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Campaign Against The Taser - Fuck Police Brutality

Aotearoa, 18.08.2006 07:40

From next month on the New Zealand Police will be trialing taser stun guns. A taser is shaped like a hand gun but instead of bullets it delivers a 50,000volt electric shock to the victim. The trial will be held in Auckland’s three districts and Wellington and will involve approximately 90 staff, including frontline General Duties Branch officers and Armed Offenders Squad members. Over 180 have died in North America as a result of being tasered.

The Campaign Against The Taser was launched in June and now has the support of many organisations (unions, social justice and peace groups and revolutionary organisations). A march will take place in Auckland this Saturday, 19th August, 12noon, bottom of Queen st.

Links: Campaign Petition | Peace Movement Aotearoa

Chertoff, 9/11 Commissiors respond to foreign policy questions on terrorist threat, Lebanon bombing

DC, 18.08.2006 06:09

Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff toured this morning's news network talk shows and 9/11 Commissioners Hamilton and Keane were among the guests on NBC's "Meet The Press." Sam Husseini, with the Institute for Public Accuracy, questioned them about the effectiveness of U.S. foreign policy and its consequences, including our support of Israel's bombing of Lebanon, as the left the studios.

Black August 2006

DC, 18.08.2006 06:09

Hip-Hop Benefit Concert in honor and support of political prisoners.

Roadshow raises awareness about Midlothian Council's destructive 'development' plans

Scotland, 18.08.2006 02:39

A community roadshow was held between the end of July and August 10th to raise awareness about Midlothian Council's destructive plans for 'development', which involve the expansion of biotech facilities, building on greenbelt land and the destruction of ancient woodland.

Secuestro de El Mami Taleb Omar

Canarias, 18.08.2006 00:09

En la ciudad saharaui de Dajla, antigua Villa Cisneros, se encuentran reunidas todas las autoridades marroquíes de ocupación de la ciudad, en un acto que conmemora el 27 aniversario de la ocupación de Dajla. El ciudadano saharaui El Mami Uld Taleb Omar irrumpió desde la multitud reunida en la sede de la wilaya ante el gobernador y su aparato represivo con gritos de "¡Viva la Republica Saharaui!, ¡No hay más alternativa que la autodeterminación!, ¡Viva el F. Polisario!". Sobre El Mami se abalanzaron policías y agentes de la gendarmería reduciéndolo a golpes y palizas, y entre varios agentes se lo llevaron. Hasta el momento se desconoce su paradero. La ciudad está aislada del resto de ciudades saharauis con un asedio militar sin precedentes tras la amplia operación de distribución en los barrios de Akseikisat y Um Tunsi de banderas saharauis y miles de octavillas, en las que se condena el aniversario de la ocupación de la ciudad por el régimen dictatorial marroquí.

Djala ha sido una base habitual de la dictadura franquista y uno de los escenarios centrales de las protestas y manifestciones a favor de la libertad del Sáhara.

En esta ciudadad estuvieron presos prisioneros de la guerra civil, entre ellos el escritor canario Pedro Garcia Cabrera · · · ·.

Put a stop to Virginia's persistent racism. It's time for Sen. Allen to go.

Richmond, 17.08.2006 23:38

Senator George Allen should be punished for his racist remarks. All Virginians should be ashamed that we have let a bigoted man like Allen represent us as Governor, or in the US Senate. Take action to have George Allen punished (courtesy of

Protests expected at State GOP convention this weekend.

LA, 17.08.2006 20:08

Protests Expected at State GOP Convention this Weekend.

Young Heroes Offer Life Lessons for Adults

Philadelphia, 17.08.2006 19:38

Nashville Homeless Power Project Hosts Vigil for Missing Woman

Tennessee, 17.08.2006 19:11

In response to the horrific crime on young homeless woman believed to be named “Tasha” or “Tyra”, the Nashville Homeless Power Project organized a vigil at the Riverfront Park at on Monday. Ann Denton, formerly homeless woman and Leadership Team member of the Nashville Homeless Power Project shares: “As long as we as a society continue to allow a shortage of housing, a shortage of safe places to sleep, and a shortage of outreach workers and other services, homeless people will continue to be at risk of these violent crimes.”

