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Quilombolas são reprimidos com violência e presos arbitrariamente pela PM

Brasil, 20.07.2006 06:09


Acto final

Argentina, 20.07.2006 05:08

Concluyó la segunda jornada de la Cumbre de los Pueblos

Acto final

Argentina, 20.07.2006 04:15

Concluyó la segunda jornada de la Cumbre de los Pueblos.

10,000 In Detroit Protest

Cleveland, 20.07.2006 04:14

10,000 In Street Against Israel in Dearborn, MI

Cleveland Protest Friday For Palestine, Against Israel

Cleveland, 20.07.2006 04:14


İsrail Gazze ve Lübnan'ı işgal ediyor

Istanbul, 20.07.2006 03:09

İsrail Gazze ve Lübnan'ı işgal ediyor, şu ana dek 120'den fazla ölü var

All Star Game

Pittsburgh, 20.07.2006 02:08

Protests, security and more at the All Star Game in Pittsburgh

Anti-Choice Terrorizes The Maritimes

Maritimes, 20.07.2006 02:08

Anti-Choice Terrorizes The Maritimes

Homeland Security and Pentagon Are Spying on UC Activists

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.07.2006 01:08

The Federal Department of Homeland Security provided the Pentagon with information on anti-war protests at UC campuses last year, according to the most recent government documents released to the ACLU of Northern California. This disclosure includes two previously redacted reports on student protests at UC Berkeley and Santa Cruz. Following an administrative appeal, that information was released. Both bulletins indicate that the source of the information was "a special agent of the federal protective service, U.S. Department of Homeland Security."

Desate da Zona Costeira em Camocim (CE)

Brasil, 20.07.2006 00:38


Buenos Aires: Manifestación de encuestadores

Argentina, 20.07.2006 00:08

Contra el trabajo precario

Medio Oriente: crece la violencia

Argentina, 20.07.2006 00:08

Cuando la verguenza se aleja de las bombas

Happy Impeachment Day!

Portland, 19.07.2006 23:40

This is no time for political strategizing. Every member of Congress is sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, and it is being gravely threatened by this president.

The Center for Constitutional Rights, which has been playing a leading role in battling the Bush administration's attacks on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and international law, has declared today to be Impeachment Day, with teach-ins scheduled around the country.

Seems like a great occasion to offer up 10 reasons for impeaching the president, as presented in Barbara Olshansky's and my new book The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office.


related: [ Impeachment Teach-In is Wednesday | Norm Santana to urge Portland City Council to send impeachment resolution to Congress | Impeachment Flash Mob Monday ]

Medio Oriente: crece la violencia

Argentina, 19.07.2006 23:40

Cuando la verguenza se aleja de las bombas

Dump Diebold Folks Pack Bd. of Supes Meeting

San Diego, 19.07.2006 23:10

It happened right here in San Diego yesterday.

The Diebold voting machines and central tabulators in use in San Diego do not and cannot meet either state or federal requirements for certification, yet the Secretary of State certified them anyway, the State Attorney General is defending him instead of prosecuting him, and our Registrar of Voters, who has admitted that he doesn't know how to hold an election in compliance with even the minimal security standards set by the Secretary of State, is still using these machines.

These uncertifiable voting machines cost millions of dollars to buy, store, and maintain. Paper and pencil voting is cheap, and human pollworkers do not have to be warehoused or have their batteries continuously charged between elections. They don't even become obsolete and have to be replaced with more expensive machines every few years.

Although there is current litigation aimed at barring these machines both federally and statewide, it will take local action in order to get rid of them here in San Diego before November.

About 50 people wearing "Dump Diebold" stickers and holding up "No Sleepovers!" signs packed the Board of Supervisors meeting.

Emergency Demo-Stop Israeli War!-Thurs-4pm

San Diego, 19.07.2006 23:09

Emergency Demonstration-Thurs-4pm-Broadway at Horton Plaza
Description: The San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice is holding an emergency demonstration to protest Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian and the Lebanese people.

campeggio notav

Italy, 19.07.2006 23:08

Settimo campeggio notav

Italia: presxs politixs

Argentina, 19.07.2006 22:08

En Italia tambien se criminaliza la protesta

Report Nails Chicago Police for Torture, But Says They Can't Be Prosecuted

Chicago, 19.07.2006 22:08

The long-awaited report of the Special State's Attorney investigating torture by Chicago police during the 1970s, 80s and 90s concluded that while torture did occur, the statute of limitations precludes criminally prosecuting the brutal cops.

The news will come as no surprise — and no relief — to people like Darrell Cannon (center, left), one of many victims of the police torture ring of Chicago cop Jon Burge (top, left) and his cronies. Torture victims, their attorneys and police brutality opponents will likely have to continue to battle the criminal justice system to win new trials for torture victims who remain in jail.

