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Gurindji strike 40th anniversary

Melbourne, 23.08.2006 02:09

Wave Hill Strike Commemorated despite Attacks on Land Rights

HCAP's 2nd Annual Carnival of Resistance

Maritimes, 23.08.2006 01:08

Think Outside the Bomb

Santa Barbara, 23.08.2006 01:07

October 20-22 : The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation will team up with various partner NGOs to host the second "Think Outside the Bomb" national conference at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The conference will bring together high school students, college students, recent college alumni, and young non-profit professionals from throughout the western United States for a series of participatory discussion panels, workshops, and skills trainings on building a nuclear-free world.


Colombia, 22.08.2006 23:09

Persecución abogado corporación libertad

FCC Commissioners to Hold Town Hall Meeting in Los Angeles

LA, 22.08.2006 21:38

FCC Commissioners to Hold Town Hall Meeting in Los Angeles

One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.08.2006 20:38

Several events will be held in SF and Oakland to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster on the Gulf Coast. People will honor and remember those who have died, and fight for the right to return for all those who are still displaced. They will demand an end to the ethnic cleansing of New Orleans. Bay Area events will include a film festival on Sunday, August 27th in SF, a press conference on August 28th at FEMA Headquarters in Oakland, a vigil that evening in Oakland, and a Katrina Community Commemoration Event in Oakland on the 29th. SF Critical Mass will also commemorate Katrina on August 25th

&quot;Our voice is not a formality&quot; - Students cry out for recognition, change

Big Muddy, 22.08.2006 20:08

#media_1135;left# Students young and old showed their school spirit by arguing for a right to participate in decisions regarding how their money is spent. Topics ranged from Saluki Way, to housing issues, to student empowerment.

BMIMC Exclusive -- Ashcroft to Release New Hit <i>Biometric Control Waltz</i>

Big Muddy, 22.08.2006 20:08

#media_1157;left# The news from the Heartland is that the former Senator and U.S. Attorney General has been hard at work on another major musical breakthrough. He is once again taking advantage of those glorious vocal chords with which the creator blessed him. Additionally, the man from Missouri has some truly intriguing things to say about what is really going on in our Capital City.

John Ashcroft will be releasing a new song, which is destined to fly higher than his last. This latest Ashcroft offering is to be titled Biometric Control Waltz or simply Biometric Waltz. According to John, he was inspired to pen this ditty upon learning of his former boss’s announcement of the intended use of biometric employee id cards for temporary workers. Upon the realization that this would mean that all citizens would soon need to have biometric cards, John was ecstatic. Mr. Ashcroft says that his former boss will be joining a group headed by Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, William Jefferson, and Scooter Libby that will produce biometric identity cards and readers for the government. These National Identity Cards, which will be necessary for employment and National Security, will offer full auditability every time an individual transacts with the system as well as the management of identities throughout their life cycle. Governments do have a requirement to implement accurate authentication for all citizens and employees in their countries utilizing systems independently assessed and proven able to handle large population groups using multiple methods of authentication. As Mr. Ashcroft so aptly put it, fear of immigration will allow our government once again to foist an unnecessary control technique upon our citizenry especially when fear of terrorism is engendered by it. John’s new release, sampled below, will be available upon passage of immigration reform mandating biometric identity cards.

Just click on "Read the full article... " below

Allied Media Conference 2006

Big Muddy, 22.08.2006 20:08

#media_1167;left# Attention, indymedia fans and supporters! You know you can count on grassroots media to tell the true stories that get left out of corporate news...but what good is it if nothing changes? This might be just what we're looking for...

Big Muddy at the 2006 Allied Media Conference

Big Muddy, 22.08.2006 20:08

#media_1170;left# On the weekend of June 23rd through 25th, members of Carbondale’s Big Muddy Independent Media Center (IMC) will travel to Bowling Green, Ohio to attend the 2006 Allied Media Conference. At the AMC the local media activists will have the chance to attend workshops, lectures, and symposiums on a variety of subjects pertaining to the creation and dissemination of free, democratic media, not to mention the priceless opportunity to network with others who share similar aspirations.