Acuerdo extrajudicial otorga una solución a campesinxs desalojadxs

Argentina, 17.08.2006 17:38

Un triunfo del Movimiento Campesino

End to Family Reunification for Liberian Refugees

Philadelphia, 17.08.2006 17:38

Graduate Employees and Union Members Converge on a Local Hotel Demanding Worker's Rights

Philadelphia, 17.08.2006 17:38

Secuestro de El Mami Taleb Omar

Canarias, 17.08.2006 17:09

En la ciudad saharaui de Dajla, antigua Villa Cisneros, se encuentran reunidas todas las autoridades marroquíes de ocupación de la ciudad, en un acto que conmemora el 27 aniversario de la ocupación de Dajla. El ciudadano saharaui El Mami Uld Taleb Omar irrumpió desde la multitud reunida en la sede de la wilaya ante el gobernador y su aparato represivo con gritos de "¡Viva la Republica Saharaui!, ¡No hay más alternativa que la autodeterminación!, ¡Viva el F. Polisario!". Sobre El Mami se abalanzaron policías y agentes de la gendarmería reduciéndolo a golpes y palizas, y entre varios agentes se lo llevaron. Hasta el momento se desconoce su paradero. La ciudad está aislada del resto de ciudades saharauis con un asedio militar sin precedentes tras la amplia operación de distribución en los barrios de Akseikisat y Um Tunsi de banderas saharauis y miles de octavillas, en las que se condena el aniversario de la ocupación de la ciudad por el régimen dictatorial marroquí.

Djala ha sido una base habitual de la dictadura franquista y uno de los escenarios centrales de las protestas y manifestciones a favor de la libertad del Sáhara.

En esta ciudadad estuvieron presos prisioneros de la guerra civil, entre ellos el escritor canario Pedro Garcia Cabrera · · · ·.

Acuerdo extrajudicial otorga una solución a campesinxs desalojadxs

Argentina, 17.08.2006 17:09

Un triunfo del Movimiento Campesino

Anti War Action in Perth

Perth, 17.08.2006 16:38

JUST PEACE rally to end attacks on and occupation of Lebanon!

Per sapere di più: Indymedia ha bisogno di traduzioni

Switzerland, 17.08.2006 16:07

Ci siamo accort* che molte delle notizie pubblicate nei newswire di e /de, potenzialmente molto interessanti anche per gli/le indyan* italofon*, non vengono tradotte nella nostra lingua.

Da qualche mese Indymedia Svizzera ha vestito la nuova veste grafica, che ha permesso di darci più strumenti per autoinformarci. Uno tra questi è la possibilità di tradurre i post e le features direttamente dalla pagina web.

Vogliamo coinvolgere ancora più persone nella rete svizzera di Indymedia e allo stesso tempo, tramite lo scambio di informazioni, cercare di legare i movimenti in Svizzera.

Per questo invitiamo traduttrici e traduttori dal tedesco e dal francese a mettersi in contatto, scrivendo a o da subito a tradurre i post delle sorelle e /fr.

Town Meeting on Impeachment Draws Huge Crowd

Santa Barbara, 17.08.2006 15:08

A Town Meeting to discuss Impeachment of Mr Bush drew a standing room only crowd to the Faulkner on 15 August 2006.

Letters From Lebanon: This Pain Has No Ceasefire

NYC, 17.08.2006 14:09

Five hours after the ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah, in a village just north of the Litani River I walk over houses, houses that have become ruins of what once was.

Omladinski Centar here we come!

United Kingdom, 17.08.2006 13:08

In Novi Sad the Caravan was welcomed and looked after by people from two organisations. One is Kulturanova, which organised various visual arts festivals and has been campaigning for a cultural youth centre in the city. The other is the 'Volonterski Centar Vojvodine' a volunteer centre, which supports and runs a variety of projects. The week in Novi Sad was one of good workshops, good actions and the occasional party!

Most Caravan members were accomodated on an old Ukranian cruise ship in the Danube, where workshops took place too. The Mischief Makers build a giant bird as a symbolic way of opening up Serb borders and made an impressive mosaic on the same theme, possibly to be used in a new youth centre. Clowns trained and joked about at the final parade to end the week of workshops. An other impressive feature of the activities in Novi Sad was the quickly formed samba band, which did a couple of stunning performances in the centre of town. The video group made 3 videos and did several open air screenings.

At the end of the first week a demonstration was held for the cultural youth centre as well as for the opening up of Serbian borders. During the second week some Caravan members worked at a Roma settlement and prepared a film screening and demonstration, demanding an electricity supply, which the settlement in its 33 year existance has had no access to.

