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belgrade, 31.08.2004 08:49

Sept. 11th: US Election Protection Volunteer Training

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.08.2004 07:39

Sept. 11th: US Election Protection Volunteer Training

Virginia represents for A29

Richmond, 31.08.2004 06:12

Eighty people from Virginia marched together in Sunday's United for Peace and Justice March Filling the walled streets of midtown Manhattan, hundreds of thousands of dissenters pounded the steamy pavement of New York City Sunday in a march on the eve of the Republican National Convention. Beating the expected estimates of march organizers, nearly 500,000 people reclaimed NYC from the RNC in a protest that roared “No to the Bush agenda!”

A30 Wrapup

NYC, 31.08.2004 05:53

New York's and the nation's poor took center stage on the first day of the RNC, as thousands of people took part in two separate marches. The Still We Rise Coalition of New York City-based community groups went from Union Square to Madison Square Garden in the first part of the day. [photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 1 | video ]. Despite attempts at provocation by the police, the marches were able to mobilize people from across the country to press for healthcare, homes, and jobs.

Speech by Alan L. Maki of Minnesotans for Peace and Social Justice at the Sunday, August 29, 2004 Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Peace March and Rally

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 31.08.2004 04:59

Speech for peace and social justice

The Long Arm of the UfPJ? (and RNC Photos)

Boston, 31.08.2004 03:43

NEW YORK CITY- A half a million people marched by the Fortified and Republo-filled Madison Square Gardens today, and many felt the conspicuous absence of a rallying point. Tolu Olupna, a NYC resident, felt that the march was “disorganized,” because of the lack of a rally space. “I would love to be listening to speeches right now,” Olupna said as she sat in the shade at Union Square with other marchers uncertain about just where to go. But requests for a permit to rally on the Great Lawn were finally denied by the New York State Supreme Court. UfPJ officially asked people not to march to Central Park. After a long and inspiring march, a focusing point is a positive thing, it is a place to get out the message, a place to talk and connect with people. UfPJ didn’t win a permit, but does that mean that they should also act to discourage people from assembling anyway?

Operación Dragón

Colombia, 31.08.2004 03:02

Descubierta Operación Dragón Para asesinar Congresistas, Defensores de Derechos Humanos y Lideres Sindicales

Esquel, a town that said NO

Argentina, 31.08.2004 02:50

Friday 27 th of August
Esquel, a town that said NO

Still We Rise

Puerto Rico, 31.08.2004 02:32

Still We Rise: Urgente igualdad social para nuestros pueblos


Uruguay, 31.08.2004 01:57

Se nos fue el Caballero de las fantasías

1400 Polizisten r�umen Wagenplatz

Germany, 31.08.2004 01:47

In der angeblich weltoffenen M�chtegern-Metropole Hamburg ist kein Platz f�r ein paar Leute, die lieber in Wagen als in Wohnungen leben. Am 8. September waren 1400 Polizisten an der R�umung des Wagenplatz Wendebecken beteiligt. Nach der R�umung der Pl�tze Sch�tzenstra�e, Paciusweg und Bambule existieren jetzt in Hamburg noch f�nf Wagenpl�tze - unter anderem die Henriette, die im Fr�hjahr eine Gnadenfrist erhalten hatte. Der CDU-Senat will sie bis 2006 aus dem Stadtbild der "wachsenden Stadt" vertrieben haben.
Kurz vor der R�umung schien noch eine politische L�sung m�glich (eine Privatperson bot ein Ersatzgrundst�ck an), aber der Senat blieb bei seiner harten Linie.
Am Tag der R�umung hatte die Polizei�bermacht nicht so einen leichten Einsatz wie erhofft. Zwar waren nicht viele AktivistInnen auf der Stra�e aktiv, aber die Zufahrt zum Platz war mit mehreren Lock-Ons und Tripods blockiert.

Die "3. Halbzeit" am Freitag fiel klein aus, nur die Polizei zeigte Pr�senz: 1 | 2
1000 bei Demo am Samstag: 1 | 2 +++ 150 f�r die Yorck 59: 1 | 2
Die R�umung - Berichte und Fotos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 - gesammelte Breaking News
Spontandemo am Abend: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Regierung st�rzen | Wendebecken | Bambule | Schanzenturm


San Francisco Bay Area, 31.08.2004 01:30

Foie gras almost banned in California -- call the Gov!


