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Lebanon Photo Series: Refugees, Rubble and Resistance

Ireland, 26.08.2006 15:38

VCNV volunteers report back from the war front Voi ...

Dozens of Cities Participate in &quot;Critical Mass&quot; Solidarity Ride on the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

United States, 26.08.2006 14:07

A strong scientific consensus agrees that the 2005 hurricane season was fueled by global warming -- and the crimes of the oil industry in the Gulf go beyond global warming.

On Friday, August 25th -- one year from the day Katrina reached hurricane strength and slammed into the coast of Florida -- cyclists from at least 28 cities around the country participated in a solidarity bike ride with Katrina survivors. Their goal was to remind folks that the racist tragedy in the Gulf continues, to demand that it never be repeated, and to raise awareness about the role of the oil industry and global warming in environmental injustice.

"Critical Mass" is a celebration of bike culture, a meaningful alternative to car culture and greenhouse gas generating fossil fuels. It takes place wherever there is energy, often on the last Friday of the month.

Local Coverage: Los Angeles | New York City | San Diego | San Francisco Bay Area | Portland, OR

Background: New Orleans IMC | Common Ground Collective | ACORN Katrina Survivors Association | People's Hurricane Relief Fund | Katrina Anniversary Events | SD Critical Mass | International Critical Mass | Rising Tide North America | Climate Change IMC

Cutbacks, suspensions, redundancies - Corporations wage class warfare

Aotearoa, 26.08.2006 13:09

#media_7649;left#Multinational corporations in collusion with the Labour government are waging vicious class warfare on workers in Aotearoa. The last month has seen an escalation of worker struggle against anti-union and pro-corporate policies that threaten our jobs, communities and environment. The aggressive strategies being pursued by corporate elites in our deregulated market economy mirror the global picture of a dog-eat-dog capitalism that if left unchecked will see a continuing rise in wealth for the priviledged few while the rest of us get poorer. Although the National Party’s 90-days-with-no-rights bill looks set to fail the struggle is not over. Workers rights are still under attack. Now is the time for workers and unions to stand up and fight back. Global shipping corporate Maersk is preparing to reduce the number of ports its ships visit in Aotearoa from nine to only five. Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson asked, “Has NZ arrived at the position where overseas companies can hold NZ Ports, NZ citizens, regions, businesses, farmers, importers and exporters to ransom?” [Media Release] The Progressive supermarket distribution center strike looks set to continue after the Australian owned company suspended fifty workers in Palmerston North. National Distribution Union advocate Stan Renwick said that the strike might have to be extended. “If Progressive are going to escalate the dispute by suspending our members, we will have to consider a further escalation as a possible response,” he said. While the Australian company makes massive profits it uses fear and intimidation against its workers. [Media Release] #media_7643;left# After making 900 workers redundant already this year state owned airline Air New Zealand is preparing again to outsource up to 160 jobs in it’s finance department to the global south, most likely to Fiji, where it won’t have to pay a living wage. The Service and Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Tota Northern Secretary Jill Ovens said of the move, "They seem to be modelling themselves on multi-national corporations where highly paid corporate managers simply manage third-party contracts in Third World countries, rather than employ their own employees," she says. Nga Ringa Tota are planning a public campaign to save the jobs. [Media Release] #media_7636;right# “This struggle is about more than one worker and his job. This struggle goes to the heart of whether workers at multinational retailers like Wal-Mart, McDonald's, and Starbucks can exercise their right to free association or are destined to languish as subjects of their employers,” commented Unite! Union organiser Tom Buckley on why union organiser Daniel Gross at a Starbucks in New York, “doesn't deserve to be fired for taking a stand in solidarity with his co-worker and fellow union members”. Unite continues to struggle with anti-union practices at McDonalds and Sky City where workers were threatened by management because of their participation in the August 23 Work Rights rally. [Media Release] Thirty-four NDU members at a Putaruru sawmill strike to defend their extra week holiday and for an eight per cent pay rise. [Article] The Green Party and the Rail and Maritime Transport Union are campaigning to stop the government scrapping of the Auckland to Wellington passenger train service. [ Campaign Pages: Greens | RMT Union]

Ed Wiley could kick Chuck Norris' Ass (for the kids)

DC, 26.08.2006 06:11

Grandfather Ed Wiley is currently walking from Charleston, WV to Washington DC to raise funds and awareness to build a new school for the kids of Marsh Fork Elementary in their community. The school sits right beside a coal processing plant and 2.8 billion gallon leaking sludge dam. Ed will arrive after in Washington DC at the end of his 40 day trek on September 12 and he invites all to walk with him. Visit

Boost in Military Spending

Melbourne, 26.08.2006 06:10

Is Conscription on the Horizon?


