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A Short Tour of Yamhill Wine Country

Portland, 19.07.2006 01:38

As city dwellers it's often easy to forget the existence or the experience of a calm and serene countryside. As a brief respite from the urban oasis, a beautiful friend of mine spirited us away to the country in an automobile. This kind of excursion, I should point out, was a somewhat regular past-time among folks for a lazy Sunday afternoon. We had the good fortune to take our trip on a weekday when most people are at work.

When asked about our destination, I thought to explore the southwest Metro region of Yamhill county, well known for its vineyards and nurseries. Little did we know, that the area between the towns of Newberg, McMinnville, and Yamhill is ripe with world-class vineyards offering some of the most delectable wines I've ever experienced. As a supporter of local agriculture in general, my intent here is not to trumpet particular wine purveyors, but rather to offer a glimpse of what was a sublime experience, and to suggest that you try a similar one.

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Aquelegia comments: If one knew the history of the region portrayed so fondly in the peice, one would not look at the vineyards in Yamhill county so favorably. Those coastal range foothills were some of the best low elevation habitat for old growth forests in the world. [ read the full comment ]

Cleanup at Tototngna Nature Trail and Visitor Center

Portland, 19.07.2006 01:38

On 15/Jul/06, the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders and a group of Boy Scouts worked on the Tototngna Nature Trail in the Angeles National Forest at the Crystal Lake recreation area. This trail is part of a series of hiking trails which have not been open to the public since the 2002 Williams and Curve fires which were followed by heavy rains and extensive flooding. Tototngna is in particularly poor condition since in addition to the fire and flooding damage, the trail was used by a tractor and parts of the trail were fairly hard to distinguish.

As I usually like to do, my single speed bicycle was put into a pickup truck and the crews drove up to the Rincon Fire Station to pick up our tools. From Rincon Station we drove to the barricade gate around mile marker 29.6 (which often imposes a bit of an intelligence test to people who have to figure out what key works with what lock, and has to figure out the mechanics of angular rotation) and from there on up another 9 miles or so to Crystal Lake.

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June Open Hack Nite

San Diego, 19.07.2006 01:38

June's Open Hack Nite featured an introduction to video editing, zine making facilitated by Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go, and human-to-human nonhierarchical wireless networking.

July's Open Hack Lab will include more technological skill-sharing - an introduction to old school GNU/Linux (command line/typing as a more powerful alternative to pointing and clicking) - and zine making.

Wednesday, 19 July 2006
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (note later start time)
Voz Alta 1544 Broadway downtown 1 block from City College

Largest on-shore oilfield is hidden from view

San Diego, 19.07.2006 01:09

Whether viewed from the ground or the air, the vast landscape is blighted by a maze of dirt roads, myriad drilling pads, a web of crude oil and steam pipelines, tank farms, and a forest of electric power poles. Apparently, the oil companies make no secret of their dislike of people coming to photograph the oilfields for fear that public awareness of the sheer intensity of drilling and production will bring about increased regulatory scrutiny. Security guards in white pick-up trucks scurry after cars that stop on the shoulders of public roads to photograph the activity. On one occasion, the author was pursued up Mocal Road out of the Midway-Sunset oilfield and into the dead end of Crocker Springs Road.

The largest oilfield in the lower 48 states in not in Texas, but in California. And it's not off-shore. If fact, it straddles the California Aqueduct that supplies much of Los Angeles' drinking water. Guess what? The oil companies don't want you to know about it.

Israel Consulate Protest

Houston, 19.07.2006 00:08

More than 100 protest Israeli aggression in Houston

Παλαιστίνη/ Λίβανος

Athens, 18.07.2006 23:39

Eισβολή και Επιθέσεις των Ισραηλινών κατοχικών δυνάμεων

Deletion Bill is Dirty Laundry

Aotearoa, 18.07.2006 23:10

A group of people demonstrated their opposition to the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi Deletion Bill today. The Deletion Bill is a Private Members Bill sponsored by NZ First and seeks to remove any reference to the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in any piece of legislation. The Bill is being tabled tomorrow. The group set up a line of New Zealand’s ‘dirty laundry’ representing a timeline of colonial history that this Bill is the latest example of. “While the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi are a diluted and Crown-favoured interpretation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi,* the Deletion Bill signifies a regression backward into a dangerous monoculturalism” said spokesperson Jaki Trolove. Discussion @ Aocafe

Oxegen, Poxegen: The Modern Rock and Roll Experience.

