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Israeli Actions in Gaza and Lebanon – Where is NYC?

NYC, 14.07.2006 00:09

I’ve been following the news really closely the past two weeks and I’ve been surprised to see a serious lack of coverage about what is going on in the Middle East on the IMC newswire. In addition to this, I’ve been surprised that I haven’t been able to find out about any emergency actions/events happening in NYC to assist in putting a halt to Israel’s military actions. ||Pay No Attention to the Israeli Bombardment of Lebanon ||Israel Kills Palestinians with U.S. Weapons ||Coverage of June 16 Emergency Rally

Railroading Your Rights

NYC, 14.07.2006 00:09

Despite the serious questions as to the effectiveness of random searches, the surveillance machine still pushes ahead. After all, DHS puts on a great show.

the compost pile, 06 july 06 -- Greenpeace Mexico and Maseca

Madison, 14.07.2006 00:08

the compost pile is a weekly feature on In Our Backyard, which airs on WORT-FM 89.9 M-Th from 6:30-7:00p. this week: interview with Areli Carreon ofGreenpeaceMexico concerning the Corn flour mega corporation Maseca and GMO contamination. MP3 - 2.8MB -- 00:05:57

S.O.S. Bus OM Ganesha

Brasil, 13.07.2006 23:08


Bicycle! Bicycle! Cyclists Flow Through City Streets for ‘Critical Mass’ Ride

Miami, 13.07.2006 22:37

Bicycle! Bicycle! Cyclists Flow Through City Streets for ‘Critical Mass’ Ride

Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts

Miami, 13.07.2006 22:07

Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts

G8 te Sint-Petersburg

Netherlands, 13.07.2006 20:38

Van 15 tot 17 juli is er een G8-top in Strelna, een buitenwijk van Sint-Petersburg (Rusland).
Hoewel de situatie voor protesten in Rusland heel verschillend is (interview) met de situatie in de UK tijdens de G8-protesten in Gleneagles, roept het "Netwerk tegen de G8" op voor acties tegen de top en nodigt mensen uit de hele wereld uit om naar Rusland af te zakken.

Al voor het begin van de top is de repressie groot. Honderden mensen zijn opgepakt, mishandeld, gedeporteerd of "voor hun eigen veiligheid" opgesloten. Russische activisten roepen op tot internationale solidarteitsacties.

11 juli: De voorzitster van de Landelijke Studenten Vakbond is opgepakt op een luchthaven in Moskou en enkele uren later gedeporteerd lees verder...
11 juli: Overzicht van enkele arrestaties 12 juli: Terwijl Poetin zich voordoet als de perfecte democraat, worden activisten in heel Rusland slachtoffer van hardhandige staatsrepressie lees verder...
14 juli: Vrijdag 14 juli is internationale actiedag tegen de G8. In Amsterdam is er een fietsdemo die om 14.00 op het Leidseplein begint. lees verder...

Earth First! blockades Virginia power plant

Richmond, 13.07.2006 20:08

Early this morning, activists with Earth First! and Rising Tide North America set up a non-violent blockade of American Electric Power's (AEP) nearly 50 year old Clinch River coal fired electric facility. Emitting millions of pounds of pollutants yearly, the Clinch River coal plant threatens the health and lives of thousands of downwind residents and the surrounding environment. Burning coal is not only a primary factor behind global climate change, but also drives the expansion of large scale strip mining. Large scale surface mining destroys forests, streams and communities as it alters the Appalachian landscape forever.

Muerte y Silencio

Argentina, 13.07.2006 19:08

Marines responsables de muerte y desaparición en Paraguay

Bristol Resistance to the Tescopoly Continues...

Bristol, 13.07.2006 17:08

Local Says 'Tesco Not Welcome in Bedminster' Local Says 'Tesco Not Welcome in Bedminster' Trevor Johnson writes: The site is a retail unit below the soon-to-be Airpoint development. Anyone who feels strongly either way about this is encouraged to express their opinion via the Council’s Public Access website. Tesco now controls 30% of the grocery market in the UK. In 2006, the supermarket chain announced over £2.2 billion in profits. Growing evidence indicates that Tesco's success is partly based on trading practices that are having serious consequences for suppliers, farmers and workers worldwide, local shops and the environment. The 2 relevant application details are: 06/02315/A - Consent to display an advertisement: Tesco Stores Ltd. and 06/00677/F - Full planning application: West Street Developments Ltd. Full article| Tesco not welcome in Bedminster | West St, Bedminster - Tesco Express? | New Report: Supermarkets DO NOT Mean Prosperity | Older News - day of action at shepton mallet [against Tesco] | | How to Oppose Supermarket Planning Applications ( | BOGOFS |Contribute An Article

From the Newswire

Perth, 13.07.2006 16:39

Trial Day 1 of OZ Anti-War Activist O'Reilly & 4 Co-Defendants in Ireland.

