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Por la Salud y el Ambiente

Argentina, 14.08.2006 19:10

Vecinxs contra la planta de Uranio

Invitation à la prochaine rencontre de l'Action Mondiale des Peuples

Liege, 14.08.2006 17:07

Du 19 août - 3 septembre - en France se déroulera l'A.M.P. [Action Mondiale des Peuples] Créé en 1998, c'est un outil, une structure de coordination de groupes et de personnes partageant des luttes et des pratiques portées par des principes anticapitalistes et anti-autoritaires. L'AMP a été à l'initiative de la caravane des indiens en France en 1999, de journées mondiales d'action contre le G8, l'OMC, la Banque mondiale, le FMI, etc. A Seattle comme à Gênes ou Prague et dans un certain nombre d'évènements moins médiatisés, elle fut l'élément moteur de nombreuses actions et réflexions... Au croisement d'initiatives internationales et de luttes locales, l'AMP cherche à développer de nouvelles dynamiques pour une transformation sociale radicale.

&quot;Ceasefire&quot;: Fighting Slows But Israel Still Threatens To Bomb Relief Convoys

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.08.2006 15:11

Guns fell silent across southern Lebanon on Monday morning as a United Nations ceasefire came into effect. Thousands of Lebanese civilians, displaced by the Israeli bombardment, have started heading home to Southern Lebanon. It is not clear if the refugees will be able to make it home since Israel's military has "said traffic restrictions south of the Litani River had not been lifted" Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has also said that despite the ceasefire (and the demand that Hezbollah disarm), Israel will continue to try to assassinate Hezbollah leaders.

Bomba Değil Yemek, Mobese Değil Ekmek

Istanbul, 14.08.2006 13:40

Bomba Değil Yemek, Mobese Değil Ekmek


Italy, 14.08.2006 13:40

Postilli-Riccio, in pericolo l'ultima spiaggia della biodiversità


Italy, 14.08.2006 13:40

Postilli-Riccio, in pericolo l'ultima spiaggia della biodiversità

(en) (pl) FNB activist detained - Aktywista J.Z.B zatrzymany

Poland, 14.08.2006 13:10

(English below)

W dniu 9 sierpnia 2006 roku w Poznaniu został zatrzymany przez policję i osadzony na 6 tygodni w więzieniu Krzysztof Wantoch-Rekowski ("Pastor") związany ze środowiskiem poznańskiej Federacji Anarchistycznej, działacz międzynarodowej sieci Jedzenie Zamiast Bomb (Food Not Bombs).


Italy, 14.08.2006 12:39

Postilli-Riccio, in pericolo l'ultima spiaggia della biodiversità

Union Solidarity

Melbourne, 14.08.2006 12:09

AMWU members defy Federal Court order

Israel still bombing - &quot;this is not Djibouti&quot;

Beirut, 14.08.2006 11:37

Israeli jets announced Israel’s official acceptance of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 – calling for a cessation of hostilities – by bombing Beirut’s southern suburbs 20 times within two minutes. The Israeli Cabinet’s decision had just appeared as breaking news on the TV broadcasts when the bombing started. Over the next few minutes – as the bombs continued to explode, and as the kids ran inside yelling, and as I flipped through all the channels trying to figure out where they were hitting – the breaking news continued with the specifications of who had voted how in the Israeli Cabinet.

Images of Roadless Area Logging, coming to a forest near you, unless...

Portland, 14.08.2006 10:38

On August 7th, 2006 logging began at the MIkes Gulch sale in the previously protected South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area. Video was taken from on top of Gold Ridge and the giant landing built to bring logs up by helicopter.

George Bush, John West, Scott Conroy, and Mark Rey all say Oregon forests belong to forest profiteers, not the american people. Oregon has become a sacrifice state, as they protect roadless forests in the East, they fast track logging Oregon's largest, most biodiverse, roadless area in the west.

University Park UMC hosts second annual North Portland Pride Festival

Portland, 14.08.2006 10:38

Excerpt from Rev. Jeanne's Pridefest Sermon:

Some of you may know that I worshipped at St. Paul's United Methodist Church for nearly a decade while I lived in Denver Colorado. While I was there, I got to know Julian Rush, the author of the hymn we just sang. Julian wrote these words in 1985; our small choir may have been the first people to sing them. Did you notice, as we sang the words together, that they seemed very familiar? If you were to take your copy of The Faith We Sing and turn to number 2238, you would find almost the same song, called "In the Midst of New Dimensions."