Student Constituency Bodies May Lose Power to Allocate Student Activity Fee

Big Muddy, 22.08.2006 20:08

#media_1173;left#In an underhanded maneuver by Student Development Director, Katie Sermersheim, the Undergraduate Student Government and Graduate and Professional Student Council may lose their power to allocate the more than $300,000 Student Activity Fee to the over 400 Registered Student Organizations on campus. On Tuesday, June 13, the DE reported that Sermersheim has presented a plan to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Larry Dietz outlining the creation of a Student Activity Fee Allocation Board that could potentially come into permanent command of student activity funds if it is approved by Deitz. This proposal comes on the heels of both in and out of house editorial tirades in the Daily Egyptian regarding the delay in resolving allocations for two whole meetings near the end of the spring 2006 semester.

August 25th Katrina Anniversary Critical Mass for Climate Justice

Portland, 22.08.2006 19:39

August 25th marks the 1-year anniversary of Katrina reaching hurricane strength. In the days that followed the storm would strengthen rapidly over an unnaturally warm Gulf of Mexico, ultimately striking the coast and leaving thousands dead and homeless, victims of an uncaring

  • Friday August 25th
  • North Park Blocks
  • Meet at 5:30pm
government, centuries of racism, and an ever more chaotic global climate.

A strong scientific consensus agrees that the 2005 hurricane season was fueled by global warming -- and the crimes of the oil industry in the Gulf go beyond global warming. Ride Critical Mass Against Climate Change - demand Climate Justice - for Hurricane Katrina's survivors! Portland will be joining 26 other cities - see the complete list.

The goal of this ride is to take to the streets with a reminder that the racist tragedy in the Gulf continues, a demand that it never be repeated, and to raise awareness about the role of the oil industry and global warming in environmental injustice. We'll also be fundraising at rides around the continent for advocacy and relief groups in New Orleans.

read the full announcement...

related links: Beehive Collective creates new artwork for August 25th Katrina Anniversary Critical Mass | Post-ride movie showing | Rising Tide North America | portland indymedia katrina aftermath page |

Banner Drops Today Across the City

Philadelphia, 22.08.2006 19:39

Climate Change

Perth, 22.08.2006 19:09


america latina (es)

Barcelona, 22.08.2006 18:09

Revuelta popular en Oaxaca

El estado de Oaxaca, especialmente la ciudad de Oaxaca, continua en pie de guerra en un conflicto que lleva ya 3 meses. Lo que empezó siendo una lucha magisterial para pedir mejoras laborales, ha acabado covirtiéndose, desde el intento de desalojo del plantón del zócalo el 14 de junio, en una lucha popular generalizada contra el gobernador del PRI de Oaxaca Ulises Ruiz y todo su gabinete de gobierno.

La represión ejercida durante el intento de desalojo fue sanguinaria y también fue una de las causas de la implicación de muchas más organizaciones sociales, colectivos y individuos que ayudaron con la resistencia al desalojo y con la recuperación de ese espacio ocupado y de muchos otros nuevos.

Actualmente la situación continua siendo muy crítica y se ha detectado un aumento en las prácticas represivas por parte del gobierno de Ulises Ruiz con diversos muertos, desaparecidos y detenidos, y una deriva de algunos sectores hacia posiciones más institucionalizadas.

Escucha audios: Ataque paramilitar a Radio Universidad ::: Disparos de policias contra manifestación

más info: Indymedia Oaxaca ::: >>>américa latina

Mike Cannon Show IndyMedia Radio - Aug 21, 2006 - 1st Hr.

