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Volunteering at the RNC; Part #2

NYC, 30.08.2004 14:02

I got up at 5am this Saturday morning. I shaved and showered, skipped the sit-ups, and headed out to the Sheraton at 53rd and 7th to pick up my volunteer I.D. and t-shirt.

The gaggle of cops at the hotel entrance didn’t take notice of me, but a self-styled ‘conservative’ young man who I spoke to later on told me that they’d stopped him for a thorough interrogation, figuring he might be some sort of protester.

It’s nice to know my fellow activists can make their presence felt, even if they aren’t early risers.

I’d like to report that from 7am to 1pm I was implementing some particularly entertaining and outrageous scheme, but the truth is I ended up amiably talking politics with various volunteers and staff for the duration of my shift.

Old Forests Just in the Way

Portland, 30.08.2004 13:46

The Not Quite &quot;Battle&quot; of Central Park

NYC, 30.08.2004 13:38

For weeks the rumors flew. Chicago ’68. Anarchists on the grass. Militancy unleashed. Riot on the great lawn. The Battle of Central Park.

Not quite. [see pictures].

Peace, relaxation, and plain simple, fun, seemed to be the order of the day on the Great Lawn. Happy about the peaceful denouement to the UFPJ protest? Disappointed? Share your Central Park stories with us.

eco/cultural rights

Perth, 30.08.2004 13:20


Secret Service Attempts Subpoena For Indymedia Logs as Part of Harassment Campaign

NYC, 30.08.2004 13:17

As was reported in today's New York Times, the Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation and is demanding records concerning anti-RNC deleagte posts to this website. Specifically, the DOJ is seeking information on lists of 2,200 RNC delegate names posted to our Open Newswire.

NYC Indymedia believes that this investigation is wholly without merit, and is part of a larger campaign of intimidation against our supporters and peaceful protest activities surrounding the RNC.

Additionally, NYC Indymedia does not keep the records that the DOJ is seeking. According to Global Indymedia, "as a result of [previous] attempts to violate our clear rights, we felt it prudent to develop a policy of not voluntarily gathering data for the government on people who visit our websites, or who post material to sites. '. . . we do not log IP addresses as a way of protecting the privacy of our visitors. . .'

Those of us at New York Indymedia feel, first and foremost, that this site is in the business of media-making and journalism. We invite first time visitiors to look around, and we hope they like what they see.

Calyx's contacts at Indymedia are represented by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We advise all members of the press to contact our lawyers for further comment on this matter.

Local Green Party activist responds to Counterpunch article

Portland, 30.08.2004 12:53

Hundreds of thousands protest Bush in NYC

Hudson Mohawk, 30.08.2004 11:58

More than half a million anti-Bush protestors took to the streets of Manhattan on Sunday as part of the United for Peace and Justice protest. The police in the days leading up to the march have been trying to intimidate protestors, arresting hundreds beforehand, including many bicyclists when over 5,000 joined the monthly Critical Mass bike ride through the city. The National Lawyers Guild has complained of police harrassment of legal observers. Protests will continue throughout the week.

Local RNC Solidarity Actions in Medford

Rogue Valley, 30.08.2004 11:11

Citizens for Peace and Justice (CPJ) invites you to "Light Up the Sky" tonight, August 30 at 8:45 pm at Hawthorne Park in Medford. In solidarity with the protesters in NYC, bring a flashlight and your friends for a silent vigil.

Tuesday, August 31 at 12:30 pm at 820 Crater Lake Ave in Medford at the KMVU-TV Fox Channel 26.

PantsOnFire-Mobile Coming to Medford
Sunday, September 5 at 7:00 pm at Hawthorne Park

Secret Service Attempts Subpoena for Indymedia Logs

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.08.2004 10:34

Grand Jury Subpoenas NYC Indymedia Logs

A Recap of August 29th in NYC: The UFPJ march, Central Park, and repression on Broadway

Portland, 30.08.2004 10:10

Bark Alert: Juncrock, Cloak, Convention, ORVs, Roads

Portland, 30.08.2004 09:43

Are We on the Road to Ruin or Redemption?