Well what, you might wonder, would be worth photocopying a song so similar to the one we already have in a hymnal? To answer that, we'd have to examine the words together. First off, you might notice that the original version had six verses, not five.

Monday's impeachment rally

Portland, 14.08.2006 10:38

This week's location of the DFA impeachment rally is Vista & SW Jefferson.

If you're for impeaching Bush & Cheney, you can do two things this week:

Come out with your impeach sign and join the merry flash-mob team of the SE DemocracyforAmerica meetup group in their regular Monday afternoon rush-hour demonstration.

This Monday it's on the corners of Vista and SW Jefferson—near the entrance to the Vista tunnel. Time is 4:30-6:30 pm.

Or you can call or email Portland City Council officials to pass the impeachment resolution that's been on the table since May 10.

Remember the Hunger Strikers: Continue the Fight for Freedom

San Diego, 14.08.2006 08:39

I returned last week from an eight day trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Every year the month of August in Belfast is filled with street festivals in many of the city's communities. This year is especially active, because 2006 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Ten Irishmen who gave their lives in the name of Irish freedom! The history of Irish liberation is a part of every day life. Support for the people of Palestine and Lebanon was visible in the pubs, on the streets and in the music halls. Recognizing and acting on the struggles of occupied and oppressed people around the world is something the Irish do without effort.

Verguenza diplomática

Argentina, 14.08.2006 08:09

Los últimos disparos antes del “cese al fuego”

Verguenza diplomática

Argentina, 14.08.2006 08:09

Los últimos disparos antes del “cese al fuego”

August 25th Action to Protest SJSU Police Arresting Patients, Seizing Medical Pot

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.08.2006 06:39

On August 25th, the first Friday of the new school year at San Jose State University, there will be a protest action against the university's expelling of legal medical cannabis patients. A homeless woman on campus was woken in the middle of the night, searched by a male officer, and held until 4:30am. Her medical cannabis was seized. This began a campaign to raise awareness of SJSU cops' lack of recognition of the state's medical marijuana laws. The protest on August 25th will be at 4:20pm at the San Jose State University Police Department, 377 S. 7th St., San Jose, at the parking garage at 7th and San Salvador. A patient training will be conducted at 5pm.

Nationwide Protests Against War on Lebanon and Palestine.

United States, 14.08.2006 04:37

This weekend saw a number of coordinated demonstrations around the country held to protest the Bush administration’s support for Israeli aggression against the people of Lebanon and Palestine. There are reports of thousands of protesters in Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities throughout the nation.

Reports from Washington DC:

From San Francisco and Los Angeles:

Protesters decry US Support of Israel's Agression and Israel's bombing of Lebanon and Palestine, denouncing occupation

DC, 14.08.2006 04:22

The National Council of Arab Americans, the Muslim American Society-Freedom Foundation and the International ANSWER-Act Now to Stop the War and End Racism organized protest was held in Lafayette Park starting at noon. The organizers said that the large crowd which came reaching 30,000 came from as far as Michigan, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and 50 buses from NY City, trying to surround the White House. Video Hilights || Photos || Audio

López Obrador Vows No Retreat As Partial Recount Begins in Mexico

Philadelphia, 14.08.2006 04:20


Argentina, 14.08.2006 03:08

Comenzó a tratarse el último caso

Big Hearing August 22nd in Oregon Green Scare Case

Portland, 14.08.2006 01:40

There will be a hearing in federal court on Tuesday August 22 for a motion filed by defense attorneys related to government surveillance of the defendants in the Oregon Green Scare case. The defendants are asking the court to order the government to obtain and turn over any secret, warrantless surveillance, including any surveillance done by the NSA. There will also be arguments heard on whether or not the transcripts from the plea hearings last month and plea agreements of cooperating witnesses will be unsealed.

It should be an important and interesting hearing so we are asking for your attendance. All four non-cooperating defendants in the Oregon case [Daniel, Jonathan Paul, Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher] will be in attendance for this hearing and there will be discussions on the pending trial date and whether it will be postponed.