Ireland, 18.07.2006 23:08

MCD buries bad Vibes over Oxygen 2006 There’s a lo ...


Arizona, 18.07.2006 22:07

Phoenix Earth First! Plans a New Campaign by Attacking Climate Chaos


Arizona, 18.07.2006 22:07

Phoenix Earth First! Plans a New Campaign by Attacking Climate Chaos

Radical Folk Ensemble with Riotfolk, George and Julius, and General Strike at Red and Black Cafe

Portland, 18.07.2006 16:39

On Wednesday, July 19th (tomorrow), from 6pm-10pm, the Red and Black Cafe plays host to a long, unforgettable night of radical folk music, with members of the Riotfolk Collective, labor folkies George and Julius, and Portlands own General Strike.

Riotfolkers, Adhamh Roland, Brenna Sahatjian, Mark Gunnery, and Tom Frampton will be doing an acoustic set from 6pm-7:30pm. They are a mutual aid collective of musicians making music to provoke, teach, heal and inspire. George and Julius come from the labor/folk tradition, and have sung for unions, churches, peace and justice groups, bars and coffeehouses, and veterans' and nursing homes since 1999. Julius Margolin, at 89, is a living legend in the New York City labor movement.

General Strike is a band out of Portland, Oregon. Since 1987 they have playing on picket lines, at union rallies and conventions and at other socially progressive gatherings or protests. They are helping to keep alive the spirit of the labor movement, and its music tradition. They sing many of the old Wobbly songs and a few with their own lyrics.

read more + listen to music samples...

&quot;Food Not Bombs&quot; Next Ft. Lauderdale Feeding, Friday June 2nd at 1 PM

Miami, 18.07.2006 16:37

"Food Not Bombs" Next Ft. Lauderdale Feeding, Friday July 21st at 1 PM

Governor's Biofuels Plan Likely to Fuel Global Warming

Madison, 18.07.2006 16:10

Governor Doyle recently signed a "Declaration of Energy Independence", calling for Wisconsin to be the nation's leader in the drive toward energy independence. "Wisconsin has always been an innovative, forward thinking state that has been a model for the nation", the governor said. "As America confronts a growing energy crisis, Wisconsin should once again lead the way, providing solutions that will help the entire country." But in promoting more subsidies for the fuels industries, the governor and his consortium of partners are also leading the way for faster rates of global warming, because biofuels release just as much and probably much more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere on a mile per mile driven basis than burning gasoline or diesel fuel do.

Mike Cannon - IndyMedia Radio for Central Wis - July 17, 2006

Madison, 18.07.2006 16:10

Link to the first hour of the show:

Fairford 'Peace Disarmers' To Stand Trial In September

Bristol, 18.07.2006 16:08

Trial dates: Mon 4th September (until Sept. 18th) @ Bristol Crown Court summary During February this year the House of Lords heard a key test case against the war in Iraq. They were asked to decide whether a war started by a UK government is a crime? These hearings were themselves a direct result of the actions of 19 activists, who became known as the 'Fairford 5' and 'Marchwood 14'. These actions involved damaging, or attempting to damage, military vehicles at R.A.F Fairford in Gloucestershire, and attempting to stop or delay military hardwave leaving the country at Southampton docks to prevent an 'illegal' war. Read more about these cases in the Pre-Trial Archive. The House of Lords ruling: Aggression, they said - the crime of attacking another nation - is a crime in international law, but cannot be said to be part of British domestic law. Therefore it is impossible for a British court to hear any argument that the war on Iraq was illegal. Therefore no British judge or jury can consider, as a matter of law, whether the war was illegal or not. Therefore the argument that defendants sincerely believed the war was illegal cannot be used as a defence argument against charges of criminal damage, etc. Read More. The Bristol Crown Court trials, now due to begin on 4th September, are those of two of the 'Fairford 5' - Margaret Jones and Paul Milling - who, on Thursday 13th March (just days before the bombing of Iraq from British soil began) entered R.A.F Fairford Airbase and some thirty to thirty-five vehicles were damaged, many of them severely.(Image right: A U.S B52 Bomber at R.A.F Fairford in March 2003. Image left: The bombing of Iraq from R.A.F Fairford, during March and April 2003) Truth Monkey writes: You are invited to attend the trial of the Fairford peace 'disarmers' at Bristol Crown Court, 4 September 2006. This the text from a mail I received re. the forthcoming trial at Bristol Crown Court . If you want to support the 'Disarmers' - and it seems like a no brainer to me - then come along. The people of Iraq need your support too. Peace. Press Release by Margaret Jones: "Back in March 2003 Paul Milling and I, using hammers and bolt cutters at RAF Fairford, disabled a couple of dozen vehicles used for getting bombs and fuel onto military planes. Our hope was to delay take-off of the B-52 bombers then stationed on the base, waiting to launch the first bombing raid on Iraq. These planes carried, among other weapons, cluster bombs. Their appalling load was to be part of the 'Shock and Awe' raids on Baghdad, so bragged about by the Pentagon. Whether we did succeed in delaying the take-off of the planes to any degree, will never be known. All I personally hoped for, though was to give someone living in the city a chance to run for their life before all hell came down. After a series of pre-trial appeals, we now go to trial, charged with Conspiracy to commit Criminal Damage. Maximum sentence: ten years' imprisonment". Full Press Release| Be there! Peace trial, Bristol Crown Court, 4th Sept | Fairford Peace 'Disarmers' Trial : + PRE-TRIAL ARCHIVE |Contribute An Article

