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Tx2NYC on biodiesel

Houston, 29.08.2004 04:24

New York Bound on Biodiesel

The Calm Before the Storm

NYC, 29.08.2004 03:51

The streets around Madison Square Garden are lined with concrete barricades, thigh-high highway dividers with dark metal grilles bolted onto the top. The air is sticky, polluted, miasmic, the most uncomfortable summer weather New York has to offer. Half the street is blocked by the barricades, forming an alley guarded by police. Well, if Mayor Bloomberg wants to bring George Bush into a city where three-fourths of the people can't stand him, they've got to put him in a fortress. The normal upscale cocoon of midtown Manhattan isn't enough.

A29: UFPJ Logistical Information

NYC, 29.08.2004 02:34

With all the confusion surrounding UFPJ's march, some folks may still be confused about where to meet. Here are the logistics, directly from the UFPJ site.

"ASSEMBLE beginning at 10:00AM between 15th and 22nd Streets, stretching from 5th to 9th Avenues (view map) It will be easiest to enter the area from either 5th Avenue or 9th Avenue.

Please note: You will NOT be able to enter the assembly area from the north. If you are coming from Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, or any other place north of 14th Street, take any subway line to 14th Street and join the assembly area from there.

The MARCH will proceed up Seventh Avenue past Madison Square Garden. We will turn right on 34th Street, follow it east to Fifth Avenue, march down Fifth Avenue to 23rd Street, then take Broadway down to Union Square, where the march will end. THERE WILL BE NO RALLY."

As for the park ... well, thats another story. For much more logistical info. from UFPJ, go here.

Sistahs Steppin' in Pride

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.08.2004 02:07

Sistahs Steppin' In Pride

NYC Heats Up

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.08.2004 01:57

Indybay Reports from the RNC

Help Indymedia Web Radio

NYC, 29.08.2004 01:47

Hey there, IMC Web Radio broadcasts need your help! There will be many points of action that will be going on in the coming days and it is important to get our messages out there loud and clear. We have made some flyers that you can print up, cut and hand out for the days of action.

It would be great if all of our lines were always busy with live calls from the street. WE need your help to make community based participatory media a reality. And, you know, calling in a report is much easier than coming home and writing one after the fact!

More Raised Black Fists at Olympics Ceremonies

Portland, 29.08.2004 00:45


Banner Drops, Bike Rides, &amp; Protests

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.08.2004 00:12

Indybay Reports from the RNC


Brasil, 28.08.2004 23:41

Novas provas de crueldade em Barretos


Colombia, 28.08.2004 23:33



Houston, 28.08.2004 23:26

Radical Tejas Bloc takes to the Streets of New York City

The Anarchist Bogeyman Strikes Again

Portland, 28.08.2004 23:22


Nashville Says No To Bush! End the Occupation! - August 29th Peace Rally

Tennessee, 28.08.2004 23:21

To kick off the Republican National Convention, peace demonstrations around the country will call on the RNC and the Bush Administration to end the War on Iraq and transfer the illegal US Led Occupation of Iraq to a United Nations LED process for Iraqi Sovereignty and an international (culturally appropriate) peace keeping force. Te Peace Coalition of the Nashville Peace and Justice Center has organized a demonstration in solidarity with the International Day of Action. People will begin gathering at 12:00pm Noon in front of the Tennessee Republican Party Headquarters at 20th and West End. Bring your signs and banners and peaceful presence.

Getting Ready for the RNC

Tennessee, 28.08.2004 22:45

The Republican National Convention (RNC) is set to begin in and preparations have reached a fevered pitch. Dozens of activist groups have planned protests. Activists from Tennessee have left for NYC and will be in the streets representing Nashville Food Not Bombs, Tennessee Indymedia, Nashville Peace and Justice Center, United for Peace and Justice and Peace Roots Alliance. Indymedia will be there to bring you comprehensive coverage, in-depth analysis, and up-to-the-minute reports.


Colombia, 28.08.2004 22:16

¡Gran Minga a partir del 12 de septiembre!

NYC Preparing for major repression of 1st amendment

Arkansas, 28.08.2004 22:16

Folks, New York City is rising and George Bush has built a fortress in the middle of the city and staffed it with tens of thousands of cops to make sure their party doesn't get crashed. As I sit here I can here non-stop sirens and numerous choppers from various federal agencies flying overhead. There are multiple actions every day and random diverse unpermitted marches going on for everything from womens rights in Brooklyn and economic justice on the lower east side to peace demonstrations in no free speech zones and good old fashioned street parties just cuz there are so many of us and we can. This is big...and the convention hasn't even started yet. Sunday and Monday are going to be the big days.


Uruguay, 28.08.2004 22:08

Un fascista menos en la educación


Uruguay, 28.08.2004 21:57

Transgénicos en la Junta de Canelones

Bill Maher Uges Protestors to &quot;Riot&quot;

NYC, 28.08.2004 21:07

Bill Maher's closing thoughts on his HBO show 'Real Time':

"You can't claim you're for peace unless you're willing to disturb it.