Argentina, 14.08.2006 00:08

ABD Konsolosluğu Kana Bulandı

Istanbul, 13.08.2006 23:40

ABD Konsolosluğu Kana Bulandı

Neocons’ Middle East Scheme Is Backfiring

Baltimore, 13.08.2006 22:08

Back in 1996, a clique of Neocons, led by Richard Perle, concocted a scheme for Israel to “destabilize” the Middle East. The Palestinians were to be crushed and Iraq and Lebanon balkanized. The U.S. and UK were conned into doing the Neocons’ dirty work in Iraq. Now, Hezbollah fighters have tossed a huge wrench into the not-so-clever plot. Instead of Israel becoming “safer,” the Neocons have put its citizens at risk and its army in danger of defeat.

Demonstration Calls for Peace in the Middle East

LA, 13.08.2006 18:08

Demonstration Calls for Peace in the Middle East

Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 13.08.2006 17:39

John Howards anti-aboriginal laws: a white grab for black land

Bicycology Tour visits Nottingham on their way to the Climate Camp

United Kingdom, 13.08.2006 16:38

Bicycology is a biketour which will be travelling from London to Lancaster (via Nottingham) this August. Form Lancaster it will be heading to the Climate Action Camp. It will visit Nottingham on Saturday 19th August. On their tour, the Bicycologists will be giving free bike maintainence workshops, holding Dr Bike sessions - come and get your bike fine-tuned - organising bike games and playing around with some crazy tall wobbly bikes; there will also be information and examples of alternative forms of energy, including some pedal-powered gadgets.

Links: Bicycology website | Bicycology Wiki | Ian Gregory on Bicycology

Report of all Scotland demonstration for Lebanon in Edinburgh Saturday 12th August 2006

Portland, 13.08.2006 13:09

Saturday 12th August saw a massive all-Scotland demonstration in Edinburgh to protest the Israeli attack on Lebanon and to say no to any assault on Syria or Iran. On the same day there were a large number of protests around the globe including Sydney, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Washington DC, USA and Paris, France.

The Edinburgh demonstration was called by called by Edinburgh Stop the War, Glasgow Stop the War and supported by Edinburgh Palestine Solidarity Campaign, CND, Peace and Justice Centre and many more. The march was due to start at 2.00pm but waited half an hour for the arrival of 3 coaches from Glasgow.

Rogue Israeli State Protested at White House Rally

Portland, 13.08.2006 13:09

Washington, D.C. - As Israeli terror bombing of civilians continues relentlessly over Gaza and Lebanon, demonstrators took to the streets near the White House, on Saturday, Aug. 12, 2006, to protest. Led by Arab-American organizers, and supported by antiwar groups, like the ANSWER Coalition, they rallied, at noon, in Lafayette Park, which is directly across the way from the official residenc of President George W. Bush. The crowd was estimated at about 30,000. The protesters also paraded around the White House after the speakers' part of the program was completed.

There were 24 riveting speakers at the well planned rally. One of the first was Dr. Esam Omesh, President of the Muslim American Society. He said: "There is no difference between a Muslim life, Christian life or Jewish life...The invasion of Lebanon and the destruction of its infrastructures and the deliberate targeting of civilians through the indiscriminate, disproportionate Israeli war machine is, indeed, criminal. It must be ended now."

Impeach Bush/Cheney--Olympia Rising to the Challenge

Portland, 13.08.2006 13:09

Citizens' Movement to Impeach Bush/Cheney, a group of citizens in and around the city of Olympia are joining with other people from across the country in organizing an impeach bush/cheney movement. We have set-up three informational meetings where people can view a documentary produced by the Center for Constitutional Rights to learn about the impeachment process. While there are many potential impeachable offenses, we have decided to focus on four:

§ Justified the war in Iraq using fraudulent evidence.
§ Dismissed civil liberties and tortured prisoners.
§ Performed illegal wiretapping of citizens
§ Refused to obey more than 750 laws by using "signing statements."

Report: Peak Oil Task Force Meeting

Portland, 13.08.2006 13:09

Tuesday August 8th was the second meeting of the Portland Peak Oil Task Force. The first meeting a couple weeks ago, had a presentation on Peak Oil and dealt with Task Force structure and how to go about the job. This meeting focused on the subgroups, and the guidelines that each group will follow. The members of the Task Force all are taking Peak Oil seriously and various comments by some of the members show that the nature of our predicament is understood. Within the time constraints of getting the agenda complete, there was welcome participation from the 1-2 dozens citizens who attended.