Madison, 22.08.2006 17:08

Mike Cannon Show IndyMedia Radio for Central Wis. Aug 21, 2006 1st Hr. Download Here:

The Saga of Songhai City - A Quiet Victory over Eminent Domain

Philadelphia, 22.08.2006 13:38

Semira Adamu 2006

Antwerpen, 22.08.2006 11:07

Semira Adamu herdenking 2006

Incendi al Centre Social Okupat Pepica la Pilona

Valencia, 22.08.2006 11:07

El passat diumenge 13 d'agost, entre les 7 i les 9 del matí, es va declarar un incendi al Centre Social Okupat més antic de la ciutat de València, que la destruït per complet. El C.S.O. Pepica la Pilona anava a complir 10 anys el mes que ve, sent un referent de la lluita social al Cabanyal i a la resta de València.
Tots els indicis apunten a que ha sigut intencionat, el foc a començat per l'única finestra de la planta baixa i previament li havien llevat el tabló d'anuncis que la bloquejava i segons fonts del cos de bombers, a primera vista, podria haver un segón focus de flames a la part de darrere.

Ací podreu veure les fotos de com ha quedat el CSO La Pilona després de l'incendi

Aquest estiu hem patit més agressions:
Es fan ressó de la campanya contra el concert Nazi
L'entramat empresarial i de propaganda neonazi
Noves agressions feixistes a Guadalajara
Alerta: Pròxim concert nazi
Maulets denuncia pintades nazis a Torrent
Agressió feixista en la nit dels focs de Xixón
La voluntat contra els nazis
Alerta Antifeixista:Organitzen un concert neonazi en homenatge a Rudolf Hess a la ciutat de València

Incendio en el Centro Social Okupado Pepica la Pilona

Valencia, 22.08.2006 11:07

El pasado domingo 13 de agosto, entre las 7 y las 9 de la mañana, se declaró un incendio en el Centro Social Okupado más antiguo de la ciudad de Valencia, que lo ha destruído por completo. El C.S.O Pepica la Pilona iba a cumplir 10 años el mes que viene, siendo un referente de la lucha social en el Cabañal y en el resto de Valencia.
Todos los indicios apuntan a que ha sido intencionado, el fuego ha empezado por la única ventana de la planta baja y previamente la habían quitado el tablón de anuncios que la bloqueaba y según fuentes del cuerpo de bomberos, a primera vista, podría haber un segundo foco de llamas en la parte trasera.

Aqui podreis ver las fotos de como ha quedado el CSO La Pilona después del incendio

Este verano hemos sufrido más agresiones:
Se hacen eco de la campaña contra el concierto Nazi
El entramado empresarial y de propaganda nazi
Nuevas agresiones fascistas en Guadalajara
Alerta: Próximo concierto nazi
Maulets denuncia pintadas nazis en Torrent
Agresión fascista en la noche de los fuegos de Xixón
La voluntad contra los nazis
Alerta Antifascista:Organizan un concierto neonazi en homenaje a Rudolf Hess en la ciudad de València

México: Obrador com 600 mil votos mais

Portugal, 22.08.2006 10:38

México: Obrador com 600 mil votos mais

No dogs in farmers market?

Portland, 22.08.2006 10:38

This is a heads up for anyone who is making the Farmer's Market rounds during this time of year. If you have a dog, do not go to the Oregon City Farmers' Market. Dogs are not allowed. We live out in the foothills, and were in Oregon City last Saturday, so thought we would go see what produce might be offered in the market. We have a small dog, weighing only 22 pounds. He is well behaved, was on a leash of course, and we carried a plastic bag in plain view so anyone could see that we were ready to take responsibility for anything that might happen. It was a very hot day, so there was no question about leaving the dog in the car. Happily looking at the lovely flowers and fresh vegetables, we were having a good time when an 'official person' with a shirt on which "OCSM" was stenciled, told us that we would have to get out. It is an open air market in a public parking lot near the County Administration Offices (of Fouad Kaady demonstration fame). I think it is totally unreasonable to bar leashed and mannerly dogs from an open air market.

Portland IMC Newsletter for Aug 20, 2006

Portland, 22.08.2006 10:38

please help print and distribute

If anyone else is interested in getting the word out beyond the internet and would like to help layout future newsletters, please email


Download the PDF for Printing and Distribution

Camp Suzanne - Day 5

Portland, 22.08.2006 10:38

On Thursday, August 17th 2006, The Swift Action Network began "Camp Suzanne" outside Fort Lewis in Washington State, in honor of and in solidarity with active duty soldier Spc. Suzanne Swift. Suzanne is the victim of sexual assault and "command rape" in the military. She currently suffers from PTSD.