Houston, 26.08.2006 01:08

The Undocumented tell their stories

Citizen Group Demands Public Hearing

New Mexico, 25.08.2006 23:08

Citizen Group Demands Public Hearing

General Strike in Oaxaca: 80,000 Workers

New Mexico, 25.08.2006 23:08

General Strike in Oaxaca: 80,000 Workers Participate in Stoppage to Support the Popular Movement

'What is This World Coming To?': Lesbians Retaliate After Sexual Harassment

NYC, 25.08.2006 23:08

On August 19, 2006 at 2 a.m. seven lesbians in the West Village responded to sexual harassment, and consequently a hate crime, by attacking him. According to recent coverage that blatantly contained as little inclusion of the women’s explanation as possible, a bootlegger crudely attempted at picking up one of the women, an action he describes as gentlemanly, to which she responded that she was a lesbian. He retorted with a bitter hateful expression, one that the media has not divulged, a mordant threat to fuck them all, and consequently flicked a lit cigarette in their direction, which burned one of them. Supposedly, these events solely led at least four of the women to pummel him with belts, and, ultimately, stab him. Currently, the women, whose ages have been recorded as ranging from 14-31 and 18-31, are being held at Riker’s Island on $50,000 bail/$150,000 bond on charges of assault, gang assault, attempted murder, and a hate crime.

Sacramento's Maloof Tax

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.08.2006 21:38

Massive citizen mobilization is needed to respond to the limitations government has done to address social ills. On Nov. 7 voters need to respond to the greed that drives the real reason behind the 'Maloof tax'. The 'Maloof tax' is a public subsidy to build a new basketball arena and an associated advisory referendum that will come before voters. The Maloof family owns Sacramento's Arco Arena, where the NBA Kings and WNBA Monarchs play.

The Maloofs, of course, have the capital to build the new arena, but they want Sacramento County taxpayers to help them bear that cost.

Candlelite Vigil for the Displaced Aug 29: NOLA to MIA, remember man-made disasters

Miami, 25.08.2006 21:37

Candlelite Vigil for the Displaced Aug 29: NOLA to MIA, remember man-made disasters

New Issue of Fault Lines Hits the Streets

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.08.2006 18:38

Fault Lines, the bi-monthly newsmagazine of the SF Bay Area Independent Media Center, has released its 18th issue of radical political analysis and social commentary. Free issues of Fault Lines are available at various locations throughout the Bay Area, with many articles online. The Fault Lines page on Indybay has details on how to get involved. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 6th.

7,000 Say 'Save Castle Park!'

Bristol, 25.08.2006 18:38

summary cps writes: 2 petitions with almost 7,000 signatures opposing the development of the most heavily used part of castle park were handed to bristol city council several weeks ago. The campaign continues at A park users group has formed to establish who uses the park and what the public want to happen there. contact email: click here. Over 500 questionaires were filled in over 5 days. not a single person wants the park to change. As major development encourages more people to live and work in the centre of the city, this rare piece of green space is an increasingly valueable amenity. It is also where the city began so is an important historical site and where hundreds diedi in the last war so many see it as a park of remembrance. Full Article| save castle park petitions | Previous Front Page |Contribute An Article

Camp For Climate Action Established

United Kingdom, 25.08.2006 18:08

More than 100 climate activists spent all Wednesday night erecting marquees in the shadow of Drax power station, establishing the Camp for Climate Action [see report and location | first pictures and call out]. For more information and background on the camp which starts officially on Saturday 26th see the climate camp special reports section.

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners Project Kicks It OFF!

