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Indígenas bloqueiam estradas e pretendem assumir a FUNAI

Brasil, 24.07.2006 18:38

Resistencia dos povos Indigenas

First-person Account from Lebanon

Boston, 24.07.2006 18:08

hi all, thank you so much for all your emails and words of support. i can't tell you how much me and my family appreciate it. my family and i are physically ok, but i will not start describing the emotional, psychological and mental state we, or any one in lebanon is in. Many of you have asked me to write updates whenever i can, and so i write this the night before i venture with my sister to jordan, through syria, on the tripoli road, the last one that hasn't been destroyed yet.

Encuentro de Chávez y Fidel Castro en Córdoba

Argentina, 24.07.2006 17:38

Acto colosal

Orgoglioso antifascismo

Italy, 24.07.2006 17:09

Manifestazione nazionale antifascista, Catania - 16 settembre 2006

Encuentro de Chávez y Fidel Castro

Argentina, 24.07.2006 17:09

Acto colosal

Worldwide Protests Against Israeli Aggression

United Kingdom, 24.07.2006 16:09

Tens of thousands throughout the world took to the street on Saturday, July 22nd, to protest against the ongoing Israeli war on Lebanon and Palestine. For the past 12 days and nights, Israeli air forces have destroyed countless civilian buildings and means of transportation in operations that have killed more 400 people, mostly civilians, and wrecked havoc on Lebanese cities, harbours, airports and other infrastructure, leading to the displacement of more than half a million people. The International Day of Action had been called by various anti-war and solidarity campaigns.

In London, up to 30,000 marched from Whitehall, through central London, to Hyde Park, where they held a rally [reports and photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Another Wasted Opportunity].

Similar, but smaller, demonstrations took place in other cities up and down the country, including Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, York, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Links: IMC Beirut | IMC Israel | Internation Middle East Media Centre | Palestine News Network | Electronic Intifada | Electronic Lebanon | Palestine Blogs | Tadamon


Colombia, 24.07.2006 16:09

Militarización de los territorios sagrados en la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Bombardeos sobre civiles

Uruguay, 24.07.2006 15:38

Se agudiza conflicto en Medio Oriente

UFO at the Twin Towers before 911?

Miami, 24.07.2006 15:07

UFO at the Twin Towers before 911?

Dancing is Not a Crime

NYC, 24.07.2006 12:09

Protestors gathered outside Mayor Bloomberg's house on Saturday afternoon to put a stop to cabaret laws. Cabaret laws control where New Yorkers are allowed to dance. In 1929 New York City took control of where people were permitted to dance in an effort to control interracial integration. Today only 244 restaurants, clubs and bars have a cabaret license, those without a license can be fined thousands and even shut down if they permit dancing within their doors.

1000’s Attend Pro-war Rally, LA mayor and Cal. Gov. Voice Support for War on Lebanon and Palestine.

LA, 24.07.2006 09:39

1000’s Attend Pro-war Rally, LA mayor and Cal. Gov. Voice Support for War on Lebanon and Palestine.

Pirates of Propaganda Mission Accomplished: Media in Action!

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.07.2006 07:09

The People's Revolutionary Organization (PRO), which is based in Petaluma, organized Pirates of Propaganda, a day of workshops about youth radio, stencil and graffiti art, and writing and self-publishing using Indybay. The group organized 30 days of action in July. By putting on events and workshops all month, the PRO wanted to show that activism is, "Essentially about doing stuff, and taking initiative... showing that single issue politics can be connected, even within a small group of people." On July 23rd, about 15 people gathered at Free Mind Media Info Shop in Santa Rosa for workshops about making radio, stencil art and graffiti, and posting to Indybay.