A Black Man? A Library?

NYC, 18.07.2006 13:38

We've all heard the jokes. "How do you hide something from a Black person? Put it in a book?" or Chris Rock's version "Niggas love not to know... 'What's the capital of the Congo' 'I don't know, I'm keeping it real" Like all jokes, it contains partial truths. The oppression of Black people in America has been connected to the depriving of education. Since slavery, reading has been discouraged for the Black masses. Hence, reading for Black people has always implied resistance, rebellion and revolution. [Read More]

Ratner Protest Attracts Thousands

NYC, 18.07.2006 13:38

Close to 2,000 people got all hot and bothered Sunday to protest Bruce Ratner’s plan to build 16 skyscrapers and a 19,000-seat basketball arena in Prospect Heights — the largest opposition rally since Ratner's Atlantic Yards proposal was unveiled three years ago.[Read More]

Also See: No Land Grab: TV and radio coverage of rally || No Land Grab: Celebrity War Over Ratner in Brooklyn

boicotta coca cola

Italy, 18.07.2006 13:38

Giornata internazionale contro la Coca Cola

National Radio Show Threatens Life of Cyclists

Portland, 18.07.2006 10:39

On Thursday the 13th of July, according to a story posted on, a local Shock Jock had allegedly made remarks inciting his listeners to do violent acts to cyclist while driving. Sadly, the radio station pulled the Internet archive before we could verify it and now refuses to release it. Several FCC complaints have been lodged.

Today I recorded the show and sent a few emails to the Shock Jock, who goes by the radio name PK because of "security reasons". I have created website of some sound bites that has some chilling remarks and examples of the rage this individual has focused on not only myself but the bicycling community. Even more frightening this show is nationally syndicated.

Impeachment Teach-In is Wednesday

Portland, 18.07.2006 10:39

If you're for impeaching Bush & Cheney, there are 2 local actions Wednesday.

In the morning at 9:30, it's at City Hall (5th & Madison) to show support for Randall Davis who'll urge the City Council to pass
the resolution to impeach Bush and Cheney.

Wednesday evening (7-9), it's the National Impeachment Teach-In at the lst Unitarian Church (SW 12th between Main & Salmon) downstairs in Fuller Hall.

palestine journal: 17 july

Portland, 18.07.2006 10:39

every day i have to listen to the bang-bang-bang of the israeli training camp just over the hill in the nearby israeli's to head into gaza and start shooting palestinians. or the F16s that sometimes whiz overhead....on training missions before they head into lebanon to drop bombs on the heads of civilians.....over 100 killed, and only one of them is a fighter with hezbollah. the rest: men, women and children.....

i doubt that my friends in the USA are able to view this footage that we are watching on the arabic tv stations - they've stopped reporting, even, they don't have to say anything, just hour after hour of video footage of charred childrens' bodies, destroyed bridges, convoys of evacuees (two of which have been hit by Israeli missiles, killing over 30 people who were trying to head north away from the missiles), burning buildings.... [ read more ]

Random Thoughts on Israel's Merciless Attack on Lebanon

I wonder about the real purpose of Israel's merciless, murderous campaign against Lebanon. I made a tasteless joke at work last week, when this carnage started, that "at least there will be something interesting on TV this weekend". When I arrived home, the evening news said little about what was really going on. It still hasn't even brushed the surface of the sordid story.

