cancer in her New York City home June 17. She was 76.

Getting Wet with Mermaids and Dykes

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

On any summer weekend at Coney Island, it will smell like hot-dogs, but at the Mermaid Parade, it’s a bigger sausage-fest then usual. Persistent photographers jockeyed for the best shots in the waiting area before the parade. Here they swarmed around sultry sea goddesses and tripped over tails of those who didn’t peek their interest.

All photos are taken by Bennett Baumer.

The full article can also be accessed at: Getting Wet with Mermaids and Dykes

NLG Panel On the Green Scare Monday

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

Date: June 26, 2006
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Cardozo Law School, Moot Court Room
Address: 55 Fifth Avenue (at 12th Street)
New York, New York 10003

Guantanamo Protest: 25 People Arrested Monday at UN

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

A demonstration to shut down Guantanamo was held in front of the United States Mission to the United Nations Monday morning. Today, June 26, is set aside as the U.N. Day in Support of Torture Victims and Survivors, and the demonstrators made clear that they stand in support of such a day. However, they do not stand in support of a hypocritical government that is celebrating this day while at the same time holding prisoners in extremely inhumane conditions at Guantanamo, Cuba. 25 members of the group sat down in front of the U.N. Mission, blocking its doors and saying they would stay until the international consensus against these illegal acts is respected, heard and acted upon.|| More Coverage || Movie Review: The Road to Guantanamo

RGB Final Hearing Shut Down For Four Hours By Tennant Protests

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

A huge crowd of angry tenants chanted for no increases this year as the NYC Rent Guidelines Board held their final meeting tonight in the basement of the Cooper Union Meeting Hall. Fed up with the unfair manor in which the meeting was held, the activists slowly walked out of the auditorium, not caring what was being said anymore, but satisfied that at least they had made their voices heard. As for the RGB, it approved this city's [second] [correction -ed.] largest rent hikes in 15 years: 4.25% for one-year leases and 7.25% for two-year leases. || RGB: Rent Gouging Bastards || Home Rule Saves Homes

Victoria's Dirty Secret protest photos

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

The Wetland Activism collective staged a protest and direct action at the Manhattan Mall to expose Victoria's Dirty Secret: Victoria's secret is destroying the forests for its catalogues. Victoria's Dirty Secret. At the protest, the Wetlands collective flyered, chopped up mock trees with its shopping cart monster, entered the mall with banners, were kicked out, not arrested, almost got a massive balloon banner into the store, got it out and hung it outside on 33rd and Brodway for all to see. After that, they headed over to the other Victoria's Secret on 34th and 6th and caused another ruckus inside . . .

Video: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Marine Recruiter Assaults Demonstrators With Baseball Bat

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

A baseball bat-wielding Marine recruiter engaged in an unprovoked assault on two demonstrators outside the recruiting center and then seized the cellphone belonging to another demonstrator who had witnessed and photographed the assault. There are plans for a rally and press conference outside the recruiting center for July 5 at 5PM.

Right-Wing Activists To Protest New York Times

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

From illegal immigrant anchor baby Michelle Malkin Maglalang and her terrorist pals at Free Republic comes this jewel:

Protest the New York Times Revealing of U.S. Secrets, Monday, July 10, 5 p.m. [Read More]

Afro-Punks Invade Brooklyn This Weekend

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

Afro-Punk as a concept is embodied by Black people who openly embrace their identity and reject the status quo’s categorizations and stereotypes of Black people and culture.| | ||

Mexican Election Deadlocked: Actual Vote Count Begins Wednesday

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

Both of the leading candidates in Mexico’s presidential election have claimed victory. Conservative free marketer Felipe Calderon holds a narrow one-point lead according to preliminary tallies of Sunday’s vote. The actual vote count doesn’t begin until Wednesday and could drag on for days. Supporters of leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador suspect he may be a victim of fraud after some exit polls showed him winning but they are taking a wait-and-see attitude until the final results are released.