Brasil, 31.08.2004 01:27

Serviço secreto investiga CMI-NY

Federal Court Looks Into Death of Oscar Romero

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.08.2004 00:29

Federal Court in Frenso Looks Into Death of Oscar Romero

Religious right in Fresno opposes same-sex marriage

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.08.2004 00:28

Religious Right Takes Over City Hall

Paradojas de la Revolución Bolivariana

Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 23:58

VENEZUELA: Paradojas de la Revolución Bolivariana

Plaza Banner Drop Wows World

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.08.2004 23:57

Operation Sibyl Drops Knowledge - Local Activist Arrested

Operation Sibyl Drops Knowledge

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.08.2004 23:43

Local Activist One of Five Charged After NYC Banner Drop

Breaking News

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.08.2004 23:34

Indybay Reports from the RNC


Uruguay, 30.08.2004 23:19


Report from the Republican National Convention

Tennessee, 30.08.2004 22:20

Massive political actions took place throughout New York City yesterday to protest the Republican National Convention. Although I was only able to attend a handful of them, the impact was incredible nonetheless. The day was marked both by large peaceful demonstrations and creative direct action protests. Police violence was minimal and the overall atmosphere was one of festivity and empowerment for those seeking to express their opposition to the Bush administration.

The State of Philippine Economy

Manila, 30.08.2004 22:00

The UP School of Economics Report Overdue, selective, not daring enough

Katuah EarthFirst! Activist John Johnson Arrested at RNC

Tennessee, 30.08.2004 21:22

katuah earth first! activist john johnson was arrested today in new york city while protesting the republican national convention. during the peaceful march towards madison square gardens, a float was set on fire and police around the area began arresting protesters. according to eye witnesses, the police were “aiming low,” but still striking protesters who resisted arrest. amid the 100 to 150 people arrested to was john johnson, a long-time activist with katuah earth first!. this call is for financial support. if you have any extra money, a dollar, five dollars, twenty dollars, we could use your help to get him out of jail. luckily, he has two fellow earth first!ers in new york doing physical jail support, but we here at home can help out by sending money for his fines.

Still We Rise

Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 21:04

Still We Rise: Urgente igualdad social para nuestros pueblos

¡Que cese el maltrato!

Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 20:59

¡Que cese el maltrato!

Early Reports from Still We RIse

NYC, 30.08.2004 20:52

Today, August 30th, poor people from in and around New York City organized its own march, called Still We Rise. From the "Still We Rise" website: We dream of a generation with housing and healthcare, jobs and income support for all, a generation without criminalization, of same policies around AIDS, Immigration and Education and we are marching TO MAKE THAT DREAM COME TRUE.

The March was set to rally at Union Sq. and 15th St at noon. By 12:42 the march had started, with police around, with around 3000 people there to march. Shortly after the march had begun, the police stopped the march, which was permitted. This was at 6th Ave and 15th St, and the police had 6th Ave blockaded.

The eventual reason the march was stopped was due to people ON THE SIDEWALKS! And, at 1:05pm the energy around the march was reported to be "high". People were out with the march writing using chalk to spread their messages. The police had threatened to arrest two people that were engaging in "chalking", the march gathered around the chalkers and the police seemed to back down.

Around 2:30 pm the march had been stopped again at 29th st. The march continued with high spirit, although the police barricaded 8th Ave, and divided the march. Marchers were negotiating a rally at 30th and 8th with the police, as they brought in horse cops up 28th and 8th.

Marchers were moving around the barricades and getting arrested by 3pm, while they were trying to unite the divided march. Some folks were playing soccer around the march and were swarmed by police, before being illegally searched.

This report is up to around 3:45 pm, and the march is still somewhere, moving towards the UN, up on 40th st, and elsewhere. The mast reports of numbers at the march were around 4000.
PHOTOS: Cell-Cam