Here is the mainstream media's version of the situation: "Hezbollah is doing bad things on orders from Syria or Iran. Therefore, Israel must destroy the entire infrastructure of Lebanon (and plenty of its innocent children, women, men, and animals) without cease." If you pay a little closer attention to the pundits, which is very hard to do, you get: "Syria and Iran must stop Lebanon from doing bad things, or they are next." [ read more ]

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Alberta Coop celebrates 5th Anniversary

Portland, 18.07.2006 09:41

Alberta Coop at 15th and Alberta celebrated its fifth anniversary this past weekend with bands, a potluck and founding member recognitions.

The Alberta Coop started as a buyer's cooperative in the late 90's by a group of community minded visionaries who realized NE Portland needed it's own coop. Many of the early members were supporters and members of either Food Front or People's but those stores were too far away. The members started as a buyer's club with the long term vision to open a store in NE Portland.

Anti-Minutemen Demonstrators Attacked in Fremont

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.07.2006 09:09

On July 14th, 25 protesters with the East Bay Coalition for Border Security, a racist, anti-immigrant group in Fremont that is seeking affiliation with the Minutemen, were met by twice as many counter-protesters at a rally in Fremont which takes place every other Friday during the summer. For the first time, the counter-protesters were violently assaulted by the Minutemen wannabes and repressed by the Fremont police. As can be seen in a video taken at the event, a member of the EBCBS shoved and punched two of the anti-racist counter-protesters. This came after another violent altercation with a young Latino man. Read more

Raytheon's &quot;Pain Ray&quot;: Petition against use

Santa Barbara, 18.07.2006 07:38

The California Center for Strategic Studies (CCSS) has evidence that the U.S. has deployed a very dangerous new form of weapon in Iraq without apparent congressional approval.

News from the Ground: Israel

Philadelphia, 18.07.2006 06:38

Lebanon - Report from Worcester Global Action Network

Worcester, 18.07.2006 04:39

Personal Report from Lebanon by Worcester Global Action Network Member

Cumbre de los pueblos: inició con música, danza y fiesta

Argentina, 18.07.2006 04:17

Acto Inaugural

Cumbre de los pueblos: inició con música, danza y fiesta

Argentina, 18.07.2006 04:17

Acto Inaugural

9/11 Vendetta

Miami, 18.07.2006 03:37

9/11 Vendetta

Hack the Vote: Step-by-step instructions on how to break into Diebold’s software

Miami, 18.07.2006 03:37

Hack the Vote: Step-by-step instructions on how to break into Diebold’s software

Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election Video + GAO Report CONFIRMS IT

Miami, 18.07.2006 03:37

Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election Video + GAO Report CONFIRMS IT

Bay Area Jews Protest Israel's Attacks On Gaza And Lebanon

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.07.2006 03:08

On Monday July 17th, Bay Area Jewish activists protested in front of the Israeli consulate against Israel's attacks on Gaza and Lebanon. Seventeen people engaging in an act of civil disobedience blocked the street in front of the consulate and were arrested. Photos

Jewish Voice for Peace is organizing public actions in major cities across the country to help bring an end to the current conflict. Many JVP members have friends and family in Gaza, Lebanon, and Israel. They believe that Israel's refusal to negotiate and its decision to act with overwhelming force-using weapons supplied by the United States-- have escalated this situation to war.

Conflicto Ginóbilli - Mapuche

Argentina, 18.07.2006 02:08

Fuego en la comunidad Paichil Antriao


Arizona, 18.07.2006 02:07

Phoenix Earth First! Plans a New Campaign by Attacking Climate Chaos

Conflicto Ginóbilli - Mapuche

Argentina, 18.07.2006 01:08

Fuego en la comunidad Paichil Antriao

July 17, 2006 Show

Cleveland, 17.07.2006 23:07

Blackout News, July 17 2006

Save the Boreal Forest, Help the Grassy Narrows First Nations People

Cleveland, 17.07.2006 22:37

Save the Boreal Forest, Help the Grassy Narrows First Nations People

Save the Boreal Forest

Cleveland, 17.07.2006 22:37

Save the Boreal Forest, Help the Grassy Narrows First Nations People

OFTA worse than CAFTA

Rogue Valley, 17.07.2006 20:09

We can stop OFTA the Oman Free Trade Agreement in July 2006. We almost stopped CAFTA in July 2005. Call Congressman Walden: 202-225-6730. Heat up the phone lines. Enough is enough!