It was gratifying to feel that public input was not just accepted, but desired. It is my impression that those on the Task Force recognize the enormity of the task of making recommendations to deal with something that is and will increasingly impact all aspects of our lives. I believe most every person in the room realizes that life as we know it is and will be radically changing and that it will take the collective effort of many people to mitigate the upheaval and suffering that will come.

Camping Against G8 And For Something Completely Different.

United Kingdom, 13.08.2006 13:08

“Camp Inski”, the preparation and information camp for the forthcoming G8 summit in Germany, took place from August 4th-14th in North West Germany. Somewhat less than one year before the G8-summit, autonomously organized resistance meets and plots for several days(en) in close proximity to the future summit location in the nearby town of Heiligendamm. Numbers are difficult to guess – several reports speak of more than 500, but the kitchens prepare 1,500 portions per meal. The workshops ranged from meetings about mobilisation, discussions about blockades (roads, tracks and waterblockades) to general questions of resistance and social movements.

Meanwhile, preparations for the summit are well under way and acts of defiance have already begun. A “Door Knocking” exercise saw activists going from door to door in nearby villages and towns to inform residents of the future protests.

While discussing and organizing next year's protest, various actions took place showing the wide range of activities started by the camp: A villa was occupied(pic|de) in opposition to the commercialisation of the increasingly posh seaside resort. An anti-racist demonstration (Video: 1 | 2 ) was held in the nearby city of Rostock, an area infamous for its neo-Nazi activities. On friday hundreds of activists gathered at the beach outside summit venue(en), on saturday protest closed down an exhibition of the nazi artist Arno Breker while activists protested at a GMO field nearby the camp.

Video (de): 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Pictures and Reports (de): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (en) | 6 (en) | 7

Bike Caravan 2007
Websites about G8 2007: (de) | |

Israeli/US Aggression and Occupation in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq: Teach-In

San Diego, 13.08.2006 12:08

The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of San Diego sponsored a teach-in on July 27 to provide background to the recent attack on Lebanon, the escalation of attacks on Gaza, and the continuing occupation of Palestine, Iraq and now Lebanon. Six speakers discussed discussed the historical and political context, the resistance, the human experience of occupation, and international law: Nasser Barghouti (moderator), Doris Bittar, Farid Abdel-Nour, Nadia Keilani, Marjorie Cohn and Jonathan Graubart. Audio Duration: 1:38:40, with partial transcript. A question and answer period followed. Audio Duration: 1:03:40.

"Imagine if the I-5 was bombed and I-805 and the I-15 and the depots of fuels and half of the gas stations of San Diego were bombed. Then imagine if one third of our hospitals had been destroyed. We have no electricity, no water and 800,000 of San Diego residents were forced to flee, go somewhere, inland maybe. Then you would get to understand the situation in Lebanon."

"As an artist, I have gathered many photo essays that document how individuals resist, often through creative acts, like Haldia at the Bourj al Barajneh refugee camp in Beirut, whose camp now is surrounded by rubble, built her entire home with mortar, cinder blocks, and river rocks from Nabitia... There are many forms of resistance, and all can be legitimate... For the ordinary person, Hamas and Hezbollah crush the walls of a demented and bigoted logic, whatever else you agree or disagree about their philosophy."

"Stability has historically has been usually brought about by barbarism and brutality...The reason Middle East politics is so complicated is that is usually hanging by thin delicate threads that connect different communities with each other... The reason the Middle East is unstable is that there hasn't been that kind of brutality in its history... I'm afraid that this administration takes this cruel truth not as reminder not to overvalue stability, not as a reminder of how cruel it is to merely pursue it. They take it as a prescription for what to do."

Prior to 1991, our first attempt to destroy Iraq, Iraqi women had equality in education and health care. They had the most progressive human rights in the region and they were the first Arab women to hold high positions in academia, government and law. Before the US invasion, they constituted 40% of the public sector work force and they made up 20% of Iraq's Parliament. In the U.S. Congress, only 15% of it is made up of women... Today an Iraqi woman walking alone in the street is asking to be killed, raped or kidnapped... I asked Iraqis if they had a message for the American people. None of their messages was without an expletive..."