Madison, 25.08.2006 18:08

We are inaugurating the Wisconsin Books to Prisoners Project and are asking for your participation with time or resources.

the compost pile, 24 aug 06 -- South Central Farm interview with Tezozomoc

Madison, 25.08.2006 18:08

the compost pile is a weekly feature on In Our Backyard, which airs on WORT-FM 89.9 M-Th from 6:30-7:00p. this week: interview with Tezozomoc, the elected representative of the South Central Farmers. MP3 - 3.2 MB -- 00:06:09

Counter Demonstration against the Nazis Sat. 1pm @ Capitol

Madison, 25.08.2006 18:08

Counter Demonstration against the National Socialist Movement's (a Neo-Nazi organization). Join the community to make it clear that their hate is not welcome in our state! Saturday August 26th 1pm State St. side of the capital

Looking Back at Beirut

Philadelphia, 25.08.2006 16:38

Kebele Infoshop : Now Open!

Bristol, 25.08.2006 15:08

with a radical twist summary Infoshop writes: This Saturday, 26 August, sees the first weekly Infoshop opening at Kebele social centre. Run by volunteers from the Kebele infoshop sub-collective, it is an attempt to provide radical info & reading material at affordable prices, and plug the gap left by the closure of Greenleaf Bookshop over a year ago. Whilst we cannot match the wide range of topics that Greenleaf covered, our stock of radical political material is more extensive than they had space for, and by buying carefully and through bulk orders, it is cheap, cheap, cheap! All income from sales is put back into buying more material, no one is paid, ever .... So whether your interest lies in beating fascism, permaculture, womens liberation, working class history, billboard improvements, international social movements and rebellions, cooking, alternative media, animal rights, radical theory and practice, intros to and critiques of anarchism, or just the plain old abolition of work…we reckon we have something for you! Come on down and get liberation therapy. The Infoshop will be open every Saturday from 10am to 1pm. We are also keen to take mobile stalls to gigs, community festies and the like – get in touch. The forthcoming, new, Kebele website will also list our wide range of material. Get in touch for more info, and feel free to print off our flyer and stick one up in your area. Kebele is at 14 Robertson Rd, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JY. Full Article| Retail therapy | Weekly Kebele infoshop | Infoshop Poster | From The Archives: (06/08/05) ‘One Last Book Appeal For Greenleaf' | Also Of Interest: Bristle Magazine Seeks Submissions: Have you got news for us? | Bristol Indymedia - Nearly As Many Hits As Evening Post - Publish Your News! |Contribute An Article | Add To The Calendar

'More a Circus Than a Hearing': The Battle of Brooklyn

NYC, 25.08.2006 14:40

Kaitlyn Tikkun writes: "Well over 1600 people attended Atlantic Yards public hearing. The feisty crowd, about 2/3rds in favor and 1/3rd against the proposal, presented a wide variety of views and considerations of Ratner's massive development plan. Jobs, affordable housing, legally binding Community Benefits Agreements, daycare, youth and senior centers were recurrent themes in people's statements."

Complete NYC IMC Coverage: The Battle to Rattle Ratner || Pictures || Raucous Public Hearing Dominated by Stadium Supporters || Critical Mass Hits the Hearing || OnNYTurf Linkathon || >"You Gotta Give it to ACORN..."

Close Down Dallas Court

United Kingdom, 25.08.2006 13:09

On 18 August 2006, asylum seekers and anti-racist campaigners gathered outside Dallas Court Reporting Centre in Salford Quays, to protest against the treatment of asylum seekers and the continued practice of detaining people at Dallas Court, including the recent detention and transfer to Campsfield of Jean Lobouka from Congo (Brazzaville).

Many asylum seekers are forced to 'report' at Dallas Court every day, week or month, some from as far away as Bolton and Northwich. Many have no cash to pay for travel, as they are not allowed to work and the only support they have are ASDA electronic vouchers. They are subject to arrest and detention, and removal of food and accomodation if they refuse. When complying with their immigration service restrictions, some are unexpectedly arrested, seized and taken to prisons or 'detention centres'.

Story | Digital Diaries - Video about Dallas Court

25 августа состоится очередная Критическая Масса!

Belarus, 25.08.2006 10:37

FDA Makes Emergency Contraception Available Over the Counter

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.08.2006 09:39

On August 24th, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced its decision to allow Plan B, the emergency contraceptive (EC) manufactured by Barr Pharmaceuticals, to be sold without prescription (over-the-counter) to women age 18 and older who show proof of age. National women's organizations are calling this an "an incomplete victory" because it does not include young women aged 17 and younger. EC contains the same medication found in birth control pills, which have been used by millions of women for decades.