Photos: art caravan arrived to novi sad yesterday | Caravan flyers

Audio: Milan from Kulturanova speaks on local radio about Caravan

Others articles: Groovy times in Novi Sad

Links: AA Caravan Indymedia | KulturaNova website + article on Caravan | Volonterski Centar Vojvodine website + announcement | Wikipedia on Novi Sad

@rtivism (en)

Barcelona, 17.08.2006 12:10

Up the creative and collective explosion of popular festivities

Under the continuous discourse of "civility" it's hidden, cynically, the governments an their institutions' intention to domestication and commercialization of popular festivals and the progressive canning of any cultural and festive expression. Popular festivals, those collective events and creative expressions, where all of us are active participants and not just spectators and took place on public spaces frighten their controllers even if it's just once in a year.The retaking and reappropiation of public spaces by the people still is what encourages to continue preparing, year after year, festivals for the public enjoyment of festive creativity explosion, of joy, of denunciation, of freedom, of collective catharsis, of people and popular culture revitalization and of rejection for government's monitoring that too often ends breaking them.

popular festivals 2006:[Aug 24th-27th]La coll@nada d'Igualada. Young Festival ::: [Aug 21th-26th] Sant's alternative festivities ::: [Aug 15th-20th]gràcia popular festival commission's programme ::: [Aug 11th-12th]1st Castelldefels' alternative festivities ::: [Aug 11th-15]Cardedeu's alternative festival: El polvorí ::: [Aug 10th-13th] Capellades' popular festivities

related news: answer to mayor from gràcia alternative festivities assembly ::: festivities are back and so does criminalization ::: presentation of gracia's festivities programme reporting the criminalization that it's been suffering ::: there is who claims the NO to gràcia festivities

more info:>>>@rtivism + >>>criminalization & repression

San Diegans Say No to US/Israeli Aggression

San Diego, 17.08.2006 11:08

About 300 protesters met in San Diego's Balboa Park on Saturday for a combined march and rally to express opposition to the criminal US/Israeli aggression occupation in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. The mood of the demonstrators and speakers spanned outrage at the continuing atrocities and human rights violations, celebration of the effective resistance of Hezbollah, and contemplation of what will be required to right the wrongs. The overly long rally sapped energy from the crowd, but this was compensated somewhat by the sprinkling of gems throughout the speeches, especially the reading of the poem "Intifada" by Professor of Languages and Humanities at Southwestern College, Steve Kowit. A handful of counter-protesters parroted the elite/right-wing pundit/corporate media line. A 16-1/2 min video captures some of the highlights of the protest, as i experienced them.

Demonstrations across the country denounced U.S. support and participation in war crimes and occupation.

Al-Awda Website: Photos | Steve Kowit's Intifada

Iraq War Goes on Trial Tomorrow!

Portland, 17.08.2006 09:38

While countless other US service members have refused to participate in the illegal US invasion of Iraq, 1st Lieutennant Ehren Watada is noted for being the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse to deploy to this shameful US debacle zone.

His first hearing in the legal proceedings surrounding the related charges that he now faces as a result of his principled position on the Iraq war, will take place tomorrow, August 17.

Here is an excerpt from his speech:

"Today, I speak with you about a radical idea. It is one born from the very concept of the American soldier (or service member). It became instrumental in ending the Vietnam War - but it has been long since forgotten. The idea is this: that to stop an illegal and unjust war, the soldiers can choose to stop fighting it."

Cops are very sensitive

Portland, 17.08.2006 08:38

just thought i'd share what i feel was an unecessary abuse of police authority. i work graveyard, and got up to get ready for work at about 10 PM. i started cooking my lunch, then walked down to the mexican restaurant down the street to buy a bag of chips and a coca cola.

at the intersection of 7th and Morrison, i stopped, and looked both ways. the intersection was completely empty. there was not a car anywhere in sight. i crossed the street, and was immediately pulled over by a police officer parked in the lot of jay's garage.


Why Taxpayers Cringe

Recently, I observed a Portland Traffic Copper, on a Portland Motorcycle, in uniform, playing around with a long haired biker (probably a narc) in of all places, beautiful downtown COLTON, Oregon. Now, for those of us who are unfamiliar with Colton, it lies at the very LEAST, twenty two road miles outside of Portland City limits, in the lovely foothills near Estacada (wherever that is).