Demonstrators Demand and End to Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Boston, 13.07.2006 16:38

Demonstrators gathered outside the Israel Consul General’s office in Boston on Wednesday, July 12th to demand and end to the Israeli military siege of the Gaza Strip. The Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights was joined by representatives from numerous religious organizations, civil rights groups and social justice groups including Jewish Voices for Peace.

Earth First! blockades Virginia power plant

DC, 13.07.2006 16:10

Early this morning, activists with Earth First! and Rising Tide North America set up a non-violent blockade of American Electric Power's (AEP) nearly 50 year old Clinch River coal fired electric facility. Emitting millions of pounds of pollutants yearly, the Clinch River coal plant threatens the health and lives of thousands of downwind residents and the surrounding environment. Burning coal is not only a primary factor behind global climate change, but also drives the expansion of large scale strip mining. Large scale surface mining destroys forests, streams and communities as it alters the Appalachian landscape forever.


DC, 13.07.2006 16:10

Mobilization for Global Justice (MGJ) has endorsed the following call, written and distributed by Jubilee South, a coalition of social movements throughout the Global South who are resisting illegitimate debts and IMF/World Bank policies. The statement calls on people worldwide to take action in their own communities against the IMF/World Bank the week of September 14-20, while the institutions meet in Singapore.

Anti-G8 Protests Succeed in Russia

DC, 13.07.2006 16:10

Carnival Against Capitalism Anti-G8 Protest Successful in Russia Despite Massive Police Arrests Ahead of Bush visit and G8 Summit G8 Summit Reports from St. Petersberg, Moscow: Russia IMC Special G8 Critical Mass

Water, Poverty and Clowning - a week in Tirana, Albania

United Kingdom, 13.07.2006 16:09

In Albania the Caravan was welcomed by people from Mjaft!, a movement committed to fighting political corruption and raising awareness of social and environmental issues concerning Albania. Workshops were held at various locations in Tirana, which is the capital of Albania with different sources stating somewhere between 500,000 - 1,000,000 inhabitants.

In Tirana Cat left and Johan joined the Caravan as a Rebel Clown trainer. It was a busy, hot and stressful week full of good and crazy experiences and well attended workshops. The participants were generally around 16-18 and some were part of youth and activist groups. The video workshops produced 3 films and the Clowns and Mischief Makers combined their efforts in an action for clean and reliable drinking water at the Ministry for Internal Affairs, in the middle of the city.

Photos: On the road - from Bitola to Tirana | An action for clean and reliable drinking water at the Ministry for Internal Affairs in Tirana, Albania | Photo update of Art Activism Caravan

Video: [videos will be uploaded soon!]

Other articles: Rebel Clowning in Albania | creative direct action in Albania

Links: AA Caravan Indymedia | Mjaft! website | Wikipedia on Albania | Liberal revolutionary movements in post-communist Eastern Europe


Roundup of ACORN Public Session on Atlantic Yards Housing

NYC, 13.07.2006 14:39

Norman Oder over at Atlantic Yard Report has an amazingly detailed wrap up of a public session ACORN hosted last night. The session was designed to inform people about the housing provisions in the Ratner plan for Atlantic Yards.

Norman's report is incredibly detailed and long, so here are some highlights... [Read More]

T in the Park rip off music fans

Scotland, 13.07.2006 13:40

Hundreds of music fans were evicted from the T in the Park Festival last weekend - despite having legitimately bought genuine tickets from approved outlets. The Festival bosses from DF Concerts caused heartbreak to many festival-goers by operating what they called a "zero tolerance" policy on lost or stolen tickets - refusing to replace them in the vast majority of cases. On top of this inadequately trained security guards mistakenly told up to 300 people to hand over their whole ticket. When the fans were unable to show ticket stubs at later checks, they were thrown out of the Tennents-sponsored festival, held near Kinross. "This festival just seems to be about making money," one festival-goer said. In response to the refusal to replace his stolen ticket, one fan even staged a one man sit-in in a festival tent. He peacefully resisted security guards' efforts to evict him, only eventually leaving when the police were about to arrest him.

