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A 6 meses de su detención

santiago, 05.08.2006 01:39

Jornada Internacional por la Liberación de los Presos del 4F

Los trabajadores se encuentran en conflicto

Argentina, 05.08.2006 00:08

Apalean de madrugada a obrero de Coca-Cola FEMSA

Telerman: “Postal virtuosa de la ciudad que queremos”

Argentina, 05.08.2006 00:08

Bs.As.: El Polo Farmacéutico comienza a concretarse

Escrache múltiple en Montevideo

Uruguay, 05.08.2006 00:08

"La memoria estalla hasta vencer"

The Ugly Side of Paradise

Santa Barbara, 05.08.2006 00:08

Living in the shadow�s of delusion and illusions

Kreative Karawane von Ost-West Aktivisten

Germany, 04.08.2006 22:38

Die Kunst und Aktivismus Karawane ist ein grenzüberschreitendes Projekt, das im frühen Juni begann. Sie zog drei Monate lang von Griechenland durch Mazedonien, Albanien, Montenegro, Serbien, Bosnien Herzegowina und Ungarn zum Öko-Aktivisten-Treffen Ecotopia in der Slowakei. Das Ziel dieser Veranstaltung ist, Jugendliche, Kampagnen, Gemeinden und aktivistische Gruppen, ihre Aktionen und Kampagnen mit kreativen Aktionsformen zu unterstützen und zu verbinden. Die Teilnehmer teilen Erfahrungen in unterschiedlichen Bereichen wie Videofilmen, kreativem Schreiben, Musik und Tanz, Bildhauen, Zeichnen und Malen, Samba und Siebdruck.

Umfangreiche Berichterstattung gibt's hier: AA Caravan Indymedia

Legalizing Marijuana - A New Republican Strategy?

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.08.2006 21:38

Independent journalist Mike Rhodes reports that he was recently asked to sign a petition to legalize marijuana. Once he had signed, the signature gatherer asked if it she could register him as a Republican. She told him that she would be paid extra for Republican registrations, but she also told him that she was paid hourly. Victor Salazar, the Fresno County Clerk, said that the process sounded deceptive, and referred Rhodes to the Secretary of State fraud investigation unit. Mike was unable to reach anyone at the fraud investigation unit by phone, despite repeated calls.

SF Board of Supes to Vote on &quot;Trailing Legislation&quot; to Dispensary Regulations

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.08.2006 20:39

The SF Board of Supervisors will vote on amending medical cannabis dispensary legislation on Tuesday, August 8that 2pm. San Francisco recently passed medical cannabis collective (or "dispensary") regulations. Since then, the first collective to undergo the permitting process has been denied at several hearings. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) fears this may be the start of a trend that would ultimately lead to the loss of dispensaries and, by extension, less safe access for the 12,000 patients who are the clients of the 30-40 dispensaries that operate in the city. The meeting will take in the Legislative Chamber on the Second Floor of SF City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place.

Grand Jury Resistance Project Calls for Support for Josh Wolf

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.08.2006 20:09

Independent journalist Josh Wolf was taken into custody on Tuesday, August 1st at a hearing in San Francisco. He was charged with civil contempt and has been jailed until further notice without being convicted of a crime, because he refused to testify or turn over unpublished video to a Federal Grand Jury that is investigating a July, 2005 anti-G8 demonstration. Josh is being held at FCI Dublin, and can receive mail and books there. A resolution is currently before the SF Board of Supervisors, aimed at resisting the federal government's intervention in the local investigation of the G-8 protest and expressing support for the California Shield Law. People are being asked to call the supervisors to encourage them to vote in favor of the resolution and to express their support for Josh.


