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Argentina, 16.08.2006 10:38

“No está garantizada la imparcialidad”

NT Aboriginal Land Rights Emasculated

Melbourne, 16.08.2006 10:08

A White Grab For Black Land


Argentina, 16.08.2006 10:08

“No está garantizada la imparcialidad”

Support Lt Ehren Watada

Portland, 16.08.2006 06:38

There will be a rush hour bannering to support the Lt on the Failing St pedestrian overpass over I5 at 8 am and again at 430 pm Weds, 8/16.

Join Veterans For Peace, Code Pink, Vancouver For Peace and Combatants For Peace (and others)on the Failing St overpass at 8 am and at 430 pm as we raise public awareness of the heroic stand of 1st Lt Ehren Watada against the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Lt has refused to be deployed to Iraq on the grounds that the US military's presence in Iraq violates International and US law. He states that an order to support an illegal act in any way constitutes an illegal order and that as an officer in the US Army he has the duy and obligation to refuse such an order. The Army has charged him with contempt of officials and conduct unbecoming an officer for telling the truth and for doing his sworn duty. Please come out to support him if you at all can!

Pack City Hall on Wednesday, August 16th, for the vote for a Children's Bill of Rights

Portland, 16.08.2006 06:38

On August 16th, 2006, Mayor Tom Potter will introduce "Our Bill of Rights, Children and Youth" and an accompanying resolution to the Portland City Council and they will vote to adopt the Bill. This Bill is written by Children and Youth and for Children and Youth, and covers the rights that thousands of young people identified, including right to education, a voice in decisions concerning them, respect from adults, basic needs, recreation and many more. The endorsement of the Bill by elected public officials is crucial in order to raise awareness for and protect these rights, and would serve as a guide in developing and reviewing city policies if passed. Please join us in asking the City Commissioners to pledge their support to the well-being of children and youth, in both their votes and their actions. We hope to get as many signatures as possible to present a meaningful statement to City Council!


related: [ Children's Bill of Rights (PDF version) | Support the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth | events + activist opportunities for the youngin's ]

Camp Suzanne - A Call to Action

Portland, 16.08.2006 06:38

Enough is enough Sexual assault in the military is intolerable and inexcusable. The military's response of indifference is incomprehensible. The failure of us, as citizens, to hold them accountable for their sex crimes stops now.

Starting Wednesday, August 16th 2006, the Swift Action Network, a Suzanne Swift support group, will pitch up tent outside Fort Lewis in Washington State, where Swift is stationed. The camp will begin at 7pm Wednesday, at Exit 119 on Interstate 5. Our goal is to show solidarity with Suzanne Swift's ongoing plight, and to bring awareness to the epidemic level of sexual assault in the military.


DC, 16.08.2006 06:10

Barucha Peller and Ali Tonak are two reporters who made it into Lebanon to bring us the reality of what is at the receiving end of US policies and $$ investments in Israel… uncensored.

&quot;Butcher of Qana&quot; finds No Safe Haven on Capitol Hill

DC, 16.08.2006 06:10

DC Activists Interrupt Farcical Briefing by Former Israeli General Moshe Ya’alon The Coalition for Justice and Accountability


Argentina, 16.08.2006 06:08

2º Maratón Cultural en Resistencia-Chaco

Argentina, 16.08.2006 06:08

Imperfectos, porque están vivos

Robert Vickrey and The Burking of Liberal Education at the Univeristy of Illinois

Urbana-Champaign, 16.08.2006 04:21

New "Global Campus" initiative does away with faculty input, distribution requirements

Reports From The National Veterans For Peace Convention

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.08.2006 02:09

The Veterans For Peace national convention was held in Seattle from August 10th through the 13th. One of those who addressed the convention was Ricky Clousing, a 24-year-old Army sergeant and interrogator from Seattle who left Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 2005 after returning from Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division and has been AWOL since. Another speaker was Lt. Ehren Watada, who publicly refused to deploy with the Fort Lewis, Washington-based 3rd Stryker Brigade.

Free West Papua

Melbourne, 16.08.2006 01:39

West Papuans Mark Indonesian Takeover

Raida'dan mektup

Istanbul, 16.08.2006 00:39

Raida'dan mektup: Bomba Beş, Barış


Colombia, 16.08.2006 00:08


Activists (and Rain) Drown Out St. Louis-Based White Supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens in Jackson, Michigan

Saint Louis, 15.08.2006 23:08

Anti-racist activists have reported to Media Mouse that the St. Louis, MO-based white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, a racist group with origins in the segregationist White Citizens’ Councils of the south and active recently in Grand Rapids, were effectively disrupted in Jackson, Michigan by the combined presence of a large number of anti-racists and rain. The Michigan Council of Conservative Citizens scheduled the first of two rallies it plans in the state in order to build support for the passage of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) 7/30/06 in Jackson. Anti-racist activists report that they showed up shortly before 2:00pm to the Council’s “Anti-Affirmative Action Rally” to find that the fifteen anti-racists essentially matched the small crowd of Council of Conservative Citizens members and their supporters and the group was consequently easily able to halt the scheduled proceedings of the rally. While there were plans to have speeches followed by a march through Jackson, the activists—holding banners and signs reading “NO MCRI,” “No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA,” and “CCC is a White Supremacist Organization”—were able to use noise and chanting to interfere with the Council’s rally and effectively limited their ability to both spread their racist message or attempt to recruit additional members.