Critical Mass Katrina Survivor Solidarity Ride

San Diego, 25.08.2006 09:08

Critical Mass is a celebration of bike culture, a meaningful alternative to car culture and greenhouse gas generating fossil fuels.

A strong scientific consensus agrees that the 2005 hurricane season was fueled by global warming -- and the crimes of the oil industry in the Gulf go beyond global warming.

August 25th marks the day Katrina reached hurricane strength and slammed into the coast of Florida. It's also the last Friday of the month, widely observed by Critical Mass rides around the country.

At least 28 cities around the country will be participating in a solidarity ride with Katrina survivors with goals to remind folks that the racist tragedy in the Gulf continues, to demand that it never be repeated, and to raise awareness about the role of the oil industry and global warming in environmental injustice.

San Diego's Critical Mass starts at 7pm on Friday from the big fountain next to the science center in Balboa Park.

New Orleans IMC | Common Ground Collective | ACORN Katrina Survivors Association | People's Hurricane Relief Fund | Katrina Anniversary Events | SD Critical Mass | International Critical Mass | Rising Tide North America | Climate Change IMC

ac komt naar buiten

Oost-Vlaanderen, 25.08.2006 08:37

ac komt uit de kast

Get Free Shit from Anti-Queer Group Focus on the Family

San Diego, 25.08.2006 08:08

When I'm feeling despondent over the state of gay rights in America - or the concurrent assaults on reproductive freedom, science, and rational thought there's just one thing that helps me overcome my feelings of despair: getting free shit from Focus on the Family!

Few people know that Focus on the Family, the powerful evangelical Christian para-church based in Colorado Springs, will give you, absolutely free of charge, books, CDs, and DVDs. Usually people pay for these products, and the millions of dollars raised helps Focus on the Family produce yet more books and CDs featuring Dr. James Dobson and other Focus "experts."

Not only does ordering free stuff from Focus on the Family, sent to myself or people I don't like, satisfy a deeply juvenile impulse, it has the added benefit of taking money directly out of homo-hater Dobson's pocket.

foro paulina

Tijuana, 25.08.2006 08:07

Foro Público: Mecanismos Internacionales y lecciones del caso Paulina.

Interview with Russ Rankin of Good Riddance

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.08.2006 03:38

John Malkin of Free Radio Santa Cruz interviewed Russ Rankin, lead vocalist of Santa Cruz based punk band Good Riddance. Russ talks about the band, political influences, activism and punk rock and their new album My Republic.

Audio: Download the mp3 (1 hour and 7 minutes / 30.8 MB)

The quartet exploded onto the world punk scene with their 1995 debut For God and Country and quickly began to cultivate a reputation for combining a strong social/political message with energetic live shows. Read more

Mad Max on Bikes: Beyond Bike Dome!

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.08.2006 03:38

bikey mcridesalot writes: A fun mystery ride which found us running from the Bronze, ruling the Wastelands, and having a fun time exploring our community and making new friends! We arrived at the Bike Church to bolster our numbers and draw more to our ranks... As we explored the ruins of the industrial district, we were reminded of visages of a life past... As we left the ruins of Harvey West, the sun set brilliantly.

Join us every Friday outside of O'Neill's at 5:30 and for Critical Mass, the last Friday of every month at 5:30 at the Clock Tower! Hope to see you there as we advocate for bicycling in Santa Cruz, sustainable transportation, and best of all, make new friends and have fun riding together! Read more and view photos

see also: Pirates Roll Through Santa Cruz

Sam Farr's Town Hall in Santa Cruz: Is the problem Farr or the system?

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.08.2006 03:38

Congressman, Sam Farr, held a "town hall" meeting on Monday in Santa Cruz at the Vet's Hall. It appeared that he showed up to rally his Democrat supporters, however, it was very clear that Farr was mostly at odds with the crowd in attendance. While attendees brought up a myriad of issues, the people's concern for the U.S. bombings and invasions of other countries overwhelmed the dialog. Farr did sign the Declaration of Peace, but did not offer other hopes to end U.S. driven war.