Portland, 30.08.2004 08:30

Save Happy Valley campaigners hunger strike and occupy mine site

Aotearoa, 30.08.2004 07:27

Two South Island students began a hunger strike today in protest of the proposed "Cypress" mine in Happy Valley. The students will confine themselves to a small platform suspended from a tree on the road to Stockton, near Granity on the West Coast.

"What we are doing may seem dangerous, but the dangers posed by the Cypress Mine are far greater. We want to illustrate the hunger and suffering that global climate change will cause, to empathise with those who have no voice in the world." stated Fiona Gibson, one of the hunger strikers.

A number of protestors from around New Zealand have also occupied the site of the proposed mine for the second time.

The proposed mine will extract 500,000 tonnes of coal from the mine each year for 10 years, mostly for export. Protestors say the mine will cause massive loss of vegetation, and destroy habitat for endangered insects and kiwi. [ Read more ]


Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 07:10

Convención Republicana 2004


Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 06:50

CMI-Puerto Rico brindará cobertura desde las calles de Nueva York

Radical People of Color Take their Messages to the Streets

NYC, 30.08.2004 06:17

Hundreds of radical, anti-authoritarian, and anarchist people of color marched as a contingent within the enormous United For Peace and Justice march in New York City on August 29.


San Diego, 30.08.2004 05:18

Here's the latest on the RNC! - Local San Diego Reports: |Lotus| |Lea|

Get Round the Clock Coverage from the Critical Mass Radio Network. San Diego's Radio Active Radio has been very active in putting this broadcast together with other independent stations around the country.

If you are looking for video coverage try Manhattan Neighborhood Network and Democracy Now.

Of course there is a ton of up-to-the-minute articles, photos, and video at the New York IndyMedia.

If you would like an overview of the alternative media coverage of the RNC check out the NYC Grassroots Media Coalition.

Interviews from UFPJ March, Part 1

NYC, 30.08.2004 05:10

It was big—the biggest protest ever at a political convention in American history. And despite all the scare stories about rabid "anarchists," it was almost completely peaceful, at least in the main march.

On the afternoon of August 29, hundreds of thousands of people marched through the streets of lower Midtown Manhattan to protest the regime and policies of George W. Bush. The demonstrators stepped off from Seventh Avenue and 23rd Street around 11:30 a.m., walked north past Madison Square Garden, and circled back east and south to Union Square. Five hours later, there were still people filing down Broadway to the dispersal point. Organizers from United for Peace and Justice claimed that the march drew 500,000 people; if that figure were accurate, it would mean that the day’s anti-Bush protesters almost exceeded the number of registered Republicans in all of New York City.

The marchers ranged from octogenarians to babies in strollers sheltered from the sun by "We Say No to the Bush Agenda" banners. They were united by one thing: Disgust for Bush’s stances on just about every issue, from abortion rights to xenophobia.

Day 3 in NY:New tech,more cop&amp;media tricks and huge numbers

DC, 30.08.2004 04:07

Today we had the gigantic UFPJ March that took hours and hours from nose to tail. The mainstream press is putting out lowball estimates as low as 100,000, but nothing less than 250K is reasonable. I don't know, but it could have been more than that.

Photo summery of A29

NYC, 30.08.2004 03:58

Today in New York City, 500,000 people marched in solidarity with the rest of the world, denouncing policies of the U.S. government from every possible angle. After a 6-hour long march, protesters did not just pack up their signs and go home. Various autonomous contingents sprawled out across the city, doing everything from a "kick the heads of state" soccer game in Central Park, to jail solidarity demonstrations for those arrested, to a relentless verbal assault campaign on Republican delegates trying to hide out in Broadway theaters. "Republican scum! Your time has come!" was a chant that could be heard up and down the avenues this afternoon.