Tijuana, 04.08.2006 19:07

La censura en el IMER pone fuera del aire A "PALABRA DE MUJER"

the compost pile, 03 aug 06 -- Community Gardens in Madison

Madison, 04.08.2006 17:08

the compost pile is a weekly feature on In Our Backyard, which airs on WORT-FM 89.9 M-Th from 6:30-7:00p. this week: interview with Janet Parker of Community Action Coalition. MP3 - 3.1 MB -- 00:06:53

Telerman: “Postal virtuosa de la ciudad que queremos”

Argentina, 04.08.2006 16:38

El Polo Farmacéutico comienza a concretarse


Colombia, 04.08.2006 16:08

Las masacres realizadas en Ituango Norte de Antioquia


Colombia, 04.08.2006 16:08

Las masacres realizadas en Ituango Norte de Antioquia

Суд вынес приговор активистам &quot;Партнерства&quot;

Belarus, 04.08.2006 15:37

b(r)each fest

Italy, 04.08.2006 15:08

B(r)each Fest in solidarietà con il Silvestre

Power Shifts at Wireless Philadelphia

Philadelphia, 04.08.2006 14:39

Save Mike's Gulch in the Kalmiopsis Wildlerness! Get on the bus this Sunday!

Portland, 04.08.2006 13:38

The day has come. The purchaser of Mike's Gulch, the massive timber sale located in the South Kalmiopsis inventoried roadless area adjacent to the world-renowned Kalmiopsis Wildlerness, has filed his required 7-day notice to initiate logging. Logging will commence on Monday the 7th. The stakes are high. This would be the first inventoried roadless area sale to move forward since the popular Clinton-era roadless rule was enacted. We aren't going to sit silently and watch a slice of our American heritage be clearcut.

Clear you calendars, play hooky and join Back2theWall and the Cascadia Wildlands Project in a strong show of opposition to this reckless proposal and support of wild Siskiyou protection. We will be joining forces with many different conservation groups, community members and supporters at the Siskiyou Forest Supervisors office (where all the big decisions get made) at noon on Monday, August 7.

The bus named Cool will be leaving Portland on Sunday August 6th at 01:30 pm and we will be camping near Medford and then returning to Portland Monday evening following the protest and a carpool in Eugene leaves from Kinko's back parking lot (13th and Willamette St.) at 5 pm on Sunday. Come prepared and self-sufficient.

Call Joe Keating to reserve a place on the bus!
(503) 234-2613
or Steve at
(503) 772-3164

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongowski has called repeatedly for full protection of all 1.9 million acres of roadless Oregon forest. Ignored by the Bush Administration he is now suing the Administration in federal court. This and several other suits that might again protect Mike's Gulch are still pending. Nonetheless, logging is moving forward.

The Bush Administration claims that governors are allowed to petition for protection of roadless areas in their states. The petitions are not due until this Fall. The Administration promised interim protection for all roadless areas pending review of those petitions. The Administration has broken this promise at Mike's Gulch.

The Governor is holding an open hearing on roadless forest protection in Medford on August 16th. Please plan to attend this event as well. [ read more ]

Rogue Valley IMC coverage | First In The Nation Roadless Logging Set for August 7th | Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center | Cascadia Wildlands Project |

Roadless Area Rule Violated by Siskiyou Forest Service in 2005

Without much fanfare or controversy the Siskiyou National Forest planned and allowed the clear-cut logging inside the North Kalmiopsis roadless area as part of the Berry salvage logging timber sale in the Biscuit burn in 2005. Thus the US Forest Service unilaterally decided to violate the Roadless Area Conservation Plan at least one year before Federal Courts were to decide the legality of such actions. I suppose Siskiyou National Forest personnel figured that they would get away with this because no one would notice, at least not until the trees were cut and hauled away. Well, I guess they were right. Also, I suppose Forest Service personnel told them selves, well even if we do get caught no one would get punished. In fact they would likely get a pat on the back, a bonus or even promotion for doing the Bush administration's and Oregon's timber baron's bidding. [ read more ]


Portugal, 04.08.2006 11:39



San Diego, 04.08.2006 11:08

This letter from political prisoners arrested at Atenco and held at Santiaguito prison tells of a recent attack on a compañero by a guard. It is followed by an urgent appeal for solidarity from compañeros who are maintaining an ongoing sit-in outside the prison.