...You know who has peaceful, planned demonstrations? Totalitarian states with no civil liberties, like North Korea.... Therefore, tonight, I am urging all the protestors in New York next week to riot. ...Look, protestor: You spent 2 weeks making that paper mache Dick Cheney mask? Now, light it on fire, and torch the nearest Gap store. ...Pick up a garbage can and throw it through a Starbucks window."

realvideo clip [6MB]

Tactical Assessment of NYPD for Direct Actionists, Some Notes on the Strategic Importance of the Protests

NYC, 28.08.2004 20:46

(from the Open Newswire): After the unprovoked mass arrests at the Critical Mass bike ride on Friday, August 27, we can expect police to use a pattern of a) attempted containment, b) surge, c) demonstrative violence, and d) mass arrest. We can expect the liberal establishment to fear the popular response to Bush's contempt for democratic rights, the war and the NYPD's suppression of legitimate and non-violent protest. We can be certain that the everyday people of New York are turning out to give Bush a Bronx cheer. We just need to keep our heads, act smart and keep focused about why we're coming out to protest in the first place. Direct action activists will play a central role in facilitating these historic protests.

National Youth Affairs Research Scheme Survey

Melbourne, 28.08.2004 20:43

Many Young Australia Believe Australian Democracy A Myth

RNC Master Calendar of Events

NYC, 28.08.2004 19:39

Here it is: the complete (32-page) calendar of Republican and Republican-friendly events over the next few days.

March for Womens Lives

NYC, 28.08.2004 19:20

Today, starting in Brooklyn, a March for Womens Lives was scheduled, the plan was to march across the Brooklyn Bridge to make sure that issues of reproductive health—global family planning, real sex education, accessible, safe and legal abortion, birth control options, the right to privacy regarding sexuality, and equal access to health care—are part of the national political dialogue.

Around 1pm today speakers started at Candon park in Brooklyn, the rally started small with just over 500 protesters and only about 70 police officers. There didnt seem to be much tension, with many of the cops being on bicycle. There were people there handing out water and Luna bars, to a very diverse crowd.

By 1:30, the march had begun and the crowd was up in the thousands, byt the time they started crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Reports came in of as many as 16,000 marchers going over the bridge. By the time the march reached City Hall Park for the end rally, it was three hours into it. There were reports of good vibes and lots of support (in the form of honking) by the passing vehicles.


Athens, 28.08.2004 19:15

Οι διαδηλωτές λένε ͻόχι΋ στον Μπους

Lone Protester fronts Republican Hdqtrs RNC Send-Off

Portland, 28.08.2004 19:00


Colombia, 28.08.2004 17:49

Powell canceló visita a Grecia tras protestas

RNC Update 7 Bikes and Bones

Portland, 28.08.2004 17:11

No Justice! No Peace! Help the Police?

NYC, 28.08.2004 14:16

The Republican National Convention that will begin Monday in New York City has stirred up the expected buzz in the various parties gearing up for the event. From the hundreds of thousands who will flow into New York to protest one hears a variety of intentions "We're going to Central Park whether we get a permit or not!". From of the corporate press, "Hard-core anarchists plan to release live mice on Broadway". Thanks to them the discussion has once again been reduced from one focusing on policy issues to one fixated on the standard and passe "protesters vs. police".


Perth, 28.08.2004 13:40

Victorian Unionist Craig Johnston Jailed.

Photos from touring the site of the RNC this afternoon 34th street stars and gripes

NYC, 28.08.2004 13:32

New York is 'readied' for the RNC - or so they say. Walking around the area where I work - seeing elderly persons sitting on a bus for over an hour to travel a block - looking at the anxiety in the eyes of those who rush past hundreds of police with machine guns guarding Macy's and seeing tourists taking photos with these GI Joes.. Hopefully this will give some folks a feel for what New Yorkers are experiencing..


Athens, 28.08.2004 12:51

Powell not welcomed in Athens

Solidariedade com trabalhadores do Sri Lanka

Portugal, 28.08.2004 12:31

Solidariedade com trabalhadores do Sri Lanka

Solidariedade com trabalhadores do Sri Lanka

Portugal, 28.08.2004 12:31

Solidariedade com trabalhadores do Sri Lanka

March for Womens Lives

Portland, 28.08.2004 12:13

5000+ riders hit the streets for anti-RNC Critical Mass in NYC

Portland, 28.08.2004 10:32

Pinochet stripped of immunity

United Kingdom, 28.08.2004 08:00

General Augusto Pinochet has been stripped of his immunity from prosecution today by the Chilean Supreme Court.

First notes on the Critical Mass

NYC, 28.08.2004 07:31

#media_16373;right# The first wave of posts on tonight's Critical Mass have come in. The ride was New York's largest critical mass, with well over 5,000 bikes.

