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Using Journalism As Activism

Portland, 31.07.2006 06:38

Journalism (or writing, publishing, and syndicating articles) can be used as a very effective means of activism. There used to be an old saying about the guy who owned the press in town having all the power. It is true there is a "power of the press," so to speak. It takes time and energy, and mental concentration, or *work,* to write articles in a coherent fashion. But if you want to donate your time to a cause, organization, community, etc., offering articles is a way you can help on many levels. When you highlight an organization in an article, for example, it is possible their membership will go up or donations to their cause may rise, due to the exposure. When you spend time researching an article on the history of some issue relevant to an upcoming event, protest, etc., it can help educate people as to why the protests are important and increase participation. You can spread all kinds of useful DIY information, you can give a voice to issues that you feel have not gotten enough exposure. You can use your journalism work to help others, on many levels.

Líbano: Masacre en Qana

Argentina, 31.07.2006 06:09

La guerra “antiterrorista” sigue matando a inocentes

Líbano: Masacre en Qana

Argentina, 31.07.2006 03:08

La guerra “antiterrorista” sigue matando inocentes

Manhattan Public Access TV Threatened by Congressional Legislation (Indypendent)

NYC, 31.07.2006 02:08

In a time when programs like Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) struggle to stay afloat, the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement (COPE) Act threatens its existence.

The Highway to Hell: U.S. &amp; Israel Move to Remake Middle East (Indypendent)

NYC, 31.07.2006 02:08

There would be no need for a U.S. military presence in the Middle East today if not for the oil. Israel’s role is to keep the Arab nations divided and eliminate any threat to its regional dominance. That’s what it did in ’67 against Egypt , in ’82 against Syria and in ’81 with the bombing of Iraq’s nuclear reactor. Israel’s history from 1948 also negates the myth of “Israel the victim.” With the exception of the ’73 war it has been the aggressor every time.

Lebanon attack a joint Israeli-U.S. operation: Dead UN soldiers had atrocities info

Miami, 31.07.2006 02:07

Lebanon attack a joint Israeli-U.S. operation: Dead UN soldiers had atrocities info

Portland Stands With Lebanon!

Portland, 31.07.2006 01:38

Local human rights groups, members of Lebanese families, and faith organizations call for cease fire, humanitarian aid for Lebanon and Gaza, and announce plans for a Sunday, July 30th mobilization for peace in the Middle East.

Mobilization for Peace in the Middle East!
When: Sunday, July 30th at 1pm
Where: Pioneer Courthouse Square

There will be a large community gathering Sunday, July 30th, in Pioneer Courthouse Square from 1:00 to 5:00 pm, to bring attention to the suffering of the people in this region and their ties to Portland. Please come and tell all your friends and family. Bring signs. Show your support for a cease fire, for justice, for negotiation not destruction.

An alliance of local human rights groups, faith organizations and individuals with family ties to the regions of Lebanon and Gaza now under attack by Israeli military forces is calling on the US government to demand an immediate cease fire, and to provide humanitarian aid to those suffering from the violence and blockades.

Even the Arab media has forgotten Palestine || 57 Lebanese civilians , including 37 children, killed in an Israeli army shelling in Qana, Lebanon || Atrocities mount as Israel intensifies bombardment of Lebanon || Israeli forces invade Jenin, injured PNN and Al Jazeera correspondents || Israelis Rain Down Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians || Lebanon's biggest environmental catastrophy: 15,000 ton oil spill hits coast || Lebanese towns desolated by the bombings of Israel || 1967 stealing of Palestinian lands || Ministry of Health: Israeli forces kill 29, injure 128 Palestinians, in one area in 48 hrs || Captured Israeli soldiers were in Lebanon when clashes happened US Vetoes UN Condemnation OF Israeli Attack on UN-Peace-Keepers || Israel and U.S., Partners in Lebanon Offensive || German Peace Movement Demands Israeli Withdrawal || Scotland Threatens To Overrule London On U.S. Weapons Flights To Israel ||

Ramallah Traffic Conductor.MOV

DC, 30.07.2006 23:13

Palestinian Traffic Conductor orchestrates the melodic passage of cars, buses, and young girls around the rotary at Al-Manara, Ramallah.