A for Athens, B for Bitola...

United Kingdom, 13.07.2006 13:09

After a week of student uprising in Greece, the Art and Activism Caravan moved onto Macedonia, where it was welcomed by the Bitola Youth Forum, to fill a week of youth activities in the city of Bitola. Bitola is a city in the south-western part of the Republic of Macedonia, with just under 100.000 inhabitants.

Workshops included: action samba, silkscreening, video activism and rebel clowning, some of which took place at one of the local swimming pools. The Mischief Makers worked in a Roma settlement just outside the city. At the end of the week a large event was held in the local amphitheatre, which was joined by some local bands.

Photo: On the road to Bitola | Roma children's workshops | Video workshop | Final event

Video: Beautiful Bitola (about litter on the streets) | Bitola's Neighbourhood Voices (aspirations...) [will be uploaded soon!]

Other articles: A Week in Rromani | All You Ever Wanted To Know About Roma Culture | videos made in bitola by video workshop participants

Links: AA Caravan Indymedia | Wikipedia on Bitola

Seeds of Hope

LA, 13.07.2006 11:38

Seeds of Hope, Seeds of War: Race, Class and the Battle for the South Central Farm

Lo scandalo della casa

Italy, 13.07.2006 11:08

Una casa per tutti, tranne i senza casa

GE Free denied access as consumer representatives

Aotearoa, 13.07.2006 06:39

GE Free (NZ) members have expressed dismay after their removal by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) from its Consumer Forum. The Communication Manager, Sandra Daly, wrote to the Organisation telling them that NZFSA does not have a mandate for GE foods. (The NZFSA Consumer Forum was set up to discuss consumer concerns. Elected representatives are part of a board that includes industry and other groups of which the Minister for Food Safety Annette King is responsible. She will be attending the 12th July meeting of the forum).

Derrick Jensen Benefit for Green Scare at Che Cafe

San Diego, 13.07.2006 06:10

Question: Which one book would you give to every politician?

Answer: One that explodes.

Before you freak out, let’s change the question and see what you think: Which one book would you give to Hitler, Goering, Himmler, and Goebbels? Let’s ask this another way: Would a book have changed Hitler? I don’t think so. Unless it exploded.

And before you freak out at the comparison of modern politicians to Hitler and his gang, try to look at it from the perspective of wild salmon, grizzly bears, bluefin tuna, or any of the (fiscally) poor or indigenous human beings. Those in power now are more destructive than anyone has ever been. And they are for the most part psychologically unreachable. And if someone does reach some politician, that politician will no longer be in power.

I recently shared a stage with Ward Churchill. He said the primary difference between the U.S. and the Nazis is that the U.S. didn’t lose.

I responded with one word: “Yet.”

Fanning the Flames of Resistance. A benefit for those resisting the Green Scare ...featuring Derrick Jensen
Friday, July 28th 7-9:30PM
Che Café (Building 161)
UC San Diego in La Jolla, Calif., 92093.
Off I-5 / La Jolla Village Dr. / Gilman Dr.

OCBC to Issue Alameda County MMJ Patient ID Cards

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.07.2006 06:10

The Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative has been awarded the agency contract to issue Alameda County patient ID cards as part of SB 420. OCBC will continue to issue its non-governmental cards for all patients and caregivers who live in other counties. The state ID card, which will be issued beginning on August 1st, will be handled through a process like a driver's license application. The OCBC card will continue to be a option for patients or caregivers who do not want to be on the state list.

City Council Hears Speaker Urging Passage of Impeachment Resolution

Portland, 13.07.2006 05:39

Another Portlander urges the Portland City Council to pass the resolution/petition to impeach Bush & Cheney that was presented to it May 10. David Ibbotson, a long-time local activist and Korean War veteran, is the third citizen to appear in Council chambers on this issue. Commissioner Erik Sten said if he had two more commissioners to support it, he would put it on the agenda. read the full text...

related: Come Support Impeachment at PDX City Council Wednesday | Update on PDX impeachment movement | Pushing Oregon Congressional Candidates to Impeach Bush |

San Petesburgo: Movilización y represión

Argentina, 13.07.2006 05:08

Semana de lucha global contra el G-8

San Petesburgo: Movilización y represión

Argentina, 13.07.2006 05:08

Semana de lucha global contra el G-8

NEST finds 30 red tree vole nests in timber sale

Portland, 13.07.2006 04:39

NEST (Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team) has just spent a wildly successful past month climbing trees to survey for red tree vole nests in the "Trapper" timber sale, a tract of mature forests 60 miles east of Eugene, in the McKenzie River watershed, Eugene's source of drinking water.