South Central Farm: DA Puts Farm Activists on Trial

LA, 15.08.2006 20:38

South Central Farm: DA Puts Farm Activists on Trial

Зьнік Антон Тарас

Belarus, 15.08.2006 20:37

JOAP Protest Art Request

LA, 15.08.2006 20:08

Donate Old Protest Posters and Placards for an Art Exhibit!!!


LA, 15.08.2006 20:08

Pathways Mentoring Program

VIP's from Pallaskenry &amp; Bantry visit Rossport Solidarity Camp.

Ireland, 15.08.2006 19:08

El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido. Be fully assur ...

Acciones pese a la conciliación

Argentina, 15.08.2006 17:39

Acciones pese a la conciliación

Possible Pretext Behind the NYPD Parade Permit Proposal

NYC, 15.08.2006 16:38

Less conspicuously, these police-initiated restrictions on the use of public space present a potentially broader threat, not particularly to people in prosperous, safer neighborhoods where unconstitutional police searches and seizures are rare, but to people living in minority-dominated, often poor neighborhoods accustomed to constant, aggressive policing. [Read More from DMI Blog || Recap of Rule Changes || Assemble for Rights || UFPJ Call to Action]

Katrina Critical Mass Solidarity Ride In Fayetteville

Arkansas, 15.08.2006 15:39

There will be a Critical Mass bike ride on the anniversary of hurricane Katrina to draw attention to the connections between climate change, social injustice, car culture. We will meet at 5:00PM at the Fayetteville Square. This ride will be in solidarity with other Katrina Critical Mass bike rides across the country that day being organized by Rising Tide North America. Click here for more info.


Italy, 15.08.2006 15:39

A Lampedusa, contro i Cpt


Italy, 15.08.2006 15:39

A Lampedusa, contro i Cpt

Richmond Rail

Houston, 15.08.2006 15:38

Richmond Rail: Neighbors Say Yes In My Backyard

Protests for lebanon

Houston, 15.08.2006 15:08

Protests Continue in Solidarity with Lebanon

ai on killings, philippines

QC, 15.08.2006 14:09

PHILIPPINES: Political Killings, Human Rights and the Peace Process

MEXIKO: Rebellion in Oaxaca - Tote, Entführte, Gefolterte

Switzerland, 15.08.2006 14:07

In Mexiko Oaxaca erhebt sich die lokale soziale und gewerkschaftliche Bewegung gegen die Regierung. Dieser Konflikt dauert nun bereits mehrere Monate an und mitte Juni begann die Regierung mit aller Härte gegen die Protestierenden vorzugehen.
Mittlerweile sind staatliche Fernseh- und Radiostation besetzt und es wird seit Tagen rund um die Uhr gesendet. Der Regierung entgleitet die Kontrolle, sie hat sich verschanzt, da unzählige Regierungsgebäude in Händen der Aufständischen sind. Die Bewegung ist ständig am wachsen. Doch auch die Repression wächst: Aktivisten werden auf offener Straße entführt oder von Paramilitärs ermordet. Weiter lesen...

Artikel: Informationen zu Oaxaca | mexico: "es ist eine Revolution im Gange hier in Oaxaca." | Mexico: Anzeichen für Wahlbetrug mehren sich
Links: | Indymedia Mexiko | Indymedia Chiapas | | | Radio Pacheco
Älteres Feature zu Atenco: Eskalation in Atenco - EZLN erklärt Alarmstufe Rot!


Italy, 15.08.2006 12:09

Incontro nazionale per la liberazione animale


Italy, 15.08.2006 12:09

Incontro nazionale per la liberazione animale

World Trade Center Premieres, 9/11 Truth Movement Responds

Portland, 15.08.2006 10:08

There was a concerted 9-11 Truth activist response to the premiere of Stone's new film. Civil disobedience was planned in a few states, legal leafletting occurred in others. The mainstream press took some interest in the actions. Theater managers were so supportive of the leafletting in California, that activists were even invited to table in the lobby of one theater which boldly asked "Was 9-11 an Inside Job?" on its marquee.

As in the film, pulling the American people out from under the rubble of propaganda, is no easy task, and it is a group effort, the 9/11 Truth Movement has grown over the years bringing together researchers, activists, artists, journalists, film-makers, musicians, professors, teachers, scientists, hackers, a wide range of people with varied talents and skills who have worked cooperatively to understand the truth, dismantle the lies, see through the deceptions, discover the evidence, communicate their understanding through a variety of mediums, and work together to expose the deceptions used to trick people into supporting wars, to provide the vision of a post 9/11 Truth world, where war becomes a thing of the past, and precious human and natural resources are redirected from killing and controlling people for the benefit of a few towards healing people and planet for the benefit of all.

