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Protest at County jail

Houston, 27.07.2006 20:34

Houstonians protest the brutality of the Harris County jail system

Living Wage Big Box Ordinance Passes in Chicago Over Fierce Corporate Opposition

Chicago, 27.07.2006 20:34

On Wednesday, the Chicago City Council approved an ordinance that will require Big Box retailers to pay workers a living wage — an initiative that economic justice activists say hails a new day in the battle to get large corporations like Wal-Mart to scale back their exploitation of workers.

After a fierce months-long battle between supporters and opponents of the effort, the Chicago City Council voted 35 to 14 to approve the ordinance. The veto-proof majority represents a rare departure by aldermen from the wishes of Mayor Daley, who has vigorously opposed the initiative. The new ordinance mandates a $10 minimum hourly wage and $3 an hour in fringe benefits, with annual indexing for inflation for big box retail stores of 90,000 feet and up that have gross annual sales of $1 billion. Full story.

Israel, Lebanon, Palestinian Conflict: An Educational Solution

Miami, 27.07.2006 20:33

Israel, Lebanon, Palestinian Conflict: An Educational Solution

Save the Cemetery Chapel

United Kingdom, 27.07.2006 17:08

Legions of the undead are due to take to the streets of Sheffield on Friday, 28th July in response to a call out for a zombie protest against the plans to develop the derelict Chapel in the General Cemetery into a family home. Earlier in the month there was a Save the Cemetery protest party [ Photos ], over 3,500 people have signed the petition against the development and lots of objections have been lodged with the Council. An alternative plan is being developed by the Friends of the General Cemetery and this involves both the Anglican Chapel and the Non Conformist Chapel being turned into a new home for the Sheffield Music Service.

The General Cemetery has been used for Peace in the Park for the last two years (2006 and 2005) and it has been the end point for the Sharrow Lantern Carnival for the last three years (2006, 2005, 2004) -- the fear is that if the Chapel is turned into a private home events of this type will no longer be allowed -- the protestors want to see a public use for the building not a private one.

Crisis In The Middle East : Newswire Round-Up

Bristol, 27.07.2006 16:38

summary Peacenik writes: A rare outbreak of common sense from Bristol Labour Party and The Lib Dems yesterday as Bristol East MP, Kerry McCarthy, Bristol West's Stephen Williams and Roger Berry attempted to show their constituents the way forward in the Middle East. A letter in 'The Guardian' called for an immediate ceasefire in the Middle East, condemned both sides for targeting civilians and called for the international community to work for a viable two state solution to the Palestinian problem. Full Article. info@bristolstopwar writes: 400 Lebanese civilians have been killed. Up to one million people have been driven from their homes. Israel has used cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs. Areas of Beirut have been reduced to rubble. Ambulances have been deliberately bombed. Roads and bridges have been destroyed. And still Condoleeza Rice and Tony Blair say keep on bombing. Full Article. (Image: Sunset over Lebanon)action against war writes: Re: The recent story about the US pushing ahead its order of bunker busting bombs to Israel, refuelling the transport planes at Prestwick airport in Scotland... the makers of those bombs are Raytheon and they have several offices and works in the UK, so I'm spreading the info around in the hope that people will pay them some attention. These bombs cause a vacuum, basically sucking the air out of people's lungs (as well as collapsing buildings, etc), and it looks to me that the attacks in lebanon are all against civilians - terror attacks, collective punishment, call it what you will, but designed to scare the living daylights out of the population. And we should resist the architects of what is going on. Full Article. Janine Roberts writes: the information I am offering is on my website - - there are instructions on how to take Israel (or anyone) to the International Criminal Court - and if you want it there is also a myth exploding short article on Hezbullah ... It is very important to get as many letters as possible to the court... they normally respond to all. And to tell the local and national media what you have done. There is also a very major petition to be signed on our site, originating with Middle Eastern people. Full Articleinfo@bristolstopwar writes: Bristol Stop The War Coalition calls on all our supporters to make another special effort to join the peace vigil on Friday 28th July between 5.30pm and 6.30pm on the Centre opposite the Hippodrome to show support for the Palestinian and Lebanese people. Bring banners and placards. Additional Vigils: 27-28th July| Local MPs: ALL targeting of civilians in Mid-East is "unacceptable, immoral and illegal" | Bristol contacts for Lebanon bomb-makers | How to Report Israel to the International Court - plus a piece on Hezbullah | Oppose Israel's Attacks On Lebanon & Gaza | National Stop The War Demonstration - Manchester - 23/9/2006 | A Light for Lebanon | Bristol Indymedia Film Premiere: Our Sufferings in this Land | Yo Bliar!...A Word from Lebanon |Contribute An Article