In a Chicago IMC web exclusive, we are posting the entire report here, along with a guide to finding different sections of it. Full Story

Related Links: Police Torture in Chicago - John Conroy's Chcago Reader series | Shielded from Justice - Police Brutality and Accountability in the United States Chicago: Torture - Human Rights Watch | List of Torture Victims | People's Law Office

NYPD Tries to Limit Further Dissent, Pedestrians and Bicyclists...

NYC, 19.07.2006 21:39

The Police Department wants to require parade permits for bicyclists traveling in groups of 20 or more, and any bicyclists or walkers who take to the streets in groups of two or more and disobey traffic laws for things like parades, races or protests, according to a public notice filed with the city.

Press Conference tomorrow at the Time's Up! Space at 10:30am with Norm Seigal & Steve Hyman. More details to follow.

Review of New Indymedia Film, &quot;i,&quot; From This Week's Indypendent

NYC, 19.07.2006 21:39

"i,” the powerful and occasionally frustrating new film by independent directors Raphael Lyon and Andres Ingoglia, tells of one such democratic moment, the Argentinean economic collapse of 2001 and the social uprisings that accompanied it. Along the way it also functions as one of the first, if not the very first, feature length films about the Independent Media Center (IMC, or Indymedia) movement, which chronicled the Argentine struggle as it unfolded.

The Making of a Terrorist

NYC, 19.07.2006 21:39

Go ahead, call me a terrorist all you want. I am not bombing orphanages and ambulances. I am not brandishing forbidden chemical weapons on civilians. And yet I have trouble sleeping at night, just looking at the pictures. Do they see them? Whoever is pressing the button, do they see what they've done? Do they believe it's self-defense and justified? And Condi is waiting... How can they sleep at night? If anyone knows, please send me the name of that drug, I'd like some, too. And some for my sister as well, so she would stop sending me these messages when she can't sleep from the bombing in the middle of the night. And some for my aunt, since you're at it, so she would stop crying for God's sake and stop caring whether her 16-year-old son is back with her or if he's safe at all in the south. [Read More]

Egg on the Mercury's Face - A Reader Responds to the Mercury

Portland, 19.07.2006 21:39

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Well the egg came first on the Mercury's face, followed shortly by the chickens coming home to roost. Of course, I'm speaking in response to the Letters (Not) to the Editor in the latest evacuation of that poo-poo tunnel called the Portland Mercury. I'm guessing this is the kind of language that their readers are familiar with and can best understand. Now let's get down to poultry.

Previous Feature: Portland Mercury contributing to Patriarchal bullshit (Again)

Libanon War

Antwerpen, 19.07.2006 19:08

Bloed die Jood dan niet?


Antwerpen, 19.07.2006 19:08

De Havelaar route

Vigil for Peace in the Middle East

Bristol, 19.07.2006 19:08

Friday 21st July, 5.30pm - 6.30pm on the Centre, opposite the Hippodrome a info@bristolstopwar writes: Bristol Stop The War Coalition calls on all its supporters to make a special effort to join the Peace Vigil on Friday 21st July between 5.30pm and 6.30pm on the Centre opposite the Hippodrome to show support for the Palestinian and Lebanese people. We are sure "that, like us, you are appalled at the attacks by Israel on Gaza and Lebanon. The capturing of Israeli soldiers by Hamas and Hizbullah has been used as an excuse by Israel to punish the people of Palestine and Lebanon. One of George Bush & Tony Blair’s stated aims for the invasion of Iraq was to spread freedom and democracy through the Middle East. Israel’s actions and the support of them by Bush and Blair show exactly what they had in mind – freedom to live under US and Israeli domination; democracy as long as you elect governments the US approves of. And by blaming Syria and Iran for the situation, Bush and Blair are trying to cover up the total and predictable failure of their policies in Iraq. (Image right: from the Bristol Peace Vigil, March 2003, days before the invasion of Iraq. 3 1/2 years later the Vigil continues daily!) Full ArticleVigil Background: "The Independent Bristol Peace Vigil is an open space for discussion, as well as a crucial focus to Bristol's many anti-war campaigns. We've kept vigil every night since a few days after 11th Sept 2001, and we will keep Vigil on into the future, but we do need your support to keep our flame alive. If you can only make it for 15 minutes, or a couple of times a month, please still come as all support is essential. Mon - Fri 5:30pm - 6:30pm and Sat 3:00pm - 4:00pm. City Centre, Opposite Hippodrome, St. Augustines Parade. Everyone's welcome at the Bristol Peace Vigil." Map of Vigil. Anarchist606 writes: With the current crisis in the middle east - amidst all the comment and statements of groups and countries and factions it is easy to forget that behind each batch of casualty figures are real lives and real deaths. Even those who are not killed or wounded, still suffer from the trauma of war. If anything in the fucked up situation we see unraveling around us means anything at all, I think perhaps we need to listen to the voices of ordinary people. This is an email written by Raida, one of IndyMedia Lebanon's volunteers; Full Email and Article| Friday 21st - Vigil For Palestine & Lebanon | Yo Bliar!...A Word from Lebanon | The G8 meet again | Bristol Stop The War Newsletter | Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign | BIMC Film Premiere: 'Our Sufferings in this Land': Mon 7th Aug |Contribute An Article

List of Antis

LA, 19.07.2006 18:38

A list of anti-immigrant groups.