NEST climbers found a total of 30 red tree vole nests--the main food source of the threatened spotted owl--in the sale (whereas the Forest Service had only found 3). The Forest Service has been presented with the data, and will be revealing what buffers they plan to implement in the sale within the next week or so. If they do not implement protective buffers, a lawsuit is likely.

DoveLewis Animal Center Practices Needless Killing

Portland, 13.07.2006 04:39

I feel it is my duty to inform you of a very unfortunate situation that occurred at the DoveLewis Animal Emergency Clinic on NW Pettygrove in Portland on July 10th 2006. As my family and I went for a casual stroll through the neighborhood park we discovered an injured crow fledgling. It appeared to have a broken wing and a possible broken leg as well. We took it to the Portland Audubon Society only to realize that they were closed, and that their overnight animal box was no longer a continuing practice. There was a sign however, directing those with injured animals to bring them to the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Care Center on NW Pettygrove St.

I brought the injured fledgling to the care center. As I was waiting in the lobby, a confrontation was occurring between a nurse technician and a citizen who apparently brought in an injured bat. The nurse had just relayed the news that the bat was to be destroyed, and that there was nothing anyone could do. The citizen was explaining that the bat had an injury do to a crash in to a wall, and that the "neuro problems" they were witnessing were a result. The nurse said that even though she witnessed the accident there was no way to be sure if the bat was rabid or not, therefore had to be put down by law. When I approached the front desk a very disgruntled tech asked me what assistance was needed. I explained to them the situation. Unnerved by what I had just witnessed, I first asked what their policy was regarding custody of the bird. They were not very forth coming,

read the full article...

Mídia corporativa e o absurdo velado

Brasil, 13.07.2006 01:39

Russia against the G8

Houston, 12.07.2006 22:08

Activists face repression in confronting the G8 in Russia


LA, 12.07.2006 19:08

Anti-Racist Action Event

Autonomist Democracy of Albuquerque Benefit Show

New Mexico, 12.07.2006 18:39

Autonomist Democracy of Albuquerque Benefit Show

Week of Action Targeting Andronico's Battery-Caged Eggs

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.07.2006 18:39

afadf adf adf adf adfa dfa df adf adf

Sacramento activist Victor* is one of about 3,000 nationwide fasting as part of a politica

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.07.2006 18:39

On the Fourth of July, CodePink and Gold Star Families launched the nationwide fast, calling for the U.S. government to bring our troops home from Iraq--FAST.

In California, hunger strikers are also focusing on Assembly Joint Resolution 36, which opposes the Iraq war and was introduced by Lonnie Hancock. This measure would memorialize the President and Congress to restore the balance between the federal government and the states by limiting federal control of the California National Guard to cases where there is an insurrection or a declaration of war under the US Constitution.

Sacramento activist Victor* is one of about 3,000 nationwide fasting as part of a political statement to Bring the Troops Home Fast, but unlike many others, he was initially denied a permit to express his right to do so. Read More

Sacramento Protests Israeli Military Action in Gaza

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.07.2006 17:09

On Saturday, July 8, a small group of local activists in front of Axis Gallery in downtown Sacramento to demonstrate against the occupation of Iraq, the Bush Administration, and the ongoing Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights. Protesters displayed large signs, sang, and chanted. Read More

On Tuesday, July 11, Responding to the recent Israeli siege on Gaza and humanitarian crisis resulting from the US-Israeli imposed starvation campaign of the Palestinian people, demonstrators rallied in support of the Palestinian people at 16th & J Streets in Sacramento. Protesters demanded an end to US support of Israel and the Israeli Occupation Forces' assaults on Gaza. The local demonstration, initiated by the National Council of Arab Americans and Sacramento Area Peace Action, was held in conjunction with similar protests taking place throughout the country. Read more: 1, 2

Actions to Save Affordable Housing in Eugene

Portland, 12.07.2006 16:39

Because people around the state have a stake in this issue, they are joining opposition to the sale of Westmoreland Village, a student family housing community located in west Eugene. It is a publicly-owned low-cost student housing resource used by thousands of Oregonians over the past forty five years while attending the UO. If Westmoreland were sold, it would eliminate access to higher education for those who need such housing in order to afford rising tuition.