Israel and the US Ambassadors on Lebanon, Iraq, Bombings and Occupation

DC, 30.07.2006 23:11

As the world was watching the results Israel's bombing of Quana and invasion of Lebanon and the US role in the region and Iraq, here are the raw audio records of the question and answer exchanges with respectively Paul Bremer-US Ambassador to Iraq (after he talked to FOX), and Daniel Ayalon, Israel's ambassador to the U.S. who I talked to extensively after he was interviewed by ABC...

Tijuana Report On the Edge: Juarez Femicides

San Diego, 30.07.2006 23:08

Between 70 and 80 people were in attendance at the Teatro de la Casa de la Cultura in Tijuana for Steev Hise's film On the Edge: The Femicides in Ciudad Juarez.

Lourdes Diaz, Director of Tijuana’s Women’s Municipal Institute gave the introduction. After the film about 80% of the audience stayed for over an hour of discussion with Steev Hise and Mrs. Sara Ruiz, moderated by Carmen Valadez of the Feminist Binational Collective.

Mrs. Ruiz’s daughter Sarita was abducted, assaulted and thrown from a moving car last December on to the streets of Tijuana by Pueblo Amigo, about four blocks away from the San Ysidro Port of Entry. She died six days later. Mrs. Ruiz carried out a 9-day hunger strike in June and says many mothers whose daughters have been victimized are afraid to speak out and have asked her to carry on for them also.

Majority awareness and actions are needed to halt and stop the spread of out-of-control atrocities. As evidenced by the reception of the screenings in San Diego and Tijuana this last week, On the Edge is an important step in this direction.

D.I.Y.-Camp in Freiburg geräumt

Germany, 30.07.2006 22:26

In der Nacht auf den 28. Juli nahmen zwei Bullen direkt vor der KTS eine Person fest (Indy berichtete: 1 2 3). Daraufhin kamen etwa 80-100 BesucherInnen der KTS aus Solidarität zum Ort der Festnahme auf der Basler Straße. Als die Bullen sich nicht verhandlungsbereit zeigten und Verstärkung mit Hunden ankam, eskalierte die Situation. Im Laufe der Auseinandersetzung wurde ein Polizist nach Angaben der Polizei schwer am Auge verletzt, wobei die Ursache der Verletzung noch unbekannt ist.

Dr Falah Is Free!

Cleveland, 30.07.2006 18:37

Dr Falah Has Been Freed By the Israeli Authorities

En Córdoba pasan cosas

Argentina, 30.07.2006 16:38

Ciudad conflictiva

Anti War Action in Perth

Perth, 30.07.2006 12:39

Two arrested after protest in Perth - Police Violence

Schwere Respression gegen &quot;D.I.Y. Camp&quot; in Freiburg

Austria, 30.07.2006 12:07

Vom 26. - 30. 7. 2006 findet in Freiburg (GER) das "D.I.Y. against the State" statt. Das DIY against the State soll sich dadurch von den üblichen, Festival-ähnlichen Camps unterscheiden, dass es vom AKTIVEN MITMACHEN und den Ideen aller Leute lebt, die kommen. Erste Eindruecke liefert ein Radiobeitrag des freien Radios Dreyeckland vom 27. Juli (Radio Dreyecksland - mp3, 5.6MB). Am Dienstag (25.7.) wird ein Grundstueck neben der Wagenburg der "Schattenparker" - angeblich unter Duldung der Stadt - besetzt. Das Programm des Camps reicht von Workshops, ueber Konzerte bis zu einer "Reclaim the Streets Party", die am Samstag (29.7.) stattfinden soll. Ab Freitag nacht eskaliert die Polizei massiv und nimmt die Verhaftung eines Sprayers als Vorwand, das Camp und alle geplanten Aktionen zu unterbinden, das Camp zu raeumen und auf jeden Versuch des Protests mit massiver, unverhaeltnismaessiger Repression zu reagieren.

media and manipulation (en)

Barcelona, 30.07.2006 11:08

Journalists and media under pressure

Freedom of speech and communication media independence from the power of governments and institutions is indispensable for the people to get an appropriate information and fully live in a democratic society. More and more, governments, parties and institutions put pressure on the media and the people working on them to emit partial and propagandistic information, and even to misinform, depending on their electoral, economics, prestige or propagandistic interests. The one who holds the politic power puts pressure on the media, but this doesn't turn out always well, above all when the pressures and misinformation end coming into light as it happens thanks to free and open publishing of some media, research journalism and the media and professionals who keep their independence despite the handicaps. Fortunately, there are still many and new ones coming.