This meeting reminds us of the limited power our elected officials have to change policy which we are concerned about, such as ending U.S.-led war, such as in Iraq, and violent occupations, such as in Palestine and Haiti, or other issues such as higher education budgets and a violence-free and welcoming immigration policy. Is it the system that fails? Is it Farr that fails? What are we going to do? Read more

Precita Eyes Creates Murals and Artists

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.08.2006 03:38

In a narrow alley off 24th St, a cluster of Nepali peasants raise their fists in resistance as two women smash chains of imprisonment. A small child with AIDS cries at the tombstones of her dead parents. Nicaraguan campesinos celebrate their bountiful corn harvest with music and dancing. Welcome to Balmy Alley, a corridor of more than 70 murals in the heart of the Mission district.

The Dark Side of Post-Soviet Development in Kazakhstan

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.08.2006 03:38

The sounds of construction are ubiquitous in Almaty. Pounding jackhammers, whining saws, and lumbering bulldozers are at work on almost every block of this green, mountain-rimmed Central Asian city. This breakneck development takes place alongside the expensive bistros and Mercedes dealerships that cater to a new generation reveling in the riches of recently discovered oil and gas reserves, giving this city-once considered a sleepy Soviet outpost-a powerfully wealthy and cosmopolitan veneer.

But all is not well in this city lauded as an economic giant in the region, a model of expedient privatization and post-Soviet development. Kazakhstan's reality check lies only a few miles outside the city center where a growing movement of discontent among those left behind by the recent boom tells a very different story and reveals a country developing on the shaky foundations of corruption and disparity.

Darfuris Make Their Demands

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.08.2006 03:38

Sixteen year old "Moro" is reputed to be one of the fiercest fighters from the rebel battalion based in Muzbat, a North Darfuri village now transformed into a Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA) base. Unlike his jovial comrades, Moro has the stern look of a hardened soldier. He shows me a bullet casing tightly wrapped in leather and dangling from his necklace. "As long as I wear this [the military and Janjaweed] can't kill me," he said last June. What has made him so fierce? "Circumstances," he says bluntly. "Because they burned our homes and stole our property."

Hip-Hopper Rico Pabon Brings the Spirit of Puerto Rico to the Bay

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.08.2006 03:38

While most Bay Area rappers have been "goin' dumb" this summer, Rico Pabon has been doing the opposite. Although the soulful, salsified beats on his new album "Louder than Fiction," give it the vibe of hand-clapping party album, Rico's words encourage folks to expand their minds instead of just losin' them. Whether performing with his Afro-Latin hip-hop band Agua Libre or dropping tracks with The Coup and dead prez, Rico reps like a Puerto Rican Chuck D. who ain't afraid to smile.

Supermarket Supply Chain Strikes Across Country

Aotearoa, 25.08.2006 01:40

Five hundred distribution workers who supply the 165 Countdown, Foodtown and Woolworths supermarkets across New Zealand began a 48 hour strike at 5am this morning starting a weekend of industrial action against Progressive, says the National Distribution Union. The Progressive’s Supply Chain distribution center workers began their 48 hour strike at 4am this morning in Auckland, 80 Favona Rd Mangere, 6am in Palmerston North, cnr Mako mako Rd and Mihaere Dr, and 6am at the two Christchurch centres on Shands Rd and Columbo St. Workers are striking for a single nation-wide collective agreement with equal pay rates and all existing allowances combined into a site allowance of up to $2.50, an 8% pay rise and an extra week service leave. Links: |

Dump Coca-Cola!

Urbana-Champaign, 25.08.2006 01:09

Despite worldwide protests against Coke and the massive student campaigns on hundred campuses all over the US, the University of Illinois maintains business as usual...As communities across the globe take on Coca-Cola, risking their lives, jobs and careers, the University of Illinois ought to do its share. Coke out of UIUC!

Unions unite as the University continues to stall on employee contracts!

Urbana-Champaign, 25.08.2006 01:09

Pressure mounted for the University’s administration on Tuesday as local and university unions marched together in solidarity to demand fair bargaining and mediation for the thousands of workers currently employed at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

West Papua / Papua Niugini

Melbourne, 25.08.2006 01:09

Indonesian Military Threatens Invasion of Papua Niugini

Alternatives to Senator Cantwell in Washington

Portland, 25.08.2006 00:38

"No, I don't think it was a mistake." - Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State on January 19th, 2006 re-emphasizing her unyielding commitment to war on Iraq.