Since this is not the first time that I have seen Portland equipment being used out in the boondocks, I thought maybe I would query the Mayor's office regarding what the hell possible use the Portland Taxpayers might be receiving for the gasoline and equipment being spent to patrol an area where seldom even a Clackamas County deputy can be seen.


On Mt Tabor Today

Portland, 17.08.2006 08:38

On a few different occassions this summer I have gone past Mt Tabor on 60thAve and seen a group of younger african americans pulling weeds from the bushes on the side of the resevour in Mt Tabor. As they all wore the same shirts I assumed they were part of some local program.

Knowing the demographics of the neigborhood (hell for most of Portland)I felt it safe to say that they were probably not from the neighborhood. So I found myself asking, "why is a group of young african americans being brought into an upscale white neighborhood to pull weeds"?
So today I stopped to ask.

Condo-mania . . . Are We Helpless?

Portland, 17.08.2006 08:38

It seems that every time we turn around, an apartment house or a manufactured home park is being sold for development, displacing hundreds of low-income, disabled and retired people. With the options narrowing, where will we go when every owner sells out?

I have always thought of most of Portland as an affordable city. Until recently, I didn't feel personally threatened by what I have come to think of as Condo-mania and the McMansion explosion because there still seemed to be affordable housing and apartment options in less desirable parts of town . . . even in good neighborhoods in the name of diversity.

15 august 2006 - palestine journal

Portland, 17.08.2006 08:38

to me this picture has come to symbolize the war between israel and lebanon it was taken within the first two days of the war.... way back on july 14th or so, when people were fleeing for their lives from the hundreds of missiles raining down on southern lebanon.... and the people in northern israel were beginning to hunker down in shelters as hezbollah fired rockets in their direction....

the little girl, half-buried in rubble, was in one of the many vehicles of lebanese people fleeing north which were hit by the supposedly 'precision-guided' israeli missiles. her face, covered in dirt, is peaceful. in death, she can have, perhaps, what she never had in life: peace.


palestine journal - August 4

the war drags on........ I didn't realize how war-hungry israelis could be, til this whole thing started..... wherever I look, there is that blood-lust in the eyes of the israelis....... smugly satisfied that their army has killed 50 times more lebanese civilians than hezbollah has killed israelis. and hungry for more. as if all jewish people who have ever been killed throughout history will be avenged if they can just be allowed to wipe out lebanon, once and for all.

(i've been reading a book of testimonies from former israeli soldiers who have served in the occupied palestinian territories, called 'breaking the silence'. here's one testimony, about a 'revenge killing' in the west bank. to me the most striking thing is where the soldier says, "It was... really... I really enjoyed it. It was the first time (in my experience) that we were in an 'advance... storm...' situation, like in our training exercises. And we acted flawlessly. We performed superbly.", while describing a brutal attack on two unarmed, middle-aged Palestinian Authority police.)


Resisting the War Machine

Bristol, 17.08.2006 08:37

More chances to say 'Not in Our Name.' More chances to say 'Not in Our Name.' Margaret (Mona) Jones writes: Back in March 2003 Paul Milling and I, using hammers and bolt cutters at RAF Fairford, disabled a couple of dozen vehicles used for getting bombs and fuel onto military planes. Our hope was to delay take-off of the B-52 bombers then stationed on the base, waiting to launch the first bombing raid on Iraq. These planes carried, among other weapons, cluster bombs. Their appalling load was to be part of the ‘Shock and Awe’ raids on Baghdad, so bragged about by the Pentagon. Whether we did succeed in delaying the take-off of the planes to any degree, will never be known. All I personally hoped for, though was to give someone living in the city a chance to run for their life before all hell came down. We acted accountably and non-violently. (Unless you count putting the vehicles out of action as 'violence'. We don't.) We were concerned for safety, putting warning notices on the trucks, and telling the police what we had done. To that end, we call for a quiet, dignified gathering outside the Bristol Crown Court in Small Street on Monday, September the 4th, starting at 9.00 am. (The street runs between Corn St and the Cenotaph area in the Centre. There's an HSBC bank at the Corn St end.) Everyone who feels as strongly as we do that what our government is doing – in Iraq, in Lebanon, Palestine ... . is utterly wrong, is welcome and urged to attend this first day, at 9.00. Full articleWhile bombmakers go home writes: Bring banners, lots of noise (pans, whistles, drums, flute, violin...) and yourself. Last Thursday., about 30 of us gathered at the UWE Frenchay roundabout armed with nothing more dangerous than some banners, a few drums and a rusty looking frying pan. Yet it was us that experienced the mini wrath of the police, not those who are making a killing out of killing innocents in Lebanon. One guy got threaten with arrest unless he put down his placard which had images of the shocking brutality of this war, taken from newspapers. "It may cause offence" said Mr F.I. Plod. Energy was nono the less high and our message was definately heard inside the building. Just so they don't forget what exaclty their 'business' does and so that those who share the business park with raytheon know exactly who their neighbours are, we'll be returning this Friday, the 18th August....All are welcome. Full Article| Fairford Disarmers @ Bristol Crown Court : SUPPORT NEEDED : 4th September Gathering | Most recent Bristol Indymedia 'Fairford' Front Page | The Bristol Indymedia Pre-Trial Archives | Keeping up the oppostion to Raytheon | Bristol arms manufacturers are targetted |Contribute An Article