The participants of Camp Suzanne and Swift Action Network have three demands:

1. Spc. Suzanne Swift be granted full honorable discharge.
2. Swift be given medical benefits for life.
3. The perpetrators who sexual assaulted and harassed and command-raped Swift be brought to justice.

Articles related to Japan in Other Press

Japan, 22.08.2006 09:07

IMCと無関係な多くの記事が移動されました。OTHERPRESSメニューが壊れるように見えるので、私たちはインターネットに関する日本に関連する物語へのこれらのリンクを提供しています。翻訳を加えるのに歓迎されます。 A number of postings unrelated to Japan Indymedia have been moved. Meanwhile, in the absense of any original postings, and because the OTHERPRESS menu seems to be broken, we are providing these links to Japan-related stories on the Internet. You are welcome to post translations. 1) Immunity of Non-Combatants and Myth of Good Intentions: 61 Years After Hiroshima/Nagasaki (2) Iran, North Korea, Israel, Hiroshima: Media’s Love-Hate for Nuclear Weapons (3) Japan’s Quake Standards Fall Victim to Greed (4) Forced to ‘Choose’ its Own Subjugation: Okinawa’s Place in U.S. Global Military Realignment (5) Rightist textbook adopted for use by public junior high school in Tokyo (6) 【重大発表エジンバラ国際映画祭が、ボイコット計画に呼応してイスラエル出資金を返却】Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (7)【ギリシャがイスラエルの映画祭から撤収】The Daily Star, Lebanon(2006/8/2)

Solidarity with Shanty town dwellers in Kazakhstan

Ireland, 22.08.2006 08:08

Massive clearances planned to facilitate developme ...

Immigrants &amp; Refugees in Portland: Sharing Our Dreams

Portland, 22.08.2006 05:08

Portland is a different city than it was 10 years ago. Today, one out of every eight residents in the greater Portland Tri-County area is foreign-born, and in some East Portland neighborhoods, immigrants represent one out of every three residents. So, what kind of city will Portland be in the future? How can Portland ensure that all residents have a voice, regardless of their country of origin or immigration status? How can Portland create an environment in which immigrants and refugees are recognized and supported as valued residents of our city?

On Saturday, August 19, immigrants and refugees from diverse communities across Portland gathered in City Hall to begin answering these questions. Individuals from the African, Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, Slavic and Arab communities showed up to testify about their respective issues and to share their dreams. The forum represented the culmination of a three-month-long grassroots organizing effort facilitated by the Center for Intercultural Organizing and led by Bridgetown Voices, a cross-cultural immigrant and refugee collaboration.


august 21show

Cleveland, 21.08.2006 23:07

Blackout News August 21, 2006

Hasan Shakur

Cleveland, 21.08.2006 23:07

Hasan Shakur Has an Execution Date of August 31

Women's Rights Day Event in SF on August 26th

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.08.2006 22:08

Radical Women will host a celebration of Women's Rights Day at 7:30 pm on Saturday, August 26th at Radical Women's office, New Valencia Hall, at 1908 Mission Street. The event will feature a multi-racial panel of female activists who have been organizing as part of a national movement to bring full rights to immigrants. They will be talking about the essential role of immigrant women in leading the fight for unconditional amnesty, open borders, and an end to criminalization and discrimination based on citizenhip status.

As Bush Signs

Cleveland, 21.08.2006 22:07

As Bush Signs Away the Constitution...

Live Free or Die – What kind of Rally is this?

New Hampshire, 21.08.2006 20:09

The small town of Jaffrey, NH made national headlines when an event titled the “First Annual Live Free or Die Rally” made the Anti-Defamation League watch list of white supremacist events.