related news Partido popular and the politic dirigismo (state-directed development) of Balear television, IB3 ::: PSC's control and censorship over journalists and media ::: Partido Socialista controls most of Catalan media ::: Com Ràdio and the PSC's entrance into la Generalitat ::: Attempt to definitely close down radio paca ::: The centro de cultura de dones (Women Culture's Center), after closing the feminist radio, hoards domains to hinder radio paca's growth ::: centre de cultura de dones' communique ::: the public and democratic television censors us ::: reuters, Gaza and Lebanon ::: the media turns Braun's victims into executioners ::: madrid2004, 11m: the exercise of terror ::: Jibaro's war / How the CIA formats your disk and puts free license "terrorist" software into it

+info:: >>>media & manipulation

Juarez Femicides Film Screening

San Diego, 30.07.2006 10:38

For more than a decade, the cities of Chihuahua and Juarez, near the US-Mexico border, have been killing fields for young women, the site of over 400 unsolved femicides. Despite the horrific nature of these crimes, authorities at all levels exhibit indifference, and there is strong evidence that some officials may be involved. Impunity and corruption has permitted the criminals, whoever they are, to continue committing these acts, knowing there will be no consequences.

A significant number of victims work in the maquiladora sector - sweatshops that produce for export with 90% destined for the United States. Despite the crime wave, they offer almost no protection for their workers.

Small advances in the struggle for justice are due to the perseverance of victims' families who cannot be silenced despite the efforts of state and federal authorities to keep them quiet. Often grassroots groups work in a climate of threats and defamation by government officials for making one simple demand - STOP THE FEMICIDE!

On Wednesday, 26 July, SDIMC, in collaboration with the Young Adult Mystery Squad and Voz Alta, showed two documentaries concerning the situation in Juarez at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Hillcrest: On the Edge, by Steev Hise, and The Mothers of Juarez, by Zulma Aguiar. Steev Hise introduced the films and answered questions following the films. Audio Duration: 1min 50sec, 1min and 27min 50sec.

DOW (Agent Orange, Napalm, Bhopal) Wants To Spray Fluoride On Your Food, contact EPA here

Portland, 30.07.2006 06:08


DOW Chemical has been lobbying the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow it to spray a new fluoride-based pesticide (sulfuryl fluoride) on hundreds of foods prepared in the US. If DOW gets its way, sulfuryl fluoride will become a major new source of fluoride, making it even more difficult for consumers to avoid fluoride in their daily lives. What's worse, the levels of fluoride allowed to be sprayed on food will be shockingly high: 70 ppm for processed foods, 130 ppm for wheat products, and 900 ppm for dried eggs!

Dow is the world's largest producer of plastics; with its 2001 acquisition of Union Carbide, it has become a major player in the petrochemical industry as well, out of which comes deadly pesticides and herbicides.

Organic Consumers Association


San Diego, 30.07.2006 06:08

Today the Del Mar Racetrack should be called the Death Mar Racetrack. In 1998 at least nine horses died during the summer racing season and at that time the track was blamed for the fatalities, calling the "course's surface deep and even". (The Independent, London, August 19, 1998) Since the racing season began this year (less than three weeks ago) 7 horses have died, and it appears no one in charge at the racetrack can offer an explanation for the high number of deaths. What can you do?

Protesters March Across the Brooklyn Bridge

NYC, 30.07.2006 06:08

1500 members of the New York community, horrified at the senseless killing of Palestinians and Lebanese by the Israeli military, marched across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan today to demand an end to the violence. For Photos:

Fear and Loathing at the News Press

Santa Barbara, 30.07.2006 06:08

Way back in May I wrote "News Press Godfather Makes Das Wiliams an Offer He Can't Refuse". In contrast to my usual attempts at brevity, I spent the whole first half of that piece on my roots within the Italian-Americn community (Howard Beach, etc.) Little did I suspect…

Corporate Media Mogul and World Leaders Gathering in Pebble Beach

Santa Cruz, CA, 30.07.2006 03:38

Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair, and cohorts will be meeting at a media conference titled, "Imagining the Future," in Pebble Beach on Sunday. Blair will also attend a party hosted by Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch at the Pebble Beach resort near Monterey.