David Yassky and Black Power

NYC, 27.07.2006 15:38

Yassky's decision to run represents the changing demographics of the community. As white people are being priced out of Manhattan, they are moving into Central Brooklyn in alarming numbers. Indeed, watching out the window of my Parkside Brooklyn flat, I often see moving trucks with yuppies coming in increasing numbers. So it's a difficult question. As a communist, I know no politician can be trusted; but on the other hand the question of gentrification particularly in historic Black communities is a concern. I think we have to look at the Yassky run as a serious question. [Read More]

US/Israeli Destruction Of Lebanon World Outraged, Most Governments Complicit

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.07.2006 15:09

The international conference in Rome held July 26th to address the destruction of Lebanon ended without a call for a ceasefire. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stood virtually alone in opposing any language in the conference statement suggesting that the Israeli onslaught, which has already caused close to 500 civilian deaths and destroyed much of the country's infrastructure, should be ended any time soon.

Israel says the decision by a summit of world powers not to call for a halt to its Lebanon offensive has given it the green light to continue its attacks. "We received yesterday at the Rome conference permission from the world... to continue the operation," Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon told the press.

Rome talk-fest wraps up without apparent progress on cease-fire | Lebanon burns while the US feeds the flames | Lebanon summit fails to agree truce call | Rice leaves bloody footprints in Lebanon

Activists launch 'Summer of Organizing and Struggle'

Boston, 27.07.2006 15:08

A contingent from the Boston Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Committee (BRPHRDC) hit the streets for a mass leaflet distribution July 22. Traveling through mostly working class communities of color, organizers were busy informing people about the committee’s Summer of Organizing and Struggle campaign against poverty, racism, sexism and war.

6. Munzur Festivali

Istanbul, 27.07.2006 14:40

6. Munzur Festivali'ne bir gün kala provokatif polis saldırısı

Israel Bombs UN Compound, US Blocks Condemnation

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.07.2006 14:40

On Tuesday July 25th, Israel bombed a UN compound in South Lebanon killing Canadian, Finnish, Austrian and Chinese nationals. The UN warned Israel with at least 10 separate telephone that repeated aerial and artillery attacks had already landed at or dangerously close to their post in Khiam and an internal UN report on the incident says there were more than 20 aerial and artillery attacks on the post on Tuesday, including four artillery rounds that directly hit the UN position an hour before the fatal guided bomb attack. The report also said that, each time the UN called to complain, the Israeli officer they talked to promised that the attacks would stop but the strikes continued.
Kofi Annan, the United Nations secretary general, condemned Israel, saying he was shocked by the "apparently deliberate targeting" of the post, and called for it to investigate the incident.
On Wednesday, the US blocked the U.N. Security Council from issuing a statement that would have condemned the bombing as much of the right-wing Israeli media used Annan's condemnation as an excuse to lash out at the UN.

Philly as the Next Green City?

Philadelphia, 27.07.2006 13:08


Colombia, 27.07.2006 12:39


guerra (es)

Barcelona, 27.07.2006 12:09

Líbano y Palestina: dos pueblos víctimas del terrorismo

Todo Líbano, "blanco terrorista" para el ejército y la aviación israelíes

Ha quedado demostrado que, en la ofensiva que mantiene el ejército israelí sobre Líbano y Palestina, los civiles y las infraestructuras civiles no sufren bajas ni daños colaterales, sin que son el objectivo buscado. Castigar todo un pueblo deliberadamente, destruir las infraestructuras vitales de un país, matar civiles a propósito y provocar desplazamientos masivos de población solo tiene un nombre: terrorismo

24 jul. El gobierno de los Estados Unidos colabora en la destrucción del Líbano con su apoyo tácito a Israel ::: 24 jul. Llegan miles de musulmanes chiítas del sur de Líbano a la ciudad sunita de Sidón ::: 21 jul. Se investiga el uso de armamento no convencional por parte de Israel ::: 21 jul. La evacuación de Líbano de los extranjeros ::: 19 jul. Cuando el Terror funciona ::: 19 jul. Israel ha violado una vez más las leyes de guerra