Contrary to the continuous local media spin, this is not a done deal. We can and will stop the sale of Westmoreland because it is bad policy on many levels and is against the public interest of the state-wide community. That's why we have received overwhelming support in the form of cards, letters and emails to the State Board. Urge the State Board of Higher Education to vote no on the UO proposed sale of Westmoreland Family Housing, a public resource consisting of 404 units of irreplaceable affordable housing in West Eugene.

Actions To Take To Save Westmoreland...

see also:

Bristolians Block Nuke Site

Bristol, 12.07.2006 16:08

Cops Respond by Clampdown on Peaceful Protest Cops Respond by Clampdown on Peaceful Protest bristol woman writes: Despite a heavy police presence, campaigners staged a series of co-ordinated blockades at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston yesterday morning, They closed the main entrances to the Orion construction site for up to one hour. Ten people were arrested, including two from Bristol...Just before 7am, Women from the Aldermaton Women's Peace Campaign held a women-only blockading action with the aim of both disrupting work on the construction of new weapons-related facilities at the site...They emerged from the bushes opposite the Home Office Gate and succesfully blockaded the gate, while the 40 plus police stood and watched, showing their inability to act on their own initative. Other campaigners carried out a lock-on blockade at AWE's Tadley gate, held a musical road blockade and a multi-faith action....That morning police had informed some campaigners that they had imposed a s14 (Public Order Act 1986) notice, which places restrictions on demonstrations. Women who had participated in the musical road blockade were, after being removed from the road, were surrounded by police and effectively penned in under the s14. The group included mothers with four children under the age of five - after 25mins they managed to negotiate their way out of the pen. One woman refused to move and was arrested for being in breach of the s14. Sian Jones, from Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp, said: "We are very concerned about police imposing detention conditions on peaceful protestors - including on a number of children under the age of five. "We strongly oppose this clampdown on peaceful protest."Full article| Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston blockaded | |Contribute An Article

Peoples Charter

Melbourne, 12.07.2006 14:40

Geelong Unionists adopt Peoples Charter

Welfare cuts

Melbourne, 12.07.2006 14:14

Welfare Measures 'A kick in the Face to the Disabled...'

NABR demands reopening of the Public Comment Period on Slots Licenses

Philadelphia, 12.07.2006 13:39

Last Chance To Save Packers Field?

Bristol, 12.07.2006 10:38

Work due to commence on Packers Field imminently For the last two years residents living near to Packers Field (between Eastville, Greenbank and Whitehall) have been fighting to prevent the building of a private sports facility, and retain the field as a public space. packers field writes: Some residents of the Whitehall community have received notification from the City Academy that "the 'improvement works' are to begin in the next two weeks ... initially much of the work will involve earthworks and the whole site WILL BE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC ... construction period to last about a YEAR'. It also adds that 'I hope that you will find the end result worth the disturbance....', which quite frankly is an insult to the feelings and hard work of the local community in opposing the development. Full Article. Wes writes: Meanwhile, the Principal of the Academy, Ray Priest, has bowed to pressure to hold another public meeting, to discuss the Community Use Agreement. This is a legal requirement that the Academy have to enter in to that sets out exactly how much access the public can have to the field. For those of you who don’t know. Packers’ Field is a seven acre space of green land that is sandwiched between the Whitehall, Eastville and Greenbank areas of Bristol. It has been used by local people for free receation and sport for decades. In 2002 the City Council leased the field to the City Academy, who plan to fence it off, build a running track, pitches and floodlights on it and restrict access to an area that is one of few remaining green spaces in the inner city. If the Academy get their way, it will be a huge loss to East Bristol. Full | Public Meeting: Mon 17th July @ the City Academy, 7pm | Last chance to save Packers? | Work due to commence on Packers Field imminently | From The Archives: Never Mind The Academy... it's the Packers Field May Day!!! | Statement from Bristol Indymedia concerning recent 'Packers Field' article (31/03/06) | Feel Passionately About the Packers Field? (19/02/05) | Packers Field campaign continues (13/09/05) | Public enquiry - future of Packers Field (24/03/05) | fighting to save packers field (07/12/04) | Sport For All? (25/08/03) | Contribute An Article | Add To The Calendar