convocan hoy a una asamblea para impedirlo

Argentina, 24.07.2006 06:09

Desalojarían a seis familias de histórico edifico

convocan hoy a una asamblea para impedirlo

Argentina, 24.07.2006 05:39

Desalojarían a seis familias de histórico edifico

hoy habrá movilización en buenos aires

Argentina, 24.07.2006 04:18

Barcelona: presos del 4f dejaron huelga de hambre

hoy habrá movilización en buenos aires

Argentina, 24.07.2006 03:38

Los presos del 4f culminaron la huelga de hambre

Genocida Buscado

Argentina, 24.07.2006 03:38


Worcester, 24.07.2006 02:10


Guatemala: HIJOS

Istanbul, 24.07.2006 02:09

Guatemala: Soykırım suçlusu eski diktatörler ve askerler için uluslararası tutuklama kararı

Aucklanders march for Palestine and Lebanon

Aotearoa, 24.07.2006 01:40

Yesterday around 500 people took to the streets of Auckland to oppose Israel's brutal attacks on the people of Gaza and Lebanon, which have already killed more than 300 innocent civilians. The day started with a rally in Aotea Square. Members of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the Palestine Human Rights Campaign (PHRC), Green MP Keith Locke and several others spoke condemning Israel's terrorist actions against innocents. One of the SJP speakers got an awesome chant in Arabic going amongst Arabic speaking members of the crowd.

Toll Bros: History, Land. . . and Battles

Philadelphia, 23.07.2006 22:38

Israeli Aggression on Lebanon: What kind of WMD causes this damage?

Miami, 23.07.2006 17:37

Israeli Aggression on Lebanon: What kind of WMD causes this damage?

Photos: Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony

NYC, 23.07.2006 15:38

Photos from the ceremony that honors the lives and families of people killed by law enforcement that took place July 22, 2006 at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Harlem

Recogida de firmas contra la tala de árboles de av. Constitución. Lunes 24 julio a partir 10:30h

estrecho / madiaq, 23.07.2006 10:37


In the small town of Plav...

United Kingdom, 23.07.2006 10:09

Plav is a small town in the north east of Montenegro. The 3.500+ inhabitants form a mixed community of Montenegrians, Serbs and Albanians. 80% is muslim, 14% orthodox, 2% catholic. Among the Montenegrians there are both muslims and orthodox, among the Albanians both muslims and catholics. Part of the population are refugees from the Bosnian war (1992-1995) and the Kosovo war (1998-1999). The town is very isolated, surrounded by mountains and six hours away from the capital Podgorica. In autumn last year, a small group of people set up an NGO, Plagus_M, with the aim to activate the local community and the youth culture.

The Art and Activism Caravan was guest in the town of Plav for a very special and hectic week. We were made very welcome by the people and everybody has worked very hard to make a big parade happen on the final day. The samba practiced by marching through the town, getting many funny looks. The Mischief Makers build a giant football and stadium seat, to support the demand from local youth to get better seating in the local football stadium. At the moment they have to sit on a rubbish dump to watch the matches... Another group of mischievious fairies made costumes and danced around during the parade. The video workshop produces films about the local lake and its safety, the management of waste and another one on local youth in Plav. The clowns worked on a performance about waste and collected some from the street in order to find its owners...

Photos: On our way to Plav... some photos | Plav final event - The parade... | Plav final event - handing over the petition | Plav final event - Filmscreening and party...

Other articles: Small town activism in Montenegro - interview with a community activist

Links: AA Caravan Indymedia | Wikipedia on Plav

Hands off! - struggle for a Belgrade park

United Kingdom, 23.07.2006 10:09

The week in Belgrade was very different from our stay in the small community of Plav. There it was, a big city once again. We were looked after by people from the Stanipani Kolektiv, who had got people interested in the workshops and helped generating ideas on a possible theme and action.

The day the Caravan arrived a memorial vigil took place in the centre of the city to commemorate the victims of the Srebrenica genocide in 1995. People held banners and placards saying 'never again' and 'remember Srebrenica'. Last year the same vigil was attacked by nationalist groups, some of who trew teargas in the crowd. The police guarded the protest heavily this time. The article 'Belgrade remembers Srebrenica - 11 years on...' contains various links and photos of the event.

The final outcome of the week was an evening of silk and film screening at Peti Park, a small park in Belgrade, where a corporation called Crnotravac wants to build a five storage high commercial centre. In June 2005, the company cut down all the trees in the park. The neighbourhood has started an impressive struggle to safe the park. Coen from the Art and Activism Caravan spoke with local campaigners...