"The incumbent says she has "no regrets" for any of her numerous pro war votes. The majority of us in Washington regret very much the Iraq war, which is bankrupting us financially and morally. I am running to bring the troops and the military equipment home now and to use the billions of dollars in the war chest to rebuild America. It's time for progressive people to build a political machine against this feeling of powerlessness that the Democrats offer." - Aaron Dixon, former head of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party, on why he is seeking the Green Party nomination for U.S. senate in Washington Sate.

read more about Aaron Dixon: one, two, three

Could Washington's Democratic primary be a replay of Connecticut's? Hong Tran is running against Cantwell in the WA Democratic primary for U.S. Senate---although you wouldn't know it if you walked passed the Demo HQ in Olympia. Like CT's Lamont, she opposes the war and advocates an immediate withdrawal. Hong Tran is challenging Cantwell.

She offers a progressive agenda, including: the quick withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, renetotiation or withdrawal from NAFTA and CAFTA, repealing the Patriot Act, and supporting social and economic justice for all! The Democratic Primary is September 19th. It will be a mail-in ballot.

read more about Hong Tran...

related articles: Cantwell stands ground on Iraq | Support Anti-War Candidates for the Senate | Maria Cantwell/Joe Biden Fundraiser Protest in Vancouver WA

Why the Case of Lieutenant Watada Matters

Tennessee, 25.08.2006 00:09

One of the most important cases to wind its way through the military justice system since the Nuremburg trials at the end of World War II began in mid-August at Fort Lewis Washington. It involves the case of Honolulu-native First Lieutenant (1LT) Ehren Watada. In June 2006, he refused to deploy (known in the military as “missing movement”) to Iraq on the basis that doing so would be a war crime. He insists the war itself is illegal. He is the first officer to miss movement in this conflict. It is important to note that 1LT Watada agreed to deploy to Afghanistan.

An Extraordinary Day in Olympia

Portland, 24.08.2006 23:38

My preferred way of being in the world is optimistic but I have really been struggling these past few weeks. It becomes too easy to see the glass half empty and its contents pain and suffering. The world events easily challenge my basic sense of human decency. But yesterday was such an extraordinary day in Olympia that I am once again seeing the glass filled with light and hope. I headed downtown. As I crossed over the 5th avenue bridge, the salmon were running and the seals were there too.

I attended the weekly peace vigil at Sylvester Park at noon. Normally, there is a just a handful of people. Yesterday, the Japanese Peace Delegation joined, bringing their truth about the horrors of war to Olympia. Buddhists who traveled down from Seattle, whose drumming and chanting called for peace in the world, joined us.

Early that evening, the Citizen's Movement to Impeach Bush/Cheney held an informational meeting on How to Impeach a President. About twenty people came to the library to learn more. People are angry at what is happening to this country and the abuses of the President and Vice President.

follow the rest of the evening...

Bush's administration's FTAA hemispheric initiative &quot;is dead&quot;!

Miami, 24.08.2006 22:37

Bush administration FTAA hemispheric initiative "is dead"!

Critical Mass Miami Bike Ride September 9th

Miami, 24.08.2006 22:37

Critical Mass Miami Bike Ride September 9th

Free Vaccinations against Heptatitis A &amp; B at Sunset Junction

LA, 24.08.2006 21:08

Free Vaccinations against Heptatitis A & B at Sunset Junction

Free Mario Rocha

LA, 24.08.2006 20:38

Free Mario Rocha Film and Discussion, August 27

Trail Building in the San Gabriel Mountains

LA, 24.08.2006 19:09

Trail Building in the San Gabriel Mountains

Troqueros Huelga – Truckers Strike Shuts Down 90% of Port Opperations

LA, 24.08.2006 19:09

Troqueros Huelga – Truckers Strike Shuts Down 90% of Port Opperations

IWW Organizing Taxi Drivers at Airport

LA, 24.08.2006 19:09

IWW Organizing Taxi Drivers at Airport

Refugee Rights Action Network

Perth, 24.08.2006 18:39

Celebrate the defeat of the latest anti-asylum seeker legislation

Palestinian political prisoners hunger strike against strip searches

Portland, 24.08.2006 17:38

Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli Al Naqab Prison are on hunger strike this week in protest of routinely being stripped naked. The naked body searches are described as humiliating and sometime Israeli prison authorities conduct them against political prisoners' parents and other family members during visits. This latest act of nonviolent resistance began with 20 Palestinians and quickly became 2,400. The first meal skipped was lunch Tuesday. read the full report...

more indy news from palestine: | palestinian news network | an american in palestine | |

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