Eric Baskauskas @ Voz Alta

San Diego, 12.07.2006 08:40

||Eric Baskauskas | A Renewed Spirit of Discovery | July 5 – August 5, 2006

With permanent human colonies on Mars within the century the ultimate goal of his “revitalized” space program, President Bush has introduced a future not unlike the naïve visions of space travel and Martian conquest from fifty years ago. Somberly contrasting this optimism is a hidden negativity – our days on Earth may finally be numbered. A Renewed Spirit of Discovery is a collection of work that looks to the future of humankind with these things in mind.
(end transmission) .

Police Violence in Hollywood, Cops Riot

San Diego, 12.07.2006 08:40


HOLLYWOOD, July 8, 2006 - Police violence erupted in Hollywood today as a crowd of anti-Minutemen protesters and innocent bystanders were caught in the midst of a spontaneous police riot. As the Minutemen and their supporters held a protected rally on the southeast corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Argyle Street, the opposition overflowed to the nearby corners with the biggest crowd on the southwest corner. Having already surrounded the opposition protestors, members of the LAPD aggressively approached. This despite the fact that the opposition activists were non-violent even when approached by Minutemen provocateurs that frequently drifted across the street. Full Story by Next Move | | Also from the newswire: anti-Minutemen protest photos by Bob Morris VIDEO: video of protestors beat up at minutemen protest by phuk minutemen

UPDATE: Press Conference to Denounce LAPD Brutality this Tuesday

Cop Crackdown On the Eve of G8 in Russia

San Diego, 12.07.2006 08:40

Russia is on the verge of the G8 summit which is to be hosted in Saint Petersburg.

The activists belonging to different political and grass root organizations and groups scattered all over Russia are coming to Saint Petersburg to participate in the alternative "summit". These persons are being harassed and persecuted by the local police and security services agents on their way to Saint Petersburg.

Up to this date at least 100 people have been detained under various pretexts having no legal force. People are forcefully deprived of their documents, transportation tickets, stalked by unknown individuals and then once again arrested by police on the pretext of protecting their personal safety (!). On different occasions people have brutally been mishandled by police and secret service agents.

We are appealing to all people in the Western countries and asking them to voice their solidarity with the Russian political and social activists at this critical moment on the eve of the G-8 summit. We suggest that you picket the Russian embassies and consulates.

For more info about anti-g8 actions in russia, see

Jobs with Justice Float July 4th Ashland Parade

Rogue Valley, 12.07.2006 06:09

Singer Anne Feeney rocked Ashland with labor songs from the second story of our Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice Coalition float in Ashland's 2006 Fourth of July parade. Our SOJwJ double decker was decorated with a slew of banners from unions and community organizations throughout the region.

VIDEO CLIPS Presented Here

Maxine Waters Speaks At South Central Farm

LA, 12.07.2006 03:38

Maxine Waters Speaks At South Central Farm

Protests to Mark 61st Anniversaries of Atomic Bombings

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.07.2006 01:38

On August 6th and 9th, the 61st anniversaries of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, people all over the world will demand an end to the war in Iraq, no military attacks on Iran or North Korea, and a path toward the global abolition of nuclear weapons, starting at home. On Sunday, August 6th, there will be a Ceremony and Nonviolent Action at Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab. On Wednesday, August 9th, a Ceremony and Nonviolent Action will take place at Bechtel Corporate Headquarters at 50 Beale St. in San Francisco. This morning of protest will include a ceremony led by Western Shoshone spiritual leader Corbin Harney.

jueves de lucha

Argentina, 12.07.2006 01:38

Reproductive Freedom Summer in Mississippi Next Week

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.07.2006 01:08

A Radical Women contingent from four U.S. cities is traveling to Jackson, Mississippi to take part in marches, rallies, forums and other actions that Southern feminists have organized during the week of July 15th through 22nd. During this time, the last abortion clinic in Mississippi will be under siege by Operation Save America. Radical Women is calling for people to either join them in Jackson, or lend their financial support. BACORR has organized a Reproductive Rights Film Festival, which will be a benefit for the last abortion clinic in Mississippi. On Sunday, July 16th, the PBS documentary "The Last Abortion Clinic" will be shown at the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco, beginning at 12pm.

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