Jueves 27: 24 horas de acampada por la PAZ en la plaza Sant Jaume y a las 20:00h cacerolada popular

Las imágenes que no muestran los medios de comunicación: Terribles fotos de la matanza que el estado israelí perpetra masivamente en el Líbano + Fotografias desde el Líbano censuradas por los medios ocidentales

Testimonios desde El Líbano: 24 jul. Diario de una semana en la vida y muerte de Beirut + 22 jul. ((Indymedia Líbano)) Mientras el mundo da la espalda y cierra los ojos + 22 jul. Entrevista en directo desde Beirut + 15 jul. Palabras desde el Líbano

+info: >>> guerra + + + Indymedia Líbano

guerra (ca)

Barcelona, 27.07.2006 12:09

Líban i Palestina: dos pobles víctimes del terrorisme

Tot el Líban, "blanc terrorista" per l'exèrcit i l'aviació israelians

Ha quedat demostrat que, a l'ofensiva que manté l'exèrcit israelià sobre Líban i Palestina, els civils i les infraestructures civils no pateixen baixes ni danys col.laterals, sinó que són l'objectiu buscat. Castigar tot un poble deliberadament, destruir les infraestructures vitals d'un país, matar civils a pròposit i provocar desplaçaments massius de població només té un nom: terrorisme

24 jul. El govern dels Estats Units col.labora amb la destrucció del Líban amb el seu recolzament tàcit a Israel ::: 24 jul. Arriben milers de musulmans xiítes del sud de Líban a la ciutat sunnita de Sidó ::: 21 jul. s'investiga l'ús d'armament no convencional per part d'Israel ::: 21 jul. L'evacuació del Líban dels estrangers ::: 19 jul. Quan el Terror funciona ::: 19 jul. Israel ha violat una vegada més les lleis de la guerra

Dijous 27: 24 hores d'acampada per la PAU a la plaça Sant Jaume i a les 20h CASSOLADA POPULAR

Les imatges que no mostren els mitjans de comunicació: Terribles fotos de la matança que l'estat israelí perpetra massivament al Líban + Fotografies des de el Líban censurades pels mitjans occidentals

Testimonis des d'El Líban: 24 jul. Diari d'una setmana entre la vida i la mort de Beirut + 22 jul. ((Indymedia Líban)) Mentre el món dóna l'esquena i tanca els ulls + 22 jul. Entrevista en directo desde Beirut + 15 jul. Paraules des de el Líban

+info: >>> guerra + + + Indymedia Líban

orgoglioso antifascismo

Italy, 27.07.2006 12:09

Manifestazione nazionale antifascista, Catania - 16 settembre 2006

Saturday: Peace for Lebanon! Peace for Gaza!

Maritimes, 27.07.2006 12:09

Haligonians to Protest Harper's Pro-War Stance in Lebanon on Saturday

Edinburgh demo against attack on Lebanon

Scotland, 27.07.2006 11:39

Saturday 22nd July 2006 saw worldwide demonstrations against the Israeli attack on Lebanon and several protests were held in Scotland including Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Edinburgh Stop the War joined with other campaigning groups in calling a protest at the Mound Precinct, off Princes Street.

Crossing the Line: Cops Gone Wild in Bed-Stuy

NYC, 27.07.2006 11:38

On June 10, I watched police tackle a man with dreadlocks on Nostrand Avenue. He was handcuffed amid an angry crowd. I parked my car and jumped out looking for answers. My reporter’s notepad flashed in my hand, it is my shield and mirror, protecting me from commitment to a side while reflecting the consequences of those who take one.

palestine journal: 27 july - where were those two soldiers captured, anyway?

Portland, 27.07.2006 11:38

as israel's dual invasions of lebanon and gaza continue to spiral out of control, several people have asked me, "where were those two soldiers captured, anyway?", referring to the capture of two israeli soldiers by hezbollah fighters on july 12th, the event that supposedly set this whole thing off......

well, the answer, for my part, is, it's really not clear. hezbollah and the lebanese government claim that the soldiers were captured inside lebanon, near Ayta al-Sha`b village 60 km north of the Israeli border. the israeli government says the two were captured near the israeli town zar'it, directly along the israel-lebanon border.

what IS clear, and what i know from personal experience, is that israel controls that border. and their 'routine patrols' very often venture quite deep into lebanese territory.