Other Campaign in 2nd ward

Houston, 21.08.2006 19:08

La Otra Campaña comes to Second Ward

Katrina Volunteers depart to Lebanon

United States, 21.08.2006 18:07

A number of Katrina volunteers who organized the Common Ground collective have organized into a new organization named “Critical Response” in order to provide emergency response to disasters, both natural and human-made. Critical Response is working to send a rescue and relief team into Southern Lebanon to assist with humanitarian aid efforts. The Critical Response team will go into areas that are not currently being served adequately by relief organizations due to the high risks involved. As was the case in New Orleans, innocent civilians in Southern Lebanon are being sentenced to death through delayed relief efforts. Critical Response is asking for ideas and help by networking from people of conscience. Critical Response | Common Ground Collective | Indymedia Global coverage of crisis: 1, 2, 3, 4

&quot;Small&quot; Bombs for NBC

DC, 21.08.2006 17:09

Why won't NBC talk about Israel's use of cluster bombs? Is it because Israel buys their bombs from US companies (like GE which owns NBC)?

Creative Chaos: Review of &quot;Graffiti&quot; at the Brooklyn Musuem

NYC, 21.08.2006 16:08

Yesterday I went to the Brooklyn Museum to check out the "Graffiti "show. As a child of the 1980s, I remember vividly the aerosol chaos that covered the CC train that my brother and I took on our way to school in the Bronx. Those were crazy times, where the ground of the city was shifting under our feet. Crack cocaine devastated our community and kids were worried about getting AIDS from water fountains. Violence was the norm and so was poverty as I made quick friends on the free cheese line at the Polo Grounds community center. [Read More]

Behiç Aşçı

Istanbul, 21.08.2006 11:39

“Niçin ölüm orucuna başlıyorum? Elbette ki ölümü sevdiğim için değil”

Entscheid im Fall Erdogan vorerst negativ!

Switzerland, 21.08.2006 11:07

Die Bundesbehörden haben im Fall Erdogan E. einen Entscheid gefällt. Er ist negativ, wird in letzter Instanz indes vom Bundesgericht entschieden, da es sich um einen politischen Fall handelt. Gegen dieses Spezialvorgehen protestiert das Bündnis gegen Ausschaffungen und Auslieferungen in die Türkei vehement. Offensichtlich sind die schweizerischen Behörden gewillt, Erdogan in eine ungewisse Zukunft in einen Folterstaat auszuliefern. Das Bündnis hält jedoch fest, dass der Entscheid noch kein endgültiger ist. Es wird nun zum Endspurt angesetzt und das Bündnis geht nach wie vor davon aus, dass Erdogans Auslieferung verhindert werden kann und muss.

Am 18.8.06 hat das Bündnis erfahren, dass Erdogan nach Frauenfeld verlegt wurde - die fünfte Verlegung innerhalb von 6 Monaten. Die Demonstration für den 19.8. wurde deswegen kurzfristig umdisponiert und in Frauenfeld sollte eine Spontankundgebung stattfinden. Dort wurden die DemonstrantInnen aber nicht einmal aus dem Zug gelassen, sondern gleich von einem Grossaufgebot der Polizei empfangen. 1 Bereits auf der Anreise wurden mehrere AktivistInnen am Bahnhof in Zürich brutal verhaftet. Am Abend fanden dann weiter Demonstrationen in Bern und Zürich statt. 1

Für kommende Woche sind weitere Demonstrationen in Basel und Bern geplant. Das Bündnis ruft zur zahlreichen Teilnahme und Solidarität auf!

Hier weiterlesen

:: Links: Bündnis gegen Ausschaffungen und Auslieferungen in die Türkei!

Lucros da Banca aumentam 30%

Portugal, 21.08.2006 09:39

Lucros da Banca aumentam 30%

Ten Years Ago: The CIA and the Crack Epidemic in South Central

LA, 21.08.2006 07:08

Ten Years Ago: The CIA and the Crack Epidemic in South Central

Nadia Winstead Refuses to Answer SF Grand Jury Questions

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.08.2006 04:39

On August 17th, Nadia Winstead reported, "Today I appeared before the federal grand jury. Before going in the grand jury room I was granted immunity. I respectfully declined to answer all questions asked of me. After 30 minutes of questioning I was excused and able to go home. My lawyer and I aren't sure what will happen next, but I will send out updates as the situation unfolds. I thank you all for your continued support and dedication to resisting grand juries."