They're gathering to "talk about the future of the world generally - everything from geopolitics to the environment to technology, the situation in the Middle East and so on." The Guardian reports that, "Roger Ailes, the Fox News executive, will introduce four US military officers, who will share their experiences of serving in Iraq." And "AG Lafley, the chief executive of Procter & Gamble, one of the world's biggest advertisers, will talk about building brands. According the the Monterey County Herald, " the conference's content won't be shared with the outside world." Read more

see also: Blair Vacations In California

Routing Out The Fascists in Fremont

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.07.2006 03:08

Immigrant rights activists gathered on July 28th at Fremont and Mowry Blvds. to counter the bi-weekly rally called by the racist East Bay Coalition for Border Security (EBCBS) which is looking to become an affiliate of the vigilante group, the Minutemen. The EBCBS, in an effort to hide the location of their demonstration from the anti-minutemen protesters, rallied a couple miles down Fremont Blvd in the Irvington neighborhood. By foot, bike and car, about 40 anti-minutemen protesters left Mowry Ave. and Fremont Blvd and went to the Irvington neighborhood (Fremont and Washington) to show solidarity with immigrants and route out fascism in Fremont.

Under Attack At Home, Blair Vacations In California

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.07.2006 03:08

British Prime Minister Tony Blair's popularity in the UK was already low due to the war in Iraq, but his latest stand with Bush against a ceasefire in Lebanon has caused him to come under more fire than ever before from within his own Labour Party. After meeting with Bush in DC on July 28th, Blair is vacationing in California. He arrived in San Francisco on Friday July 29th, is planning to attend a party with George Shultz (999 Green between Leavenworth and Taylor) tonight. He will be staying at the Fairmont until Sunday when he will attend a party hosted by Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch at the Pebble Beach resort near Monterey. Blair is scheduled to be in South San Francisco Monday before returning to the Britain.

medios y manipulación (es)

Barcelona, 30.07.2006 02:08

Periodistas y medios bajo presión política

La libertad de expresión y la independencia de los medios de comunicación respecto al poder de los gobiernos y de las instituciones es imprescindible para que las personas reciban una información adecuada y vivan plenamente en una sociedad democrática. Cada vez más, gobiernos, partidos e instituciones presionan a los medios y las personas que en ellos trabajan para que se emita información parcial, propagandística y hasta desinformadoras, según sus intereses electorales, económicos, de prestigio o propagandísticos. El que ostenta el poder político presiona a los medios, pero eso no siempre les acaba saliendo bien, sobretodo si las presiones y desinformaciones acaban saliendo a la luz como pasa gracias a la publicación abierta y libre de algunos medios, al periodismo de investigación y a los medios y profesionales que mantienen su independencia a pesar de los obstáculos. Por suerte, todavía hay muchos y cada vez surgen nuevos.

noticias relacionadas Partido popular y el dirijismo político de la televisión de las Baleares, IB3 ::: Control y censura del PSC sobre los periodistas y los medios ::: el Partido Socialista controla la mayoría de medios catalanes ::: Com Ràdio y la entrada del PSC en la Generalitat ::: Intento de cierre definitivo de radio paca ::: El centro de cultura de dones, después de cerrar la radio feminista, acapara dominios para dificultar el crecimiento de radio paca ::: comunicado del centre de cultura de dones ::: la televisión pública y "democrática" nos censura ::: reuters, gaza y el líbano ::: los medios convierten a las víctimas de Braun en verdugos ::: madrid2004, 11m: el ejercicio del terror ::: La guerra de los jíbaros / Cómo la CIA te formatea el disco y te carga software "terrorista" con licencia gratuita

+info:: >>>comunicación

U.S. weapons for Israel in San Diego

San Diego, 30.07.2006 00:38

On Friday morning, as I traveled north on Interstate 5, I passed two tractor-trailers heading south toward the 32nd Street Naval Station in downtown San Diego. Each vehicle carried about 10 unmarked bombs; each bomb was approximately 15 feet long. Two military helicopters hovered low above each tractor-trailer, providing overhead escort.