Photos: Interview with Belgrade park campaigners | Belgrade remembers Srebrenica - 11 years on... | On the road again - Plav to Belgrade

Links: AA Caravan Indymedia | Stanipanikolektiv website | Peti Parkic campaign website | Wikipedia on Belgrade | Wikipedia on Serbia

ELF Alive and Fighting in Ontario - Recent String of Actions Causes Millions in Damage

Portland, 23.07.2006 05:39

Anti-'Development' actions are on the rise in Ontario, with four separate actions in three different cities in the past week. These actions, along with the revolutionary land reclamation in Six Nations, and the standoff in Grassy Narrows, among many other things, shows that resistance is alive and strong in the belly of the beast.

  • In Guelph, Ontario, on the weekend of the 25th of June, people acting under the name The Anarchist Fire Brigade claimed responsibility for sabotaging three pieces of construction machinery at a new suburban sprawl site.
  • On Tuesday June 27th, also in Guelph, saboteurs burned down one of the first new homes in a new suburb in another part of the city. The ELF claimed responsibility for the blaze, which caused $200,000 damage.
  • On Friday July 14, in Toronto, saboteurs acting under the ELF banner damaged a dozen construction vehicles working on a series of new condominiums. Damage was estimated by the site supervisor at $2 Million.
  • On Monday July 17 in Brantford, another city in Southwestern Ontario, saboteurs hit two different sites of suburban sprawl, damaging construction equipment.
  • In Guelph again, on July 18, another nearly-finished home in another new suburb was set ablaze, causing $80,000 damage.
  • Following that on Wednesday July 19, three more construction sites in Brantford were hit, in actions claimed by the ELF. The extent of the damage is unknown.
read more + follow the progress...

31 años

santiago, 23.07.2006 05:09

Operación Colombo

Gresham Police Officer Kills One With Car, Walks Away Clean

Portland, 23.07.2006 02:38

Once again, we find that the grand jury system (and the District Attorneys that control them) is a total failure, as Gresham cop is cleared of wrongdoing in the killing of a Mexican American Family. Fouad Kaady is only one of many victims of this broken system designed to protect cops from responsibility for their actions.

Just what do you think would be your chances of skating, uncharged, unconvicted, and unrepentant, if you busted a stop sign at better than fifty miles an hour, t-boning a mini van full of an unsuspecting family, and you killed them? Think the DA would have any trouble getting an indictment for at the very least reckless endangerment? You would probably go down for manslaughter.

No lights, no siren, no real CAUSE to be speeding, blowing stop signs, etc. existed. The rookie cop just got overzealous in his attempts to protect the citizens from some alleged speeders in the neighborhood.

read the full article...

related: Stolen Lives: Oregonians Killed by Law Enforcement

Israeli Filmmakers Publicly Oppose Olmert Regime

Cleveland, 23.07.2006 02:37

Israeli Filmmakers Publicly Oppose Olmert Regime

Sunday Protest at Pro-Israel Rally-2pm

San Diego, 23.07.2006 02:08

Ad-hoc Call for Counter-demonstration:
This Sunday Afternoon, July 23, 2006 from 2:30pm to 3:30pm supporters of the Racist Israeli Invasion and bombing of Lebanon and Palestine will be holding a "Support Israel" rally at the Lawrence Family JCC, located at 4126 Executive Drive, La Jolla. Palestinians, Moslems, Progressives, and Peace Activists must come out and counterdemonstrate in force across the street from this racist event.

Ortadoğuda savaş

Istanbul, 23.07.2006 01:09

Ortadoğuda savaş: Dünya izliyor

Former Black Panther Herman Wallace granted new hearing

United States, 23.07.2006 00:37

Herman Wallace FREEDOM VIGIL FOR THE ANGOLA 3 Political prisoner/POW supporters, prison abolitionist, and comrades from all over, this is a call to organize in your community to bring people to Angola prison in August for former Black Panther Herman Wallace’s hearing. Load up your buses, vans, trains and bikes to get people here for this historic event!