Demonstrations Called to Support the People of Lebanon and Palestine.

LA, 19.07.2006 18:38

Demonstrations Called to Support the People of Lebanon and Palestine.

The Lebanese Resistance: Interviews with Hassan Nasrallah and Bassam Kantar

DC, 19.07.2006 18:09

29 minutes, Real Video, no graphics. Taped in early February, 2006 Downloadable mp4 and mp2 files available at Broadband Video DialUp Video

Nearly 1,000 Protest Israeli Atrocities in Gaza, Lebanon

DC, 19.07.2006 18:09

Tuesday, July18 evening, the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee ( called a rally for peace to protest Israeli military action in Lebanon and Gaza, in front of the White House. Close to a thousand people attended the peaceful and emotional demonstration. Sound from the rally will be broadcast on Voices with Vision (89.3FM) Thurs. July 20th 11AM-noon.

Israele invade il Libano

Italy, 19.07.2006 17:38

Il prezzo della ricompensa

Belgrade remembers Srebrenica - 11 years on...

United Kingdom, 19.07.2006 17:08

The Srebrenica massacre was the July 1995 killing of up to an estimated 8,106 Bosniak males, ranging in age from teenagers to the elderly, in the region of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina by a Serb Army of Republika Srpska under general Ratko Mladić including Serbian state special forces "Scorpions". The Srebrenica massacre is the largest mass murder in Europe since World War II and considered by many as one of the most horrific events in recent European history. It is also the first legally established case of genocide in Europe after the Holocaust. (source: Wikipedia).

11 years on, a large crowd gathered in the city centre of Belgrade to remember the victims killed in the Srebrenica massacre. Last year the same vigil was attacked by nationalist groups, some of who trew teargas in the crowd. The police guarded the protest heavily this time. We took some photos...

Links: Wikipedia on the Srebrenica massacre | Preliminary list of 8106 Bosniaks killed in Srebrenica - (PDF version) - Issued by Federal Commission for Missing Persons on June 5, 2005 | The Association Women of Srebrenica - Official Website | Srebrenica Genocide Blog - Independent Blog Regarding Srebrenica Massacre | "Cry from the Grave" documentary film detailing the account of the massacre | Chemical Warfare in Bosnia? The Strange Experiences of the Srebrenica Survivors (a Human Rights Watch report) | BOSFAM - Non-Governmental group supporting displaced women in Bosnia

Israele invade il Libano

Italy, 19.07.2006 17:08

Il prezzo della ricompensa

Miles de antequeranos muestran su rechazo al PGOU en una multitudinaria manifestación

estrecho / madiaq, 19.07.2006 17:07

#media_6685;right#Con el lema "Por el Agua, la Vega y el tren. No al PGOU de los especuladores" unos dos mil ciudadanos se manifestaban este martes 11 de julio contra la política urbanística del alcalde de Antequera, el cual se queda solo y aprueba el avance del PGOU con toda la oposición en contra y haciendo caso omiso al clamor del pueblo antequerano.

Movilizaciones contra la Guerra de Israel contra Líbano y Palestina: Málaga- Viernes 21, 20hs. Plaza Merced

estrecho / madiaq, 19.07.2006 17:07

Es el momento de salir a las calles y parar esta ofensiva del gobierno israelí. #media_6684;left#

First-person Account from Lebanon

Boston, 19.07.2006 16:08

hi all, thank you so much for all your emails and words of support. i can't tell you how much me and my family appreciate it. my family and i are physically ok, but i will not start describing the emotional, psychological and mental state we, or any one in lebanon is in. Many of you have asked me to write updates whenever i can, and so i write this the night before i venture with my sister to jordan, through syria, on the tripoli road, the last one that hasn't been destroyed yet.

Photos from Protest Against Israeli Attacks

NYC, 19.07.2006 11:39

An impassioned crowd of roughly 700 gathered on 2nd Avenue from 42nd to 43rd Streets in protest of the current Israeli attack on Lebanon and the ongoing occupation of Palestine.

“We are here to call an end to Israeli aggression against Palestine and Lebanon…No more attacks on Palestinians and Lebanese civilians – that is our message today,” said Riham Barghouti, a member of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Campaign in New York and a member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.|| More Photos: 1 || 2 || Bolton: Lebanese Deaths "Not Morally Equivalent" || Ha'aretz: Nasrallah Still Holds All the Cards

Buenos Aires: Manifestación de encuestadores.