"Bush could stop Israel in its tracks with a snap of his fingers. But why would he? Israel is doing his bidding. Redrawing the map of the Middle East to facilitate U.S. domination. Bush began that task with Iraq, and Israel is following suit with Palestine and Lebanon... The United States loyal and consistent support for Israel's policies to the tune of more than 3 billion dollars in aid per year has enabled Israel government to conduct a war of terror against the Palestinian and Lebanese people."

"These can be subject to great debate in the specifics, but a number of the Israeli actions defy any sort of debate. Certainly collective punishments, which is a pretty explicit effort to impose massive desperate conditions on the civilian population until they give in, is no question illegal. Certainly causing massive displacements, the attack on the power plants, even the United Nations, which is fairly diplomatic about this, has called these war crimes."

"About forty years ago, 1967, in six days the Israeli army destroyed the armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan, occupied all of the Sinai strip, the Golan Heights, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, killed thousands of soldiers in those Arab armies, all in six days. Today after 14 days of punishing bombardment of Lebanon, the Israeli army has not been able to progress more than 10 km into Lebanon."

Click here for audio

The realm of the real - photography from Lebanon

United Kingdom, 13.08.2006 09:40

In the last few weeks, an increasing number of horrible, very upsetting photos of the massacres committed by Israel have been coming out of Lebanon. The alternative media are doing everything possible to break the censorship of images that was enforced by the Corporate and authoritarian State media which only show a sanitized war, disinfected images of material destruction. The smuggling and widespread dissemination of images from 'the realm of the real' that are coming out of Lebanon and Gaza now make all of us uncomfortable. For those of us who do editing and publishing work, they bring up the awful worry of "is this appropriate?" (source: Cyprus Indymedia)

Photographer Guy Smallman has been reporting from Lebanon since early this week. His photo reports show the harsh reality of war and a growing refugee crisis. New York Indymedia photographer Andrew Stern published photos taken after the bombing of two residential buildings in the town of Chiah, near Beirut on August 8th. The Cyprus Indymedia has been reporting constantly on the conflict since it started mid-July. Their website contains numerous (photo) reports on conflict, struggle and solidarity.

Photo reports Guy Smallman:

Other photo reports: Photo Essay from Lebanon | Photo Essay from Lebanon - 2 | Indymedia Photography from Lebanon | Civil Defense members removing corpses from Marwahin, Lebanon | Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes | Bomb Number Five, Salaam | Lebanon: Full Color Pictures of the Atrocities

Links: Cyprus Indymedia | Andrew Stern website | Impressive photos on Flickr | Photos from pro-resistance demo by Issandr El Amrani | Wikipedia on war photography

Large Demo Demands Unconditional Ceasefire Now

Bristol, 13.08.2006 09:39

Futher Bristol Demonstrations Against Bombing in Middle East Futher Bristol Demonstrations Against Bombing in Middle East Al Murabit writes: about 200-250 people assembled at Castle Park to show their anger at the recent Israeli aggression in the Middle East. They marched through the centre and up Park Street, before rallying on College Green. The crowd was very mixed, spirited and noisy, and received much public support. Some passers by saw what was going on, and felt inspired enough to join in. All in all, a highly successful event! Full article (+ images)| Bristol Demo Against Lebanon and Gaza Invasions | Bristol arms manufacturers are targetted | The Ceasefire Now Demo (and Terror in the News) | Unconditional Ceasefire Now - Demonstration In Bristol |Contribute An Article

Sue your insurance company now! (Part 1)

New Orleans, 13.08.2006 05:10

Sue your insurance company now! (Part 1)

You are invited to the First Annual Blackfly Ball!

Maine, 13.08.2006 04:18

You are invited to the FIRST ANNUAL BLACKFLY BALL! A dress-up dance party for all! During Machias' wild Blueberry festival on AUGUST 19th starting at 6:30pm.

silent war

QC, 13.08.2006 02:09

Analysis: Macapagal-Arroyo's 'Silent War' vs. the Left


QC, 13.08.2006 02:09

No to US Regime Change in Cuba

@rtivisme (ca)