Come and Join us deep in Louisiana on the Angola prison site which was built from old slave plantations. Remember, as many prisoners have said, it’s ‘the same game, different name.’ Prisons ARE modern day versions of slave plantations for many.

Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace have spent the past 34 years in solitary confinement at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. They are serving sentences of life without parole as a result of wrongful convictions for the 1972 murder of a prison guard. Robert Wilkerson, the third member of the Angola 3, proved his innocence and was released in 2001, after spending 29 years in solitary confinement.

COME TO ANGOLA STATE PENITENTIARY IN LOUISIANA! | Friday, August 15th 2006 | | A History of the Angola 3 Case

Cobertura del Acto en Córdoba

Argentina, 23.07.2006 00:09

multitudinario Acto de Fidel y Chavez en Córdoba

Peace Groups Call for Demonstration to Counter Pro-War Rally this Sunday

LA, 22.07.2006 22:38

Peace Groups Call for Demonstration to Counter Pro-War Rally this Sunday

Appeal from the left in Lebanon

Portland, 22.07.2006 21:38

Call for action against Israel's war on the Palestine and Lebanon The Israeli war machine continues with its war for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and Lebanon. Attacks against civilian targets are continuing, resulting in scores of dead and wounded in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, with the vocal and tacit support of the international community. For the past three days, attacks on Lebanon resulted in the destruction of major civilian roads, cutting off whole areas and hindering relief efforts. Whole families are being trapped under rubble in South Lebanon. The southern suburbs of Beirut, one of the most densely populated and poorest neighborhoods in the country, are currently witnessing intensive bombardment with the majority of civilians trapped due to the bombing of bridges and roads. Just as in Gaza, Israel is attempting to ethnically cleanse a population under the pretext of replying to the legitimate acts of the resistance.

The issue for us is clear. It is the presence of a fascist and racist regime in Israel. U.S. imperialism, its allies and military power in Israel prove that the issue has nothing to do with democracy or freedom. The Israeli regime has indicated that they will not stop. In these days, there is no space for compromise. It is either resistance or collaboration. | August 12 Rally Against Israeli Aggression in Seattle

read the full appeal...

palestine journal: july 20 - Maghazi refugee camp bombing

From 1 am to 9:30 am as I write this, the 'summer rains' have been falling, making a flow that has swept away six lives, wounded several others, devastated the camp's transformer, hit a wall of my son's elementary school, and inflicted damage to many homes and buildings.

My fear, as well as my family's, is the same as that of thousands of palestinian refugee families throughout the past six decades starting from 1948, 1956, 1967, and ending with 2006's latest invasion of Maghazi and other refugee camps since june 27th. However, Palestinians in the past century have found safe shelters to which they have fled. It now seems we have only one choice -- staying in our homes under candlelight. This is the story of Palestinian refugees. Now, in the 21st century, I ask Israel -- where else do you want us to go? It seems that you just want us all to die, and no one in the world seems to care.

palestine journal - 21 july | |

read the full story...

Israeli Military Censor Issues Censorship Order to all Media in Israel/Palestine

This is a document that was issued to all media in Israel/Palestine, issued by the Military Censor's office and distributed through the Government Press Office (the office with which all foreign and national media are expected to register before reporting on the Palestine/Israel conflict). Date: 16.7.06 - Censorship Policy Regarding Fighting in the North
[partial list]

  • The Military Censor will not approve reports on missile hits at IDF bases and/or strategic facilities.
  • Real-time reporting on the exact location of rocket hits must be strictly avoided!

Hezbollah has forced retreats of Iraeli forces daily

read the full text...

Guerra en el Oriente Medio mientras el mundo observa

Peru, 22.07.2006 18:39

Sabado 22 de julio 2006| Guerra en el Oriente Medio

Richmonders Demand an End to Israeli Aggression

Richmond, 22.07.2006 18:38

Richmonders Demand an End to Israeli Aggression Wednesday, July 19th over 25 Richmonders joined an emergency demonstration to demand that Israel stop it's barbaric military offensives in Lebanon and Palestine. The demonstration also demanded that the U.S. stop funding the Israeli war machine.