Election Cliffhanger Collins: Mexican Election in Limbo || Giordano: A Closer Look at Mexico’s Preliminary Election Results || Palast: Stealing It in Front of Your Eyes || Siegal: PAN Won Because It Got More Votes || Mailer & Pascarella: Election Day Journal || Oaxaca: The Day After the Election Election Analysis: Mexico on Edge || The Zapatistas Risk All w/Election Day Protests || Election Analysis “From Below and to the Left” || Bush Team Helps Floridize Mexican Election||Ominous Shadow of Stolen ‘88 Elections Hangs Over Mexican Presidential Vote || Mexico’s Left Turn || Baja California Sur Leaning Toward Lopez Obrador on Eve of Mexican Election || Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador || Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona Uprising in Oaxaca: Popular Government to Be Installed July 5 || A Teacher in Every Town || Oaxaca Uprising: How Far Can It Go? || Four Weeks That Shook Oaxaca || Oaxaca Teachers Repel 3,000 Police from City Center || Indymedia Roundup The Battle of Atenco: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 For More Coverage: IMC-Chiapas || IMC-Mexico|| Radio Pacheco || Radio ke Huelga ||Narco News ||La Jornada

(In-the-Pen)dence Day

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

Speaking of liberty, though, how will America's over two million prisoners celebrate July 4th? In addition to those declared truths we hold to be self evident, it is equally evident that 2,085,620 people will be imagining a spectacular fireworks show from within their prison cells. How ironic --- and depressing --- that the country reputed for its love of liberty (symbolized by the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell) "de-liberates" a greater percentage of its population than any other country in the world. [Read More]

Impeachment Comes to Main Street USA

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

The boos from the crowd in Willimantic, CT were reserved for Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, who may find himself a man without a party come August 8 for his ardent support for President Bush and the War in Iraq.

Issue #89: Sex Workers in the City of Joy

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

The new issue of The Indypendent features great on-the-ground reporting from India and Pakistan by Sarah Stuteville. Also, A.K. Gupta looks at the U.S. push for war in Iran, Zalmay Khalildad takes us inside the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and Neela Ghoshal looks at the difficult reconciliation process in the war-torn African nation of Burundi. Closer to home, legal columnist Ann Schneider looks at the latest assault on the 4th Amendment, Amy Wolf explores the inner meaning of the Mermaid Parade and John Tarleton reviews Ramor Ryan’s anarcho-travel tales + much, much more.||

Sex Workers in the City of Joy || Walking Out of Slavery || Undeterred, the War-for-Oil Machine Rolls Toward Iran || All’s Well in Baghdad || Burundi: A Fragile Peace || Scalia Knocks Me Out || Afro-Punks Invade Brooklyn || Getting Wet with Dykes and Mermaids || Book Review: Journey to the Ends of Anarchy || Movie Review: The Boy Bombers || Book Review: Pleasure in Pride || Movie Review: Gitmo Rage || Book Review: Dissent to Barbarism

Gay Marriage and the Legislature

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

In yesterday's ruling upholding New York's ban on gay marriage, the State's highest court noted that its holding did not preclude the Legislature from extending "marriage or all or some of its benefits to same-sex couples."

But getting the State Legislature to act on this issue is highly unlikely, noted Chief Judge Judith Kaye in her dissent -- regardless of how a majority of New Yorkers may feel about the issue. [Read More]

Visual Resistance Previews July 27 / 28 Benefit Show For Daniel McGowan

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

The show will feature some of the most respected and prolific street artists working today, including the Barnstormer´s David Ellis, Banksy, Swoon, Borf, Chris Stain, Arofish, Kelly Burns, GoreB, Josh MacPhee, and MOMO, as well as veterans of the landmark political comics journal World War 3 Illustrated, including Eric Drooker, Seth Tobocman, Peter Kuper, Nicole Schulman, and Christopher Cardinale, as well as dozens of other participating artists.

Book Review: Journey to the Ends of Anarchy (Indypendent)

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

From the squats of Berlin to life as a deckhand on a Central American banana boat to the perilous mountains of rebel Kurdistan to an exhausted, mud-soaked slice of Zapatista utopia, Clandestines: The Pirate Journals of an Irish Exile is a rollicking travelogue. Ryan knows the traveler’s secret of being open to the moment and trusting whatever it brings. His poignant tales of defeat, desolation, betrayal and lingering hope are told with both humor and a canny insight into the human spirit.