Photos and commentary:

UFPJ march [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
UFPJ march anti-imperialist contingent [ 1 ]
Dragon fire [ 1 ] [ video ]
Times Square [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
Cops taping protesters in Times Square [ 1 ]
Kiss-in [ 1 ]
Central Park [ 1 ]
Mouse bloc [ 1 ]

Congreso Justicia y Sociedad

Colombia, 30.08.2004 03:46

Primer Congreso Latinoamericano Justicia y Sociedad

RNC Protest is Largest Ever

Urbana-Champaign, 30.08.2004 03:33

Depending on who you ask, the protests in NYC in the run-up to the Republican National Convention have been attended by thousands, tens of thousands, or maybe hundreds of thousands of people. But there seems to be universal agreement that the demonstration is the largest ever against a national political convention.

Mouse Bloc

Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 01:20

El "Mouse Bloc" se apodera de Broadway

Mouse Bloc

Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 01:18

El "Mouse Bloc" se apodera de Broadway

At Least Six Wisconsinites Arrested in RNC Protest!

Madison, 29.08.2004 23:32

More details will be posted as they emerge...

Republican National Convention Counteractions

Aotearoa, 29.08.2004 23:29

For the first time in history, from August 30 to September 2 2004, New York City will be the site of the annual Republican National Convention (RNC). The main purpose of the convention is to nominate current president George W Bush as the Republican presidential candidate for the forthcoming election, but the event will be met by mass protest by local and international activists.

An alternative media mobilisation is providing ongoing coverage of the Republican National Convention protests in New York - see: NYC Indymedia

USEFUL INFO: [ NYC IMC | Portland IMC Coverage | Grassroots Media | CounterConvention | RNC Not Welcome | RNC Watch | Transportation | Housing | Team Cascadia | No RNC! - survival ]

UPCOMING ACTIONS: [ Calendar of Events ]

AUDIO: [ A-Noise / NoRNC Sound Coalition | Critical Mass Radio Network | Portland Indymedia Webradio ]

VIDEO: [ Paper | Manhattan Neighborhood Network ]

REPORTS IN SPANISH: Two Puerto Rico IMC volunteers are in New York and will post Spanish reports here | More info(ES) here

Infoline phone number: (212) 400-7458

Live Call-In number: 800-939-7973

Earth Meanders: Conservative Fascism is Un-American

Madison, 29.08.2004 23:23

I recently wrote that "President Bush is a lying fascist christian fanatic warmonger that threatens the Earth and civilized society". I deeply regret these remarks, having failed to add "war criminal, eco-terrorist and small evil little man" to the list. This essay strongly asserts that America has gone drastically wrong, and that conservative fascism has arisen that threatens America, the world and the Earth's existence as we know them.

Euskal Jai

Istanbul, 29.08.2004 20:43

Euskal Jai polis terörüyle tahliye edildi

Presos palestinianos: greve de fome continua

Portugal, 29.08.2004 20:33

Presos palestinianos: greve de fome continua

Presos palestinianos: greve de fome continua

Portugal, 29.08.2004 20:33

Presos palestinianos: greve de fome continua

Report back from march in NYC, 12:50pm Sunday

Urbana-Champaign, 29.08.2004 20:08

First report back from the UC-IMC coverage of United for Peace and Justice march.

Webcams in NYC

Urbana-Champaign, 29.08.2004 20:07

Some live web cams showing the streets in NYC

Second report in from UFPC march in NYC

Urbana-Champaign, 29.08.2004 20:00

Report from United for Peace and Justice March in NYC

Photos From JFPJ (from the newswire)

NYC, 29.08.2004 19:45


Photos from JFPJ march

NYC, 29.08.2004 19:31

UFPJ march - 2:20 pm

Política Internacional- EEUU

Puerto Rico, 29.08.2004 19:17

Llamado hacktivista contra la convención del Partido Republicano, en New York

criminalización (es)

Barcelona, 29.08.2004 18:55


ellos me protegen de ti, ¿de ellos quién me va a proteger?