Otra Radio Es Posible! PCUN launches its LPFM broadcast

Portland, 21.08.2006 04:39

With the aid of hundreds volunteers from Cascadia and around the world, the Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN) will test-launch its radio signal on 96.3 FM this afternoon. The station will serve the farmworkers, treeplanters, communities, and families of Woodburn, Oregon.

The goal is to launch the signal at 5pm pacific time, but volunteers say this is at least 2 hours too ambitious. Folks outside of Woodburn can check on the progress and listen to the first broadcast online, by clicking here for the 16k stream or the here for the 64k stream.
witness writes:Thanks to hurculean effort by volunteers the KPCN sign-on took place around 6:30pm today. Several shortcuts were necessary to make the broadcast possible which will need to be remedied in the coming days. Everyone present was very excited to hear ourselves cheering and clapping, chanting "si se puede" after the 3 second broadcast delay.


Harlem Tenants Organize Against Gentrification

NYC, 21.08.2006 02:08

Harlem residents gathered in resistance to threatened displacement at a community meeting held by the The Harlem Tenants Council last Wednesday at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church. "We have got to debunk the myth that people are leaving on their own when, in fact, they are being pushed out in droves," said Nellie Hester Bailey, director of the Harlem Tenants Council.

Chalk It Up! Rally Aug 22nd to Support Nova University Janitor’s Health Care Crises

Miami, 21.08.2006 02:07

Chalk It Up! Rally Aug 22nd to Support Nova University Janitor’s Health Care Crises

Indymedia Film Night in Wellington!

Aotearoa, 21.08.2006 01:09

Friday and Saturday 25th/26th August @ 7.00pm New Zealand Film Archive corner of Taranaki st and Ghuznee st $8 waged / $6 unwaged Films: Fallujah - a comprehensive story about what really is happening there - and IMC Israel Reals #1 - short documentaries filmed in 2005 in Palestine. Organised by W((i))ndy - the Wellington Indymedia Collective. Come and see some amazing footage from the Middle East!

Madres contra los agrotóxicos

Argentina, 21.08.2006 00:08

Pare de Fumigar

Ethiopa Sends Troops Into Somalia As US Backed Governments Nears Collapse

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.08.2006 00:08

The current war in Somalia is a portion of the US global "War on Terror" that has gotten very little coverage in the US media. A regional war looks likely in East Africa as Ethiopia is sending more troops into Somalia to back the "official" government in Baidoa while Eritrea appears to be supplying arms to the Islamic Courts Unions which controls Mogadishu and much of the rest of the country (outside of the independent regions of Somaliland and Puntland). Baidoa and the Islamic Courts had agreed to recognize each other under a deal brokered by the Arab League, but the Courts withdrew from talks on July 22nd in protest at Ethiopian intervention. Tensions have risen between the two sides since the Islamic Courts defeated the US-led warlord Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism and seized full control of the capital Mogadishu in June. Many cabinet ministers in the Baidoan government have resigned amid mounting criticism over the deployment of Ethiopian troops inside Somalia.

rights complaints

QC, 20.08.2006 23:41

UN Body Set to Hear Rights Complaints vs Arroyo

Beyond Colonialism Toward Belonging

Philadelphia, 20.08.2006 23:38

Food Not Bombs Protests Anti-Homeless Law

United States, 20.08.2006 22:07

LAS VEGAS, NV --"The Friendly City", Sin City, whichever you prefer, Las Vegas on July 19th, 2006 passed the first U.S. ordinance to explicitly make sharing food with the poor a crime. In this city where millions of dollars a year are spent on demolishing perfectly intact lodging, people are now criminalized for sharing food. Although many cities have enacted laws that surreptitiously prevent the "indigent" from congregating in the public eye, this is the first time that a city has blatantly codified and enforced open class discrimination against the poor. Never before has the sharing of basic survival necessities, such as food and water, with human beings of a perceived socioeconomic class been so specifically legally enshrined as a criminal act.


» Food Not Bombs activist detained in Poland

» Food Not Bombs Activist Arrested in Venice, CA

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