I wondered where these bombs were headed. They must have been in a big hurry because they usually ship their bombs more covertly.

Israel had just put out an S.O.S. to the United States government to rush over several more bombs. "The decision to quickly ship the weapons to Israel was made with relatively little debate within the Bush administration," according to the New York Times. Although always well-equipped with sophisticated US- made weapons, Israel was evidently running out of munitions to drop on the Lebanese people.This article by Marjorie Cohen identifies U.S. weapons passing through SD on their way to Israel's invasion of Lebanon. Protest!

mitjans i manipulació (ca)

Barcelona, 29.07.2006 22:08

Periodistes i mitjans sota pressió política

La llibertat d'expressió i la independència dels mitjans de comunicació respecte el poder dels governs i de les institucions és imprescindible per tal de que les persones rebin la informació adequada i visquin plenament en una societat democràtica. Cada vegada més, Governs, partits i institucions pressionen els mitjans i les persones que hi treballen per tal que s'emetin informacions parcials, propagandístiques, i fins i tot desinformadores, segons els seus interessos electorals, econòmics, de prestigi o propagandístics. Qui ostenta el poder polític pressiona els mitjans, però això no sempre els acaba sortint bé, sobretot si les pressions i desinformacions acaben sortint a la llum com passa gràcies a la publicació oberta, lliure i alternativa d'alguns mitjans, al periodisme d'investigació i als mitjans i professionals que mantenen la seva independència tot i els entrebancs. Per sort, encara n'hi ha molts i cada vegada en sorgenixen de nous.

notícies relacionades Partit popular i el dirigisme polític de la televisió de les Balears, IB3 ::: Control i censura del PSC sobre els periodistes i els mitjans ::: el Partit Socialista controla la majoria de mitjans catalans ::: el que no ens expliquen repartiment de freqüènciens, COMràdio i poder polític pel col.lectiu d'ultrajades per la comunicació (mediàtica) ::: Com Ràdio i l'entrada dels PSC a la Generalitat ::: Intent de tancament definitiu de radio paca ::: El centre de cultura de dones, després de tancar la radio feminista, acapara dominis per dificultar el creixement de radio paca ::: comunicat del centre de cultura de dones ::: la televisió pública i "democràtica" ens censura ::: reuters, gaza i el líban ::: els mitjans converteixen les víctimes de Braun en botxins ::: madrid2004, 11m: l'exercici del terror ::: La guerra de los jíbaros / Cómo la CIA te formatea el disco y te carga software "terrorista" con licencia gratuita

+info:: >>>comunicació

DA Dumanis Lies About Law

San Diego, 29.07.2006 19:38

Raids on July 6 targeted 11 San Diego cannabis dispensaries. Owners of some of the dispensaries not raided that day were heard to say that they were spared because they were running proper establishments. As if the DEA made such distinctions! On July 21 the remaining clubs were visited by law enforcement and told to close or else. They have all complied.

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is taking the position that all sales of marijuana are illegal -despite several court rulings to the contrary and the wording of the Health & Safety Code as modified by Senate Bill 420 and the appellate court ruling in People v. Urziceanu.

Policía viola autonomía universitaria

Argentina, 29.07.2006 18:08

Dos militantes detenidos en Mendoza

4th of August 2006 - International Day of Action - Solidarity with 4F Prisoners in Karcelona

Austria, 29.07.2006 17:37

The 4th of August 2006 marks six months from the police violence on the 4th of February in the street Sant Pere Month Baix in Barcelona, Spain. Half a year in which the city council, the courts and the police have reacted with repression against the demand to end the imprisonment of Álex, Rodrigo and Juan.