Gathering at Union Square in the middle of Manhattan at 7 p.m. and departing at 7:30, oil-free transportation stretched across all horizons around Union Square. First pedaling south down Broadway and then rerouting north on Madison and Sixth avenues, Critical Mass consisted of a 45 block long brigade of cyclists, skaters and pedestrians. The ride lasted about 2 hours, performed its traditional occupation of Times Square and rode past Madison Square Garden (MSG), site of the RNC.

Approximately 800 Critical Massers ended up at St. Mark's church in lower Manhattan, sanctuary for the protest and home to much of the organizing for the counter RNC mobilizing. Upon arriving at the church, the Critical Mass riders hoisted their bikes into the air, waving them overhead as they unleashed a long unified victory cry.

The celebratory mood at St. Mark's lasted only fifteen minutes though before police moved and began arresting participants. Critical Mass riders elsewhere were caught and arrested by New York City Police along the way. Several riders were taken down after passing MSG, dozens more were arrested at the Lincoln Tunnel.

Video of the evening being processed by the Indymedia Center right now shows the regrettably predictable violent nature of the arrests. Caught on tape are images of protesters being thrown off their bicycles, heads beaten into the asphalt, then cuffed with plastic flexi-cuffs. Pedestrians milling about also unfortunately fell victim to the cops, getting pulled off the street and arrested too. The latest reports put the total amount of arrested riders and bystanders at 250 people.

Stories: [1 | 2 | 3]

Photos: [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6]

Audio: [1 | 2]

Video: [1]

NYPD Notice to Bicyclists

Corporate Media: [1 | 2 (video) | 3 (photos)]

Alerta: nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a la represión.

Chile, 28.08.2004 07:22

Alerta: nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a la represión.

ART IN ACTION performance pix

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.08.2004 07:06

The Art in Action Camp is a ten-day summer camp for 16 to 25 year-olds that brings together poets, singers, dancers, artists and other young visionaries to create a vision of freedom and hope for the future—while voicing opposition to corporate war abroad and the criminalization of youth at home. Art in Action took place this year from August 16 through August 25 at the Quaker Center in Ben Lomond, on an 80-acre redwood forest just twenty minutes north of Santa Cruz. Art in Action's final day, August 25, concluded with a 7:00 pm evening public performance in the Santa Cruz Veteran's Hall at 846 Front Street, Santa Cruz. Photos: [ vol 1 I vol 2 I vol 3 ]

Richmond Rides in the RNC Critical Mass

Richmond, 28.08.2004 04:52

Approximately 20 people from Richmond today rode in New York City's Critical Mass to greet the Republican National Convention. Estimated to include 2,500 exhilarated people, with hundreds of bikeless supporters along the route, today's Critical Mass was the largest in NYC memory.

Esquel, un pueblo que dijo No

Argentina, 28.08.2004 04:49

Viernes 27 de Agosto 2004 | MINERÍA DE ORO EN LA ARGENTINA
Esquel, un pueblo que dijo No

Noticias destacadas

Argentina, 28.08.2004 03:59

Israel's Mole Inside the Pentagon

DC, 28.08.2004 01:20

Lesley Stahl of CBS reported Friday that the FBI is about to "roll up" a spy working for Israel from within the office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon. "the suspected mole supplied Israel with classified materials that include secret White House policy deliberations on Iran. " The FBI investigation, headed up by Dave Szady, has involved wiretaps, undercover surveillance and photography that CBS News was told document the passing of classified information from the mole, to the men at American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington, and on to the Israelis. CBS sources say that last year the suspected spy, described as a trusted analyst at the Pentagon, turned over a presidential directive on U.S. policy toward Iran while it was, "in the draft phase when U.S. policy-makers were still debating the policy." "This put the Israelis, according to one source, "inside the decision-making loop" so they could "try to influence the outcome." "

Results of Tre Arrow's Hearing

Portland, 28.08.2004 00:58


Cultural Rights

Perth, 27.08.2004 23:48

Aboriginal Tent Embassy Attacked

Banner Drops, Bike Rides, &amp; Protests

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.08.2004 23:06

Indybay Reports from the RNC

Listen in: Streaming webradio

NYC, 27.08.2004 22:58

Several different groups are coordinating to provide webradio coverage for the Critical Mass ride tonight, and for the rest of the events during the RNC.

A-Noise is the NoRNC Sound Coalition and will be broadcasting live from New York. To listen to their stream, go to the website. They will also be taking live callers from the street: the on-air number in New York is 212-233-5767.

Portland Indymedia will also be broadcasting live tonight. Go to the Portland IMC website to listen to their stream. Their call-in number is 800-939-7973.

Also tune into Critical Mass Radio Network for programming throughout the next several days [note: CMRN is broadcasting the A-Noise Stream during Critical Mass]

Acerra: cariche e munnezza

Italy, 27.08.2004 22:20

Acerra: Rifiuti Business

NYC Heats Up

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.08.2004 21:39

Indybay Reports from the RNC

PETCO Protest on August 28th

Portland, 27.08.2004 21:09

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