New York Haitians and Dominicans Take the Dominican Consulate

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

On Thursday a handful of activits took the streets in protest of what is occuring on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola and the United States involvement. Although their numbers were small, their voices drew attention to a situation gravely neglected by the American press.

State Department Harasses Protesters at Salvadoran Consulate

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

On Monday, July 10, 2006, New Yorkers gathered outside the Salvadoran Consulate on Park Avenue between 36th & 37th streets to protest the recent wave of repression in El Salvador, particularly the airforce attacks on students and administrators and subsequent police occupation of the National University. Activists denounced the repression and the US State Department’s support for the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA). ILEA has been condemned by human rights activists in El Salvador and elsewhere for its controversial refusal to prohibit US military instructors from teaching civilian law enforcement policy, strictly prohibited in the Peace Accords signed by El Salvador and the US government in 1992.

Protest Warriors Incite Violence in New York

NYC, 11.07.2006 17:39

In a shocking public gathering right wing zealots called for the bombing of the New York Times building on West 43rd Street from a protest directly across the street. New anti-terror measures were not invoked. Counter protesters were scarce.|| Additional Coverage and Photos

Absolvieron a 4 de los 5 policías que la mataron

Argentina, 11.07.2006 17:09

Para Andrea Viera no hubo Justicia

G8 Gipfel in St.Petersburg/Russland

Austria, 11.07.2006 17:08

Vom 15 bis zum 17 Juli findet der G8 Gipfel in Strelna - einem Vorort von St.Petersburg/Russland - statt.
Obwohl die Situation fuer Proteste in Russland sehr schwierig ist (im Vergleich zu den Protesten in Gleneagles/Grossbritannien letztes Jahr) ruft das Netzwerk gegen G8 zu Protesten auf.

Neben einer Fahrradkarawane von Berlin nach St.Petersburg gibt es auch ein libertaeres Forum in Moskau (vom 8-12 Juli).

Fuer den 14.Juli gibt es einen Aufruf zu einem globalen Aktionstag.

Mehr Informationen:
Feature auf de.indymedia
Feature auf ch.indymedia
Mehrsprachiges ru.indymedia ru.indymedia (auf russisch)
Gipfelsoli Infos

Encuentros campesinos

Argentina, 11.07.2006 15:38

Sembrando el futuro en Formosa y Chaco

Absolvieron a 4 de los 5 policías que la mataron

Argentina, 11.07.2006 15:38

Para Andrea Viera no hubo Justicia

Saturday's Critical Mass Bike Ride - PIX!

Miami, 11.07.2006 15:37

Saturday's Critical Mass Bike Ride - PIX!

Problemas con filtro antiSpam (indymedia censura!)

Argentina, 11.07.2006 14:10

J B Spray Building Occupied / Evicted / Reoccupied

United Kingdom, 11.07.2006 14:09

On Wednesday 28th June the J B Spray building in Radford was squatted. It was illegally evicted by the police on Friday 30th June and reoccupied on Saturday 1st July. A new squat is born in Squattingham!

Built in 1870 the historic lace mill, a grade 2 listed building, has sat empty for years while the owner apparently seeks community uses for the property. Unwilling to see such a beautiful building left to rot this inspired group is seeking to answer both their own need for housing and the wider community need to reclaim spaces like these as social spaces to share and bring people together.

Links: Previous article with photos | party at the JB Spray squat this Sunday

Especulação imobiliária X famílias sem-teto

Brasil, 11.07.2006 14:09


Locals Object to Preston Quarry

United Kingdom, 11.07.2006 12:08

Local campaign group "Save The Ribble" are calling for people and organisations to object to proposals for a Quarry at Lower Brockholes, intended to supply concrete to the 'Riverworks' Ribble Barrage.

Lower Brockholes is a beautiful ancient farmland on the Preston side of the M6, and is bordered by several Biological Heritage Sites including the ancient Brockholes Wood, Brockholes Meadow, and the River Ribble.