OFTA would turn Oman into a sweatshop apparel export platform ..., and with Oman's exceptionally sub-standard labor laws,... severe abuses can be expected. Sweatshop conditions there mean more lost jobs here.

Additionally, [OFTA] goes even further than NAFTA and CAFTA in explicitly giving foreign investors the right to challenge virtually any U.S. government decision about a federal contract, lease or concession agreement... Under such rules, the United States would have had to pay Dubai Ports World millions of U.S. taxpayers' dollars for cancelling that company's contract to run U.S. ports.

Invasão de Israel a Gaza/Líbano sem fim à vista: Mais de 120 mortos

Portugal, 17.07.2006 19:38

Invasão de Israel a Gaza/Líbano sem fim à vista: Mais de 120 mortos

Beirut Under Seige

NYC, 17.07.2006 19:08

In a way, the eerie silence of no bombs going off, and the distant buzz of helicopters and fighter jets can be as scary as the actual bombardments. Well, not quite of course, the bombardment is nothing less than Hell on earth for those in the direct line of fire, while the silence is more of a psychological strain for those waiting to see if they will be in the line of fire. Last night as I lay in bed, I felt as though there was a lot of activity going on south from here. I heard not only fighter jets, but what sounded like helicopters as well. Actually, I heard what sounded like a small propeller airplane, but that must have been a helicopter; no small propeller airplanes are likely to be in the air over Beirut at this point. Unless it was an unmanned drone that is, perhaps sent out to inspect the success of the terror campaign so far. The Dahiyeh is no more. Lebanon is getting hit from north to south. Shou, Israel, are you running out of targets yet? [Read More] || DN: Rania Masri in Lebanon || DN: Hizbollah, the United States and the Context Behind Israel's Offensive on Lebanon || Angry Arab


Colombia, 17.07.2006 19:08

A proposito del chocó

Israeli Bodies, Lebanese Rubble: A Trip Through Monday's Photos in the New York Times

NYC, 17.07.2006 18:08

The photos, graphic and brutal, streamed onto the NYC Indymedia newswire, under the headline "Photos from Lebanon You Won't See in the New York Times." Trite, but true. A trip through Monday's newspaper demonstrates the Western media's calculus of suffering.

Central Valley Animal Liberation

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.07.2006 18:08

Animal Liberation activists from the central valley joined forces in five days of protests, covering nine shows Wednesday through Sunday, against Ringling Bros. (Feld Entertainment Inc.) Circus, calling it the "cruelest show on earth." A coalition of Fresno activists, Fresno Voices for Animals, was joined by the Modesto-based Direct Action Anti-Authoritarian collective to call attention to Ringling's continuing use and abuse of wild animals in its "family based" extravaganza.

Benefit Supporto Legale

Italy, 17.07.2006 16:08

Sostieni Supporto Legale!

غرينبيس (السلام الأخضر) تعترض حاملة طائرات عسكرية فرنسية سامة قبل دخولها مصر

Beirut, 17.07.2006 16:07

بيان صحافي
في تحرك سلمي لمنع إدخال "كليمنصو" إلى مصر باتجاه الهند لتفكيكها
غرينبيس (السلام الأخضر) تعترض حاملة طائرات عسكرية فرنسية سامة قبل دخولها مصر

القاهرة، مصر، 12 كانون الثاني/يناير 2006- اعترض ناشطو غرينبيس اليوم طريق حاملة الطائرات الفرنسية "كليمنصو" وتسلقوها في تصعيد للنزاع الدولي حول إنهاء خدمتها وتأهيلها، حيث إنها كانت في طريقها إلى الهند للتفكيك بالرغم من احتوائها كميات هائلة من الاسبيستوس (الاميانت) وغيره من المواد الخاطرة.

Comahue: Historia repetida

Argentina, 17.07.2006 14:39

Nuevamente los estudiantes de la UNCo denuncian agresiones

Operazione Arcadia

Italy, 17.07.2006 14:09

Operazione Arcadia: arresti e perquisizioni

Laguna Beach: Minutemen drop their mask

LA, 17.07.2006 14:08

Laguna Beach: Minutemen drop their mask


Argentina, 17.07.2006 13:38

Contenido de clase y política en la instalación del tema de la seguridad

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