Barcelona, 12.08.2006 23:10

Amunt l'explosió creativa i col.lectiva de les festes populars

Sota el discurs continuat del “civisme” s'hi amaga, cínicament, la intenció dels governs i les seves institucions de domesticació i mercantilització de les festes populars i el progessiu enllaunament de qualsevol expressió cultural i festiva. Les festes populars, aquells esdeveniments i expressions creatives col.lectives, en que tot*s som participants actius i no només espectadors i que es donen a l'espai públic espanta els seus controladors ni que sigui per uns dies l'any. La represa i reapropiació de l'espai públic per part de la gent del poble segueix sent el que anima a seguir preparant, any rera any, unes festes pel gaudiment públic de l'explosió de la creativitat festiva, de l'alegria, de la denúncia,de la llibertat, de la catarsi col.lectiva, de la revitalització dels pobles i la cultura popular i del rebuig al monitoratge governamental que massa sovint les acaba espatllant.

festes populars 2006:[24-27ago]La coll@nada d'Igualada. Festa Major jove ::: [21-26ago] festa major alternativa de Sants ::: [15-20ago]programació comissió festes populars de gràcia ::: [11-12ago] 1eres festes alternatives de Castelldefels ::: [11-15ago]Festa major alternativa de Cardedeu: El polvorí ::: [10-13ago] festes populars de Capellades

notícies relacionades: resposta a l'alcalde de l'assemblea de festes alternatives de gràcia ::: tornen les festes torna la criminalització ::: presentació del programa de les festes de gràcia denunciant la criminalització que es pateix ::: hi ha qui reivindica el NO a les festes de gràcia

més info: >>>@rtivisme + >>>criminalització i repressió

@rtivismo (es)

Barcelona, 12.08.2006 23:10

Arriba la explosión creativa y colectiva de las fiestas populares

Bajo el discurso del "civismo" se esconde cínicamente, la intención de los gobiernos y sus instituciones de domesticación y mercantilización de las fiestas populares y el enlatamiento progresivo de cualquier expresión cultural y festiva. Las fiestas populares, esos acontecimientos y expresiones creativas colectivas, en el que tod*s somos participantes activos y no sólo espectadores y que se dan en el espacio público espanta a sus controladores ni que sea por unos días al año. La toma y reapropiación del espacio público por parte de la gente del pueblo sigue siendo lo que anima a continuar preparando, año tras año, unas fiestas para el disfrute público de la creatividad festiva, de la alegria, de la denuncia, de la libertad, de la catarsi colectiva, de la revitalización de los pueblos y la cultura popular y del rechazo a la monitorización gubernamental que demasiado a menudo las acaba estropeando.

fiestas populares 2006:[24-27ago] La coll@nada d'Igualada. Fiesta Mayor joven ::: [21-26ago] fiesta mayor alternativa de Sants ::: [15-20ago] programación comissió festes populars de gràcia ::: [11-12ago]1eras fiestas alternativas de Castelldefels ::: [11-15ago] Fiesta mayor alternativa de Cardedeu: El polvorí ::: [10-13ago] fiestas populares de Capellades

noticias relacionadas: respuesta al alcalde de la asamblea de fiestas alternativas de gràcia ::: vuelven las fiestas vuelve la criminalización ::: presentación del programa de las fiestas de gràcia denunciando la criminalización que se sufre ::: hay quien reivindica el NO a las fiestas de gràcia

más info:>>>@rtivismo + >>>criminalización y represión

Students Against Sweatshops Along with Local Activists Protest Verizon Union Busting

Philadelphia, 12.08.2006 21:38

Berlin-Mitte - Protest gegen &quot;Vertriebene&quot;

Germany, 12.08.2006 18:38

Gestern demonstrierten Antifaschist_innen zweimal in Berlin-Mitte gegen die Eröffnung der Sonderausstellung „Flucht - Vertreibung - Integration“ im Kronprinzenpalais und damit gegen Geschichtsrevisionismus und deutsche Opfermythen.

STARBUCKS INFAMY: IWW Organizer Daniel Gross Terminated for Union Activity!