Gràcia: Un joven herido en la carga de lunes pierde un testículo:::Apaleados por la Guardia Urbana:::Estado de sitio en la playa de Bcn:::Barcelona, barrio de Gracia, a las 2 de la madrugada cualquier lunes...:::Las actuales Fuerzas Vivas en Barcelona:::Sitio policial en el Forum:::Los Mossos agreden inocentes:::Torturas en una comisaría española:::Joven de Sabadell agredido en Gràcia por la Policia Privada:::Euskal Jai: La policía manosea a una vecina, la apaliza y confisca las cámaras a la prensa-video:::video: La policía contra los coches en Iruñea :::Euskal Jai: Pelotas de goma y gases lacrimogenos contra l*s resistentes:::Valencia, la policía carga contra cientos de inmigrantes que jugaban un campeonato de futbol:::Excés policial con un indigente en Valencia:::La organización neonazi España2000 está detrás de la agressión al compañero de Gracia::: Nosotrr@s no olvidamos.Que pasa en Valencia?

+info :: criminalització

criminalització (ca)

Barcelona, 29.08.2004 18:47


ells em protegeixen de tú; però d'ells, qui em protegirà?

Gràcia: Un jove ferit en la càrrega de dilluns perd un testicle:::Apaleados por la Guardia Urbana:::Estado de sitio en la playa de Bcn:::Barcelona, barri de Gràcia, a les 2 de la matinada qualsevol dilluns...:::Las actuales Fuerzas Vivas en Barcelona:::Assetjament policial al Fòrum:::Els Mossos agredeixen innocents:::Torturas en una comisaría española:::Jove de Sabadell agredit a Gràcia per la Policia Privada:::Euskal Jai: La policía manosea a una vecina, la apaliza y confisca las cámaras a la prensa-video:::video: La policía contra los coches en Iruñea :::Euskal Jai: Pelotas de goma y gases lacrimogenos contra l*s resistentes:::Valencia, la policía carga contra cientos de inmigrantes que jugaban un campeonato de futbol:::Excés policial amb un indigent a València:::L'organització neonazi España2000 està darrere de l'agressió al company de Gràcia::: Nosotrr@s no olvidamos.Que pasa en Valencia?

+info :: criminalització

Hundreds of Thousands Flood the Streets in NYC to Greet Republicans

Rogue Valley, 29.08.2004 16:26 streaming audio from New York City and the Republican National Convention.

Radio Free Ashland will be relaying the broadcast from a-noise.

Baltimore IMC Open House Rousing Success

Baltimore, 29.08.2004 15:07

Fifty media activists turned out for Baltimore Independent Media Center's second open house.  Held at the Progressive Action Center on Wednesday, August 25, the informal meeting provided the opportunity for a diverse group of media-engaged people to resume, and in some cases begin, a process of city-wide networking.  By the end of the spirited meeting and half a case of great wine (selected by the IMC sommelier) cards, flyers, and internet addresses were exchanged, and some IMCers began talking of a follow-up meeting.

Hi-Res Image Update: Portland Solidarity with 9/11 Truth Movement in NYC

Portland, 29.08.2004 15:06

New York City

Melbourne, 29.08.2004 14:25

Republican National Convention Counteraction

Activist bike creator Joshua Kinberg arrested 8/28/2004

NYC, 29.08.2004 14:24

Bikesagainstbush creator Joshua Kinberg was arrested while taping an interview with MSNBC's Ron Reagan in Manhattan Saturday afternoon.

Kinberg was stopped by police while demonstrating the bicycle for the television interview. His bicycle is a high-tech graffiti writer, using chalk to print anti-Bush political messages sent by people via the internet. Apparently there was a question of whether or not the sprayed messages were a defacement of property.

Cobertura de las movilizaciones de Nueva York en directo, en castellano.

Portland, 29.08.2004 14:21

Portland speaks to the world

Portland, 29.08.2004 13:52

Muestra Berisso

Argentina, 29.08.2004 12:47


San Francisco Bay Area, 29.08.2004 10:48

Foie gras almost banned in California

gabriela killing, laguna

QC, 29.08.2004 10:32

Gabriela Leader Slain in Laguna

RNC Protests from NY to QC

QC, 29.08.2004 08:24

The World Says No to the Bush Agenda

Ring Out New York - Remembering the Dead

NYC, 29.08.2004 05:00

New Yorkers gathered at ground zero to ring bells on Saturday in memory of those who died on sept.11 2001, as well as those who have died as the result of U.S. military action since. Here are some images.

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