After an almost month-long hunger strike from 19 June - 17 July 2006, the fight and solidarity do not end. For the 4th of August 2006 a decentralized international day of action has been called. All groups and individuals will express their solidarity with creativity to make visible that the jailed young people are not alone. |


Arizona, 29.07.2006 16:37

Bi-national Effort Provides Assistance to Thousands of Deported Migrants Every Week

Abusos sexuales de la policía en el CIE de Capuchinos. Cerremos los Centros de Internamiento de Extranjeros.

estrecho / madiaq, 29.07.2006 13:37

#media_6710;right# 3 policías han sido encarcelados por haber cometido abusos e irregularidades contra mujeres inmigrantes del Centro de Internamiento de Capuchinos.En los Centros de Internamiento para Extranjeros (CIE) se detiene a personas cuyo único delito es buscar una vida digna y diversas organizaciones sociales han denunciado en numerosas veces los abusos, maltrato y hacinamiento que sufren los inmigrantes en su interior.
>>Es el momento de lanzar una campaña conjunta entre organizaciones sociales de todo tipo para exigir el CIERRE INMEDIATO DE LOS CENTRO DE INTERNAMIENTO PARA EXTRANJEROS.

>El CIE de la Zona Franca de Barcelona abrirá en Agosto
>El CIE levanta la prohibición de visitas gracias a la denuncia de las asociaciones pro-inmigrantes
>¿Qué son los Centros de Internamiento para Extranjeros?
>7 de Octubre: Día de Acción por los derechos de los inmigrantes [lee,difunde y apoya el llamamiento]

Geek Fair 2006!

Portland, 29.07.2006 09:38

listen to an hour's worth of interviews from Free Geek's 2006 Geek Fair held on Saturday July 15. This audio is available in both streaming (pls) and download (MP3) formats and features interviews with folks from Free Geek, Shift to Bikes, Wibiki, Backspace, Redwing, and "Nature" with music by the Eclectic Bastards and an excerpt from "Geek Arena!"

The article the Sierra Club doesn't want you to read

Portland, 29.07.2006 09:38

Big environmental organizations like ONRC, Sierra Club and OLCV will barely acknowledge Joe Keating, Pacific Green Party candidate for Governor, despite being a former chair of the Sierra Club and 19 years of environmental activism in Oregon. These groups care more about money, fiefdom, and political access than they care about the environment.

At this moment in time the Sierra Club, Oregon Natural Resources Council (ONRC), and Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV) have all endorsed the Democratic incumbent. The Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) will hold a gubernatorial debate in September with Kulongoski, Saxton, and Westlund and plans to exclude Joe Keating, the green candidate.

Two Campaign Finance Reform Initiatives Qualify For November Ballot

Portland, 29.07.2006 09:38

The Secretary of State today announced that both of the campaign finance reform initiatives sponsored by FairElections Oregon have qualified for the November 2006 general election ballot.

Supporters of the two measures filed over 280,000 signatures on Initiative Petitions 8 and 37. "These signatures have been gathered with an enormous effort that has included over 650 volunteer circulators and over 1,200 individual contributors," said David Delk, a chief petitioner on Petition 8.

Mendoza: policía viola autonomía universitaria

Argentina, 29.07.2006 06:38

Dos militantes detenidos

Fazendeiros não deixam Reserva Indígena Serra do Sol e violência continua

Brasil, 29.07.2006 06:38


The Ring of Blame

Cleveland, 29.07.2006 05:37

The Cuyahoga County Board of Election and The Ring of Blame

Ground Zero Minutemen Protest Far Outnumbered by Immigrant Rights Group

NYC, 29.07.2006 05:08

The Minuteman Project visited an immigrant town and were confronted by the masses. A demo & counter demo was held on Chruch & Liberty streets.

Military Recruiters Make Big Summer Recruiting Push

NYC, 29.07.2006 04:38

After missing its 2005 recruiting goal by 6,600 enlistees, the Army has met all of its monthly recruiting goals this year. With the school year winding down, the Army saw its monthly recruiting total jump from 5,806 in May to 8,756 in June. Locally, the New York City Recruiting Battallion (which also encompasses Long Island, Westchester County and six northern New Jersey counties) has enlisted 1,343 new soldiers into the Army as of July 7, according to spokesperson Emilie Gockley. In FY ‘05, the battalion signed up 1,733 recruits.

Freegan Bike Repair Workshop; Changing Lives One Bike at a Time

NYC, 29.07.2006 04:38

On Wednesday evenings around 6:00pm if you happen to be around 327 West 36th street between 8th and 9th Avenues stop by the “Bike Rescue Warehouse.” In it you will find Christian, an energetic, self-proclaimed Freegan with a passion for bike riding and dumpster diving, along with his friendly and passionate bike maintenance enthusiast friends all willing and ready to help you make a recycled bike.