Iraq Shows Rare Unity Against Israel's Destruction Of Lebanon

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.07.2006 17:38

Grand Ayatollah Sistani has spoken out against Israeli agression. Juan Cole writes that Sistani is extremely anxious that the Lebanon war will send Shiite Iraq spinning out of control and lead to a major confrontation between Iraqi Shiites and the US and British troops

On July 16th, Shi'ites, Sunnis and Kurds in Iraq's U.S.-backed parliament stood united in their condemnation of Israel's destruction of Lebanon. President of the Iraqi National Assembly Mahmoud al-Mashhadani spoke out against the US at a UN-sponsored conference on transitional justice and reconciliation in Baghdad on July 22nd. In addition to denouncing US backed attacks on Lebanon he states "Just get your hands off Iraq and the Iraqi people and Muslim countries, and everything will be all right,...What has been done in Iraq is a kind of butchery of the Iraqi people." Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is urging Sunnis and Shiites to unite so that Muslims can defeat Israel.

A Family in Baghdad: sadness, for what is happening to Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon | Tell Me a Secret: Lebanon..

Turkey is explicitly citing Israel's unrestrained move into Lebanon as a precedent to move into Kurdistan. Turkey's Hezbollah is the Kurdish Workers Party (PPK) and Turkish forces have had running gun battles with their long-time foe in recent weeks.

Clackamas County Officer Threatens Damascus Business Owner with Tazer

Portland, 22.07.2006 17:38

Dean and his wife Tara ran the breakfast house on 114th Halsey for years before selling and choosing Damascus as a place to live, run their business and raise their family. Dean's restaurant in Damascus is a restaurant like no other. The food is real food, unlike any other. However, that is not all, it has been a place of friends. The locals are always there, everyone is known by name. The waitresses are like out of a movie, so friendly, not just friendly but real friends to everyone. If you want to know anything about Damascus, you go there in the morning and you will learn everything. My four year old now sits at the counter with the local adults and has discussions with them instead of having to be seated at a table with his younger brother and I.

Two days ago, Dean pulled up to his business to the only entry in the building to unload supplies, now this entry is right off of highway 212. While unloading his perishable foods, a Clackamas County officer drove by, stopped in the center lane, and proceeded to tell him to move his truck. Dean then waived him over as to explain that it is a loading space for the kitchen, but the officer recklessly raced through the highway and almost jumped his car on the curb. He then came out of his car demanding that the truck be moved NOW and told Dean he was getting a ticket. Dean made the mistake of actually trying to talk to a Clackamas County Police Officer. The officer began screaming, pulled out his amazing mighty super duper tazor gun, and pointed it at Dean. Dean never once even approached this officer. The officer then called for back up, and Dean went inside of his restaurant out of fear.

read the full article...

Stephen Rhode Pasadena Impeachment Teach-In

LA, 22.07.2006 17:08

Stephen Rhode Pasadena Impeachment Teach-In

Lebanon buries its dead. US rushes bombs to Israel and discourages cease fire

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.07.2006 16:09

The Bush administration is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to Israel. Citing US officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, the New York Times said the decision to ship the weapons quickly came after relatively little debate within the administration. Meanwhile Lebanon is burrying its dead. Bodies are being places in mass graves until the fighting subsides and the bodies can be exhumed and handed over to their families. The total number of Lebanese deaths so far is not known; mounds of rubble sit undisturbed since rescue workers are too fearful of missiles to search for bodies.

Boston Protest to Stop Invasion of Palestine and Lebanon

Boston, 22.07.2006 15:08

Boston, Mass. -- “This is not a war based on religion; it’s a war based on politics,” said orthodox Rabbi Dovid Feldman from the Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism, “There was a co-existence of Jewish and Arab people before the creation of the state of Israel.”