As such, this farmland is part of a broader ecosystem and itself offers diverse habitats, including mixed grasslands, hedgerows, small streams, and mature trees, supporting numerous bird, mammal and insect species.

Full story | Save the Ribble

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 11.07.2006 10:08

Braun en lluita

Boicot a BRAUN & CIA

Crónica dels fets:19 mai: Volen tancar la Braun (Esplugues de Llobregat) ::: [BRAUN] entrevista a una treballadora ::: 8 jun: Crónica de la vaga i manifestació de Braun: la consigna més corejada fou “Menys Estatut i més Treball” ::: 13 jun:Carta de les treballadores i treballadors de BRAUN ::: 15 jun.L'Ajuntament d'Esplugues vol transformar la planta de Braun en un complex tecnològic ::: 18 jun.Els treballadors de Braun aproven en assemblea rebutjar el tancament i començar un procés de lluita en defensa dels llocs de treball ::: 28 jun: Braun en lluita. Fotos de l'acció de protesta a la Ronda de Dalt de Barcelona ::: 6 jul: BRAUN: Dos joves advocats del gabinet Garrigues Walker es tanquen a una oficina de Braun durant 10 hores

Comunicats i suport:Comunicat del comité d'empresa de Braun front les declaracions de l'alcaldessa d'Esplugues a mitjans de comunicació ::: Comunicat de la Xarxa contra la Precarietat del Baix Llobregat: Braun en lluita ::: Comunicat de suport de la XCTiP amb la lluita dels treballadors i treballadores de Braun contra el tancament ::: L'ajuntament de S. Vicenç dels Horts aprova per unanimitat una moció de suport a la lluita dels treballadors de Braun contra el tancament

Notícies relacionades: Sabadell. 22 Juliol. Jornada en solidaritat amb els treballadors en vaga del Mercadona ::: Treballadors de Mercadona: 108 dies de vaga. ::: Continua la vaga indefinida dels empleats de Tràfic ::: No som màquines empleats de TRÀFICO en LLUITA ::: Repressió a CCOO. Comunicats delegats CATSA ::: Comité de Vaga. A totes les organitzacions ::: El que es mogui no surt a la foto

+info ::: >>>laboral

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 11.07.2006 10:08

Braun en lucha

Boicot a BRAUN & CIA

Crónica de los hechos:19 may: Quieren cerrar la Braun (Esplugues de Llobregat) ::: [BRAUN] entrevista a una treballadora ::: 8 jun: Crónica de la huelga y manifestación de Braun: la consigna más coreada fue “Menos Estatut y Más Trabajo” ::: 13 jun:Carta de los trabajadores y trabajadoras de BRAUN ::: 15 jun:El Ayuntamiento de Esplugues quiere transformar la planta de Braun en un complejo tecnológico ::: 18 jun:Los trabajadores de Braun aprueban en asamblea rechazar el cierre e iniciar un proceso de lucha en defensa de los puestos de trabajo ::: 28 jun: Braun en lucha. Fotos de la acción de protesta en la Ronda de Dalt de Barcelona ::: 6 jul: BRAUN: Dos jovenes abogados del gabinete Garrigues Walker se encierran en una oficina de Braun durante 10 horas

Comunicados y apoyo:Comunicado del comité de empresa de Braun ante las declaraciones de la alcaldesa de Esplugues a medios de comunicación ::: Comunicado de la Xarxa contra la Precarietat del Baix Llobregat: Braun en lucha ::: Comunicado de apoyo de la XCTiP a la lucha de los treballadores i treballadoras de Braun contra el cierre ::: El ayuntamiento de S.Vicenç dels Horts aprueba por unanimidad una moción de apoyo a la lucha de l@s trabajador@s de Braun contra el cierre

Noticias relacionadas: Sabadell. 22 Julio. Jornada en solidaridad con los trabajadores en huelga del Mercadona ::: Trabajadores de Mercadona: 108 días en huelga. ::: Sigue la huelga indefinida de los empleados de Tráfico ::: No somos máquinas!! Empleados de TRÁFICO en LUCHA!! ::: Represión en CCOO.Comunicados delegados CATSA ::: Comité Huelga. A todas las organizaciones ::: El que se mueva no sale en la foto