Argentina, 19.07.2006 08:38

Contra el trabajo precario

Buenos Aires: Manifestación de encuestadores.

Argentina, 19.07.2006 08:38

Contra el trabajo precario


Valencia, 19.07.2006 08:07

El 19 de julio del 36, sobre las ruinas del estado republicano, del poder de la iglesia y del control capitalista, la resistencia popular y obrera al golpe militar comienza a organizar el nuevo mundo, mientras defiende con las armas sus derechos. En paralbras de Enric Casanyes: ´La revolución era necesaria, las cosas tenían que cambiar´ , porque se trataba de una guerra de clases en la cual se luchaba por una transformación radical de la sociedad, que solo pasaba por la destrucción del capitalismo

19 De Julio, 1936-2006: explotados contra explotadores. La lucha continúa
++ Video-acció:"Rompamos el silencio" Migraciones + Antifascismo y memoria historica" ++ El Gobierno suaviza su ley más delicada, la de Memoria Histórica, para aplacar al PP ++ LLIURE DIRECTE Miercoles 19 de Julio RÀDIO KLARA 104.4 FM per LLIURE DIRECTE, RÀDIO KLARA ++ Amnistía pide que se facilite el acceso a los archivos de la guerra

Films anarcosindicalistas producidos por la CNT-FAI
, gracias al militante libertario escocés Stuart Christie

Activists' Welcome Planned for ALEC

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.07.2006 07:39

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is meeting in San Francisco from July 19th through 23rd. A Press Conference will be held in protest of ALEC on Thursday, July 20th, at 2 pm at the Marriott Hotel at 55 Fourth St., in downtown SF. ALEC is one of the nation's most powerful and least known corporate lobbies, and it is funded primarily by large corporations, industry groups, and conservative foundations. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will be at a breakfast on Friday morning to discuss "immigration reform."


Valencia, 19.07.2006 07:37

El 19 de juliol del 36, sobre les runes de l’estat republicà, del poder de l’esglèsia i del control capitalista, la resistència popular i obrera al cop militar comença a organitzar el nou món, mentre defensa amb armes els seus drets. En paraules d'Enric Casanyes: ´La revolució era necessària, habien de canviar les coses´ perquè es tractava d'una guerra de classes i es lliutava per una transformació radical de la societat que sols passava per la destrucció del capitalisme.

19 De Julio, 1936-2006: explotados contra explotadores. La lucha continúa
++ Video-acció:"Trenquem el Silenci" Migracions + Antifeixisme i memòria històrica" ++ El Gobierno suaviza su ley más delicada, la de Memoria Histórica, para aplacar al PP ++ LLIURE DIRECTE Dimecres 19 de Juliol RÀDIO KLARA 104.4 FM per LLIURE DIRECTE, RÀDIO KLARA ++ Amnistía pide que se facilite el acceso a los archivos de la guerra

Films anarcosindicalistes produïts per la CNT-FAI
, gràcies al militant llibertari escocès Stuart Christie

Against Zionist Aggression and Draconian Imperialism

Perth, 19.07.2006 06:11


Pre-trial Hearing for Gabriel Myers on July 20th

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.07.2006 06:10

Anti-G8 activist Gabriel Meyers goes back to court on Thursday, July 20th for a pretrial hearing. One year ago, at a San Francisco protest against the Group of 8, a police officer received a head injury. Three people were originally arrested and charged in connection with the incident. It soon became clear that none of the three were involved. Nevertheless, SF prosecutors, in collaboration with the SF police department, are proceeding to trial against Gabriel Meyers. The pre-trial hearing will be held at 9am at 850 Bryant Street, in Judge Woolard's courtroom.

Josh Wolf Faces Major Court Date on Thursday

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.07.2006 05:39

San Francisco video journalist Josh Wolf faces a July 20th court date. He is being charged with civil contempt for exercising his first amendment right and refusing to provide a federal grand jury with video footage he shot at a protest last summer. The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) believes that the grand jury is being improperly used to obtain materials which would normally be protected under California's Reporter Shield Law. Josh's civil contempt hearing is scheduled for July 20th at 1pm, before Judge William Alsup in the Federal Building at 450 Golden Gate in San Francisco.

Howard Guidry's case begins

Houston, 19.07.2006 05:38

Howard Guidry's poetry is celebrated, his case suffers legal setback

Cumbres cba 2006

Argentina, 19.07.2006 04:19


Casinos, Development and the Boardwalk of Dreams

Philadelphia, 19.07.2006 03:39

Debates en la cumbre

Argentina, 19.07.2006 03:39

Contruyendo Alternativas

Debates en la cumbre

Argentina, 19.07.2006 03:39

Contruyendo Alternativas

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