Congreso Justicia y Sociedad

Colombia, 30.08.2004 20:45


Congreso Justicia y Sociedad

Colombia, 30.08.2004 20:45


Indymedia Video Screening - Bush's Hundred Thousand Unwelcomes

Ireland, 30.08.2004 20:29

Indymedia Premiere - 7.30 pm, IFI, Temple Bar, Friday September 3rd Premiere Screening of Indymedia Ireland's latest two video productions documenting Bush's visit to Ireland in June 2004 and the protests against it. Premiere Screening of Indymedia Ireland's latest two video productions documenting Bush's visit to Ireland in June 2004 and the protests against it. On Friday, June 25th 2004 approximately 20,000 people turned out in Dublin to let George W. Bush know that he was not welcome in Ireland. Thousands also travelled from all over the country to Shannon Airport and the nearby Dromoland Castle (where W holed up while in the country). The Irish State deployed masses of police and military to hide Bush from the protestors while the Media deployed masses of cameras and journalists focused primarily on on grandees and dignitaries in an effort to play down the extent of the protests. Indymedia Ireland has created two video compilations which focus on the opposition to the Bush visit that was largely ignored at the time by the propaganda machine that has the cheek to call itself the media. Reclaiming Dignity by Rasta4i and Bush Weekend by indyvidhead include interviews and comments from people involved in the "Bikes Against Bush Critical Mass", the Shannon Peace Camp, the Dublin March, the Anti-War Ireland protest at Shannon, the IAWM protest at Dromoland and, most sensationally, the AmBush protest at Shannon which was confronted by massive ranks of riot police and armoured military vehicles. Despite being completely blanked by the mainstream media this protest managed to delay Bush's departure by two hours. All of this has been documented by independent camera-people interviewing real people with real opinions, a scarce commodity in the compliant Irish media. Indymedia Ireland will be holding a screening of these two documentaries about the Bush visit on Friday September 3rd in the Irish Film Institute in Temple Bar, starting at 7:30pm. There will be a 5 euro charge on the door and all funds will go towards sustaining and strengthening the Indymedia project. Come along and support our media - we are all the media. Previous Indymedia Feature on Bush Visit

Nader Campaign Calls on Secretary of State to Respect Each Signature

Portland, 30.08.2004 20:17

Update on Gina Lynn, ACTION NEEDED

Portland, 30.08.2004 20:07

Ultimas noticias

Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 20:06

Ultimas noticias desde NY

Hennepin County Judicial Candidate Forum

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 30.08.2004 19:55

Scontri Acerra

Italy, 30.08.2004 19:24

Né noglobal, né blackblock, né disoccupati organizzati

Molotov bombs, stones and arrests

Thessaloniki, 30.08.2004 19:09

Violent incidents in Athens centre


South Africa, 30.08.2004 18:58

Half a Million People March Against Bush


South Africa, 30.08.2004 18:26



Uruguay, 30.08.2004 17:37

Se nos fue el Caballero de las fantasías

Report from New York!

Santa Cruz, CA, 30.08.2004 17:37

So much has been going on that I can only tell of a few things, a tiny window into the enormity of this protest. I am of course here with my street medic collective from the bay area, working in a larger network of street medics from all over the country, so that is often the angle I get on things, the cops vs. protesters play-by-play and all the injuries, not to mention heat exhaustion (it's in the 90's and muggy here, feels like cancun!). But I'm trying hard not to have tunnel vision.

Things started off Thursday with a banner drop from The Plaza Hotel by four activists who rappeled from the roof with a sign with opposing arrows with "Bush" and "truth" in opposite directions.

Friday night was a critical mass ride (truly massive), with 5,000 riders and ultimately about 250 people arrested, lots of angry motorists, and general chaos in midtown and lower manhattan. As I didn't have a bike, I didn't ride, but just seeing the crowds was fantastic.

Sunday, as you all may know by now, was ENORMOUS, with at least half a million people marching in manhattan ALL DAY LONG, wrapping all the way around from union square up to madison square garden and back down to union square, a constant stream from noon until about 5 pm.

Today a few marches and rallies are planned, including Still we rise (community organizations from NYC) and the poor peoples' march (kensington welfare rights union). Then Tuesday will be a whole slew of direct actions, so keep your eyes and ears open.