Miami Residents Storm County Hall Demanding “Stop the Thieves &amp; Housing Now”

Miami, 29.07.2006 04:19

Miami Residents Storm County Hall Demanding “Stop the Thieves & Housing Now”

Pitstop Ploughshares walk free

Melbourne, 29.07.2006 03:39

Ireland: Jury declares Anti-War activists Not Guilty

Bombing Beirut

Melbourne, 29.07.2006 03:39

Protests Against Israeli Aggression

Oceanic Dead Zones off Oregon, Five Years Running Now...&quot;You can smell it.&quot;

Portland, 29.07.2006 03:38

Oregon has decided to join Louisiana in having its own "dead zone." This one may or may not be human caused. It's not from river effluent like the one in the Gulf of Mexico, but is instead from the welling up of deep water that is lacking in oxygen. Why this water is coming up from the depths remains the subject of study. Regardless, if you get enough dead zones in the oceans, then one day the ocean will be...dead. Reports of massive dead Dungeness crab currently range from Oregon's central coast to well into Washington.

As for the many human connected versions, there is no excuse for this. The below article describes only the "natural" (huge assumption) one when the massive amounts of dead zones around the world particularly around the U.S. littoral are linked back to overuse of phosphorous and nitrate fertilizers that get washed out by rivers into the sea. There it causes high level plankton/algal blooms well beyond their ecological balance. Like making alcohol, the little buggers breed at a superfast rate then die then as they decompose on the ocean floor they suck up all the oxygen at a much expanded rate, creating a widening "hypoxic" zone, killing everything in its path ... I'm hardly surprised that the corporate piece below ignores that dead zones are human creations as much as the upwelling ones he cites!


Colombia, 29.07.2006 00:38


(en) (pl) Międzynarodowa misja cywilna w Libanie

Poland, 29.07.2006 00:09

(english) (fr) (es)

Aktywiści libańscy i międzynarodowi planują interwencję cywilną w Libanie, która nastąpi najprawdopodobnie w nadchodzącym tygodniu :

Międzynarodowa misja cywilna w Libanie (en)

Indymedia Beirut - 26.07.2006 02:12

,,Natychmiastowe wstrzymanie ognia - Solidarność z ludnością Libanu i Palestyny

Odezwa międzynarodowej misji cywilnej w Libanie

Izraelska maszyna wojenna kontynuuje zabijanie setek libańskich cywili i niszczy libańską infrastrukturę. Kryzys humanitarny potęguję się każdego dnia. Międzynarodowa społeczność (ONZ i Unia Europejska) nie może lub nie chce wstrzymać masakry. Co więcej, Stany Zjednoczony popierają agresję Izraela politycznie jak i praktycznie. Jesteśmy przekonani, że jest to chwila na podjęcie interwencji ruchów społecznych. Istotne jest aby głos obywateli został usłyszany. Konieczne jest wstrzymanie działań wojennych.

...W Grecji rozpoczęły się przygotowania do misji cywilnej. Istnieje duże prawdopodobieństwo, że pierwsza część misji przybędzie do regionu dziś (sobota 29.07.2006r.)

...To czas działania!"

kontakt: Yannis Almpanis: yannisalmpanis at;
Guido: tel. 0030 6934564917, 0090 6944740587

sobre la librexpresión en el paraíso

Canarias, 29.07.2006 00:09

Con motivo del expediente disciplinario abierto a José Manuel Castellano Gil por publicar este libro:

tendrá lugar una concentración de apoyo público, colectivo y solidario el día 30 de julio, domingo, a las 12 h, frente a la Presidencia del Gobierno en Santa Cruz.

Los convocantes hacen un un llamamiento a la participación ciudadana para impedir, mediante la presión social, su posible despido.

Bayard Stockton, CIA Agent and Journalist, Rest In Peace

Santa Barbara, 28.07.2006 23:08

A personal note on the passing of Bayard Stockton.

The True Meaning of Corrections

Urbana-Champaign, 28.07.2006 22:09

This is an article submitted for publication at the IMC from Anthony Bennett who is currently in prison. He submitted it through Books to Prisoners, a working group of the IMC that mails books to prisoners based on their requests and publishes the writing and art of prisoners:

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