PDX City Council Hears Speaker Urging Passage of Impeachment Resolution

Portland, 27.07.2006 11:38

I make a living with my hands. But this I know: If I come into this chamber, I have a duty to tell the truth. Honesty in the workplace is also required. George Bush was not honest with Congress and the American people when he made his case for war. Nor was he honest about his secret domestic spy program. It is an impeachable high crime to provide false information to Congress.

On March 18, 2003 Bush sent a letter to Congress stating his reason for Iraq war. It was, to take "actions against those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001". But later that year in September, Bush admitted: "We've had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with September the 11th."

Global Warming's Gathering Storm

Portland, 27.07.2006 11:38

My insurance company and I just had a little "brush" with global warming.

It wasn't pretty.

I was driving my son to his karate class and noticed that the sky in the west where we were heading was incredibly dark. Since the sun was setting in that direction, the darkness of the clouds was particularly ominous.

I switched on the radio and heard an alert about severe thunderstorms in a broad front that was moving quickly across the eastern U.S. from Virginia up into New York.

Supporters of Israel Suggest: To End Terrorism, Support Terrorism

Portland, 27.07.2006 11:38

I went to the rally at Pioneer Square today with questions in my mind.

Who would actually support the indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets in the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict?

Who in their right mind would support the targeting of hospitals, ambulances, and UN outposts?

Who would stand up and affirm the right of a well-funded and well-armed nation to knowingly participate in the mass slaughter of innocent Lebonese people. Of their children?


AUDIO FILE: From Pioneer Square Pro Israel Rally

There were no surprises coming from the speakers supporting Israeli actions in Lebanon. Most of the audio file are remarks from the Oregon Delegation to Washington D.C. Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Darlen Hooley, and David Wu sent their support of Israel, as did Governor Kulingowski, and Senators Wyden and Smith.

All decried the actions of Hezbollah and condemned terrorism, calling for the successful defeat of both. Nothing was mentioned of state terrorism. Nothing was mentioned of the western terrorist creating machine recently placed in Iraq and now in Lebanon. There was a large amount of flag waving, often Israeli flags backed with the U.S. flag; little flags, big flags, waved by adults and children.


related: Isael support of murder in Portland || Mobilization for peace in the middle east || Israel's Barbarism in Lebanon/Gaza Protested

Torino Ribelle

Italy, 27.07.2006 11:09

Una nuova rassegna: Torino RIbelle

Glasgow airport used in US 'bunker buster' bombs shipment to Israel

Scotland, 27.07.2006 10:39

Glasgows Prestwick Airport is a staging post for US supplies of bunker buster bombs to Israel. The aiport has just received two chartered Airbus A310 cargo planes filled with GBU 28 laser-guided bombs over the weekend. The bombs are being flown from the US to Israel for use in the war in Lebannon and possibly for a wider war. The GBU 28 is the massive 'bunker busting bomb' a weapon the Israeli war machine desperately needs in its bloody attempt to smash Hizbollah

Israel Arrests Geography Professor from the University of Akron

Cleveland, 27.07.2006 06:37

Israel Arrests Geography Professor from the University of Akron

Israel Arrests Geography Professor from the University of Akron

Cleveland, 27.07.2006 06:37

Israel Arrests Geography Professor from the University of Akron

Public Hearing a success for police oversight supporters

Urbana-Champaign, 27.07.2006 05:09

Supporters of a citizens panel to oversee police affairs filled the City Council chambers Monday night. The Champaign County Coalition for Citizen Police Review is meeting Wed. July 26 at 7pm in the PRC Meeting Room of the IDF, corner of Wright and Springfield. All are welcome.

Justice for Peace

Perth, 27.07.2006 05:08

Ciaron O'Reilly Cleared By Court - Pitstop Ploughshares Acquitted

Protestors visit Negroponte at home on his birthday

DC, 27.07.2006 04:21

Friday, July 21 was Intelligence Czar John Negroponte's 67th birhday. Since the victims of Battalion 316(his death squad friends in 1980's Honduras) no longer get to celebrate their birthdays, we paid him a visit at 3100 Cleveland Ave.