1. the immediate presence of human rights organizations and collectives that can enter the prison, press charges, and physically evaluate our compañero.
2. that the prison guards not leave until our compañero has identified the guard in question and pressed charges against him for violating the protective order, a judicial resolution.
3. the immediate resignation of the prison Warden and the Chief of Internal Security due to the fact that they have permitted the aggression and covered it up.
4. that the General Director of Prisons of the State of Mexico resolve this problem because it is beyond the scope of the Warden of this prison, given that he is protecting the guard and probably ordered the aggression.

Background: Global Indymedia Wikipedia
Recent: Zapatistas1 Zapatistas2 Infoshop
San Diego: La Otra Delete the Border o.r.g.a.n.i.c. collective

Brigada de Solidaridad Juan Rius Rivera

Puerto Rico, 04.08.2006 06:39

Cuba: Nos pintaron un acuarela y resultó ser un óleo

Medio Oriente y Latinoamérica

Argentina, 04.08.2006 04:38

Líbano: cuando la muerte es un número

Anti War Anti Nuke actions

Perth, 04.08.2006 03:38


piqueteros y barberan

Argentina, 04.08.2006 03:38

Nashville Youth Group Prepares for Conference with Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu

Tennessee, 04.08.2006 03:08

Nashville, Tenn., — Glendale Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee is sending five youth and two adults to Denver, Colorado the weekend of September 15, 2006 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PeaceJam with The Dalai Lama of Tibet, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa and ten other leading Nobel Peace Laureates. The PeaceJam celebration will include about three thousand young participants from around the world who will join the Nobel Laureates in issuing a Global Call to Action.

A Message to Impeachment Supporters from Ramsey Clark

DC, 04.08.2006 02:09

Bush Making More Enemies in the Middle East

UE aumenta repressão nas fronteiras marítimas

Portugal, 04.08.2006 02:08

UE aumenta repressão nas fronteiras marítimas

Internal Strife at SOS

LA, 04.08.2006 01:08

Internal Strife at SOS

Support Independent Journalist Josh Wolf!

Portland, 04.08.2006 00:38

Call and Write The SF Board of Supervisors!

On Tuesday August 1st Josh Wolf, an independent journalist working in
San Francisco, refused to testify or turn over unpublished video
out-takes to a Federal Grand Jury investigating a July, 2005, anti-G8
demonstration. He was charged with civil contempt and has been jailed
until further notice. He could be held for up to a year (the remainder
of the Grand Jury).

Josh was never convicted of a crime. He is being
held on civil contempt in order to coerce him to testify and turn over
his unpublished work product to a federal grand jury.

We encourage everyone to support Josh while he is being held at FCI
Dublin. If we keep on fighting there is a good chance we can win
Josh's release. There are many way in which you can help. Please refer
to Josh's support website for more information:

Hezzballah still completley intact and fighting

Portland, 03.08.2006 23:39

The Israelis got into Lebanon by air and had a 4-hour fight to get in a hospital. There were 16 Lebanese killed, 17 injured, and 5 captives taken. Hezballah surrounded the hospital after Israeli troops secured it; the US helicopters used by the Israeli's then airlifted the solders out of Lebanon. There needs to be a cease fire, I do not mean to state something so obvious, but the Israeli and Lebanese solders have both had minimal causalities while many civilians in Lebanon and Israel are getting killed. Just hours ago Hezballah fired 200 rockets into Israel and destroyed 5 tanks at the border. The reason the rest of the Lebanese army is not getting involved is that with Israel having such state of the art weapons from the US, the Lebanese Army without Hezballah would easily be destroyed. It's getting very difficult to get information out of Lebanon.

The Qana Massacre And The Risks Of Relying On Israeli Propaganda

Portland, 03.08.2006 23:39

This article discusses an example of American mainstream media bias towards Israel that occurred during a discussion of the Qana massacre on CNN's Paula Zahn program, and how she got burned when the Israeli Defense Force retracted its statement that Hezbollah had fired Katyusha from an area near the bombed apartment building, in spite of the fact that a day earlier it had disseminated a surveillance video that purported to show a Hezbollah battery firing rockets from this Qana neighborhood on the day the building was bombed.