Judges Strip Community Associations of Standing

Philadelphia, 22.07.2006 13:38

Internationale Actiedag tegen de Israelische aanvallen

Netherlands, 22.07.2006 09:40

Vandaag is een internationale actiedag tegen de Israelische aanvallen in het Midden-Oosten. In Amsterdam begint om 13:00 uur een breedgedragen demonstratie op het Beursplein.

Zoals je in de kranten kan lezen, bombardeert de Israelische luchtmacht sinds 12 juli Libanon en sinds juni Gaza, Palestina. Inmiddels zijn er meer dan 300 Libanese burgers omgekomen, zijn er meer dan 1000 gewond en is een half miljoen Libanezen op de vlucht geslagen. In Israel zijn 29 doden gevallen, waarvan 15 burgers, door de Katyusha raketten van Hezbollah. Libanezen schrijven dat Beirut verlaten is en dat een groot aantal woonwijken, wegen en bruggen geraakt is door de Israelische luchtaanvallen.

Zaterdag 22 juli: Internationale actiedag tegen de Israelische aanvallen

Lees meer: Artikel op | Nieuws uit Libanon | Oproep van de Libanese gemeenschap | Artikel over de racistische onderlaag van de mediaverslagen over de evacuaties | De zee bij Gaza huilt bloed | De Israelische censor | Fotos: cmaq gallery

Links: Indymedia Beirut | Indymedia Israel | International Middle East Media Centre | Palestine News Network | Electronic Intifada | Electronic Lebanon | Palestine Blogs

Modern Times Stays Open Despite Challenging Times

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.07.2006 07:09

In October, Modern Times Bookstore, an independent, collectively owned and operated progressive bookstore in San Francisco's Mission District, will be celebrating its 35th anniversary. For a while, it had seemed as though the bookstore would suffer the fate of many other local bookstores that have closed recently, such as Changemakers in Oakland, A Clean, Well-Lighted Place for Books in SF, and Cody's on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley. A new collaboration with New College of California is one of the reasons for the store's security.

Laguna Beach: Minutemen drop their mask

LA, 22.07.2006 06:38

Laguna Beach: Minutemen drop their mask

Big O's Family Wants to Know What Happened Night of Killing by Police

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.07.2006 06:09

On Saturday, June 24th, Oliver ("Big O") Lefiti was fatally shot by San Francisco police on Capp Street, between 15th and 16th Streets. He was 37 years old, worked as a nightclub bouncer, and lived in South San Francisco. Big O's family is trying to find people who witnessed this incident. They want to know what happened on the night when he was killed. They are asking for any witnesses to contact them. His family was handing out flyers about him at the site of his death on Friday evening, July 21st. Photos Big O has been demonized in the corporate press, portrayed as a "suspected drug dealer", although no weapons or drugs were found at the scene of the fatal shooting.

Sixth Investigation of Animal Abuse and Fraud In Huntingdon Life Sciences

Portland, 22.07.2006 01:38

Huntingdon Life Sciences in the UK (HLS), or Life Sciences Research in the U.S., has been exposed repeatedly committing animal abuse including punching beagle puppies in the face on tape. They torture an kill 500 animals daily, over 180,000 a year. "Since 1997 we have constantly heard from Huntingdon's customers, suppliers and the Government that the beagle beating scenes shot inside HLS by Channel 4 were isolated incidents. Brian Cass the MD of HLS has said many times in the media that things have changed at HLS and what was filmed in 1997 no longer happens. We can now for the first time prove this to be a lie. We can prove that nothing haschanged inside Huntingdon Life Sciences.

2005 video footage taken inside HLS | entire report in pdf format | how you can help | |

Jeff Free Luers is in the hole

Portland, 22.07.2006 01:38

On July 10th political prisoner Jeffrey Free Luers was transferred to Disciplinary Segregation, commonly known as "the Hole", at Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP)... for Contraband 1 and Disobedience 2, for allegedly having a "diluted urine analysis" (drug test). In other words, the prison has accused him of having urine that is "too clean".

Please do NOT call the prison to complain, etc - it would NOT be helpful (and might be hurtful) during the investigation period.

But PLEASE do send Jeff letters and messages of support. We are sure he would greatly appreciate hearing from you at this time.

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