In Braddock, Resistance to the Mon-Fayette Grows

Pittsburgh, 27.07.2006 02:39

In Braddock, Resistance to the Mon-Fayette Grows

HFX Cops: Hands Off the Poor!

Maritimes, 27.07.2006 02:08

Halifax Cops: Hands off the Poor - Aug 1st

Judge Rules Against South Central Farmers, Lawyers to Appeal

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.07.2006 23:09

LOS ANGELES, July 26, 2006 - Judge Helen Bendix rejected all the farmer's claims in the case South Central Farmers vs. Ralph Horowitz and the City of Los Angeles today. Attorneys for the farmers say they will appeal the decision to the appellate court. The verdict does not come as unexpected, Judge Bendix has ruled against the farmers in the past only to be overturned in appeal.

Save River Oaks Theater

Houston, 26.07.2006 21:08

Help save one of Houston's (few) Cultural Landmarks

Judge Rules Against South Central Farmers, Lawyers to Appeal.

LA, 26.07.2006 21:08

Judge Rules Against South Central Farmers, Lawyers to Appeal.

Movimentos sociais fazem ato na Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica

Brasil, 26.07.2006 19:40


Três processos a menos, dois processos a mais

Brasil, 26.07.2006 17:38


Displacement, Diversity, Development: Our Place in Changing Neighborhoods

DC, 26.07.2006 17:10

One of the workshops of the "Learning Together" Free Forum Workshop Series sponsored by the People's Media Center at Al-Fishaway Cafe. Event organized by Andrew Willis

San Diego Actions Against Israeli Terror Campaign

San Diego, 26.07.2006 17:08

The Israeli military has been waging a devastating terror campaign against Gaza and Lebanon. It has killed hundreds of innocent civilians, destroyed hospitals, airports, ports, highways, power stations, fuel depots, gas stations, government offices, tens of residential neighborhoods. In addition, Israel has enforced a total siege around Gaza and Lebanon, preventing humanitarian international aid from reaching the civilian population.

Stop Israeli War! Demonstration
Thursday, 27 July 4-6PM
Broadway at Horton Plaza / Downtown

Solidarity with the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine Teach-In
Thursday 27 July 7:00 PM
Four Point Sheraton, 8110 Aero Drive


Houston, 26.07.2006 16:38

The Fight for Abortion Rights in Jackson Mississippi

Pretext for war with Iran: White House plans to move chem-bio weapons from Iraq into Iran

Miami, 26.07.2006 16:37

Pretext for war with Iran: White House plans to move chem-bio weapons from Iraq into Iran

gentse feesten

Oost-Vlaanderen, 26.07.2006 16:08

politiek en gentse feesten

Youth Curfew

Houston, 26.07.2006 15:38

pure coupure

Oost-Vlaanderen, 26.07.2006 15:37

gent springt voor een propere coupure

The U.S. is helping to destroy Lebanon in its tacit support of Israel.

Arkansas, 26.07.2006 15:10

The Israeli leaders who launched this month's state-of-the-killing-art air assault on Gaza and Lebanon had to know that many civilians would be killed, many others wounded, many more terrorized. The smug moral posturing that Israel's military does not target specific civilians is moldy political grist -- and, in human terms, irrelevant to the totally predictable carnage.

APEL w sprawie Tomka Wilkoszewskiego

Poland, 26.07.2006 11:09

(English version of the original ABC Poland Petition below
more info on Tomek Wilkoszewski

Tomek Wilkoszewski przebywa w więzieniu od 1996 roku. Uczestniczył w bójce, w wyniku której zginał nazista. Sąd nie wziął pod uwagę żadnych okoliczności łagodzących - ani tego, że oskarzony działał w samoobronie, ani tego, że od wielu lat był regularnie atakowany przez lokalnych skinheadów. Jego samoobrona została uznana za umyślne spowodowanie zabójstwa, został skazany na 15 lat pozbawienia wolności, choć niewątpliwie należał do grupy młodocianych, i w analogicznych sprawach zapadają w Polsce o wiele niższe wyroki (zazwyczaj dodatkowo skracane dzięki uzyskaniu przez zatrzymanych dobrej opinii etc). Środowiska wolnościowe zwracają uwagę na to, że w podobnych sprawach przeciw bojówkarzom skrajnej prawicy wyroki są dużo niższe. zob: Sprawa Tomka budzi wątpliwości również mediów oficjalnych (zob

PacNW Congressional Delegation Reeks

Portland, 26.07.2006 10:08

In HRes921 & SRes534, the entire Pacific Northwest congressional delegation voted yes. Washington's Jim McDermott was the sole exception. Every other PacNW republiscum & democrap supports israel's atrocities against innocent Lebanese men, women, & especially children. The resolutions are filled with lies in the "whererases" & with pompous duplicity & despicable violence in the "therefores". What staggering viciousness. We should all phone & visit our take on these monsters during their August recess. Beneath worms they are.