Murray Bookchin, visionary social theorist, dies at 85

Portland, 03.08.2006 23:39

Murray Bookchin, the visionary and often iconoclastic social theorist and activist, died during the early morning of Sunday, July 30th in his home in Burlington, Vermont. During a prolific career of writing, teaching and political activism that spanned half a century, Bookchin forged a new anti-authoritarian outlook rooted in ecology, dialectical philosophy and left libertarianism.

During the 1950s and '60s, Bookchin built upon the legacies of utopian social philosophy and critical theory, challenging the primacy of Marxism on the left and linking contemporary ecological and urban crises to problems of capital and social hierarchy in general. Beginning in the mid-sixties, he pioneered a new political and philosophical synthesis—termed social ecology—that sought to reclaim local political power, by means of direct popular democracy, against the consolidation and increasing centralization of the nation state.

Photogs of Save the Klamath Salmon Rally

Portland, 03.08.2006 23:39

Native peoples and their supporters, about 150-200 strong, gathered at Holladay Park near Lloyd Center at 11:00 am and marched to the Portland Convention Center for a rally where International hydropower corporations are holding their bi-annual HydroVision Conference.

The Rally and March was energetic and punctuated with chants, both organized and spontaneous. People felt this issue strongly deep in their heart and cried out loudly for the removal of these dams, blocking not only the salmon, but a way of life and a relationship centuries, millenniums old.

The March was at least three blocks in length when marching down to the Convention Center, where Native speakers from the tribes affected by the dams demanded the dams be removed and asked supporters to contact their elected leaders with this message: BRING THE SALMON HOME!

Comunidade libanesa mobiliza São Paulo

Brasil, 03.08.2006 21:38


A Message to Impeachment Supporters from Ramsey Clark

Miami, 03.08.2006 21:37

A Message to Impeachment Supporters from Ramsey Clark

Agosto 3

Colombia, 03.08.2006 21:08

Gran protesta de la USO contra privatización de Ecopetrol

Los trabajadores se encuentran en conflicto

Argentina, 03.08.2006 21:08

Apalean de madrugada a obrero de Coca-Cola FEMSA

Los trabajadores se encuentran en conflicto

Argentina, 03.08.2006 21:08

Apalean de madrugada a obrero de Coca-Cola FEMSA

ATTAC als paradisos fiscals

Andorra, 03.08.2006 20:38

ATTAC als paradisos fiscals, un documental de 33 minuts

City Council Rules To Limit Free Speech

LA, 03.08.2006 19:09

City Council Rules To Limit Free Speech

The Struggle for Democracy: A Tale of Two Countries

Arkansas, 03.08.2006 18:39

On Sunday July 2, Mexico held its national elections. Among the various positions that candidates were competing for was that of the high office of president. As spelled out in that country’s constitution, the president can only serve for one six-year term after which the reins of power must be turned over to a successor.

“I’m a cop. Watch your back.”

Urbana-Champaign, 03.08.2006 16:09

Court Watch Sets Its Sights On Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Garrett.

CU stand against terror Saturday

Urbana-Champaign, 03.08.2006 16:09

This Saturday August 5 members of the local community will stand against US-backed state terror ongoing in Lebanon and elsewhere from 2-4 pm at Main and Neil in Champaign. All are welcome.

hackmeting 2006

Italy, 03.08.2006 15:16

Far web

hackmeting 2006

Italy, 03.08.2006 15:16

Far web

Re-visioning Baltimore: The Current Gallery Looks at Abandoned Spaces

Baltimore, 03.08.2006 15:08

In a funky, eclectic white tent at Artscape across from the food court, a Baltimore art gallery presented a dozen artistic musings on how to re-think, revise, re-envision and re-use Baltimore's abandoned urban spaces.

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 03.08.2006 15:08

A monthly commentary on politics and more. This month: class war

Deforestations for Justice in Lebanon Continue in Boston Area

Boston, 03.08.2006 14:09

Demonstrators gathered in Copley Square on Wednesday evening to demand Israel immediately stop it's attacks on Lebanon. This was the third organized rally held at Copley in the past few weeks.

sciacalli Libano

Italy, 03.08.2006 13:42

La guerra degli sciacalli

Waking Up Wal-Mart One Person at a Time

Philadelphia, 03.08.2006 12:38

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