+info ::: >>>laboral

Ante la visita del papa a València

Valencia, 11.07.2006 08:37

Los próximos días 8 y 9 de julio, el Papa Benedito XVI, jefe de estado del Vaticano y jefe de la iglesia católica, visitará la ciudad de València para realizar la clausrua del V encuentro mundial de las famílias, un suceso que la jerarquía eclesiástica, junto con el beneplácito de las instituciones políticas y gubernamentales, ha decidido realizar en el Pais Valenciano:
- Las autoridades valencianas financían con dinero público un acto de caractar relioso y privado.
- La visita papal a València supone una fuente de ingresos excepcional para la burguesía.
- El V encuentro mundial de las famílias representa la imposición de una doctrina religiosa y la represión de ciertos sectores sociales del pais.
- El acto religioso a realizar en València pone de relieve la involución moral de la iglesia católica
Posicionamiento de la CAJEI Respecto a la visita del papa a València

8 de juliol, 17:30 plaça Sant Agustí=>Bicifestació Nudista

Accions per a la visita del Papa de la Cacophony Society València
se necesitan videos del encuentro de las familias
5000 balcons diuen ja Jo no t'espere
Convoquen una bicifestació nudista contra la visita papal el dia 8 de juliol
Ateus contra la visita del Papa
Davant la visita del papa a València
Joves de Silla diuen Jo no t'espere

Ratzinger, un pastor alemany
La Conferencia Episcopal acusa a la campanya Jo No t'Espere de voler atemptar contra el papa
El fracàs de l'esglesia a America llatina
El Papa oficiarà en una plataforma de 2.500 metres
La visita del Papa a València en xifres
La Generalitat assegura que no va a regatejar ni un euro en la visita del Papa

Montecchio: Altri mondiali

Switzerland, 11.07.2006 08:07

Dal 12 al 16 luglio, a Montecchio (Reggio Emilia, Italia), si terrà la decima edizione dei Mondiali antirazzisti.

Mentre in Germania si sono conclusi i mondiali di calcio 2006, a Montecchio, altri campioni si confronteranno su altri campi.
Un torneo non competitivo che vedrà presenti più di 200 squadre provenienti da ogni dove che, in una moltitudine di colori, suoni ed esperienze, per 5 giorni avranno l'occasione di sperimentare delle forme concrete di lotta al razzismo.

Uno spiraglio di luce in un mondo dello sport sempre più a connotazione economica e commerciale.
Accanto a questo evento, altre iniziative testimoniano come lo sport possa essere strumento di aggregazione e socializzazione e per questo veicolo di crescita individuale e collettiva contro ogni forma di razzismo.

:: Altre iniziative:
Sport sotto l'assedio | Raduno antirazzista internazionale | FARE: calcio contro il razzismo | El stadio del Bae

From the Newswire

Perth, 11.07.2006 06:40

Sea Shepherd's Flagship docks in Fremantle

July 11th Protest in Oakland Against NLRB Union Busting

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.07.2006 06:39

As part of a "National Week of Action to Stop threats from Bush's National Labor Board on Our Right to Organize," the California Nurses Association has called for people to gather outside of the Federal Building in downtown Oakland on Tuesday, July 11th, at 11:30am at 1301 Clay Street, Oakland (near 12th Street BART). The National Labor Relations Board will rule this summer on cases that could strip hundreds of thousands of workers of their rights under federal labor law. At issue is a revised definition of 'supervisor' which could potentially affect workers in a wide range of industries, including health care, building and construction, energy, broadcast and port shipping, and make them ineligible for union representation.

Local Blogger Interviews Roxanne-Dunbar-Ortiz

Portland, 11.07.2006 05:38

Portland blogger "celticfire" interviews Roxanne-Dunbar-Ortiz ( a veteran activist and scholar, the author of Blood on the Border: A Memoir of the Contra War, Outlaw Woman: A Memoir of the War Years, 1960-1975, and Red Dirt: Growing up Okie. She has played important roles in a number of movements and struggles around the world, including the women's liberation movement, the American Indian Movement (AIM), and has fought for self-determination among various people's around the world. Her writings have appeared in numerous human rights, international law, and history journals as well as such publications Monthly Review, and on the CounterPunch website. Below is her response to e-mailed questions from me, celticfire: dated 7-5-06. read the full interview...