Persecution of Registered Medical Marijuana Provider Continues

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.08.2006 07:38

California registered Medical Marijuana provider Roger Mentch was arrested last August 2005 for legally dispensing medical marijuana to registered patients and his hearing is scheduled for October. His arrest followed a previous conviction and sentencing in May of 2005 for providing medical marijuana to registered patients. His conviction was based on federal law and ignored California Compassionate Caregiver law. In spite of this, the judge in the case gave Mentch legal permission to continue to sell Medical Marijuana.

Mentch's arrests appear to be part of a trend of federal harassment of medical marijuana providers. He is only one of three registered Medical Marijuana providers in Santa Cruz County.

There will be a Medical Marijuana Question and Answer Session with Attorney Ben Rice and local ACLU Drug War representative from 3-5 p.m. in the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors chamber, 701 Ocean St., Room 525.

Festival des collines annulé

Marseille, 17.08.2006 07:08

Festival des collines annulé

Article 13

Marseille, 17.08.2006 07:08

Article 13

Nuclear Power Scare

Melbourne, 17.08.2006 05:09

Swedish Nuclear Reactor in near-Meltdown Scare

Cuba y otro

Argentina, 17.08.2006 05:08

Murió Stroessner

Argentina, 17.08.2006 05:08

Hasta nunca

Pechonis Web Video

Worcester, 17.08.2006 04:20

First Amendment Issues Raised by Web Publishing Case

conflicto en la unco.

Argentina, 17.08.2006 04:19

Tres meses de lucha por la democratización

La lucha en la EMBA

Argentina, 17.08.2006 04:19

Represión y movilización en Quilmes

Ecological Rights

Perth, 17.08.2006 03:08

Sea Shepherd 'Leviathan' to challenge Japanese Whaling

La lucha en la EMBA

Argentina, 17.08.2006 02:38

Represión y movilización en Quilmes


Argentina, 16.08.2006 18:38

“No está garantizada la imparcialidad”

Portland Art Show by Tom Manning, U.S. Political Prisoner

Maine, 16.08.2006 18:37

Can't Jail the Spirit: Art by Political Prisoner Tom Manning and Others USM Area Gallery, Woodbury Campus Center, Portland Bedford Street, Portland Friday, September 1st � Friday, October 20th

2º Maratón Cultural en Resistencia-Chaco

Argentina, 16.08.2006 16:39

Imperfectos, porque están vivos

TAs and GAs Demand Fair Pay, Healthcare as Contract Expires

Urbana-Champaign, 16.08.2006 16:10

Graduate Employees to University: “Bargain in Good Faith!” “The fall semester begins one week from today,” said Christopher Simeone, lead negotiator for the Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO). “Rather than greeting teaching assistants and graduate assistants with job security and respect, the University will welcome us back with frozen wages and unaffordable health care.”

Military Exemption Will Set Dangerous National Precedent Pentagon Ignoring Alternatives to Burning PCBs

Madison, 16.08.2006 16:08

In an apparent disconnect with efforts here in Wisconsin, the Department of Defense is pressuring the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a precedent-setting exemption to existing hazardous waste regulations and permission to open burn PCB-contaminated buildings still remaining at Badger Army Ammunition Plant and the Ravenna Arsenal in Ohio.

Protesters Set to Show Support for Lt. Watada

United States, 16.08.2006 15:37

On Thursday, August 17th, U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren Watada will face a pre-trial hearing in military court for refusing to deploy to Iraq. “It is my conclusion as an officer of the armed forces that the war in Iraq is not only morally wrong but a horrible breach of American law. The war and what we’re doing over there is illegal,” explained the first military officer to publicly take such a stand.