PacNW Congressional Delegation Reeks, Part II

Last week, every Washington & Oregon senator & representative, except Rep McDermott, voted to support israeli atrocities against Lebanon. And this week, no Washington or Oregon representative has yet to co-sponsor Rep Kucinich's HConRes 450, for cease-fire, again except for McDermott, & no PacNW senator has offered similar res in the senate. This is staggering viciousness & despicable bias on the part of these repulsive politicians. We should bring their crimes to their attention during their August recess. How does Jim McDermott stand being near them. The stench must be overwhelming.


related: OR dismal CongressCritters

USAF Plane Disarmed in Shannon Ireland, Pitstop Ploughsare found not guilty

Portland, 26.07.2006 10:08

In the early hours of Monday 3 February 2003, five members of the pacifist Catholic Worker Movement ( 2 ) cut their way into Shannon Airport ( 2 ). The peace activists poured human blood on the runway that has been servicing U.S. military flights, troop and munition deployments to U.S. military bases in Kuwait and Qatar. They constructed a shrine on the runway to Iraqi children killed and threatened by U.S./British bombardment and sanctions. The shrine consisted of copies of the Bible and Quran, rosary and muslim prayer beads, flowers, photographs of Iraqi children and Brigid's crosses. They then began to take up the runway, working on its edge with a mallet.

Worldwide Protests Against Israeli Aggression

Portland, 26.07.2006 10:08

Tens of thousands throughout the world took to the street on Saturday, July 22nd, to protest against the ongoing Israeli war on Lebanon and Palestine. For the past 12 days and nights, Israeli air forces have destroyed countless civilian buildings and means of transportation in operations that have killed more than 400 people, mostly civilians, and wrecked havoc on Lebanese cities, harbours, airports and other infrastructure, leading to the displacement of more than half a million people. The International Day of Action had been called by various anti-war and solidarity campaigns.

In Israel itself, at least 5,000 Jewish and Arab peace activists marched in Tel Aviv against Israel's war crimes. Israeli police arrest 3 anti-war protesters [Israeli bombardment of Lebanon violates humanitarian law].

In Chicago, US, some 3,000 people from the Muslim, Arab and progressive community took part in one of the city's largest protests against Israeli aggression since the beginning of the Second Intifada.

In the UK, up to 30,000 marched through central London. Similar, but smaller, demonstrations took place in other cities up and down the country, including Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Other Erupoean cities also saw some big protests: Paris, Amsterdam, Bremen, Warsaw and others. Some 10,000 people had demonstrated in Madrid on July 20th, and so had people in Rome, Athens, Stockholm and Canada [report].

In Australia, thousands of people turned out at rallies in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, while a gathering in Perth was cancelled by the police.

Links: IMC Beirut | IMC Israel | Internation Middle East Media Centre | Palestine News Network | Electronic Intifada | Electronic Lebanon | Palestine Blogs | Tadamon

HALTE AUX MASSACRES ! Solidarité avec les peuples palestiniens et libanais

Liege, 26.07.2006 10:07

L'offensive israélienne sur le Liban est un acte d'agression contre l'ensemble du peuple Libanais.

July 27th March to Demand Contract for Hotel Workers

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.07.2006 07:09

Members of The Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union Local 2 staged a siege, a temporary picket line, on Friday, July 21st in front of the Hilton Hotel on O'Farrell Street to highlight the fact that the Union's contract with the hotel expired on August 14 2004. Photos The hotel workers will hold a march on Thursday July 27th at 4:15pm, starting at Union Square. Negotiations with the Multi-Employer Group have started up again, and Hotel Workers across the country are in a position to negotiate at the same time in an effort to raise the standard of hotel jobs.

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