UK: 122nd Durham Miners' Gala Photo Report

Portland, 11.07.2006 05:38

As America's revolution is almost 1/4 of a millennia old, few come to its celebrations expecting anything but fireworks. Durham's 900 year old Romanesque cathedral (seen in the banner) is now famous as a backdrop in the Harry Potter films. History rolls on long after the sense of connection is gone.

The 122nd Miners' Gala, however, is taking place just 22 years after the last great miners' strike and 10 years after the Conservative government flooded the mines to make sure that there would never be another massive strike.

The flooding of the mines and closing of the shipyards of NE England diminished union-based resistance to an ownership society much more advanced than its U.S. counterpart. In the UK 1% of the society owns 70% of the land. This may be the only place in the world where, in a mainstream procession, pictures of Marx and Lenin are still proudly carried through the streets.

see all the photos + read descriptions...

&quot;No to the Damn Fraud&quot;: López Obrador the Likely Winner in Mexico

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.07.2006 05:38

The Mexican election of July 2 is the most contested presidential vote in Mexico's history. At a massive demonstration (the Mexican government estimated there were 280,000) protesters chanted "No to the damn fraud!" The candidate of the leftist PRD, Ándres Manuel López Obrador, likely beat the declared winner, Felipe Calderón of the PAN. He told the crowd, "We are confronting a powerful group, economically and politically, that are accustomed to winning at all costs, without moral scruples. If there is not democracy, there will be instability."

A 22 días de huelga de hambre

Argentina, 11.07.2006 04:39

Barcelona: dos presos del 4f trasladados al hospital

Women, Autonomy &amp; Creating a Caring Economy in Venezuela

LA, 11.07.2006 04:38

Women, Autonomy & Creating a Caring Economy in Venezuela


Colombia, 11.07.2006 03:38

Reforma tributaria sin equidad

A 22 días de huelga de hambre

Argentina, 11.07.2006 02:38

Dos de los presos del 4F en Barcelona trasladados al hospital

Kurioseste Vorgänge bei Wahlen in Mexiko

Germany, 11.07.2006 02:38

Bei den Wahlen in Mexiko mehren sich die Hinweise auf einen Wahlbetrug. Die Nationale Wahlkommission (IFE) musste derweil 2,5 Millionen "verschwundener Stimmen" einbeziehen. Der geringe Vorsprung des Konservativen Felipe Calderón vor dem Linken Andrés Manuel López Obrador war dann nur noch minimal, gab auch Calderóns "Partei der Nationalen Aktion" (PAN) zu.

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Local Drug War Updates

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.07.2006 02:08

On June 30th, the Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) with the city and county of Santa Cruz presented oral arguments in a constitutional challenge to the federal government's prohibition of medical marijuana. The case, County of Santa Cruz v. Gonzales, represents the first significant challenge to the federal government's prohibition of medical marijuana since the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Gonzales v. Raich.

Attorneys Gerald Uelman, the San Francisco law firm of Bingham McCutchen, Drug Policy Alliance, Ben Rice, and the American Civil Liberties Union argue that the federal government has unconstitutionally attempted to sabotage California's ability to chart its own legislative course by selectively utilizing arrests, prosecutions and other means to thwart the state's medical marijuana laws.

WAMM is a medical marijuana collective in Santa Cruz whose 200 members, a majority of whom are terminally ill, work together with their caregivers to provide free medicine for a variety of conditions to members in the collective. On July 22, from 10-4pm, WAMM will be hosting a garage sale with BBQ and live music at 815 Almar Street to raise money for its members in need. Read more and see Indybay's Drug War page

Political Parties and Corporations Unite to Co-opt Immigrants Rights Movement.

LA, 11.07.2006 02:08

Political Parties and Corporations Unite to Co-opt Immigrants Rights Movement.

In Memoriam

Cleveland, 11.07.2006 02:07

In Memoriam - Abeer Qasim a-Janabi August 19, 1991 - March 12, 2006

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