8/28: March For Women's Lives and more

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.08.2004 17:17

8/28: March For Women's Lives and more

Secret Service Attempts Subpoena for Indymedia Logs

Urbana-Champaign, 30.08.2004 16:45

Reposted From: Global Indymedia

BREAKING NEWS: The FBI and the US Secret Service is again engaging in a fishing expedition to route out dissenting viewpoints, harass people who are simply exercising their free speech rights, and intimidate others from exercising their right to protest in connection with the Republican National Convention. To quote one indymedia volunteer, regarding New York Indymedia:

"It has come to my attention, that our hosting provider, Calyx Internet Access, has been under harassment and scrutiny by the United States Secret Service in a blatant attempt to disrupt our relationship. Furthermore, it has been revealed to me that my contact information, was required to be disclosed to the government, presumably to begin directly harassing me. The SS did not contact the IMC directly in relation to this matter, but instead felt it prudent to put a strain on a place which we do business with. The agents attempted to circumvent Indymedia by contacting Calyx by phone, originally without a warrant or subpoena, in order to obtain user connection logs regarding a particular post on an Indymedia site. The post in question is a repost by an anonymous person containing information that is already available all over the Internet, and publicly available in other forms."

[Subpoena (US law): to order someone to go to a court of law to answer questions, or to order the appearance of documents in a court of law ]

Republican National Convention Coverage - Aug. 29, 2004

Urbana-Champaign, 30.08.2004 16:13

Breaking reports from U-C IMC reporters on the streets in NYC. 5:20pm CDT Brief update call from Central Park reports 10-20,000 people converged on Central Park. Atmosphere is calm. 4:50pm CDT Third report in from the NYC streets. March ended and UC-IMC reporters started heading toward Central Park. Atmosphere continued to be festive -- lots of drums and people on rollerskates. Elsewhere in the city, there are mass arrests going on at 46th and Broadway. Between 100-150 people have been arrested. Legal observers are also being arrested. 3:00pm CDT Second report in from UFPJ march. March was halted briefly due to fire in front of the convention center. Fire was put out with no injuries reported. March continued but was split up due to streets being blocked. Protesters are making their way to Central Park. 12:50pm CDT First report back from UCIMC reporter at the United for Peace and Justice march. Atmosphere is festive and chill, with no police in sight.

Secret Service Subpoenas NYC Indymedia over Delegate Lists

Urbana-Champaign, 30.08.2004 15:54

The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation and is demanding records regarding Internet postings that list the names of Republican delegates and urge protesters to give them an unwelcome reception in New York City.

Baltimore's &quot;Free Books!&quot; Charity in Dire Straits

Baltimore, 30.08.2004 15:53

I spend anywhere from three to eight hours every week sweating along with a motley crew of local misfits, shelving, sorting, and hauling ton after ton of written matter in a rowhouse basement in Baltimore. We have no heat nor air conditioning, but still, every week, we come and work. Volunteer night is Wednesday, but many of us also work on the weekends, when we're open to the public. There are times when we're freezing and we have to wear coats and gloves inside, making handling books somewhat tricky; other times, we're all soaked with sweat, since it's 90 degrees out and the basement is thick with bodies. One learns to forget about personal space when working at The Book Thing, since you can scarcely breathe without bumping into someone, and we are all so accustomed to having to scrape by each other that most of us no longer bother to say "excuse me" unless some particularly dramatic brushing occurs.

Protesta masiva

Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 15:23

Masiva protesta en NY: 500,000 personas en las calles

Protesta masiva

Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 15:16

Masiva protesta en NY: 500,000 personas en las calles


Colombia, 30.08.2004 14:44


August 29, 2004: Wrap Up

NYC, 30.08.2004 14:37

The largest protest outside a political convention -- ever. A half-million in the streets. New York says "no!" to the GOP.

Photo Wrap Up
Radical People of Color

"We're Disgusted With This Man."
Central Park
Shadow Protesters
Bronx Cheers

...rumor has it, more to come.

Bronx Cheer: Well Into Evening, GOP Delegates Unwelcomed by New Yorkers

NYC, 30.08.2004 14:28

After Sunday evening, there could be little doubt: the Republican Convention is certainly not welcome in New York City.

Wherever they went, across the breadth of Manhattan island, RNC delegates were taunted, mocked, and generally harassed by activists and ordinary New Yorkers alike.

The Central Park Boathouse
Tavern on the Green
On Broadway [Pics]
On Broadway [Pics 2]
Outside Bowlmor Lanes
At Crobar
Alice Tuley Hall

One frustrated Republican was heard to exclaim sarcastically: “its good to see that New Yorkers are so polite!!” But polite we are. Just not to smug outsiders looking to use this city’s tragedy for political gain.

NY Militarizada

Puerto Rico, 30.08.2004 14:22

Nueva York Militarizada

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