Oklahoma, 12.08.2006 18:38

TAKE ACTION NOW! The Starbucks "investigation" of IWW member Daniel Gross concluded today with his termination after more than three years of organizing at the company. REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH HTML TO APPEAR ON FRONT PAGE TAKE ACTION NOW! The Starbucks "investigation" of IWW member Daniel Gross concluded today with his termination after more than three years of organizing at the company. TAKE ACTION NOW! The Starbucks "investigation" of IWW member Daniel Gross concluded today with his termination after more than three years of organizing at the company. Daniel's expression of solidarity at a union picket line with co-worker and fellow union member, Evan Winterscheidt, was deemed threatening by Starbucks despite multiple eyewitnesses who confirm that Daniel merely asserted to District Manager Allison Marx that Evan should not be fired. With the termination of IWW members Daniel Gross, Evan Winterscheidt, Joe Agins Jr., and Charles Fostrom in less than a year, Starbucks has demonstrated conclusively its intense hostility to the right of workers to join a union. To provide additional cover for the unlawful termination, Starbucks issued Daniel a blatantly discriminatory performance review today with negative ratings for things like, "not communicating partner morale issues to the Store Manager." The manager confirmed that morale issues included complaints about wages and working conditions. Last we checked, an employer may not mandate an employee to engage in surveillance of co-worker's protected activities. Far from breaking our campaign, Starbucks has done the opposite. The current and former Starbucks workers who proudly carry the red Industrial Workers of the World membership card vow to redouble our efforts to achieve an independent voice on the job. The right to free association at work is fundamental and not subject to compromise. But to vindicate our right to union membership, we need support from you, the working class; the class that built this society with our sweat and indeed with our blood. The multinational retailers like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and Borders seek totalitarian control of the workplace. The way forward to reign in these massive corporations is a social movement of workers and community members. The Wobblies at Starbucks have proven that by taking direct action against the company over issues of concern to workers and by avoiding the skewed certification process of NLRB elections, baristas can improve their lives on and off the job. This strategy only works however, if the company incurs significant economic, political, and social costs when it violates the right to organize by terminating workers for union activity. Take action with us sisters and brothers. Together we will win: 1) Do not spend your hard earned money at Starbucks until the company respects the right of workers to organize and reinstates Daniel Gross and the rest of the IWW baristas. Let the company know you are taking a stand by participating in the email action: 2) Obtain a resolution or pledge from your community group, labor union, or house of worship agreeing to stay way from Starbucks products until justice is done. Please send copies to 3) Hold a rally or leafleting action at Starbucks in support of the right to organize and in defense of the fired union baristas if you feel that's appropriate in your local community. Please check in with the baristas at the store before hand to involve them in the action. 4) If you are a student, join the Justice from Bean to Cup! campaign launching this Fall to ensure Starbucks doesn't operate on campuses without reinstating the IWW baristas, respecting the right to organize, and making a meaningful commitment to Fair Trade. Get involved by e-mailing 5) Make a financial contribution to the IWW Starbucks Workers Union to ensure a continued independent voice for employees at the world's largest coffee chain. Send checks made out to "IWW Starbucks Workers Union" or well-concealed cash to: IWW Starbucks Workers Union347 Maujer St. Apt. #CBrooklyn, NY 11206For more information, visit

SOMA: An Anarchist Therapy, in Los Angeles

LA, 12.08.2006 18:09

SOMA: An Anarchist Therapy, in Los Angeles

Independent Journalists And Relief Efforts In Lebanon

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.08.2006 17:09

Ali Bektac, an independent journalist, has visited numerous bombing sites in Lebanon, where hundreds of innocent Lebanese civilians have died since the Isreali attacks began one month ago.

Watch for Welfare Warriors

NYC, 12.08.2006 16:38

This past Saturday, August 5th, I participated in a community forum held at the The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center on West 13th Street in Manhattan. The speak-out is an initiative of the Welfare Warriors, a project of Queers for Economic Justice (QEJ). Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Gender Non Conforming people facing issues of poverty had the opportunity to give voice to struggles at a community speak-out, share experiences of poverty and develop a campaign around public assistance.[/a>]

Protesting Rice's Visit to the UN: Bring the Slaughter in Lebanon to a Halt

NYC, 12.08.2006 16:09

Today a group World Can't Wait activists and others gathered in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York for an emergency protest of Condoleezza Rice's visit there. Rice's appearance was part of the process of authoring a UN resolution for a "ceasefire" in Israel's vicious war of aggression on Lebanon - a war made possible by, and enjoying the approval and direct military support of the Bush regime.

4th Boston Justice for Lebanon Rally

Boston, 12.08.2006 16:08

Under a thin veil of desperation, about 500 Lebanese, Lebanese-Americans, and supporters from many walks of life assembled for the fourth consecutive week at Copley Square to protest the ongoing indiscriminate attacks of Israel on the Lebanese civilian population and its infrastructure. Photos by Jonathan McIntosh

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