« Lt. Watada with Selma James & Phoebe Shellenberg of the Global Women's Strike. Photo from IMC-Arizona.

Thursday's case will raise core Constitutional issues about the legality of the Iraq war, freedom of speech, and the limits of presidential power. Among the defense's witnesses is former United Nations Undersecretary Denis Halliday. Today demonstrations are planned in towns and cities through the US to support Lt. Watada's stand:

» Main Rally at Ft. Lewis, WA

» Pheonix, AZ: Arizona Counter-Recruitment Coalition Day of Action & Education

» Portland, OR: Action to Support Lt Ehren Watada

Help Lt. Watada Put the War on Trial

| | Hawaii IMC: Open Letter From Mother of Lt. Ehren Watada | Rogue Valley IMC: Interview With Lt. Ehren Watada

Related: Camp Suzanne - Support Suzanne Swift

Will of the people ignored by City Council

Rogue Valley, 16.08.2006 15:09

Our water supply or a few more ski runs?
1100 Ashland residents signed a petition to the city council supporting a resolution to protect our municipal water supply by not allowing Mt Ashland Ski Association to proceed with logging the middle fork of Ashland Creek before the courts decide whether it is legal or not.

New Name For Senate Telecom Bill—But Still In Need of Fix

Boston, 16.08.2006 14:08

Summary: Sen. Steven’s telecom bill HR5252 is now called the “Advanced Telecommunications and Opportunity Reform (ATOR) Act”—but still fails to protect Net Neutrality, allows for telecommunication ‘redlining’ of low income and rural communities, and hurts public access TV, says Anthony Riddle of the Alliance For Community Media.

Jeff Hogg Denied Release

Portland, 16.08.2006 13:38

Today, [August 15] in Eugene, Ore. Jeff Hogg appeared in federal court in front of Judge Michael Hogan to present arguments for his release from jail. Hogg has been jailed since May 18 for civil contempt, for refusing to cooperate with a federal grand jury. This Grand Jury was empanelled to investigate acts of eco-sabotage in the Northwest. Hogan didn't consider Hogg's case for relief to be sufficiently demonstrated, and therefore Hogg's motion was denied.


Jeff Hogg #1065518
101 W. 5th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401


The Philadelphia Inquirer is Slowly Eroding Under the New Regime: Phony Balance on Lieberman and Murtha

Philadelphia, 16.08.2006 13:38

&quot;Gerçek terörist kim?&quot;

Istanbul, 16.08.2006 12:39

Savaş Karşıtları İngiltere'ye soruyor: "Gerçek terörist kim?"

War over? An Ongoing Crisis in Lebanon

United Kingdom, 16.08.2006 12:38

The Israeli war of aggression and destruction on Lebanon has lasted for over a month. As of 8am local time on Monday 14th August a ceasefire has come into place after the UN Security Council Resolution 1701 was agreed on by both the Lebanese and Israeli Goverments as well as Hezbollah. Fighting on a smaller scale is still continuing. The original text of the resolution can be read here. While the 'ceasefire' is being portrayed in most of the mainstream media coverage as an end to the cricis, many worrying results of the month of hostilties go underreported. Thousands of refugees curreently make their way South, many finding their homes destroyed by Israeli bombers. An activist aid convoy was stopped by Lebanese National Security Guards trying to enter the Lebanese South, as the area is still declared unsafe.

So far, over 1,000 Lebanese civilians have been slaughtered (30% of them children), more than 3,200 injured (40% of them children) and the numbers of the displaced people has reached a million. There have been mass protests around the world (including in Israel) against the psychopaths and war criminals responsible for the mass murder [ 1 | 2 ].

Ongoing coverage: Lebanon War 2006 - topic page

Upcoming protests: Blockade the Foreign Office - 21st August

Previous feature articles: The realm of the real - photography from Lebanon | Mass Demo Against Israeli Attacks | Worldwide Protests Against Israeli Aggression | War in the Middle East While the World is Watching

Links: IMC Beirut | IMC Israel | IMC Cyprus | International Middle East Media Centre | Palestine News Network | Electronic Intifada | Electronic Lebanon | Palestine Blogs | Lebanon Updates | Civilian Resistance in Lebanon | Tadamon | Wikipedia: the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict

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