180 Ways To End War and Sow Peace

Portland, 15.08.2006 10:08

  1. Picket BP, Exxon, Shell, Texaco, Arco, Amoco, all of the many residences and newspapers of Rupert Murdoch, and other warmonger broadcasters such as CNN, sometimes the CBC, and the homes of MP's, senators and congressmen and governors and 'justices', the homes and offices of media anchors who are puppets of the Pentagon
  2. Hire message planes to fly over warmonger fundraisers
  3. Organize an interfaith prayer in at draft boards, the many factories of Lockheed whose burning bombs are dropped from Lockheed planes onto Lebanese babies, offices of GE, the offices of war profiteers, the homes of their executives

Federal Infiltration and Repression—What It Means, What to Do, What Not to Fear

Portland, 15.08.2006 10:08

In January 2006, a fifty-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of damaging over a dozen cars and two buildings at an automobile dealership in Newport, Oregon. The buildings were spray painted with the letters "ELF," and two local news stations had received calls claiming the action in the name of the ELF. However, as reported by the Newport News Times, "Police could not establish any connection between MacMurdo and the ELF organization. It is believed his actions were retaliatory in nature and not any kind of political statement." He was charged with criminal mischief and his bail was set at $32,500, a miniscule amount by eco-terror standards. What does a guy have to do these days to get charged as an eco-terrorist? Obviously, he has to have the right friends.

Detained and deported for having an arabic dictionary

Portland, 15.08.2006 10:08

A young lady from Greece was coming for the summer to the US to study at a university. She arrived at the JFK airport and was stopped by immigration. They went through her things and discovered the most suspicious of things in her bag. An Arabic dictionary. They asked her why she had it with her. She replied that she has been studying Arabic. They asked her why she is studying Arabic. She said because it was interesting to her. That answer did not go well with immigration.

After three days of been detained and not allowed to call her parents, a lawyer or anyone for that matter she was deported back to Greece.

Report Back from Aug 12 DC

Cleveland, 15.08.2006 06:37

August 12th March On Washington D.C. -

Peace In Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon:

Report Back

Worcester Demonstrates for a Just Peace in Lebanon

Worcester, 15.08.2006 04:40

Worcester Demonstrates for a Just Peace in Lebanon

Haitian Political Prisoner &quot;Annette Auguste&quot; Released after 826 days

Miami, 15.08.2006 03:07

Haitian Political Prisoner "Annette Auguste" Released after 826 days

Entrevista al abogado chileno Jaime Madariaga

Argentina, 15.08.2006 02:39

“A los mapuches se los persigue por quiénes son”

Mike Cannon Show IndyMedia Radio for Central Wis. Aug 14, 06 1st Hr.

Madison, 15.08.2006 00:08

Download here:

Greater even than Rugby - the 1981 Springbok Tour

Aotearoa, 14.08.2006 23:40

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the 1981 Springbok tour. Below is a talk given Tuesday, 15th August, 12noon, Clubs Room, VUW Student Union Building, by Don Franks, anti apartheid activist. Excerpt: Many of the big ’81 demonstrations were held on public roadways, as a deliberate attempt to stretch the resources of the police. The manouver was effective, but not infallible. I recall a wet afternoon marshalling about a hundred mostly middle aged people happily singing Kumbaya in the middle of the Hutt road. The cop in charge approached me and the other marshall and said very pleasantly: " Look guys I want this road clear. I haven’t got enough forces to arrest you all. But there’s no TV cameras anywhere in sight, so if you don’t piss off in two minutes we’ll just wade in with some heavy stuff, ok?" We gathered up our singers and slowly marched back to town, taking as much time as we could. There was a big argument that night as to whether we’d not been staunch enough. Click Read the full article... to read the article! Links: 1981 Sprinkbok Tour | 'Patu' Review on

Conflicto territorial en Pulmarí, Neuquén

Argentina, 14.08.2006 23:40

Acuerdo entre la Confederación Mapuche y Nación

CitySol: A Solar Powered Festival

NYC, 14.08.2006 23:39

CitySol hosted a number of green exhibits, a green market, and bands that played on a solar powered stage.

August 14 show

Cleveland, 14.08.2006 23:09

Blackout News August 14, 2006

Hugo Chávez’s Challenge to U.S. Preeminence in Latin America

Miami, 14.08.2006 21:37

Hugo Chávez’s Challenge to U.S. Preeminence in Latin America

School's Open and DFAM Helps Students &quot;Just Say No&quot; to Recruiters

Miami, 14.08.2006 21:07

School's Open and DFAM Helps Students "Just Say No" to Recruiters

3 Videos Israel Doesn't Want You to See

Miami, 14.08.2006 20:37

3 Videos Israel Doesn't Want You to See

Marcha de autoconvocadxs

Argentina, 14.08.2006 20:09

Esta tregua es una nueva traición

Marcha de autoconvocadxs

Argentina, 14.08.2006 19:39

Esta tregua es una nueva traición

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